PORCH NO. 1080 is OPEN


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D6E6FD1D-1842-4AC5-AA07-25567C6AD1A1.jpeg Hello

Sometimes a quiet day in, by oneself, in the kitchen, making yourself a favourite meal is all you need to be grateful and to feel peace of mind. If just for those short hours. Knowing that the craziness outside your wall is there like always but you have removed yourself from it for a while.

Been a very tiring day, I went and reached our mangoes, (finally the tree came into it’s own and gave a lot of fruit.) to my friend whom I promised some. Then I ran errands. I will be back.

God Bless
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Thank you, Spring, for the new porch! And you're so right...safe and secure, inside our own walls...for a bit...to recharge and regroup.

I love mangoes, but...I am not only allergic to the trees when they bloom, but also to the fruit. Figured that out when we would go to Belize and the trees would be blooming, I would get upper respiratory problems. Then, when we were there in later months of the year and fruit was plentiful...I'd get hives if I ate too many.

I've made a bit of headway in my own kitchen today...had let dishes pile up while I worked outside on the garden shed. Then it just seemed to be such a big job to even run the dishwasher and I could never get caught up. But, I'm on the last load of "hand wash" now...Den is napping...I tried, but couldn't get to sleep, so got up to fix supper. Rock will recognize tator tot casserole ;)

We didn't end up getting any more rain today...I kept the windows open until it got too humid, then back to the A/C. No sense getting the house so hot and humid that the air has to work overtime to catch up.

Hope everyone is doing okay today...


Hi, Kids,

Just stopping in for a minute. I've been sleeping all day since walking in the pool and running out to mail that bill I mentioned earlier. I got to the top of the stairs and my lungs were burning. The Red Tide is so bad that people are feeling the burning sensation in the eyes, throat and lungs. One guy over on Sanibel Island had to use his EpiPen so he could breathe. Yikes!

Spring, thanks for starting us up again. I should have done it but just didn't have the NRG to do it when I was here earlier. You always get the best pics. They don't just show something interesting but almost tell a tale or make me want to hear more of the tale. They put me in a mood. Yes, I mentally wall out the world outside when I feel so lousy that I can't deal with anything. Your post reminds me that I need to eat my mango.

Julie, I've let my dishes pile up in the past but since getting the new dishwasher, I seem more motivated to keep it loaded and run. My ex used to make a tater tot casserole but his tasted like vomit and I wouldn't eat it. I love tater tots. We got a nice rain today. Rain is hit and miss right now.

Granni, sounds as though y'all are having some nice dinners out. I hope you and DH enjoy them.

Sun, I know you feel awful so much of the time, just like a lot of us. I admire your ability to push through to spend time with your grandkids. I wish I could but past experience has taught me that I just can't do it. Today, I couldn't even stand up so fell asleep. I'd consider leaving but I don't think a month away would fix the problem. It might give me a bit of time to recoup but I'd just get sick again when I got home. I'm better off staying inside. I couldn't leave SV for a month. I think my pool pal, Barb, and I are going to check into the Silver Sneakers gym near us while the pool is being done. Letting out your anger is healthy so go ahead and pound on that pillow and get it out.

I gotta go, Kids. Just trying to type is getting to me. I'm watching 3rd Rock From The Sun. It's still funny.

Love, Mikie



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Hi Kids

Just woke up. Was gonna come and open a new porch if necessary. I couldn't find
a pic of a charming porch, but here's one of a charming castle. Instead of a porch
it has a drawbridge. You will, of course, recognize Inspector Clouseau who is
dropping in.

Haven't had any energy of late. And I know you will all understand.

Mikie, what in blazes did your Ex do to tater tot hotdish? How could he mess it up?
It only has 3 ingreediments. I know you can find recipes on the net that have more
but those are just people trying to show how inventive they are. They add onions or
ketchup or a can of vegetables or wooster sauce or hard boiled eggs. All irrelevant and unnecessary.

Julie, yes I recognize the hot dish. I've eaten it, made it, and taken it to pot luck
dinners. It was invented by the Ora-Ida folks and was new in the 50s a couple
years before the green bean-fried onion hot dish. The 50s were a great time after
the stress of the Great Depression and WWII. Rock and Roll, the Frisbee, Hula
Hoops, New cars with big fins, Stereo Sound, Poodle skirts, White Bucks, Cinema-
scope and a singer named Elvis.

