Porch No 1088 is closed. SEPT 13, 2018.


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Hi Kids

Our new porch is open. Just came in from watering. The big news is the naked
ladies are in bloom again. And our newest plant, the Mexican Spider, is in bloom.
It is even more striking in person than in the pic below.

Have been reading an unusual book. I can read what one of my relatives had to
say 151 years ago. He was the defense attorney at a trial in Washington DC, two
years after Lincoln's assassination. The defendant was John Surratt, son of
Mary Surratt who had been executed two years earlier. The first woman every
executed by the Federal Government. The jury could not agree on a decision.
Eight members voted not guilty. Surratt was eventually released. He lived
until 1916 when Woodrow Wilson was President and America had 48 states.

I am being paged. Back shortly.



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Hi Again

Am keeping up my strength with a snack: peanut butter on crackers and Kern's
Peach Nectar. What could be more healthful? Protein and fruit.

Sun, I hope your foot is healing up without any problem. You know what the most disturbing P.S. from a kid at camp is? "Our counselor says I should ask when did
I have my last tetanus shot?"

Granni, it's good you have a DH who can take care of the finances. Gordon does it
all here now that I've lost my marbles. No cents losing my moola too.

Mikie, did you study how to fly through hurricanes when you learned to fly?
Remember when Hurricanes were always given female names? This led to jokes
such as, "Well, when they leave a guy they usually take his car and house."

I suppose Wonder Woman could do it in her invisible plane. Three years ago
the Smithsonian released a story saying they would display that plane. On
April first.

Gonna go lie down.


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Good afternoon everyone!

After all the fuss and bother I went through this weekend, the fixes I installed didn't fix what they were supposed to fix, and worse yet, they caused other inexplicable problems. Kinda like my inexplicable (idiopathic) neuropathy. But worse, cuz people can't do their work. So we're putting support tickets in with Microsoft.

Granni - I haven't gotten my long-arm yet, but I keep stretching. No, wait...I'm down in single digits (days) on my countdown timer - 8 to be precise. Tonight is one of the last 2 rehearsals before the Beethoven concerts. Tomorrow we have a full dress rehearsal. The concerts are Saturday night and Sunday afternoon. In an unusual twist, my family is actually going to come.

Sun - Take care of that foot. I hope it doesn't cause any issues with the impending surgery.

Rock - You have me giggling as usual. Thanks for the new porch volume.

Mikie - May your pool repairs go swiftly and smoothly! It's funny how all the cats are different. Hagrid doesn't talk much to me, but he HOWLS at DH and DS. And they reward him by immediately petting him, so he keeps doing it. Sirius doesn't meow much at all except on Saturdays when they get their treat of a can of wet food. Worf is usually fairly quiet, but will meow when he wants attention from me. Storm will meow when he's in a lovey mood.

Spring - I'm excited about my new toy...well, not a toy at that price, really! Still, I plan to have fun with it. I went down to the shop to get a pattern I had ordered, and we went to look at the boxes. I got to pet them! :p:rolleyes:

I have to go now...gotta leave work on time so I can drive to Dayton.

Hugz to all!



Good Friday Morning, Kids,

Watching hurricane coverage on TV. The eye wall has made landfill at Wilmington, NC. This storm is so slow that it's just dumping rain like crazy. Later the morning, it will be high tide there again and they will likely have another surge. It has dropped to a Category 1 but the surge can still be as bad as a Cat 3. I can really empathize with the folks there.

I was watching houses in Mass. go up in flames as gas leaks hit one house after another. People had to evacuate because there is evidently no way to know which house will explode next. Yikes! Lots of old homes there with old gas lines and water pipes.

Rock, I don't see how anyone could fly through a hurricane. It boggles the mind. I once practiced landings with 26 mph wind shear and that was challenging enough. Had to roll down the runway on one wheel. It was good practice. That orchid looks just like some we have here in the Everglades. They are so beautiful. Yes, the Women's Movement put a stop to only female names for storms. A storm by any other name...

Duckie, how nice that your family will attend the concert. I hope all goes well. I admire you and Granni for all the work you put into bringing joy to others. Speaking of joy, I'll bet there will be joy in Quiltville when the new long arm arrives. Cats, like dogs and kids, do really have different personalities. Two kittens from a litter and raised by the same mother kitty can be different as night and day. Tweety was the alpha cat from the start and SV was content to have her take charge. Didn't realize you have four kitties. That must be fun.

