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Porch no. 1101 is CLOSED Nov 25 2018

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there is something almost holy about the little dog deep in slumber. his stance. im sure Albus Dumbledore looks like him when he is sleeping. the little pink pads of his feet.

Good morning, it is, here. cold, foggy but shows signs of sun coming out later. having my morning ginger tea.

i hope all had a good Thanksgiving.

Sun - sounds like a good time. but what a racket, 18 people and two lovely dogs. sand dunes, pier, beautiful sea. i loved St Clement. it looks so clean and not so crowded. are you pleased with your paintings? your paintings are almost like a diary...where you went, what frame of mind were you at that point of time. the little boy in the woods picture has stayed in my mind.

Dmc - good to see you, even if for a moment. i know you will come by when you can.

Julie - did any of the children come up? did you cook up a storm?

Granni - all that good food! i imagine you could hardly walk. whenever we go out to eat i try and take a walk around the block before getting into a car and coming back. my stomach feels better.

Rock - your computer has malware. a virus. needs de virusing. i watched a stand up comedian show on tv. the guy was Brit, he was rambling and then said something about potted meat and slathering it on his face, then fixing a hinge with a covering hanging over his face, and if any amorous vegans came near him, lifting the hinge to ward off their unwelcome advances. its the sort of thing sends me into splits. my DD used to enact the scene at random times if she spoke of someone she didnt like.

last evening i went to the Centre to join in the Full Moon meditation. but so much traffic, and i couldnt get a cab so was late. but i walked on further into town, needed to give my body the exercise. browsed around bookshops. picked up some toiletries for DD. she went off to attend the wedding of a friend of a friend.
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Hi Springwater

Thanks for opening a new porch. I wanted to do it. but alas, though the spirit was willing
the computer was weak. Nice dog pic. Reminds me of the dog in the cartoon strip Dagwood
and Blondie. I spent most of the day in bed. Reading or sleeping. Cooked some Brussels Sprouts or little cabbages as Gordon sometimes calls them. Sent a couple e mails. Am
almost finished with the Dave Barry book.

Jim went somewhere for Thanksgiving dinner. The dinner was finally served 4 hours after
it was supposed to start. Jim was the only guest. That's a lot of time to fill in with small talk.

Hugs, Rock



Good Saturday Morning, Kids,

Nothing much to tell. I was tired yesterday and just lazed around. My allergies are really bad. The Red Tide is back in a pretty big way but no dead fish washing ashore yet. Wind has been off shore and that helps to keep the spores from blowing into the hood. The sky is so beautiful with another amazing sunrise. There are soft stratus clouds lit up with bright pink and orange colors. SV sat out and enjoyed it. When I went out on the lanai to get a better look, he talked up a storm.

TV is showing how rescue workers are gathering ashes from where they suspect people died in the fires in CA. The victims were burned so horribly that the only thing left is ashes as though they were cremated. Family members are submitting DNA so the victims can be identified. I've never seen anything like it. A man in the hospital described running for his life on a road with the fire roaring on both sides. He saw the skin melting off of his hands. So many are still missing.

Ancestry notified me that they had received my DNA. Now, I just wait for the results. I need to go to the website to continue to build my family tree and see whether I can research my ancestors. Too bad my cousin did so much research on her own but had no way to upload it to the website.

Spring, thanks for starting us up again. I'll go back and close out the old one. Cute little dog. You always find the best pics.

Sun, as much as I'd like to be at DD's in CO, I think it might have been overwhelming. There were about the same number of people at her house as where you were. I'm glad you got to see your family. Being around GK's is such a joy.

Rock, I bought some Brussels sprouts too. I need to cook them. Joe went to our neighbors', Connie's and Sam's, place for Thanksgiving. He said he was there three to four hours. They must have had a good time. I'm glad he had somewhere to go. Last couple of years, I've gone to DD's but I'd as soon stay home if I don't go there. This year was so unusual and it touched me so, seeing Claudia's Mom enjoying herself on Thanksgiving. I like the idea of little cabbages. Little cabbage is an endearment in France, mon petit chou.

I'll be going to the 90th birthday party for my friend and neighbor later this afternoon/evening. I hope she likes the scarf I got for her. I'm sure she will be thrilled with anything. I wouldn't mind living that long if my health and money held out. Hope everydooby has a great day.

Love, Mikie

Update: I just did my Black Friday shopping online. Best Buy had a smart plug for only $5 with the purchase of any of their Alexa products. Think I've mentioned that I'd like that for turning my reading lamp off and on. I have to reach back in between the antique ice box it sits on and the sofa. To complicate things, there are always electric cords lying on the floor for my phone and computers. I've almost fallen so many times trying to balance myself while trying to reach the lamp and trying not to step on the chords and damaging them.

The only issue has been whether to order the big speaker or the smaller, and cheaper, Dot. I would like to listen to music with the speaker and wonder whether the small one would be loud enough. The big one is $70 and the Dot is only $25. I have a lot of expenses this time of year so decided to go with the Dot. The whole thing was only $32 with tax and shipping was free. If the speaker on the Dot is inadequate, I can always get the larger one later. I'm so happy and feel as though I've solved a big problem without spending too much coin.

Love, M
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HAPPY Saturday All.

Not raining today. Grey. Gotta check the well. Don't feel like it so maybe tomorrow. I like putting things off. I won't feel like it tomorrow either though, I know! We had a good lot of rain.

Sun, I hope your cold gets better quickly. What a tiring and yet fruitful holiday you are having though. Enjoy your family; I wish I had one, but have to make do with my fur-kids.

