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Porch No. 1098 is now CLOSED Nov. 3, 2018


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This is gordon and i decided to open the new porch seeing how everyone is occupied.

this is a exciting time for me. my cattelya, Pamelal Hertherton has 4 buds on the spike an
should be opening in a couple of days. the color is pink with a ruffled lip with a dot of
yellow. this flower received a FIRST CLASS CERTIFICATE when first shown.

i bought a division of this plant from my friend jim.

i tried to post a picture but it had too many pixels but you can find it on the net.

good posting all.


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hi all

i tried to log in from 2 days back but would get the website not secure message. also read how the computer wasnt working well for others so decided not to risk it.

i just love the quiet peace the above picture of a little cottage set amongst a jumble of old trees and bushes exudes.
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gordon - how sweet of you to open up our porch! i looked up Pamela H and its gorgeous. congratulations on winning the A certificate for it. how lucky for you that you have the orchid thumb.

The festival of Lights is around the corner and the supermarkets bustling with shoppers. people gift each other packets of sweets and dryfruits. the array of indian sweetmeats is bewildering. they keep trying to bring out new designs. new flavours. i think they are to Indian sweet shops what cupcakes are to western pastry shops. you can do a lot to them in terms of experimenting with flavours and design.


i love them but am aware theyre not good for the body if eaten too much.

mikie - how aggravating about the key! poor kitties but i guesstheres worse things than going hungry for a day. i was watching cat videos and theyre up there with dogs for entertainment value. if they didnt get up on counters or pee on blankets i would love to keep one. i did a little jig for joy when i heard Barry could join back in. thank you.

sun - dunno which is worse, getting a flu shot or getting flu. obviously the latter but still, fever, running temperature, feeling unwell is enough to put one off. i wish they would manufacture a vaccine which was 100 percent effective and had no side effects. wishes, wishes and if horses could fly.

rock - i wonder if that fishing cat could be found here. since we are Himalayan region. i really need to go on a trek up the moutains. my friend was telling me now many Nepalese go on treks and take the more expensive packages. the successful businessmen women and top CEOs are earning well.

she had just seen a documentary on the lives of people who live up there on remote mountains along the trekking routes, and was moved. she is normally very practical, a little hard headed but she was saying she felt grateful for her life as it was. with all the comforts within her reach.i was thinking the film must have been made with heart. and touched something within her. the director is Eric Valli. who made another feature filmed in the mountainous regions, it was called Caravan, in the 90s and it earned a lot of money.

he plucked a real life old man nomad for Caravan from where he was shooting and made him act. not just a cameo but the hero! he got really famous too for a while, the old man.

Duckie - sorry about the long arm snaggle. machines are unpredictable. like people.

julie - i hope you dont spread yourself too thin. as it is its stressful to have your father having bouts of not remembering. Hope the therapy is working good.

granni - are you practising for Christmas. time flies. how did one year go by!
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springwater: i didn't win anything. this plant won the award when it was first shown by the
hyrbidizer. Fred Steward, in 1977. jim sold me a piece of a clone that he had and i'm so ever
grateful to have it. don't think i was into orchids at that time. the flower can get 9" across.
just one of the best!!! now if i can find a green one.....

isn't it wonderful that barry can return to this board. he always had some exotic plant to
report on.



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Morning Kids

This is my second morning. Woke up last night and thought it was morning. Took
about 2 hours for me to catch on to the fact that it was still night. Nice picture,
Springwater. We have Chinese silk trees here that are somewhat similar. There is a
huge one in Echo Park. Is in bloom most of the year.

Yes, the fishing cat's territory extends to the Himalayas. Wild cats generally don't
make good pets, so don't bring one home to play with the dogs. That is a remarkably
colorful plate of Indian sweets you posted. I'd like to sample it all.

Yesterday, we went to a library in Eagle Rock.* While I was selecting books, Gordon
was grabbing books at random. He said, "You're always running out of books. So
I just grabbed some." On the way home I looked at the top one in the bag. It was
something I had read recently. Haven't yet looked to see what the others are.

There was a notice of a recall of one of my meds in the news the other day. Not really
too helpful since the meds in question were manufactured in 2015 and 2016. The
label showed the manufacturer was different too. For some reason the words "No
Varnish" appeared on the label. Maybe the maker was shinning the consumers on.

Hope everydobby is doing OK. Think I'll go back to bed for a little nap.


*Illustrating that my Alz is alive and well I originally typed Little Rock instead of
Eagle Rock. Ay Ay Ay!


