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Hi Folks, Join the Party

The last post on the previous thread was by Mikie. Be sure to read same if you
haven't already. Don't miss it if you can.



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Hi Kids

It's trash pick up day in our neighborhood. If it weren't for such events our days
would be all alike. Wouldn't that be boring?

Mikie, I was gonna open a new thread right after reading yours earlier. Then
I thought I'd wait a while. Give folks a chance to read it. Very astute pun with
"fin". Never woulda thunk of it. You are bright as a light bulb over the head
of a cartoon character. As we all know, that light bulb stand for "enlightenment".

I thought I had seen Peggy Sue Got Married. When I read about it, I realized I
hadn't, so I put it on hold. I couldn't remember seeing Kathleen Turner in any
movie, but I read her filmography. I've seen her in 5 movies. She's great. I also
put her book Send Yourself Roses on hold.

What a kawinkydink! You just mentioned stones. In the middle of the night I
got an e mail from my Oregon brother. He has some stones too. I don't know if
he would agree to the laser or ultrasound treatments though. He won't go to
an MD. Prefers to see chiros or osteopaths or shamen, etc.

I had the same reaction to the photo of Aretha Franklin. Did you see the pics
in the news some months ago? The corpse in a familiar setting. Playing a video
game; driving a car; sitting at a table drinking a beer. I guess I could be depicted
posting on the board.



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I'll have to look for that photo of Aretha Franklin. Sounds.......? You fill in the blanks.

I've seen Kathleen turner in movies, and yes, she's great. So much energy and love her husky voice. I think she was in a movie with Michael Douglas....a fast moving story set in Egypt or somewhere out there? Am I correct? I'll have to do a search and order it.

Well, gang....not doing good today. Drug myself to my doctor this morning for another cancer checkup....it's back. So I'm scheduled for another surgery in a little more than 2 weeks and if she gets all of them without trouble they put in chemo directly for an hr. I have to go to my PCP tomorrow for the preliminary tests like EKG, xray, etc. Funny thing.....early this morning in that "twilight sleep stage" a voice in my head told me to check the thrift stores for some long skirts or dresses. Now I find out if this doctor makes a hole in the bladder I'll have to wear a catheter for 3 weeks. Egads. I've always always always known things ahead of time.

I checked out Aretha in her coffin......call me crazy but I understand why they dressed her like that....especially crossed ankles in the red heels. She deserved it that way.
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Hi, Kids,

Rock, thanks for starting us up again. Anyone in particular who is having a birthday? DOF just turned 92. I told him he's just a kid. Texted him a little goat. Watched the service for John McCain at the Capitol in AZ. His mother is still alive and I think she's 106. She had a twin sister and they visited Paris and rented a car from time to time. When they got too old to be able to rent a car, they bought one and left it when they weren't there. I guess money can solve many problems. No matter how much money a person has, though, death eventually comes calling. I'm glad he is being honored both in AZ and DC. I have one thing in common with him; I swear like a sailor.

Peggy Sue Got Married may seem like just a piece of pap if one isn't looking for the deeper meaning. At the more shallow level, it isn't a great movie. If one is looking for symbolism, it takes on a lot more meaning. There is one place where I believe she has the choice to die if she wants to. See whether you see that as I do. Later, she has the choice to do her life over again as she did it the first time. I've always said that, despite all the pain my ex caused, I don't regret marrying him because he gave me such wonderful girls. I could really relate to that part of the movie. I also like the idea of time travel and the movie was a bit about that.

I don't think I have the DVD. When I was moving TV sets around, I disconnected the DVD player and haven't hooked it back up to the new TV. Tootsie was another movie with a deeper meaning. At the end, Dustin Hoffman says something to the effect that he was a better man as a woman than he had ever been as a man. I was appalled at Officer And A Gentleman and Pretty Woman, both successful movies. The message in both movies to girls and women is that our fates depend on successful men. I did enjoy watching both of them but was really bothered by the underlying theme. Brought out the feminist side of me.

I woke up feeling hot and sweaty and my sweat reeked. Must be the Whatever Virus so I took my Acyclovir. I'm not surprised. When I get run down, it rears its ugly head. Yesterday, despite my scans and voting, I was barely able to function. Today, my brain is slightly brighter but not as bright as the idea bubble in comics. Rock, I thank you for your kind words but you are definitely the King of Puns.

