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PORCH No. 1100 is now CLOSED Nov. 17, 2018

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Hi Kids

Come on in. The porch is open to all, closed to none and no remuneration is

I was looking around for a picture of a house with a porch. Found lots of 'em, but
they were all too big. But I guess that no longer matter so much with the pic being
reduced to thumb nail size now. I forgot about that.

Anyhoo, I found an incredible bargain. A house for only $73,900. And it has
a pedigree. Was built for a Senator sometime in the first half of the 19th century.
It's in Indiana. Of course it needs some fixin' up. But just invite your friends who
are talented at doing same and serve a tub of beer with hot dogs and chili. Pic

I could use some repairs here. Just tried to play a CD from the library. Roughly
half of their CDs don't play. I think some of the library patrons use them for
coasters or something.

Our friend Marryanne the librarian is retiring from the library. I think she's in
her early 70s. Whenever there was a problem she was the go to person. They
will have trouble finding a replacement.

Grodon was knitting something yellow this afternoon. I think it's going to be
a stocking cap, but he wasn't forthcoming with much info. His friend Jim from
the orchid club was in some sort of metal cast on one leg for several days. But
he is now unfettered. Why he had to wear a cast and what it was supposed to do
is unclear to us. Maybe to him too. Gordon says now that he can climb ladders
again, he'll be falling off one soon. He does seem to do that more than the
average person.

Hope everybody has a good weekend.
Hugs, Rock


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Hi guys.
Ive been busy following along, but also with garden chores like lifting bulbs etc.
I wish my brain wasn't so useless at remembering.
It'd make life so much easier if at least my brain worked to make up for my body.
I am grateful for what I can manage to get done however; and every day is a reminder of God's
helping Hand.

Unfortunately litter number 2 for the season hv all died.3 baby ferrets only lasted about 3 days.
Dont know whats going on with them.
I get so sad when I think about it.
Our Treasures don't.
It's almost as if everyone 'cept me are made for life in the country.
Are.? Is?
Good grief! I cant even get the grammar to sound right. ugh!

Dd wants to watch the new Ocean's eleven, so we hv been going through the sequence.
On to 13 tonight.
The second one seemed to drag on a little, but maybe I just wasn't in the mood.

Had a look at a series called 'Shameless'...
That! Is an understatement!
Guess the name should've been a bit of a red flag,
but Dd heard about it from someone and I went ahead to check it out first...
I'm actually really confused.
Seems to me that there's a lot on the box that is down right porn.
Not that I've seen porn before, but surely this stuff is...?

Have to fast forward a lot these days.

Sorry guys.
Seems I'm being summoned so will hv to leave you on that note.
Bit of a rant on my soap box...
Hey , maybe you can fast forward :-/

Take care All Porchies.
Catch yas later


Good Saturday Morning, Kids,

Not much to tell. DD called last night but there isn't much new in CO either. Doc put DSIL on some med that is helping him with his stress and that is helping with the pain in his legs. I'm so glad to hear that. Now, if he can just learn to manage his stress better. He's such a good guy and never wants to say no to anyone's request. People take advantage of him. They were even bugging him when he was in the hospital. DD finally took his phone away for a while.

My coffee maker died on Thurs. so I ordered a new one which should arrive this afternoon from Amazon. So glad I will have it tomorrow morning to enjoy along with the newspaper.

Rock, that is a beautiful house. I wonder whether CD's will be around for the long haul. Kids today stream their music. I'm on my kids' phone plan and there isn't unlimited streaming so I don't use it. I got my CD player working so am enjoying listening to my music. The radio isn't much help. I don't like today's pop music and none of our stations here play Golden Oldies from the fifties or classical music. Golden Oldies today are considered hits from the eighties. I like that music cause it was what my kids grew up listening to. Hope your friend, Jim, stays safe and, of course, you and Gordon too.

Star, if I only had a brain...yes, life would be easier if mine worked. My shrink told me that when people have cognitive difficulties, they need to be super organized. Well, I'm trying to do that. I do keep my keys on a hook in the same place and almost always put them back as soon as I get home. Same with my purse. Other than that, my life is a mess. Sorry about the ferrets. It's sad to me when animals die. I think we were too uptight back in the fifties about what could be said in movies and on TV but it seems that now, we've gone too far in the other direction. I'm not easily shocked but sometimes, things seem to be in very bad taste. How goes the garden and greenhouse?

Gotta go jump into the shower. I got lots of sleep but woke at 4:00. I came out and fell asleep for about an hour. Hope all y'all have a great weekend.

Love, Mikie



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Hi All.
I'm feeling a bit blue because Stars' baby ferrets died. A bit of a mystery.... My English Gpa raised ferrets to catch rabbits with. This during a time of food rationing (WW2), etc. He had been injured badly in WW1, and was mainly interested in his Veggie garden and his ferrets. He became friends with some local Romanies (Gypsies) and they taught him a lot of tricks; how to cook a hedgehog was one of them.

