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PORCH NO. 1094 Oct. 12, 2018 is CLOSED


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Hi Kids

Come on in. Pull up a chair. Sit yourself down. Stay as long as you like. Help
yourself to some home made treats and something to drink.

Just woke up from a nap. Went to see the chiro in Eagle Rock this morning. We
didn't have to travel as far as Cairo, Egypt, but the place wasn't opened when we got
there. I was wishing we were on the Nile. Coulda just barged in.

Anyhoo the staff arrived shortly after we did. I am all adjusted with everything in
place. BTW, there are no plaice in the Nile. Too far South.



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I'm so darn tired......what's new. But I drug myself to my art group today though I didn't feel like it. Next friday my son and DGDs will be over and apparently the following friday the center will be closed due to floors being refinished. Different people were talking about the cadmium in the news. We artist know about how bad cadmium is.....those gorgeous reds and oranges....but this time it's all about cadmium in jewelry being sold at Nordstrom and Ross stores.


This sunday is the wedding at the beach.....heard yesterday that there's a 50% chance of RAIN....uh oh. The bride's parents were informed about possible rain and they had until last night to give the OK to rent a huge tent....$15,000 no refunds if it's sunny. Guess I'll take my umbrella.


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Rock - thank you for opening. The porches seem to fly past these days. Nice you know you got yourself adjusted all over. I wish chiros were as plentiful and as cost effective as going for a haircut. This world needs natural therapies like those.

Sun - that’s scary about the cadmium. So many things seem to cause cancer these days. My DD sometimes wears jewelry with faux stones in golden metal plated jewelry. For occasions like weddings when she has to dress up. Who is there to test for carcinogenic stuff here? Just last evening she wore one to her friends brothers wedding.
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Hi Kids

I heard a strange sound last night around dinner time. Turned out to be rain. Just
woke up. It's still raining. And, what is really unusual, we had at least one flash
of lightning w/ thunder. I saw the weather report yesterday. Mark Kriski didn't
say a word about rain. Mark BTW has won 11 Emmy Awards. I didn't even know
weather folks could win an Emmy.

Kriski is an unusual name, huh? He's from Canada. I bet when he was a kid his
friends called him Frisky Kriski.

Nice pic, Springwater. I think I see a face in the back. Reminds me of Marlene
Dietrich's song "Go see what the boys in the backroom will have. And tell them
I'm having the same." Lyrics by Frank Loesser.

Sun, too bad you had to be drug. Guess that's better than being drugged though.
$15,000 for a tent? Yikes! I read about backyard parties in Hollywood during the
studio era. The stars often rented a wooden dance floor which would be assembled,
then covered with a tent, and caterers, musicians, waiters, florists and a band would
be hired.

Mikie, you OK?

Hugs Folks, Rock


Good Saturday Morning, Kids,

I fell asleep last evening so am watching the Melania Trump interview On Demand. The backdrop is the beautiful countryside in Africa. As I suspected, she's involved a lot more than we hear about. She oversees all the events at the White House. Last night, both Claudia and I got the FJ answer. Woo Hoo two in a row. We always reward ourselves with virtual chocolate for everyone if any one of us gets the answer. No calories. I got my Mega Millions ticket yesterday but there was no winner. The jackpot is projected to be more than $600 million for the next draw. Power Ball is way up there too. We always say that if I win, we will all go to CO. Claudia has a DD, DSIL and DGS there. Nancy has no family there but has never been to CO so wants to go too. The big draw for all of us is a tour of Coors Brewery. I've done it before and it's worth doing just for the beer that is always on tap. I like beer; I've always liked beer; I still like beer.

I ordered my vitamin D from PH yesterday. Gale tells me that the CBD oil is the top seller now. I'm not surprised; I love it and it has really helped me. I'm sure it's helping me sleep better now. My legs were so inflamed and just rubbing it on a few times seems to have settled the pain down. I think I'm gonna go over to the pool and just walk in the shallow end. I'm feeling a bit better but am not going to overdo it. Gonna get the vacuum out and clean around the edges of the dining area. I'll take one little area at a time. The rest will just have to wait while I do some deep cleaning and organizing.

