Porch No 1093 is Open. Oct. 7, 2018.


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Hi Kids

Welcome to a new episode of Kids On the Porch. Brought to you every day
by Pro Health, The folks who Pro-vide this venue to help us on our way.

The beautiful house above has not one but two porches. It was built during
the Civil War in Wilmington by Phineas Banning, just South of LA. It is now
a museum near the Drum Barracks which housed Union Civil War Soldiers and
can also be toured. Phineas donated land for the new fort. Took my mother etc.
there a couple times. Photo below


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Hi everyone! Thanks, Rock, for a new porch...love the picture...people could sure get lost in there, lol! Speaking of getting lost...I couldn't find Den when I got up, but I could hear "Woodright's Shop" on TV. Found him in the "North wing"...upstairs above the woodworking shop in the room where Amy sleeps. We have a TV up there...he went up there to watch so he wouldn't disturb me since I wasn't up yet. And he's already had breakfast...so I'm just sitting at the computer with my first cup of coffee, lol!

Mikie, glad you got some things done...sorry it's so painful for you and you aren't up to par just yet. Yep, the woodsplitter saves a lot of time and a lot of ax handles, lol! Before we got the splitter, and had to do it by hand, I've lost track of how many ax handles I broke when I "overshot" the piece of wood and landed with the handle instead of the sharp metal part. Apparently, my depth perception has been "off" for years, lol!

Still raining here, just as the weathermen and women promised. I'll just keep plugging along inside. If I get tired of cleaning/picking up, I've got lots of Christmas presents to wrap...I'm done shopping for the grandkids and we are just giving the others some money. Glad I started shopping in July and had an idea of what I wanted to get all of them...similar things, but different styles and age "requirememnts." Since we are having our Christmas so early, I'll skip the stockings and mail them sometime in December.

No actual news, I guess, so I'll just get busy. Take care, everyone!



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Hi Folks

The plumber is here. Was here a week ago. Gordon told him the upstairs sink wasn't draining properly. He said it was fine. Well, it wasn't. Just heard some talk about
copper pipes. I believe they cost a pretty penny.

Sun, the video wouldn't play, but I read the article. We have lots of water around the
garden for Gordon's plants. No change of getting rid of that. The cat prefers to drink
outta the water bucket rather than her dish. I dunno what's in that bucket, but it's a
pale green color.

When I was at the Banning house the guide said a small portable organ was often
brought out on the top porch to entertain visitors below who would sing along.

Julie, you must have a fierce swing if you can bust an ax handle. I think I read the
most common injury was the ax ricocheting off the wood and into the ankle.

Think I'll wander downstairs snack on a sausage or two. I just realized. I stopped
eating turkey some decades ago because I somehow became allergic to it. But
these sausages are made with turkey. Yet causing no problem. Very confusiain'.

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Rock: GREEN WATER????? Seriously it's the standing water where they can breed. It showed even a bottle cap that had water in it. There have been over 75 cases of West Nile Virus already in So. Cal. I went around my garden after the big storm that hit here and dumped all standing water. This morning I realized there was some water in the indented part of bottles I have in my plants that hold water. BEFORE I venture out I put on my "mosquito wear"......very fashionable, flowered pants that have elastic at the ankles and my LONG, LARGE mans shirt....covered with paint since I use it for painting.

I talked to my DD today. She's still got a painful stomach after she eats anything. She's been living on white rice, toast, eggs, and bananas. Yesterday they were to go out with friends to see Lady Gaga's new movie and then to eat. I asked what she ate. She said the chef made her some rice with chicken, but she did say yesterday was really bad for her. Her friend told her she had painful stomach for over 6 months when she had gotten salmonella poisoning. Almost makes you afraid to eat out anywhere.

Last week when my stomach problems started I was thinking over EVERYTHING I had consumed. It was morning and I was going to add cream to my coffee....ewwwwww. (Stinky when sniffing it). bad 1/2 & 1/2 from Target.....code was November and I had just bought it on sunday, so now I'm thinking this is what started this for me. I will NEVER buy any food from Target again.
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Good evening, dear Porchies!

Yes, I had fun with my new machine this weekend. I finished 2 small quilts and half of a large quilt. I have to keep reminding myself that I have permission to suck at it for a while. It's a whole different ballgame than what I've done before.

My DM has her first cataract surgery early tomorrow. My DB is taking her. He's also going to stay overnight with her and take her for the follow up on Tuesday.