Mikie, I don't like today's music AT ALL! Fortunately we have Sirius radio stations on our telly, along with another lineup. Many, many stations. We do classical in the morning (about four channels of this), opera, and at time for tea in the afternoon we change to the fifty's channel, and mess around from there 'til we want to watch a movie. Other channels are reggae, broadway, metal, and other things we never listen to. We're too old, methinks, for this kind of tripe. Speaking of which (tripe), I'm going to have a can of menudos (with tripe) and chili for supper I think...

Rock, Richard really like the Galbraith (aka Rowlings) novels, and I'm gonna try the first one. I told him you said they were no good and he just shrugged......each to his own. I have never read any of Rowling's HP novels. They don't appeal to me --- witches and wizards not my cup of tea. Much prefer aliens, and I was an avid sci-fi reader in my "yute" as Rockne would say. I liked James Joyce's Ulysses a lot, and I love Virginia Woolf, T.C. Boyle, and, and, ... I am boring you.

I have to take the dogs (gods) out for a play, remove the cats from my shoulders (they beat Lenny to it!), help R to calm down -- he has some creme to put on some sclerotic area of his face, dispensed by the dermatologist -- and he is very fearful of the possible side effects.

So a short post, but at least I made it! I am a very slow typist....

Love to All,
Barry from smokey California.(Actually we are clear of it here, but I read that San Francisco has the worst air quality in the WORLD right now! -- because of the smoke from the fires.



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Hey Kids

Just came in from helping Gordon with the orchids on the upper tier. Got a sliver in my
thumb. That's better than a thumb in the eye, eye suppose. I was able to self operate.
Didn't need a scalpel. A tweezer was sufficient. Pic of an ai ai at bottom. I believe his
name is Ignatius; or maybe Isaiah.

Mikie, that's a shame that the docs can't do more for your SIL. Well, used to be docs
couldn't do much at all. Scarlet O'Hara's first husband died of measles.

I read an article some years ago about the future of the CD, DVD, records. "Anything
that goes around." All will soon disappear. CDs will be used to make wind chimes and
Halloween costumes. Yes, "Golden Oldies" is a relative term I remember the day I
walked into a record store; musta been around 1980. The first record I saw in the
oldies bin was Elvis Presley. I felt instantly older.

Star, nice to see you had the energy to do a long post. I feel as though my brain
is on it's last legs too. Every day I wonder about stuff I used to know. Who wrote
that song, did I already read this book, in what city is the Palace of the Presidents?
I should know the last one. I've been there. (Santa Fe.) I spent ten minutes last
night tracking down that answer. The search engine was no help.

The answer to your grammar question is "one". 'Everyone is.' So you were right to
ask the question. But it probably doesn't matter much anymore. Our schools don't
seem to teach much of anything anymore. Kids don't need arithmetic. They all have calculators. Don't need cursive writing. They all have computers, etc. Don't need
proper grammar. It's elitism.

Ah, I see Barry is here. Cheers and Eh wot. Tell Richard J. K. Rowlings nom de
plum books are no good for me. They may be just the ticket for him. I think I
tried Virginia Wolf yonks ago. Her writing was just gibberish to me. Don't know
who T.C. Boyle is. Will check him/her out. I am always looking for new writers.
Found a new cozy writer this week. Have you read anything by Donna Andrews?
Has written lots of books and won various awards.

OK, I looked up T.C.Boyle. Wikipedia says he got a PH.D. from the U. of Iowa. Turns
out I read one of his books some decades back. It was made into a movie w/ Matthew
Broderick. Hated the book and the movie.

Regards to Richard. I hope the creme does the job.




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Hi Star: Good to see you post. Sorry about the little ferrets. Sad I'm sure.

I've tried watching the Harry Potter movies. Liked the first one.....cute, the second was darker and by the 3rd didn't want to take it in. So obviously I don't read the books. It blows my mind that she can write it all in longhand.

Had to run a few errands today and on the way a big hook and ladder turned right into the driveway next to me. So.....next door was this nursery I had meaning to visit since it was only one weekends. I stopped an bought a few plants.....a fire bush. OK....now where to put it. So it was be ruthless and toss. Cleaned out a large pot in the sun and hope it will love it there. Spent about 4 hrs. There.....Killed myself and especially my KNEE. OMG....at one point I couldnt even get up from a stoop. So after a shower I've got my leg elevated with ice on the knee while I study my DMV tests. Very nervous.....I have an appt. on tuesday.


