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Porch No 1087 is CLOSED SEPT 8, 2018.

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HOW-DEE as Minnie Pearl used to say. Minnie first appeared on the stage of The Grand Ole Opry the year I was born. Fifty-one years later she was still appearing
there. She apparently she had an enormous collection of hats. She was always
wearing a new one. You could tell it was new because it always had the price tag dangling.

Here's a little verse fur ya. I found it last night on the scratch paper I keep beside
the computer. A little later I was even more surprised to find a second verse. As
best I can figure out either I wrote it or some elves did. Remember the shoemaker
elves? Could be relatives I 'spose. I have no recollection of writing this opus.

A psychoanalyst named Freud
Decided he would shoot a boid.
Alas, somehow his foot did trip
And took a painful Freudian slip.

So in the duck pond he did go,
For circumstance wouldn't have it so.

The moral: Stick to what you know.

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Hi everyone! Thanks, Rock, for the new porch. I got up later than I would have preferred...sinus headache still going strong from last night and I just kept falling back to sleep.

Gonna try to get a few "kid prep" things done while Den is home for the weekend. On Monday, I will drive our Amish neighbor around to finish up last minute preparations for her wedding on Wednesday. Then they asked if I would go up on Tuesday and take pictures of the tables...decorations, etc. They don't take pictures of people, but "things" are okay. Over 600 guests invited, but they figure only 450-500 will actually make it. And they serve two meals during the day long celebration! I'll go for the morning service and lunch.

The following Wednesday, our kiddos will be here (David will bring them, then drive back home on Thursday for work on Friday.) Lindsey flies to California on Saturday (the 22nd) and returns on the 29th. She'll visit friends around here for a few days, then I will take them back (and stay there a couple of days.)

So, it will be crazy around here for the next few weeks...hopefully, the pollen counts will go down a bit and I won't be so miserable. Thinking of everyone and wishing you well.


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Good afternoon everyone,

ROCK - Thanks for the new PORCH volume !!

Have been so busy rushing around with DH and at least I stuck in a wash. So, I got something done in the household. Went with DH to the newly renovated BROOKSHIRES. I wanted to see what they had there as we haven;t been there in years. It used to be good once in awhile when there was something I couldn't find at WM. Now we have a HEB ( a Tx store very good), and the lg KROGER that has almost everything. They did have goat cheese that I saw but the soft cheese not to easy to get but better. Was hoping for hard cheese. They didn't have any. We ended up not getting anything there but wanted to check it out. Then off to HEB which also has a bakery, pharmacy and deli. Their prices are not to bad at HEB but a bit higher than WM. The HEB is a bit higher but a very nice store with almost everything you need but in the opposite direction of WM. I go there when I have to as it is closer than any of the stores.

Finally sat down at the computer. After lunch DH wanted to go check out the prices of car chargers for his phone and pay our bill. So off to Verizon we went and checked the charger which was about $40.

Yes, MIKIE, we didn't get it there and ordered one from Amazon as usual as we did for the screen saver. I ordered the screen saver yesterday at Amazon but at the time neither of us thought about the charger. That was really cheap too. So, ordered that today, Their prime membership is great to get get things faster than normal and some prices a bit cheaper. Seems like a lot of buying stuff lately. It goes in cycles. Sorry the pollen is bothering you so much MIKIE along with so many other things. I hear you, believe me, but not sure what is causing what. Have to wait till mid OCT for my Dermatologist. Maybe that will give me at least a few of them (answers ).. What is the name of the spray that you spray in your mouth. Does it really seam to help much? Hope not to expensive but have a feeling it is but may try it.

JULIE - Wow busy lady you surely are a busy one but it is ice to be a helpful neighbor to your Amish friends. The wedding and all sounds like it would be a very interesting ceremony and reception. Do you know what kind of clothing they wear for the ceremony, not the traditional dresses for us I am sure. Guessing her groom will wear sort of a suit, is that correct do you know.? I am sure all the food is wonderful. They are all such good cooks, not much dieting in their households, I don't think. Don't work to hard on getting ready for those kiddos. Glad you will have them and get to enjoy them for awhile. Nice Lindsay can get away to fromg all her responsibilities even if it is for a few days or so.