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Good Sunday morning, everyone! My internal clock forgot about the time change...I set the coffee pot to turn on at 6:00 am...I woke up and looked at my bedside clock (it said 5:00) so I got up to check on kiddos (everyone sleeping up on the loft above the dining room and I knew they would be getting chilly if they had kicked off their blankets during the night.) Anyway...looked at my phone and it was only a little after 4:00 am! Oh, that's right! An extra hour of sleep...but my body chose to wake up really, really early, lol!

No matter...I just went ahead and made coffee and decided to check the computer while I have a minute and the house is quiet.

Gordon, thanks for the new porch! I will post a pic at the bottom of this post...is this one close to what yours looks like...pretty!

Hi Rock...I start reading books all the time, then realize I've already read them...oops!

Sun, I'm so sorry you're feeling rough after your flu shot. We also choose not to get them...they will give my dad one at the nursing home, and I hope it doesn't make him too ill. Last year, he felt rough for a couple of days afterwards...I would refuse to let them do it, but the DON really recommended it and I would feel bad if he did get the flu and was not only very sick himself or spread it through the facility.

Duckie, yikes...I hope you get your machine to behave properly. Can be very frustrating, I'm sure.

Mikie, glad you had the right keys after all. Hope you have a good visit with Claudia and her family. And I hope your health continues to improve. Wait, did I just read that on the last porch or this one...I'm confusing myself, lol!

Spring, what a pretty cottage! And yes, very peaceful and relaxing. True, it is very hard to see my daddy going through his rough days...I'm so glad he is in a facility where they take such good care of him and treat him like family.

Hi to Granni, Star, anyone who might be reading along...

We've been so busy, I've barely had time to sit down...but the girls (Lindsey and Amy) have done a lot of the cooking, cleaning, etc. And Keira got the pinata ready for the younger ones to do today (she gets to do the "adult" game now...things wrapped up in Saran Wrap...just keep adding "layers" until there is a huge ball...players roll dice or flip quarters while taking turns unwrapping the ball to get to the prizes...they switch off after "matching numbers on the dice" or "matching heads or tails" on the quarters...)

The guys got the big Ash tree dropped yesterday afternoon...that was a sight to see...the tree was dead so had to be cut down before it fell on a building.

Den helped David, and then Clinton work on their vehicles. We did some cookie decorating (glad I got the gingerbread men and sugar cookies made ahead of time...made everything else go much smoother.)

Well, Miley is awake now and I'm going to let her play a kids' game on here. (Den just got up and is on the laptop, sitting in his recliner.) I may just go back to bed for a little while.

Take care, everyone! Don't have time to proof read this...hope it makes sense, lol!



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Hi there awl,

I am still alive, I think and had some time before church so here I am. Not even going to put on much makeup, like lipstick and blush. When at home I rarely do anyway just when going someplace special. If I go shopping I just put on lipstick otherwise I look half dead , not good.

Sorry to have been away so long but one thing or another gets in the way and then it is to late nd when I have the time DH needs it for his work, Hope you all won't faint from seeing me here. It is such a busy time. This week there is always something. The dedication of our new church will be on Thursday evening. Wed. is the dress rehearsal. Tomorrow night is Chorale practice for our Chorale Society. Tuesday is our usual singing and or practicing with our small group that goes around to local assisted living places, etc.. Tuesday, I think we start Christmas music practice for the small group. Our Chorale has already been practicing for Christmas. I need to really work on the GLORIA by Vivaldi but it will have to wait till after this week. In between there is weeding and the usual odd jobs I just love/ NOT REALLY):!! Then there is the usual washing, cleaning and other stuff as you all know - blah humbug !! Still feel like crap not sure this cream is working and not sure it is going to last as I see the doc in one month . This stuff isn't going to last that long with so many places to smear it.. Well, enough of my whining !!!

GORDON - Congratulations on your award for your exceptional plant. Not even going to try and remember its name right now. Keep it up and thanks for posting and a special HI to dear ROCK too. Come back again soon and post when you can.

JULIE - I cant even think about keeping up with you sweet girl. Glad you are having fun with those kiddos and all. I know you will have lots of fun and so will they but do try and take it easy, a little bit if you can. Hope your dad is doing better too. Thanks also for your pretty pic of Gordon's flower.

SUN - So sorry the flu shot made you ill or made you feel worse than usual. We all must try and do what we think is best for ourselves and I know that we do not always know whether it is right or not to take the shot. I used to get sick every year or almost with bronchitis , etc, and pneumonia but the shot seems to help me. That is not to say I won't ever get anything but if and when I do it is not as bad. Hope you are getting to feel a little better at least.

DUCKIE - Hope you don't have to do your quilt over. I'll bet it is still beautiful at least on the right side. Hope you are doing better too. You too are juggling to many things at once.