Fur kids funny today. The two cats usually like to spend the night outside. It's their decision. Anyways, this morning got up to let them in, to find Monty stuck on the roof. Talked him down, one jump at a time. Finally he landed in the elder bush, and squirmed down through it down to the ground. Silly little sod. Lenny is wrapped around my neck again, Romeo is on his bed now that Sylvie has gotten up from it to get on the couch. Monty is on the top of the back of the couch. Richard is reading. Not a fur baby though, him.

Rock, glad you didn't break a leg on your tumble!! I tumbled t'other day and fell on my butt. Nothing hurt but a couple of sprained ribs; peculiar.....:confused: I hope your computer starts co-operating with you more. A REAL pain in the butt!

Spring, thanks for the lovely dog photo. It warmed the cockles of my heart! Never heard of Albus Dumbledore before....

Rock and Mikie: I want Brussel sprouts too now. I LOVE them. Usually boiled, but roast with potatoes (baby creamers) sometimes. Coat with olive oil if you try this, and you might want to take the outer leafs off if they get too browned. Tooo delicious. We threw our salad mix away because it had Romaine in it. E. coli scare.

It was Richard's and my 49th anniversary on Thanksgiving day. We had a $60 bottle of wine given us from one of R's old high school friends who has a winery in Napa. Hmmmm.

Not raining, so I'm going to talk the dogs for a walk. Or rather, they will take me. I want to see what condition the creek is in, and hoping for the best. It's been a tough autumn for the salmon. So many creeks dry with just small pools in them. I think that now there might be enough for the salmon to run. Hope so.

Ciao to All,
Bless you,

Update: the creek and springs are flowing! Dogs enjoyed their walk down the lane through the forest to the creek, and then we followed the old trail up past the bamboos I planted MANY years ago. They are doing fine, I was happy to see.
Just had lunch, now going into bedroom for my R&R (rest and read) and a nap.

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Hi folks

Just woke up from a nap. Found a note from Gordon. He went to visit Jim in Pasadena.
On the way back he will stop at the library. We have two books to pick up; seven more
on hold. A couple of them have been on hold for months . And too, he had a book bag
full to return.

Gordon made his chocolate cake only somehow it morphed into Rice Crispy treats.
He used to make them frequently. Hasn't made any for some years. Somehow things
went astray. The R.C.treats are too hard too chew unless you've a jaw like Popeye. I
soaked mine in some choc0late milk. Problem solved.

Congratulations on your anniversary, Barry. I believe next year is the golden anniver-
sary. This year you could give chocolate coins in gold foil. Another possibility would
be: anything he wants. Is there a lake or river near you where the salmon originally
hatched? Do the bears gather to catch them? Saw a program on the salmon and
the bears. It gave a specific number of fish a bear must eat if it is to survive the winter

Mikie, I see you're writing about salmon too. Well, that's the color you get if you mix
pink and orange. Yes? Do SV's treats include salmon? I hope your new speaker turns
out to be just what you wanted. Never heard of the Dot brand before. Looked on the
net. Saw a bunch of them priced from $20 to $50. They don't look like speakers. The
look like they are related to Roomba. Maybe some day Gyro Gearloose will put the
two together. If you haven't been reading Donald Duck comics lately, see pic below.

So sorry that the Red Tide is back. I thought it would at least be gone for several months.
Bummer! You sure about that mon petit chou? I thought it meant "My little shoe."

Spring, didn't know you could do the splits. I used to be able to when I was very young
and limber. Also backbends. I gave up turning cartwheels on my 65th birthday. I had
been doing one every birthday for some years, but that year I had a premonition that
I would break a bone. I just reminded myself, 'You don't look good in a cast.'

Hugs to Absent friends. Sun, Julie, Granni, Duckie, GB.




Hi, Kids,

Not much to tell. I did clean out that closet. I think it's supposed to be a linen closet with shelves but it wouldn't begin to hold my sheets and towels. I have a nice rack with baskets in the guest bath for the towels. The sheets and blankets are stored in the guest room closet. I have some 11"x 11" storage cubicles on the shelves in the closet and they hold all kinds of stuff. I needed to go through them and throw out old stuff. I often buy things on sale because I can't remember whether or not I already have them at home. Well, indeed I have them in spades and won't need shampoo, conditioner or lotion for a looong time. Doh!!!

I'm just waiting to get ready for my friend's birthday party. I don't want to go but want to be sure to celebrate her 90th. It's a big deal and she is a sweet person. By late afternoons, I'm shot and ready to go to bed. I usually manage to stay up til after Final Jeopardy but that's my limit. I think this party is an open house kind of thing so I don't have to be there at the beginning and can leave whenever I want to. It's being held in a swanky coin and jewelry store. Must be owned by someone in the family. It's close to where most of her friends live and that may be why it was chosen.

Barry, when I'm tired, I want to put off everything. I had to really make myself start cleaning and organizing in here. It's all been geared toward the last room, what I call, the hoarder room. That's what it looks like as I've thrown stuff in there to be sorted. Yikes! Sounds as though you and the fur kids had a nice walk. What a cozy picture you paint with them, you and Richard. Congratulations on your anniversary. I'm very happy for you both. BTW, I usually steam the Brussels Sprouts until they are cooked but still a bit firm. Then, I brown them in bacon fat. Mmmm! I also crumble pieces of bacon in them. I like some butter too. Good for the heart!