SUN - Hope you start to feel a little better soon. Is the pain what is really getting you right now or other things too. Keep hanging in there my friend. I know that is not fun at all.

ROCK - Hi there my friend !! Yes I do remember Minnie Pearl and her hats , always with the price tag dangling. Glad you enjoyed my list of songs that we are singing for our Fall Program with our small group. We were just asked , at least some of our group , whoever is available to sing at our new pianists , MOM's 90th B-day party at the facility whee she is and where we all go to sing at times. It is the Sat after Thanksgiving in early afternoon. Right now I am free but who knows if anything will come up. These older folks, like us really love these oldies. :)!!! I do to to tell the truth.

Love to everyone else not mentioned. Thinking of you all !!
Granni :)


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Mikie: Yes, I do like ginger. I'm taking some fresh to my DDs house...just in case. I see the preOP nurse on monday and I'll be sure to tell her that I get really sick from anesthesia. Wish I didn't have to go thru all of this.

Rock: How are the tomatoes? I see 5 really large Roma tomatoes, almost ready for picking. I remember Minnie Pearl.....I understand that it was a total act of hers, that she was one VERY sharp cookie.

JUlie: Are those weddings soooooooo large? Do they just issue a blanket invitation to every amish community? And then I'm assuming everybody brings something to eat? I guess if even 400 people come and bring a gift they most likely are outfitted for everything.

I'm trying to gather some energy. I know all summer because of the heat I didn't walk so I'm trying to get little walks in daily. Yesterday I walked down to where Miss Hussy lives. The young mother and a few of her kids were just leaving to buy a new cat collar for her. She's thinking Miss Hussy visits the entire neighborhood because she said she's looking fatter. She also told the kids about the coyote. I said she needs to feed MH some wet around 5 PM and then not let her out until the next day, that way she'll get used to her treat.


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SUN - I'm so sorry. I didn't realize you were going to have surgery or biopsy so soon since I missed the original post from you or possibly another one after that. Yes, I wish that you weren't going to have any of this relating to your recurring Ca. I'll keep you in my prayers along with others.I need to buy soe fresh ginger too. Not sure what to really put it in since I haven't cooked with it much. Probably good in Chinese or asian cooking, maybe stir fry. I do know it is supposed to be good for nausea. Hope the anesthesia doesn't upset you to much but good to tell them your history. Hope all goes well sweetie !! That is a funny story about Miss Hussy and her gaining wt. These kitties know how to put on the charm in the neighborhood to get treats.

Waiting for my slow email from UHC to come in. I had a heck of a time trying to get onto the site. When I did I had to fill out a bunch of stuff. Now I am waiting for the email to come through so I can verify everything.. I need to try and get some info on what I can get off these hearing aides which are not to cheap ato say the least. I am just falling apart, little by little. YUCK ! Its in the genes, my dad had very poor hearing and I guess I got his to add to my other maladies. What fun !! As MIKIE would say - WHINE, WHINE, WINE. Think I may go get some.

Gotta run !

Love y;all,
Granni :)


Hi, Kids,

Just stopping in. Nothing on TV 'cept college football. Yuk! DOF Facetimed me on his iPad. Good grief. I look like crap on a stick and feel the same. After a couple of problems, he managed to connect. His DIL was helping him. He kept letting the iPad fall in his lap so couldn't see him. He thinks if he can see me, everything is OK. Guess the kids got the iPad for him so he can see his new great grandaughter. He looks good.

Rock, as usual, you are the master of the written word. Love the things you share here. Thanks for getting us up and going on a new Porch. I wish those elves would stop in tonight and clean my condo.

Julie, I hope the pollen is better for you. I am suffering with horrible allergies so I know how you feel. Hope the wedding goes off without a hitch. Seems sad that they won't have pics to remember the event and family.

