PORCH NO. 1118 IS NOW CLOSED (2/28/19)


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Rock is watching me closing and helping me open a new porch.

i'm unable to attached a fun pictures for your enjoyment. sorry.

it's going to rain again this weekend and more coming next week. the temperature
here have not gone over 68 degree for the whole month of february. very unusual for
so. ca. i have been covering my orchids with plastic sheeting every night to protect
them from the rain and cold nights. it gets tiring but rock helps me.

i have a couple of orchids in spike but nothing in bloom, in fact, i didn't bring
a plant to last month's meeting.




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Gordon and Rock: No problem.....we'll just post on this one and not the other. Sorry about all that extra work with the plastic sheeting every night. Yes, I'm sure it gets tiring but it has to be done. Yes, the weather is just plain out of whack all over the country. I was gung ho about growing orchids years ago. Turned one small bathroom into my indoor greenhouse by hanging lights from the ceiling. But it was a pain watering them and caring for them so I put them outside in a protected area. Apparently not good enough for them and eventually they all bit the dust. I don't even have the energy to care for cymbidium orchids like I once did. I used to go once a year to Cal Poly Pomona when they would open the greenhouses for sales. Did you know that Raymond Burr's rare orchids were all given to them?


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Hi Sun, et. al.

Nope, didn't know Raymond Burr was an orchid aficonado. Far as I know we didn't get any
rain yesterday, but it's predicted for the next 3 days. Gordon and I knew a guy who used
his bathroom as a greenhouse. He kept a few orchids there. Also had some kind of water
treatment machine that filled up the bathtub. Can't remember for sure. The process
might have been called reverse osmosis.

Read an old book yesterday. Remember the English Veterinarian a few decades ago that
wrote several books and also had a TV series? His name, well, his pseudonym was James Herriot. His son eventually became a vet too. His daughter became an MD.

Most of his titles came from this old hymn.

All things bright and beautiful,
All creatures great and small,
All things wise and wonderful,
The Lord God made them all.

Well, Henry just left for work. Guess I'll go back to bed.
Hugs, Kids, Rock


Good Friday Morning, Kids,

Had a wonderful time with DSIL last evening. We ate a Shoeless Joe's restaurant in the hotel. It was as good as I remembered it. My allergies are so bad and I had to keep taking off my glasses and wiping my eyes. We laughed so hard that they kept watering. Sure wish we all lived closer together. I love living here and can't afford to move anywhere else. So, here I stay. A neighbor I love was eating out with her DH and visiting kids and she came over. I think she was a tad tipsy and we hugged and laughed. She is so much fun. My kids are always amazed at what nice friends I have here in the hood.

News just had a segment on how Apple Watches are making false calls to 911. Some of them must be too sensitive to the fall application. Once it's triggered, the wearer has 90 seconds to cancel the call but, when people are busy, they may not notice it's been triggered. If someone were jumping and hit hard, it would likely trigger it. Hope mine never triggers a false call. Yikes! I'm so inert most of the time that it's not likely.

Gordon and Rock, thanks so much for opening up a new Porch. Since y'all are getting so much rain, I thought you might like a picture of some sunny daisies. It's a shame you have to keep covering the orchids. You grow such beautiful ones. I'm sure it's getting more challenging for Miss Kitty to stay dry. We had a bit of rain over two days but not enough to matter much. Our little retention pond out back is up to the banks. I think they must have adjusted it to keep it full because normally this time of year, it's waaay down. Thanks again for the new Porch.

Sun, the thugs who crashed my computer were seen on another website bragging about it. We were well rid of them. They got in through my e-address which we used to post. That's why we are no longer able to do that. It's for the safety of the members here. You are right; there are all kinds of people lurking on the web. I fell asleep last night with my TV on. When I woke, Raymond Burr was on in B&W in Perry Mason. Some of those old B&W shows are as crisp and clear as can be after all these years. Same with some of the old B&W movies. Old B&W photos usually hold up really well. The colored pics not so much. I love digital photography. It never degrades. Stay dry, my friend.

Sending up prayers for all y'all and PH out in sunny Cal. Well, hoping it's sunny Cal. soon. Also hoping the big snowstorms don't hit our Dear Porchies living in the path of these cold fronts. I'm sure Barb and her kids wish they were back here. We will be in the low- to mid-80's now for a while. I like that. It's when it gets to 90 so early in the season that I feel like I'm wilting.