Gonna go read the virtual newspaper. I hope the TV news is covering more than just the hurricane. How long can I watch some guy in a poncho out in the rain and wind like some kind of idiot who doesn't know enough to come in out of the weather? Once saw Al Roker blown around on the ground like a tumbleweed when he was doing that.

Hope all our Porchies are having sunshine and pain-free days. Lots of energy too.

Love, Mikie


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Morning, Kids

Mikie, Gladys Taber makes the same point that you do about the personalities of
animals. She says pups from the same litter may include one who is shy, one who is boisterous, one who is playful, etc. I'm glad I started reading her books again. She
was so prolific; thus far I've read four I hadn't read before.

We went to the library yesterday. There were only 3 books waiting for us; all for
Gordoni. I picked up a new book. I don't like the new ones that can only be checked
out for a week, but that's all I could find. Got the latest novel from Anne Tyler. Anne
is a prolific writer. From Minneapolis. One year younger than I. Like Dave Barry
she won a Pullet Surprise. Didn't sleep much yet, so I finished it an hour or so ago.

I'm sorry I missed Al Roker's impersonation of a tumbleweed. Dave Barry commented
a couple times on reporters who stand in the surf while broadcasting, "It is very
dangerous out here. Do not come to the beach."

Yes, the news about gas lines exploding was terrible. I was reading a book about
the history of LA a couple decades ago. In the 1020's I think, the gas lines
under a block in LA exploded. Every house and every person nearby was killed.
Very scary. If you're not safe in your house, where are you safe?

I misspelled exploded. Looked it up. Got a whole page of ads about Exploding
Kittens. Turns out it's the name of a new card game. "The game that raised 8
million dollars on Kickstarter." I don't know what that last sentence means.

Duckie, don't the days drag on when you're waiting for something in the mail. I
remember sending in cereal box tops when I was a kid. Sometimes with a dime or
a quarter. Best item I ever got was some sort of a decoder ring. Flash Gordon,
I think. I bet Sun could sell it for big bucks on Etsy if I still had it.

Oh yeah, what does "support tickets with Microsoft" mean?

Hope everybody has a good Friday. Remember how we looked forward to the
weekends. Now it's pretty much always the weekend. I'd be thrilled to go back
to work if it meant I was healthy again. I am extra miserable because while I
was alternately reading and sleeping in the bedroom yesterday, I got several
itchy bug bites. Turns out Gordon had the bedroom window open. Only you
can't tell from the bedroom. You have to go into the closet and then into the
storeroom behind the closet (this is an old house; apparently built with no
blueprint). Soon as he discovers I shut the window he will open it. This could be
a big problem. Sigh.

Sun, your surgery is Monday, right? I'm doing like Lucy. Crossing my fingers,
arms, legs, etc. She also crossed here eyes, but I can't do that. I can dot them though.

Hope you all have a good weekend.


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Good morning!

Those explosions in Mass. are scary!

I have a coworker (well, 2 coworkers, cuz both hubby and wife work here) with a son in his freshman year down at Duke. He's been there about 3 weeks, and now this hurricane is coming. And he's in his dorm with a 103 fever...and the campus is in disaster mode, which means the student health services are closed. His parents are, needless to say, quite worried...

Rock - Kickstarter is a website where people who have an idea for something can post it and beg for funds to bring it to market. For example, I have an idea for the world's best ever mouse-trap. I make a prototype, post it on kickstarter and say I need $40,000 to get it started. If people donate money, they get something in return, like a discount on the product, or even the product for free if they donate enough. Many kickstarter projects don't get enough money, and the money donated is supposed to be returned to the person who donated it.

As for the support ticket, since we're able to prove that the issue we are having is not the result of some custom code we have, we can ask for their help (support ticket) to fix it. They've already confirmed that one of the issues we're seeing is a known bug, and have offered a solution.

Mikie - I have talked about my 4 cats before, but it's easy to lose track. Most often I talk about Worf, cuz he's my buddy.

Back to my fires at work, which are still burning quite brightly. Fortunately, they are virtual and don't force anyone from their homes or cause death or injury.

Hugz to all!



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Dear Ones,

Have a project I need to do on the computer so can't stay long. Just popped in to check the new POrch. Thank you ROCK for starting us up again.