There is a Jag marathon on one of the junk TV channels so I'm watching all afternoon. Nothing else on. I always think of my old neighbor, Frankie, when I watch that show. He was in love with Mac, played by Katherine Bell. All the men in our hood were.

Joe called and we argued politics for quite a while. We tease each other but we are really of one mind. He thinks it's fun to call me names and I give as good as I get. We have a good time and never get mad at one another. I'm glad he's my good friend. It's wonderful to have a man in my life who would do anything for me and for whom I'd do anything without having to be married.

Just finished raining but it will likely start again. SV is out on a chair on the lanai looking like a barge, long and flat. Hope all y'all are having a wonderful Hump Day.

Love, Mikie


Good Thursday Morning, Kids,

Seems that there are a lot of MIA's and no one has stopped in so I'll check in later. Hope all y'all are having a good day.

Love, Mikie


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Morning, Kids

Just watched a wonderful documentary from 1961. It was made by NBC; the title is
The Real West. The narrator, frequently on camera, is Gary Cooper.

Sun, I hope your preliminary tests go well. I found a video of the dead who had been
posed on Youtube. I think most of these came from Puerto Rica, and were in
accordance with the expressed wishes of the dead. I read that Aretha will be dressed
in a blue gown and silver shoes today. I wonder if the gold plating will be removed
from the coffin before she is buried.

Mikie, I've seen Tootsie twice. I thought it was a super film with a unique plot.
Dustin was brilliant as always. Some years back I read a biography of some star.
He said in his early days he and Dustin often showed up to audition for the same
parts on Broadway.

Hard to imagine SV out on the lanai looking long and flat like a garage. I guess
the garage is probably attached to a ranch style house. Remember when they
were new? I remember a Life Magazine cover that showed moving-in day at a
new housing tract. There was a moving van in front of every house.

I have a chiro visit coming up. It's today; or maybe next Friday. Gordon will know.
Good thing one of us has a functioning brain.

Julie, JB, Star, drop by when you can. Duckie, are you still traveling?

Hugs, Rock


Hi, Kids,

Just woke up from a deep nap. No matter that I sleep for hours at night, I wake up feeling exhausted. I was going to run down to the place where I could fax my credit card bill to that stupid billing dept. for my doc. This is the second time; they claim they didn't receive the first one. What do these places do with the faxes? Anyway, it's not gonna happen today. I'm beat.

Rock, I'm laughing. SV was lying out on the lanai all long and flat looking like a barge, the long flat river boat. Don't think I've ever seen him looking like a garage. I auto check it out. Tweety used to have a way of tucking her feet in when she lay on the floor on her stomach and she always reminded me of a loaf of bread. Hope the chiro visit goes well.

Gonna get going. I'll check the Porch later.

Love, Mikie


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Rock:. Thanks for your good wishes. I've been so sleep deprived but last night I got about 6 hrs. Together. I think at this point I'm feeling numb. I thought I had this cancer thing beat so it was a shock to me yesterday. I'm coming down with a cold. Probably from having the run the fan at night when I go to bed and waking in the early morning hours feeling really cold.

You and Gordon seem to have found a good chiro to get things tweaked. You havn't mentioned Gordon and his accupuncture so I'm assuming he's feeling improved now.

MIkie: Abby used to lay that way too, tucking her paws inward. I miss her.....Clair is just not the same.

Star: I see you were lurking. Please let us know how things are going.


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I saw Aretha Franklin. The red shoes. Never seen anything like it. But what a feisty lady. It takes guts to ask that. You can be sure she is making merry music in heaven. Im sure she danced into heaven on high heels.introducing herself to everyone. Perhaps she and John McCain are having a tête-à-tête.

Oh Sun - so sorry. I hope they get it out real soon and the aftercare time also is smooth and speedy. That is so cool about your getting the inner voice telling you to get long skirts. My DS when he went on an overnight trip on a bus slept on the journey and banged his face real hard when the bus had to brake suddenly. Others who were awake just got jostled as they steadied themselves.

He told me when he was settling down he got a strong urge to wear his motorcycle face mask which is solid. But dismissed it because it would look so weird. Wish he would listen to his instincts more.

Mikie - lol. SV. Barge. Garage. I do t know where Rock gets these ideas from. I love looking at cats in that loaf of bread position. I hope you pick up soon too.

Oh, CNN showed Florida’s algae problem on the main news today. What a terrible thing. I hope other places, countries, politicians learn from this disaster. Not to put $ ahead of people’s, livestocks health. To respect the sanctity of Mother Earth. To know that you do not ignore Mother Nature’s laws. To not keep putting tons of plastic into oceans and hope by shutting ones eyes, the plastic won’t pollute, and if it does, others will bear the brunt, not oneself.

