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Porch No. 1076 is CLOSED July, 21,2018


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Here we go again, Folks.
Rosin on the bow, and away we go.
Bow and curtsey. Grab your Gal.
Wave at the band. Wave at your pal.

All join hands and circle right.
Gonna dance all through the night.
The moon is out, but not the sun.
Either way we'll have some fun.

Gents, take your corner. Circle the ring.
If you listen you'll hear the birdies sing.
Ladies to the center; not too far.
Join your hands and form a star.

Back to home and alamande right.
Dance with your partner in the pale moonlight.
Swing your partner. Let's see a smile.
Around the ring for a little while.

Circle round, and don't be late.
And there you are. Now close the gate.

Adios, Pards


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Hi Kids

Just woke up and looked at the news. You may have read about the gun man who
ran from the police into a Trader Joe's. It's the one we shop at. A woman was shot;
not clear who shot her. I sure miss the peace and security of living in a small town.

We made dumplings yesterday. Gordon bought a package of wrappers. I think he said
they were made with "rice paper". He mixed up some veggies and meat for the filling.
All I did was separate the wrappers and hand them to him. It's an easy job, but
somebody's got to do it. He always puts some kind of meat in his dumplings; even if
the recipe doesn't call for same.

Springwater, how big is that snake? Big enough to eat kittens? If so, I hope you can
move one or the other. You eat crunchy peaches? Never heard of such a thing. Are you sure they're ripe?

Julie, did eating the hummingbird nectar give you a lift? I'd like to sample your eggplant dish. I kinda think the one I ate had something on top; tomato sauce maybe.

Mike, the two new thriller authors are David Hobbs (2 books) and Jeff Finder (several books). My two favorite writers in this genre are John Sanford and Robert B Parker.
Hope you have more energy today. I didn't have much yesterday. Gordon asked me to water. But I was having trouble just staying on my feet. So I said I'd just take a nap
first. Five hours later I got up and watered.

Duckie, did you ever see the Fawlty Towers episode that featured ratatouille? As well
as a rat named Basil. A wonderful series but only a dozen episodes. John Cleese and
his wife wrote the scripts while they were in the process of getting a divorce. Good
thing they didn't live in Ireland. Divorce wasn't legal there.

OK, starting to fade. See ya all later.



Hi, Kids,

Gonna be another sunny day in the jungle. I slept well after spraying the CBD oil in my mouth before bed. My eye looks almost normal this morning. SV nagged me to get up just when I was having some early morning dreams. Of course now, he's gone back to sleep. What a rascal he is.

Rock, thanks for starting us up again. It's good Chef Gordon puts some meat/protein in his meals. I did see them news but didn't realize that's your Trader Joe's. Some guy here was waving a big long gun at drivers in a bad part of town last evening. He was trying to hijack a car. The cops came and one was shot. He's in the hospital after surgery to save his life. I'm so sick of all the crime and violence. This isn't a big city. An SUV was stolen here in our hood the other night. It was left unlocked. We have bright lights under our carport and they are motion activated. I hope that discourages anyone from messing with our vehicles. We've had the contents of some cars rifled through. They cops told me that the thieves are looking for documents to steal IDs. Joe thinks they are looking for guns. I'll check out the authors and books. Claudia liked Origin but I'm struggling to get through it (yawn). Be careful out shopping.


Julie, too bad that thyroid supp upsets your stomach. The CBD oil didn't upset mine. Supposed to be sprayed in the mouth on an empty stomach. It's held in the mouth for a bit and no food for another 10 minutes. It tastes like eating a pine tree and makes the tongue tingly. It doesn't make me feel high but more like I have taken a mild muscle relaxer. It's calming. Love, love, love the front tears man. You've got a little master punster on your hands.

Barry, most of the animal species which once roamed the earth are now extinct. We are killing the only planet we have along with the critters and each other. This green algae mess should scare people to death. I didn't have a panic attack. When my personality traits were tested, it turned out that I'm basically a 'feeler' type who can sympathize/empathize with others. In a crisis, however, I am first and foremost a 'thinker' who responds to the emergency. I let my emotions take over later after the danger has passed. Just saw on the news that 700-800 people have found black widow spiders in their bags of grapes from the grocery stores. Yikes! When all the other critters are extinct, the lowly black widow spider will reign supreme.