Gordon is still having back pain. I've been putting the vibrator on the bad spot.
Maybe he should go see the chiro again. Sometimes a visit helps a lot and sometimes....

I finished reading the latest Debbie Macomber book. The title is Cottage By The
Sea. That's what it's about. She also has a cookbook. Don't know if it has hot
dishes, but it has molasses cookies and pizza. Debbie photographs really well. I read
she's 69 but she looks about 39 in her pics.

Hugs, Kids



Good Wednesday Morning, Kids,

Good grief! I thought I had already posted this morning. My pea brain is a mess. Must be the fatigue and RT at work. We slept late this morning and, just as I was settling down to read the real paper, Joe called. He was very chatty so we talked a long time. So here I am, better late than never.

Rock, I don't know what ex did to the dish. He may have used a different soup than the original recipe. Just not sure. He made it like his mother did. I totally get not having any NRG. It's a way of life for me. We were lucky to have lived through the 50's with all the great music and cars. Not everything was great for everyone but it truly was a new era and I treasure the memories. The sixties ushered in an age of technology when we thought we would live like the Jetson's. Astronauts were our heroes. Unfortunately, it also ushered in the Viet Nam War which had it's roots decades earlier. The age of the Hippies and a whole new kind of music ensued. Gone were many of the rules of society. Seems to me we have been in a struggle for the soul of America ever since. I know I've simplified things here but it's my overview of my adult life. Or, the news people's favorite trite new phrase, 'the view from 30,000 feet.' Grassroots has been replaced with 'organic.' Detailed has been replaced with 'granular.' At first, I didn't know what the hell they were talking about.

Back in the day, newspapers had style guides to clean up the writings of the reporters and columnists. When I read the newspaper now, many writers don't even know proper grammer or Engish usage. I know I break all the rules all the time but I'm not a professional, making my living by writing. In the long run, will historians decide it really didn't matter as long as people conveyed their ideas? Perhaps proper usage will go the way of slide rules and rotary phones. There are still great writers in many of our most prestigious magazines and they are a delight to read.

Speaking of delight, Rock, your posts are always a delight to read. Nancy gave me a bunch of Debbie Macomber paperback books and I haven't read even one. As it is right now, I fall asleep before I can read more than a few pages. I'm half-way through a novel in my Kindle and it appears as though I may never finish it. On the other hand, it's definitely a sleep aid without the need for drugs.

It's noisy again today as the big guns are in here trimming the tall trees. Tall trees, like coconut palms, are trimmed by specialists. It's a liability to leave coconuts on trees because they can fall off and kill someone. I have no idea why the builder chose to plant them where they pose a hazard.

OK, gotta get going. The day is slip sliding away. Love, hugs and prayers for all our dear Porchies.

Love, Mikie


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Good morning, friends! Wow, 66 degrees...you know what that means ;):p Open windows...at least for a few hours...till it gets hot and humid, which it likely will (high in the mid-80's again today.)

Rock, I hope Gordon's back starts feeling better...sometimes it takes me more than one appt. at the chiro. I think things get so used to being "out of place" that when the chiro adjusts me, it hurts cause it doesn't feel "right."

I'm sure there are so many ways to make the tator tot dish...I use either cream of mushroom or cream of chicken soup...sometimes mixing it in with the ground beef after I've browned and drained it, sometimes making the soup one of the layers. Sometimes I use creamed corn as one of the layers, but I didn't have any corn on hand last night. Then there's the tator tots...sometimes I arrange them very close together on top of the casserole, other times I leave spaces to add some frozen peas in the "cracks." And then the decision whether to add some shredded cheese on top of it all...to melt as it bakes. Thankfully, Den is not very picky and will usually eat anything I cook. Last night we also shared a store bought ceasar salad (we had bought some salads with the pizza when we went to the kids'...Keira wanted this one, then didn't like it because of the parmesan cheese...so I brought it home in my cooler.) I did slice up and add the handful of tomatoes I had picked off my little vine...

I don't remember much of the 50's ;) since I was born in '58. I don't actually remember much of my childhood, but there are snippets that pop up once in awhile...mostly good memories.

Mikie, I'm glad you have Joe and your other friends in the hood...you can all keep track of each other and help each other out, when needed. In Belize, we've watched the kids climb up those coconut trees and drop them down...then grandmothers would cook the oil down. Yep, seems not too wise to plant those trees in populated areas in cities.