Star - I'm so sorry you are suffering so much. I hope you feel better soon.

Spring - That kurta looks super comfortable. I've always thought sarees looked like they'd be comfortable to wear as well.

Rock/Sun - yes, it's standing water that mosquitoes love. If you have to have standing water, you can help combat them by getting devices that keep the water moving.

Mikie - I hope the red tide is gone for a while!

Julie - We haven't had much rain for a week or more. We have a chance of rain on Tuesday, and then cooler, more seasonable temps will return. It's been close to 90 the last few days!!

It is now my bed time. I was going to try to go to bed early...for some reason it never happens. Hugz to all!



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Hi Kids

Well, The Day of the Plumbers is over. I hope we never need them again. The two
visits totaled close to a thousand dollars. AACCKK! Where is a plumbing BOGO
when you need one?

Like most of the civilized world we have a mesh strainer in the bathroom sink. But
Gordon's brother takes it out and never puts it back. Items found in the pipe under
the sink included the flush lever from the new toilet which broke off shortly after it
was purchased. Seems like everything you buy nowadays is flimsy junk from SE Asia.
So that was in there and a big toothpaste cap (bigger than a quarter) and a penny
and something else I think. Gordon's thinks the pipes were new some decades
ago when an extension was added to the house. So there's build up of this, that
and who knows what in there.

I have been telling Gordon for years about his bother's nonsensical behavior, but
he pays no attention to anything I say about Lump Lump. And no, he's not going to
insist his brother pay for the repairs.

Duckie, Glad you new machine is working. Sounds like you got lots done over the
weekend. As some sage said, "You need the right tools if you want to be creative."
Oh, wait. It was I.

Julie, I feel sure your grandkids will eventually be great gandparents thanks to
the model you've shown them.

Sun, I bet the paint on that old shirt provides more protection than the fabric.
Do I have new bites? Yes, I do, but I'm not even going to mention them.
Here's a timely joke for guys I ran across kawinkakinkaly. You know you are
over the hill when the only females who pursue you are mosquitoes.

Regards to Mikie, Star, Granni, Spring, GB
Hugs, Rock


Good Monday Morning, Kids,

I did manage to get my fridge cleaned out and the garbage and recycle stuff hauled down to the dumpster. It's not much but something is better than nothing. I think I'm starting to feel better and, hopefully, this trend will continue. Lots of good stuff on TV yesterday evening and I really indulged. I watched The Durrells in Corfu, Poldark and Madam Secretary. Madam Secretary was especially exciting and interesting. I love Tea Leoni and Tim Daly and it's believable that they are a married power couple in D.C. They were a couple in real life; I wonder whether they still are.

I have finally indulged SV to the nth degree. I don't think he has been drinking enough water so am letting him drink out of a stemmed goblet like the one I use. He's been dying to get to my water glass so I figured he would drink more if I let him drink out of one of his own. He is in hog heaven and drinks a lot so guess I'll keep it up. Hope he doesn't tire of it like he does of most things. He sees the vet on Wed.

We are all keeping our eye on Tropical Storm Michael which is forecast to become a Cat II hurricane in the Gulf and make landfall somewhere up in the Panhandle. Well, all it has to do is take an early turn to the East and it could hit us. In a couple of days, we will get a better idea of how far to the West it will be and a better idea of its future track. I won't evacuate so the 3/4 tank of gas in the car will be fine. My emergency water is in the car and I have canned food. If it looks as though it will hit us, I'll refine my preparations.

Just read in the paper that Sunday was the blessing of the beasts at one of our local churches. The headline read, 'Holy Beast Day.' That made me smile. Local TV did a segment on it and there was a goat and a llama in the church aisle. One man was cradling his pet rabbit. Sooo sweet.

Rock, between your plumber and SV's vet, we are both gonna be in the poor house. I'm no shrink but Lump Lump sounds like a passive aggressive. They love doing things that others have asked them not to do. My bathroom sinks have stoppers built into the faucet assembly. I have to occasionally remove it and clean it out. The gunk that collects on it looks like some kind of toxic swampy sewer sludge. AACCKK!!! Hope this is the end of the plumbing problems.

Sun, thanks for the info on the skeeters. Of course, we have our own problems with them down here. The govt. sprays for them with something that has been banned in other counties. Strangely, the spray always makes me feel really good afterward. Barb once noticed it made her feel good too. We have Zika, Dengue and West Nile Virus to worry about. Many skeeters breed in shallow water like pet dishes. A big one followed me inside yesterday but I trapped him between the storm door and front door. The paper had a $3 coupon for IBgard so will definitely pick it up. I hope your DD feels better. After I had what the doc thought was e-coli years ago, I couldn't eat for weeks. I always go to rice when my stomach is upset.