Rock - I saw War of the roses starring Michael Douglas and Kathleen Turner. It was a good movie but not a feel good one. It was a hit I believe.

I hope your DB will follow up on the stone situation. I believe one shouldn’t ignore such. Ive known of kidney stones being dissolved by healers here so wouldn’t be surprised if a shaman did the same.

It rained today too. Cast over skies. I made meat balls. And sauted green beans and potato lightly. I made a big bowl of apple in yoghurt. And couldn’t eat my lentils because I got full with the rice, sauted vegetables and yoghurt. Also washed a lot of clothes.

My maternal cousin from Delhi India called to tell me I should come during festival time October and join them in a trip to Lahaul spiti in Kulu valley because they were going to meet a shaman. To do soul retrieval and stuff. I told them we have more than enough shamans here. And some soul retrievers too.

Same cousins I joined at our ancestral home in India two years ago. I wouldn’t mind the trip but when the two sisters get together they behave weird. Complex. I can’t stand having to be in the company of complicated people for too long. As it is I’m worn out. Try to avoid drama where possible. I’m grateful they asked but the cons outweigh the pros.

They keep telling me to visit Delhi. How do I tell them a busy concrete overpopulated city is my idea of a nightmare? I liked visiting the first two times. It was exciting looking at old historic buildings etc. but now, no.

I hope Duckie and Star are doing good.

God bless
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Hi, Kids,

Sun, I think part of your post is missing from my screen. I'm guessing you didn't get a good report on the bladder cancer. I'm praying they can treat it. I also hope you can get some rest. Total exhaustion is a horrible thing. You need your health to fight this thing off. I'll keep you in my prayers, special prayers. Oh, I went back and found it in an earlier post. Not sure why I missed it. I am so sorry. A little voice told me to buy some long dresses I could put over my head just before I tore the bicep tendon and had to have my arm in a cast/sling for months. I couldn't zip zippers. Same with glasses. The little voice told me to buy new ones and it's a good thing because I couldn't put in my contacts. Good for you for listening. I hope you find some nice long skirts. I love wearing mine. They are comfortable and cool. Again, prayers going up now and I'll keep them up.

Spring, you guys do a lot of spiritual work there. I try to use my time to work on my own life and spirit. I'm not up to going to church most of the time so I've decided to do my praying and meditation at home. This is a life of tremendous spiritual growth and yet I feel as though I've just started. I know there are things I could have handled better in my life but I'm trying not to live in regret. I think if we recognize where we have fallen short and learned from it, we are doing the right thing.

I just watched John McCain's funeral in AZ. The eulogies were amazing, funny and touching. I only saw him when he was being feisty or fighting except for his last speech on the Senate floor where he called for unity among Americans and his fellow politicians. He had friends from all walks of life and political persuasions so he lived what he preached. I think he must have been an amazing person because people held him in such respect and love. Joe called in the middle of Joe Biden's eulogy so I didn't hear the end of it. They were great friends.

Last night, I had to walk over to ask a neighbor to turn down their music. I couldn't hear my TV it was so loud. I was polite and so were they. They apologized and turned it off. I splained that these stucco lanais act like band shells and broadcast everything outward. I let the mgr. know because these people are supposed to be moving as they have two dogs and have tried to claim them as emotional service animals. The dogs go out on the lanai and make noises like screaming. It's horrible. They are renters and their lease is up and is now month to month. It's time they left. Joe was calling to see whether I let mgmt. know about it.

I did walk down to see whether the new top was delivered. I need to contact the seller to find out where it is. I wouldn't buy from them again. I ran into a neighbor from downstairs and she is doing well. Got my credit card bill so I can pay it. It wasn't too bad.

Hope everydooby is having a good week.

Love, Mikie
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Hi Kids

Just woke up from a long nap. Most of the day actually. I remember a cartoon that
showed two images. A cat and a loaf of bread. They looked amazingly similar. I
think the cartoonist was Tom Kilbane, but can't find it on the net.

Mikie, your short post above has a light blue background and indicates that I
posted it. What was it Alice said? Curiouser and curiouser? As for credit
card bills, I almost never use my credit card. I do need to do it today though.
Have to order some Pro Health products.