Den and I were just talking last night...as I was ranting about a newscaster's butchering of the English language...that I should have been an English teacher or editor of something. I'm not perfect, either, but as you said...we are not in the profession of "words"...but I catch so many mistakes in newspapers, magazines, etc.

I was hoping Keira and I might get to set up my new tent while she's here, but the temps are to get up in the 90's again. Staying flexible, anyway...if her dad calls and wants to see her, I'll do what I can to help make that happen. Amy said she was crying last night because her daddy hasn't called Amy back to make arrangements (Amy is being very flexible, too...she has full custody, but does what she can if it's in the best interest of Keira.) As these kids get older, it's harder to work things in around their school schedules, etc....and their school starts in a couple of weeks.

Oh, my tent...takes up 20' by 20'...four rooms...got it on clearance last winter. Just waiting for a good time to try it out. I can already see the grands trying to decide who gets what "room." I am not above running an extension cord out to run a fan, lol!

I'd better say a quick "Hi" to everyone and get to work. Thought I would mix up small batches of spray (the organic for around the house and yard where the kids will be, and the "big guns" for around the barn and fence rows.) If it bothers my back at all, I'll just stop and put that on Den's list, lol! Looks like it's going to be a great day to work outside...pacing myself, of course.

Take care, everyone!



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Good morning!

Rock - I'm instantly laughing and the music from that scene is playing in my head! LOVE IT. In the original movie, Clouseau was written as a minor character, but he 'stole the show' so to speak and he was made a major character in the later movies.

Mikie - I've read that the coconut danger of killing people (or at least the rate of deaths) is actually an urban myth. It's believed to have been started by an insurance company. Still, better safe than sorry. A coconut falling on a car could still do significant damage.

Julie - Our virtual umbrella is still strong. We only got .2" of rain. Not nearly enough. Still, there's a chance of rain all day today, and I didn't bring my (physical) umbrella into the office, so maybe?? My DH was also born in 58. His b-day is next week and he's not particularly happy about the number. But better 60 than fertilizer, huh?

Granni - I'm on summer vacation from Choir...

I did manage to get my hair cut Monday. It looks really good now. I call it my 'magic hair' because it stays perfectly in place without any effort. It's also wash-and-go hair - just the way I like it. My usual stylist wasn't in, but there's another stylist who does almost as well.

I got two new chairs for my quilting bunker. They came yesterday and I put them together. DH and DS claimed the old ones, which were nice executive style chairs, and still in reasonably good condition. It's just that I like the style of the chair I got better - it's more comfortable for me, and given the number of hours I spend sitting in them...

Speaking of butchery of the English language, I was just reading an article on the worst computer viruses...the thing was self-contradictory throughout the entire piece and left me wondering what I had just read. UGH!

Time to finish my lunch and get back to work. Hugz to Sun, Star, Spring, Barry and everyone else the fog has hidden from me.



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Hi Duckie...sounds like you're getting your bunker set up just how you want it. I agree...I was so glad to have turned 60 in June. Thinking about my grandma, who died of uterine cancer at age 59...and my mom who was in such poor health already at age 60, and my dad who was diagnosed with Type II diabetes in his late 50's. Two other grandparents who died considerably early. Considering my genes, I am very happy to still be alive and able to function fairly well.

When I actually walked over to check the rain gauge, there was more than 1 1/2 inches in it. We also got a small shower last evening. But some folks in our area have been lucky to get any rain at all....and some have said that one side of their yard or property was wet, and the other side (backyard, for instance) didn't get a drop. Weird...praying for everyone to get just what they need.

I'm getting ready to shut the windows and turn the air back on...and head outside, lol! I want to time it so I am done spraying and showered right before Den gets home from work. I'm so happy for people who can still keep their jobs, even with these dang diseases. I remember so well, trying to work all day, then come home to crash (maybe I could fix supper, maybe not) only to wake up (still so fatigued) the next morning and have to do it all over again. No use even thinking about any socializing or hobbies...not that I do that much of those things now...but at least I can go at my own pace, most days.

Anyway....better get back at it.


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Spring: Love that picture, not a porch but a very restful, peaceful look thru the open window. Very French I think with a fennel bulb ready to be cut. I love old wood, old tables, old cutting boards, old wood anything.