Rock, you are right; the sky was a brilliant salmon color for a while as it morphed from orange to pink. The needles on the old cypress tree are long and hanging down gracefully from the branches. The tree looks black in the early morning against the beautiful neon sky. In January, the needles will be all gone. It doesn't take long for them to grow back and the new ones are a lovely spring green color. There are a lot of knees poking up out of the water now. Obviously, the larger speakers produce better sound but I think the Dot will be good enough. Honestly, the real reason I want it is to keep myself from breaking my neck on that lamp. I paid less than a fourth of what it and the smart plug cost when they first came out. The plug itself was only an eighth of what they cost then. Don't know whether I'll use all the personal organizer tasks it can perform. Wouldn't be a bad idea to have reminders but my phone can do that now. If I need info on something, I can ask Siri on the phone. Guess I'll try Alexa to see how she does. Crazy new world. Evidently, the French think little cabbages are cute and that's how the phrase began.

Suppose I had better get crackin' if I want to be able to spend some time at the party and get home early. Hope all y'all are having a lovely evening.

Love, Mikie



Good Sunday Morning, Dear Porchies,

I went to my friend's birthday party last evening but didn't stay long. There were only two people I knew besides the birthday girl. I talked to them and sat alone at the other end of the table where my friend's daughter was sitting. I tried to make conversation with her and told her I lived in the hood with her Mom and liked her so much. She just looked at me as though she wondered why I was telling her that. Then she turned to the woman next to her and talked to her. An old man on the other side of me kept turned away from me and only talked to a woman on the other side. I've never been to a party like that. There was no host or hostess who made sure guests were made to feel welcome. It was an open house kind of thing and people were left to fend for themselves. I'm no shrinking violet and did my best but I wasn't about to sit there all night doing nothing with no one to talk to.

The party was at the back of the jewelry store and was catered. I had a gin 'n tonic but it was sooo strong that I only sipped because I feared I would have gotten a DUI on the way home. I had some appetizer snacks but didn't eat dinner at the buffet. My friend knows I'm in a flare and I told her I would be leaving. I took a pic of her to send to Barb who is also her friend. Typically, at parties I've been to, people enjoy meeting others and talking with them. This is especially true when someone is alone. I'd want to talk to someone alone and make him or her feel welcome. By the time I got home, I was in a lot of general pain and sprayed some CBD oil under my tongue. I stayed up long enough to play FJ and went to bed.

I got the closet cleaned out yesterday and will move on to the hoarder room today if the flesh isn't too weak. I'm not even sure the spirit is willing. :( I woke with a stuffy and achy head so have snorted nasal spray, taken Tylenol and taken my allergy pill. I think when I clean, I stir up a lot of dust and that gets the allergies riled up. I have a mask but don't like wearing it. It's exciting to be making progress in here.

I will be renewing magazine subscriptions for the kids. That's one of the best 'presents' I can imagine. They love them. Other than that, we don't exchange gifts. Easy peasy. I want to make a donation but there is so much need that it's difficult to know where to begin.

DD sent a text last night and said a TX friend of my DGS had an aneurysm and was taken off of life support. He must have been the same age as my DGS, thirteen. She said he is shaken to the core over it. Death is really hard to deal with at that age. I was about that age when a whole bunch of people close to Mom and me died. I was in shock and grieving but no one back then realized how hard it is on kids. I remember just walking through life and feeling sick inside. I know the kids will make sure he has help if he needs it.

I'm going to go read the honest to goodness real newspaper. I hope everydooby is having a wonderful weekend.

Love, Mikie


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Hi Kids

Happy Sunday. Sunday used to a very active day for me. Sunday School. Church. Playing
the organ or piano. Traveling with a circuit preacher. Youth group in the evening. Sometimes setting pins at the bowling alley in the afternoon.

Back in the days when we bubbled with fizz. Sorry to say that such no longer is.

Mikie, glad to hear you are reading an honest paper. So much on the net is hard to
category. Is it a news article; an ad; an opinion piece? Had a dream last night. Seldom
dream any more. Can't remember much but there was some kind of plot. There were
some guns, but no shooting. Just people in uniforms wearing them.

The first time someone we know dies generally has an impact, I think. Didn't happen
to me till I was an adult. I did see a dead body when I was around 12. It was lying in a
plain wooden coffin in the living room. Just the face peaking out. I was told the funeral
would be later in the afternoon.

That party you went to sounds awful. Clearly somebody needs to read a book. One
with a titled such as "How to effortlessly give a party where everyone will have a
good time." I know there's a split infinitive in that title, but I've read we no longer
care about such things. At least I don't. To quietly adapt to new ways has always
been my custom.

Spring, you think Albus Dumbledore has pink pads on his feet? Don't know what
the wedding customs are in Kathmandu, but in this country it is dangerous to go
to a wedding of a friend of a friend. Next thing you know you'll be on a list and get
invited to lots of weddings. All of them requiring an expensive gift.

Barry, what do you mean you never heard of Dumbledore before? A creation
of England's most popular writer since Shakespeare and Dickens. Gotta watch out
for them bamboos. They are very invasive. Around here people put underground
fences made of solid sheets of metal around the roots to keep them from taking over
the whole yard. Which reminds me. Went out and fed the cat this morning.
Noticed the bamboo needs water. You can tell because the leaves start to curl and
then turn yellow.

OH! I forgot. Gordon wants to go to Food For Less. Gotta go.

Hugs, Rock.


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Sunday Morning Greetings.

Hey Rocky, how's things in L.A. eh? Ya get any rain? By the way, the salmon I was talking about come up river from the sea and head up the creeks to spawn. When the young-uns are ready and large enough they swim downstream to the river and the sea where they live. Our River is called the Eel River. In this case the eel being a misnomer for lampreys, which also spawn up the creeks. The salmon bring them, attached to their sides. I've seen large salmon in the creek before, and also the sprats. I saw a coyote dash away with a large salmon (dead) in his mouth. The adult salmon die after spawning. All right, TMI!