Sun, I'm glad you will have a chance to get away from the heat. I hope it's cooler and your fan helps. I'm also glad you got to go to your art group. So glad I have friends in the hood to help keep me sane (whether I am sane is still up for debate). Enjoy your little break.

Spring, some CBD oil contains marijuana but it cannot be sold here so the one I got contains hemp. Both plants have healing benefits, including easing pain and anxiety. I think it helped the tinnitus and my constant feeling of stress. Those poor little kittens; I hope they will be OK. Sylvester and Tweety were starving when Jeff found them. That was a horrible dream. The worst one I ever had was after my ex's dear grandmother died. I dreamed she kept trying to climb out of her casket, telling us she really wasn't dead. Everyone kept telling her to get back in. Glad you protect yourself. I keep the Archangels, Michael and Zedkiels, busy protecting all of us.

Hope all y'all are having a wonderful weekend.

Love, Mikie
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This clip is not to be missed about a brave barber who saves his customer..it’s about 18 seconds.

Hello everyone

Got in some exercise today. Yes, Mikie, Archangel Zadkiel and St. Germaine cleanse negativity and I always ask them to pour their silver violet flame in and around all of creation.

I saw the Trader Joe’s incident on tv. Just my luck I turn on the tv after not looking at news for a while and up this pops. I immediately thought of Rock and Gordon and Sun.

Rock - snake is about four feet. I don’t think it would go for a kitten. It was after the huge rats I saw once. I’ve not seen the rats since. I don’t like big rats. That’s scary about Trader Joe’s you go to, coming under attack.
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Good morning, guys!

Spring, I went back and listened to Father Ray Kelly...beautiful song...I have heard it before, but didn't recognize the title. Our Lindsey is one of those people who feels everything, and feels it very strongly. She and Isaiah are what we think of as "old souls"...Lindsey wishes she was born 100 years ago (or could be Amish today, lol) and Isaiah is just very wise beyond his years.

I don't really know how I am...I think I just got used to doing what needed to be done and turned off any feelings (except for anger at Den's sister, at her treatment of Gpa.) That anger "sustained" me for a long time...sad, huh? Now that we don't have to see or even hear from her, maybe that will change? Actually, things have/are changing...I feel much less "threatened" and stressed.

The barber clip startled me and I actually yelled, too, lol!

Mikie, I might have misspoke....I was pleasantly surprised that the thyroid supp didn't upset my stomach. I do have to be careful, though, with most things and eat something first. Glad the CBD oil is helping.

Rock, thanks for the new startup. Yep, I was humming right along the rest of the evening, lol! Your rice paper rollups sound really good. I have to eat protein with every meal or I don't feel satisfied. Sorry about the incident at your Trader Joe's. I suppose small towns might be safer, but people still have to be so careful with their children, etc. We've had cases of "stalking in stores" even in our local areas. And our David has seen things while on duty that he won't even discuss, even after the case has been finished. He went from being one of our deputies to a police officer in the small town where he grew up.

I woke up around 5:00 am, thought it was Monday, and kept feeling to see if Den was still in bed...and he was. I knew he was starting to run late for work, but kept thinking I'd just let him sleep a little longer as he wore himself out yesterday...getting a load of firewood, putting the cart corral together, moving it into position, pounding fence posts to hold the sides of the corral stable...a lot of physical work for a guy "his age" :) THEN...I realized it was Sunday morning. So I got up to use the bathroom and realized Oreo wasn't in her bed...she was in the living room for some reason (maybe she got too cold from the bedroom A/C...I think that's why I woke up in the first place.)

She went to the door so I let her out, but she wanted to just "have a look at her kingdom" ;) and come right back in. Then I gave her a treat and she went back to the door...so I let her out and went back to bed. Didn't wake up again till 10:30! Not sure what's going on with me...maybe I'm just still catching up on sleep? Having a lot of allergy drainage down the back of my throat, so that keeps me awake when I first go to bed. Who knows...

Anyway, poor Den had only eaten some zucchini bread for breakfast, so I fixed him a "proper" meal of turkey sausage links, over medium eggs and a bagel with cream cheese and honey. He's good now till supper, lol! Well, he'll snack a bit, but I won't need to cook anything.