DUCKIE - I am sure you are impatiently waiting for your Longarm machine to come in the mail . Hope it comes soon for you so you can start your projects. Just what you need, more projects. Where do you find the time ??? Good luck with your concert.

OMG, I cannot even imagine how those parents of their son feel as he is stuck very sick with fever at the dorm at DUKE U with that awful storm. The kid must be feel awful and probably scared such as his parents feel and so helpless. I hope that this young man has some company and is not completely by himself. Hope he has the right meds. Conditions are probably not great to go out anyway but what a mess. When you find out more let us know. NOw I am worried for him. How did you ever name WORF? Does that have a meaning??? It is sort of cute !!

JULIE - Please try and take it easy a little bit if that is possible. You don't want to crash when those kiddos get there.

Thinking about everyone - MIKIE, ROCK, SUN, SPRING WATER and anyone else I might have forgotten.. Hope all are well.

Love to awl,
Granni :)


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Granni - The long-arm isn't coming in the mail. I get it after the Quilt and Sewing expo (it's the machine they're bringing in for the show, so it will be almost a brand new machine...). I have to pick it up from the show and take it home, then they'll come in and set it up. This thing is very, very big....

We just got word that my coworker's son got to a doctor; it is a case of mono, and is not serious (the worry was that it was meningitis). They told him to take ibuprofen and to rest. His fever is down to 99 now.

My DH named Worf. Worf was a character on the Star Trek series on television. He was a Klingon with a bad disposition, and when we first brought Worf home, he was growling at everything... Now he is just a sweet, chill cat.


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DUCKIE - When is the Quilt and Sewing expo? I'll bet you are anxious to get it. Did you get a bargain of sorts since it is sort of show model? I know they are rather expensive and I sure never could afford one even if I could sew worth a darn. I can do some hand sewing and I can sew a seam on the machine which I am probably going to get rid of soon. It s just taking up space and have no place to put it up. It is no good in the box.

So glad that that young man got some help and he is doing better. Wow, mono can be very bad so hope they caught it early enough as to not cause lots of problems. He will definately need to get lots of rest and having to go to school , esp first year in the university may be difficult.

Gotta run . Love to awl,


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Granni - the Expo starts Thursday and ends Saturday. Yes, I'm getting a 20% discount, and yes, they are VERY expensive machines, but half the cost is the software to run the automation. You can buy the machine without the software, but I already have a sit-down long-arm without software, so this time I wanted the whole deal! :D


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DUCKIE - You go girl !!! You will be something with the new one with all the bells and whistles. Your masterpieces are gorgeous already. What is the name and model of your monster :)!!!??? Just curious I ave never seen one but I guess you have lots of room for this big boy, or is it a girl :confused::p:rolleyes:!! he he I know you will love it and make lovely masterpieces with it. I just do not know how you find the time to do the quilting, singing and work, etc, etc, However, then you are young and can do a lot more than I for sure !! Enjoy the expo and your new machine sweetie !! We want to see more lovely creations between your quilts and SUN's paintings and art work. Speaking of music before, I need to go study mine !!

MIKIE - Hope you are feeling OK and no worse than the usual for your RT etc etc. I figured I would get the hurricane coverage from you my dear !!!! Good job !! Yes, I have been watching some of it too. It is so sad and they have been rescuing people from homes, etc, They were speaking of that early this morning when I turned on the TV. Now it has settled down , in some areas, some but is getting ready for the next wave so to speak.. Did you find much on TV besides the hurricane???? There is some but then many also have part of the screen with info and pictures of the hurricane. Yes, kitties, and all animals I think are like humans. They can be raised the same, with the same mother and come out so very different. I know from DD;s cats and my eldest DD's twin sons, now almost 19 years old and so VERY VERY different.

SUN - Rest and hope you feel OK or as well as you can be to be ready for Monday. Prayers your way and I know it will all work out well. HUGZ your way sweet lady !!

Love you all,
Granni :)



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Good morning Kids

That's some machine, Duckie. I read it can do 2,500 stitches per minute. That's faster
than a machine gun can shoot. I also looked at the price tag. It had no numbers, but
said: $$$$. Well it's always good to combine new technology with hold. For example,
look what you get when add electricity to something as simple as a chair.

That's right. You get the tilt a whirl. This boon to mankind was invented in Fairbault,
Minnesota. GRANNI, you probably know this already. All tilt a whirls are made in
the same place: Plainview, Texas. Might make a nice excursion for you and DH.
Maybe they need volunteers to test the new whirlers.