Rock, I looked up Dumbledore in wiki. A harry potter character, eh. Never read any of them books an I never will. I bes sure of that.:D Not my cup of tea. You read 'em yourself, eh?

Mikie, what an interesting party experience you had! Sounds like the givers didn't know what they were doing; certainly not party givers at all. Sorry for the tiring, crappy experience. By the way, does the CBD help with your pain very much? I hope it does. I think you do too much cleaning.....:rolleyes::oops::eek:. My house is a cluttered, cozy mess.o_O

Love to All,
Gotta try to burn some paper trash.


Dumbledore. Looked it up on wiki and found out he is a character in the Harry Potter novels. I've never read any of them before.... and probably never will....:p Rock, some bamboos are clumpers, some runners. I've both, and will NEVER plant a runner again! AAAACK!



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Barry: At our old house the owners before us planted bamboo....the runners. AWFUL. They would come up in the lawn 10 feet plus from the mother. Interesting about the Eel river by you. I'll have to do a search on lampreys.

Mikie: What an awful party! I've been to some like that.....I just figured I was wearing my invisible cloak. How very sad about your DG's friend.

Rock: Does Gordon plan meals or just fill the pantry and then go from what's in storage?

This cold has taken a turn for the worse. Up and down all night with a fever and aches that I couldn't get rid of. I figured I had better get myself to the doctor in the morning, but then I remembered that my lung doc. Wanted me to keep a 10 day dose of prednisone on hand. Bless him! So I started taking it this morning. What I have can easily go into pneumonia, that's why the prednisone. And besides......I just couldn't manage to drive myself 15 miles to the urgent clinic I go to. Insurance plans are the pits.


Hi, Kids,

Just had a nice long conversation with my pal, Nancy, up in Michigan. She is girding herself for that big snowstorm coming her way. It's the same one that would likely have wreaked havoc with flights in Denver about the time I would have been trying to fly home had I gone to CO for Thanksgiving. This is always the fear when traveling through Denver International in the wintertime. Glad I listened to my instincts. Nancy once met our birthday girl's daughter and she said she found her aloof. Strange because the mother is very social and outgoing.

Rock, sorry to say that my fizz done fizzled out. You actually remembered part of your dream. Isn't that unusual for you? I dreamed that I had to give Sylvester away to a neighbor and was trying to make sure he was OK. I didn't have to worry long because he started poking me with his paw to get up. He is snoozing all curled up in his little soft bed. I'm laughing about the sly split infinitive joke. I split mine all the time. I actually think it makes for better reading that way. I also end sentences with prepositions. Good thing we don't care about grammar here. Sending up some prayers for fizz for us all. BTW, the virtual newspaper I read is an exact replication of the real newspaper, ads and all except it has no inserts.

Barry, I have some bird of paradise plants which spread with runners and I wish I had never planted them. The runners are sooo tough to cut. When I went SCUBA diving, we saw eels. One dive master in another group had one he often visited on dives. It came out and swam in and out of his diving vest. I had a video of eels in which they played That's Amore in the background (as in 'that's a moray). I am actually pacing myself with the cleaning. This isn't a normal thing I have going on in the condo. I'm clearing out old stuff and reorganizing things. It will make it easier to keep everything clean in the future. I'm almost done. I like a little clutter myself. Yes, the CBD oil helps with pain and anxiety. If the pain is localized, I can rub a tiny bit on the affected area and the pain is almost instantly gone. It works best on inflammatory pain. I enjoyed the Harry Potter books until they turned really dark and I stopped reading them. Same with the films. Hope the salmon return.

Sun, I'm so glad you remembered the prednisone. I've been concerned about that cold. I hope you feel better. We are sick enough without getting sicker with something like that. When I lived in CO, every cold went into some kind of secondary infection. Everyone was sick for months on end. I'll be praying for your recovery; please keep us up on how you're doing.

Hope everydooby is enjoying this fine Sunday.

Love, Mikie



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Hi Kids

We are back from Food For Less. Spent a hundred bucks. According to the calculator
on the site of the Bureau of Labor Statistics, in 1950 the same groceries would have cost
an additional $5. Either the government's calculator has gone cuckoo or I did something

Sun, in response to your question about buying groceries, when I asked Gordon he said
exactly what I expected. "Both." And there's another reason to0. When walking into the
store he said, "Don't forget eggs. They're having a sale." We got 24. I can help with your question about lamprays. They are rays of light that come form a lamp. See Pic.

Hope that cold goes away soon. Never heard of taking prednisone for a cold. It's
prescribed because of your other health problems, yes?

Mikie, I saw a film of some guy who had a "tame" moray eel. He would visit it's lair.
The eel would come out. The guy would feed it. Even gave it a fish he (the diver)
held in his own mouth. A couple years later I read about a diver who had been savagely
bitten doing such a stunt. Same diver? Dunno.

If you went to another party and met someone, would you rather she were aloof or
aloft? If aloft, would you prefer a plane or a barn?

Barry, Yup, I enjoyed the Harry Potter books. The movies are on here frequently.
Gordon often watches them. How did burning the trash go? Do you live in a state
owned forest? Do you have to have a special burner or observe safety rules?
When I was in grade school in the 40's one of my chores was to empty the waste
baskets and burn the trash in the back yard. The village Board banned that when I
was in middle school. Maybe that was when they opened up the village dump a
mile South of town.

Gotta go. I'm all worn out and need my nap. Gentle hugs to all.

PS. Does anybody recognize these song lyrics? Something I heard on Youtube
probably. I think the last two lines are something like, "So keep very close to
each other, and stay just as close as you can."



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Rock: Yes on the prednisone for the COPD I have. The neighbor in back took it one month on and one month off. I wouldn't want to do that. I have an artist friend who took it for an entire year....knowing the bad side effects which then brought on eye problems.