Duck: Did you get your new machine yet? You said you had to wait until after the show. I'll bet you're excited to start using it. Happy BD to your DH. HA! Fertilizer!

Julie: That's one big tent for you and Keira to play around in. Reminds me of when the kids were young and I would take all kinds of all sheets, comforters, etc. and lots of outdoor chairs and make a tent for them. Such fun they had. Even when my oldest DGS was little he loved when I would make an tent inside the house. Good memories.

Rock: Tell Gordon to wear the back brace you own. It might help. I've been wearing my wide neoprene back brace for days now. You perspire and moist heat is more healing to the back.

Granni: Did you get your allergy results back yet?????????? I'm most interested. Your results might help some of us too.

Mikie: Out in california we have to worry in the summer about eucalyptus branches breaking off and hitting someone. They're very susceptible to the drought. My DH was out for a walk once and just missed getting clunked on the head.....had just walked past the tree and he heard a crash.

There's a big fire miles away from me but the skies look awful, like it's going to storm. The sun is almost blotted out. Maybe it will keep the heat down. Gosh, that's what we need desperately.....RAIN. I was going to venture a walk but decided not good for me to breathe that air.

My DS emailed me that his young cat caught a mouse the other day. Then an hr. Later caught another one and was having fun playing with it. Think Cinderella's little mouse friends and the cat only my DS is delighted since that's what he wanted the cats for.....to catch the mice.


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Sun - 44 days... yes, I have a count down on my phone's home screen. We had a cat that used to catch mice, then take them to the bathtub and play with them there. She knew they couldn't get out of the tub, and she could have a blast. Not so dumb, that cat...


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Good afternoon Dear Ones,

Ran around this morning with DH to the stores and pharmacy so now trying to play catch up with everything. I shouldn't be on here either to tell the truth. Still have lots of stuff to put away from the new flooring. I have stuff in here plus stuff I had put in the LR temporarily. DH is already talking about doing the bedroom esp cause it looks so nice.

SPRING - Thanks for our new PORCH volume the lovely new porch you posted. You always find some pretty and secluded ones. Even if this picture seems to be one of a kitchen rather than a porch but that's OK. Yes, no matter what our house looks like esp some areas like the PORCHes or KITCHENS are many times a place of serenity.

SUN - Sadly NO, I have not heard back on the allergy testing (food). The gal who took my blood told me that it would be at least a week and 1/2 or so. So I am guessing sometime soon. I will let you know if and when I hear and if I can figure it all out.

DUCKIE - That is to funny about your cat who brought her mice into the bathtub. Yes, pretty smart kitty for sure.

JULIE - YOu are right we need to happy with as many years as the Lord has given us already. DH's mom died of Ovarian Cancer at 51 or 52 right after the birth of our first daughter and so many others have died much younger than that. My mom's Mom in CZ died at a very young age probably of a brain aneurysm It just said bleeding in the brain. She was in her 20's I believe or maybe early 30's it has been so long since I looked at the info I found. She left two very young children . I believe her husband has already died in WW I She lived such a hard life ( my mom).:(

Sorry you all but I have so much to do.

Love to awl,
Granni :)


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Ummmm, so you guys know that my motto is "flexible and portable", right? Glad I hadn't gotten outside to get all hot and sweaty yet (remembered I needed to paint a couple of boards for Den's project)...guess I am getting Keira tonight. So, I'll just switch gears...go see my daddy, run errands, then meet Amy partway (at a grocery store with a deli so we can eat supper there, too.) Leftovers in fridge for Den's supper, so that works out well.

Anyway, I'll check in when I get another chance...gonna put that girl to work when she gets here, lol!

Granni, I see you've just popped in so I'll say "Hi" to you, too. And to everyone else. Awww, that will be great if you can get the bedroom done too...glad you like what you just had done that well. Hope you get things put back together in time to tear up again, lol! Isn't that just how remodeling goes? Gotta make a mess before we can see the improvements.



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I had to run to the store this morning, trying to avoid the worst heat in the afternoon. There was a customer in front of me, apparently getting chicken livers. The clerk said something about it, and the customer answered that it was for chicken liver cookies for his boxer dog whose birthday was tomorrow. I'm listening to the conversation, smiling the whole time. Then the customer said they were REALLY good....that he would bring some for the clerk to try.....the clerk nicely declined! So when it was my turn I mentioned something about the cookies. We're both kinda chuckling about it. Sometimes it's so pleasant to get the friendly checker instead of a few grumps who work there.