Don't know whether anyone got the FJ question last night. I asked Claudia and Nancy to switch to a two-way text so my watch wasn't gonging all evening while I was trying to enjoy dinner with DSIL. Evidently, my other DSIL doesn't love his iPhone X. There is no home button on the new ones and the screen is too sensitive. It keeps making unintended calls. We worship at the altar of technology but it has its downsides too.

Lately, I've felt as though I have ants under my skin on my neck. Haven't had that in 20 years and back then, it was on my arm. That's not a good sign because it may mean a reactivation of one or more of my stoopud conditions. Can we ever really get well? The dark circles are back around my eyes and racoons are looking at me with love in their eyes. I hope everydooby else is doing well.

Love, Mikie

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Hey, Kids

"Raccoons with love in their eyes." More poetic than anything written by Virginia Wolff,
Allen Ginsberg, or e. e. cummings. Nice cheery pic, Mikie. Where are you? I disremember.
Did you post using your atomic watch?

Glad to hear that Shoeless Joe's was as good as you remembered. Always disappointing
when you go back and find something has lost its charm or been replaced by a strip mall.

Hope everydobby has a good March first.


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Good morning, friends! Gordon and Rock...thanks for the new porch. I saw we were overdue, but just didn't get around to it.

Mikie, glad you had a good time with your DSIL. Yep, technology is wonderful when it does what we want, and not what we don't want, lol!

Sun, I had one orchid when we were first married. Den's mom grew them and this may have been one she gave to me...but it didn't last very long in our apartment.

I'm in a bit of a rush today, so will just say a quick "Hi" to everyone else. Den is off work today, but was waiting to hear if his new boss needed him. Boss texted at 7:00 am, wondering if he could pick Den up at 7:30...had a "priority" job pop up late last night, so needed help. I'm sure that Den's work schedule with this guy will be a little less sporadic once he's actually available (not trying to work two places at once.)

But...since they will be coming back through later today, Den wants to show his boss the house. Say what???!!! I've got messes strung around in each room, lol....different things I've been working on, but get distracted or have to move to something more "important." Oh well, what the heck...I'll just continue as I have been (had planned to work upstairs today) and let Den give his tour :rolleyes: He would honor my wishes if I said "Definitely not", but truthfully, the house is never "pristine", lol! We'll get there, eventually...but too many irons in the fire right now.

So...hope everyone is doing okay...I'll check in later.


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Good almost evening dear Porchies,

Ran around all morning with DG to 1/2 dozen places or it seemed like it. DH went to the bank and to Sams before he came and picked me up. Then off to the health food store to pick up my GM yogurt. What would I do if they were not so close, do without it , I guess or buy the non dairy yogurt that they do have now in some stores but wish they had it in the large containers. They only sell the little contains that don't hold much. Their sale is on monday so may stop off to get some then too. Not cheap stuff. The off to HEB grocery, then to my bank , then to CVS pharmacy. Seems like I am spending a fortune there especially on my expensive drugs. I do not have to many of them but I do have a couple like my urinary drug. I have two of them but the best one is actually abaut $300 or so without insurance and DH thinks the $90 for 3 months is expensive. I have been on so many thyroid drugs lately cause they can;t get it or not were what is going on. It used to be cheap not now much any more. Went from Armour that used to be cheap or much cheaper too Nature Throid, then couldn't get my dosage at 90 mg all of a sudden and then Np thyroid 90 for awhile, then CVS couldn't get it all of a sudden or something and then my dosage went up again to 120 and they could get it . They wanted to put me on Armour. That is even more than the Np Thyroid 120 I changed to WM at $35 for 30 stupid pills. It s getting very aggravating to say the least. I sent a message to my doc to see if there is anything else cheaper I can take. So we will see. Hopefully my insurance will give me a good discount. Who knows. Actually our insurance is pretty good but some of these meds are ridiculous and I know some others have it a lot worse. Please excuse if I already whined about this before. It is frustrating going round and round.

MIKIE - Glad you had such a good time at dinner with your DSIL. It is always good to get out and chat with others especially family if you do not live to closeby. Sorry about your crappy allergies.

JULIE - It is nice that Den can get out with his new boss to help get on good terms and bond with him some. I am sure he will enjoy the work and not having to be on cal so much and out so much at all hours and awful weather. I know what you mean about not having someone come through your house when things are not all together. That is quite often around here. I keep meaning to do some things that are still undone - like Christmasy tablecloths on the kitchen and DR tables. They do blend with the color scheme though.