Duckie, I'm so glad you had fun with the new long arm machine. I'll bet you don't suck at it and I'm sure you will just get better and better at it. I'm impressed at how much you got done. I didn't feel short of breath when I was out this weekend so the RT may be gone or going. I hope so. Unfortunately, there are other things which are riling up my allergies but I can take my Corcidin for that. Your temps have been the same as ours. It's Mother Nature's last hurrah of the season before we finally get our cooler fall weather. Glad you could stop in during this quilting frenzy.

Gonna go read the virtual newspaper. The much touted Sunday section on our National Parks was a bit of a dud. Don't know why they tantalize us and let us down. Metaphor for life. Hope everydooby has a great start to the week.

Love, Mikie
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Festival time, the great big one, is upon us. And everyone is in a rush. I had to go out on an errand and sat in a traffic jam for ages. This is Bada Dashain, where everyone who can, rushes back home to the villages to get blessings from the eldest member of the family and to visit each other.

Nice in days of yore, when people just went next door because everyone farmed or crafted copper or sold rice in their neighborhood and no one moved out.

Now, it’s stress, stress, stress for most of the cities population trying to buy bus tickets back to their village and trying to buy presents for everyone back home in the little time they have.

There are sales galore for everything but I’m not buying anything. My idea of a festival is to lie low until it’s over. Heh, heh.

The air outside is smokey with all the wood and leaves we burnt. Hope this thing gets done soon. I’m really glad we cut down all the overgrown things but the place looks like bare now. Like we had a drought.

The rain has gone away now. Oh except for the sudden heavy downpour. We had one yesterday. Short duration but enough we didn’t have to water our garden.

Rock - what a huge house. Two porches. Must be fun to look out at the tree tops from the upper one. The bills for plumbing in Kathmandu are just as scary as they are there.

Mikie - the other day I came upon my friends husband who had brought his dog for anti biotic shots to this pricey vet place. He said he had been bringing him for a week. Had a skin infection. I don’t envy them that. I would love to be at the Blessing of the beasts.

Duckie - just as I thought..busy trying out your new machine. My friend at school had a mom who machine knitted sweaters. She and her sisters once wore these fitted red cardigans with lovely patterns on them. The envy of the class. Red was mandatory for the sweaters we wore. No one had much money then so they had the one pair of sweaters. The mum sold her sweaters to a wool outlet.

Sun - I hope your DD is better soon. That just sucks about the mosquitoes. It sounds like the Planet of the Apes attack. only it’s mosquitoes. Hovering below where they can bite and bite before getting swatted.

Julie - house must be quiet. Now that everyone has left. Not that you wouldn’t welcome a bit of quiet. Loved Oreos pic. And never heard of a cattlenhoula. Interesting.

Granni - Branson looks like a nice place to visit. Looking forward to hearing all about your trip.

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Hi Kids

I thought it was late afternoon. I see the clock says 8:46 AM. I never know the time
or date anymore. I'm still in touch with what year it is. (For now anyway.) Gordon
has been cleaning like a scullery maid this morning. I've asked him a couple times if
he wants help. He either says "No" or has me do something simple like carry a bucket downstairs.

I was just looking for books at the library. Thought there oughta be a biography of
Harrison Ford. The library search showed none. How is that possible? Looked on
Amazon. They have a whole page of HF books; several of which say Biography.
I believe the world has become so complicated that it just can't be expected to function
properly anymore.

Watched a video biography of Vera Lynn on Youtube. She said she thought the 50s
was a wonderful time. I read the same thing in a book only a week or two ago. I
found one site on the net that says Vera died last month at age 101. Other sites
including Wikipedia indicate she is still living. Eventually found an article that
said the report of her death in Star Magazine was a hoax. Isn't that the norm for
grocery line tabloids?

Sun, yes, that is a huge house. I thought it seemed even bigger when we walked
through it. Here I thought you just loved festivals. Maybe they get a little tiring
after a few decades, huh?

Just finished a book of short stories by Lee Child who usually writes thrillers about
Jack Reacher. His short stores are excellent. And one has a complex plot with
multiple surprises along the way and a surprise ending that I doubt anyone would

Time to lie down. Must keep my strength up in case another bucket needs transporting.



