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Porch No. 1095 Now CLOSED, Oct. 18, 2018


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Hi Folks. Com'on in. Join the conversation.

The house below has a porch. The window reminds me of the one in Grant Wood's
painting American Gothic. This is a doll house. In my home village we had a Dahl house. It was life sized. The Dahl family lived there. The name was popular in Germany and Scandinavia.

The most famous Dahl was Roald Dahl who was born during WWI, became an Ace in the Royal Air Force during WWII, and later wrote books and screen plays. His most famous book was Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. Help yourself to some chocolate chip cookies.


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Good Thursday Morning, Kids,

We are in for another hot one today. It's only 74 out right now but will climb to 92 later this afternoon. The temps will be in the mid-80's by next week which is in the normal range.
This time of year, we are always champing at the bit for fall to arrive.

Rock, thanks for getting a new Porch started. Unfortunately, I can't see the pic. All I get is an icon and brackets with IMG denoting that there is an image. I don't know why some pics posted will not show up. It may be my browser and others may be able to see it. In any case, I appreciate your providing us with a new Porch.

SV is sooo excited to be getting treats again. I'm so glad he likes the new ones. When he's a happy kitty, he gets more playful. He hides behind things and jumps out to scare me when I go by. He pops out screaming like a banshee. If I stop near him, he sits up and boxes my leg with his paws. He doesn't use his claws so it just feels funny. At bedtime, he races me to the bed, again screaming like a banshee as he flies through the air next to me. He's a little wild man.

Gonna go read the virtual newspaper. Hope all y'all have a great day.

Love, Mikie


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Morning, Mikie

Well, Bummer! OK, Folks, try this if you can't see the doll house. Do a search
for "Doll Houses with Porches". When some pics come up click at the bottom
for more images. The pic in question on my computer is in the second row,
4th from the right hand margin. OK; tried it again. This time the pic is at
the right margin of the second row.

Just woke up. Same old problem. Is it night or morning? Looked out the window.
Dark sky. All the LA skyscrapers lit up. Ergo, it must be night. But no, turned out
it was a little after 6 AM.

Mikie, you rescued a homeless kitty, and you ended up with an built in entertainer.
It's 61 degrees here. Will be in the 80s for the next ten days. Same report for the
last month or two. Ratbane!

Sun, thank for the article about the tiny houses. That's eerie to see the creator's
face peaking in. Reminds me of King Kong peaking in the windows of the Empire
State Building.

Duckie, hope you are feeling better.

I'm reading a bio of Wanda Jackson, singer of Country Western and Rockabilly.
Sometimes traveled with Elvis to shows back in the 50s.



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Good morning, friends! Can't stay long, but wanted to thank Rock for the new porch...couldn't find which doll house for sure, but here is a picture of the American Gothic house...it's about 45 minutes from us. Somewhere I have a picture of Den and me in the famous pose (pitchfork and all, lol!)

And here's a photo of the famous picture and the house before it was restored.

Anyway, I'm glad SV likes his new treats, and that Sun had a good day for the wedding, and that Granni is home from her trip and Duckie has her new machine and is heading to a weekend retreat. Spring is getting ready for another festival, Star is preparing for spring, and Rock has so much knowledge floating around in his head (in spite of the darn Alzheimer's) and can continue to share with us.

That's all I can think of at the moment...trying to get the cobwebs outta my brain (hoping a second cup of coffee will do)...I started on a muscle relaxer last night and feel very weird this morning. The funny thing...I took a half pill a couple hours before bedtime (Den's bedtime, at 9:00, lol!) thinking I would be sleepy and relaxed enough to drift right off. But I was still wide awake, so stayed up a little longer than he did. Must have gotten right to sleep cause I don't remember anything till about 7:30 this morning. Got up for the bathroom, thought I would lie down a few more minutes...nope, opened my eyes again at 9:00!!!

I only agreed to try them (refused the doctor the first time) because the physical therapist thought it would help. I'll continue on a half dose, just at bedtime (prescription says I can take three times a day, but I'd be in zombie land continuously?) so I'll just stick with taking it at night.