Granni, we had Kroeger stores in CO called, King Soopers. They had the biggest stores and had everything. Their cooked deli dinners were delicious. I got my CBD oil here at PH. It's made in CO from a co. called Quicksilver Scientific. The product is Colorado CBD oil. This one works really well for my pain and relaxing me. I've been sick so long that it's making me anxious and the CBD helps with that too. It isn't cheap but a little goes a long way. I read up on it online and the cheap ones on the market aren't worth spending one's money on, according to what I read.

Sun, I wish you didn't have to go through this either but I'll be praying for you. I've found that the time leading up to these things is the worst and, once you get there and get home, it will be better. I hope there isn't pain afterward. It won't be fun having the catheter either but I hope it isn't too uncomfortable. That stent they put in my ureter to the bladder was uncomfortable but I got used to it a bit. I was glad to see it go. You have people here who love you and will be praying for you.

I hope all y'all have a lovely Saturday evening.

Love, Mikie



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Hi Kids

Just woke up from my nap. I was all worn out from shopping at Food For Less. I used
to have a bridge partner called Les. Sometimes when the game was at his house Gordon
would bake a bundt cake, and I would make a glaze. We'd shlep it over to his place,
referring to it as Food For Les.

Did Duckie tell us she was going on a trip? Anybody know why she hasn't been around?

Mike, thank you for your kind words. I hope some elves do drop by your place.
I was thinking Alfonso and Alfredo would be good elf names. Looked in the PH
shop. Couldn't find any CBD oil. I was thinking I should maybe try some. I
haven't tried anything new for a while.

Would it instantly turn me into a pothead? Would I then be an insta pot? Wal*Mart
has a whole page of Hemp products. Guess I could look there.

The PH shop reminded me that I ordered some stuff last week. Went downstairs
and asked Gordon about it. Turns out it was delivered by the Mail Person about
an hour ago. What a K. It's NADH which looks kinda like a Government Agency.
The National Administration for Distressed Humans. That would pretty much be
all of us I guess. It also has CoQ10. I believe that stands for Colorado quantity: ten.
Probably means you take ten pills a day if you live anywhere near Colorado.

Granni, I hope the hearing aids really do aid. My Doc said my left ear, was clogged,
but it seems to work Ok for me. I can hear through both earphones. Back in the 80's
there was a play that toured the country called Legends. It starred both Mary
Martin and Carol Channing. But both gals were pretty old. Mary couldn't remember
her lines, so they fixed her up with ear phones so the prompter could help her with
the dialogue. Except things didn't always work to well. Sometimes the ear phones
picked up police sirens. And sometimes they just went dead. The playwright wrote
a book about it: Diary of a Mad Playwright.

I agree with you about the oldies. That's all I listen to on Youtube.

Sun, Yes, Minnie Pearl was pretty sharp. Educated too. She was graduated from
Nashville's Belmont College. She said in her bio she did not want her country-
western fans to know that.

Do you like stories about cats? I've had Gladys Taber's book on her cat Amber
on hold for a month. Maybe the library misplaced it. Well, they have more than
6 million books.

Julie, sorry to hear about the sinus headache. My mother used to get those. She
was miserable. Nice of you to help out the neighbors. Pictures at the wedding, huh?
If the Amish aren't careful they'll catch up with the 19th century. Although I would
expect their population to be shrinking, I read on the net that it's growing. In the
last 25 years it has grown by 150%.

Our one tomato plant is currently doing nothing. I tasted some tomatoes at
the market this morning. They had no flavor so no buy-ee. Did buy some
raspberries though. With milk and sugar they were pretty good. W/o they
were sour.

Time for din-din. The chef has prepared fish with his own homemade tartar

Hope all our porchers, present and otherwise, are doing as well as possible.
Hugs, Rock
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Good Sunday Morning, Kids,

Good grief! Woke up and looked out the window and the tennis court flood lights were on. It was 5:30 a.m. One has to have a key to get in there so it had to be a resident. No one was inside the courts. Those lights are expensive to run. They are on a timer so they will go out eventually. I'm not going out in the dark to turn them off. Seems to me that residents of the hood get stoopuder as time goes on.