Duckie, how nice to see you here. So glad you are enjoying the long arm. I am always fascinated just watching the computerized sewing machines do embroidery. Can't imagine how fascinating it would be to see computerized quilting on such a large scale. The animal services shelter here always has pics of kitties and dogs up for adoption. There was a solid black cat named, Serius. I thought about you. The kitty you found sounds perfect for DD. Like the name too. SV looks so much like his toon namesake that Jeff had to name him Sylvester. Laughing that y'all had to open windows to cool down from 77 degrees. I keep my A/C on 77 and am always throwing on my robe over my clothes to keep warm enough when it's running. When it's 90 degrees out, 77 feels cool. You must be getting excited waiting for the quilting retreat. Can't wait to hear what it was like.

Rock, thanks for getting us up and going on a new Porch. Nice to reed that you asp-ire to go to Egypt and see the Nile. Some folks are in deNile about their desires. I can't go to Egypt to see the Nile but I can stream video of it and keep current on what goes on there. I've heard there is a pyramid scheme going on. Oh, oh, somebody stop me! I was laughing about your last post on the old Porch. I'm sure cereal is healthier now but we kids loved our old sugary stuff. Kelloggs Sugar Corn Pops are now just Corn Pops. They still taste sugary to me. I've never liked the cereals with fruity flavors and colors and I don't like chocolate flavored cereal. Some things should be sacred. Do you remember a newscaster in LA named, Marshall? He was married to Joan Van Ark. They both went to school a grade ahead of me in Boulder. Marshall was a nom de news. Also went to school with a guy named Stormy; he had a sister named Sunny. Parents with a sense of humor. He was a member of the old band, The Astronauts. I'm about the only person who isn't famous in my hometown. The Paparazzi isn't chasing me and that's a blessing.

Sun, that's scary about the cadmium in jewelry. I won't buy any food that comes from China. They have a horrible record of using all kinds of toxic material in their products. Dollar Tree sells candy made there. I've not read about it in paint. Do the fumes cause problems or does getting it on the skin pose a danger? I'm sure the old houses I grew up in had lead in the paint and possibly in the pipes. Where Nancy lives in Michigan, the ground soil is contaminated by some chemical made by Dow. We know so many things cause cancer but there must be all kinds of illnesses, possibly ones like ours, which are caused by exposure to these toxins. I'm sorry you continue to be so exhausted. I can relate to that. You've been through a lot with your bladder cancer and it may take some time to recover. Does the chemo they use for that cause side effects? I hope it doesn't rain for the wedding.

Spring, that's an amazing patio. The water, pebbles and plants are all perfect and everything is so in balance. Seems to me it would be a perfect place to meditate and pray. It's one way to walk on water. I'm a Cancer, a water sign, and I always have an affinity for water. I love the beach but haven't been there for ages. When it's not polluted, it has a very calming effect. News says the Red Tide is gone. I don't feel short of breath and I'm not choking so, hopefully, it really is gone. Hmmm, had to post this and come back to edit. My post has been 'jumping' all over the place so I thought I had better post before it went poof into thin air. The computer gremlins have been absent but they may be back. AACCKK!!

OK, Kids, I'm outta here. Hope all y'all are enjoying the weekend.

Love, Mikie

Update: Just got back from the pool. It is beautiful. The new tiles are slate blue with some beige; it looks like natural stone and perfectly compliments the pavers around the top and the blue bull nose tiles on the inside ledge. The water is beautiful and looks even clearer against the new finish. I trotted in the shallow end for about 20 minutes and had no shortness of breath. Sooo good to breathe in the fresh clean air. Took it easy for the first time out.
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Good (cough, cough) morning.

My sore throat turned to a scratchy one last night and kept me up half the night. Consequently, I woke up with a migraine. The scratchy throat keeps making me cough. Blech. As Mikie says, whine, whine, whine.