I also wanted to say that I am so sorry about the depressed feelings so many of us are having...yes, I am too, but it comes and goes a lot, for me. It tends to make me feel even more socially "inadequate" and I don't really want to be around anyone or even leave the farm. Well....I love being around my family, even though it is so much (for me) to have them come again (two weeks from tomorrow), but I think that is because I want to do so many fun things with them and we try to cram everything into each visit because we never know when the next one will be.

And I have to keep going to therapy twice a week, and Keira has a band concert next Tuesday evening...and, and, and. But I don't understand why it takes so much out of me, when "normal people" do this stuff (seemingly) so easily and many are still working full-time jobs????? I am so very grateful for my husband, kids, grandkids and the material things like a place to live, most everything I need, etc., etc. But...life is just hard a lot of the time. Different difficulty levels for different people, but hard, just the same.

I'm so glad we have each other on here to lift each other up or feel bad at the same time...that's what family is about...thank you to everyone in our porch family...

Gotta get busy...speaking of "motivators"...the yard needs caught up and I have two sunny days to be home and get that done. Sometime before Sunday, Den and I need to go get a load (50 forty pound bags) of pellets for the wood stove (we'll get a "pallet" discount, plus it is "11 percent off" till Sunday.) Then he is borrowing the contractors' bucket truck (they are in Florida helping out...were doing some work for our city, but had to drop everything when Michael hit but didn't take all their trucks) to use to cut a couple of tall trees and to do some work at the top roofline of the new part of the house. I can't let him do all that by himself, even if I can't lift, etc...so we'll be busy all weekend.

But...I can't leave here without telling Granni Happy Birthday! I think there is someone else's close, but my brain just won't remember...please let us know.

Take care, everyone! Thinking of you all, and those who don't post, but read about our craziness from time to time...



Hi, Kids,

Good grief! I took a bath and lay down just to rest. An hour and forty-five minutes later, I woke up. I was so dizzy that I almost fell over. It was one of those sleeps that was more like a coma than a nap.

Rock, had the sun not been shining brightly, I'd not have known whether it was night or day out. When I was in Medicare ins. sales, I usually went to the people's homes. So many had their dogs and even kitties go through their tricks. One couple was so in love with a young male kitty they adopted and he played all kinds of games with them. They were so proud of him. The man said he had never had a cat before and didn't think he'd like one. He doted on their kitty more than she did. I can't tell you how many times I did presentations with a small dog or cat in my lap. When people's pets like you, the people trust and like you too. It didn't hurt that I love animals. How is your Miss Kitty?

Are you saying you don't like temps in the 80's? To us, that's nice weather. We like the 70's too. I saw something on TV about an artist who fashioned tiny front doors. She would secretly put them in public places all over Atlanta. People started to notice and began to bring their own things to help decorate the little doors. One brought a bunch of tiny cats to sit in front of one of them. What fun to try to find them in the city. Reminds me of the pictures with hidden things in the children's Highlights magazines. There was one in the eye doc's office and I was tempted to try to find things in the pic.

Julie, we were posting at the same time. Yes, those muscle relaxers are powerful. I'm so glad they redid that house. It's a favorite for couples to take their own pics with pitichforks. So funny! With our temps in the 90's, it's easy to forget that winter cold is on its way in other areas of the country. I also don't know what I'd do if I didn't have our wonderful Porch family here to share in everything, good and sad things alike. Porchies are the first to offer comfort and advice when we are sick or down. Also the first to send up prayers for healing. We are not alone in our illnesses. Our illnesses don't define us and having our beloved ones here helps remind us of that.

If we were alone, it would be easy to begin to believe we are what we have. When I see all that Claudia does, seemingly effortlessly, I am reminded of how limiting my lack of energy is but she needs the stamina to deal with going to the nursing facility every day to visit her Mom who is failing with dementia. We all have our burdens but I think that is what life is really all about. Thank God that along with the burdens, we get to enjoy some blessings. All you Porchies are a blessing to me.