We're a mess...he's got his tummy full, so lying down for a mid-day nap now, lolol! Good thing...before I got up (and I didn't hear a thing) he split three skid loader buckets of firewood and took it over to the new storage location, which is just outside the back door of the shop. Theoretically, we should just be able to wheel a cart (inside) over to the back door of the shop, (the section where the wood furnace is) load up what we need, then wheel back closer to the furnace.

We've tried different ways to get through the winter...splitting as we need it from a huge pile, splitting ahead of time and storing in the garage across the driveway, but we've never had enough split and stored to last the whole winter. Came close last year, but it is no fun to be out in a mid-western January, trying to make firewood...each year we try to get our system down a little better...as we get more able to do our own work and not spend so much time taking care of kids or parents....this "current season" is a very welcome change :p And I'm so glad we have the pellet stove in the living room now, instead of another wood stove...makes my life much easier, lol!

We do have the backup gas furnace in place, using the A/C part already, but need to hook up the gas lines, etc. before we might need it this winter. Maybe we can be gone from the house more during cold weather if we don't have to worry about pipes freezing, etc. like we did last year with only the wood or pellets for heat. Not complaining, but just trying to get "functional."

Good news on the doggy front...Amy texted that they had gone to a local shelter "just to look". They met a male silver colored American Bulldog mix...and fell in love! They took him home, named him "Blu"...he is very well-mannered, house-trained, loves the girls. His story was that he was found near a town that normally euthanizes those breeds (ones with some Pit in them?) but the mayor of that town didn't want this dog to meet the same fate because he was exceptionally sweet and kind. So the mayor took the dog and met halfway with another person who took him (the dog) to the no-kill shelter where this other person lives. (Two animal lovers, who saw potential in an "undesirable breed" and chose to do something about it.) So, he was there at the exact time Amy, Clinton and the girls were "just looking." Hmmmmm.....

Their Jasmine was a Pit Bull mix that Keira's dad had rescued...she was the sweetest dog I have ever met. Had to watch her, if she "locked on" to a cat, rabbit or squirrel, but would listen if corrected. I just hope Blu and Oreo get along as well as Jasmine and Oreo did...I have prayed about it and am confident.

I guess I'd better just say "Hi" to everyone else and get off the computer. Will still work quietly so my hubby can rest, but I have lots to do in the other part of the building. One advantage of living this way...everything is fairly close at hand, lol! I know how to run the log splitter, but just as Den pretends he doesn't know how to cook ;) I can leave the "muscle" stuff to him, lol! I can't put off the outdoor work any longer...tomorrow and Tuesday are days for that. Then Wednesday I go to the far away chiro...yay!

Here's Blu with the girls. Isn't he handsome? Amy said he is very obedient and lets Keira walk him...but I told her he looks so strong, they want to be careful till they all get to know each other better.



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Spring: I jumped too....glad the barber smacked him.....pretty stupid trick for that guy to do. Nice that you're so close to everything for shopping. Out here I would be lost without my car, though there's a Trader Joe's and a sprouts I can walk to......if I wanted to walk there. I did it a few times when they first opened but then I had to carry the heavy things home and I would end up in pain.

Mikie: I've got the CBD oil that you just put 10 drops under your tongue, doesn't taste bad, I guess it's what MJ smells like. My DS also sent me a rub on........sometimes the muscle rub seemed to work and others it didn't. And I haven't seen a difference in the oil, and it was EXPENSIVE....over $60 for one ounce. I hope you find that it really/honestly works for you. Sometimes it's mind over matter with me.

Julie: I've always felt I was an old soul. Even when I was around 10 I felt that I was the one to look after my mom instead of the other way around. Would have loved to live around the 1860s. Maybe because of all the civil war books I used to read.

Barry: Here's a good youtube for you to watch concerning a succulent garden down south.

I listened to the priest singing.....didn't really care for it honestly. Maybe because when our kids were younger we would attend the local Catholic Church. One of the priests there would grab the mike and walk around singing like he was on stage. Fast forward to when my DD made her first communion......He was having his picture taken with my DD and I shook his hand........I got the most awful feeling when I did. Hard to explain......fast forward about 20 years later when my DS called me from the town he was living in to tell me about Father Ted. He had been arrested a year or so earlier for child molestation, been moved to a "house" the church had in Arizona for rehab. He killed himself.

