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PORCH 1280 IS NOW CLOSED (9/13/21)

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I’m going to try posting an old WC I had on ipad. I noticed that even though it was also taken with my ipad it had a different size? Go figure. So I shrunk this one down to small and I’ll see if it works

nope….won’t work. I’m thinking there was a tweaking with the photo size thing in your newer Ipad
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Hi, Sun,

When I select a photo, I can resize it before clicking on 'Add' to post it. I never really understand what I'm doing with the iPad. Kids the age of mine all grew up using them. Apple is sposda be easier to use but you couldn't prove it by me. I would think the software updates would make older and newer iPads pretty much equal in what they can do. It's too bad you can't post the pics. We would all love to see your work.

I'm so tired that I think I'll rest today. The tooth is hurting more so I sprayed NasaCort up my nose to get rid of the swelling and inflammation in my sinuses. This is just taking the wind outta my sails.

Love, Mikie


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Hi Mikie,

I read about substance P many years ago and from what I could understand it is a marker for pain, not just FMS so it proved that people with FMS were not lying or malingerers (sp). A revelation to some of the old dinosaurs that kept insisting we are faking it. This article might be interesting it is more recent, from 2021, and about the dorsal ganglia but it will take a lot more research.

This study was done on mice.

Sun- We were only supposed to count from diagnosis of our muscular skeletal pain, so my IC, chronic fatigue, growing pains etc. didn't count. This class only deals with those 2 kinds of pain. We were paired up at the first class and my partner has Degenerative Disks, There is a motorcycle accident, 3 FMS and I forget the rest. One FMS patient had 20 years, I had 30 and the rest were around the 2-5 year mark.

This is a website that was recommended. painweek.org. I put fibromyalgia in the search box and got these articles.

The pain psychologist said you could put any pain diagnosis in and see what pops up.


This weeks class, the first 1/2 taught by the PT was anatomy with a long time spent on the spine with a brief talk about the sciatic nerve and ham string. She will be teaching us in future classes some body mechanics to keep everything in alignment so we will be in less pain as well as how to move to avoid injuries, like rolling over in bed, getting out of bed etc. She has already been working with me on this as it really hurts my abs getting up out of bed and rolling over is difficult. I already know how to get up off the floor but I am sure they will cover that too.

The pain psychologists part of the lecture was on:
3 goals for us to manage pain
1. Improve functioning without flare up
2. Reduce distress that comes with pain
3. Reduce pain
Then she moved on to the 5 things that reduce pain
1. Goal setting
2. Must do PT
3. Must activity pace
4. Nervous system desensitization- Way you do it - meditation , Why you do it-raises pain threshold.
5. Thought challenge- catastrophic thinking-ruminating

6. Sleep Class -all of us in the class has sleep issues- what to do to help.
7. Communication Class- How to better communicate our pain and needs to our loved ones.

We did goal setting to do our PT this week so that cover 1 and 2

We fill in a box on a sheet of paper

Goal #1___________________________________________

What I will do_________________________________
When will I do it______________________________
How often will I do it_________________________
How many minutes___________________________ (in my case I am using reps instead of minutes)
Who will support this_________________________ (we were assigned partners in class)
My confidence level__________________________ 10% 20% 30% 40% 50% 60% 70% 80% 90% 100%
{We were told that if we felt we had less than a 70% chance to reach our goal to lower the number of days a week so I have 4 days a week on How often to reach the 70%. It is difficult for me because I am helping Mom with her PT as well as doing mine.)
The reward examples were: pedicure, special food, movie etc.
We are to check in with our partner every week to report progress.
That was all we covered at class 2 this week. Next week we will cover pacing and maybe meditation.
I wanted to stay longer and talk to everybody but this took me 2 days to write and now I need to get moving. Estate sale day you know. I am looking for some gardening tools that got lost in the big move as well as a few kitchen items and of course I will not say no if there are clothes in my size or a few purses.
Love to All,
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Hi guys...just an update on Amy. I think the pain from the kidney stone has let up tremendously, but she was still feeling some pain and some nausea...which the doctor's office said was "normal". Amy is just very exhausted from working all week and trying to help Clinton and the kids run the household, keep up with their activities, etc.