ROCK and Gordon - thanks for starting us up again. Prettyp icture with lovely daisies.

Thinking of everydobby. I need to run and go check the portal for my PCP to see if he has any answers on my thyroid med mess.

Granni :)


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Hello, Old Friends

As usual it has been a somnolent day here at the ranch. I think we are all awake now
except for Kitty who is napping in her shelter. Finished my book by James Herriot and
put another on hold. Gordon brought home a bag of books from the library. Two of
them are Neil Simon plays I never heard of before. One of them is a book with a cover
that makes it look like a cook book. The title is Penelope. Reminds me of time in
High School when a kid gave an oral book report and pronounced it Pen-ah-lope.
Our teacher was a handsome, blonde fellow right out of Luther College in Iowa
He did not correct the pronunciation which I thought was very kind of him. As you
might expect many of the girls thought he was dreamy.

Granni, you're right about those high priced pills. They are overpriced. I read the
pharmaceutical industry donates more money to Congress than any other business.
So we can't expect the government to help us. BTW the lovely daisies were c0urtesy
of our marvelous moderator. Not sure if they are real or electronic.

Hi Julie, don't worry about the state of your house. Most of us men wouldn't even
notice if you had a live sheep in a room. We just think, "It's a room. It has some
furniture." At the end of the tour we say, "Nice place ya got here, Den," or whoever.

Last night I was looking at colleges in MN and Iowa. Grinell in the town of Grinell,
Iowa, is beautiful. Been to Luther College in Decorah several times. Was very
impressed with their production of Ibsen's "A Doll's House."

Mikie. did the crawling ants go away. I read years ago that this is a typical symptom
for meth users. One of the reason they often display the terrible faces of meth shown
on Youtube. Can also be from too much Vitamin B, physical nerve injury,

Oops, gotta go help in the garden. Hugs All.


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Good Saturday Morning, Kids,

I did end up getting a couple of things done yesterday even as I felt like crap. I finished the laundry and washed the sofa cushion covers. Don't know how they got so dirty, including the matching throw pillows. I cleaned the tile floor too. I got the Final Jeopardy question last evening. Even the contestants didn't get it. It was elections and you had to name the president and the year. The clue was the only president who had never held public office prior to being elected. It was Eisenhower in 1952. I think the contestants were too young but they should have known it because politics is often a category. In any case, we broke out a case of virtual chocolate.

Claudia's old Blazer gave up the ghost and she's sporting a new KIA Soul. Very nice little car. There was something about the V-6 engines in the Blazers and I was told not to buy one. Just hope the old Highlander keeps going and going like the Energizer Bunny. The kids downstairs left and brought me a beautiful bunch of flowers and gave me a gift card to Publix. They are so sweet and thoughtful. All in all, it was a wonderful couple of days due to the kindness of non-strangers.

Rock, I actually met Alan Ginsberg once in CO. He was the resident poet at the Boulder Free University. If you didn't know who he was, you wouldn't think he was anybody special. Looked like he could use a shower and haircut. I had wild ants under my skin after my bicep tendon repair but, as you say, it was the severed nerves' healing. This sensation seems to be common in some with our conditions. I haven't had it in ages. Haven't done any meth so guess it's not that. Had a similar thing happen in school when a kid pronounced Beatrice as 'beat-rice.' Another kid was giving a speech about hunting. He said it was good when the snow was about six inches but, if the snow were deeper, you needed to get a longer legged hunting dog. That brought down the house and he didn't know what we were laughing at. Wild times in junior high school.

Julie, I've had boxes and a mess in the condo for so long that I no longer flinch when someone comes in. Every time I get going on that room, something comes up. It's like the housekeeping gremlins don't want me to make progress. Doesn't help when I have no NRG. It'll probably take a bit for you and Den to adjust to the change in his jobs but, as I said before, it sounds as though it will be the start of a wonderful new Season in your lives. I pray it's true. This time of life in a marriage for both people is often the best.

Granni, I hope I can continue to get by on cheap drugs. Something has got to be done about the cost of prescriptions. Some of the OTC stuff ain't cheap either. The only med for allergies that doesn't pose a risk of raising BP is the Corcidin. I use coupons and stock up but it still gets expensive when allergies are this bad. Same with the IBguard Sun told me about. I have a $3 coupon that I'll use when I go to the store today. I'm Jonsin' for some of that spicy hot turkey breast. Just looked out at the pond and it is covered in pollen. No wonder I'm choking. Ack ack!