Rock, I don't think Duckie is traveling. I imagine she came to the Porch right in the middle of the big fight and decided she wanted nothing to do with it. It's too bad. Now, we have lost two Porchies. I think Whole Foods should change their name to, Food For More. There are several products in the hemp family. The one I got is made entirely from hemp but there is one which contains MJ. That one isn't legal to sell here. From what I've read, researchers think the hemp helps with Alzheimer's but it needs to be studied. There is one specifically for seizures. This one calms me almost immediately which is nice, in addition to helping with pain. They know it helps with the immune system and with inflammation.

There are three potential hurricanes whirling out in the Atlantic. One will likely hit the Carolinas. One will likely turn north out in the Atlantic. One is on the same path as Irma a year ago. It is named Isaac. When I see them on the weather map, I feel sick inside. That storm was very traumatic, not because of all the damage because it didn't do much damage here. It was all the lead up to the storm, being afraid as we waited like sitting ducks. It was the aftermath with no power. When we got power, it was seeing all the destruction south of us and in Puerto Rico. It's also anger that climate change isn't being taken as seriously as it should be. Experts say we should expect more and stronger hurricanes, tornadoes, droughts, and fires. I wonder how long it will be before there is no insurance due to all these claims.

Some guy here was trying to elude the cops and ran into the water in a canal. The water had blue/green sludge all over the top and the perp was soon covered in it and it was making him sick. He turned and swam back to the cops, asking for their help. A neighbor let the cop use his hose to clean the gunk off of him. Instead of gated communities, perhaps we need neighborhoods surrounded with moats full of gators and blue/green algae.

OK, I'm off to read the real, honest to goodness genuine newspaper. Hope all y'all have a great day.

Love, Mikie


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Hi Mikie

So the guy trying to escape the cops was not caught red handed. Red faced, maybe?
It sure sounds like the world is getting more and more outta whack with overpopulation
and destruction of the environment and on and on.

I'm going over the Homebound Board to post some songs regarding things found
in the sky.

Happy Sunday, Kids


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Good morning Dear Porchies,

Just drinking my tea and finishing taking all my supps before church . Not completely ready to go but wanted to pop in for a bit and see what was going on so early in the a.m., at least for me.

ROCK - Was going to answer you about the Hemp but I see that MIKIE did. Glad you received all the other supps you ordered. It is more than annoying when one doesn't get what was ordered and you NEED it. Haven't bought any hearing aids yet but doing research you might call it. If you are wearing them what brand do you use and have you liked them? Have they been reliable?

MIKIE - Thanks for the info on the Hemp . I did check on it on PH and you are right on how pricy it is but might be worth it if it gives relief. How often do you take it? I am guessing maybe you take it when it is really getting to you... How much do you take ( sprays) at a time? I saw others cheaper too but not sure they were exactly the same or as good. I will have to wait on ordering it as I am a bit overspent right now.

Yes, DH has been very busy checking out these storms that might be coming our way. think Florence is already a Hurricane and headed towards the eastern coast around NC. Hoping that all these storms don't cause problems for us here in and around the Gulf and that we don't have to cancel our trip to Branson, Mo in Oct. Can't believe some peeps forgot t turn off the lights in the tennis court by you. What a waste of money in electricity that

Hope we haven't scared away DUCKIE from the Porch. Hope she will come back soon as we will miss her. Hope she is just not up to it or very busy.

Extra prayers for SUN today at church. Have to go get ready to leave soon. May pop in later if I get the chance to.

Granni :)



Hi, Kids,

Gonna have lunch early and get into the tub. My hair needs shampooing but gonna stretch it another day. I need to go to the store but will likely put that off til tomorrow too. Publix has a BOGO on spices. I need to check the spices in the new Martha Stewart Instant Pot cookbook with what I have. I think there are probably three or four I need. Yesterday, I watched Patti's Mexican Kitchen, I think it's called, on PBS. She is sooo cute and cooks the most yummy looking Mexican food. She also goes to cities in Mexico and works with chefs there. Yesterday it was Tiajuana and street food. OMG! I was drooling. She made some shrimp tacos which looked like heaven. I might fix that one. I have two bags of shrimp in the freezer and don't want them to go to waste if we lose power. BTW, Roma tomatoes are usually used in Mexican cooking because they hold their shape.