Mikie, I put another Gladys Taber on hold. We went to the Amelia Earhart library
yesterday. Bought some books for a quarter. And checked out the current best
seller The President Is Missing by Bill Clinton and Robert Patterson. I put a copy
on hold with our local library a month ago. As of yesterday I was number 16 in the
Queue. The library has 12 copies. I'd still be waiting at Thanksgiving time.

The Washington Post called the book pure marketing genius like Ruth Bader
Ginsburg and Katy Perry. Dunno who they are. Friends of Beyonce perhaps.

I am a mass of bumps, bites and battle scars. Went out to feed the cat yesterday
morning. Plus was attacked in the house. I have bumps the size of ping pong balls.
We have numerous sprays, lotions, etc. They help but not for very long.

Hugs to Sun, Julie, Spring, JB, Star


Good Saturday Morning, Kids,

Thought I'd get back here yesterday but I had some kind of stomach bug and felt horrible all day. My hair is awful and I can't wait to get into the shower. Of course, Joe decided to just drop in. I was in my robe and told him not to get too close and catch it. He kicked off his shoes and said he had already had it last week. Doh!!! Most of us would say that we would come back when things were better. I guess it's good that he feels comfortable enough with me to be around me when I'm not well and look like crap but, on the other hand, he doesn't seem to have boundaries that he respects.

As though that were not enough, DOF decided to Facetime me. He doesn't understand that he has to hold his iPad in front of his face even when I tell him I'm looking up his nostrils. Then, he couldn't figure out how to hang up. Every time I tried to, it just paused my phone. He finally shut his computer off and it disconnected. I need to look up how to get off of a Facetime call when the other guy initiated it. He loves Facetiming but I don't think his friends, including me, are loving it. As we say in our family, it's like giving a gun to a duck.

I got up at 4:30 and walked down to the mailboxes to get my new coffee pot filters. These are the right ones, thank God. I think one of my friends has a Keurig so I'll see whether she can use the first ones I got. They look exactly the same but the Keurig are larger. It is soooo hot and humid out. I think Sept. is our hottest and most humid month. I need to get to the store for the vinegar; yes, the second coffee machine is still sitting on the counter top waiting to be descaled. Everything has come to a standstill.

I just noticed in my last post that I said the storm had made landfill instead of landfall. When I feel this lousy, I often substitute one word for another without realizing it. Once in a while, it turns out to be funny or punny or true.

Granni, so nice to see you here for this long. I like it when they split the TV screen to show the storm while the other shows are on. What gets to me is nonstop hurricane coverage with the same pictures of the beaches and idiot reporters out in the wind and rain. By 11:00, I was glad to see The View was on. At least it was something different than storm coverage. I'm laughing at your pun which you may not know you made. You said "...even if I could sew worth a darn." I'll bet kids today don't know that people used to darn their socks. We never did but I remember seeing women using sock darning eggs to hold the socks in place while they darned the holes. Are the twins identical? I know even identical twins can be different.

Rock, I can't read a book in a week either. Mostly because reading makes me sleepy. It's even worse with nonfiction which I'm reading now. Our library has books I can download on my Kindle but those have to be finished in two weeks. That's not enough time. When I feel decent, I want to clean or do things. When I don't, I just want to let TV distract me. Reading falls in between and I don't have a lot of in between. With Amazon, I don't usually wait more than two days for things to come in the mail unless the mail person puts them in the wrong mailbox. That happens waaay too often. It took eight days for the new cookbook to get to DD in CO. We don't know where it was during that time. I hope the other one for the other DD gets to her. I sleep with all the windows closed because of my allergies and the RT. There are too many bugs outside and our screens aren't tight. Neighbor downstairs woke to ants crawling all over him in bed. AACCKK!!

Duckie, I'm sure you have mentioned all your cats before but I don't remember your mentioning them all in one post. Also, my memory is shot right now because I'm so exhausted. It's all I can do to keep track of one cat.

I think because Diane and I were such good friends, and we emailed one another and often mentioned our kitties, that I can still remember her kitties, Faithy, Beety and Rosie. I mentioned them by name in the note I sent Kevin. I don't know whether I'll hear from him but, at least, he knows we are all thinking of him and remembering Diane.