Star, I hope you and yours are OK.

Gonna get going. To do what? I don't know. Obviously, I'm run down so will try to find things I can do without too much effort.

Hope all our Porchies are doing well.

Love, Mikie
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Good morning dear Porchies !!

Had a very slow morning. Got up late today and dilly dallied around till I got dressed. DD#1 called to talk for my b-day, while I was making my breakfast drink. I am so chilly and damp even if they say I am supposed to be getting warmer today. This dampness kills me even though it is in the 60's somewhere. They said it is supposed to hit 70 today. Hope so but could use some sun. At least no rain today.

Not to much time to write ( so what else is new) . Have to go get ready for our bible study class this afternoon. They feed us well and then home and on to an early dinner with DD#2 and family that lives close by.

Gotta run and get ready for our bible study class. I am so disorganized today. Hope those feeling worse than normal get to feeling better today or very soon.

Thinking of everyone- ROCK, MIKIE, SUN, SW, DUCKIE, JULIE, STAR, and anyone else I may have temporarily forgotten.

JULIE - I see we posting about the same time. Thanks so much for you wonderful birthday wishes. You don't want to know my age - groan !!! However, I feel worse than that. Have a dermatologist appt on MOnday and hope she can figure out some or my other problems,

Granni :)


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Hi Kids

Julie, I'd forgotten (of course) about your visit to Elden. If you ever come across
the pic of you and Den, please post it. A few years ago I read a biography of Grant
Wood and looked up all his painting on the net. I read the couple in American
Gothic are not husband and wife but Grant's sister and his dentist. Grant wanted
them to be symbols of strong and sturdy pioneers. People who could cope with
the Great Depression. Below is my favorite of his work. The picture is titled Arbor Day. The kids are planting a tree.

I really can't remember much of anything anymore. Just vague bits and pieces.
I have to check everything including my address. Nevertheless I was able to be
of great help to Gordon today. He wanted to find a metal table in the garage that
he could take to the orchid club tonight. So I went with him to search the garage.
He opened the door and said, "Oh, there it is." On inspection it turned out to be
too large and too heavy. I always like to be helpful.


To Granni.
Whenever I hear about a dermatologist I remember a verse from my childhood.

He killed the noble Mudjokivis.

Of the skin he made him mittens,
Made them with the fur side inside,
Made them with the skin side outside.
He, to get the warm side inside, 5
Put the inside skin side outside;
He, to get the cold side outside,
Put the warm side fur side inside.
That ’s why he put the fur side inside,
Why he put the skin side outside, 10
Why he turned them inside outside.

Sorry, can't get the font any larger.

Hugs, Rock
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Lets see....Julie is now taking muscle relaxers which are helping her sleep. What are they?
Rock can see the LA skyscrapers from his window, lucky you. SV has now gotten his treats and is one happy cat. Granni is having a BD.

And as for me: PAIN PAIN PAIN from overdoing with scooping out the pine needles from the pool. My head and neck hurt even when I cough along with shoulder and arm pain, so that tells me I've got some trigger points going on. Whine whine whine. And my pool guy told me winds are expected this weekend. *&^%$#@


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Hi guys...I just came barreling down the lane on my mower, thinking it was surely 6:00 pm or so and Den would be awake from his after work nap. Got inside and realized it's just after 5:00, and he is still asleep...he's been so tired and feeling run down...different allergies bothering him now and he mentioned he didn't sleep well last night. Hope his thyroid meds are working okay...I know he won't want to go get more labs done.

Sun, I am so sorry for your pain. I know the pool needs cleaned, but I wish you had more help. Do you have a cover for it, or would that even help. The neighbors with the nuisance tree...uggh!

The doctor's nurse said it would be Flexerall...I don't remember what the name actually is...assume it's a generic. Full price would have been around $14 for 30 tabs...with insurance, I paid $1.25. Gonna take tonight's dose (1/2 of a tab) pretty soon and see if I can get on a closer sleep schedule to Den's. I wouldn't mind going to bed earlier and waking up before he leaves for work (around 5:30) or shortly after.