The maintenance weekend went well over all. One server didn't upgrade well; we ended up rolling it back. It will have to wait for another day. Fortunately, it isn't one of the production servers.

I'm not going to stay long.

Beautiful picture, Spring. Hard to believe it isn't outdoors.

Hugz to all.



Dear Duckie,

I hope you're feeling better. Can you take one of the supps for colds? I always took some vitamin C, zinc and Eccinacea. Now, I can't take extra C due to the stones. There are OTC formulas too. Geez, it's bad enough catching a cold without its causing a migraine. Hope you get rid of both fast.

Love, Mikie


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Spring: Love the atrium. When we bought our house it had a long walkway to the front door with lattice the entire length. But it really cut the light inside so we had it removed. But a few months ago I went to an estate with an atrium similiar to pictured.....it went north and south so it didn't affect the light like ours did.

Ducky: Try some Fisherman's friend cough drops.....they're great.

Mikie: Can you drink lemon water? By the way, dairy free pills don't help me anymore either. But try some goat's cheese. I find no problems with eating it.

Rock: That was SOME STORM last night!!!!! I didn't see any lightening but lots of boomers, shaking the house. I think it was raining pretty good by 10 PM. Around midnight I opened my BR door and Clair was there....fighting to get in. Nope, sorry, no can do. She keeps me awake and I need all the sleep I can get.

I've been doing some repair work with my sewing machine and then had to make a run to the Dollar Store for gift wrap for the wedding present. All I can hope is that the bride's parents plunked down the $ for the tent.


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Hi Kids

Time for the afternoon nap, but I'll just dash off a little note first. B flat. OK, that's a
little note. We used to have a soprano in our High School Chorus who had a beautiful
high B flat. Too bad her family didn't have the money to get her voice trained. Wonder
what she's doing now. Not only a beautiful voice, but she was beautiful herself.

Sun, poor Claire. Does she have a place to get outta the rain? Gordon takes those
Fisherman cough drops. I told him it was illegal inasmuch as he is not a fisherman,
but will he listen? They are too harsh for me.

Duckie, A scratchy throat and a migraine are too much at one time. I dunno what
to think about the pic Spring posted. I suspect it's a model only 5 inches high.
Probably built by carpenter ants. (Right, Spring?)

Mikie, they didn't have all those 90% cereals when I was a kid. The only one I
liked was cheerios. But sometimes I'd eat others because one could send in the
b0x top and get a highly desirable gift. The best one ever was some kind of
finger ring with a telescope on it. I bet if I had it now I could get Sun to sell it
form me on Etsy. Easily worth 5 bucks. Right, Sun?

Thanks for the sandy puns. They made me laugh. Also caused my head to spin.
I had to take an asp-pirin. I see in the news some of our Governors are taking
a trip to Egypt. Alaska's Governor is going. She won't be riding a Bactrian (two
humps) or a Dromedary (one hump) camel. She will be using the latest model,
the Palindrome.

Hugs, Rock
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Rock: Yes, that finger ring with a telescope would probably sell for big bucks.....it's the ones who had those toys as a kid and now that they have $ to spend, they want one.

Not to worry, Clair is strictly an indoor cat except the few times she goes out on the back patio when I'm out there. I used to let her sleep in my BR but I'm a light sleeper and she kept waking me up, so when I go to bed the BR door gets closed. It took her awhile to understand that she's not welcome come nighttime, but in the morning I open the door to make my coffee, and then she's on the floor with me while I do my stretches and then heads to sleep under the bed.


Good Sunday Morning, Kids,

Just finished reading the Sunday paper and am working on the puzzles. Our humidity is back after a very dry Saturday. Glad I went to the pool yesterday morning. I felt pretty well until the afternoon when I crashed. Not only did my bod quit working but the brain followed suit. It might have just been the surprise to my system that I did some exercise. That's why I took it slowly and I'm glad I did. I slept really well last night.