That hurricane is sooo slooow. They just showed Myrtle Beach on the news. The eye is just now over that area. It has only been moving three to five mph. That's about the pace that people can walk, according to the weatherwoman. She says the humidity will stay with us all day and we will again have afternoon rainstorms. That doesn't bode well for a good hair day.

Yesterday, Dr. Oz was a rerun with two docs who had Near-Death Experiences. Both described them and the common denominator was the overwhelming love they experienced in Heaven. I thought about it, as I have in the past, and decided to try something. I looked at someone who is doing horrible things and decided to look at his behavior as though I loved him, as though he were my child. It's amazing how it softened my feelings toward him. I can't defend what he does but I can't detest him either. God has commanded that we love one another and, if we do what He asks, it makes a lot of difference. It may not make a difference for him but it made a difference for me; it reduced my stress. I highly recommend it.

News says the RT is better off our shore. I'm sooo sensitive to it that it will have to completely dissipate before it stops affecting me but, at least, it's moving in the right direction. I think that once one is sensitized that each exposure is worse than the last.

OK, I'm outta here after this W&P post. Hope y'all have a great weekend.

Love, Mikie



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Rock:. Ruth Bader Ginsburg is a Supreme Court justice.....apparently it is thought she has a great "PR" going for her, more so than other justices. Katy Perry is a popular singer.....actually I think she's pretty good and beautiful to boot. I think that was a slap to Bill Clinton. When I see that someone has a co writer it's a pretty indication that they let the talented writer do most of the work and maybe they supply the ideas. Don't have a desire to read his book though. I think when he lost all that weight he also lost some charisma too.

Hey.....I keep getting bit up too. Went out to the garage last night for 2 min to close a side door and got 3 bites!!!! It was dark too. Can't be fleas in the garage so must be a nightflying aaedes mosquito. I was thinking about it this morning....I'm going to have to cover up even at night. We must have the same blood mixture....bugs love us. I'm covered with various stages of bug bites. &^%$#@*

And THANKS for the funny line about the electricity and a simple chair!!!! LOL

Mikie: Sorry you're sick again with a bug. Joe needed to be just politely shoved out the door! Some people are just dense and I think he's one.

I read a book written by a doctor about near death experiences. He had more gruesome stories about ones who apparently went to HELL, or were being pulled by demonic beings. Do you remember Acesnanna? She told us about when her very mean father was dying.....screaming that beings were pulling on him. That's enough to scare anyone.

I learned a few days ago that my "odd" neighbor across the street is going to have knee replacement. Won't go into all about her though. So I emailed her that I could maybe help her a little when she has it done. So she asked if I could maybe come and stay with her sometimes when her DH has to run to the store or something like that.....I'm thinking NO.....I could RUN errands for her but she has 8 EIGHT cats in her house. And she also takes care of abandoned litters of little kitties.

I've never been in, she's always just come outside to talk to me and closes the door. Even with that I get a huge whiff of CAT! She did post in the local neighborhood site that she needed some cleaning help with her cats and the FUR. I've got COPD so don't think I want to be inside. Someone a few years ago reported that she had over the 2 cat limit living in her house so the animal control came to call. She refused to let them in, said ALL 8 cats have their own litter box. The animal control officer was overrun by her.

I rented yesterday what was supposed to be a very funny movie....Book Club. About 4 senior women and their various love lives or lack of it, and they decide to read 50 Shades of Grey. I haven't read it, nor do I intend to......a soft porn book. I read some reviews about the movie, some were good, some thought it was lame. Well, put me in the lame category. Sorry I wasted my 2 bucks on it. I should have just watched some Downton Abby reruns.

I spent 6 hrs. In my studio yesterday, slapping around the oil paints. It felt good, and took my mind off other things.


Hi, Kids,

Rock, we must have been posting at the same time but yours slipped in just ahead of mine. I also got a kick outta the electric chair. The Tilt-A-Whirl was my favorite ride when I was a yute. I knew how to lean and get it going around like crazy. When you learned that you could put the book on hold, did you grab your jacket off the hangar and fly down to the library? I think you might like the Notorious RBG. She is in her 80's and does a mean workout at the gym. Everyone seems to love her.