While on the mower, I tried to watch my posture (therapist has been stressing that I don't slump, and try to keep my shoulders back, even though it feels so unnatural right now.) Left hand still going to sleep, but shoulders not in quite so much pain from the bumping around the yard...I'm just waiting to see how this all turns out.

Gotta get supper started...I just heard Den get up.

Take care, everyone!


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Julie: YES, posture, posture, posture. I've found that if I try to keep my shoulders back it automatically straightens my spine and of course all that affects the neck, which in turn can help headaches.

I have my pool guy once a week, and my gardener comes once a week also. No one around to help me, so that means I have to do a lot myself. I tried to find a young HS kid to help....HA! I had two come a few years ago, one did a good job on the pool but didn't show up again and I was paying $10 an hr. The other one was AWFUL and I didn't want him. So most of the time I just wait for the once a week, but after the windstorm I HAD to clean it.

My poolguy told me today the new part will be here next week so I'm really hoping it will help me. Yesterday I had to take the pool sweep out of the pool 4 times. That means I have to stoop down to lift it, then use a screwdriver to remover the cover, remove whatever is in there, the put it back. It really gets to be a ^%$#@ but thinking about selling and living in a condo is a real turn off for me. I love my house and my yard and I would be very unhappy.


Good Friday Morning, Kids,

Slept well last night and can feel it today. Just to wake up not exhausted is a blessing. I don't know how long it will last but I'm grateful for what I get. Just soaked in a hot bath and that often makes me sleepy so may take a morning nap. I was the only one of my pals that got the Final Jeopardy question last night. I had to reason it out but finally got it. There's not much time to think. There's not much brain to think with.

Sun, would it be easier to remove the big chunks in the pool with a simple net and finish up with the pool vacuum? I wish you didn't have to do that since it causes such pain. Hope the pain is better.

Rock, your brain is doing better than mine. I can't post animated messages. Why doesn't the orchid club hold its meetings where there are already tables and chairs? Sometimes, libraries have rooms that clubs can use.

Julie, Flexeril is in a family of meds but I can't remember the anti-depressant in the same family. It's often prescribed for FMS pain. Weight gain is a side effect. Oh, I think it's Elavil. I took Skelaxin muscle relaxant because I gained weight on the Elavil. I hope that, between the drug and the PT, you feel a lot better soon.

Ok, Kids, I'm gonna go read the virtual newspaper. Hope all y'all have a great day.

Love, Mikie


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Good morning, friends...so much for mowing again today...having small, but steady showers this morning. I don't care to mow wet grass, so am just going to concentrate on working inside again today. I think last night the weather lady said we'd be sunny and dry till next Thursday (after the "possible" showers today...)

Sun, I hope the new part for the pool does the trick. It would be great if you could find just the right high school kid to help you...but after two that didn't work out, I understand it might be more trouble than it's worth.

Rock, we have several of the folding tables for the grandkids to use as their desks...made of a hard tough plastic. I wonder if it would be worth investing in one for Gordon? I've found 4' ones for under $30. Lots of different sizes and many of them fold in half so don't take up much room when transporting or storing.

Mikie, glad you slept well. And that SV likes his new treats...funny, how they feel more loved or satisfied with just a little extra. I put a spoonful of people food (whatever I have on hand) on top of Oreo's dry dog food...if I don't do it right away, she just stares at me until I do, lol!

Yes, the muscle relaxer is a generic of Flexeril (Cyclobenzaprine)...just says on the paper that it is used to calm muscles. The only other prescriptions I take are for hypertension, but this paper lists all the warnings of taking it with anti-depressants or other drugs. The pharmacist said not to drive, of course, but if I'm home all day to take some in the afternoon and again at bedtime. I didn't yesterday, because I was mowing. I just don't want to be "knocked out" when I'm trying to get things done, lol!