My brother from Texas is still here till after next weekend. He was going to ride up with me and Amy yesterday, to the bigger hospital where she had the cancer surgery, for a genetics counseling appointment. But the office cancelled and rescheduled for November. Since Amy is so young and it is uncommon for someone her age to have the type of cancer that she did, the appt. was to go over her family history and try to catch early or prevent anything else. So...since Amy had the day off already, she was just going to rest. But then two people in her office called in sick, so she ended up working 6 1/2 hours. And, there might be a stomach bug going around...both Kristian and Miley came home sick from school, on separate days.

I'm still up to my elbows in tomatoes, and now apples. My brother loves the fresh tomato juice (with a little bit of salt) and the dehydrated apple rings. So, I'll try to get a bunch done to send home with him. But...he's used to being on the go a lot...living in Arlington and near lots of restaurants, stores, etc. We've left the farm more in the past week than we normally do in a month, lol! But Den has several projects for them to work on...maybe that will keep them both busy so I can get caught up with my canning ;) Or I can send the two of them off on adventures and just stay home myself. They plan to go to Fred's a day or two and work on Fred's sawmill. We've invited my other brother and family (and Amy's family will be here, too) for a BBQ next Saturday. Amy's bunch was here last weekend, but she was hurting too bad and had to get back home. My brother from Texas does a great job of grilling...he even brought us a bigger grill so he could cook for us, lol!

I'll try to read and get caught up one of these days...just wanted to update on what's going on right now. I'm still in a flare, so only doing what I can...am also discovering that my blood sugars might be dipping too low and causing part of my problems. Gonna check more often and see if I find a pattern. Take care, everyone. I, too, pray for each of us and hope things are going as well as possible for everyone.


Hi, Kids,

Just had a bad realization--I think I have a bad tooth. It's the last molar on the upper right side. I tapped on my teeth and got a strong pain signal from that one. I was so sure it was sinus. Well, could be sinus too but I'll have to call the dentist on Mon. I take such good care of my teeth. I'm guessing it will require a root canal because hot liquid hurts. They are expensive but it likely can be done through the crown. I hope so. Other than that, things are just peachy.

Julie, I'm glad you updated us on Amy. Yes, nausea is part of the whole kidney stone experience. I hope Amy's pain keeps getting better. I also hope your flare is better. Keep us updated.

Love, Mikie
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Hello All

Willow - that course sounds interesting - different kinds of things to help people get by living with pain and making it as easy as It can be.

You sure do have patience too, typing all that. Thank you.

Good luck with the estate sales.

Julie - thanks for the update. So glad the pain had gone somewhat for Amy.

I wish they would make something that would prevent stones from forming in the first place.

Looks like a really busy few days. Hope your DB enjoys his visit.

Sun - Thats frustrating how your computer won't let you post pics. Technology is great,when it works. We had a banana tree but had to cut it when it grew into a wall. It used to fruit too. However, we had live in help then and they used to eat most of it.

Mikie - how unfortunate about your tooth. Hope it is treated properly. That CBD gum sounds like a handy thing to have. How do legs get inflammation?

I was wondering about GBs step DgD and baby.Hope they're fine. They came to mind when I was remembering Willows pastors son. I hope the family is healing well.

Been a quiet Saturday. We got in miso soup for lunch. And some tempura. And the usual rice and lentils were there.

The rains have not been good for our guavas. They're dropping and get spoilt. I did manage to give away some fruit before it all went waste. Also the taste is a bit watery and bland this year and no fragrance.

The other night I was woken by street dogs barking at around 2 am. Looked out and saw two boys walking down the lane. Wondered. Then the bigger one climbed neighbours wall and up their avocado tree and started picking fruit. Throwing them down to neighbours.