Spring, I agree with your view on The War of the Roses. Did you know there
was a real war of the roses back in Medieval England? The term sub rosa comes
from another later civil war in England. Back in those days the Brits weren't so
polite and might schedule a bloody battle rather than a tea party.

Sun, Gordon had one more acupuncture after the first. Since then has been
seeing the chiro and having me apply the electric vibrator to his back. He is
much better now. We've both had bad backs for some decades. He goes to
an old man in China town? Dr Cho. I go to a fellow with a wonderful bed side
manner in Eagle Rock: Dr Mendoza.

I'm sure it's a terrible shock to think you escaped the cancer menace, and then it
comes back. I'm hoping, and probably you are too, that it can be treated and
never return. Hugs and best of luck.

Julie, how are things on the farm? The kids been to visit? More work done
on the house? Keeping up with mowing? Inquiring minds want to...you know.

Hugs, Rock


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Mikie: I think those neighbors are having fun which escalates in volume........just don't realize how it is for others when trying to sleep. They don't sound like good ones to have around though. Hope you all can get rid of them.

Rock: I ENVY you......that you can get such long sleep time. Boy, do I remember the movie, War of the Roses! A real shocker at how far things can go in a bad divorce. No such thing as an amicable one. It was funny/sad/shocking. Might be a good movie for a couple to watch who are contemplating getting one????? Or not.

Spring: How is your son now? Yes, I guess he should have listened to his inner voice and put on that helmet. I'm pretty good about paying attention to it over the years but at times I just shove it aside and then I pay for it. A very striking time comes to mind.....when my DD was about 3 I loaded her into her carrier on the back of my bike and was going to go for a ride with her. We weren't that far from our house when in the distance I heard a car coming down a street, something told me to stop and get off the road as far as I could......good thing. The car turned the corner, lost control a little and came to where we had been. If I had not listened we would have definitely been hit. It shook me up so I went home immediately. I could go on and on with stories of how my guardian angel watched over me.

I agree about NOT being around "crazy making" people. Sounds like your relatives. If someone told me I had won a trip to noise Delhi........I most definitely wouldn't accept. But I know someone who needed hip surgery and couldnt afford it, so she went to India for two replacements. Very inexpensive, almost ridiculously cheap. Her friend went with her....but while this lady was in the hospital, this friend saw the city. I'm with you though, hate noise, hate confusion and everything associated with it.

Thanks everyone for your good wishes. I spent another hard day today, getting all the tests done.....over 2 hrs. At the clinic going from one checkin point to another. But it's all done, except for a preOP at the hospital. Trying to put it all from my thoughts.
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Sun - it just occurred to me. If an inner voice is telling things and forewarning, it means something knows beforehand what’s gonna happen. If they know beforehand it means it was predestined. But that it can be changed otherwise intuition wouldn’t bother trying to get our attention.

We do learn in Pranic Healing that in the inner world everything happens beforehand, hence the feelings of ‘deja vu’ one gets sometimes. I used to get them all the time when I was around 6 and 7.

That is huge that you averted harm to your DD and yourself because of inner guidance.

Healers look at the aura because disease shows up in the aura before they show up in the physical body. When one cleans the aura, the disease is averted.

My son got a few bruises. Swelling and stuff. Unfortunate. But is okay now.

Mikie - I wish I could have watched the funeral for McCain. I will probably find it online. It’s rare to find a politician who wasn’t a President but who is known and respected and admired by people all over the world. Like they say, you can’t buy respect, you earn it. I remember King Hussain of Jordan was one such person. Political leaders all over the world made sure they attended his funeral, not because they had to but because they wanted to. He genuinely wanted peace. And did all within his limited parameters to try and accomplish the same.

God bless
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Good Friday Morning, Kids,

Up early and gearing up for the day. I have to go fax that billing info to the doc's billing office. It's in Nashville. I remember when docs had their own individual billing offices. Now, they either belong to a larger medical practice or hire the bookkeeping out to another firm. I also have to stop at Publix and fill the car with gas. It's on fumes. I almost never let it get that low, especially during hurricane season. I've been in Survival Mode for quite a while now.

Nothing on TV last night so I read until I fell asleep. This book is only so so. Martha Stewart was on The Today Show in the morning hyping her new cook book for pressure cookers like the Instant Pot. One of the recipes was a mushroom Ramen noodle dish. Kinda reminded me of the yummy things Spring posts about. So, I went on Amazon and ordered a book for DD and one for me. Very reasonable for Prime members. DD called me after I texted her and we had a long chat. Her job is funded with grants and today is her last day at the clinic. She got another job working at a family and children's clinic where she worked before. That is where she hopes to have her own practice once she graduates with her masters degree. I know this has been stressful for her. She has been saying good-bye to about 40 of her patients whom she has gotten to know and care about. I'm sure it isn't easy for them to lose her either.