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Rock - thank you for opening. isnt that face just adorable? what kind of primate is it?

im not sure i like that house too much. its way too big for a family and doesnt seem to know what kind of a house it wants to be. oh, i reread, it was meant for a senator. it looks a bit like a lot was added on to serve extra needs. so the basic look was ruined.

glad to hear Gordons friend has come out of his cast. maybe Gordon is knitting a surprise present for someone. who in the family likes wearing bright yellow?

Star - hello. sad about the lil ferrets. im a little afraid of them. ive never seen a real live one. i think i prefer cats. i remember when i used to rent videocassettes of movies i always had to specifythat they should have any adult scenes. DHs family would be watching too so it would get very u comfortable if a body popped up in their birthday suit and frolicked with another person in their birthdaysuit. heh heh.

Barry - very relieved to know the air there is relatively clean. very lucky for your wild critters too that theyre where you are not there in the wildfire zone. i think inside of me theres a little girl who still likes pop music. i love some of the music i get introduced to via my children. Ed Sheeran. Charlie Puth. Crazy by Gnarls Barkley. Adele.

i love dancing to foot tapping beats. i think its good for me too. my dogs are used to seeing me dance down the corridor when music is blaring from the tv. corridor is the only place where there arent windows for neighbours to see in. the doggies do their own version of dance alongside me, nipping at my back and lolloping with tongues hanging out.

Mikie - honestly, i think stress reduction exercises, mental, physical methods should be a compulsory subject in schools right from primary levels to senior. or 20 mins assigned mandatorily before classes got over for the day.

its not natural for any one to have to rush rush rush throughout the day, at work, at home, and be ill and have to cope on ones own and stand in long lines at doctors or be afraid of getti g mugged when one steps out for an errand or send ones little ones to school!

im beginning to wonder if it isnt the build up of lifelong stress absorbed into our bodies and mind that are contributing to the growing number of cancer cases in the world. heart problems. etc.

i love shrimp plants. my MIL had a long row of them in pots.

sometimes i find myself in a place getting disorganized while trying to organize. ok i put my moisturiser in this container, now where is the container? That type of thing. i do wish your DSIL could be diagnosed and helped about his leg problems. could he possibly try energy healing? seems to me a long time, he has been now enduring this condition?

sun - your garden is a temple. your plants must be such a happy lot. no wonder they call out to the local administrators and lure them in to ask if the garden can be toured over and admired. if there are such things as fairies, be sure theyre there frolicking. Smiley face emoticon.:)

ive washed some winter clothes. another lot to be tackled. rugs to be sunned, brushed down and laid down. the dogs are feeling the winter. theyre usurping our chairs. weather couldnt be better. Crisp, cool, enervating.

my hair needs some TLC. dry as straw. needs deep oil treatment. and a massage, and then to be done in tight braids. come to think of it. the whole body needs it. ive found nothing works for my skin better than the ole kitchen remedies. cheaper by miles too. however, there are some plant based products India has been bringing out that seem to work a treat. and not too hard on the pocket.

the supermarket shelves are bursting with products. they claim to use cranberry,watermelon, butter, honey, turmeric, diamond dust, gold dust, aloe vera, cloves....and on and on. and the people are lapping it up.

we now have mainstream mens beauty parlours which was unheard of five years back. and the boys have very funky hairstyles. they look good, actually. My boy unfortunately still is of the mind set that guys dont do beauty parlours. or skincare routines. it could have more to do with his personality which veers towards slouchiness. i have to remind him to use moisturiser if its particularly cold outside.

what a contrast from my now deceased elder brother who was extremely fastidious about his looks. i remember there was a time in his mid teens he was washing his face five times a day and slathering cream. lol.

my DD bought a few cans of temporary colour sprays for DS from her trip to Thailand but he hasnt had the courage to go out with it. purple, yellow and stuff. i wish she had bought white. i remember he wanted to go white. Ash blond or something. he could have gone blond and then washed it off without giving his father a heart attack.
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Hi guys.
Actually made it to Church today.
A bit late, but was determined.
And guess what? The Pastor's wife (who is also a Pastor.my dad would roll over in his grave...)
Talked with me briefly afterwards. I explained that we often come into town on a Sunday morning, but as we always seem to be late, decide it would b better not to disrupt everyone and dont go in.
She said we are definitely no disruption and it doesn't matter how late we are,please come in.
What a lovely surprise.
The last Pastor we had where we used to live , used to make digs from the pulpit about late strugglers
And the sloths who chose sleep over God etc etc.
Sure, he'd disguise the dig with a laugh and joke, but...

Anyway.was nice.
And they liked my hair...