I felt like I ought to phone neighbours but the man is a big bully who keeps fighting with his neighbours and shouting at kids playing outside on the road. I felt he would beat them. These were raggedy little children. So I just kept mum.
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Hi to All,

It was a productive day at the estate sales. I got a large George Foreman Grill with removeable plates it was unused in the box. I had really wanted one of those. I got rid of my old one because it was one piece and too hard to fit in the sink to wash. I also got a shark steam mop. Hopefully it will work well for the kitchen/family room floor. I need to go online to get the directions. I also got some yard art. A 2 ft high carved bear with 2 cubs.

Julie- You sound so busy with all the canning. Don't wear yourself out. Make sure you schedule some time for you. An Epsom salt bath, curling up with a book or whatever. We all need to treat ourselves to something that pampers us and makes us happy. It helps us recharge our batteries so we don't crash as often. Before we know it Christmas will be here with all of that busyness involved in getting ready for the holidays and the big meal. Are you diabetic? I read a good book years ago about fatigue and hypoglycemia. One Dr. believed that a lot of patients have both FMS and hypoglycemia, he called it fibroglycemia and devised a special diet that helps a lot of people. I was on it 20 years ago and it made a huge difference for me and the bonus was I lost 35 pounds. I went back on it this week to see if it would help some more. It is a very low carb diet that you have to follow perfectly for a month to see if it will work. There is a strict version that will help with weight loss and a liberal version that stabilizes sugars but you don't lose weight. I felt so much better while I was on it.

I am so glad that Amy is feeling better. She is a warrior. I don't know how she does it all with the amount of pain she was in.

Spring- I looked up your weather for next week and oh my goodness, rain everyday. I am glad you don't mind the rain. At least the temps are pleasant. I grew up in an area that rained from 2-5 days a week all summer long except for August, it was usually a lot drier that month. The winters were cold and snowy with gray skies. One of the reasons I wanted to move to a warm sunny state. I took a lot of typing classes in community college so I am a pretty fast typist. I get tripped up on grammar though. I just can't seem to keep the rules for sentence structure or spelling in my head. The more I post though the easier it is and the quicker I can write a post. Now my biggest thing is remembering to hit the post reply button at the end. I have a pair of rubber rain boots with a leopard print pattern printed on them, one of the ladies in a class several years ago called them my sexy boots. I got the leopard print because they were out of the red plaid and the hound's-tooth that I liked, my choices were yellow ducks or the leopard print.

Mikie- That is really though, a bad tooth. Do you have good dental insurance? I need to line some up for everyone, Delta was recommended. Gray doesn't have many molars left. By the time he goes to a dentist the tooth is gone and the dentist has to pull only the roots. My sinuses are bothering me a lot but it is my fault, I am eating a lot of dairy. I must be allergic, it makes my head stuffy, sore throat, earache and headache. It will eventually feel like a sinus infection. It goes away when I stop indulging in Atkins bars and cream in my coffee or string cheese. I need to figure out what I can eat on Dr. St. Amands diet without all the dairy. I may have to do a calorie restricted liberal diet so I can have more variety without the dairy. I know you did his protocol, did you try the diet too? I need some advice on snacks that are legal. They have a Facebook page, I may have to ask there. I hate too because they can sometimes be really snippy, especially to the newer people. It is really hard to navigate and figure out the Facebook forum they are on so people ask the same questions over and over and it gets tedious for them and frustrating for those of us that haven't figured it out yet.

Well I had better get going. I need to do my bladder treatment. It takes about 2 1/2 hours, I want to get it done earlier than I have been this summer.

Love to All,


Good Sunday Morning, Kids,

I finally took enough acetaminophen yesterday to rein in the toothache to where I could stand it. My sinuses are bad too and I was coughing. I took a couple of the Tessalon Perls Rx my doc prescribed. They are a bit expensive but work so well. They made me drowsy so can't take them during the day if I need to go somewhere or basically do anything. I will call the dentist's office first thing in the morning. I'm guessing I will need a root canal. UGH! My recent x-rays didn't show anything. He will likely take new ones to see whether an abscess has formed.