Hi, Kids,

Just stopping in for a minute. Not gotten much done today but only slept about four hours last night. I didn't fall asleep watching TV til about 11:30 last night. I did manage to catch a quick cat nap this morning. DD called and she and DGS want to come down over a three-day weekend next mo. They are going to London for a break this week over DGS's school break. She still wants me to come for Thanksgiving so guess I'll check it out. Only worry is that these kidney stones move but that could happen any time. DSIL's parents are going so it would be another big family celebration.

Julie, don't know what happened to my response to you but I was having a hard time with this squirrelly laptop when I was posting this morning half asleep. I was laughing thinking about breaking ax handles. I'd be more worried about chopping off a toe or having the whole ax go flying through the air when it hit the log. I had a bad concussion when I was 12 and my depth perception has been off ever since. When I'm sick or tired, it gets worse. What I hate the most is hitting my front teeth on the rim of glasses when I drink. I'm wondering whether you will get any rain from this storm after it makes landfall in the Gulf. It will likely turn to the east but one never can tell. We are getting the rain from it as it pushes the weather out in front of it.

Spring, I can see why this festival would cause stress where people have to travel to see family. Before the Industrial Revolution, so many lived on farms here but, over the years, people have moved to more populated ares for work opportunities. Many young people don't go back home to rural areas or small cities after they finish college. Back when people lived on farms, several generations of the family often lived together or nearby. It's kinda sad for everyone to be so spread out. I wish I lived closer to my own kids. Yes, I think blessing the beasts is a wonderful thing to do. Some newspaper journalist mistakenly said the priest was baptizing a dog in a picture of the blessing. When I was in first or second grade, a cat got hit by a car in the street in front our of school and church. Several of us kids went into the church and got some holy water and baptized the cat so it could go to heaven. Geez, if the priest and nuns knew about it, we would probably have been excommunicated.

Rock, wish I had someone to clean like a scullery maid in here. I'd be happy just moving a bucket around here and there. Like I always say, Gordon is a keeper. Strange...I've never heard of Vera Lynn. I've heard of Loretta Lynn. I've heard of Lynn Redgrave. :rolleyes: Yes, our world is more complex than ever before but we now have these wonderful computers to keep it all straightened out, except when they don't. We are so dependent on them that we no longer have to wage military war. All we have to do is take out their computers before they take out ours. Assured mutual destruction!

There once was a hero named, Reacher,
He was an amazing creature;
He had great looks and stunned us in books,
Surprise endings were the best feature.

OK, enough of my lousy poetry. Gonna go see what I can do so I don't break this big train of accomplishments this week. At this rate, I'll be done in only a year or two. Hope all y'all are having a great day.

Love, Mikie
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Hi Kids

Mikie, Great verse! I believe you've reached new heights. I looked up Reacher's bio.
Turns out he is the son of Preacher man. His ma was a teacher. Her sister wanted to be
a singer, but was just too much of a screecher. When she announced her retirement folks
said Owl drink to that.

I hope things work out so you can see DD and DGS. Did you look up Vera Lynn?
She had an amazing voice. When she sang for the 50th anniversary of the end of
WWII, her voice was still intact.

Star, how are things in your neck of the woods? I read it's Spring in Aussieland
with warm weather, thunder, dust storms and wildflowers. "One of the most
exciting seasons." Any excitement at your house? Hope you are feeling better.
That would be exciting.

Well,Duckie,did you get to bed early last night? How did Mom's cataract surgery
go? Recovery should be fast. Couple days.

Well, it's supper time here. Gordon told me what he was making, but of course,
I forgot.
Hugs, Rock


Good Tuesday Morning, Kids,

Just made a credit card payment online so my banking is done for the day except for one bill I pay by phone cause the co. screwed it up--twice. Slept better last night except for waking once and not being able to get back to sleep. I read a bit. This is a book of fiction set in Europe decades after Germany won WWII. Of course, the Reich couldn't continue to control everything and disease is widespread. Revolutionaries are attacking. It's an interesting read.

Gotta shower and do my hair and hope that doesn't wipe me out for the day. Gotta take SV in tomorrow morning and am hoping the doc gives him an OK. He is still drinking water like crazy out of the goblet so will continue to let him drink out of it. I don't let it sit out but give him drinks throughout the day. I hope they got the treats in at the vet's.