My hair was cut at the local hairdresser, but didnt quite reach expectations, but as it was made quite a lot shorter, I decided not to risk going back and just left it.
So, do you remember how my last hair color choice came off rather unexpectedly red?
Not at all as the box described...or so I thought, but hv now learnt that anything that says 'fiery' before the color,
Is likely to hv red in it somewhere.
(Goodness, no wonder there's a degree in hair stylist/dressers etc.You need the degree just to translate!)

Ok.back on track.
Dh picked it out and said he'd do it for me.
A mth later I decided to apply the Brown dye to my hair.
Even the my arms hurt putting the stuff in and I was getting it on my ears and all that,
I felt like I was achieving Something.
I set the alarm on my phone and away I went.
Until it started to feel like a lot of time had passed and after shrugging that nagging feeling off for probably the 3rd time, I checked my phone.
No alarm to be found!!
Panic stations.
How long had this stuff been in my hair for?
How long did it take before these chemicals made the hair fall out? (Worst case thought).
I jumped into the shower, praying while I washed it out.(praying I would wash my hair out without washing my hair out.if u know what I mean).
And the result?
Most importantly- I still hv hair.
- it looks Black!

(I prob should've gone blonde and then I'd hv an excuse. ( no offense intended).
I hv absolutely no idea how long or how much Over time I went, but these little adventures of mine
Are what's giving me all the grey. (That's now hidden).
Ugh.'till next time.

When the Pastor said she liked my hair short and dark, I refered to the Bible verse that says ,
'God turns bad things into good ,for those that love Him.
Seemed fitting.
I reckon God def has a sense of humor (& I'm soooo grateful my hair didnt fall out!
Can you tell?
When I was a kid, my dad told us 4 girls that if we ever dyed our hair, it'd fall out.
That warning shook me to the core and I've always got that thought in the back of my head when it comes to hair...Typical.He's gone now, but still managing to ruin some experiences.
I need to bury them with him I guess.

I'm a bit disappointed with how intermittent warm weather has caused many plants in the patch to bolt to seed.
Fortunately the guinea pigs dont mind bitter-ish brassica leaves.
(Some are ufo's, broc, cab or cauli varieties ).
So I planted a heap of chinese cabbage varieties. Bok choi, pak choi and wong bok.
I figured they'd make good in our stir fries etc.
Yesterday I sat there with a kitchen fork and pain stakingly separated the seedlings.
I can hardly believe how many hv come up- and are doing beautifully!
It would be lovely to give some away too.
Jumping ahead of myself now, they still need to survive.
I think I must've had a bad batch of seed initially, so over compensated with the next sowing.
I've had a few disasters, like the soaker hose exploding and then my irrigation in the hot house bursting on me
And that's not including how many times our jack russell chewed up some pipe.twice!

And now because I hv lost my mind somewhat, I hv a batch of bulbs labeled ' astd bulbs'. Just great.

Sun, I'm so sorry about your gardening injury.It seems we can't help ourselves can we?
A great achievement though.
Praying your appointment on Tuesday goes well.
Er for a cough? I dont know how long the wait is over there, but it's usually hrs here.esp if you're triaged.
I imagine the lace is gorgeous now that you've provided the tlc.

Spring, white hair for your Ds would certainly be interesting. I cant remember where Ive seen that look before.
Somewhere .maybe a Bollywood film?
Im doing the opposite and putting mats away.

Barry, glad to report our 3 baby budgies are thriving!
Glad there arent any fires near you.

Mikie, sorry for your Sil.
Wow what an achievement!
You hv made me start to think about organizing better, for the future.
But it'x hv to wait.for now.

Duck, hope you are ok.

Rock, sounds like your mum was a great cook among other things.

Julie, I imagine it must b really quiet at your place now with everyone gone.I hope your exercises are helping.

Phone is ringing and gotta go.
Back when I can.

Love to all Porchies.
Take care
Catch yas later


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Hi Kids

Slept a few hours. It's going on midnight here. Gordon and I watched a couple Mama's Family shows last night. That show was on the air for 8 years. Apparently Vicki Lawrence
has been getting residuals since 1990. Wikipedia says her net worth is 8 million. Better
than a drawer full of green stamps or coupons. We get coupons in the mail regularly.
Gordon gives most of them away. To his friends at the library or the orchid club or the pharmacy, etc.

Springwater, the cute animal is a lemur. Apparently aye aye is the preferred spelling.
Like all lemurs is comes from the island of Madagascar which is off the East coast of Africa. Many of the plants and animals there are unique to the island. There are lemur videos on you know where. (U-tube.)

Glad to hear you are having nice weather. We are too now that those constant temps in
the 80s have gone away.

Starr, yes my mother was a good cook .Also a good bridge player and a good teacher.
She would have been much happier, I think, if she had not been a compulsive cleaner.
Gordon loves to go to the barber school. Is friends with the people who are studying
there. "Where is Stephanie?" "Oh, didn't she tell you? She graduated and has a job
in West Hollywood now?"

