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Porch No. 1074 is CLOSED, July, 12,2018

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Good Thursday Morning, Kids,

Was awakened late last night and again early this morning by voices coming from a lanai on the other side of the pool. They were talking in low voices but every noise carries into my bedroom. The builder used lousy single-pane glass in our windows. It's only now that the building code requires hurricane-resistant glass. I'm getting a late start. Thank goodness the microwave installer isn't coming til between 2:00 and 5:00 this afternoon. I have plenty of time to take my shower and clean out the cabinet over the microwave. I'm keeping the old one until Claudia's handyman returns from vacation. He can come over and pick it up. She's coming over tomorrow to see whether the delivery guys will haul my old stove over to her condo and haul her old one off. Musical appliances.

I was in a lot of pain yesterday so took the generic Tylenol I got from my ins. co. It worked better than what I've been using. Even my mood improved. I'm not going over to walk in the pool because that often increases my pain in my back and legs. Barb stopped in at my wonderful mechanic's garage because a light was out on her car. It only needed to be tightened so no charge. She loved the guys there and their little dog, Maxine, too. Sweet little dog is always there and she always greets me when I go in. God bless honest mechanics.

Rock, thanks for getting us up and going on a new Porch. Love the Rocky Mountain aerie. It looks like the ones at the tops of the mountains at ski resorts. You ride the ski lifts up, have lunch, sit out on the deck in the sun and ski back down. Amazingly, they usually have easy to expert runs coming down. Rocky Mountain High has a whole new meaning since MJ has been legal.

Spring, what a lovely pic of the rain. That looks like DD's and DSIL's deck and back yard. They have a hot tub and sometimes it helps DSIL's leg pain and sometimes it makes it worse. I'm laughing at the dog's bringing all kinds of things home. Animals are sooo funny. I think you are right. When we get to Heaven, we do a life review and we understand where we did well and where we didn't. We are surrounded with love, guidance and peace. The things which got us so upset are finally put into perspective and we understand why things happen like they do.

Granni, as you know, I am technically challenged. I usually have to stumble around until I find something which works, look it up online or get a kind helpful hand from someone here. Perhaps Duckie can help. It's so hard for us with all our symptoms and problems. No one else could possibly understand without having what we have and going through what we go through. No one in my family on Mom's side keeps in touch even when several cousins have died. It's not me; it's them. They are always fighting among themselves. It's sad and it's a shame but nothing I can do about it. I've reached out and so have you. I pray for peace for you all.

Sun, I am so sorry for all the death around you. Those are awful ways to die. Thank God they are both out of their pain now and at peace in Heaven. How nice that your DS and DGKs were over to enjoy the pool. Do they all like swimming and water? My DGS swims like a fish and loves our big pool here. I don't know how old he was when he figured out it wasn't my own personal pool. He told his Mom that it was nice of me to let other people here swim in it. Hope you feel better.

Hope everydooby has a great day.

Love, Mikie


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Good morning, friends! I'm gradually getting the laundry (bedding, etc.) caught up, kitchen and other rooms put back in order...outdoor work has had to wait, but the grass hasn't grown a lot so the yard doesn't look too shaggy. We've been in a heat wave like so many, although not as hot as Sun and others...I just pace myself and try to be outside when it is a little less stifling.

Sun, I'm so sorry for your pain. I don't usually have an unbearable amount of pain, but when I am hurting more than "normal for me" I think of you, Granni, Star and so many others who are in such extreme pain on an almost daily basis....and wonder how you manage. Then I tell myself that if all of you can soldier on, then I surely can too. My chiro will have a hay day with me tomorrow, lol!

I'm so sorry about your son's friend. How scary, sad and traumatic the way he passed. We had a missionary friend with heart trouble....his wife was taking him to an appointment quite a ways from where they lived. They stopped at a rest stop on the interstate...wife got worried when he didn't come out of the men's room...went in and found him collapsed. Tried to revive him, but they were all alone and he was gone.

Mikie, sounds like you are getting your condo all spruced up. I'm glad you "splurged" on the nicer stove. Sure wish they could figure out what is causing your DSIL's symptoms...how miserable. Cute that your DGS thought it was your pool and you were just letting others use it, lol!

Rock, reading about your remodeling makes me smile...I hope it turns out as wonderful as you guys want. Being in constant building/remodeling phases around here, I'm used to one thing or another being "torn up"...glad to get a few things actually finished. Thank you for starting the new porch...I would love to spend time out there.

Star, and you've been building yourself! Yes, I would love to see pictures, too. I haven't had a garden in years, but am gradually getting to the point of being able to think about it again. Den never did much in the garden, but he is talking about raised beds, companion planting, etc....maybe next summer.