News is showing the sentencing of the kid who shot eight kids in Highland's Ranch outside of Denver. It's where my ex lives. One was killed. Victims' families were making statements and it's so sad. The kid who did the shooting will spend his life in prison.

Willow, thanks so much for all the info. I really hope it helps with your pain. I am pretty sure I did the St. Amand's diet but can't remember for sure. My memory is really slipping. I tried a lot of things and most of them helped at least a little and, all together, they helped a lot. The experts seem to agree that the Mediterranean Diet is the healthiest. Some years back, I decided to try to eat healthier and ate healthy fish and other protein and lots of veggies with some healthy carbs. I lost 30 pounds very fast. I was running in the shallow end of the pool and getting my heart rate up three times a week. I have gained back about ten pounds. Ever since that virus I got last year, I haven't been worth a damn. If I push myself, I can't do anything. My Medicare Advantage has dental coverage but not for my dentist. It only covers those chain dental offices. I had one small filling done at one and had to spend $1,200 on oral surgery to fix it. I might have been tempted to get the boots with the duckies. Keep us updated on your progress. I am hoping and praying this helps you.

Spring, I think you made the right decision about not calling the bully. Poor kids stealing; they probably need the food. Supposedly if you take a lot of magnesium, the kidney stones won't form. I couldn't find any supps without the stearic acid so couldn't do it. Doc says drinking a ton of water is more important in not forming the stones. Well, I drink a ton and still have big stones. So far, they are just lying there not hurting anything; I hope they stay that way. A lot of our conditions cause inflammation; a CRP test will confirm it. I have a lot of systemic inflammation but it's worse in my legs. The CBD is gummies that are chewy like little gum drops. They are sticky and I have to brush my teeth after chewing them. Right now, I can only chew on one side. A lot of people have banana trees here but I don't like the taste. I love the way the trees look though. We have one over on the next street. That's too bad about your guavas. Yes, that was sad about the pastor's son. Here in FL, six members of one family have died from Covid. None of them would get the jab. One was a much beloved coach. It's insanity. How are your doggies? Well, I hope. Hope all y'all stay safe and well.

I got a lot of sleep last night likely due to the Rx for the cough. That will help because pain really drains a person. I gotta go take an acetaminophen for it. I'm down to only needing one pill instead of two. I want to spare my liver if I can. I hope everyone has a great windup to the weekend and has NRG and no pain.

Love, Mikie

I'm up and cleaning. I think the acetaminophen has eased my normal pain as well as the toothache and I have a wee bit of NRG. Not gonna waste it. I've stripped the bed and turned and vaccumed the mattress. I'm washing the mattress cover before putting it back on. I shook out SV's litter box rug and cleaned out the box. He's out snoozing on a chair on the lanai. It's really hot 'n humid out. Again, hope everyone is having a good day.

Barry, I see your footprints and am sending all my best wishes to you, Richard and the fur critters.
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Willow; that’s a lot of typing you did….whew. I used to be a secretary and told each of my kids when they were in HS that they had to learn to touch type. Just said the same thing to my DGD. It’s been a boon to all of us. My DH was a hunt and peck method guy. I used to work for a boss that always brought his little portable to work so he could type up his notes from meetings….a hunt and peck guy but he could go pretty fast.

Mikie: why do you think you will need a root canal?

I worked on WC painting all day….I’m on a roll. It’s cooler in the mornings, thank goodness. I’m breathing better with the cooler air. It was pretty hard all this week though, lots of hard coughing. I pushed myself out for a walk early this morning and now I need to go to Lowes for some roach motels. I have them out in the garage where I have an over abundance of crickets. I had one in a bathroom and I checked it the other day. Some dead spiders and two long centipedes.

Here’s something to encourage all of us.



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Hi e-one.
I am in a slow hunt abd peck mode. Please forgive my errors!

Two weeks, 2 doc. visits. Seeing doc or even riding to town with R exhausts me! Very tited today, forgot to take my gabapentin last night and woke up early in neuropathic pain in my legs and feet. Won't forget that med again!

IT RAINED last night and this morning. Finally.