Sun, do you have an appointment for your driving test? Going to the Dept. of Motor
Vehicles used to be an ordeal before they started making appointments. When I
first came to CA I was waiting in line to get a driver's license. I was given a test
to complete. As soon as I left the window a Mexican man came up to me. "Ten
dollars. I give you the right answers." Hope your knee is better today.

Mikie, that's a shame your coffee maker died. Are you going to bury it? I think you
have grounds. Hope the new one shows up today. My mother drank lots of coffee.
Well, Norwegians love to snack on cookies and bars while sipping coffee. But she
was always finding articles with conflicting statements. Coffee is bad for you. No,
recent research shows it's not. Etc. I remember one summer she tried to quit coffee
for good. She was a nervous wreck of the Hesperus for a week. Then relapsed. My
father had no problems with his drinking. The rest of us did, but he didn't.

Barry, I never heard of Sirius radio. Does it have something to do with Sirius, the
dog star? Do you get music from outer space? Glad to hear that the smoke from
the terrible fires is not bothering you. How long has it been since you've seen a bear?

Hugs, Rock


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Rock: Yes, I have an appt. on tuesday....12:40. A friend went there last wed. For her appt. and told me she went an hr. Earlier and was able to get right in....she like me was freaking out about the test, but she passed it. Then had a problem with her identification papers. All her utility bills were in her DHs name. She went out to check any papers in the car....all in her Dhs name.

I had to go to my safe deposit box yesterday to retrieve my birth certificate which I needed to prove I was born here. They don't even accept your old driver's license of over 50 plus years.

I used to love watching Carol Burnett show with Vicki Lawrence and company. I rarely watch TV anymore aside from PBS or Jeopardy.....that thanks to Mikie.

Mikie: Hope your coffee maker arrived! I would be freaking out if I didn't have coffee. Do you think I'm hooked?????

Star: So happy your hair didn't fall out! And how nice of the lady Pastor to make you feel so welcome. Sorry your garden isn't cooperating.

Spring: White hair? Is that popular for the young kids there? Over there sooooo many young people have done their hair with pink or blue streaks. I think it looks awful but maybe if I was young again I might try it.

Barry: It was a fire bush I bought that started this wrenched knee business. Basically I've run out of room to plant but I ALWAYS want more! So I've had to start tossing all the extras I have. And after buying it and reading on it, I'm excited that it will attract more butterflies and of course the hummers will love it too.



Good Sunday Morning, Kids,

My new coffee machine arrived sometime yesterday. Used to be the delivery guys would ring the bell but evidently, they don't do that now. This is the new iteration of my old one. It is lighter and a bit smaller. The old one had a lot of metal and this one is plastic. I like buying Cuisinarts because they seem to last longer than the Keurigs and have three-year warranties instead of the usual one year. I think the old ones lasted about ten years. I drank a Diet Coke with my breakfast sandwich yesterday so I wouldn't have a headache from no caffeine. I turned it on this morning and it immediately said it was ready. What! The old one had to heat the water. Evidently, this one saves twelve ounces inside and keeps it hot. It's nice to get my coffee without waiting but it must use more energy to keep the water always heated. I don't drink coffee all day so it's kind of a waste.

Barry, I have Pandora and Prime music but it uses wi-fi and mine is not unlimited. Serius is the best of these services. I've thought about getting one of those personal assistants which do all kinds of things including music but they use wi-fi too. One would be nice to couple with a smart plug so I could turn the living room light on and off without breaking my neck but I can't justify the cost just for that. I've honestly considered getting the old Clapper...Clap on, clap off. Claudia's kids live in Oakland and said the air is awful. Sounds as though you continue to live the good life with Richard, books, music and the beloved fur kids.

Rock, technology is advancing so fast that what we buy today is obsolete tomorrow. It's always been this way but the pace is definitely at warp speed now. Seems that everything is being streamed one way or another. Audiophiles are going back to vinyl records on turntables so perhaps CDs and DVDs will come back around though probably not in my lifetime. I am keeping everything and my kids can decide what to do with it all when I'm gone. I even have some old tapes which play on DVRs. My CD player also has a DVR built in. I remember when all my parent's stuff seemed to be old and outdated. I've become them! I didn't bury the old coffeemaker; I threw it in the dumpster. They separate those kinds of things from regular trash and do some kind of recycling with them. Our trash is burned by the county and not put in landfills. There are all kinds of scrubbers on the tall brick chimneys so air pollution is almost nil. The burning provides electrical power. DD won't use K-cup coffee machines like mine because the little pods aren't recyclable. I don't have to worry that mine will sit in a landfill for decades.