Sun, the pills do work for me but I never had to take them for cheese or yogurt, just ice cream. I can still eat cheese without problems. Yogurt isn't that important that I'll take pills just so I can eat it. So strange to be getting a picky stomach after all these years of eating anything. Old age sucks! I make the Sassy Water with lemon, ginger and cucumber slices in it. I love lemons. I'm laughing about Clair's being strictly an indoor cat except when she goes out. Hope you enjoy the wedding.

Rock, next to puns, palindromes are my favorite. I assume that the Palindrome camels are named Otto, Nan, Bob, Dad, Mom, Madam, Pop, Radar, or Tut. You get a special on Wednesday, hump day. Better to ride a camel than walk and get a blister that the doc has to asp-irate. My Mom used a kind of quick bread mix that was branded, Dromedary. She added dates and nuts and it was delicious. I once had a date who was nuts.

Duckie, our paper had an article on an award winning quilter named, Deb Cline. They printed her website name but when I tried to go there, it led me somewhere else. I Googled and got nowhere. She is an artist and paints on silk. She adds the batting and back and quilts them manually on a long arm sewing machine. Her pieces are big, 50" by 60" for wall hangings. She only does two quilts a year. She also does portraits of pets on canvas. Wish I could have found her online so I could post a link.

There is a taco fest going on today south of me in Bonita Springs. Loves me my tacos but it would take more than that to budge me from the condo. I have to shower and make another attempt to clean.

There is a low pressure system headed for the Caribbean. I hope it doesn't form into a hurricane. Last time, they told us that system wouldn't hold up and it became Hurricane Michael. They aren't being so glib this time.

Hope everydooby has a great Sunday.

Love, Mikie


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Hi everyone: The wedding was wonderful, beautiful sunny weather too after storms for 2 days. Chairs were set up outside on the lawn, with the Pacific Ocean roaring in the background. The wedding didn't get going until 4 PM, and who cried? The groom! Almost to the point of sobbing. The pastor who officiated was the brides uncle. That was a surprise since I knew he had been a missionary in Thailand years ago but is now a counselor at a HS......apparently he stayed in it, filling in for vacationing preachers. He gave a very good short sermon before the official ceremony, very impressive.

It was nice seeing people I knew from years ago, seeing their kids and now they're all young adults, or the older ones like me who are now using canes or one who is now in a wheel chair. But here I am at 2 am and feeling OVERLY tired. I got home at 11 PM and hit the bed. I have no energy like I used to even 6 months ago. I think I'm going to have to force myself to walk daily.

I'm going to hit the bed again and try to sleep. I'll be back later.


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Good morning, friends! It was SNOWING when I went to bed at midnight...too early, lol! I still have yard that needs mowed :eek: I've been waiting for the grass to dry (and the ground to firm up) but it had kept raining off and on...the snow didn't stick, but still too much moisture to mow today.

Sun, I'm glad the weather was nice for the outdoor wedding. Whenever I come across people that I haven't seen in awhile, I am always so surprised at how they have aged...then I realize I probably look the same to them, lol! Hope you've been able to rest up after your long day/evening.

Mikie, good to hear you were able to go to the pool...hopefully, you can work back up to your previous pace without crashing. Sounds like the "remodel" looks great...some folks around here have a pool, including Keira's other grandparents, but it just seems too much work for no longer than we would get to use one. A kiddie pool for the kids works for us, lol! I hope the hurricanes and storms stay away.

I tried to google Deb Cline, too...nothing.

Rock, thanks for the new porch. Glad you got to see the chiro. My physical therapist would prefer I not go see my chiro while I'm having treatments...not sure I can go 6-8 weeks without an adjustment. I've been doing the prescribed exercises over the weekend, but don't feel much improvement yet...need to be patient, I suppose. I go today and Wednesday...may switch the days around, but still go twice a week.