My daycare family when I was growing up was from Mexico, at least, the parents were. I don't remember my daycare Mom's ever fixing Mexican food. She was a great cook and baker but her meals were typical American ones. She and my daycare Dad spoke Spanish when they didn't want us kids to know what they were saying. We could all have been fluent and it's a shame they didn't teach us to speak it.

Rock, I tried to play the new/old game over on Homebound but brain no work. Good puns! It was actually the blue/green algae which made the guy sick so I'd say he was green around the gills. I'm sure getting arrested made him blue. We have a new threat, the kissing bug, not to be confusicated with the love bugs we get which are harmless. The kissing bugs come from South America and are named because they bite on the face, especially children. They then deficate in the bite which causes problems down the road, like heart failure ten years later. Yikes! The paper today showed a sick bird at the local rehab center which was being given Chinese herbs to help with recovery. Thought Gordon might like to know they are good for critters as well as us humans.

Granni, I don't use the CBD oil every day; I use it PRN for pain or anxiety. Sometimes, even when the pain is under control, the anxiety is so bad that I use it for that. Anxiety usually comes after I've been feeling awful for an extended period of time and all I can do is sit. I try to come here, read and watch TV to distract myself but, eventually, I just get down from it all. That's where the oil is great. This particular oil is very fast acting when held in the mouth for 30 seconds under the tongue. It isn't a very pleasant taste but worth it. It gets rid of pain which the OTC meds haven't touched fast too. I have some Rx stuff but don't like taking it. It messes me up and once, I got high from it. The oil's only side effect is feeling calm. Of course, these things affect us all differently. I do think the high quality supps are worth it.

My taquitos are done in the microwave so I'll go get them. Don't like processed foods but, when I feel so exhausted, they come in handy.

Love, Mikie



Good Monday Morning, Kids,

Slept really late this morning and definitely feel more rested. Just hope it lasts. Even if it doesn't, it's an improvement and that's better than nothing at all or going downhill. Little steps, little steps. Last evening, my legs hurt so bad and my thighs were inflamed and very sore to the touch. I took two squirts of the CBD oil in my mouth and decided to try something. I took one squirt for each thigh and rubbed it into the skin. The inflammation almost immediately went away. I couldn't believe it. One squirt goes a long way. The PT tech taught me to massage the inflammation to get the body to release it. When my legs hurt that bad, it's agonizing to massage them. There is a lot of inflammation in my body right now.

I watched a really good movie on Netflix last night, The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society. It was a story about the Nazi occupation of Guernsey Island during WWII and a young female journalist who met the people on the island and told their stories following the war. It was a good old fashioned movie with a romantic plot as the islanders' stories unfolded. My TV watching was interrupted twice, once by a neighbor I haven't talked with for a while and my friend, Bertha, who was returning SV's carrier after borrowing it. She came in and we chatted and had a nice visit just as we did when she borrowed the carrier. Joe is taking her to the airport for her visit to NH.

DD called to tell me she didn't get the Martha Stewart cookbook which should have been delivered a week ago last Sat. I hate dealing with things like this. She called later and said it had just been delivered along with her mail order meds. More than a week late? Something must have happened. I know that USPS, UPS and Fed-X deliver things to the wrong addresses here all the time. Yesterday, someone had put a box up on top of the mailbox bank because it was delivered to the wrong street. It's getting ridiculous. I texted my friend, Claudia, that I had a bill from her Mom's ambulance which was put in my mailbox. I'll take it over today. Good thing I know her Mom's name.

Hope everydooby had a great weekend and will have a wonderful week.

Love, Mikie


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Hi Kids

Mikie, what are you talking about? You could play those musical games with half
your brain in a coma and the other half doing the N.Y. Times crossword. I love
Mexican food too; as long it's not the hot kind.