SW - Thanks for your post and beautiful picture . The colors are lovely. Hope all is well with you and that you are feeling OK or not to awful.

Special hi to MIKIE, and everydobby else I wasn't able to post to today, Have to get ready for church now.

Love you all,
Granni :)


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Gordon: How nice of you to open up another porch. Such beautiful orchids. When your's is open measure the wide across!

Rock: So you and Gordon are sharing duties on this board.

Julie: Is this just an extra visit or is your thanksgiving celebration?

Mikie: Phew! Glad you found the key.

Granni: I went thru 3 days of flu shot hangover. Yesterday was terrible stomach upset to deal with, but I'm keeping my fingers crossed. You always seem to have practice for one performance or another. How do you keep everything straight?

I purged my kitchen pantry of everything I shouldn't eat like chips, crackers, etc. Trying to go back to gluten free like I had before. I think a nap is calling to me.


Hi, Kids,

Been going to the last Porch all day and wondering where everydooby was. Doh!!! Finally, it occurred to me that someone must have started a new one. Lo and behold, it was Gordon. How nice!

By the time Claudia and the kids stopped, they were late getting going on their overnight to the Everglades. They are going on a tour in which they walk in knee high water without boots. Not my cuppa tea but hope they enjoy it. They didn't have time to stay and visit. At least, I got to meet her son and his wife. I should have showered and done my hair this morning but I'm still a bit shaky from whatever finally got me down on Fri. and yesterday. I did go to Publix to buy a couple of things but nothing looked good to me. I had cereal and a banana for lunch. May have a banana and cereal for dinner just for some variety. :rolleyes:

SV is out on the lanai enjoying the nice rainstorm. We need the moisture. It will soon be the dry season and we probably won't get any rain. With the screwed up weather patterns now, it's difficult to know what to expect.

Gordon, thanks so much for starting us up again. That orchid is gorgeous. I think the cattelyas are the most beautiful. Yes, I'm anxious for Barry to return. I haven't heard from him since I emailed him. I hope he is OK.

Spring, that painting is absolutely gorgeous. I found the right key so all is well. What frustrated me is that Claudia wasn't getting back to me when she said she would. It's like she would leave in the middle of texting and I wouldn't hear from her again. I told her I would spend some time with the kitties when I fed them. SV has never peed anywhere he shouldn't and he doesn't get up on the counters. I'm very lucky to have him. The festival of lights sounds so exotic and wonderful.

Rock, while I was resting yesterday, PBS ran that special on the cats. Got to see the fishing cat. It was so sweet when she was teaching the kittens to fish. The looks on their faces when they first stood in the water were priceless. My favorite was the smallest full grown cat that weighed in at only two pounds. It would even eat insects. The California bob cat was catching gulls on the beach. She was blind in one eye which made her feats of hunting all the more impressive.

Julie, I can only imagine how busy you are. I'm sure the kids are having the time of their lives. Sorry to confuse. I had been feeling better and then something hit out of the blue. I think it was a bug. I still feel shaky today but am on the mend. I was also up really early. I got some of the clocks changed but not all of them. I'll bet you are glad to see the dead tree gone. Enjoy your family.

Granni, I wear less and less makeup which is strange because, at this stage of the game, I need it more than ever. I was hoping that cream would help you. Rashes are the bane of dermatologists, not to mention those who have the rashes. I have that keratosis on my boob and it itches and burns if I don't keep putting steroid cream on it. Yes, no matter what else we do, the hum drum housework has got to be done. Rats!

I have gymnastics on TV. Holy cow! Those girls are muscle from head to toe. Lots of good stuff on TV tonight and I only hope I can stay awake. Zzzzzz...

Hope everydooby is having a wonderful weekend.

Love, Mikie



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Hi Kids

Here are photos of miltonia orchids. The only time I've ever seen them has been at orchid shows. They remind me of petunias. The blue one is a phalenopsis hybrid.

Julie, that's a lovely orchid photo you posted. There are something like 30,000 species
of orchids. And the orchid growers keep creating hybrids so I guess that means there
are more all the time.

I forgot about those books Gordon picked at random. I'll have to go hunt for them
Couldn't find 'em yesterday. I'm currently reading a Maeve Binchy book that I read
several years ago when it was new. Ive read all her books. Some more than once. If
you haven't encountered her, try one. I think they're all set in Ireland.

I remember decorating Christmas cookies when I was a kid. We also had a gingerbread
cookie cutter, but my Mom never actually made gingerbread.