Spring, your swimming trip sounded very relaxing. I was tempted to keep the little pool here...the one we set up for the kids. But they don't have one and will use it a lot more than Grandma, lol! It is about 6' X 10'...three levels of rings that you blow up before adding water...even as they splashed out so much water, there was barely enough left to "swim"...they still had lots of fun, lol!

The Amish people here have weddings that last the whole day...and guests are invited to different parts. Some for the church service beforehand and actual ceremony, some for the noon meal, some for the supper, and some for the singing afterwards...of course, lots of people are there for the whole thing and to help cook, etc.

Duckie, sorry to read about the sweltering conditions at work. I can't function when it's so hot inside...I can keep going quite awhile outdoors where it's "supposed" to be hot, but it's not right for an office to be so uncomfortable.

Barry, I imagine you have lots of things blooming, as usual? How are all the furbabies? Our kittens like to play just outside the door of the garage, but run back inside if I walk over to feed them...or if that ornery Oreo goes running over to chase them. Den and I both think that if one of the cats stopped and just hissed at Oreo, that would teach her a lesson, lol!

Granni, I'm glad you decided to stay home...too much stress, physical and emotional. Have you gotten your house back together after the workers...or are you still waiting on them?

Not sure if I'm forgetting anyone, but sure don't intend to. Didn't get a lot of sleep last night...tossed and turned from aching all over, but still woke up before 6:30. Den and I will be gone the week of the 23rd. He has some schooling to go to (a couple hours away) and wants me to come along, at least for part of the week. I made an appt. for the "far away chiro" as we will be only one hour from him (as opposed to the three hours I usually drive each way.) Den will take one of the vehicles from work and I will drive separate.

I'd better get to work and take advantage of whatever cooler temps we have right now...we are in a heat advisory all day...high of 97 with 81 percent humidity. Uggh. Tomorrow's high is to be 99.

Take care, everyone! Pic of some cute kids to cool us off, lol!



Hi, Kids,

Just stopping for a minute. Got my hair blown out and styled but still have to smear on a bit of makeup so I don't scare anyone. I couldn't finish getting ready because SV decided to use the box and, Lordy, the fumes were so strong that I thought they might peel the paint off the walls. He sat outside the box for a long time trying to decide whether he needed to use it. I'd say he did.

Just called Comcast to try to assess my GBs of internet usage I have per month. I'm not sure what happened when I first signed up but I shouldn't have run over my limit. I got some questions answered so I can estimate what I'm using. So far this month, I've only used about 10 percent of what is available on my plan.

I think I'm sooo tired because of my allergies and reaction to the RT. I just have no git up 'n go. Back still hurts from trying to haul that old TV to the dumpster. It's so hard to accept that as I get older, I'm not as strong as I once was and just can't do what I used to do. That impacts my independence. Same with Claudia. I surely hope the delivery guys will take my old stove over to her place tomorrow.

Julie, another great pic of the kids. Looks as though they are having a good time. They are growing up fast. Glad you are having a chance to get things put back and organized. It's taking me forever to get the closets cleaned out and things taken to Goodwill. I know I won't regret getting the better stove. The one I have now is about the same only in white. I didn't want to get a new one which was a downgrade. It looks very pretty in your yard. Very summer like. When your DGKs are old like I am, they will remember those lazy summer days at Grandma's. It's been cooler down here in the jungle than where a lot of y'all live. So far, I don't think it's as humid this year as it normally is. Weatherman says it is but I don't feel it. I'm sure I would if I were to work out in it. I'm sorry you are in pain. Hope the chiro helps you.

OK, off to smear on the makeup. I still have to clean out the cupboard over the microwave. Hope all y'all are having a great day.

Love, Mikie


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Hi Kids

Was on You Tube earlier. For fans of Julie Andrews: Youtube has two long concerts by
Julie. One from New York in 1995 with Andre Previn conducting the orchestra. And one
from a free concert at the Wiltern Theater in LA a few years earlier. The concert was free because it was being taped for a TV Special. If you listen closely you can hear Gordon and
me clapping in the balcony. These concerts were recorded a few years before Julie lost her voice due to the throat surgery that injured her vocal cords.

Mikie, a skiing visit to the Rockies sounds great. About the only part I could do though is
the sitting in the chair lift. With regard to getting to Heaven, I am rereading Fannie
Flagg's two books: Standing in the Rainbow and the sequel Can't Wait to Get to Heaven. Fannie's description of Heaven is unlike any other I have read. Sounds very nice
though. Everydobby is healthy. Hope that pesky pain goes away.

Speaking of smearing on makeup, Gordon was watching some weird TV show yesterday. Apparently the young people are studying to be movie make up artists. They were
creating weird faces: monster, thug, etc. as well as more standard looks such as
sailor, cowboy and TV newscaster.