DSIL still has the pain in his legs and stress makes it worse. He is a manager and had to fire an employee this week. DD said he came home in a lot of pain. They are trying to help his Mom decide what to do as she suffers from dementia, as does her boyfriend. It's obvious that she can't continue to live with him on their own. Even though I hope to live on my own for the duration, I will be trying to get as much as I can lined up so that if anything happens, it won't be too difficult for the kids. They are in their 50's where life can sometimes be the most stressful.

DD said my ex's house is crammed full of the stuff he has collected over the years and is a mess. He isn't doing all that well and his wife has gotten an infection where they replaced her knee. She was in the hospital on IV ABX. That's what happened to my friend, Nancy, when she had her back surgery. The ABX left her very hard of hearing. I'm the lone parent who is in reasonably good shape all things considered for this DD and DSIL. I try to stay independent and have let the kids know I'll continue to do everything I can not to be a stressor for them. Both DD's have suggested that I pack up SV and come to CO to get away from this toxic soup in which I now live. I think it's less stressful for us both to stay put. I'll continue to stay inside and try the mask for walking at the pool.

Sun, I've upped the prayers for you. As the procedure gets closer, please let us know when it's scheduled so I can be praying while they do it. I'm so sorry you are going through this but I'm glad you have a good doc who is staying on top of it. From what I've read about bladder cancer, that's how to treat it successfully. Strangely, it was the woman's daughter and some young guy who were playing the music and she was asleep. It probably wasn't that loud where they were sitting. I got an email from the mgr. saying she would send a note to the owner about their tenants. I told her they were polite and complied and that I didn't want to make a mountain out of a mole hill. I think they are probably trying to build a case to get rid of them. As it is, they are breaking the rules with two dogs and they should leave. I mentioned that it's the two dogs that 'scream' out on the lanai that is the problem. Who has two screaming dogs for emotional support?

Rock, I used to have books of cartoons with cats. It might be a Kliban cat or a Far Side cat but I kinda remember the loaf of bread too. Perhaps that's why Tweety reminded me of a loaf of bread. Even the barge may have come from a cartoon. I call him, Large Barge. In PeeWee Herman's first movie, there was a woman truck driver character named, Large Marge. One of her lines in the movie was something like, 'It was the worst thing I ever seen.' That line has become a favorite in our family. I use my credit card for everything. I get rewards and have a record of all my spending. No need to carry cash around. I need to call PH to order supps too. I always talk to Gale. She is such a nice person.

Spring, I think we agree to come her to live lives which are predestined but that we continue to have free will which can change things. It's when we hear those voices that we have a choice to change them. Once, when Mom lived with me, she wanted to go to the mail box. I had a really bad feeling about it and asked her not to go. She insisted and, while she was walking back, lightning struck very close by and scared her half to death. When I heard the clap of thunder right overhead, I was afraid she had been struck. Speaking of world peace, I saw on TV that some young people from Isarael and Palestine are working together to form tech companies. It may be the seeds for peace there. I hope so. I'm hoping hate will die with the older generations and that the young will decide they want a better world.

Tomorrow would be my Mom's 109th birthday. DD said they are having a Sweet Sixteen party for my grand dog, Calvin. When DGS was little, he called the dog, Candle, and we also refer to him as Candle. Like with SV, he has the same middle name, Lee. So, he is also called Candle Lee. I often call SV Vester Lee. Our family is weird. Oh well, we probably have more fun than 'normal' people.

Hope all y'all have a great day.

Love, Mikie

Update: Home again, home again, yippity yip. If I had the energy, I'd hop and skip. Every day should go so well. I'm feeling lousy but managed to fax the info, stop at Publix and fill up the Highlander. Some of my favorite people were working and we joked and had a good time. On the way out to the car, the young man who is challenged was bringing back one of the riding scooters. As he went by, he high fived me. Who wouldn't want shopping experiences like that.

At the place where I sent the fax, a woman and I were being so polite to tell each other to go ahead. She said she had nothing else to do and I told her that neither did I. She mentioned that she was doing pretty well for an older lady. I told her she was just a kid here in God's waiting room. On her way out, she told me she would wait for me at the gate. Again, who wouldn't want an experience like that.