Mikie, I'm glad you got to see the water tapper. That cat missing one eye was amazing.
She wouldn't have had stereo vision. I don't remember a 2 pound cat. Wadding in
the Everglades? Sounds like a recipe for disaster. Your banana and cereal and banana
joke was delicious.

Sun, I told Gordon no one was opening up a new thread on the board, and I didn't
feel up to it. I was surprised to see that he did. Do you feel substantially better when
you don't eat gluten? I was in a market some months back. Somebody, probably a
pranking customer, had put a "Contains No Gluten" on the broccoli bin.

Granni, delighted to know you are still alive. And still have your get up and go. How
long did it take to build the new church? I was only in a new church once in my life.
I was gonna post a pic, but there aren't any.

I listened to some of Vivaldi's Gloria on Youtube. He was one of the Baroque period's
great composers along with Bach and Handel. How much of it will you be doing?

Hugs All, Rock



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G'day to All Porchies!

Sounds like everyone is Super busy and I am just trying to keep up with reading along...

Sorry to hear about all the sufferings...

Julie- must be lovely having All your Treasures there and yes it does sound like you did well to get the prep done ahead of time.Good to read the boys are keeping busy too...Dh loved pulling out our old stumps with chains and what not.Also loved the audience.Reminds me of kindy and watching little ones play- sometimes you can kinda pick where these little ones will be in their futures.going from toy tonkas to life size dozers and trucks...have fun!

Granni- must be frustrating having to lather up all the time, but if you stick at it, it is a help and from what I can tell, there's not much alternative. Hopefully with the cooler weather over your way, the rashes and itch will subside on its own a bit.

Duck- Im with Mikie on the sewing front.I hv had 3 ? Sewing machines and they All suffered the same fate.
My Aunty gv me her pride and joy and I even managed to stuff that one up.Tension grrr.on more levels than one! But you are a pro and Im sure you will rise to the challenge and hv victory...but I also hope you Enjoy the challenge, like all your computer challenges at work, that you manage to iron out. Looking forward tyo the Victory quilt.

Mikie- oh the key episode! So very much like something I would do! So sorry it happened to you though.
Congrats on another cleaning conquest! I am still trying to make way for the Rayburn Wood stove...ah its a nightmare really.I hv been playing musical cupboards and its Not fun.Esp when it comes to also moving around the contents.
Theres one of those giant Hong Kong shoppers (huge plastic zip up bag) filled with Tupperware, where the linen cupboard used to be...and so it goes...these are the days of our lives...and now Dh has declared he will move the last cupboard ...and my body just wants to curl up and go into a coma...
Or maybe just a deep sleep.whats that?
Glad you are on the way up after the bug or whatever it was.
Oh, I did read your last post on the last board also.

Spring, lovely pics as always.
Dd is home with a cold.She has to work this arvo and tomorrow its a public holiday so she is on all day.
Im praying that having today home will boost her recovery as she works really hard there.it annoys her and gets her quite down that she is usually the Only one assigned to cleaning.And I mean Heavy cleaning.To the point where she comes home with aching shoulders, which worries me.Hopefilly its light duties for her tomorrow, as most of the staff are going away aswell.
I hv a great crop of broad beans and as everyone here has convinced themselves that they are awful, I plan to disguise them a little with curry.

Rock, when you commented on your Minesota days of doing laundry, were you referring to low temps or high temps, causing the washing to b as stiff as a board?
Our Summer tends to rob all the clothes on the line of any softness.
Our cockatiel pair hv yet to successfully raise babies.(few dead ones, sad to say), but still seem rather pleased with themselves...meanwhile, the other misfit pair hv given up on the popular 2 and hv decided to try and make a go of it.I think its a case of- if you were the only cockatiel left on the planet...yep, you'll do!
So, Im reluctant to put the beautiful popular two with them, as it'll just upset them.
Reminds me of high school.

Gordon- how exciting to anticipate the orchid's blooming! Esp after all this time.
Plants amaze me.

Sun, sorry to read that the flu shot made you feel so lousy.I hope it was worth it.Quite a few nasty ones getting around and unfortunately so many new strains out there.
What an interesting neighbourhood you must hv..Druggies across the road? Total renovators (hope you get to hv a sticky beak) and hussy cat, the wild cat...hope Im getting that all right.
I am currently fighting off birds.They are digging my seedlings up and causing quite a mess.
While I didnt mind too much having them dig amongst my flowers and bulbs and such, it Reslly annoys me that they are messing with the edibles.Ill hv to dig out the bird mesh,(which Ive never used before) and rig up a detterent where I can.
I do hope they dont get caught in it though.
My ranunculus hv mostly rotted away due to too much rain I suspect.I may give up on bulbs next yr as the work load is too much.trying to monitor each variety and lift them...I hv my doubts.
Glad to report my succulents hv survived the last winter.
I am growing spuds in straw.The only down side are the snails and slugs that like to hide in it.Oh well, gardening is very much about the experimenting.
Barry- how ar ya? We hv baby ferrets! Not sure how many yet, but I think the other mamas are due also.This time we hv moved dad out and left al the mamas and babies together.Hopefully less fatalities .
I hv been watching a bit of you tube lately on 'no dig gardens'. I particularly like Charles Dowding.He's a pommy bloke and has some good ideas.