All the hurricane models agree that Michael will make landfall up in the FL Panhandle. The winds which reach us are only forecast to be about 30 mph. We will be getting a lot of rain starting tomorrow. Hope it holds off til after our visit to the vet. As always, I pray for those in harm's way.

Duckie, sent up a prayer for your Mom that all is going well with her eye. My Mom had hers done way back when it was considered experimental surgery. She had a great doc and it went smoothly. Back then, she was in the hospital with an eye patch on and couldn't get out of bed the first day. When the light hit her eyes, they would glimmer. There is something about the lenses which cause it. I've noticed it in others too.

Rock, excellent rhymes and pun. You really put the finishing touches on Reacher. I looked up Vera Lynn but haven't heard her sing. It always amazes me when singers' voices hold up when they are older. Right now, I kinda have the fall doldrums. It's still hot 'n sticky out and we still have hurricanes threatening the state. I'm itchy for better weather and hoping to feel more energetic. On Morning Joe, they are talking baseball. Can't remember when I started losing interest in sports. Actually can't remember when I started losing interest in most everything.

OK, Kids, I'm off to read the virtual newspaper. Hope all y'all have a great day.

Love, Mikie


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Rock: Eeegads.......what a giant plumbing problem you had, except seems you and Gordon have an even bigger problem with lump lump. I agree with Mikie, sounds like lump lump is a passive aggressive. Having lived with a PA for over 46 years and Mikie having been married to one makes us experts on them. And looking back my mom was also a PA, VERY controlling in a quiet way.

Getting back to the stuff dumped down the drain, I once had a handyman who told me he went to a very upscale two story house that had a badly clogged upstairs bathroom drain, and worked on cleaning it out. The problem was the dental floss that the women in the house used and then just thought it would magically leave the house and go out to the main city drain and out to the ocean! That and the long hair from the women had worked to make a plumbing nightmare like you guys had.

Mikie: I hope you were able to get the IBgard and are feeling better. I'm picturing SV drinking out of a large glass wine goblet? Crazy cat! Very elegant though. Kinda like those fancy feast commercials.

Duck: I'm up with back pain so made some coffee and at 3 in the morning started watching youtube. So I did a search on long arm quilting!!! Most interesting and my mom would have loved something like that. She spent days/weeks doing handquilting. Here's a link for all of you who might be interested. And then after I watched the next demo that came up was about how the machine does a pattern. BOY......that's some big machine and obviously it takes up a lot of room.

My handyman is coming over today to do some painting of doors and some other odd jobs. I painted a little yesterday. I'm using a pallet knife and have been trying to finish up a painting I did of my son's house and his garden. He grows huge red poppies in the spring and had sent a picture earlier this year.

My cleaning lady, Paula, was to come over yesterday but she called on sunday to tell me she had been rear ended and was in terrible pain. Apparently she was involved in a partial chain reaction accident. She had managed to stop within about an inch of hitting the person in front of her who had hit someone in front of him, BUT a big heavy truck slammed into her while she was stopped and he was going about 45 MPH. Her car was totaled but she said the driver was very kind and drove her to the hospital where xrays and a CT scan was done on her neck and back. Poor girl.

She's suffered so much in her life already being an almost little person.....she's about an inch taller than what is designated as "little". She's badly diabetic and was recently diagnosed with macular degeneration.....shots aren't helping so she's facing eye surgery. I'm praying for her.....

Star: We miss you! Where are you?
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Hi, Kids,

Not much going on. Another day of exhaustion but I did manage a shower and blow out for my hair. Nothing much good to eat but don't feel up to going to the store. I got some frozen scallops in garlic sauce and heated them up with some Alfredo sauce. I also cooked some penne pasta. It was tasty. I had bought some watercress because Oz said it was really healthy. It may be but it's very spicy/peppery tasting. I tore some up and put it on the pasta dish. I'm thinking it would make a good pesto. In Italy, they make all kinds of pesto, not just basil.

Joe called and said we will soon have eight condos up for sale in here. They sell in bunches like that. People usually sell them at the start of the Season. Several of the neighbors are moving northeast of town to a new community that has nonstop social activities available. Some people like that and I can understand the appeal. It's not for me or Joe; we are home bodies. Our neighborhood is older but in a more desirable location. The pool is done and we are just awaiting the health dept.'s inspection, probably less than a week before it opens.