And about song lyrics....couldn't find anything, sorry.

Spring: Your kids always seem to be going to weddings of friends. Do the young people still accept arranged marriages? I haven't heard you mention any boyfriend in your DDs future....nor your son either.

OK you cat lovers......here's something interest.



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Bright sunny day here, cheery and warm.

Sun - i dont know about my kids. i know they do go out with girls or boys. But they mostly seem to hang out in groups. DD was involved with someone in the US, someone who went to the same school here and same college in US for a couple of years but she came back, he stayed on and theyre no longer a couple. DS has had a couple of girlfriends but not the one as yet, i think. we have entertained both son and daughters special friends here at home to dinner. they were nice but apparently not the ones destined to be their life mates. heh heh.

nowadays the kids here seem to be taking their time to get married. they study, work for a number of years and then marry. earlier come early 20s and parents looked around and made arrangements but kids dont agree now. my DHs uncle married his daughter off at 21 to this guy 12 years older who seemed to have it all on paper, filthy rich, multiple businesses no bad habits but she underwent so much suffering, he had no love towards her, they spent more time apart than together, his mom tortured the daughter in law and DHs uncle and aunt completely left the other two DDs to choose their own husbands. the couple are doing better now but everyone can see its an effort.

one of my DDs girlfriends parents shopped around for a suitable husband for their DD but found none suitable, they want someone who will let her work, and go out for friends lunches/ parties like she does now but apparently they all want someone who will work, hand over her earnings and cook and clean. the parents said no thankyou. theyve told her to find someone she likes. we have received marriage proposals over the years from our friends, community, DHs business friends but the kids want to do their own thing. i just hope they will be happy. thats all.

Mikie - that is really strange. strange way to behave at a party! one could put it down to shyness but didnt seem like it. if they were talking to other people. anyway, reflects badly on them. i hate attending parties where i dont know people. there are many here mostly women who arent social and they sit tongue tied. there are some weddings i go to where i sit alone with a drink in my hand and just observe people. i think ive gotten used to it a bit. and this is a bit funny but ive seen dark shadows attached to some people at gatherings. they influence that person to behave in a certain manner. i went home and read up on it.

once i even told a lady there was something attached to her. i had to. she wasyawning and yawning and it was two days in a row at a funeral. she commented that she was feeling tired for no reason and was nodding off. and i could see this black mass just behind her and it was attached with a cord. luckily she believed me. i met her later. she was clear at least to my eyes. my cousin later told me many people were jealous of the lady because of her successful business. she had been to a healer and told me they did a clearing.

i try and remember to ask Source to envelope wherever i am going and the persons there in violet light and divine white light.
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Good Monday Morning, Kids,

Slept til almost six this morning. I am always so grateful for the extra sleep. I went to bed early last evening. Claudia, like a little elf, left some of her homemade cookies on my window sill. She had baked a bunch for the new people who bought the condo below hers. She's the best! My head is still stuffy and, when I swallow, it feels as though someone is ramming an ice pick up through the roof of my mouth into my brain. It's my sinuses and once the meds clear them up, it will stop.

Rock, I can remember back in the sixties, I bought a lot of food on sale and spent sixty-five bucks for groceries. My ex went into shock. I had to splain that, in the long run, it would save money later on. That was about twice what I usually spent for the four of us for a week. He would give his paper check to me and I would deposit it. Then, I would shop for groceries. We paid our bills with paper checks through the mail. I know a lot of people my age still do that but it seems so much more work than banking online. I do most things with my computer but a lot of the yutes use their phones. Very nice little play on words. I'm wondering about meeting someone in London in a lift. Or someone here when ordering a car from a Lyft. Seems to me that my friend's daughter, who BTW owns the coin and jewelry store, could have acted the hostess and made sure everyone was comfortable and having a good time. My observations of her were confirmed by Nancy who had met her. One of my other friends has a daughter living in the hood. She throws parties and is always on the go making sure no one is without food, drink and people to talk to. She seems to enjoy doing that whereas the aloof daughter didn't seem to be enjoying herself very much. Like you said...what not to do.

Sun, I hope the steroid helps you. We have to be so careful that one thing doesn't lead to another. Thanks for the interesting article on cat tongues. They feel like sandpaper. Sylvester is very good about grooming himself but I have to comb the hair on his undercarriage and I brush the rest of his coat. He gets little knots in his fur and I have to comb them out or cut out the larger ones. He is very silky. They could use cat saliva as an ingredient in human shampoo to give us shiny healthy hair. Instead of Mane and Tail, it could be called, Tongue and Spit.

Spring, the younger generation here seems to want to delay marriage too. They don't appear to be in a hurry to take on the burdens of marriage and children until they are better established and have lived a little. My older daughter met her husband when she was just out of high school and they fell in love and got married. My younger daughter was single and had a good job when she got married. Both are doing well and have good marriages so I guess it just depends on what happens and what they want out of life. I think it's healthy to live a little and travel before settling down. That is very interesting about dark entities' attaching to people. I also pray for light for protection. I didn't see anything attached to my friend's daughter but I definitely didn't want to be near her. She really put out an unfriendly vibe. I like to surround myself with kind, funny and friendly souls.

As per my usual morning routine, I'm gonna go read the virtual newspaper. The paper refers to it as a digital paper. A rose by any other name...

Hope all y'all have a wonderful start to the week.

Love, Mikie



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Good snowy, windy, very cold Monday morning! Well, I suppose some places in the world wouldn't consider 18 degrees (with a wind chill..."real feel" of 2 degrees) cold. And then people in some areas probably wouldn't even be able to comprehend being that frosty.