Julie, another great picture. Reminds me of a couple calendars my mother had made
up with family snapshots. We hung on to them a lot longer than a year. Who is the
little boy who is not Josiah? Can't remember nutin' no more. Maybe you could take
up ph0tography in your leisure years. Of course you'd have to give up your hobby of
mowing. Hope the chiro visit tomorrow is helpful.

I am happy to report that our old fridge is now working fine. We also have a new table
in the kitchen, courtesy of Whole Foods. No charge. Gordon's brother brought it home
from the store. WFs wanted to get rid of it. It's good sized. Must have used a van or
a pickup to move it.

Gordon's zucchinis have been zipping zealously right along. He gave some to the neighbor, the fridge repair man, and is taking some to the pharmacist in Chinatown this afternoon.

Supposed to be 89 degrees here today with the high going down one degree a day for
the next several days.

Hugs to All, Awl four won, and a tip of the hat to Willie Shoemaker who rode animals
that wore shoes.



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Greetings everyone,

Had a quieter day today but with DH on the computer it ws hard to get to the Porch. This will probably not be very ong either as I need to do some research since I am not getting much info from my DIL or nieces. Not sure if I should send flowers and if so where since he was cremated and then will be buried in the Nat Vet Cemetery. I could send a Mass card but since they hardly ever went to church wondering if I should do that. Also thinking of a donation to a stroke foundation or something like that. After I told them that I wan't coming due my health more or less I haven;t heard back. We could be back where we were when we told them we couldn't help take care of my mom part time after breaking her hip, part of the time. I am trying to remember that she just lost her dearest husband and friend and the grown up kids lost their dearest father who was there for everyone and everything. However, I am positive that she is the one who made the plans and not he for not coming here. They may have stayed civil due eto my brother but we will see what happens.

BARRY - How funny of those furbabies chasing after each other and fussing at each other, like DD's kitties, Willie and Waylon. One minute fighting and next minute they are cleaning each other. So funny ! How restful to be able to lie out there in the shade amongst the hummers. Not to many around here. At least I haven't seen any. Sorry your rosemary plant or bush is being attached by mites. Hope you can get them to go away. I would love an herb garden but we have little sun. I think you need quite a bit, right?? Sorry about the heat and hope you are felling a little better on your new meds dosages. Sorry the heat is really bothering you. Do you have any a/c or just fans??

JULIE - So glad to see you again and I hope that you are getting some things done but also getting a little break now and then.

SW - I would love to see you all dressed in your Indian wedding garb. I'm sure it is very pretty and colorful but yes can be hot I am sure with all those layers. I know what you mean also about being way behind in house work.. YUCK !!

MIKIE - It doesn';t sound to me like you are a non techie. At least I would say you are a lot better than I. That is also not hard to do !!! Hope you are feeling OK and glad when you get to sleep later than usual.

ROCK - How wonderful yo also got a new table in your kitchen at no charge yet . Plus wonderful that your frigs is still working. Did they have to fix it? Hope not to expensive. Would love t see a pic of you newer kitchen.

SUN - Hope you are feeling better and getting to do some more painting. I did read that you were doing some painting but not sure exactly when that was.

I forgot who asked about our new floor for the den, maybe Julie or SW. We continue to wait for all the lumber to be delivered. Probably start sometime next week and that will drive me nuts since we are supposed to go away a week from next Monday. Al, sorry about all the deaths happening. I know what you mean. DH just found out some he used to work with just passed away too. When you get bo be close to our age that is just seems to be in the cards for some of us. When people are much younger, it is so very sad.

Better get crackin on my research for the burial I will not be going to and see about possible videos and also flowers delivered.

Love to everyone inc others not mentioned and MIA,
Granni :)


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Good Late Friday Morning, Kids,

Woke to no internet. Had to wait til after eight to call for technical help. Nice young woman in the Philippines helped me figure it out. Again, I'm technically challenged. Lowe's called to make sure I am satisfied with the microwave installation yesterday. The guy was sooo nice and he worked fast and efficiently. He put the old one in the box so Claudia's handyman can take it to her place. If she can bribe the guys delivering my new stove today, they can take my old stove and the microwave to her place. If not, I'll leave the stove in the entry way until the handyman gets back from vacation.

I pulled the old stove out from the wall to clean the floor. Yikes! I think that stove has been there ten years and it was disgusting. I had to take everything out of the cabinet over the stove so the guy could install the microwave. Now, I have to put it all back. BTW, the new microwave looks beautiful.

Rock, are you rereading those Fanny Flagg books? I read them after you talked about them here before. I liked the first one better. Is the new table wood? Some of the tables stores have are really nice. A lot of them use wooden harvest tables. Glad the fridge is working well.