I'v been very attuned to people....forever. I just get feelings about someone, and usually I'm right. It's kept me from getting hurt and trouble so many times in the past. I know God watches over me.
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Sunflower - now if that succulent garden ain’t absolutely beautiful, enough to jolt a wearied soul out of its stupor and wonder if same can be achieved in parts around ones own so far neglected garden! Thank you for posting it.

It’s a wonderful gift to be blessed with the ability to tune into your gut instincts and be guided by it. As in the case of that priest. My cousin used to dislike catholic nuns because she said the nuns in her school were very strict and unloving to the children. Corporal punishment and all. But I saw both kinds in my college hostel in Darjeeling. Some were like sunshine, some like Lady Macbeth.

I used to wonder if I was an old soul, because I didn’t want to experience everything around me. I had very firm ideas about what I wanted and didn’t; liked and disliked. A new soul would embrace everything in order to learn. But then I used to think then how come I’m in a body which had to experience a lot of crap. Wouldn’t an old soul have known enough not to keep amassing sins?

But then I went to somebody who had the ‘ sight’. And the person told me, I was such an old old soul. That the problems I was experiencing was nothing but reparation of what I had made others go through in past lifetimes. That all the stuff, the places I loved, was because I’d experienced them before. Our religion tells us, Source, creator, cannot, will not make things right for us. Then how will our soul learn. we have to do that ourselves, recognize where we went wrong and perform actions of the opposite kind. Then our credit Debit balance of right actions and wrong starts getting balanced and nullified and each rebirth starts getting less fraught with obstacles and more of a seamlessly flowing in the right direction and everything seemingly falling into place with little or no effort.

The seers explanation doesn’t make it easier for me to accept burdens but it does give hope for the future. I read Brian Weiss,s book Past lives but it made me depressed. It’s so graphic. I do believe the Higher Power will intervene to help. I know it from my own experiences. But IT protects you, helps you steady up and then lets you get on with your lesson. And I believe when we reach out in prayer, meditation and Connect with Source/creator, it is so powerful, all your batteries get recharged and you just don’t buckle under. No matter what. I credit meditating and connecting with Source the sole reason I have overcome crippling depression suffered from early childhood till my late 40s.
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Rock - what a coincidence. I had bought mushrooms on Sunday morning to make dumplings. In view of how under the weather I was feeling the previous day, wondered if it was a good idea. Mushrooms don’t keep well. But I was able to. Just for myself. I made the rest of the family mushroom curry. Does Gordon make a hot chili sauce to go with it? I make a chutney out of onion, fresh tomato, garlic, green chili and lemon.

Julie - Caesar of dog whisperer said pits are not naturally aggressive, they’ve been made that way by breeders. How wonderful to hear of the kind mayor and other Good Samaritan. However, with any dog it’s good to watch them if they’re with kids, until one is sure. Lovely photo.
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Hello Fellow Members of the Porch Society

Of course many folks refer to us as The Swingers because of our close relationship with porch swings. Dolly Parton et. al. sing a wonderful song on Youtube called
Sittin' On The Front Porch Swing.

I am looking less shaggy today as my personal, live-in barber styled my hair yesterday. He is also my personal, live in chef. Nope, Springwater, he doesn't make hot sauce 'cause I wouldn't eat it. I don't even eat black pepper. Right now he has some small red peppers in the fridge. I forget what he called them, but he said they are hotter than habaneros .(Ghost peppers, I think. Kinda silly name for peppers.)

With regard to pit bulls there was an article on the net a couple years ago. There
were lots of photos of pit bulls and babies. According to said article, the Victorians regarded them as wonderful baby protectors. You can see some pics of kids with various dangerous animals at the location below. Some people don't have good


Sunflower, thanks for the nice garden video. Did you post that prevously? I know
I've seen it before. Maybe when I was looking at succulents on Youtube to try and identify some that Gordon has. When my mother came to Calif for several years
she reveled in all the exotic flowers, new trees, museums, the zoo, and the live
theater events. Loved the tourists spots like Hollywood and Grauman's Chinese theater and the Biltmore Hotel and the Santa Anita Race Track.