My wife and I went to Tiajuana 51 years ago with another couple. The gal wanted a
clay pot. Her husband was talking to the vendor to get the price lowered. She was so clueless she stood there saying, "Buy it. Buy it." She's also the one I mentioned before who was obsessed with contact paper. Her apartment was decorated like a hippy
boutique: candles, feathers, posters. And lots of stuff covered with contact paper. She
even covered every key on her typewriter with contact paper.

And then there was the New Year's Day we went to play bridge with some friends.
One of them had his roommate there who was apparently hung over from the
previous night. He was making guacamole dip. He sliced up the avocados with
a very large knife while simultaneously falling across the table. Then he threw
stuff in the blender and whirled it around. When he picked up the blender the
bottom fell out and so did the contents. We laughed while fleeing the premises.

Well, land a Goshen. Here you are again, Mikie. Very nice. Can't get enuff of your
wonderful stuff. Yes, good thing you knew the name of your friend's mother. I
looked up on Wikipedia. The mother of Emperor Claudius was Antonia.

You mean that CBD can get rid of inflammation, and the maker doesn't even tell
you? Very strange. Needs a new person in charge of advertising.

Granni, no I don't have any hearing aids. I recently bought some earphones, but
they are just so I can listen to music or computer videos without disturbing Gordon.
(I don't really care if I disturb his brother. Ha Ha!)

Hugs, Gang.


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A bit humid here. It’s dusk. Just had a light rain. And now the skies are watery grayish blue with grayish clouds. I like.

DHs cousin sis sent some snacks over, (she brings a hamper to her fathers on Nepalese Fathers Day, and sends some over) every year. So I just had a bowl of hot Ramen noodle soup veggie tofu. It’s nice once in while. Also sent a colourful plastic holdall bag perfect for my shopping.

Yesterday DD cooked chicken drumsticks in the air fryer for her father. And bought a military green shirt which he didn’t like. I think he exchanged it. DS bought his father a pair of casual shorts.

Since there’s a break in the continuous rain, we are trying to get rid of some of the jungle outside. Difficult what with the mosquitos - out in full force. We left it so long that it seems an arduous task. We will be busy for a few days yet.

Friend called. She got the sniffles. But is better now. Wants to plan a movie outing like last time. I don’t mind. Sometimes it’s nice to get together and yak about groceries and cleaning and the like.

I hope Sun has a good procedure. Hassle free.

Mikie - hope your body inflammation goes down. What is it due to, you think? Some bug? I’m sure you’re looking forward to cooler weather, like me. But we don t get very cool until end October. I tried to learn Spanish once from a book. Just one of those fads which didn’t last.

Rock - oh dear, I’m craving avocados now. I am. A lovely big delicious one. Some are tasteless. Though they’re still good. I don’t like smearing them on anything. Like to eat them as is.

I was laughing at your posts. You are so funny even when you say nothing.

I get your loopy friend. i don’t collect candles. Actually I de collect things now, but I pick feathers up. I also look at butterflies and tell them thank you for coming. It’s a secret thing between us. Mikie will understand.

Julie - I guess you’re busy also helping with the neighbors wedding. Must be such fun if one is in good health.

Granni - I hope you get the right hearing aids. I guess they’re a godsend if one is really not hearing properly.

I’m sorry to hear Barry was feeling down. I think of him often. Every time I come here.

I think Duckie must be dealing with a situation at work or she fell ill or looking after someone. I don’t think she went away. She said she was having neuropathy in her legs. I hope she pops in soon.

Star too. Probably very busy down under. With her kids and new house.

I’ve an itch to cook something nice. What, I don’t know. The other day our rescue ran out of the gate and terrorized our neighbors, some young people, who were repairing something in their yard. Not maliciously, more like he scooted out and went wuff wuff, mooning to show whos boss.

They scuttled off, clambering on a fence and perching there laughing. Rescue ignored my calls and trotted over to a pair of just washed canvas shoes, picked one up and trotted away with his prize. A construction worker was watching with amusement. Nothing makes rescue happier than knowing he can scare humans. And bringing in spoils from his little jaunts outside.