Barry, there was Red Tide once in a while for a short period of time when I moved here but nothing like this. Same with the slimy green algae in our waterways. The water releases were halted for four days from Lake O and the RT actually declined. They started the releases again this morning so I imagine it will grow again rapidly. We have droughts and floods and I think one of the most promising things they are looking at is reservoirs where the water is treated and the excess nutrients removed. That could ease water shortage during the droughts. I didn't realize we have only single window panes until after I moved in. To replace them with high impact glass would run in excess of $10,000. I'm amazed that the A/C works as well as it does without losing the cool air inside. Sorry you're not up to a three way, even a digital one.

Granni, can't remember whether you mentioned where you will be going. It will be exciting to get the new floor. New things for the house always excite me. Can't wait for them to deliver the new stove. I just hope they will take the old one to Claudia's. My digital hell seems to be hanging around. I hate it when the wi-fi goes out. Just glad it is working again. I can't use the computer and can't watch anything with HULU. Such a hard life I live.

Sun, thanks for the link. I'll check it out. Hope you are feeling better. Seems so many of us here have been in a lot of pain lately.

I'm off to read the paper online. Hope everydooby is having a great Friday.

Love, Mikie



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My computer didn’t charge so not much battery left. Will be a short post.

Mikie - lucky your DD to have a garden patio like the one I posted. Even I found it so pretty! It would be pretty in all seasons.

Granni - no. That garden on a rainy day pic is something I found on the internet. Not mine. With all the rain and resulting foliage, mine looks kinda pretty too. If one likes lots of unruly green sprouting everywhere, that sort of thing. With a splash or two of colour here n there.

Barry - thank you for your kind words. I love dragonflies too, but sight one very rarely here. The dragonflies flying over the tumbling stream in my hometown when I was a kid were beautiful tho. I remember just sitting on the banks taking them and the surrounding scenery in and generally feeling uplifted.

Granni - whether your family feels your thoughts or not, your dear departed DB will, where he is. You can pray or send him loving thoughts. He will know. He already knows you couldn’t be with his family more because of your ill health. The soul knows everything, the physical mind doesn’t.

Rock - speaking of calendars I keep forgetting to buy one with Nepalese dates. They mark festivals and moon phases. Today I looked up the net and found it was New Moon. ie moonless. Explains why I was getting crampy legs and feeling grumpy for no reason. And wasted lots of time just trying to get into the mood and muster up to do some chores.

Julie - those kids are so beautiful and what a time they are having! Halycon days. How wonderful to have nana and grandpa and a big warm house and lots of spaces to scream and shout and be as young and rambunctious as a child can possibly be. They’re creating wonderful memories and life is good. The way the Lord intended it to be.

Sun - were you able to go to your art class? It sounded lovely, your family coming over and spending fun time at the pool.
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Hi, Kids,

Prayers answered...after a poor start to the day, the delivery guys got here early and agreed to take my old stove to Claudia's without her even having to offer them money. They were sooo nice. I had prayed they could/would do that. I'm glad my new things are installed and up and running. I tipped them and she gave them a good tip for the extra work.

We had a gully washer but it was only sprinkling when they delivered the stove. SV had asked to go out so he wasn't in the way when they came. Once in a while, people do their jobs and everything works out. I whine so much that I just wanted to comment when things go well. Claudia just sent a pic of the stove in her kitchen. She named it, Cookie.

Spring, DSIL plays his guitar for DD and they sit out on the patio and have drinks in the evenings. He is very sweet and romantic. Your pic reminds me of looking out my sliders at the rain coming down in our little pond. When SV asked to go out, he sat and looked up at the rain falling and seemed mesmerized by it. Big drops fall off the roof even after it stops.

OK, Kids, I'm still not feeling all zippy and energetic so will bid y'all a fond farewell til next time.

Love, Mikie


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Rock: I love that Rocky Mountain high cabin/mansion. It's spectacular. Wish I had enjoyed Colorado when I was younger and without breathing troubles. How's the kitchen? Ask Gordon to post some pics, please. I love any remodeling.

By the way, the lady who lives in back who came over the other morning is having her house redone...gutted to be exact. She's about 83....and my mind asks WHY? She has moved out, living with a friend until it's completed.

Barry and Spring: I also love dragonflies. Like I said before, only see the orange ones now and I wonder what happened to the beautiful green/blue ones. And I haven't seen a darner in years.

Mikie: I find MOST delivery guys are very good about moving things for me, if I just ask. And yes, tipping helps too.

Granni: I'm sorry you're having decision problems about whether to send flowers, or what. You might just make a donation in his name for stroke research, or your favorite charity. My DH was catholic.....until he pretty much fell away the last year or so of his life. I'm protestant. His sister, who is a nun, and his stepmom paid for a rosary said for him....honestly it didn't mean anything to me, but that was their decision.