Our eldest son didnt get an apprenticeship after all.He (&we), were led to believe he'd b offered one after another yr at school and holidays and after school etc, but the boss just kept stringing him along.Its hard not to b frustrated and of course Ds is...

Why does it take me soooo long to achieve Anything?
Best get cracking I guess.
Feels like its never ending some days, but the sweet peas are so majestic looking.so tall and beautiful and yum too.

Take care All.
Catch yas later


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Oh wow...another busy day! Den and Clinton spent several hours finishing up the car project (replacing both front strut assemblies, rear sway bar, something to do with brakes, etc., etc.) but would come join the fun several times during the day (since the mechanic shop is in the same building as the house, we could just take a few steps over and let them know what we were doing next.)

I made pancakes, sausage and eggs for breakfast, then Keira and I made "rainbow smoothies" for snack/break time...thank goodness I had prepped the six layers individually (they were in baggies, in the freezer) and I found some fancy tall and narrow plastic glasses at Dollar Tree to layer the different flavors in. They were a hit with all but a couple of the kiddos...

Lunch was beef roast, potatoes and carrots (an assortment of fruit and raw veggies is always on hand, also) then the little kids did their pinata...soon after, the big kids (adults and Keira) played their "unwrap the saran wrap ball and get the prizes" game.

Little kids played with Play-Doh around the kitchen island while Keira and I mixed up the stromboli dough...and did other crafts while I showed Keira and Amy how to shape and fill the stromboli. Lindsey and Amy helped keep dishes caught up, and I took a break and walked Amy's family's new dog, "Blu". He's a mixed breed...part bulldog, very muscular. We set up our big kennel (6 ft. across and tall enough for me to stand up in the center) in case Blu and Oreo didn't get along (they had only met briefly, one other time) but they played together wonderfully and Blu only had to visit the kennel when they got too "wild" and needed a rest break.

Everyone was sad when Amy, Clinton and the girls had to go home, but I will see the girls again tomorrow morning when I go to their school for Grandparents' Day...have to leave home at 6:30 am to visit Miley's room, then Keira's grade follows after that. I hope to be back home shortly after lunch to hang out with the Tennessee Treasures some more...they have to go home on Tuesday.

Sun, this is our Thanksgiving and Christmas combined since David didn't have any other time off. (The kiddos helped me wrap their own presents, lol...I had everything in plain boxes, so they had no idea what they were getting.) I will send a wrapped gift home with each of them...to be opened closer to Christmas. And I'll put together their stockings and mail them...so they will still have something from us at the actual Christmas time. Gave the adults money, which is always a perfect fit, lol!

So, my stress is nearly over...it was a lot of work, but things went so well...right down to the furbabies getting along. Kind of sad, though, to see Oreo still walk all the way around Amy's car...sniffing as she went. We think she still looks for their old dog, Jasmine, who had to be put to sleep in July. But Jasmine was starting to suffer, and nobody wanted that...and now Blu is a worthy companion...very sweet and so good with the kids.

I'd better get on to bed...this time change messes me up, but I am showered and ready to go...won't take long to clean up and get dressed in the morning. And Grandpa Den will be around to play while I'm gone...

Take care, everyone! Thinking of you all, even in this extra hectic few days.


Good Monday Morning, Kids,

Fell asleep during Madam Secretary last night but did manage to stay awake for The Durrells in Corfu and Poldark. How strange that PBS has two hours of better programming than the networks on Prime Time Sundays. Fortunately, HULU has On Demand and My Stuff which saves my favorite programs to the cloud. It's almost better than having a DVR. Comcast has started sending me offers again. They will have to get a lot better in order for me to consider ever going back to them. I doubt they will have one as good as the last one I had for two years.

I will go over to Claudia's to feed the kitties after a bit and will then go to the car wash to clean the filthy Highlander. Then, I will come home and get into the shower. My hair is a fright. There is a board meeting tonight and I have to decide whether I will go. If I consider a run for the board, I need to show up. This will likely be the last one before mgmt. asks for resumes for candidates. Also, the paving is on the agenda and that is an important topic. I just hope if I go, it won't drag on. If I don't go, I can still run but it would be better to go.