Townhouses across the street are all getting new roofs. Geez, the old ones look better than ours. We were inspected after Hurricane Irma and our roof is OK. We have a rubber dam over the plywood and the engineer/inspector said that if every shingle blew off, it wouldn't leak. They aren't putting a dam down on the new roofs on the townhouses, just tar paper. I'm glad everyone is keeping things repaired and well kept. Once we get the new pavement on our streets, the hood will look really good.

Sun, I knew you would recognize Lump Lump's PA behavior. It never leaves once one realizes what it is after living with a PA. Pretty easy to spot. I didn't get out to get the IBgard yet but my stomach isn't acting up right now (knocking on wood). I hope yours is better too. The goblet SV drinks from is a water goblet so not as fancy as one for wine. It's heavy everyday glass so he doesn't knock it over. I don't leave it out so he feels like it's special when he does get to drink out of it. He's drinking a lot and making more trips to the box. He always has water in the bowls in the kitchen and out on the lanai. I'm so sorry about your cleaning lady. She certainly has a lot on her plate. I hope the pain from the accident doesn't hang around or cause further problems. Will add her to my prayers. I feel bad for whining when others are in much worse condition. Whining is therapeutic for me.

It's been gray and cloudy all day. We are sposda get most of the rain from the hurricane tomorrow afternoon. We can use the rain. The storm surge will be bad up in the Panhandle and I feel for those folks up there. There was just a scary report on climate change released and we really all need to heed the danger of the warming of the oceans. These storms will continue to be bigger and more destructive as long as we continue to abuse Mother Earth. Good news is that there is a lot of movement toward renewable energy. Think I've mentioned the ranch that's been developed into a residential community. Most of the energy is from solar. There is a little self-driven electric minivan that picks kids up and takes them to school. It's a prototype and more will be running around the community. Very cool!

OK, Kids, I'm outta here. Hope all y'all are having a good day.

Love, Mikie


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Mikie: A self driven mini van?????how does it stop, drive, etc. Call me old fashioned but I wouldn't let a child of mine in it NOR even ME. Those "new fangled gadgets"!!!!! OK, I'm sounding old, but......

I'm exhausted! My handyman was over for 7 hours today. He painted a bathroom door and also sliding closet doors. I had him take down a fan in my FR...because it was gold metal and looked very outdated. I had bought a RubNBuff of spanish bronze but it wasn't taking it very good. I'm thinking because there was a coating on the metal. Luckily after the bronze I decided to try a silver brushed over it....looks great now, like a pewter. And when you walk into the FR you don't automatically look up to the ceiling. Then he took down two OLD fan lights in two bathrooms and I treated them to silver rubNbuff......they look really good. These bathroom fans are over 50 years old. So of course I worked the entire 7 hrs. He was here, so I'm feeling really ready for a nap.


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Mikie - the news is forecasting a really bad storm. Are you all right where you are? I know it’s gonna bring a lot of rain your way. I pray for everyone in harms way too. I hope SV is calm. And is still enjoying drinking out of his special cup like cat royalty. It was so sweet of you kids to baptize that cat. Kids hearts are so pure. I’m sure the angels were smiling up there as they came to take the cat away to Cat Paradise.

Heya all

It seems like everyone is getting ready for the festival. Big drawing room curtains hanging outside from balconies after being taken down and washed. Workmen painting, whitewashing. Persons thronging the stalls for on sale clothes, shoes, crockery.

The supermarkets are so full of people. Buying food they need to make during the week long festival. And there is me. Just watching it all go on. I don’t need many things. Just the food ingredients.

I got in a good swim today. It was just me. A few young rambunctious boys ages 10 chasing each other in the grounds having good wholesome fun. I feel happy when I don’t see a kid with its nose buried in a phone or iPad. I felt a surge of longing to be ten again and chasing friends and having the time of their lives doing particularly nothing.

Yesterday I went to make a photocopy at a cyber parlour and there were these lil kids playing a video game on a computer screen each. They were screaming and shouting and almost falling off their benches. I was laughing. The parlour owner, a young man, kept telling them to keep it down as he printed photocopies. But he was smiling. And remarked to some other customers who were complaining, that the grown ups were just as bad.

I washed a few curtains some days ago. And the work of clearing the compound of wood
/branches is done. Took two workmen a week, 8 hours a day,and a bit of extra cash from my own pocket in addition to what my DH pays the contractor who supplies them who is working on another project of my DH.

They are actually masons and I had to persuade them to please chop all the wood lying around and burn them. Like plumbers, tree fellers cost the earth. But it’s worth it to know, that job has been taken care of. I used to make them tea and give them a little something to eat after their exertions to tempt them to stick at it.