Den left for work before 5:30...but first had to "plow" his way out of the shop with the skid loader because there was a 3' drift in front of the overhead door (the door he had to open to get the pickup out...4WD being necessary to get through the drifts on the lane and roads to town.) All I had to do was open and shut the door for him...he had a remote, but just easier for him to get going and not have to stop to make sure the door closed properly.

Weather reports state that we "only" had 8 inches, but folks an hour north and west of us (near where my parents used to live) had 16 inches. When that much snow falls, and the wind is blowing so hard, the drifts can be a real pain. Thankfully, Den didn't have to go into town and push snow this time...although two shifts of crews ran yesterday evening and probably all night.

So, that's our excitement...I probably won't try to go anywhere until later in the week. No Thanksgiving celebration here last Thursday, since the Tennessee kiddos were here three weeks ago. I met Amy and the girls Wednesday (in the town where my dad and Keira's Nana and Papa live, so Keira could spend the weekend at her dad's.) We had a late lunch, then went to see my dad. I had his Christmas tree decorations with me and the girls were happy to decorate for him.

Den and I stayed home on Thursday (I ran the skid loader to help him move parts of the big tree (the one he and the boys cut down when everyone was here) over to the "staging area" for splitting. We did go out of town Saturday...one of Den's cousins has an annual dinner (hosts it in her church basement...more room than her house.) This is Grandpa's sister's side of the family...I used to take Grandpa, and they have kept inviting us, even after Gpa died two years ago. Den and I (and our kids) are the only "non-immediate" family they invite...they don't care much for Den's sis either, so we don't have to stress any about running into her there. Sounds terrible to say, as I type this, but I guess my years of trying to "keep the peace" and deal with rude, just plain mean family members are over. Toxic people, in my opinion, should be avoided, if at all possible. Perhaps some people are able to deal with these things better, but it's just not worth the stress, to me.

Amy and Miley were going to meet us on Saturday, but Amy ended up at "Urgent Care" after dealing with extreme stomach and back pain the night before. Tests determined she had a UTI, and she got some meds, but I advised her to stay home and rest. The dinner was only 20 minutes from their town, so Den and I made a detour to stop by to take them some of the leftover food that I had contributed. Amy was feeling some better by then (late afternoon) but those infections are nothing to be messed with...

Well, that is my possibly boring update...oh, Lindsey and family have a new dog...they are fostering from their animal shelter until they save up enough money for the adoption fee. Josiah says that "Grace" looks just like Oreo (black and white) but "not so fat", lol! Grace is about two years old, so still somewhat a puppy...but house trained, very sweet, doesn't seem to mind the cats (cats live outside, but get to come in the house once in awhile) and Lindsey thinks Grace is fitting in very well...especially since she seems totally unaffected by all the noise and chaos that naturally comes with a house full of small children.

It seems rude to just pop in, talk about myself, then leave...but I need to get busy around here, after I check the wood stove. I do think of everyone and wish you all well. Hopefully, I'll get some brain cells functioning enough to actually visit sometime. Take care, everyone...



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Barry - congratulations on your anniversary. i would love to live near a creek. ive stayed places there were creeks. and during the monsoons they would turn into scary churning monsters of walls and rivers of water whose roaring could be heard above all nocturnal noises all through the night. It all seems like a happy dream now. the first Harry Potter was a very very good read. Rowlings imagination and descriptions are to die for. but i couldnt absorb any more characters as the books progressed. My DD is a big fan. she read them all.

Mikie - so sorry to hear about your DGS ‘s young friend who had expired. i cant even begin to imagine the shock and hurt of his friends. so young all of them. to lose a loved one at that age. it just gives me a sinking feeling even to think of it. i hope they heal soon. the family, friends everyone. i hope the healing is whole.

Sun - awww. a cold. thank goodness it stayed away during your little trip. feel better soon.

Rock - that picture of the man with the lamp. what was it in regard to? the song youre looking for , was it about two babes lost in the woods or a crowded fair? heh heh.

Julie - brrrrrr....i feel cold already. ihope Amy is better? your house is so big and airy, is it difficult to heat up. that was nice you could visit your dad and the girls did his christmas tree up.

My DD was a bit distressed the other day. she saw a van from the municipal office full of stray dogs. it reminded her of our rescue. she picked it up from the same area bout a year and half ago. he is such a character. i know the dogs are going to be put to sleep. im just scared it wont be done humanely. but i prayed.

God bless

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Hi There Kids

Gordon is downstairs doing dishes. I'm having red grapes for breakfast. They are almost tasteless. The cat is outside lying on a towel I put down for her under the banana bush. It produces seed pods that have the aroma of bananas when heated a bit. Kitty has taken more
and more to lying on top of things: old towels, a tarp, cardboard. Certainly better than cold ground or concrete. A few years back I was amazed one night to look out the window and
see that she had crammed herself into an old shoe box.

Springwater, one of my bridge playing friends saw an old lady with something attached
to her. She came out of the ladies room with toilet paper caught on her back. He
went over and said, "Oh, Mrs whatever. I think the lining of your jacket is showing. Maybe
Mrs. So and So could help you." I was surprised at his savoir faire.

J. K. Rowling was on welfare in England for several years. I read she paid the money
back to the state when she became rich. Several sites on the net say that she is no
longer a billionaire because she donated so much money to charities.

Hi, Julie. You and Den are always so busy. Were the Christmas decorations you
took your Dad ones he had previously. I can remember two big changes in tree
decorations from the 40s-50s. One was when the strings of Christmas lights
would only have one light go out instead of all of them. The other was the importation
of bubble lights. We thought they were just amazing.