Mikie, sorry for your dental pains, and I want you to see your dentist ASAP! I have NEVER heard anyone say they didn't like the taste of bananas. Very peculiar.... maybe it's the variety, eh wot? There are so many kinds of banana..... I wanna try them all!

Willow, I hope your pain classes help! I must stop my catastrophising , or bring it down to a minimum. Kind of hard for me to do, seeing climate change, and thinking apocalypse now! I love reading and nature... sweet comforts.

Spring, good for you on not calling bully man on the fruit pickin' boys. It's a boys thing... Sorry about the guavas. I haven't had one in a long time, nor a kiwi or papaya or cherimoya. I do eat mangoes though, one of my faves.

Julie, you are one busy lizzie. You must have canned, dried, and frozen so much food that you could open a little grocery store! No, best keep it for the coming days.... Love you.

Sun, you having a problem with crickets? are they too noisy? I assume these are the big black ones.... good fried I hear!

How are you Granni? Well, I hope . Love you.

I'm gonna play with my fur-babies now, have lunch (yoghurt and dark chocolate (real, not virtual), and then rest and read,perhaps to dream...

Gordon, I've read the first 2 Charles Finch novel. They wus ok. But now I'm back to Alys Clare. I read again a book by Leo Bruce and enjoyed it a great deal. Love and hugs to you and Rock.

Love, peace and blessings to All,


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Good afternoon everyone,

Not to much going on here except church, fixing lunch and marinating the steak for dinner which Iwill havae to do inside. It looks like more rain, not much but we do not have an overhang outside on our deck to cook in case of bad weather like our DSIL and DD have.

I was busy before I got on here looing into my Dear Cousin's new home that he bought in Scottsdate which is closer to his family than he ws in Tuscon. However, it looks like he good deal on it and he got a great price for his old house which was gorgeous. He is the retired pathologist I spoke of earlier that I have contacted for advice. We were very close as children but everyone has now moved so far away, when he started his practice years ago and now. He worked in Ohio for years. I;m sure the fires they had not to long ago helped him to make his decision on moving as well as other things, and closer to family.

MIKIE- So sorry you feel so bad but glad the tylenol is helping you, is it the extra strength when you take 2 of them> It is Extra strength dose but I rarey take both the caps but do occasionally. Took one and gave one also to Dh who was complaining of a headache. I hope you can get your too th taken care of tomorrow without to much pain and $$$. I know all about paying for teeth and tooth problems- ugh!! In fect I will probably keep the small partial I have which is supposed to be temporary and don't bother with the permanent. They haven't mentioned anything and I do no wear it every day anyway. I have learned to eat on one side. Hope your DGS is feeling much better.

BARRY - Sorry you are feeling so tired. I know how that is as I always feel tired. Glad you got your Dr vsits over with at least for awhile. I go tomorrow morning to the Radiation Dr office to get a CT scan so they ccan figure out where to shoot the stuff. Glad thee will only be 5 doses probably starting in about 2 weeks or so. Glad you finally got your rain. Take care and hope your spirits perk up soon. I'm with you about eating dark chocolate but unfortunatly I do not have any and need to buy more.

WILLOW - I hope your pain classes help you.. I sure can use the info but I'm to pooped to take any classes on anything plus busy going to other dr.s and dentist! UGH!!

SUN - God knows what bugs you can find in our garage too, mostly spiders and right now those teeny tiny whatever they are buzzing everywhere. You try not to let them in the house when you open and close the doors. Hope you get the stuff you need to get rid of them. Sometimes roaches too, wasps and hornets, building their nests everywhere. Sorry Barry!!!

JULIE - Hope you are doing OK amidst all your work. At least AMY seemes to be doing better since the stent removal. Try not to work so hard, if you can ! I nknwo it is hard when you have all that produce hanging around wanating to be fixed and no where to put them ao they hopefully don't spoil.