Den and I have a breakfast date set for tomorrow morning, to go get the pallet load of pellets for the stove in the living room. He's going in to get the bucket truck before that, so it will be here for him to use...we haven't finished the west side of the roof line and that's where all the cold air was coming in last winter. Probably should work on all that stuff instead of building things like "Kids Clubs", but...

I have therapy on Tuesday and Thursday next week...will go see my dad on my way to Keira's concert later on Tuesday. The nursing home is also doing "trick or treating" Tuesday evening...the staff's kiddos dress up and go in and the residents can pass out treats if they want to. Dad usually doesn't participate, but when I asked him the other day, he said he wanted to this year. I'll take some candy in to the DON...she said she would have the activity ladies make sure Dad had an opportunity if he wanted. Otherwise, someone else can give out his candy.

I was surprised to see a different man in Dad's roommate's bed...yes, the roommate died sometime in the past week. Thankfully, Dad doesn't seem to realize (or remember) how many roommates he's lost...

My brother in Texas called last night...his wife is the one who has had stage 4 double lung cancer for going on five years. She's not taking any treatments or any pills right now....her doctor told her they've done everything they can, so she should just enjoy life. Apparently, they had gotten the tumors shrunk a lot with the chemo, etc., but can't do anymore treatments. My brother said the cancer is growing again, but very slowly, so...his wife is 73 years old.

He actually called to tell us that they have moved about four hours away from where they had lived for years...they are now near Dallas. Her son (single, forty-something, well-to-do accountant) bought a two-story house so they could all live together. The son is on the upper floor, my brother and his wife have the main floor...son said he felt better having them closer to him so he can take care of them (or whoever survives the other) when the time comes.

Apparently, my brother and sis-in-law sold practically everything they owned, except for what would fit in the house. They lived sort of "in the country", although her sister and husband lived nearby. But my brother said she is happy now to be living "in the city" again. I told him to thank their son (my brother is really the only dad he has known) and that I am happy I won't have to worry about him in his old age...brother has lots of health problems himself and many of the "markers" that the experts say lead to dementia (heart problems, diabetes, etc.) Not that everyone who has those issues end up with dementia, but I've seen it run in families...brother is only 58, but looks and acts a lot older than me (age 60.)

Guess I'd better get a game plan going for today. No mowing, so can work on wrapping Christmas presents (glad I have been starting my shopping early the past few years) or cleaning or menu planning, or.....I certainly don't lack for things to do, lol! But just finding the energy, working brain cells, etc...that's the challenge, each and every day.

Hi to everyone that checks in...thinking of you all!



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Dear Ones,
Expecting the cleaning ladies here this afternoon so I have lots to do. Wasn't on here before and got more done since I was also outside weeding for a short while. It is such a mess outside due to all the rain.

JULIE - I understand what you mean about posture and shoulder and neck pain. I have a lot of it and my posture stinks,. I have had it for some time and keep trying to correct it when I think about it ( for a short while). I was on Flexeril and Special K for quite awhile and then decided to get off it/them , taking enough drugs and I had to do it.. Trying to take more natural drugs so to speak. Although they are not that cheap either so I end up taking next to nothing for pain./ All that mowing esp with wet gramm and bumping around is not a good thing for you. It might cost a bunch for you to have someone else do it. However, have no idea if you knew anyone who might do it for not a whole lot of money. To bad one of your grand kids isn't old enough to do it for a little extra money. What about one of the amish boys? However, they probably have more than enough chores to do. Hope you feel better soon. Hope the Flexaril helps you some. I took it mostly at bed time.

SUN - Sorry for all your pain. Mine is still there too. I go to the dermatologist on Monday who I am hoping can give me some answers:) son my itchy burny skin and underlyng rashes , esp on feet, legs and probably some on neck and shoulder areas. So many places that I can;t see and the light has to be just right for some of them.. I suspect I have more than one type. Some come and go and others just stay. In others words, I'm, a mess. WHINE, WHINE, WHINE :)!!!

It is supposed to be warming up today but still have long sleeves this morning, in the 70's and possibly more rain this afternoon. Just what we don't need for more weeds to grow ):!!