God bless
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I'M BAAAAAAAACK!!!!! :p:Do_O;)

Sorry I've been away so long. There were several surmises regarding my absence that were very close to the truth. Yes, I was miffed about the political drama, yes, I've been mega-busy at work, yes, the neuropathy in my legs is getting worse. I'm also super busy prepping for the Beethoven performances this weekend, as well as getting ready for my new long-arm machine. Oh, wait...that may have happened while I was away.

So, you all know I have a small sit-down long arm. Now I'm getting a full-size one, with a 10' wide frame, and fully computerized. Yes, it costs as much as a car, so I'll be making payments for the next 5 years. I get that next weekend. It happened like this...I was at my local quilt shop (a mile from my house) and was talking to the owner. I asked whether a particular long-arm could be computerized or not, and she said no, but a different model could. She said that she would be getting a brand new one in for the big quilting and sewing expo happening here this month, and that if someone committed to buying it and taking it home from the show, they'd get a really good deal. I got my financing lined up and committed... I always figured that someday I'd buy one; I just didn't expect it to be so soon. DH was surprisingly ok with it, especially when I told him what kind of money I can make doing long-arm quilting services. I'll probably sell my old long-arm.

Hurricane Gordon arrived here overnight Friday (into Saturday), and it rained all weekend. We got 2.75" of rain at my house, but I know other places got lots more. And now it looks as though Florence will bring us more as well as some hefty winds.

I've not been sleeping well the last week. I've been plagued by most bizarre dreams. And I keep waking up with my hips hurting. Boo.

I've finished my Fireworks quilt top. I think I started it about the time the fireworks started here. I finished it in just barely over 2 weeks. When I added up the hours I documented that I spent on it, I realized that in addition to working full-time, I also quilt full time.

Mikie - I know this is a little late, but I still have to say it. Doesn't every wedding go off with a hitch? I mean, isn't that the whole point? I'm glad the CBD oil helps you. I did read that they've finally declared a state of emergency over the RT.

Sun - Sorry to hear about the return of your CA. You will be in my thoughts. Be strong.

Julie - I hope the Treasures don't wear you out too much. I also hope the break is good for your DD.

Rock - They did a study and found out that refrigerating tomatoes actually causes genetic changes that make them taste different...which is probably why store bought ones never taste like ones off the vine.

I'd love to post more to everyone else, but I'm having trouble keeping straight who posted what.... Suffice it to say that I've been thinking of you all, Granni (your concert is soon???), Star (DH and DS better???), Spring (more festivals...), etc.

I need to get back to work.


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Hi, Kids,

Home again, home again blonder than blond. Colored my hair and it came out great. So did the blow out. Almost nothin' is as great as a really good hair day. I had been using my Joan Rivers powder to color in the roots. Now, Clairol has it and it's only $12. Publix had a good coupon for it but I still have a lot of the JR left. I didn't buy much because I ate lunch before I left and I'm not hungry. Got some spices and SV's gourmet food on BOGO.

Rock, bless your heart; if only it were true. My poor old exhausted pea brain just blanked out and I could think of almost no songs. Yikes! I knew the CBD oil is good for pain and anxiety but wasn't aware of the benefits of getting rid of the inflammation. I found that when researching it. Inflammation is often the cause of the pain. Of course, something else is the cause of the inflammation. In my case, it could be from any of the four chronic conditions I have which are inflammatory or the sciatica which is acting up. I'm laughing at the "Buy it, buy it!" Bet DH could have killed her. Mexicans have no respect for Gringos who won't bargain.

Spring, it'll be hot 'n humid here til the end of Oct. too. I think our weather patterns are very similar. My inflammation is worse when my sciatica rears its ugly head. Arthritis, FMS, CFIDS/ME and Sjogren's are all inflammatory conditions. The Ramen soup sounds like one of the recipes in the MS cookbook. Can't wait to try it. I'm laughing at your little rascal scaring the workers and walking off with the shoe just to show who's the boss. I love critters with lots of personality. Tell DH we all wish him a happy Fathers Day.