Barry and Rock: A NEW succulent video I found on youtube. It's a gorgeous garden in Australia so Star might also like it. And after looking at play the second one.

And here's something interesting about the use of ghost peppers. The HOT ingredient in these peppers is the capsaicin, which is what is in my muscle rub. It burns my back when I rub it on but it helps take away the pain.

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Hi Kids

Spent the day reading and sleeping. Not simultaneously. Despite his aching back Gordon got outta bed and drove to Vons so we could get some vitals. Mainly for my benefit.
I bought some ice cream. They had some brand on sale. Very cheap if you buy 5 quarts
at a time. Unless you have a really large family or are preparing for a Scout Troop,
most of that ice cream will have freezer burn before you are ready to use it.

Sun, looked at the first video. A wonderful garden. Kinda ah hard to follow the narration.
Not sure what language that bloke was speaking. Passed your helpful hints about
bad backs to Gordon. He said he still plans to eat the peppers. At present he has
two huge zucchinis on top of the washer. When he feels a little better he will take
them to friends. Never tried chicken livers myself except, now that I think about it,
I think there's an hors d'oeuvre I had at some parties years ago. OK, looked it up.
Ramaki: bacon wrapped around a water chestnut and chicken liver. Delicious.

Julie, you and Mikie are both spot on when it comes to professional writers who
are sadly deficient in their writing skills. I was reading a long article today written
by "The Yahoo News Staff". Here is one quote: The blank spot is due to my
inability to find the original quote or where I put the note I made. I'm afraid
posting has just become too difficult for me. Ratbane! Better go see what I can
find in the fridge for din-din.



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Hi guys...kind of an eventful day and I'm still trying to wind down. A few minutes after we decided I would get Keira today instead of tomorrow, I opened my front door to see three smiling faces of our little Amish neighbors...Mama was close behind. She needed to use the phone to call her midwife...had some concerns (she's due in a few weeks with baby #4...they have three girls already) but the midwife reassured her. The girls wanted to stay and play (they were already happily set up in the play area, but Mama had canning to do at home and I was getting ready to leave (I told her they were welcome to stay anyway, but she needed to get back and get to work.)

They were no sooner headed across the yard when the nursing home called. My dad had found his own way up to the nurses' station and asked what it would take to get a strawberry shake, lol! The nurse called me to see if I was coming in (well, I just happened to be about to head that way) but if I wasn't, she was going to send someone to Dairy Queen to get Dad a shake.

I got there with the ice cream and Dad was so alert and so talkative...had lots of questions about his finances, what was happening to his things, directed me through the window about how to fill and position the bird feeder, commented on the color of the flowers that I brought this week. He had refilled his fridge himself with more 7-up and remembered that he saves the empty cans (we get 5 cents deposit for each can returned) for the CNA's to cash in to pay for some of their continuing education.
I was a little bit "on guard" but it was so nice to see him interacting with people.

Then I got to the town where I met Amy and the girls. We had just gotten our food and were sitting down to eat when the nursing home called again. Dad wanted to talk to his daughter...he was very confused, thought he had just moved there, didn't really understand where "there" was, thought my mom had just died last week, etc., etc. I can usually get him calmed down, even though this hasn't happened since over two years ago when I was over two hours away in the hospital with Den's dad. But this evening he just kept getting more and more agitated.

So, after we ate, Keira and I grabbed a few groceries, then I called the nursing home to see if I needed to stop and check on Dad on my way through town (on my way home.) The night nurse said he was doing much better...was in his room, in bed...eyes closed, but not asleep. We don't really know what happened, but then Keira asked if I had taken him out of the nursing home lately...yes, I brought him out to the farm last week. For a ten year old, she is pretty wise...wondering if it was possible that taking him out of his familiar surroundings, then pulling up to the front door when we returned...maybe that threw him off somehow. Or just triggered something, brought back memories of some kind, etc?

Anyway, I just called over to check again and he was still doing better...it's after 11:00 pm and I feel like I've been ran over by a truck. Had a tension headache all evening. Amy wondered if I should still take Keira to my house, but I didn't want to ruin her "Grandma and Grandpa time"...they still haven't heard from her dad...so disgusting. She's not any trouble at all, and will probably sleep in late tomorrow...she's pretty flexible, can either work or play, or just chill and read or be on the computer.