Had a nice birthday dinner yesterday evening with DD#2 and her DH and DGS. It was a seafood restaurant and so very good. I even got a big piece of choc cake for free with candle on it. It was nice to go to a really nice restaurant for a change but we probably won;t go out again for some time :)!! Had a class of wine, salad, seafood gumbo, and DH and I and DD both had the trout with asparagus and spinach.. The trout was in a lemon butter sauce, maybe some wine too. It was delicious.!!! Had calls from kids and many FB congratulations that made my day. Thank you all for my birthday greetings yesterday. Thinking of you all and I have to get going and eat lunch before those cleaning ladies come.

Love to awl,
Granni (another slumper ):)


Hi, Kids,

Went over to the pool to see the color choices for the two stucco columns which flank the pool gate. Our neighbor is donating her time and the paint to the project. It felt sooo hot out. I went to Publix to make sure I have my Mega Millions and Powerball tickets. I also got a Florida Lotto ticket; it's only a measly $3.5 million. A lot of people won't buy tickets with a jackpot that low but I'd be dancing in the streets if I won a million bucks. I don't play all the time but definitely wanted to with jackpots this big. Customer service woman was all confusicated and kept short changing me when I got the tickets.

I started reading The Shack. It's a really strange story. It starts out with the murder of a five year old girl but the real story is how her father went back to the scene of the crime, the shack, and how he meets God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit in other human forms. I don't know how it's gonna go because I haven't read far enough but I'm certainly intrigued. Had I not heard all the praises of people who read it, I probably wouldn't have bothered. It intrigues me because of the dream/vision I had of God who came to me as a sweet looking Hispanic man who was watering beautiful flowers in front of a bungalow. The message is that He was taking care of my place in Heaven for me until I get there.

This was more than a dream and, unlike a dream, I can remember all the details and can see the man whose form He took. Remembering his kind face is so soothing to me. I can see his face, his clothes and even his wrist watch. I don't think of God The Father in any special form but feel His spirit and presence. It's easier though to get the message when it comes from a familiar form. I think another message is that God is part of all of us in spirit. I'm anxious to get back to reading more. There seems to be something uplifting beyond just the story and that seems to be what the people praising the book were trying to convey. I'll let y'all know how it turns out.

Julie, I'm hoping that the muscle relaxant and better sleep will help you heal. Our weather has been dry here and the temps are supposed to drop on Mon. I hope so. It was sooo hot when I went out that I just feel wilted. I was thinking that if you kept chickens, you might be getting pallets of pellets for your pullets. Gotta love that foul/fowl humor. Hope your SIL does well and enjoys her life. Is there any chance for immuno-suppressant treatment? They are trying that when the traditional treatments have not destroyed the cancer. I think that one day, chemo and radiation will be obsolete. I hear ya about NRG. I'm exhausted and only went to the store. Plenty to do around here too.

Star, saw your footprints and hope you see this and know I'm thinking of you and praying for you. Stop in when you can.

Granni, glad you enjoyed your birthday and had such a nice dinner. I grew up eating fresh caught rainbow trout and it's still one of my favorite fish. I got some breaded cod fillets from the deli at Publix and they were delicious. Only ate about half of them so will have more later. I hope the doc can figure out what is causing those rashes. BTW, I had been putting some steroid cream on the keratosis on my boob and it is almost gone. It used to burn and itch and wasn't in a good place to be scratching. I need to go outside and work on the bushes around the bldg. but can't until it cools down.

OK, Kids, I'm outta here. Hope all y'all are enjoying your day.

Love, Mikie


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Julie: I tried flexeral but as I recall I found it too strong or it didn't work, so I gave them to my son who was having pain. I take gabapentin 300 mg. Twice a day but I would like to get off it, so need to ask for a 100 mg RX from my doc. I basically live on ibuprofen and when the pain gets bad I take tramadol 1/4 of the tablet because even 1/2 is too strong for me.