Granni, I just got my note to Diane's Kevin sent today because I had lost the address. I gave him my email address and I hope I hear from him. I think of Diane often and really miss her.

Duckie, good grief! It's good to have you back. I think the political fighting is over with. Wow, getting all our leftover rain from the hurricanes. You got more than we did. The storm I'm watching is Isaac because it's on the same path as Irma. Florence and Helena are supposed to miss us too but these storms end up causing problems elsewhere. Weather people say Isaac won't come here but storms do whatever they want to, regardless of the steering systems. This quilt is absolutely gorgeous. The white ones are beautiful but this one is beautiful and dramatic. Yes, getting hitched is the whole idea; I thought about that when I posted it. I have non-diabetic peripheral neuropathy too. Mom had it. Mine is not severe unless I have been feeling lousy and not moving around enough. Hope yours is better.

It was sooo hot out when I walked over to Claudia's to take her Mom's bill which had been put in my mailbox by mistake. She will need it tomorrow when she meets with the financial person at her Mom's facility. I picked up my mail and I've gotten my new Medicare card with the code instead of my SSN on it. The RT is supposed to be better but it really affected me when I went out and walked that short distance. The winds are onshore and that may be why. It takes only a wee bit to affect me. Army Corps of Engineers have stopped releasing water into the river from Lake O and that should help. Unfortunately, if the lake gets too full again, they will resume the releases.

We have a really good little free weekly newspaper and I picked one up. Think I'll go read it and do the Xword puzzle. I'm starting to feel tired from everything I did which wasn't much. When I get like this, I remember when I couldn't get out of bed most of the time except to go to the bathroom. This is better.

Hope all y'alls' week is off to a wonderful start.

Love, Mikie

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Mikie - I answered your PM earlier this morning. I also have a big fat post right before yours. Maybe it's the blonde hair getting in the way. Of course, I have no right to speak there as I am a natural bottle blonde.


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Hey, Duckster

Good to see you back. I love your quilt. I guess this photo is bigger than the last
one. It now looks 3-D. And each star is different. What a Whiz! Good point about
the bride and groom getting hitched. I think it might be different for sailors. I
read they sometimes opt for a half-hitch. I hope your new machine does everything
you want it to.

Oops. Neighbor and her dog are here for a visit. Both have names that start with
"M". Something else to get confusiated about. The dog is small and hyperactive.
It runs around the yard non stop. Tries to get in the house. Wants to sniff every
room; go upstairs. Today it was investigating one of those big bags that hold pounds
of dog food, etc. The particular bag had some kind of insect poison inside. Good
thing she didn't take a bite outta that. The cat flees as soon as the dog makes an
appearance. I feel sure the cat would win if they actually got into a skirmish.

Guess I'd better go downstairs and socialize.

Ok, back again. Gordon gave our guest a medium sized zucchini and some sort
of plant.

Mikie, actually Tom was very patient with his new and beautiful wife. I used
to work with Tom. My wife worked with his wife. Been many decades since we
had any contact with them.

Springwater, good to know you appreciate my humor even when I say nothing.
Here's some for you.

Gordon has the trunk full of Wal*Mart goods. Gotta go help carry in stuff.

Hugs y'all, Rock


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Duck:. Good to see you again and LOVE the quilt! And you are now in possession of your long arm? So will it be word of mouth or will you advertise in quilting magazines or what? You must have one very understanding husband, in that he can't drive it! LOL

Rock: Always the funny guy. Humor where others don't see.

Spring. How nice of your DD to cook for her dad. Most men are picky about their clothes though, I hope it didn't hurt her feelings.

Mikie: I have a CBD oil that I was told to put 10 drops under my tongue. Don't think it worked that well so recently I tried mixing up my own cream. Put 30 drops in a very small jar (about l/4cup maybe more) and I rub it on. This seems to help the most for me. The name of the CBD oil is NuLeaf. Cost me $65 for a small bottle....I got the larger size. It says 725 mg

Granni and everyone: Thanks for your prayers and good wishes. Surgery is next monday. Trying not to agonize over it.