Julie, I wonder if Lindsey would really like to go back to more primitive times. I can remember the 1940s. No hot water, no refrigerator, no furnace, no washing machine, lights that frequently went out when it rained, no credit cards, no cell phones, no TV. Country roads were dirt or gravel. A snowfall meant the farmers had to wait a day or two for the snow plow to come and clear the driveway so they could get off the
farm. No mail service while they waited. A farm driveway could be blocks long.

No modern antibiotics, etc. Polio was a constant threat. Kids got measles, mumps, rheumatic fever, etc. Some of these caused problems later on. No plumbing at the farms. In town many people still used outhouses. Kitchen appliances like the
electric mixer, toaster, coffee maker, were generally unknown until after WWII.
Ditto the vacuum cleaner.

So you thought yesterday was Monday? Funny, I thought it was Saturday. Good thing I seldom have to be anywhere except the chiro. Also a good thing that Gordon keeps track.

Mikie, did you ever read any of "The Cat Who....." series by Lilian Jackson Braun? I picked up 5 of them for a dime @ at the library. Gordon read all her books decades ago. He said the early ones are very good; the later ones not so much. I like them 'cause they are paperbacks and they are mine. Nobody will really care if I drop them in the bathtub.

Hugs To JB, Barry, Star, Duckie, Granni
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Good Monday Morning, Kids,

Didn't sleep too well the early hours of this morning. I may take a nice nap before getting into the shower. Speaking of showers, there are violent rainstorms north of us. We will get some rain but not like up there. I can see flash lightning and hear thunder now. SV was out on the lanai in his sauna last evening and he didn't want to come in when I went to bed but he finally did, grumbling all the way. He got up on the bed and we watched nature shows on PBS. Several were about the season changes in Yellowstone Park. He loves watching the animals. Then, we watched one about the guy photographing all the species of animals he can before they are extinct. He was in Madagascar and showed the horrible deforestation going on. He is on a crusade to save the animals. After the shows, SV looked over his shoulder at me and made a sound of approval. If he were human, he would have said that those shows were pretty good.

Got a text that DGS's soccer team had won the Steamboat Soccer Championship. I need to look it up but I think it's a pretty big deal. He also thanked me for his birthday check. He's such a sweetie.

Spring, I don't think I'm an old soul but this has been a life of tremendous spiritual growth. I know there is a reason for everything including suffering. I just have to have faith that someday, I'll be able to see the big picture and, until then, God knows what He is doing. I also get gut feelings about people which later turn out to be valid. DD took DGS to church with her when he was very little. The service has just started when they went in. Andy stopped and whispered to my DD that the minister was a 'very bad man.' She turned around with him and walked back out. From the mouths of babes.

Julie, I'm sorry; I probably misread what you had said about the supp. I'm still horribly exhausted. I'm close to being brain dead. Blu is indeed a handsome fellow. Pits are one of my favorite breeds. Our shelters are full of them and it's so sad. Many here are victims of dog fighting gangs. I hope he works out. The girls look happy to have him.

Sun, yes that oil is expensive. I've still not figured out when I should use it and how much to use. Sometimes, new things wear off over time in terms of effectiveness. I think this one would be more effective were it made from MJ and not just the hemp. We have a very wealthy attorney here who got medical MJ legalized on a statewide basis, making it easier to get. He next wants to make recreational MJ legal. He spends millions of his own money on it. His brother was in a bad accident which was very painful and left him in a wheelchair. I always felt I had to protect my Mom when I was growing up too.

Rock, I've never read those cat books. Should check into it. Amazon had some books cheap for the Kindle so I ordered three. They are bestsellers. That shooting of the cop I mentioned happened at a gas station I've been to. I always tried to shop and spend money in the neighborhoods where I derived my income. After an appt. in the worse part of town, I decided to gas up my car. As I pulled into one gas station, a bunch of men hanging around outside started yelling sexist and racist insults at me. I left without buying anything. I drove to the gas station where the cop was shot. I decided to use the restroom before gassing up the car. I couldn't because someone broke into the gas station and the door was boarded up. Like I said, bad neighborhood. The cop had emergency surgery and is hanging on.