Spring, the patio area is lovely! True story...when we built the cabin (when Amy and Keira's dad were first married...Den wanted to put pea gravel in-between little pathways, inside the building! Wouldn't that have been great around little ones, lol!? He always has some grand ideas...but not enough money, time or energy to make them all happen. We do what we can, though...as long as he's able to keep busy somehow, he is happy ;)

Duckie, I hope you're feeling better. And was able to enjoy the retreat. I use Fisherman's Friend drop too...when I remember that I have them. But I seldom get a sore throat, etc.

Granni must be back from her trip? Or on the way?

Star, how are you doing? I'd love to trade with you and be heading into spring...seems like there is always so much work we don't get done over our summers.

Hope everyone is doing okay....as well as possible, at least. Not sure why I woke up just after 5:00 am...heard Den snoring beside me and was thinking I should wake him up (that he had forgot to set his alarm) but just then, it went off. I'll be glad when he can retire, although he doesn't seem to mind so much.

It was Keira's weekend with her dad...first time in 11 years that Amy hadn't been with Keira on her birthday. I offered to go get Keira from the other grandparents' house...they drive partway to meet her dad and to drop off another granddaughter at a different town after she spends the weekend at their house...(Amy's ex in-laws are good people, but all three of their boys have children that they have to "share" with their ex wives/girlfriends. And their boys have alternated between still living with Mom and Dad...all I can say is I'm glad Amy is no longer part of that family, lol...even though we are all still tied together because of Keira.)

Anyway, they were supposed to be back in their town by 6:30 (30 minutes from me...where my dad lives...) but were an hour later. So that made me an hour later picking up Keira and driving another half hour to meet Amy. I had plenty of shopping to do while waiting...I went to town a couple hours earlier (getting stocked up for the next time our kids are all here) then did more shopping after Amy and Keira got back on the road (some things I can't find locally, so take advantage whenever I'm in the other town.) But poor Keira is on the road over four hours each way...and Amy would prefer to have her back home earlier for the start of the school week. But she loves her real dad, too, and wants to spend time with him and his family...

Anyway, Den was in bed by the time I returned, so I unloaded the van as quietly as possible. Glad the snow waited till I was home and tucked in. And I'm awake early enough to get a few things done before I leave for therapy. Can stay home tomorrow, then will probably see my dad while I'm out and about on Wednesday...not used to being such a gad about, lol!

Take care, everyone...



Hi, Kids,

Not much happenin' around here. I took my old broken coffee maker to the dumpster and picked up the junk mail in my box. I also mailed my ballot. Just hope it gets there, considering some of the mail carriers who mess up our mail on a weekly basis when our 'real' carrier has a day off. My new teal pillow covers arrived Fed Ex yesterday from Amazon. They are soooo nice and only cost a bit more than $12 for both of them. The fabric is wonderful and they have the invisible zippers. I just put them over the old throw pillows which had some snags in the fabric. Freshens up the old sofa which needs to have its slipcover washed.

Joe called. He gets a bit disgusted at what goes on in the hood. The bldg. next to him needs to be painted and looks a bit shabby. The main board can force them to paint it but that probably won't be necessary. The board is looking to hire new landscapers but, in the meantime, our landscaping looks like crap. There is an older hood down the street and their landscaping is beautiful. I'm trying to get him to run for the big board but he may be so disgusted that it wouldn't work out for him.

Claudia texted me and wondered whether she could store some of her Mom's quilts at my place while her kids are visiting. I felt so bad but had to tell her that I couldn't. My kitchen, living area and baths are fine but all three bedrooms are a mess. Stuff is all over on the floors as I clean out closets and move things from one room to the other. One of the neighbors in her bldg. has bedrooms crammed full with stuff and the other one who might have helped has moved. I hate not to be able to help her. Her Mom made hundreds of beautiful quilts and she has photographed and cataloged them. Don't know what she is gonna do with all of them. I'm sick of clutter. Once a person decides to really get rid of things, it makes one wonder why we ever felt we needed half of it. A neighbor told me this once and I didn't believe it would ever happen to me but it has.