I had terrible IBS this morning. Probably stress from having to spend hours changing everything that payment automatically came from my credit card. BOA sent me a new one, saying some were compromised....what a headache last night and again this morning. I went down the list and checked off one after another. And then trying to get into the websites to change them. )(*&^%$#@

I took this picture of my two youngest DGD. The oldest is 4 and the youngest will turn 2 in October.

And here's something really interesting that I think Barry, Rock and even Gordon. will like. Vanilla pods growing in Madagascar.



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Good Saturday Morning, Kids,

Getting ready to go to the pool. Haven't gone since Tuesday. Should be nice and sunny with pleasant temp out this early. Hot later on.

Claudia and I both got Final Jeopardy last evening. Nancy's broadcast was interrupted by a political debate. Bah!!! Dr. Phil had two of the nastiest women on his show yesterday. It makes me even more grateful for all the sweet people in my life, including all you Porchies.

Sun, yes, most delivery guys are nice but the one who brought the fridge up was awful. The ones who came yesterday were especially nice. Sometimes, just being in close proximity to people puts us in a good mood. They were like that. The guy who installed the microwave was very nice too. Your granddaughters are beautiful. Thanks for sharing with us.

Hope everydooby is having a nice weekend.

Love, Mikie


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Sun - lovely lil DGDs. Did you mention their mom is Asian? The elder looks a little mix of Asian American. Cute pose. Such innocence.

While the neighbor might appear eccentric, changing up things at 83, I really envy her get up and go! Lacking that in large amounts, myself. I had to get a large cracked window pane changed some time back, stressed about it till it was done. Taking out the whole window frame, lugging it down six long flights of stairs and getting it to the hardware store. Huge hassle. One of our former staff did the job for us. Thank goodness.

Remodeling a whole house. Love the idea of new things but the hassle, and noise! No thank you.

Mikie - how sweet of your DSIL. Playing for his wife. Now there’s a way to use precious time. Rather than all the tech things, computer games.

We had a gully washer ourselves this afternoon. I had finished visiting the gym, doing some easy exercises, and gone to get groceries, then ducked into a restaurant to snack and whilst eating, the rain just came down in torrents. The walls were all glass so I could see the street flooding. I sat for longer waiting for the downpour to ease up.

I had remembered to carry a book of a couple I’m reading simultaneously, they’re all new age, spiritual stuff, or therapy stuff so it doesn’t matter which page I open and read. I’ve accumulated so many not wanting to find they’ve been sold if I didn’t buy them, it was turning into a desperate situation, no where to store the books and most unread. So I made a decision to always read a page in between chores or when I’m out and having a tea break. The decision to not allow myself to buy a new one until I finished the older ones wasn’t working. This way, I hope I will be able to make inroads into my ever growing stash of books.

Rock - can you imagine the view from that chalet of the pic you posted? It must look like a movie. Mountains, hills, trees, houses going on and on forever. What a sight! Are you enjoying your new kitchen floor? I get great enjoyment out of the steel and cane rocking/lounging chair I got a while ago. My kids had said I would probably tire of it and then it would be lying there unused. Adding to the clutter. But no, I sit on there a lot. I would prefer a wooden one but those would be expensive.
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Hi, Kids,

Did get to the pool and, as usual, it was fun and peaceful walking with my pal. We can talk about anything. The sun was bright and the sky blue with nary a cloud in sight. The sun made beautiful patterns on the bottom of the pool as we moved the water. I get similar patterns on my ceiling from the fountain's rippling the water in the little pond out back. The air was fresh and cool. It was perfect. A wonderful way to start the day. The only drawback is that my allergies are really bad. My eyes are watering, my nose is itchy, my head is stuffed up and I have a headache. It's making me feel exhausted so, when I got home from Publix, I took a deep nap for about half an hour.

I got some Boar's Head Sausolito (sp?) turkey breast at the Deli. It is sooo good. The bland turkey breast has an orange spicy coating so that each slice is ringed with it. Ran into two of my favorite employees at the store. Joe called me when I was in the parking lot on my way home. I called him back. Just wanted to keep in touch. That's nice. DOF took a fall but he is, thankfully, OK. Bless his heart. Sooo lucky to have such nice friends and acquaintances.

Spring, I agree with you. Everything I do anymore seems stressful. It's always a pleasant surprise when it goes well. I realized that I had been stressing about the delivery and installation of the new stove and microwave. Mostly, I was worried that the delivery guys wouldn't or couldn't take the old stove over to Claudia's. Now, I want new tile on the walls behind the stove and sink. I did the tile job on there now but it seems outdated to me. Tiling is fun but I don't think tearing off old tile and retiling it would be much fun. Also, it makes a mess. Is your house six stories high? That's a lot of stairs to climb. No wonder you look so young with all that exercise. How wonderful to have a library of inspirational reading. So great that you read in between chores too. With these rainstorms, I hope neither of us floats away.