Mikie: I use my net for everything floating on the top or berries on the bottom if I can see them. The net pole extends quite a distance. The sweep goes around the bottom of the pool, vacuuming and picking up leaves and berries. The poolman added a catch all container before it goes into the side of the pool. This helps catch the pine needles, etc. for the most part. I'm hoping this new part will continue to rotate and send those berries into this container instead of jamming up the movement.

Granni: Years ago I went to the doctor for itching/burning places on my arms. He couldn't see anything. I now can see small burnt places all over my arms. For me I think it came from when we had some big fires out here and lots of fire retardant sprayed. Many people were complaining of the same symptoms. Isn't there some natural oil you can use on your skin? Why not do a search.

Rock: I was at a little thrift store yesterday and bought some cotton type pants. I told them it would be to slip on to evade mosquitos. So we got to talking about those nasty critters.....the lady told me she gets bit right thru her clothes! Same as what you mentioned.

I got my aunt's sugar free chocolate bar sent to her nursing home in Ohio yesterday so that's been done this week. She has alzheimers and is also diabetic......she asks for $ at the nursing station from the $ my cousin keeps for incidentals.....they said she uses it in the candy machine and buys the bad kind, so I'm sending her a sugar free chocolate bar from Trader Joe's once a week. My cousin said no more than one a week because she will consume it all at once. I'm very sad she's come to this point in her life. She was a nurse, never was able to have children and my uncle died over 25 years ago. My favorite aunt and actually the last remaining from my mom's family. She's 96. This cousin watches over her and her finances, which have basically run out, so she's able to live at this facility and pay nothing. Cousin took her to her doctor last week.....she gets VERY agitated at any changes.....and the doctor finally agreed to give her sleeping pills for nighttime. She was creating a problem because she would get up very early, get scared when she wouldn't find anyone, and go from door to door knocking on it, waking people up. I don't think she even knows who I am when I call now, but we have a good time talking and laughing. I wish I lived close to her.

I can't stay. My DS is coming over this morning with the girls. Mia is turning 2 next week, and at this age they change rapidly. Haven't seen her for about 8 weeks because of the surgery, etc.


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Hi Kids

Good to see so many posts. I got a post card last night from my brother who lives
in Portland. He's been on a road trip for a month or so. Got home last night. He
spent his time in N. Minnesota. Visited a bear center; same for wolves. There are
videos from these places on Youtube. Both are new i.e. weren't there when we lived
in MN. He'll be sending his usual report to friends in a few days.

Sun, sorry the persistent pain hangs on. I never heard of Gabapentin. Looks like
it might be made from serpent oil to treat gabbiness. In all my years of visiting
thrift shops the only clothes I bought were T shirts. Sometimes you could find shirts
that looked like they had never been worn. The price was always one of two bucks.
One time I bought several in a hurry. Turned out the first time I put it on I
discovered the writing on the front about a woman's race to combat cancer. I wore
it anyway.

A shame one can't hire teenage boys at a reasonable price anymore. I suppose the
same is true of baby sitters. I baby sat for friends of my mother when I was a teen.
The babies were twins. I'd sit and read for 2 or 3 hours while they slept. Get paid 50
cents. I thought it was a great job. In those days 50 cents would pay for a meal at MacDonald's or two admissions to the movies; with snacks.

Mikie, I hope you win millions. You know, a frequent post when I started coming
here was about waiting for social security benefits based on disability. The folks at
the SS office weren't too happy with our claims based on CFS, etc. Sometimes people
would have to make more than one application 'cause the first got turned down.
Might wait a year or more for benefits.

So, when one of those long delayed applications was approved, the benefits were
retroactive. And that would mean a big lump sum payout. But of course folks
didn't know they shouldn't broadcast their good fortune to the world. Many were
swamped with requests from friends and relations for money. One gal reported
some relative kept visiting her asking her to buy him a new pickup. Haven't
seen any stories about this topic for years. In fact, I think we had a forum dedicated
to Soc. Sec. applications.

OK, have run outta energy. Hugs, everydobby
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I'm back, kinda after a short nap. I seem to "wilt" very quickly, especially after having the little ones here. What a (*&^%$# way to live.