Sun, I'm glad the wedding was so beautiful. Yes, it's wonderful to see people we haven't seen in years. We have a lot of weddings at the beach here too. Well, not while the dead fish were washing ashore. Something old, something new, piles of dead fish--pheew! I haven't had IBS since I cut out eating yogurt every morning. Thanks so much; it was your mentioning a food diary that got me to thinking about the lactose intolerance. I haven't had the energy I had more than two years ago when I had to have my kidney stones blasted. I don't know whether I ever will. I hope and pray we both recover and feel better. As it is, I'm gonna be walking in the pool again and just taking my time working in the condo. Let's proceed as though we know we will feel well again and take one day at a time, being grateful for what we have and can do.

Julie, it can take a bit for the PT to help and some exercises and stretches work better than others. As you go along, you may find that something will work really well. I hope it all works well and gets you to feeling better and gets rid of the numbness. I hope the snow dries up so you can get everything done before Old Man Winter shows up. It snowed in the Denver Area over the weekend too. Snow almost never stays on the ground in CO except in the very dead winter months, Jan. and Feb. Then, Spring arrives for a while til it snows again in May or June. CO has crazy weather. Maybe that explains some of the crazy people there. Boulder is the craziest of all. It was a good place to grow up. Always interesting. I don't like to be gadding about a lot either. I did enough of that when I worked in outside sales. Now, I'm a big homebody and couch potato. Feel better.

Duckie, HangingInThere found a quilting website while she was trying to help us find the Deb Cline site. This is a different quilter but she has done some beautiful quilts so will share the link that HIT found... kellyclinequilting.com. I'm gonna go back to visit the site and check out the quilts.

Spring, I ran across the word, souldier, which is an obsolete spelling of soldier. It immediately made me think of you. You are a spiritual warrior of the soul; you are a fierce souldier. You have helped me to protect myself from negative energy and to invoke light for healing. Thank you!

OK, Kids, I'm outta here. Hope all y'all are having a wonderful start to the week.

Love, Mikie

Here is a pic of one of Deb Cline's quilts. It's called, Tickled Pink. Still can't find her website.

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Mikie:. What an amazing quilt! She's really quite the artist in every respect. And about the old quilts....they're basically dead in the water. I've donated most of what I had to charity. Still have about 15 up in my closet. No one is interested in buying the old ones. Younger people want ones they can toss in the washer unless they are exceptionally wonderful. She might try opening an etsy shop. I wish Claudia good luck with getting rid of them. I've even had 40% off and no takers.

I woke at 7 this morning to horrific winds! Apparently all over the southland. I ran outside to move things that could blow and do damage like breaking a window or flying into the pool. I just finished cleaning up huge amounts of pine needles in the pool, almost covering the water. My poolman is going to get a brand new part for my cleaner, supposed to be a different rotating device where berries, etc. won't clog it and stop it from working. My neighbor's tree in back is starting to drop the hard berries again.....every fall and winter. Some days I've had to get the cleaner from the pool and open it up to remove stuck berries. *&^%$#@

I'm happy that cutting out the yogurt has made a big difference. I've found that when my stomach is upset I need to go back in my mind and see what I've consumed.


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Good afternoon Dear Porchies,

Winter or at least fall has come here today. Supposed to be in the 50's tonight I think.

I have been so busy with my washes this morning and trying to get things back in order that I wasn't able to get on the computer . DH has also been busy on the computer plus going shopping and to the bank. Finally get a chance to sit down at the computer. Still need to do little practicing today on the Gloria before I go to practice this evening. Not much time to write but wanted to tell you that I am home safe and sound and that we all had a good time. The weather was cool and we had some rain one day and got wet. The rain was so heavy and DH insisted only taking one umbrella . Consequently we both got we esp me who is not as tall as he. Luckily, I brought my longer jacket coverup (Athleta) which is good for bad weather. I had a sweater under the jacket. It has no lining in the jacket. Coming home on Saturday we all hit some very bad weather driving. Our friends husband drove and refused to let my DH help drive.