Sun, about eight years ago, FL started making it hard to renew drivers' licenses. Don't know whether you remember that I was freaking out because my Mom changed my last name when I was very young. At the time, it was legal to do in CO without going to court or even doing any paperwork. All one had to do is start using the new name. I had no paperwork trail to show that my 'maiden name' was different that the name on my birth certificate. I renewed my passport and crossed my fingers. Got my new passport and used it to get my license renewed. DMV considers passports the gold std. Big relief. After that, I just went online to renew. I don't know what will be required in six years when I have to renew it again. Like Scarlett O'Hara, I'll think about that tomorrow. Our lives continue to parallel. I could barely move after working out in our stairwell atrium. Fortunately, a hot soak fixed me up. Yesterday, I was so tired from it that I got nothing done. I hope your knee is better.

Spring, I also believe stress allows us to get sick. I hate to see so many kids stressing out about school, sports, friends, etc. I think it just sets the stage for illness later on. You are so right about teaching everyone in school to relieve stress. For so many years, people here saw anything Eastern or in the alternative healing area as scary. Now, thank goodness, these things have become mainstream and we are all benefiting from them. DSIL had a very stressful childhood and it has carried through his entire life. He is going to have to learn to destress for his health's sake. I also feel energized by a happy song and will dance around when I hear one. I don't dance like I used to but anything that gets me moving to music is good. I tried to yodel yesterday but my voice immediately closed off as the allergies took their toll. Need to get back in practice. I enjoy hearing about your kids. They are so cute and funny.

Star, that's great that you have a pastor who is not so uptight and is more understanding and kind. I doubt that the Pearly Gates have ever closed on anyone just for being a bit late. I have also had challenges with hair color. When I started to turn gray, I got it streaked with blonde. Eventually, there was so much gray that I started just coloring it myself at home. I think I'm like you with a lot of red pigment in my own natural color which picks up the red in the color and intensifies it. I have found that anything with the words 'gold' or 'golden' in the color name will turn my hair red. I now use color which is described as 'natural' blonde. Geez, it sounds as though you've really had your challenges in the garden. You are so persistent that I'm sure you will overcome all obstacles. Good for you.

I'm gonna go do the puzzles in the newspaper. Mornings like this one are filled with blessings. I ate the slice of blueberry bread Claudia gave me and drank the first cup of coffee from the new machine. SV sat in my lap for a while and I stroked his silky little head. I watched 20/20 on TV because I had missed watching it when it first ran. The air is good and it's sunny out. It is in the 60's and not humid. Wish I could freeze time and just enjoy it all day long.

Love, Mikie



Good Monday Morning, Kids,

I'm waking to a sinus headache and stuffy nose. Just took an allergy pill and hope it clears up soon. Joe called last night to tell me a neighbor had died. He was an alcoholic and had been in and out of the hospital a lot lately. The ambulance would come sometimes every few days. He was a really nice man who had a stroke and couldn't work. His wife is also an alcoholic. We all worry that she drinks and drives. She encourages the neighbor in my building to drink. I worry my close neighbor here will die when she goes on her drinking binges. She doesn't eat and is so thin she is skin and bones. For the last couple of weeks, she has been doing better. The last time the ambulance came for her, the EMT's said her liver was starting to fail. I honestly don't know how these people's bodies can keep going after so much abuse. It can't go on forever like that. All we can do is keep an eye on them and pray for them.

Hope everyone had a good weekend. I'm gonna go drink my coffee. I'll stop by later.

Love, Mikie


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Hi Kids

Just looked at the weather forecast. We are supposed to have a couple days of showers.
Will be good for Sun and Gordon's gardens. Our narcissessess finally bloomed. The stalks
came up months ago. So far we have one white blossom and a cluster of buds. Gordon
finally finished sewing up the shade cloth that covers some of his orchids. It's hard work because he has to stand on a ladder and work with his hands over his head.

Mikie, glad to hear your new coffee maker is working. I don't know why a company
selling music would market something named Pandora. Maybe the sellers think nobody knows about Greek myths anymore. Well, I guess the subject seldom appears on talk
shows or in the daily news. Bill Maher recently exhibited his scorn for comic books.
I learned about the Greek myth of Jason and the Argonauts from a Scrooge McDuck
comic book. The story was also made into a movie. Took my son to see it in the 80's.
In any case entertainment is perfectly good reason for creating something.

Sun, are you busy studying for your test? The last time I took the test was quite
awhile back. Can't remember how long. I got one wrong because the question was
poorly constructed. But a perfect score isn't necessary. The DMV was jammed full.
Had a long wait. I always carry a paperback to appointments.