Florida has a Stand Your Ground Law which allows people legally carrying weapons to shoot if they fear for their lives. A woman drove up to a convenience store and parked in a Handicap parking spot while her boyfriend and child went inside. A man went over to her car and was telling her she shouldn't park there. When her boyfriend came out, he blindsided the man and violently knocked him to the ground. The man pulled his gun and shot the guy. Under Florida law, it was a justified shooting. I have no doubt the smaller guy feared for his life. The boyfriend staggered inside the store and died in front of the child. The woman is crying foul, saying she has always tried to do the best for her kids. She is demanding 'justice' for her dead boyfriend.

To me, the whole thing is very tragic. I do believe the shooting was legal. In my permit to carry class, the instructors showed us how fast a violent person can attack and injure or kill people. This guy had already violently pushed the man to the ground and was standing there while the man was still on the ground. I also believe the shooter should never have confronted the woman about parking in a Handicap spot. He's not the Handicap Spot Police. I also believe the woman was careless in using that spot when others were available. She wasn't setting a good example for her child. She was also exposing him to a person who is obviously violent. The guy who was shot is the one most responsible for his own death by violently attacking a smaller older person. Lots of blame to go around. Sometimes, tragedies could have been avoided if people just used common sense. The mother continues to set a bad example by pointing her finger at the shooter without taking responsibility for her own actions. No one benefited and no one came out a winner. It's a cautionary tale for everyone.

I deplore violence in all it's ugly forms. I keep all our Porchies in my prayers, asking for protection for everyone.

Love, Mikie



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Good morning, friends! Just a quick fly-by...woke up early, so going to take advantage of the nice cool weather and hope my energy lasts long enough to get a few things done. First load of laundry finished...but need to mow under the clothesline first...probably ought to wait till at least 7:00 am to mow?

Will check in later on...hope everyone has a good enough day...


Good Morning, Julie,

You sound all bright eyed and bushy tailed. Sounds as though it's a good day for laundry and mowing. I hope you enjoy the cool weather.

It's hot 'n muggy all over SW FL. A/C has been running since I got up. After breakfast, I lay down and slept and dreampt for two hours. I needed it after two nights of not sleeping well. I got into the shower and washed my disgusting hair. I've blown it out but haven't styled and sprayed it yet. I'm not feeling that well--stomach ache and headache. Whine, whine, whine!

I also send my good wishes to everydooby for a great start to the week.

Love, Mikie


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Hi Mikie, I'm sorry you are still feeling punk. I had the windows open, but it started getting too humid, so I shut everything up and turned on the air.

Sometimes it pays to be flexible, as I am finding out today. I thought I was going to get a lot done, and I did have four loads of laundry on the line by 9:30...but after breakfast, I sort of fell apart. Sick to my stomach, diarrhea, and just a general weakness. What the heck?!

I think it is allergies...ragweed, my nemesis, lol! Causes drainage down the back of my throat that results in an upset stomach. Or it could be what many of the guys that Den works with have been having...Den was having some of the symptoms, too (intestinal...but didn't miss any work...some of the guys have been calling in sick.) At any rate, I'm not feeling up to doing a bunch of physical work right now...good thing there isn't anything that's terribly important. The grass has just grown in spots, so no worry of the yard getting out of control. Just puttering around inside and may take a nap before lunchtime, lol!

What is it that Rock says? Ratbane?!

Anyway, back to whatever work I can manage today...



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Good morning friends!

Well, I said I wouldn't let it happen, but the weekend slipped by me. However, in my defense, yesterday was spent in a Demerol-induced haze due to a severe migraine which started Saturday evening.

We did get a little over 1.25" of rain. So wonderful as we needed it badly. Fortunately, we didn't have any severe storms.

Julie - Funny that you woke up confused about the day. When my alarm went off this morning, I spent several moments trying to figure out what day it was, wondering if I really had to get up. Then I figured out that it was Monday... :oops: Sorry you're now feeling poorly...

Barry - I am also very heat intolerant. And cold intolerant. Guess I can't live anywhere!! o_O My oldest DB lives in San Antonio. My DM said their forecast is for 108 today. Ours is for 78.