Grace is a nice name for a dog. Couple days ago I tried to listen to an Irish song
titled Grace on Youtube. No could do. I don't think it's fair to have a computer,
a brain and a body that are all out of order.

Mikie, I just finished an autobiography by Phyllis Diller w/ a little help from a pro writer.
I remember her from numerous TV appearances. Her biggest problem in life was men.
She kept picking bad ones. But she had one important man in her life. Bob Hope
loved to work with her. They made three movies together and numerous TV appearances.
A couple quotes: Never go to bed mad. Stay up and fight. And: I have been asked to
say a few words about my husband Fang. How about "short and cheap".

Sun, thanks for looking for the song. I keep telling myself, "It doesn't matter. It
will pop back in your head. But usually it doesn't. Cest la vie."

Gordon just wandered in to see if the computer was in use. I told him I was on
the last paragraph. He said, "That's what you always say." I said, "That's what
you always say." Shows how we think alike.

Hugs, Rock


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Good morning, all!

Been away for quite a while.

After taking a week off from quilting, I finally dealt with the quilt that went so badly by taking it off the machine and completely un-quilting it...pick, pick, pick... Took a whole week. Then I put it back on the machine (had to buy a new backing for it) and re-quilted it. That only took about 3 hours! It went much better, and I'm happy with the result. Then I put my "Falling Leaves" quilt on and quilted it. It also went well and I'm pleased. Now I just have to put the binding on them. I want to get the binding on Falling Leaves before next Thursday so I can take it for Show-And-Tell at my guild meeting. I also have 2 Kids Komfort quilts to bind. The other thing I need to do for guild is make an ornament for the ornament exchange.

After an 18 month project to move to our current ERP (Enterprise Resource and Planning) application - that "big application" that I talk about supporting all the time - and only 3 years on it, we are now going to move to a different ERP. I don't know how I feel about it. My boss keeps emphasizing to me that my job is secure, but I worry about what the scope of my job is going to become - and I'm concerned that it is going to be the boring, tedious stuff only. This is the other part of the "funk" I've been in.

Our rehearsals for the Messiah sing-along are going well. We have 3 left, though one of them - the last one - conflicts with the guild meeting, so I think I'll skip it. It won't be a problem; I know the music well enough. And there are things I need to do at the guild meeting.

On the subject of quilts, there are two people in one of my quilt classes who want to make a quilt like my States quilt. Very flattering!

Both my DM's cataract surgeries went perfectly, and she can see much better now. She's almost done with the drops, and will get her new glasses ordered tomorrow.

I did actually go out and do two bits of Black Friday shopping, but not places that would be crazy busy. One was to the Verizon store to see what kind of deals they had on phones, and the other was to a mattress store to get a new mattress for my DS.

Sun - So sorry you've caught a cold that has taken a turn for the worst. I read/heard somewhere that if you run a fever, it's the flu and not a cold. I hope you are on the mend in no time. I actually knew that stuff about cat's tongues. It's also how they lap up water. Different than how a dog does. Dogs curl their tongues backwards and catch water in a pocket on the back. That's why dogs are so messy when they drink and cats aren't! Congrats on passing your driver's license test. I get my driver's license renewed next year. I plan to get the national one. Plus, I'll finally get my military veteran status on it. With more and more veterans benefits available, that's a great thing to have.

Rock - I love reading your puns! You always come up with good ones. Good thing there's no such thing as a punitentiary. I'm glad you weren't hurt when you fell. I'm always afraid of falling because of my artificial knees. And it's always a dangerous possibility with my neuropathy.

Mikie - SV sounds like such a treat, much like my Worf. Hagrid and Storm both have dense under-coats and need extra brushing. Worf likes to be brushed, but doesn't seem to really need it. Same with Sirius. I got one of these and Worf LOVES it:
Hagrid tolerates it; Storm doesn't really care for it, unless I just roll it down his side or back. I haven't been able to try it on Sirius, because he's too skittish. So sad to hear about the young boy who died. That's always a shock when someone that young dies, especially when it's sudden.

Star - I was glad to see you around more as I went back and read up on the posts. I'm glad your baby budgies are doing well, and sorry for the loss of the ferrets. One of my parakeets passed recently. Very sad.

Barry - It is good that you are back. I've missed hearing about your gardening. I'm glad you, like Rock, weren't hurt when you fell. I think you once asked what caused my neuropathy - officially on my medical record it is "idiopathic" but I'm fairly certain it is the result of one of the chemo drugs I had. And maybe exacerbated by my hypothyroidism. A coworker gave me this really delicious tea. The entire packaging was in Chinese, which I don't read...I think it's an Oolong. Very earthy aroma, but not a strong flavour. I like it. I think of you often as I drink my tea!

Spring - It is sad to think of animals being euthanized because they have no home. But I take a pragmatic approach to it. I think it is better than them starving to death or dying from parasite infestations and exposure, hit by cars, etc.

Julie - It sounds like you had a great time with all your family around. I'm glad it went well. Sometimes I think it would be nice to have a dog again, but then I think better of it. So much harder to do vacations when you have pets that need care. Cats at least just need their water and food topped off, and maybe a litter box scooped.

Granni - Always running somewhere to sing as usual. I'm going to have to look up the Vivaldi and listen to it. I'm not familiar with it. As alluded to earlier, we're doing our Messiah sing-along again this year. Last year it was our best attended concert EVER.

Interesting side note - there's a local composer (and music professor at Miami University) well known for his spirituals. In the spring of 2017, we did a concert in which we performed one of his pieces. He was so impressed with it that he scurried back home after the concert and wrote a new spiritual and dedicated it to us. On November 4th, we did the world premier of the new piece at the annual Open Door Pantry benefit concert. Once again, he (Robert Benson) was in the audience. He was so chuffed with our performance that he wrote a very nice thank you letter to us the next day.