I got a very sweet text from Claudia last night. I hope they are having a good time. I'm anxious to see the kitties. Sushi is always so loving but Finn is very aloof. I don't know whether he will want some kitty loving or not.

Rock, I didn't see the fishing cat tap on the water. She rushed into it to catch a fish and she stood in the water very quietly to catch one. All the kittens managed to catch was a couple of water plants, not too bad for their first time out. They were getting the idea. Sooo cute! I can't remember where the little two pound kitty lives. SV looks to me as though he is gaining back the weight he lost when he had the crystals in his urine. He may also have been dehydrated. He drinks a lot now and his pee clumps are again the size of my fist. How is Miss Kitty?

Star, I'm laughing because I call things, "Musical" whatevers when I move from one to another. Musical closets is a perfect description of what is going on in here. Thing is that when one is doing this kind of cleaning, it's spread out all over the place. I shut the door to the front spare room when Claudia's kids were here lest they think I'm a hoarder. Yes, gardening is an experiment but I think that's half the fun. So good to see your posting here on the Porch.

Julie, good grief! This whole visit is as much work as Christmas and Thanksgiving all put together. Sounds as though you really have things organized and as though everyone is having a great time. Wish I were close enough to go to Andy's games. Got his school pictures. What a handsome lad even if I do say so myself. I hope things continue to go smoothly and all y'all have an epic time.

Duckie, there is a woman on PBS who has a program called, Sewing With Nancy. I really enjoy watching even though I don't sew anymore. She had two programs on the different presser feet made for sewing machines. There was one called a walking foot for doing quilting. I'm sure this is not news to you but it was fascinating to me. These feet allow someone with even a plain old machine to do some pretty amazing things. She showed how to put in invisible zippers. I knew how to do that because I put them in all the girls' outfits I made for them when they were little. They are much easier to put in than ordinary zippers and look so nice. I hope you get the tension fixed on the long arm.

Granni, hope you aren't getting snowed under with all you have going on. Hope you will be Bach soon.

Barry, hope you will drop in to let us know how things are going. I miss your descriptions of everything in your neck of the woods.

Spring, hope preparations for the Festival of Light are going well.

Sun, hope you are feeling well. So many things with us seem to run parallel and, when I have not been feeling well, I worry that you aren't either.

The sun is just now peeking over Joe's roof so I need to close the blinds before I go blind. Also off to read the virtual newspaper. Hope everydooby is having a great day and hope I didn't miss anyone.

Love, Mikie

Update: Ratbane! I fed the kitties and headed out to the car wash. All the hoses, brushes and other equipment were gone. Either it is closing or refurbishing but regardless, I couldn't wash my car. Gonna look up other DIY car washes. I still have $5 in tokens for the old one. Doubt they will work in another one but can try. There are a couple of full service washes nearby but I like to do it myself. It's faster and cheaper. Being an optimist that always tries to see the glass as half full, I always look for the silver lining no matter how small. It wasn't a total loss because I found 34 cents in coins on the floor of the carwash.

Claudia's cats were happy to see me. I know why one is huge and the other one skinny. He bullies her for the treats and food. I gave them both back rubs and came home and let SV smell my hands. He wanted to like them. I let Claudia's cats smell his scent on my hands when I went in. Cats trust people who have cats.

My hair is in need of a shampooing and I think I will color it. Color takes better on oily hair. Another silver lining. Even better, I am feeling a bit better today. Luck in little things, luck in big things (I hope).

Love, Mikie

Update to my upate: I drove up the main street a ways and washed the car. Everything was different. They don't take tokens, only quarters and bills. You have to get the process started with a quarter before putting the bills in the slots. I put in a $5 bill after the quarter and got it washed just as time was running out. I didn't wipe it down and didn't do the no spot rinse. So, it ain't perfect but better than it was. Kinda describes me too. Now, I can rest a bit before coloring my hair. Don't know whether this is one of those rare good days or whether goosing the vitamins up a capsule is responsible but I'll take it every time.

Love, Mikie


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Good Morning. Bon Dia, Bonjour, and Bon Appetit

I want you all to know that I have been working ever since I got up this morning. I got
up 3 minutes ago, and I've folded 3 pillow cases. It was a tough job, but somebody's
got to etc.

Mikie, my informant misinformed me. He watched part of that program. Thought
it was the same one we saw some years ago. I've had The Durrells in Corfu on hold
for a couple months. I thought it was a book. Well, I'm pretty confusiated about
everything these days. Tried to send my MN brother the genealogy books yesterday,
but one of them was missing. As somebody said in some movie or other, "If I only had
a (working) brain."