I should do something worthwhile but my heart isn't in it. I still haven't put the pots 'n pans back in the stove drawer so I could do that. The vanity in my bathroom needs to be cleaned out too. There is plenty to do to keep me out of trouble in here.

Hope all y'all have a great weekend.

Love, Mikie


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Dear MIKIE ,

Yes, I hear you about the worry but I TRY and keep things fairly cool if I can cause DH is the BIG worrier. He doesn't think so but believe me he is. Thinking about my son and my DB who just passed. Neither of them worried about anything. How nice to be married to someone like that. I don't think their wives appreciated that or should I say as much as I would, for sure. Sorry so much is bothering you . The same with me but alot of it is different than you except perhaps any pain you might have. MY DH didn't used to complain quite so much or worry but he has gotten worse with age. I am more like my DB not so much a worrier but the way I feel things are starting to bother me more. That turkey breast you spoke about sounds yummy. Not sure if we can get it now here.

SPRING - Yes I do agree with you about stuff bothering me more than they used to . This FM pain and all is really getting to me and when few understand except the Porchies it can get annoying at time. MY DH thinks he understands but he really doesn't .Have tried calling and also emailing DSIL and have not heard back. Tried explaining my reasons for not coming. Tried writing again this morning so will see if I get a response. She has been doing some responding on FB. So we will see if I hear from her or any of the kids.

Just got back from driving in an hour to see DGS and dad of DCD. We at at a Mexican restaurant but I didn't want to really eat Mexican but that is where we chose to meet and eat. Usually that is fine but last night somehow I became violently upset in the tummy with gas, the big D . I even threw up which I hardly ever do.. Loaded myself with Immodium ( 1/2 at a time )so hopefully I won' t. get super constipated, my other problem). The youngest g son of this family is the one who survived Leukemia many years ago when he was 4. Now he is going into Jr Yr of HS and we are trying to help and encourage him to go to college.

I know we have some many things that need to be cleaning out with all your talking about it.

Gotta run for now. Hope all is well with everydobby,
Granni :)


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Spring: Yes, my DIL is Vietnamese. We/she doesn't get along with our family......but my DS picked her. She is very arrogant/rude the few times she's around the family. I get the feeling she thinks she's much better than others.....probably because of her schooling. So my DS and I don't talk about it, but he's good about bringing the girls out to visit with me. I'm sure it hurts him as it does me. Yes, I love this picture because of the sweet innocence on their faces. My oldest DGD is 10....strawberry blond hair, and my DGS is 15 with red hair.

How often do you go to the gym? You've never mentioned this before, is this something new in regime? So you had a big gully washer with your lunch. Actually it sounds nice. Last week when we got the downpour I really enjoyed it, even though I had to watch that it wouldn't flood up to my bedroom door.

Mikie: Were you the one who said you had Apple TV? From what I've read it transferred things from your Ipad to your TV.



Good Sunday Morning, Dear Porchies,

Watched Mama Mia last night. It's not a great movie but love ABBA's music. I've never seen so many commercials. The new one is being released so NBC was making a big deal out of the old one. Nancy, Claudia and I kept texting into the movie. I got Final Jeopardy last night, two nights in a row. I'm good at figuring things out but terrible at remembering things. Often, things are on the tip of my tongue but my pea brain won't release them.

I've been getting things done around the condo but not a lot. Heck, anything is better than nothin'. It looks nice in here 'cept for the two rooms where I'm cleaning things out. One is almost done but the other looks as though a tornado came through. Yikes! Appears as though I'm gonna have to dust the new stove every day; it shows dust like nothing I've ever seen. The old white one had its advantages. I know...never satisfied. I'm like the Stones, can't get no satisfaction.

I slept from 11:00 til 7:00 except for about half an hour when I had to get up for a cold gel pack for my headache and to spray NasaCort up my schnoz. Also, I had a lot of pain in my right lung. That's the one that had pneumonia 21 years ago. When I have a cold or allergies, it can get painful. I've had chest x-rays and they show nothing. I had viral meningitis on the right side more than 45 years ago and it still hurts sometimes. Former issues can come back to strike in our old age.

Granni, it seems as though I always have a general sense of anxiety these days. It's not so bad that it's crippling but it bothers me. Just going to doctor appointments or having deliveries are stressful for me. I think it may come with age and is definitely connected to what ails us. No one can possibly know what it's like; thank God for all our kind Porchies who know exactly how we feel. I hope your tummy is better.

Sun, sometimes when people act superior it's because inside they worry they are actually inferior. It's too bad she doesn't get along with the family. She's missing out on the love and comfort a family can give. I don't have any DILs but love my SILs like my own. They return that love to me. I hope in time she will change her behavior. So glad DS brings the girls to visit you. They are adorable. I have the Amazon Fire box for my TV's except for the new smart one which doesn't need it. I don't know about sending things from the iPad to the TV. There is probably a way to do that with all computers and some kind of smart technology.