Sun, I seldom pay for movies but I'm glad to hear the heads up on The Book Club. One of my friends here liked it but I thought it looked kinda lame when I saw the trailer. I do remember Laurie but don't know whether or not I remember about her father's NDE. I have heard of people who were beset by demons. One woman had two NDE's and the first time, she had dark demons pulling at her. She was revived and lived for a long time and had another NDE. This time, she was in Heaven. The first time scared her straight. If I shoved Joe out the door, it would probably really hurt his feelings. Underneath it all, he's a really good guy and good friend. Hope you and Rock can keep the bugs at bay. I don't go out so don't get bit. They love me too.

Evidently, I'm not the only one who is having problems with Facetime. The last update seems to have crippled it. I'm gonna ask my kids if they have problems now with it. We seldom us it 'cept for holidays. I did mange to take a shower and blow dry my mop. I need to trim it. It can grow just enough in one week so that it no longer blows out well. I'm still off my feedbag and don't want to go to the store. Nothing will appeal to me.

Hope all y'all are having a good one.

Love, Mikie


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Hi Folks,

I have spent the morning reading, sleeping and dealing with bug bites. For the last
hour the ones on the back of my hand have been causing the most trouble. Too bad
we didn't kill more bugs when we had DDT around.

Mikie, I looked up facetiming. I read it's when people spend time together. They are
face to face. I also read it's something you do on computers. It's great that we have
computers so we can stay informed.

I can still read a book in a day. I did yesterday with the Anne Tyler book. But
I don't like the pressure of having to get that book back so soon. And I think the fine
is the same for a late DVD. A dollar a day. Let's see. In 5 days that would be....
Gordon says he thinks it's the regular 35 cents. I've seen really old books with the
old library sticker inside the front cover saying the fine is 2 cents a day.

Doncha just love those stories about library books found in an attic. 17 years over-
due. The fine is always something like 46 million dollars.

Well, @!!#*&^%**!! Lost a whole a paragraph. Even the pioneers trekking
West didn't have to put up with this hardship.

Seems like the government is pretty much ignoring the Red Tide. I'd invite
you to come here and stay, but then you'd have to put up with lump lump and
me in my crabby state. It's not that I'm crabby by nature. It's just that there's so
much to be crabby about.

Sun, I hope your bites are less onerous than mine. My crack about Ruth Ginsburg
was yust a yoke as the Norskies say. I read about her when she joined the Court.
She has such an impressive resume it would do for several attys. I read she wears
that doily in tribute to somebody. Good thing she didn't admire Johnny Depp. She'd
be wearing a dead crow on her head.

Never heard Katty Perry till just now. She was singing something or other on
Youtube with sets and costumes from France in the 18th century. I didn't stick
around to watch her get beheaded.

Your neighbor's house reminds me of a house on our block when I was a kid. I
don't know how many cats lived there, but it was a lot. The odor was such that
you could smell it when you walked by. All the cats were identical. Gray tabbies.

OK, gonna go put on more anti itch stuff. Hugs, Kids.



Hi, Kids,

Just droppin' in for a bit. Still not up to doing much and there's nothing on TV 'cept reruns and hurricane coverage. I decided to check out a HULU original series, The Looming Tower. It's about the events leading up to 9/11. That was so traumatic that I didn't think I'd want to revisit it but this show is sooo good. Seems that the FBI and CIA weren't cooperating agencies at the time. Instead of working together to try to prevent terrorist attacks, they were busy protecting their own turf. The acting is really good and it's suspenseful. Some of the series Netflix and Amazon make aren't worth the time to watch. Same for some of their movies.

Rock, I think overdue books were only a couple of pennies a day when I was a kid. In our group of friends, it was considered bad form to be late getting books returned. We hung out at the library so much that it wasn't a problem for us. So glad my Mom and my friends liked to read. The love of reading has given me a lifelong gift. If I came to stay, you would have to put up with my profuse swearing but I do appreciate your thinking of me. It's better for all concerned, except SV, that I live alone. Joe says the same thing about himself. Amazing that we managed to live together for a week last year. I think Katy Perry's half-time show at the Super Bowl was the best one yet.

Hmmm, if RBG honored Willy Nelson, she would have to wear a red bandana. If she were to honor Lady Gaga, she'd have to wear a collar of meat. If she were to honor who live with the burden of losing text on our computers, she'd have to wear an albatross around her neck. This could be a new game. If she were to honor us who live in constant pain, she could wear a heating pad or ice pack around her neck. Speaking of pain, I need to go take some pain med and nasal spray.

Love, hugs and prayers to everydooby.

Love, Mikie