Miss Kitty is fine. Looked for her in the middle of the night. Wasn't around. Out
meandering, I guess. She loves her new kibble and the Temptation Brand treats.
I guess Gordon is out gardening. He's not in the house, but his car keys are here.

What is your golden pic all about?

Hugs, Folks, Rock


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Hi guys! Another late night, but also another great day. I'll try to keep up more after the Tennessee kids leave for home tomorrow....I scheduled therapy for after lunch instead of in the morning. Had a great time at the girls' Grandparents' Day at their school...Miley had her Papa Clinton there, so I just popped in to say Hi to them. Then spent most of my time with Keira and her class. We were both a little sad that this was our last Grandparents' Day together, but we'll make other memories, I'm sure.

I ended up taking lunch to Amy at her work...we ate in the parking lot of her office, sitting in my van, lol! Then I headed back (two hour trip one way) home to hang out with everyone that was still at our house. Glad Den took off work and doesn't have to be gone before the kids all leave tomorrow.

Amy happened to snap some good pictures over the weekend...I'll post one of the grands...Josiah, Isaiah, Liora, Lorraine, Miley and Keira.



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Morning, Folks

Wow, Julie. Half a dozen beautiful kids. Good way to start the day. Tell Amy we enjoyed
the pic. Do the kids have games or electronic gadjets to play with in the car? When I was
a kid we used to look for houses with blue roofs; or out of state license plates; or white

Mikie, I walked through the room last night when Gordon was watching Jeopardy. As
soon as I heard 13th century document I knew it was the Magna Carta. Then a picture
of some English Kings was put up. "He stopped the Danish invasion." I had just read
about Alfred the Great 3-4 days ago, but couldn't think of his name.

I was surprised to read that you were taking goose capsules. Is there a prescribed
dose or do you just wing it.? My Uncle used to say, "Honk if you've heard this one."
Don't wear yourself out cleaning, Old Pal.

Star, I think my Mom used to grow ranunculas. Couldn't remember what they looked
like. Found a pic. That's a shame your son's plans didn't work out. Are there alternative
steps he can take? Would love to see your ferrets. They look like mechanical toys
when you see them in tall grass popping up and down. Cute but deadly. Sounds
like the name of a Mickey Spillane book or film.

With regard to Minnesota winters and hanging clothes on the line, the temp was
generally below freezing. So the wet sheets etc. would freeze solid. Carrying one
inside was like carrying a big pane of glass. Kinda looked like a pane of glass too.
The modern dryer did away with that.

Hugs to friends, absent, present, or parts unknown.




Good Tuesday Morning, Kids,

Went to the board meeting last evening. It's giving me second thoughts about running for the board. OMG! They ramble and get off subject. I finally had to leave. Don't know that I want to be part of that ship of fools/car of idiots. It was dark when I left. I haven't driven in the dark for ages. I barely even leave my zip code anymore. I'm truly a little old lady but not one from Pasadena.

Can't believe I got the kitties fed, the car washed, my hair colored and still managed to get to the meeting. Every now and then, I have a good day which is probably still less than what 'normals' have. Still, I'm grateful for what I get. I'm up early again today with the time change. Looks as though Barb's kids are here. The light was on in the kitchen when I got home last night and the car was washed. It gets dusty sitting under the carport when they are gone.

I wish it would cool down enough for me to get into the atrium areas in the stairwell and trim bushes and remove weeds and old bushes which have sprouted up. We are getting new gardeners next month before these guys mange to destroy our landscaping. I just hope it isn't going to be deja vu of what we are going through now. The new guys were recommended by our irrigation guy so that may be a good sign.

Rock, The Durrells in Corfu is a trilogy of books. The PBS series is based on them. It, like all the Masterpiece series, is so well done. I have the same problem as you; I often know the Jeopardy question but can't get my brain to spit it out. Neither Nancy nor I got the Final Jeopardy question last evening. Claudia didn't play because her kids are still there. I snapped a pic of her kitties eating breakfast and texted it to her yesterday morning. It made her day. I'm glad Miss Kitty is well and enjoying her food and treats. It breaks my heart that I can't give SV his favorite things. Thank goodness he likes the new treats which discourage the formation of crystals in his pee. He was wild this morning. After using the box, he came out talking and dancing. I should call him, Vaudeville Cat. All he needs is a top hat and cane. He already looks as though he is wearing a black cape.