We only went to the local park where they played for about an hr. Then back home. My DS worked on installing a keyless entry, no problem. Can't figure out why my handyman couldn't get it to work. And I was busy fixing lunch for us all. I had picked up a can of Chef Boyardee ravioli.......my son came out from the pantry carrying it.....big grin on his face. He used to love that. My DGDs have never eaten it. The oldest loved it the youngest...ugh, spit it out. Feeding them sometimes can be a problem. I had cut up some leftover chicken to make a chicken salad for them, along with some cooked apples. So between that and some roast beef they got food to eat.

So about 5 min. After they left i hit the bed for a nap but too wound up to get much sleep. Big surprise today, I received a letter in the mail addressed to the garden owner. I was invited to have my garden on the local garden tour, nice compliment but I must decline. BAD fatigue and everything else prevents me from too much anymore.

Rock: Prices have gone up at thrift stores but it's still fun to search for treasures. I used to get wonderful antiques at this little thrift store years ago.....like a blown glass lamp base from Merano, Italy. I think I paid $5 for that treasure. And the best.....a salesman sample of a child's dresser......circa 1820. OMG.....I'm so glad I was first in line at the door that day. It was appraised over 25 years ago at a Beverly Hills Auction house for around $350. I think I paid about $25. No wonder there was always a line on tuesday mornings for them to open....word got around.


Good Saturday Morning, Kids,

Weatherman says we will be inundated with dry air which should ease the humidity. It was bad yesterday. Mon. will bring cooler air from the cold front marching down from the north. Too bad this El Niño pattern wasn't here in time to stop the hurricanes. Hope our insurance doesn't skyrocket next year due to all the claims. I haven't looked to see whether I won anything from last night's Mega Millions Lotto drawing. There is the Powerball drawing tonight, also the Florida Lotto. It's fun to play and imagine what I'd do with the money.

Sun, I'm so glad you got to see your kids but am sorry you are in so much pain. You are right, it's no way to live. When I'm so exhausted and in pain, I feel the same way. I'm super exhausted right now but not much pain as long as I don't exert myself too much. My neighbor shops at the thrift stores and gets really nice things. It's not what one spends, it's one's taste that counts. I don't go into those stores because I'm trying to get rid of things and not acquire more and those prices are sooo tempting. After my ex's grandma died, we found 'contraband' chocolate hidden all over her apartment. Hope you feel better.

Rock, gabapentin is also called, neurontin. It's been around a long time. My DSIL takes it for his leg pain. It took three years for my SS disability to be ok'd. Of course, it was turned down and turned down again on appeal. We had a court date and the judge decided to retire. My file went to the bottom of the pile and new files were getting tossed on top of it. An SS employee told me that. My atty., who was great, sent a letter to ask that they set a date before the judge. It was approved and I got a retroactive payment. It wasn't that much after the atty. got his maximum amt. Certainly not enough to buy a pickup truck. Isn't it nice to get an actual card in the mail? It's a lost art. Emails are so much easier and faster but lack that quality of the hand written note. Got a nice one from DSIL's Mom after I sent her a sympathy card after her Mother died. Those cards meant a lot to me after my own Mom passed away.

It's a good thing I keep saving my posts as I go. I just hit the return key to insert a paragraph break and everything vanished. No rhyme nor reason. Just, Poof! Gone. I read a bit more of the book last night. Each time I read it, I get a strange feeling and a deeper understanding of God's love for us. It's an odd book and I'm surprised that it is affecting me like this. I'm wondering whether it's divinely inspired. Nancy has read it twice and it affected her the same way. No wonder all those voters on PBS were so passionate about it.

We all got the Final Jeopardy answer last night. So we feasted on virtual chocolate all around. I've been on a roll lately with FJ. Ooh, ooh, no one won the jackpot last night. The Tues. drawing will be for $1.6 billion. Yikes! I hope it doesn't all go to one person.

Y'all have a good weekend.

Love, Mikie