I also made them pick the avocados which this year are plentiful. Already given some away. And we have eaten some. I love avocados.

Sun - your handiwork sounds great. I need to polish a few things here. I would love to DIY spruce up around this place. Your cleaning lady must be one gritty person. All those conditions to deal with and then she gets into an accident. I hope she is not hurt too bad and that her medical woes ease up.

Rock - no no. I don’t like festivals. Used to like them when I was a kid and others did all the work. It’s no fun when you’re behind housework all the time and there comes a festival which entails all sorts of extra work. My festival is when I am able to do a good part of the daily necessary chores. Yes, we CFS - ers are a breed apart.

As a kawinkydink, I too got a bite on my hand and one on my back. As I typed. Itched something nasty. I was surprised. Muskies don’t usually bother to fly this high and come in that too in daylight. Basil always reminds me of a high pitched voice shouting Baaaasil, in Fawlty Towers. How I laughed those days! I used to feel thankful they had that pretty and sane maid amidst all the madness.

Love to Duckie, Granni, Star, Julie and all.

God bless
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Morning, Kids

Things aren't starting off so well. Got a new bite while sitting at the computer. I
put our latest ointment on it. ITCH--X. Isn't that cute? We must have ten tubes of
stuff to stop the itching. They all seem to have some effect, but it wears off pretty
quickly. The weather is predicted to return to temps in the 80s and 90s. What we
need is cold weather that will freeze these tiny monsters.

Sun, congrats on your interior improvements. If I tried any of that stuff I'd spill
the chemicals and break something. RubNBuff sounds like those joke signs
at Cafe-Gas Stations. Eat & Get Gas. SquatNChew. Thanks for the long arm
video. Had no idea the thing was so huge. Duckie, is yours that big? Must
be the size of a baby grand piano.

Mikie, that's right. Whining is therapeutic. There's a similar line in the play Boys
In The Band. I used to know a guy named Basil. He was my secretary's father.
During WWII he worked at Lockheed in Burbank. His dept. was called the skunk
works where they dreamed up new designs and improvements for planes. The
name comes from the Lil Abner cartoon.

Yesterday I stumbled across something interesting on the net. Wanted to send
it to a few people. Wrote down the address (URL), but of course I can't find it
now. I feared that would happen, but was powerless to prevent it. Mouse Feathers!!

Gonna go back to bed.


Good Wednesday Morning, Kids,

Didn't sleep well again last night. GRRRRR!! I'm waking around 2:00 and unable to go back to sleep for several hours. It's maddening. Have to take SV in for his followup appt. this morning. He seems to be feeling better now that he is drinking more water from his goblet. I hope the vet got the treats in. He's bored with his food. He was used to a variety. Gonna go shopping after SV's appt. I'll pick up the IBgard that Sun suggested.

Last night, there was a shooting in a small shopping center very close to me. It happened outside of TGI Friday's in the parking lot. It's just outside the BB&B where I shop. I don't go there at night but it's still very scary that four people were shot so close to where I live. Cops think it was a targeted shooting. I live in a nice, and usually safe, part of town but thugs from the bad part of town can go anywhere. Don't know yet whether these people came from there or not. Nine out of ten shootings here involve people from the bad area.

Hurricane Michael slid past us in the Gulf and will make landfall up in the Panhandle this afternoon. Our beaches have had about three feet of surge during high tides. This would be an excellent time to go shelling after the waters are roiled by the storm. I feel so bad for the people in harm's way. That area of the state is a poor area. The storm is now a Category 4 hurricane and the surge where it comes ashore will have surge in excess of nine feet. Yikes! Prayers for people in the area. Even the experts are surprised that this storm got so powerful. Interesting sunrise with the orange clouds in the background and the black scud racing by closer to the ground.