We went to see some good and interesting shows. One big one was SAMPSON. It was biblical and done very well in a huge theater with some real animals . It was theater which makes you think you are right there with the actors. It might have been something like surroundsound. The sets were amazing is all I can say. The music was lovely and costumes. It was almost 2 hrs long. Glad it was in the afternoon and not evening. We also went on the Branson Belle paddlewheeler which we had gone on before year ago. The food was good for all the people they had to serve. There was magic along with singing and dancing, especially tap dancers which were really good. DH and I esp enjoyed them as I used to tap dance. The men even did a Singing In The Rain. It was nice but quite windy and chilly so we didn't go outside on the deck much. It was fun !! We shared a condo with another couple we know from church and the other two couples also came from here. The guys are in an investment group. We also went to see SIX. They are 6 brothers, you can see them I believe on you tube who sing acapella and do sounds like instruments, Pretty interesting and they are talented but I do not think their selections of music was the best at least for the older audiences. We did like the part showing them on the Donny and Marie show when they were little as well as the music of the Beach Boys and a few others. They probably played music that showed their talents more - sort of Rock I guess and not the old rock and roll. They did a little of that but not much. We also went to another show but I cannot think the name of the show right now. Everyone liked something different. It is hard to go with a group and everyone likes the same thing.

ROCK - Thanks for the new Porch.

DUCKIE - Hope you feel better soon so you can continue on your long arm adventure..

MIKIE - Wow that is some quilt that you posted .

JULIE - Hang in there and try not to wear yourselves out, as usual. Nice to be able to see family though I know.,. We see few of our with everyone scattered other than our DD#2 and family that live two houses away.

Sorry I cannot chat with everyone. I need to at least listen one time to my music before this evening.

Love you all,
Granni :)


Hi, Kids,

Just sitting down. I moved the sofa away from the wall and vacuumed behind and under it. I also removed the slipcover and washed and dried it. I ironed the skirt and a couple of sections which are difficult to do on the sofa. It has to be put back when it's a bit damp so it will stretch. Tomorrow, I'll iron some of it on the sofa itself. Over time, it will settle back in. It wasn't particularly dirty but it yellows over time and has to be washed; I put a bit of bleach in the wash to brighten it back up. The bottom cushions need to be washed too. Mañana.

Think I mentioned that the ironing board had smashed down on my hand when I was trying to set it up last week. It collapsed while I was trying to iron the heavy slipcover. I'll be off to Wally World to get a new one. The vet's office called to tell me SV's treats have come in so I'll pick those up tomorrow and make a stop at WW and Publix. I'm exhausted. Big jobs like this wear me out and my back hurts. Whine, whine, whine!

I see the pool lights are on. They got new LED lights. They make the water looks so pretty at night. Talked to Sam, one of the big board members, the one who wants me to run for the board. He wants to get a new gate for the pool and we really do need it. There are two ugly stucco pillars on either side of the gate. It would be too expensive and messy to remove them. Sam and his wife will paint them. I am thinking we could do those tiles up so far, the ones which look like stacked stone. I think that would make the pool look newer. I am the queen of doing things on the cheap.

Got a text from DD with a pic of DGS standing by a wall at Harry Potter in London. I have no idea what it's like. I have to check it out online. Said it was awesome and they are having a really good time. I'm so glad.

Sun, what a mess with the neighbor's tree and your pool. We had a live oak next to our pool and we took it down cause it was dropping acorns in the pool. Same with one overhanging the tennis courts. Claudia's Mom was quite an accomplished artist and quilter. An expert told her that several of the quilts are museum quality. She is in charge of cataloging them and will give some away to family members who will cherish them. I don't think she is planning on selling any of them. Her Mom also painted on canvas and on ceramics. Too bad that she has Alzheimer's now and is living in a nursing facility. It's hard on Claudia. Yes, that was brilliant advice to go over what I was eating. I didn't realize the lactose intolerance would get worse; I've been eating yogurt for years without problems. Hope you didn't overdo it moving things and working on the pool.