I'm watching the ceremony at the Capital Rotunda for John McCain. He'll be lying in state there before being buried at the Naval Academy. His Mother is there. This must be so hard for her and the family.

Gonna leave this W&P post. Hope all y'all are having a great day.

Love, Mikie
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Hi Kids

Not sure if I'll post much here. Took me five tries to type one word. This does not
bode well. Mikie, nice people you run into at Publix. We just got back from the library
and the market. I got 3 cozy mysteries by Lilian Jackson Braun. Two I bought from
the book sale; one is a library book. The title on one is somewhat cryptic: The Cat Who
Ate Danish Modern.

If Candle Lee has a sister will she be called candelabra? Ever hear of the candlenut?
I read it's the state nut of Hawaii. Used in cooking, medicine, etc.

Sun, I think War of the Roses was the first movie Danny DeVito directed. He went
on to direct and produce others. Pretty good for a short guy from "Taxi". Good to
hear you got all your prep work done. Is the pre-op on the same day as the surgery?
Day before?

I was looking around on Youtube this morning. Found the resting place of James
A. Garfield. He is the only American President who lies in a coffin above the ground.
But Martha and George Washington used to lie in coffins set in a sort of tunnel at
Mt. Vernon. Just looked. Apparently a new building was constructed to hold the
coffins. Gonna go see what a video tour shows.



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Spring:. We as Christians believe that God is all knowing, all present, and basically knows the beginning from the end. That is why it's so amazing that a prophet like Isaiah could prophesy so correctly over 2,000 years ahead in the future. So God knows what I will go thru. I guess sometimes events are opened up to us so we can see or feel things before they happen.

Mikie: So your DDs feel that same as I do, that you need to pack up SV and head to Colorado for a month or two and let your body heal. I'm sorry for your DSIL. Since you said his mom has FM or something along those lines, he's also probably very sensitive to stress....hence he came home so hurting from having to fire someone. And I feel the same as you.......I try to stay independent as long as I can, hopefully never becoming a burden to my family.

The other day at the urologist office, I was talking to a young woman in her 50s. Her mom had walked away, her DD made a face, and I caught it, so I engaged her in conversation. Apparently the care of her mom has landed on her shoulders, and another sister won't have anything to do with even acknowledging that their mom has cancer. I thought her mom looked old, but when I asked she was younger than me. Maybe it was the full, huge wig she was wearing. Looked like from the 70s. Hair, makeup,clothes contribute a lot on what we think about ourselves and how others see us.

Rock: No, the preOP for the hospital is in 10 days, I guess that's when I see the nurse to go over all meds. Health issues, etc. I've been fighting a cold and MUST be well to have this surgery so I'm going to stay away from people the best I can for the remaining 2 plus weeks.

My DH was hooked on those books by Lillian Jackson Braun. Was always getting the CDs to listen to. I don't think I've ever listened to one before. I'm assuming they're good?

Yes, Danny Divito is very talented. I just watched "Throw Mama from the train" last week....still funny from what I remembered.

I just picked up all of season 2 of Poldark to watch this long weekend.


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Hi guys.
Sorry its been so long, but I've really had my hands full. What with DH and Ds being sick and all.
Guess it just took it out of me, balancing my own myriad of health dramas (as we all do here)
And running around trying to be a good nurse.
Headaches hv been a real problem. A massive pain in the Neck, to say the least!
And I've been rather concerned about my memory...

Sun, I do some of the stretching you hv mentioned for my neck and use heat and even resort to medication
to be rid of it, but nada...
Sun, you are in my prayers and weather it is a Guardian angel whispering in your ear or The Holy Spirit, be comforted that He has His Hand on you.
I hv just finished reading the book of Job and the most comforting thing I took away from that is,
God Himself spoke In Length to Job.
it was a conversation in a Relationship.
He didnt go crazy reprimanding and zapping people etc for punishment.
He simply reminded Job that He is Sovereign and there's a bigger picture (waaaay bigger), than we can wrap our heads around and firmly put Job's so called friends in their place by telling them to get Job to pray for them! (Not the other way round as their self righteousness would hv expected.trying to say Job's troubles were a result of punishment of some sort...yeah with friends like those....)
So, I know you already know all this, but Jesus is in the storm with you...
And your friends here are praying for you and thinking of you.
We Love You.