SPRING - Sorry all the rain is ruining your quavas and other fruit. Not sure I ever had a quava but I sure would love to try one or two. What's with some people with yelling and all at everyone especially the children. That is awful when someone like that keeps yelling at them and everyone just out to try and have some fun. Hope your weather behaves and you get to get out a bit for some fun and socialization.

Gotta run now. We may have some rain so we'll see if DH is brave enough to try and do the steak outside on the grill.

Bye fr now. Everydobby , hope you enjoy the rest of this Sunday !!


Good Monday Morning, Kids,

Left a message on the Dentist's voice mail yesterday to expect me to call this morning. They usually have some time set aside for people in pain. I told them it's not a dental emergency but that I do need to be seen. I can wait a day or so if I have to. The acetaminophen is keeping the pain down. There must be infection because that whole side of my face is sore down into my neck but my face isn't swollen. I hate this but things could always be worser.

It was so good to have a wee bit of NRG yesterday despite the tooth. I changed the bed, turned the mattress, washed the mattress cover and vacuumed the mattress. SV was out on the lanai cooking himself in the heat and humidity. He usually loves it when I strip the bed. He gets on it and takes a ride when I spin the mattress. He was so verbal yesterday and even said a couple of new long words.

Sun, the way one can tell if a tooth will likely need a root canal is to allow hot liquid to surround it. If it hurts, the nerve is likely infected. Also, you can take a spoon handle and tap on it. Both yielded pain. Sometimes abscesses don't show up on x-rays. I find dead bugs outside on the balcony after the pest control sprays. We have to have it here. I've found those spiders in my tub lately--the ones that look like daddy long legs. Glad it's cooler and easier for you to breathe. Also glad you got to work on your WC. I saw that woman on TV. She is amazing. We have people living independently down here into their late 90's to 100. My goal is to live independently til I die at whatever age. I really have no desire to live into my 90's but it's not my decision.

Barry, so good to see you here. Glad you enjoy life's simple pleasure. I do too. I love reading, watching TV and just enjoying the beauty and wildlife where I live. I like bananas from the store. It's the ones people have on their trees down here that I find bland and tasteless. Also, they have a mushy texture that I don't like. I'm assuming that the gabapentin helps with the neuropathy since you notice when you don't take it. Have you had to keep increasing the dose to get the same results? My doc mentioned it for me. Mine is better if I wear socks to bed.

Granni, mmmm, steak on the grill! I just do mine on my little Cuisinart electric grill inside but it's so good. Also hamburgers. Scottsdale is a very nice place to live. I'm a jungle person and not a desert person. One of my neighbors with FMS moved to Phoenix and she loves the dry heat. She feels better there than here. I feel better here. Strange! The acetaminophen I take is just a store brand. It's 325 mgs. and I can take two if I need to. I did when it started and was so painful but now, one does the trick as long as I keep taking it. Hope my liver can handle it. Hope you enjoyed your din din.

TV is showing a non-profit parrot outreach center that is a store that also takes in parrots and other large birds that people have had for pets and can no longer keep. They are up for adoption. How sad to see so many and god bless these people who do such good work. A lot of people down here have big birds for pets. I've never had any desire to have one but do enjoy them. Some of my clients had them and they can be so funny and entertaining. They can also be noisy and a lot of work in terms of cleaning their cages. They usually live a long time too.

FBI thinks they found the body of Gabby Petito, the young woman traveling with her boyfriend. He has disappeared and it doesn't look good for him. So sad for both of their families.

Hope we all have a good day with no pain and lotsa NRG--the kind of boredom I like. Well, my day likely won't be pain free but I'll be glad to get this tooth treated.

Love, Mikie

Just got off the phone with the dentist's office. I'm going in at 11:30 to have the doc take a look-see.

Sho 'nuff, the nerve in the tooth is dead which causes an infection. I'm on an ABX. I'm getting the root canal next Monday. Between the cost at my dentist and the endodontist, it will total $2,000. Yikes! Not what I wanted to hear.
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Dear Everyone,

So sorry MIKIE about your tooth but glad you are on the abx and not in to much pai plus have a plan for root canal. I know not fun but you have to do what you have to do. Yes, that sory about missing Gabby Petito so very very sad on many levels. I could go on about that but I won't. Looks like both of them may have been enabling each other and he definatly has big problems is my guess. So it is extrmely sad for both families but is family surely didn't help the situation either. Im sure they are sticking up for their son but if it turns out to be murder they did not help the situation.