Granni, sounds as though y'all had a really good time. I'm glad you are home safe and sound, especially with bad traveling weather. Never heard of SIX. I'll have to check it out. Laughing about the umbrella situation. It doesn't work to have one person taller when sharing a bumbershoot. When Sam and his wife paint the pillars, she will paint the top and he will paint the bottom. He's shorter than I and she is tall and blonde. Mutt 'n Jeff. He's as wide as he is tall and she is willowy. No one can figure it out. He's rude and she is sweet. They have been very happily married for years. Glad you're home.

Rock, I see your footprints but don't see you. Hope everything is OK.

Hope y'all have a lovely evening.

Love, Mikie


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Heya all

Bit run off my feet. I had to go on errands and couldn’t get an empty cab. Everyone rushing around trying to get ready for the weeklong day festival.

I’m not gonna put myself out though. Just the barest minimum. Certain dishes and offerings. A bit of a deep clean up where I can.

Gotta say the days are lovely. Sun but a nice breeze. What a change from the incessant rains that was this year! It rains during this festival every year. We will see what happens.

Rock - that atrium is an office in Asia. There were pictures of it from different angles. Creativity at its best. Me thinks. so you’re having rains now. Well, at least Gordon’s flowers won’t need watering.

Mikie - how lucky for your DGS in Harry Potter land. I remember I was hooked onto the first three books. Then I think I started getting mixed up. But it was something else. All those descriptions of a school you had to reach by moat. And suspended candles and talking portraits...ufff! Imagination at its best! Lol. Also those sweets with the funny names they sold on trains....oh everything. Everything. I have an idea our madam Rowling was channeling stuff from another dimension when she wrote those books.

Soul dier sounds fine. I would love to think I was one. We are all pure souls. But work is needed to keep out that which would pollute and contaminate and diminish the light that our souls really are. Not only do our poor souls have to deal with a harsh world and physical elements, they have to be on alert from those in the spirit world seeking to pull down, destroy our spiritual nature and take us with them.

Julie - I’m so glad to hear stories of the kids and their visits like the days of yore. In between you were going through so much, I used to fear for your and Dens well being. So wonderful that things have got back to where you can spend some loving time with the children and their parents doing loving soul nourishing things.

Sun - sounds like a wonderful wedding. Tickled me that the bridegroom teared up. I’ve seen funny videos of where the bridegroom faints. Or the bride. Or she gets the giggles.

Granni - Donny and Marie were the heartthrobs of us when we were in seventh to tenth grade. The kids used to sing their songs all the time at concerts. What a lovely trip you had. Except the rain part.
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Good Tuesday Morning, Kids,

Slept well and early this morning, SV came over and climbed on top of me and purred for a while. Then, he started making sweet soft cooing sounds so we got up. My back is still achy and my hands are swollen, stiff and painful. Arthritis is getting worse. Gotta iron parts of the slipcover on the sofa and put it back against the wall. Feels so good to have one big cleaning job almost done. Gonna go over to the pool and walk before heading out for errands. Evidently, the new LED lights will be staying on all the time.

Star, I see your footprints too. I hope you and your family are well and you can stop in soon.

Spring, so glad the weather is better. We are still sizzling down here in the jungle. It may get to 94 today to tie the record. Those low pressure systems are still spinning off the West Coast of Africa. The big super storms are getting more frequent and powerful, evidence of global warming. One would think that doubters would, at least, want to err on the side of caution and help take steps to cut down on greenhouse gas warming. Rebuilding after the storms is costing a fortune. I also loved the first Harry Potter books but when they started turning dark, I lost interest. Do you remember the book, Jonathan Livingston Seagull? It was a big best seller. The author said the whole book just came to him from somewhere spiritual. Hope the festival goes well.

Love, hugs and prayers for all our Dear Porchies.

Love, Mikie