Well, I suppose I ought to get back to work. Hope I've managed to catch everyone. Hugz to all!

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Hi, Kids,

I'm trying to do things around here but it's slow going. I walked a couple of small bags of garbage down to the dumpster and came back so weak that I could barely make it up the stairs. I did a load of laundry and am getting ready to dig into the vanity in the guest bath. That won't take long and I can start in on the hoarder room. I have already torn the skin on both legs from running into the flap on a cardboard box. I bleed like a stuck pig but it stops and clots.

Nancy sent a video of the snow coming down up in Michigan. It's beautiful out and she doesn't have to go out in it except to shovel a place for her little dog to do his business. I used to have to do that for our dogs in Colorado. Joe called this morning because his cable TV was out. He's past being mad at Comcast and just finds it funny that any company could be so bad. He would change to DirectTV.com but they don't have the sports package he likes. My DOF called from Chicago and he's glad he doesn't have to go out in the snowstorm. He is healthy except for his weak and painful legs and I'm glad that, other than the leg problems, he's in good shape.

I sent a pic of my friend at her birthday party to Barb's daughter's phone so she could show it to her. Barb had a flip phone and the pics were too small for her bad eyesight. I think they got her a new one and I need to ask so I can send pics directly to her. I love it that we can so easily send our digital pics back and forth and don't have to rely on photos. My Mom had to haul around a mini photo album in her purse so she could show my kids off to her pals. Now, everything is in my phone. This is one technological advance I love. Just saw a digital EKG that can be attached to the smart phones. To use it all one has to do is place the index fingers on the two little pads and it does a medical quality EKG which can be sent to one's doc.

I just ordered that multi vitamin I love and some vitamin D3 from PH. I love those vitamins. I just got to where I've increased the dose but am still not at the max they recommend. The capsules don't contain the magnesium stearate and they don't cause the side effects of some supplements. I think they may be the reason I've been feeling better. They seem to be complete. My doc told me years ago that complete vitamins with minerals really make a difference in some people. I've been busy and let my supplements go unnoticed so had them send these in two days. I'll get them on Wed. and my Echo Tab on Thurs. I don't trust the USPS to get things delivered so will be paying attention. I asked Gale about the fires and she said they were so glad to have them under control. I feel traumatized when I see those burned out cars on the news. I know people died in their cars and it makes me feel sick inside when I think about it.

Julie, work on the farm never ends. It's a good thing you and Den work so well together. Is he still tired a lot of the time? How about you? There is so much going around this time of year. I hope no one gets sick. I hope Amy gets over the UTI with her meds. Those are miserable. Mine always made me feel sick emotionally. Glad Lindsay's kids got the dog. Kids and dogs just go together. Cats are nice but a dog will hang around with kids and play with them all day long. I loved having dogs when we had a fenced yard but a condo is no place for them; however, a lot of people here do keep small ones. I just don't have the NRG to walk a dog. SV and I tolerate each other like an old married couple.

Spring, I feel as you do about the Harry Potter books. I kept reading them through maybe four or five but they kept turning darker and darker so I stopped. I loved the first movie. It was amazing that everything was just as I had seen it in my mind's eye as I read the first book. The great thing is that these amazing books/stories are enticing kids to read more. The love of reading and good books to read are one of life's greatest blessings. My ex never wanted to pick up a book and I believe his life suffered for it. I agree that seeing dogs headed for euthanization is sad but Duckie is right--it's much more humane than starvation, injuries and sickness. Poor little babies; they deserve better than what so many get in life. SV and Tweety almost didn't make it after someone threw them out when they were just babies. You're a good doggie mama.

Rock, speaking of good critter parents, you are such a good kitty papa to Miss Kitty. She is so lucky to have you. Yes, cats will often try to sit or lie on almost anything on the floor or ground. My Mom once put a big potato on the kitchen floor to see what the cat would think of it. He climbed on top of it and tried to keep his balance. We howled at his antics. I loved the bubble Christmas lights when I was a little kid. So magical. I love the old stuff but love the new LED lights. Those big old bulbs cost a fortune to run today; they use so much electricity. The new lights under the water in our pool are LEDs and they are on 24/7. I always loved Phyllis Diller. Bob Hope, not as much. Have to give him credit though for all his USO work. Too bad the grapes aren't good. The last ones I bought had very little flavor. Bah!

Duckie, sooo good to get your nice newsy post. I'm sorry about the change at work. I hope and pray things work out. With your skills and intellect, you need a job which is interesting and allows you to keep things working right. Glad you got the long arm figured out. I can't even imagine ripping out all the stitches. I'm glad your Mom's cataract surgeries went so well. Your choir must be excellent. You and Granni give so much joy to others using your talents. Everything we do to make the world a better place is priceless. Thank you sooo much for showing me this video. I have to get one for SV. He loves being touched and rubbed by most anything. He likes to rub his face on my ball point pen.

Sun, just wanted to tell you that my IBS kicked up and the diarrhea hit. I took one IBGuard and it immediately went away. It was like a miracle. I've used Pepto in the past but this works sooo much better. Thank you! Hope your cold is better.

Well, Kiddies, I had better get off the sofa and get a bite to eat. Love, hugs and kisses to all y'all.

Love, Mikie

Update: Just ordered the kitty face massagers, pack of two. I'll give one to Claudia for her kitties. Thanks, Duckie. Almost forgot to mention that the new appliances are now mine; I just sent the last payment. Now, I can pay my real estate taxes. This is an expensive time of year.
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