Barry -Lately I've been waking up to the annoying sounds of lawn mowers, whipper snippers etc.
Ah.yes I know I sound like a grouch, but definitely sensory/ noise overloading of late!
Ooh and I really wanted to be a nice granny when the time comes, not the shooshing type.
I can't remember how old your pot that broke was, but you take care.As long as you dont wind up broke!
Happy belated birthday...we only buy the pork roast with crackling on it...mmm mmm.

Mikie- yes, it does sound like ever since the kidney stones, you've lost a little of your mojo and the Rt keeps kicking you in the guts...Im sorry you are feeling so down, but you arent out for the count and yes malaise is a very good descriptive word for the existence we hv...but you arent Just existing.
You hv a lot to give....and hopefully receive still too.
I for one, though I often don't respond, get a lot out of your 'constant' being here.
Its a reliability that is comforting and reassuring, to say the least.
As for the 'whatever virus' Im sure it effects me too...I often (on and off) get those stupid symptoms, including hot and cold sweats, nausea etc, which if any of my Treasures copped, I would promptly take to the dr. (Esp in wake of the recent flu and pneumonia episodes we had here.no more pussy footing around with all this wait 2 wks rubbish!)
Ah sorry.getting off track again. Must've thought I was on a soap box or something...
We hv to register cats and dogs here too.And I think, by law, cats are meant to be kept indoors between certain hrs, in some suburbs/ towns etc.
Dunno about here, but Im super glad I dont hv to clean a kitty litter.
Looking after all the other pets is more than enough!

Rock- yes what would we do without our human reminders?
I hv lists (which I lose or forget about).
I set alarms, which I sometimes forget what they are for because I hv forgotten to label them...
And I could go on.
I hv been very worried about my memory of late and if I let it, can get rather anxious about the possible further decline of my memory in years to come...
But.one day at a time is worry enough, so I shall try to pace myself.
Thanks for the effort you put into making us smile.
I appreciate it .big time.

Spring- I hv seen some pics on the internet featuring places in India where push bikes are over loaded, vans are overloaded and come to think of it, overhead cables are overloaded too!
No.Im with you on that.all that and a couple of sisters who do your head in...Pass!
Though Dh is still trying to convince me to go on the trip near Christmas time...
Ugh! I tried so hard over the yrs to 'be normal' and every trip ended up slightly more nightmarish than the one before.(normally I refer to them as 'holidays from hell' but realised if I had to choose...yeah, Im sure you get my drift!)
Good for you! being able to enjoy your festivities dispite mil.
I guess if we didnt hv these people in our lives we wouldn't really be able to appreciate the Special ones.

Ducky, last I read, I think, was about a lousy work situation, your health (i could relate) and the new fandangled sewing machine...oh and singing again? I really hope you are still honey mooning with your sewing machine...ooh ooh.the light just went on.(my boys call that a 'brain fart' and although I do not like that expression, thought I'd share...) how's Ds bite/sting?

Granni, busy as always! I agree with the Not shifting notion.definitely way too much work.

Julie,I really enjoy seeing all the family 'happy snaps'.
I Really like seeing the progress of your home- project too.it gives me hope.
I noticed in one of your pics that you had quite a few indoor plants. Are they inside all yr round?
I ask only because Ive had very little success, probably due to a lack of light, that by the looks of it, you dont hv yourself, by those gorgeous big windows.
I hope you and yours are well.

Ok.guys, I hv a bit of a worry.
Do you remember how I decided to Not go inter state to my niece's wedding?
(The cost would be in the area of $1000 by the time I factored in accommodation etc and thats just for one of us!)
Do you think $100 is a good enough wedding gift?
Postage for anything worthwhile would cost an arm, a leg and maybe an ear too.
Is that enough?
I generally don't give cash, but hv given $100 for 21st s, but it doesn't feel like its appreciated eigther...

Love to all.
Take care
Catch yas later


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Howdy, Folks

I woke up from my afternoon nap at 6:20 PM. Plenty of time to call Pro health.
Foiled again. PH was closed for the Holiday.

Star, great to hear from you. You're right. One day at a time is sufficient. Every-
body know the song One Day at a Time? It was a platinum record for Cristy Lane. Also the title of her autobiography.

Yes, I think $100 is suitable. Gordon and I each sent that amount to one of his
nephews who got married. I think we had seen him 3 times in the last 2 decades.
Never met the bride. We sent cash because they've been living together for some
years. Who know what household items they might need.