So, I guess I'd best just say "hi" to everyone...and I'll check in when I can. Rock, I sure hope Gordon's back gets better soon. How aggravating.

Sun, how funny about the dog liver cookies...I have actually thought about making treats for Oreo, but never got around to it yet.


Good Thursday Morning, Kids,

Decided not to go to the pool this morning. After Tuesday, my lungs were burning when I went outside. I think Barb and I are going to check out the gym where they have the Silver Sneakers programs. It's a benefit of our insurance. Can't wait til they can stop the water releases from Lake O.

Duckie, I wasn't referring to the urban myth of 'more people being killed by falling coconuts than by sharks.' Until you mentioned it, I had never heard of it. There have been people killed by falling coconuts and others injured; however, that isn't why ours are removed. It is the potential danger which is a liability we have to protect ourselves against. People sue for all kinds of reasons; the ads by lawyers encourage it. Were someone to be injured, the injured party could use our not getting rid of the coconuts as proof that we are negligent. Also, we wouldn't want anyone to be injured or killed by a falling coconut. Common sense would dictate that falling heavy objects aren't very safe. We have to be vigilant about all kinds of potential dangers on the property, including the pool gate which wasn't latching and a couple of loose pavers at the pool. I'm glad you got your comfy new chairs and a good haircut.

Julie, I try not to let the butchered English keep me from listening but it's really a distraction sometimes. The workers who remove the coconuts here take them home and eat them. One year, the coconuts were not very large and the workers didn't want to remove them. They had to be ordered to cut them down. Guess they wanted to leave them until they were better for eating. I don't know why the developer planted them here. There are all kinds of palm tress. The coconut trees grow much taller than the others and are beautiful, swaying in the breeze. That tent sounds HUGE. What fun. What a fun grandma you are. I'm so sorry about your Dad's being confused and upset. It must be really hard for him sometimes and I know it's hard for you. I'm also glad for those who can continue to work. I tried for years until one day, I simply couldn't do it anymore. Even then, I was in denial thinking I'd be able to go back to work again. Yes, being flexible is how we manage with these conditions. The flexible tree bends in the wind; the rigid one breaks (read that somewhere).

Granni, I think I forgot to mention to you how happy I am that your cold is better. When we switch Porches, I sometimes get lost and forget to post to someone. Hope you continue to feel better.

Sun, I also love wood and especially old wood, wood that has been used over all the years. Several of my pieces are pine and are about 200 years old now. They are Eastern European. One of my favorite episodes of Fixer Upper was when they used the planks from an old railroad box car floor for the top of a kitchen island. It was all distressed. They finished it in a dark glossy stain and top coat. It was beautiful. I didn't know that about the eucalyptus trees. Good grief! I'm glad that branch didn't hit your DH. I bought a beautiful wreath with eucalyptus greens in it. I was allergic to it and had to hang it on the front door until all the oil had dried out on the greens. I had to clean the oil off of the door as it oozed out. It's on my front door now but has stopped oozing. I switch the wreaths around. My favorite is made with shells. Hmmmm, liver cookies. OK for the pooch but don't think I'd be tempted to eat one. Glad DS's kitty is earning her keep with her light mousekeeping.

Rock, sorry to hear that Gordon's back is still hurting. I have to wear my back brace now for even the tamest of physical chores. Sitting and lying down aren't much better either. Whine, whine, whine. Alternating ice packs and hot packs helps. Glad he was up to going to Von's and getting the vittles. Vittles are vital. Vitamins too. Not to mention Viagra. Doubt that Von's carries Viagra but bet they carry veggies. Voila! I'm done! Bacon makes just about anything tasty. I'm still slogging through a book which is good enough to keep me reading but not so good that I can't put it down. Doesn't really matter much because I can't stay awake long enough to read much. Slept in really late this morning. SV was getting fit to be tied. How is Miss Kitty?

OK, Kids, gonna go read the virtual newspaper. Yesterday's Publix ad had lots of good things on sale. Haven't had pork chops in ages and they are on sale. Need to schedule my lab work and SV's annual exam and shots. Always something. Hope everydooby is having a great week.