Gonna go read the newspaper. I'm late getting started today. I need to shampoo my hair so think I'll wash the sliders to the lanai. I have to wait until the sun isn't shining directly on them and by then, it's hot. Don't want to wash my hair and get sweaty outside. It was pretty humid when I went out to get the newspaper. We've had big rains for the last two days. Not much chance of rain today but tomorrow it will likely rain. There are big billowing clouds out to the West just offshore. At the top, they were crowned with perfect lenticulars. Quite a nice sight first thing. Mother Nature provides a nice variety of events in the skies but I'd pass on the hurricanes if I could.

Hope all y'all are enjoying a peaceful and pain-free weekend.

Love, Mikie


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Good Sunday afternoon to everyone! A bit of a break while Den is napping...he's on call this week (Friday pm till the following Friday am) and has been out a few times on outages due to the heat and thunderstorms.

I've been getting caught up a bit on chores, both inside and outside...will probably take most of this next week to get back to "ground zero"...where I was before the kiddos were here. Yesterday I got all the outside toys cleaned up and put away...didn't do any of that before I took the kids home...we just left everything "as is". Taking several naps, too, along with visiting my dad and getting to the chiro yesterday...the local one can help with some things (yep, I did have a rib out, among other things, lol!) but the far away chiro is the one who helps the most with my neck/shoulder/arm/hand pain and numbness. Would be better if I could get to him on a more regular basis, but that three hour drive just to get there...then three hours back. Whew!

Sun, your DGDs are so pretty! I'm so glad you get to see them. My brother came here on the 4th (he wanted to bring some books he had found for Lindsey...the Redwall series, she was wanting to read to the kids...she had the set years ago, but lost them to the mold in the old house.) Anyway, brother's wife is the one who told me how much she hated me and had been "holding her tongue" for over 30 years...that I was a terrible sister, etc., etc. So, I told my brother I really didn't want to be around someone who hated me so much (she used to come to our family gatherings and just skulk, never joined in conversation, etc....sometimes just went out and sat in the car as a signal for my brother to leave also. None of the rest of the family could ever figure out why she even came...)

Well, my brother came by himself and stayed several hours. He enjoyed seeing the kids and we had such a nice visit. Den showed him some extra shelving we have and offered to give him some of them...brother and his son are going to come get them sometime. None of us mentioned his wife and I appreciated him coming by himself. Too bad it has to be that way, but I imagine every family has a similar situation somewhere. As for Den's sis...we haven't heard from her in almost a year...and we don't see her around town, etc. Much less stressful, I do say.

Barry, I have to tell you about my hummingbird experience the other day. The feeder was empty so I mixed up some new nectar (no coloring, though)...as soon as I refilled the feeder, a little hummer came along. Took one sip and, I swear, backed off and did a "Happy Dance" in the air. Went to the next feeding station, backed off and did another "Happy Dance"! Our feeder has four places for the birds to drink from...this little guy went to each one and each time backed up in the air and "danced." Full of glee! :):p:D

And...every time I walk to the clothesline, a little Jenny wren scolds me, lol! Well, she's the one who built her nest in my flight path...but she certainly lets me know she's not happy. We also have lots of barn swallows...love to dive bomb me as I ride the mower over the yard, lol! How can they get so close to my head without hitting me????

I'm sorry about your fatigue. I'm still crashing off and on...wish I would wake up one morning and feel full of energy. I know I seem to be able to do a lot, but it's just in spurts, and then I pay dearly for it.

Mikie, I'm glad you get to the pool. Your allergies, etc. are doing a number on you too. You sound like you are getting some things done, though. We had a thing on our local news, talking about how the algae is so bad this year...mentioned how much worse it is in Florida.

Granni, glad you could get together with DCD's family members....sorry it was bad timing for you. Hope you've heard from some of your brother's family, but try not to worry if you haven't.

Spring, smart of you to carry a book along. I have a few books started also, stashed here and there. What good timing for the rain...while you were safely inside.

Rock, glad your fridge is working okay now. Our older fridge is probably 30 years old and still chugging along. We got a newer one with the french doors (and freezer on the bottom) a couple years ago, but still use the older one to store extra stuff.

Hi also to Duckie, Star, and anyone else I am forgetting. Den just got up, so I am going to tackle more of the kitchen...hard to work in there when the counters are full of dishes, pans, groceries that need put away, etc., etc. Doesn't seem like that big a deal to stay caught up, but then the crazy ME rears it's ugly head, huh?