I was looking for that dollar sign in the above paragraph when a notice popped
up saying I had held the shift key down too long. Or maybe I had shifty eyes.
Anyhoo after that the keyboard no workee so I went to bed. But now I'm
typing in the edit window so I can't read what's been posted. I believe I'll come
back another time.

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Good Saturday Morning, Kids,

I slept til almost 6:00 this morning with only a couple of nudges from SV. Feel a tad better. It may not last but I'll take what I can get. RT is still with us but it's left the intracoastal waters between us and Sanibel and is off the Gulf side of the island. Winds have been offshore and that helps too. Was thinking of going over to the pool but think I'll wait til next week. I have a lot to do. I was very happy with what I got done yesterday. It wasn't much but it was all important stuff. The car is gassed up and I have emergency water in the back, all necessary preparations to get through hurricane season.

Today is the last ceremony celebrating John McCain's life in D.C. Presidents Bush and Obama will speak at this one. I watched the big one for Aretha Franklin yesterday afternoon. It was scheduled to last five hours but went a lot longer. Good grief! Arianna Grande did a nice rendition of Natural Woman. Lots of big stars performing. I had to turn the sound off at one point because I just can't take it when singers scream the lyrics nonstop. I must be getting old since I seem to be so interested in funerals. I myself don't want one; there would be so few to attend. My kids will remember me when they think of all the silly, goofy good times we've had. Last year as Hurricane Irma was approaching, my kids and I said all the loving things one would ever need to say.

Sun, yes, I think stress is the worst thing for everyone, healthy people and those of us who suffer chronic illness. DSIL's life was very stressful when he was just a kid so it's been a lifelong thing. His Mom has Lupus and FMS and now, she is suffering from dementia. He is the sweetest guy. Everyone loves him. DD said school has gotten a lot harder this semester. She has two internships lined up and I hope this will all go smoothly for her. DSIL is trying to hang in there until she has her own practice. His employer doesn't want him to go out on disability and has hired help for him to make it easier. I'm very thankful for that. As soon as I can get to feeling better, I'll go back to CO to spend some time with my family. I also believe God holds us in the palm of His hand and knows all. What we are able to see from here is just a bit of what exists in the spiritual world. Perhaps when we get warnings so we can avoid peril, it is God's way of letting us know He is watching over us, along with His angels. Everyone here loves you and we will all be praying for you through this.

Rock, love the Candelabra reference. She might be Candelabra Leigh. I'll be sending a happy birthday text to him. Today would be my Mom's 109th birthday. She died at 92, almost 93. She already let me know she's here by having me look at the clock at 7:11. That's how she communicates with me and the kids.
I have that CD with Cristy Lane. I love the song, I Believe In Angels. ABBA did that song too. For me, nothing beats Elvis' gospel album. I don't think anyone can listen to Precious Lord and not be a believer. Aaron Neville's rendition of Ave Maria is the most beautiful I've heard. CBS is just now broadcasting a segment on how Alzheimer's patients get helped by actually singing in choirs. It's being used in St. Paul, MN. They do a lot of musical programs where Claudia's Mom lives and she remembers and sings all the lyrics. That part of the brain isn't affected by the disease. Funny, I've never thought of you as a shifty person.

Star, I was just thinking of how reassuring and comforting you always are for us all. I'm so glad to see you back. Yes, dealing with others' issues and being sick oneself is exhausting even beyond our 'usual' exhaustion. My memory and cognitive abilities suffer horribly when I'm so run down but, when I'm feeling better, they come back. I just went to a website where they test for the possibility of Alzheimer's and I got only 33 percent on the first test. Doh!!! They want as many people as possible, those with symptoms and without. I think it's going to be a longitudinal study because the disease starts 20-30 years before symptoms appear. People with CFIDS/ME often have memory loss and cognitive issues. At my age, it could be either the illness or simply the normal loss of memory as one ages. BTW, $100 is perfect. I hope you can get to feeling much better.

I'm off to read the virtual paper. SV is begging me for his wet food. I haven't removed it from the fridge to warm up but I can give it to him cold. He'll lick off a bit of the gravy and come back later when it's warmed up. He just came in from watching the sun come up on the lanai.

My new cookbook from Martha Stewart will arrive today and I'm anxious to try some new recipes. The first book I bought had limited recipes. I'm anxious to try the mushroom Ramen noodle dish.

Love, hugs and prayers for all our dear Porchies, here and MIA. Hope our MIA's will check in. We miss y'all.

Love, Mikie

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