I went to the Radiologist for my CT scan and it was something else. First they did not have my appt down, I did wonder and should have called since no one sent a message of a reminder. However, they did get me in almost at my appointed time. The nurses and radiologists were so nice and understanding but had to get me in a certain position so I could go through the donut hole in the scan. The part with the problem were my elbows sticking out. I finally ended up with them over my head grasping some bars which was quite painful. Next time I will take extra strength Tylenol and do some exercises before I go again in 2 weeks. Think I had to be in that position for about 15 minutes or so but seemed longer. After it was all done they said the dr wanted to talk to me. When he did he told me that the core of that breast area where the tumor was they were trying to find so they could send the radiation into, was very very small. He could hardly see it. So change of plans. Either forget the radiation or do the whole breast but only the 5 doses as recommended before. I said continue on and get it done. Will find out the $$ in two weeks probably right before I go for the first RX in the same position- groan!! That week will be the week I am trying to get the house organized and bed made upstairs for my DD#1 and husband who are coming for a b day dinner, even though a week early, and staying the night and then leaving. Some others in family will join us not sure who all will be here except DS and DDL and one DD#2 and husband and probably DGS if he is not working. Not sure of anyone else yet. When it rains it pours !!!! Oh well !

Gotta run for now!

Love to everydobby,


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Hi Granni, Well, you've got some good songs lined up. I especially like Sentimental Journey. It was written by 3 guys;
Les Brown, Bud Green and and Ben Homer. I think Les Brown was also a band leader.

Well, I don't know where the rest of my message is. Anybody who finds it can have it; no charge. I'm afraid the
Alzheimer's has won yet another battle.



Good Tuesday Morning, Kids,

Didn't sleep well last night. I think I was keyed up from my dental appt. and learning how expensive the root canal will be. I try to keep myself from getting down over things but the news was so bad and I went to bed upset. The situation at the border is a horrible humanitarian mess. Regardless of how one feels about how it is being handled, every president over the last twenty years or so has inherited it because Congress refuses to make immigration law updates. Unfortunately, the border guards are overwhelmed and I'm sure some are cruel. News showed them on horseback driving Haitians back like a cattle drive. It infuriated me and made me sick. We have to secure our borders, something that has never been done. We cannot take in everyone but there has to be a better way. It feels as though the whole world is suffering from wars and famine caused by the wars and climate change. We simply do not have time to engage in war if we are going to save the planet. We can do it and feed people if we can stop the insanity. Sorry for the rant but I had to let it out. Ignore it if it offends you, please.

Granni, I am so sorry for how uncomfortable your scan was. Sometimes they have to put people in the most uncomfortable positions to get good images. I'm also sorry they have to treat the entire breast but it is probably better to err on the side of safety. When is your birthday? I don't think I have it on my calendar. Thanks for your kind good wishes for my root canal. I had no problems with the ones I've had so am expecting none from this one. It's the last molar on the top so it won't be easy for the endodontist to get to but my dentist said he's really good and has some kind of microscope that helps him get into the smallest areas. Don't overdo it getting ready for the kids.

Rock, I don't know what happened to the rest of your post but, if I find it, I'll send it home. I also love the old songs. One nice thing about Alexa is that she will play whatever I want. I haven't played a CD in ages. Seems everything is streaming nowadays. Hope you, Gordon and Miss Kitty are all well.

Hope all our Dear Porchies are well. Gonna be hot, humid and rainy the rest of the week. Storms coming off of the West Coast of Africa are sposda stay out in the Atlantic but we never know. The European Model has one staying south in the Caribbean and those are usually trouble for the U.S. Stay well and have a good day.

Love, Mikie



BTW, Rock, I found your lost message and copied it to the first post on the new Porch.
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