Love, Mikie


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Nice to come and read so many newsy interesting posts. Today was so blazing hot all day, the ‘lift’ I got when I saw the bright sun after days and days of rain quickly faded as the temperatures rose too high be comfortable.

Respite came in the evening. Five-ish. The clouds which had been steadily getting blacker with moisture finally broke and it rained. Bringing the temps down immediately to the relief of everyone.

Mikie - ack! A coconut falling on ones head! Those shells are hard. We use a lot of coconuts here. They are offered up as religious offerings. I used to dislike fresh coconuts when I was a child. It the last time I had some, a week back, I liked it. Mushrooms, tofu and coffee were some of the things I hated as a kid but grew to like as an adult.

Julie - a big tent! What tremendous fun! I’m sure your grands could write a book on ‘having fun at grandmas’. Wholesome, jolly stuff. Riding tractors. A special playhouse nook upstairs Granpa built. A mini kitchen cabinet also hand built by granpa.

I’m sorry your DF was having some episodes. Forgetting and mixing things up. That has to be stressful. I pray he is better soon. No more reoccurrences.

Sun - beautiful dry climate garden. The flowers are so beautiful. Also all the plants in the second video. Mother Nature indeed is the greatest artist of them all.

My mum used to recount stories of her childhood. A very stern father who thought toys were an utter waste of time. Her old maid made a doll of cloth and she used to take it under a long table with a long table cloth covering all sides and play house.

Granni - I am also swamped by housework. Isn’t it aggravating? One wants to be able to be on top of all things housekeepy but one longish trip outside, one unscheduled job needs to be done, popping up and we’re behind with undone chores piling up in a little mountain just waiting to be tackled.

I’ve found the best way to handle that is just ‘chill’. Accept it. And order home delivery so you can handle the waiting list of chores by utilizing the time spent on cooking to make inroads into your waiting to be done chores.

Sometimes, on particularly behind days, I look at the mess around me including the list in my mind of things need looking into, take a deep breath and fling myself into the big comfy sofa, put my feet up and just sit for a few moments. Then I say, “to heck with it” , grab my gym bag and sprint out the door to the club to work out. Exercising normally gives me the lift and energy burst I need to come back and exert myself.

You and others have asked where I go. If I swim here. No. I don’t have a swimming pool nor exercising machines at home. I go out. The place isn’t too far. Kathmandu people are becoming very health conscious so there are health clubs, gyms, spas mushrooming around every corner. I don’t like spending money on the fancy spas. Or do I have the money. Just a simple Place with gym and pool facilities.

Rock - my mum used to be plagued with a bad back. I remember my oldest brother pummeling her back. Luckily oldest brother and his wife lived with dad and mum so she didn’t have to do chores too much.We didn’t have those machines, tens unit etc.My dad hardly suffered backache.

Say what? Bacon wrapped around water chestnut and chicken liver? That’s one of the most exotic snacks I heard of. Let alone eat. Or ordeuvre. Ok even my computer is not getting the spelling. Hordeuvre, hors deuvre, never mind. I will look up Ramaki. I’m interested to know what it looks like. Maybe the site will throw up some other nice combinations.

Dmc - lucky you. A win of $25 and a shopping expedition with fellow sewies to look forward to. I was looking at a What’s for sale episode on tv (houses). One bedroom had a lovely patchwork quilt over the bed with matching pillow case. I lost my heart to it.

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Good afternoon!

We got lots of bluster yesterday evening, and even one rumble of thunder, but alas, little rain. There is a chance of scattered thundershowers nearly every day for the next week, though, so I'll keep hoping.

It's Thursday already - which is crazy. On Monday, it feels like the week is so long. By Thursday, I wonder where the time went.

This afternoon, I'm going to "test drive" the machine I'm looking at buying. I'm looking forward to it.

Yesterday, I won a $25 gift card in the monthly raffle we have here at work. There's a question each month, and 5 winners are drawn from those who answer correctly. :D:D:D The timing is nice, because a few of my sewing friends and I want to go on a 'shop hop' next week, which means spending $$$.

Julie - I've heard that Alzheimer's patients go through periods of clarity like that, often followed by periods of confusion and anxiety. Has your DF been dx'd with Alzheimer's? So cute that he wanted his strawberry shake, and so wonderful that you were able to oblige.