Mikie - So right that there were no winners...what a sad thing that the shooter thought it his duty to police the handicapped spot, sad thing that the GF thinks it was ok to park there and set that example. My son was surprised when we went to the store and I didn't park in the handicapped spot because he was running in and I was staying in the car. Your story about the ear drops in the eye reminded me of the story of the old woman in the nursing home who said that everything was very nice except the Kentucky jelly tasted awful. Yep, she was using KY Jelly (lubricant) on her morning toast. :confused:

Rock - We're MOPS (Members of the Porch Society) now??? I tried to come up with an acronym for BROOMS to go with it, but my brain failed me. :p

Spring - I hope those kittens do ok. That snake might actually be big enough to take a small kitten, but probably prefers smaller prey. I loved the image of you rolling up your pants and walking through the rain. Sounds like it could have been fun. Or not. :rolleyes:

Work is calling. Hugz to all!



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Hello Again, It's Me Again, A simpering, whimpering child again, Bewitched, bothered
and etc.

Gordon had two fraudulent phone calls today. The first one said we were using two
much power and needed to send a check immediately or our electricity would be shut
off. The second said there are four lawsuits pending against us and we need to send
money immediately. These people are dumber than Charlie McCarthy and as crooked
as Bernard Madoff.

Charlie McCarthy BTW has been silent since 1978 when Edgar Bergen died. Edgar has
3 stars on Hollywood Boulevard. Charlie now resides in the Smithsonian. Not bad for
a fellow who started out as a broomstick.

I used to listen to Charlie and Edgar on my clock radio when I was a teen. During
commercials and station breaks (remember them?) I did my homework. Great
programs in those days. You can find many of them if you search the net.

Duckie, doubt that your brain has failed. You might have a touch of computer cloy
or sewing surfeit. I think Members of the Porch Society has a nice, refined tone.
Brooms might be Battered Relics Of Our Modern Society. Or would Balustrade
Residents be better than Battered Relics?

Julie, I was thinking about making some ratbane this afternoon, but don't have
the ingreedermints. Might have to make ratatouille instead. I hope by this time
you've had a nap and are feeling better.

Mikie, hope you are feeling better too; not so muggy. Just remember what Aesop
taught us. I'd rather be muggy than mugged. Or was it Dolly Levi? Regarding
the plight of both animals and people as well as the Earth in general, I think
we are in the same state as Mudville when Casey stepped up to bat. "The
outlook wasn't brilliant..."

Hugs to absent friends


Hi, Kids,

Feeling better than I did earlier in the day which isn't saying a whole lot. Still, I'll take what I can get. Just now getting my headache under control. The tummy is better. It's supposed to rain in the morning so don't know whether we will get to the pool or not. I'll cross that puddle when I get to it.

Julie, we have to be flexible because we simply can't count on feeling well. You got a lot done even while not feeling well. Glad there is nothing pressing on your agenda. It's often difficult to tell what is causing the symptoms, allergies or a virus. Ratbane indeed!

Duckie, so sorry for the miserable headache. Also sorry you had to get up and go to work. You got cheated out of your full weekend. I'm laughing about the old lady and the KY Jelly. If nothing else, old ages provides some laughs.

Rock, you are in good form today. I'm not so sure those phone scammers are dumb. A lot of people get suckered into sending money or worse, their bank information. A lot of older people here get suckered. It's sad makes me angry to see them getting ripped off. I didn't know Edgar Bergen started out as a broomstick. BTW, his daughter, Candice, is back in Murphy Brown this fall. I used to love that show. I hope it's still as funny. I always loved those old radio shows. Burns and Allen was one of my favorites. So was Jack Benny and Fibber McGee. One of my closets looks just as I imagined his. Hope your rat tweety turns out well.

Hope all y'all have a lovely evening.

Love, Mikie



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Barry: I don't subscribe anymore to the New Yorker, but still get a link which I'm sharing with you. You might do a weekly search and see what you get. I know you like the magazine.

https://www.newyorker.com/?mbid=nl_Magazine Only 072318&CNDID=8044046&utm_source=Silverpop&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=Magazine Only 072318&utm_content=&spMailingID=13926228&spUserID=MjU1NTU5MzU5MDE5S0&spJobID=1441985552&spReportId=MTQ0MTk4NTU1MgS2

Mikie: REALLY...Murphy Brown is coming back!!! YEA. I always loved that show. And I've been told that the current movie which is out starring her is VERY funny. Don't know the name of it though. I'll keep watching RedBox. She's a great comedienne.

Duck: I do hope Ohio gets more rain, as most of our states are suffering.