AACCKK! My typing is deteriorating. Better go.
Hugs, Folks, Rock


Hi, Kids,

Just stopping in for a bit. After posting earlier, I lay down and slept for another hour and a half. When I got up, I had a sour stomach. After I started to feel better, I called my neighbor, Barb. She is going to the eye doc to see whether he can do anything for her vision. She has always loved to read and it's so hard for her. She knew about the latest passing in the hood but didn't know about the death of a friend of our some time ago. Barb fell and broke her hand so is in PT. It's getting better. She's one of the toughest people I've ever met.

Rock, glad Gordon finished the cloth but installing it sounds like a nightmare. I can barely get through drying and styling my hair with my arms up. The rain in CA will likely be a God send for those fighting the fires. It is such a huge disaster that I'm having a hard time even wrapping my mind around the enormity of it all. It breaks my heart when the news interviews people who came close to dying and who have lost everything. I don't like Pandora because, if you request an artist or song it will only play something similar. Their story is that they want to expand our listening experience. So, perhaps the name fits. It certainly unleashed a lot of bad things coming out of my mouth. I grew up on comic books and believe they were a great part of my childhood. Many teachers have praised them because they get kids to read. My chums and I exchanged our comic books and discussed them. It was like a book club for comics. We also learned to share. What's not to like about that?

OK, Kids, I'm outta here. Didn't read the paper online and don't think I will. There's seldom anything of interest in the Monday paper and I just don't feel like it. I'm feeling jittery and my legs are shaky. Whine, whine, whine!!!

Love, Mikie
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Rock:. YES......studying!!!!! I'm soooo sick of this. I've taken lots of online tests from the DMV and this is really weird......I'm come across road signs that aren't even in the book! And one question basically had the same two answers but one was wrong. Here it is: If you're going to make a right turn immediately after the intersection should you start signaling while in the intersection of almost finished with going thru the intersection. The correct answer is almost finishing going thru it. Talk about splitting hairs. If I have trouble with that how about all those people who hardly speak english?

Everyone is telling me not to worry, but I do. My DD lives 35 min. Away from me, and I depend on MYSELF. I've already walked the point to a Trader Joe's, them have to figure about walking home pushing a cart without getting overly tired.

Mikie: So sad about your neighbors and the drinking problems. Feel better today.

My cleaning lady is due in about 30 min. So have to scurry to get things ready for her. I'll be back later.
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Back Again.
Rock, you rat, that ai ai (lemur ) is not an ai ai but is a sloth. If you don't believe me ask it! (or do a google image search.....) The truth will out. I'll check out Donna Andrews in f.f., and see if she's my cup of tea. Right now I'm a bit overwhelmed with books to read, but one never knows, eh? Got a bit of a sliver, did ya? So did I the other day. Wood is so dangerous! And Rock, re your question about bears, haven't seen any for a few years -- thank the dogs!

Sun, you sure have been a busy bee! I looked up fire bush. Never heard of it before... How exciting for you, despite the suffering involved in planting it! May it prosper. May your DMV appt. go well.

Spring, I see you skipping and dancing. With the dogs no less! Perfect dance partners.

Hair, hair, hair. Let your curls be natural, ladies, and the colour too. I think blue and green and crimson are passé now. White, silver, and grey = all in. Of course, if you really must, a wig might be fun. Different colour everyday! R has silver hair, mine is black with a few grey hairs. R goes to the hairdresser's every six weeks. I never go --- I enjoy playing with my own, and not paying.

Star, growing veggies can be a pain in the bum. Here, we have to protect them from the deer. But with the prices sky-rocketing and the quality sinking, I think I'll try my best next year. We enjoyed our tomatoes and peppers, and a few aubergines this summer. I have loads of volunteer cress (upland cress -- very similar to watercress) all over the yard. An edible and tasty weed! Still sorry about the ferrets, but happy about the budgies. Don't you have cockatiels also?

Mikie, I've heard you've still got the Red Tide bad. I am so sorry for all the manatees that have died because it, but bless the rescuers. I hope it isn't affecting you as much as before.

RAIN, RAIN, in the forcast, starting tomorrow night. And on for days. May it make our spring flow again and fill the well. Oh pray, pray, pray. Such a DRY autumn so far. So many fires.

Over for now,
Love to All,


Hi, Kids, [aaachoo!]

As mentioned before, I'm not feeling up to snuff today but decided to dust the curtains, drapes and tables in my bedroom this afternoon. Also the TV armoire. Good grief! I haven't dusted in there for a while and it's gross. Tomorrow, I'll change the sheets and launder them. Then, all I have to do is run the vacuum along the floor boards and it's done. Then, I can get into the hoarder room. I need to get up and go out for groceries tomorrow first and try to find a birthday gift for my friend. I don't want to get into the Black Friday crowds.