Amy, Clinton and the girls are on their annual vacation to Hannibal, Mo. Well, this is the second year, lol! They stay at a cabin and love doing all the Mark Twain stuff. Not too expensive when they go certain days of the week, and it's good for them to just "get away." They wanted us to go visit them, but we can't leave town with Den on call...they need their own time anyway.

Take care, everyone!



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Hi Kids

It's in the mid 80s here. The last two days I've been out in the sun gardening. It's extra hot
for me 'cause I'm bundled up like folks in a Minn. winter in order to escape the biting insects. Uff-da!

Julie, your French Fridge sounds nice, but we are too provincial. Je ne parle pas français. Would love to take a trip to Hannibal and tour the Twain house. I did see some of it on Youtube. Mark Twain, often called out greatest humorist, has frequently been the subject of book burnings and banned from libraries.

Barry, your fruit salad sounds delicious. Well, it would have been in the days of my yute.
Nowadays it would be flavorless if made with store bought fruit. I admire your gumption
in hiking Death Valley. Nowadays I'd be afraid to even drive there. But I did visit Scotty's
Castle about half a century ago.

Mikie, I never heard of Mama Mia and didn't care for ABBA, but you young people
are more opened minded about these things. My son made a Rolling Stones video
when he was young. Lip synced and strummed a guitar prop. Years later he came
for a visit with a girl friend. I asked him if he wanted to show her the video. He
looked horrified and said, "No way".

Good to know you like your new appliances and can get them to work. We are still
fighting the battle of the computer daily. I just tried to read the comments made by
readers on a news article. Machine wouldn't let me do it.

Sun, great pic of the little girls. Glad to hear your son brings them around to visit.
Wish I had some of my nicer relatives nearby.

Granni, hope you are feeling better. Yes, even a year or two of college can be a big
help in getting a job. Hope your grandson will take advantage of his opportunity.
I loved the classes our school had in art, music and astronomy. Things I was never
exposed to in High School.

Well, time to go make carrot-apple juice. Hugs to everydobby.


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Barry: I have rosemary growing good in a large pot....lost a large one a few years ago, I guess it was just too old and woody. Also have some thyme in a big pot which is doing good, and a bay tree that I keep trimmed down to a manageable size. I clip branches every so often and bring them inside to keep on the kitchen counter.....so handy. I tried growing a pot of basil in the kitchen then putting it outside a few afternoons when the sun was on the other side, but don't think pot basil is good....I saw it somehow got a bug that was chewing, so I'll just buy fresh when I want it. Oh yes.....I saw that two olives have set on an olive tree I have growing in a whiskey barrel. Years and years ago I picked a ton of them at a local store....yes I asked permission ahead of time. I did a lot of research and found the easiest was to lay them on trays and sprinkle salt to leach them. Then after a few weeks, they started to shrivel and I put them into large jars of olive oil with garlic. Really good.

It's been sooooo hot here. So many trees around the city have lost l/2 their leaves, looks like at autumn with the streets covered with leaves. I have a large ficus by my bedroom and it's dropping leaves like crazy and have to go out every morning and sweep them up. And I noticed I've lost a few small bushes in front also. Hoping that come cooler weather I can give them a trim and make them come back.

Mushrooming! That sounds like so much fun, something I would love to do. Ever read any books by Peter Mayle....A year in Provence? I agree with you.....I hate what's happened to my energy and my aging body!!!!!

Mikie: I'll bet your stove is black! I have a black cooktop and it's always looking dusty or covered with grease. What a lot of work. I've gotten into the habit of taking out the drip pans at night and soaking them in soapy water overnight.

Julie: When does Lynsey go to the spa place in Calif? So you understand about family dynamics. Wish we all could be like the TV families in the 50s and 60s but sometimes it doesn't work like that.

I got back a little while ago from a combo BD party for 3 and a going away. I brought an easy favorite of mine.....sauté some onions and green peppers, add freshly shucked corn and sauté 3-5 min. And then I add S &P and some cilantro pesto I make, then it all goes into the frig overnight. My SILs cousin is moving to Fairbanks, Alaska where she got a job at the university. I'm happy for her.....she lived in Alaska until she was 8 and has always wanted to go back to live there. She still has friends up there so she's not going to be alone. Her Dad and stepmom found her a nice apartment there already, and she bought a new Toyota RAV4 last week, so I think she's all set. I'm excited for her new life. Hoping she will meet some nice Alaska man and put down roots.....she's 38 already. But we'll all miss her.

Rock: I see you posted while I was here. I LOVE LOVE LOVE Abba! And hey....I'm turning 74. Sometimes I play it while out walking and it REALLY helps give me some energy. I understand they were all Swedish and couldn't speak of word of english.

I'm listening to an interesting book, Sweet Mandarin by Helen Tse. About 3 generations of chinese women and their journey from east to west, spanning 100 years.
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