Mikie - I used to refer to that myth when I taught a survivor skills class in a gifted enrichment program...before I found out it was a myth. I certainly didn't mean to imply that the maintenance on the trees wasn't necessary. I definitely wouldn't want a coconut to hit my "coconut"! And, as I said, even if it didn't hit a person, it could hit a car or other property and cause damage. Bummer that you don't get to go out and exercise.

Granni - I think I glossed over your cold as well. I'm glad you're feeling better. Summer colds are no fun. I hope you get to do the floor in your bedroom, and that it doesn't cause too much disruption.

Spring - I'm glad the rain brought some relief from the heat for you. It's always nice when that happens.

Star - I see little twinkles where you've been by. Hope you can stay long enough to post soon, even if it's just a few words to let us know you're ok.

My lunch break is over now, so I'd best get back to it. I have a little break from labels for now, and get to do some actual development work. Fun times!

Hugz to all!



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Dear Ones,

This will be a really short quickie if you know what I mean. Had to run around with DG today and have a wash in washer and one in drier. Had people to call on my lister for out luncheon and have a mess with my meds. A possible recall on one and unavalability of another. That is the confusion. I think there are more than one problem. So have been mailing Caremark and my PCP on what to change if any. My Verapamil 240 is becoming unavailable at least at one manufacture and if it will become available again or not. r. Not sure if that will spread or not. So I will be going to WM to get that a if the price is not ridiculous. They had the ordre really mixed up yesterday and I have to call them for the real price. Yesterday they told me it would be $248 or something like that. They had a double order and to early so no insurance allowed. No wonder it was ridiculous. Now I have to call them to find out what it will be. Glad I do not need it now. Then there is a recall of Valsartan. To my knowledge it is not Verapamil and could be the Losartan that DH and I both take. What a pain.

JULIE - How sweet that one of the nurses could contact you to get your Dad his strawberry shake. I love them too and haven't had one in years. Also how wonderful that she was going to send someone to get it for him. Most people in these facilities wouldn't go that far, I do';t think. Of course not sure how far a DQ is for them.

SUN - Thanks for posting those lovely gardens, So colorful and pretty.

MIKIE, SW, DUCKIE NS ll thanks for the good wishes osn trying to feel better. At least there is no fever, even if this time it was very low, Didn;t even reach 100 this time.

Big hugz to everyone. Sorry but I have so much to do and am feeling so behind. I know may of you feel that way often.

Love you all,
Granni :)


Hi, Kids,

Just stopping in for a minute. The guy in the tiny motorboat is cleaning the fountain in our little pond. If it isn't cleaned, gunk gets into the little holes around the ring and the water can't be pumped through them. One time, a bird was sick and stayed on top of the ring until he died. The poor guy had to come out in the boat to remove it. By then, the bird was all slimy and the guy kept gagging as he tried to pick it up and put it into a bucket. It kept slipping out of his hand. I stated to feel gaggy just watching him. Today, SV sat inside and watched the guy clean.

Damnit, I just lost a whole paragraph. Computer keyboard is all over the place.

Duckie, I didn't think you were suggesting we didn't need to remove the coconuts. I was just commenting on how careful we have to be here in the hood to avoid liability. We have a lot of common areas where people could get hurt. The pool is the biggest liability. Attorneys' ads encourage people to sue if they are hurt where a light bulb has burned out. Of course, we don't want anyone to get hurt and we keep an eye on anything which could be dangerous. It's a big job. Thankfully, there are some of us who try to keep an eye on things. Joe knows everything that is going on. Congratulations on winning the gift card. I love to win things. Hope you enjoy the shopping trip with your pals.

Spring, it's so nice to finally see the sun. Only problem is that, when it comes out after a lot of rain, it gets soooo humid. Glad the next rain cooled things off. It isn't raining much right now here. That's good in a way because it helps the Red Tide problem when there is less rain. Our night time temps are warmer than when I first moved here. Used to never get above 74 at night. Now it's usually 76 or 77. Our water temps are higher too and that isn't good for any hurricanes which come along. Stay cool, my friend.

Granni, I also take Losartan. Just got some info on renewing my Rx so I don't think it's been discontinued. Think I'm going back to mail order for my meds. Publix is cheap and convenient but mail order is free through my insurance. What a mess with your meds. I hope you get it straightened out. So glad your cold is gone.

OK, I'm gonna burn in hell if I don't get off this squirrelly computer. Hoping y'all are doing well.

Love, Mikie