Sun, when I was pregnant years ago, I forgot and let my license expire. I went down to the DMV and they gave me a book and told me to study. I asked whether I could take the test while I was there. The woman had the government worker attitude and said no one ever passes without studying. I said I'd like to try so she gave it to me along with a dirty look. I just read each question and relaxed and decided on the answers. I figured the ones which deal with speed and stopping had the longest distances to drive it home (no pun intended) that it takes longer to stop when one speeds. Sho nuff, all the right answers were the longest distances. I got a 98 on the text by sheer luck and that infuriated the woman even more. I got my license renewed and never let it expire again. Try to relax when you take the test. Take deep breaths to help. Finally, say a little prayer. I always had a funny feeling my ex's DGM was helping me from Heaven.

Barry, I knew that cute little face looked familiar. There is one on The Durrells in Corfu. They keep him as a pet and he hangs around inside on a tree limb. He is sooo cute. The youngest child in the family loves animals and collects them on the island. It's such an enchanting story. Yes, the Red Tide is back but only strong in limited areas. The green algae that isn't an algae is also showing up again. A big anhinga just landed on a branch of the pine tree outside the lanai. The squirrels have been randy lately and they keep SV amused as they chase one another up and down and all around the trees. If my hair were a decent gray, I'd let it go but it's not and it washes out all my color. Coloring it is cheap and easy so I'll keep on doing it as long as it doesn't make me look cheap and easy. If it turned snowy white like my Mom's, I'd love it. I hope the bears and fires leave you alone. I cheered when I saw the CA is going to get rain.

Think I'm gonna rest. I cooked up a big batch of rice in the Instant Pot to try to settle my sour stomach. Hope all y'all have a lovely evening.

Love, Mikie

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Sorry guys and gals. Hope to get back tomorrow when DH has a meeting in the morning and then I sing part of the afternoon. Have schorale tonight. Have been so busy all day since I got up. Did washes and went shopping with DH for some OTC meds and stuff for Thankssgiving. Also went to the bank and bought a mattress. We really need it be at will be at DD's who lives nearby. I have stopped by a few times to try and read and assimilate what I am reading. Also I am almost out of Thyroid meds and had to get that straightened out at the dr office. Have to wait till January for out year physicals. Our dr is so busy we will go with the PA. I don't mind as I have had her before but DH hasn't.

Gotta go and finish dinner. I need to finish dinner now and get ready for choral practice. I really need it some of that Gloria is something else to learn. There are a bunch of chorus' in the book, some fairly easy and some not so.

Hope to get back for a quick HI tomorrow and to wish everydobby and wonderful and BLESSED Thanksgiving. Sorry I cannot talk to all individually.

Love to awl,
Granni :)


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Mikie: I'm positive that over 45 years ago I also could have aced the DMV test. But enter "old age", health issues, lack of sleep most of the time, etc. and darn it......it's just hard now that my brain is older. I've been lucky in that every 5 years I've gotten added time. I think the last time I took a written test was about 20 years ago.

By the way, when is your current license due for renewal? It's my understanding that DMV requests everyone over 70 to take a written. Mine came for renewal this year.
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Hi Kids

Yesterday was the usual errands. Trips to the market and the library. I got a book by a British
author of mysteries and another one with a heroine with the unlikely name of Flavia de Luca. Both recommend by Barry.

Mikie, sounds like your strategy for taking the drivers test was perfect. Very likely if you
tried praying while taking a test in our current schools you'd be expelled. I have the impress-
ion that most of them are run by crazy people, and the students learn next to nothing.
Surely it can't really be that bad.

I hope your friend is easy to shop for. Giving gifts is an art. My Great Aunt Anna always
gave us kids something we weren't too excited about. Like a wash rag (her term) or a
tube of toothpaste. And my father was impossible to buy for. If you gave him a book
he wouldn't read it. If you gave him clothes he wouldn't wear them. The only thing
he wanted was booze or a trip to a big city to see a sporting event.

Sun, I'm sure you'll do well on your exam. I've never encountered that turning
question. Would just have guessed. But you're smart; we all know that. Here's
a quote on the subject.

You are braver than you believe,
stronger than you seem,
and smarter than you think.
- A. A. Milne (Winnie-The-Pooh)

Hi Granni, are you hosting or visiting for Thanksgiving? You always sound like you're
cooking good stuff at your house. Hope the Gloria goes well. Your choir is adventurous.
I have never sung anything by Vivaldi.

Oh, I made a terrible mistake yesterday and want to correct it. I reported our narcissus
had one flower. But apparently it was busy during the night and another opened up.
I always like my posts to be absolutely accurate in every way. I wouldn't want people to
think I'm slow like the sloth or jump around like a lemur. Lots of videos of both on
Youtube BTW. And speaking of mistakes, Barry was absolutely right about the
sloth and the lemur. He is the go to guru on fauna and flora.

Hugs, Rock
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