It's hot here and getting hotter tomorrow. I tend to stay indoors on these days, it's just too hard to breathe and I HATE the heat. I spent the day listing some items on my etsy store and also doing some WC painting.

I haven't shared about my friday art group. I hadn't been there for over a month so drug myself there. One of the men artists......let see how shall I put this......I was heading into the kitchen areas to dump my container of water and he had his entire BUTT exposed...I guess as he was adjusting his pants or whatever. I did a quick Uturn. This is the second time....last time he got up from the table and his butt crack was showing....eeeewwww. Don't want to see this in an old guy!!!!! Especially a fat BUTT.

So I debated about calling the artist in charge....which I did yesterday.....she started to laugh....said he's been warned about this. His reply....then don't look! So I guess I'll just have to pay attention to where he's standing or bending and look the other way. Sigh......
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Good Tuesday morning all!

Looks like Mikie might be sleeping in. Or posting at the same time as me.

Sun - What's weird is that all around me got rain. My DM and I swear there is a virtual umbrella over us.

Rock - I LOVE Battered Relics Of Our Modern Society! I knew you wouldn't fail me!

I'll stop back in later today.

Hugz to all!



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Good morning friends, from a fellow BROOM...great job, Duckie and Rock!

I'm feeling better today, but not sure I'm up to doing a lot of yardwork. Will probably go see my dad (see long comments below) and pick up a few groceries and mail a little package to the Tennessee Treasures.

I'm waiting to hear from my dad's doctor...the nurse on duty called me last evening to tell me that Dad had an incident while in line to go to supper (they line them up in wheelchairs to wait for someone to push them to the dining room...unless they can wheel themselves.) The staff looked at Dad and there was a pink/red puddle under his chair...urine had soaked through his Depends and was all over the floor. And left a trail as they helped him to the bathroom to get cleaned up.

The doctor and I (and the urologist and I) had already discussed that the Plavix could be causing the problem, especially since Dad is prone to dehydration (and the Plavix is known to cause blood in the urine if the patient is dehydrated). Or if it is cancer, it would be of no benefit to Dad to know, because we wouldn't put him through any extreme testing or treatments. And Dad keeps saying he doesn't have any pain...I even directed the nurses to ask him about specific areas, because he won't say anything unless you ask "Does this hurt, does that hurt?"

I think they might have just gotten him out of bed, he hadn't used the bathroom in awhile and they didn't have him sit on the toilet before they put him in line for supper...the nurse said he didn't even realize he had gone while sitting in his wheelchair.

I think the nurse wanted me and the doctor to authorize sending Dad directly to the hospital, but I know they will just start an IV, put in a catheter, order a bunch of tests (probably including a CT with contrast, which will be even worse for his kidneys... or some sort of "scope", which might tell us if he has cancer or something)...then want to do a bunch of other things (tests, treatments?) that possibly won't even help. All because of some blood in his urine that the urologist thinks is just because of the Plavix...but Dad can't switch to aspirin for his blockages, because he is highly allergic.

After I talked to the nurse, I was standing at the kitchen sink, wondering if I was doing the right thing. Den must have read my mind...he came up and told me not to second guess myself...which is exactly what I was doing. I just have to keep thinking of what my dad would want...and I know he would not want to go to the hospital and be poked and prodded. He is oblivious to the fact that he even has blood in his urine, or even that he went to the bathroom in his wheelchair, has no pain...maybe the aids will remember to have him try to go before they take him out of his room (I imagine he had been lying there since lunch, if it was a typical day.)

Truly, if the doctor says it could be something that can be "fixed"...then, yes, I would want something done. I've just seen so many times that doctors/hospitals start doing this and that to the patient...knowing full well that nothing can be done to make that patient well...just ain't gonna go there. When I checked on Dad before I went to bed last night, the nurse said they did have orders for a UA and CBC for today...that might show something, at least.

So, that is my focus for today...thanks for letting me come here and ramble. Take care, everyone!


Good Later Tuesday Morning, BROOMS,

Sorry I wasn't here earlier but I got swept up in the moment and it was time to go to the pool. I'm home now and ready to go over to Claudia's so we can leave for the movie. I'll come back to let y'all know how I liked it. I'll respond to y'all then.

Love, Mikie