Sun, I don't know the details of how the autonomous vehicles work but I think computers work out the routes. There are also onboard computers which are supposed to keep them from running into other vehicles. This community also uses electric self-driven shuttles for the residents. They go slowly. The community has a downtown which is within walking distance for most residents and they also bicycle. The idea is to get cars off the streets there. The developers want this to be the future of communities run only on renewable power. I like the idea but the community itself is a little plain and boxy looking for my taste. Glad you found just the right Rub 'n Buff for the fans. When I got a new one in the livingroom, I got antique brass instead of the shiny brass. It almost looks like a brushed dark nickel instead of brass. It has five blades and runs quitely like the newer one in the kitchen. As always, don't overdo it. Try to be an inert lump like me. o_O

Spring, I feel the same way about holidays as you do about the festivals. Everything is just too much for me to get excited about. In about a month, my kids will likely visit and, while I look forward to it, all I can think about is how much needs to be done around here and how tired I am. It's even more exhausting to travel to see them. At least, the pool will be done so DGS can swim like the little fish he is. I would love to shop at the stalls looking for the bargains. As it is, though, I haven't even been able to take advantage of the bargains here. I know I'm tired when the lure of sales doesn't budge me. I hope you can at least enjoy the festival and the food.

Rock, your temps are about the same as ours. Eighties and nineties. I'm ready for cooler temps too. We have skeeters all year round. Between the diseases they carry and these super hurricanes, living here ain't the paradise it used to be. My Mom's older brother worked at Lockheed in Burbank during WWII. He came home from WWI with sickness from gas used in the war. He died fairly young from a heart attack, the same thing that my whole family on Mom's side dies from. Mom went to CA to visit him and his wife before I was born. She and her best friend looked like movie stars themselves in their Katherine Hepburn trousers and chubby fur coats. Mom didn't like CA. I think it was just too foreign to her after growing up in NE. She told me about the trip and it sounded wonderful to me. She described a restaurant where live fish swam under the glass floor. She brought back a glass fishing ball that had washed ashore, probably from Japan. I loved playing with it. Don't let the skeeters eat you alive.

As though the Red Tide weren't bad enough, there is a new strain of it showing up in canals here. It is also toxic to the sea life but hasn't made any people sick--yet. We don't know whether the storm will break up the RT along the Gulf. I hope it does. I'm sick of living in this toxic stew. Releases have slowed from Lake O and that should help too. Work is progressing on the reservoir to hold water and filter it as it leaves the lake. Heck, in another ten years or so, we might get a handle on our water quality problems.

Gonna watch the news to see whether the cops let us know who was in the shoot 'em up and why. If this keeps up, I may redo my permit to carry. Hope all y'all have a safe and pain-free day.

Love, Mikie

Update: Home again, home again, poor-house bound. Another $200 for today's exam. The total for this is up to $630. SV is worth it but I hope this outflow stops soon. The vet couldn't draw any urine from his bladder so they gave me non-absorbent litter. I have to completely clean out his box and replace the old litter. I have to wash it out and put in the new stuff. Because this new stuff doesn't absorb, I am supposed to draw some urine from it with a syringe and take it in for urinalysis. I'll wait til tomorrow because I am sick to my stomach and soooo exhausted.

Today Show has recap of the American Music Award Show. Most of the artists I've never heard of. One guy had on a turtleneck and a pink polyester leisure suit. Lordy, please don't let those come back in style.

OK, Kids, once again I'm outta here.

Love, Mikie

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Just popping in to say a quick "Hi"...Den is home from work and taking a nap. I sometimes (usually) join him, but am in the middle of a double batch of chocolate chip cookies. His birthday is tomorrow and he wanted to take some homemade treats...my hubby will be 64 years old! Have to say, he is aging pretty darn well, lol!

I think I mentioned that I was going to my PCP to start the process of figuring out my left side pain and numbness. Had xrays the same day (Monday) that didn't show anything in my neck, and only some arthritis in my low back. I had mentioned my low back was hurting, also...even though the neck/shoulder/arm/hand is a lot worse. Doc asked if I wanted to do some physical therapy to see if it would help with the pain while we were waiting on insurance approval for MRI or any other testing. I agreed to that and will start tomorrow. The the nurse called and said insurance will not pay for an MRI until I've tried 6-8 weeks of therapy...so, I'm glad I was going ahead with that.

In the meantime, I thought I was over whatever flu bug had been trying to get started (Amy was so sick last week and I figured I just had a touch of whatever she had) but after I got home from town Monday, I started having severe stomach cramps and intestinal issues...so I haven't been to see my dad yet this week (completely missed last week due to the same stuff.) And I felt I should cancel my hair appt. that was to be yesterday...no sense taking any germs in there.

I'll see if I do okay at therapy tomorrow (she wanted to start today, but I said I needed another day to rest) then I'll decide about going to see my daddy. I sort of need to get my act together cause the kids will be back again on November 1 (three weeks from tomorrow?)

Oh, gotta run...sorry. I'll check back in when I can to visit.