Julie, what a cut pic. The twins really do look alike. I'm glad the Grandparents Day went so well. Yes, it is sad that this is the last one for Keira; she's growing up. A two hour drive isn't too bad. I could probably still do that. I've always loved road trips but don't know how much this old bod could take these days. The Highlander has comfortable seats with an adjustable lumbar mechanism and that helps on longer trips. Good grief! I just touched the keyboard to get rid of a hair which was on it and it wiped out everything. Fortunately, I had just saved it all. Don't know why they make these keyboards so skittish. Hope the therapy helps you.

OK, Kids, I'm off to read the virtual newspaper. I'll stop back in later. Hope all y'all have a great day.

Love, Mikie


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Rock - Mikies photo is of oil lamps lit in clay holders. these are used in our Festival of Lights. they make a very very pretty picture. the petals are marigold flower petals. again traditionally used in the festival to make garlands and adorn people and doorways, windows.

that Chinese silk tree is so so pretty!

and those 3 orchids are SPECTACULAR!!!! will you tell Gordon that? we dont have those here. my Chinese friend would go crazy if she had those in her garden.


im just taking a break. been cooking most of the day. im guessing my hair smells of mutton curry, sesame chicken, potato, mustard oil, boiled cauliflower. and im too tired to bathe!

today dogs are honoured. They are adorned with marigold garlands, red vermilion powder on their forehead and blessed. then fed a special meal. our rescue is such a rascal, he always runs out and has made friends on his outings. can you believe it, this early morning i went down to pick flowers and my DH had left our gate wide open and i was met with four strange dogs at our main door, wagging their tails, smiling widely and all happy wanting to come inside and meet our rescue (who was upstairs awaiting his special meal).

i had to block the door, since our other dogs who dont wander out might hv picked up a fight. i gave a great shout of laughter, and they went trotting off to explore our grounds.

one of them already had a red vermilion mark and a garland, all four were plump healthy things. then they made for the gate and trotted out as if visiting strange houses was something they did regularly. it made me laugh so hard. DS locked our rescue in case he went off with them.

Star - nice to see you pop in. sorry to hear of your sons hitch in getting the apprenticeship. my son went through a lot of obstacles when he was younger. i hope your DD gets the hang of it at her work and that things go smoothly. dont we wish we could carry the burdens of our kids? i guess our best support is to help them become stable in the face of all events, good and bad. a goal towards which i myself am working on. my DD meditates. and my son does, sometimes. its a meditation with the intent of connecting with the Divine Source, but there are other meditations which are to do with relaxing and getting into a calm space.

i honestly feel that life is so stressful nowadays, kids need to be taught how to let go and relax. the traffic, the pollution, the bewildering amounts to study, in schools, all the electromagnetic stuff around. bah!

julie - i envy you that celebration with all the kiddies and their parents. life is about work and chores and duties and responsibilities and then there are these moments of love and togetherness and family and they help keep a balance and give us a reason to go on. all the people we love, and all the things we cherish, our friends, our neighbours, our passions, our pets. Thank God for them.
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Hi Kids

Thought I posted here this morning. Oh, I guess it was more like the middle of the night.
My poor befuddled brain is really whacky this morning. I tried to turn off the computer.
It was already off so actually I turned it on. I pulled the tab on a can of V8 juice. Then
shook it up. If I'd been in the market I coulda yelled for cleanup on aisle two. Well,
I'm on the second floor. Helped Gordon cut up some dead plants. Got a pain in the back.
Tried to get up. Fell down. Uff-da. Just now I went downstairs to get a drink, but left
my cup upstairs. Robert Benchley or James Thurber could make this into an interesting
short story.

Springwater, you don't need to bathe a cauliflower. Just give it a quick rinse. Has
your friend tried to grow orchids? Most of them like hot, wet places, but some
grow in the mountains. And Minnesota's state flower is an orchid.

I'd rather have 4 friendly dogs at the door than some of the pests we get around here
now and then. Usually realtors who want us to sell Gordon's house or missionaries.
The last church group was 3 nice Black ladies who wondered if they could have a
branch from Gordon's big plumeria tree. He explained it would not grow in the fall.
Told them to come back in the Spring, but they never did.

Speaking of realtors, we got two big, full color postcards from realtors yesterday. One
said their firm had just sold a nearby property for $160,000 above the listed price.
The other one said they are listing a craftsman house for $1.639,000. It is both
vintage and modern. It is 1oo years old. It has a "self-watering" citrus garden. It
is somehow peaceful only one block from Sunset Blvd. and Echo Park. Also the
views from the house are allegedly inspiring.

Mikie, I got fed up with meetings at work. Basically just time wasters. Any real news
could have been disseminated by memo.

Oops. Here comes the master of the menage. He wants to post some pics.


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