It was beautiful when I got up. The moon was a shining silver crescent next to a huge planet. Don't know whether it's Jupiter or Venus. It must be close to be so huge. It's 74 degrees out but will get up to 80 later. Joe says the pool is packed to capacity in the afternoons. Hope everydobby has a wonderful day.

Love, Mikie



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Morning, Old Chums

WAIT! You mean it isn't pronounced Beat-Rice? How about Dess Moines? Or Ill-a-noise?
How about Jee-op-ar-dee?

We had some very noisy rain in the the middle of the night. Supposed to have more rain
on the way. I read another Neil Simon play in the wee hours. It was titled Rumors (a farce).
Pretty funny. Would probably be even funnier in the theater. It ran for over 5,000
performances. I never heard of any of the performers before. Oh yeah, I started the
book titled Penelope. It was nothing like the book described on the back cover. I gave
it 30 pages and then quit.

Hugs, Kids, Rock


Hi, Kids,

Home again, home again...made good use of the gift card at Publix. I forgot the IBguard coupon so will use it later. I had other coupons which the cashier forgot to credit. I checked my tape before leaving and realized it. I went back to customer service after getting the coupons from the cashier who said, "Oh, yeah. I just realized I forgot to use them. Sorry." It was very lame. The coupons were $5.10 which customer service paid me in cash. Funny thing is that I got a customer questionnaire on the tape so think I'll go online and tell them about it. Publix customer service ain't what it used to be.

I had brunch and am watching TV. A nature show had an albino squirrel Down Under. He's the cutest little thing I've ever seen. They said there are more than 200 species of squirrels. PBS has cooking shows on Saturday and I'm watching one where they are making ravioli and Chinese dumplings. Unfortunately, you have to donate $84 to get the cookbook. I'm enjoying watching the techniques. Don't really need cookbooks anymore because there are great recipes online for anything a body would want to cook.

Got my main credit card bill and was pleasantly surprised it wasn't too much even with the new watch. Got an email from Apple saying I can trade in my iPhone 6 for a good deal on an iPhone X. Gonna check it out because this phone is old and has been used a lot. Other DSIL sill has his 6 and it's not working right so he is gonna be getting a new one. Perhaps it would be wise to trade mine in if the deal is good. Otherwise, I'll use it til it's on its last legs.

Rock, I saw Lost In Yonkers on Broadway in NYC years ago. I think it's a Neil Simon play. It was very funny in that Jewish family kind of way. Loves me my Jewish humor. I thought of you as I realized I was stiffed by the cashier. We are always citing incompetence in stores and offices. I don't let it ruin my day but it's certainly annoying. I remember riding in the backseat of a car with my cousin when we were at that silly age, probably 13. One of the older relatives in front mispronounced the name of the school her DGD was attending. What she said was something so dirty I can't post it here. What I do remember is my cousin's and my stuffing down our laughter til we were choking. Now, I'm choking on allergies. Oy!

Gotta go, Dear Porchies. Hope all y'all are enjoying your weekend.

Love, Mikie

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Mikie: Call me dense, but I think that boy giving his speech about hunting dogs made a lot of sense to me....yes, longer legs would stand higher up in the snow? Right? You must have a wonderful memory that you can remember things back from your early teen years. I remember important conversations in years past but darn if I can remember anything about even when I was in HS.

About your "room" just make it a point to do one box a day and you'll get thru it. Probably half the things you don't want to even save anyway. I'm still working my way thru all the laces and linens from when I had the antique business, yes, I've made a sizeable dent but still have far to go. Each piece needs to be washed, ironed, photographed and put on my Etsy store, so it's really been slow going.

Rock: I "almost" finished listening to Paris by Delderfield. It was a book on CD, probably about 20 CDs. It was interesting but so confusing because he would jump centuries back and forth and I would forget one family and suddenly it was in the 1900s as opposed to early 1700s. But it was interesting how Paris evolved, thru kings, and guillitines, corruption, et. I finally gave up....I had only 2 more CDs to listen to and I couldn't tell you anything about it. (*&^%$#. Congratulations that after only 30 pages you say bye bye.

I've still got this darn "cold" after over a week from when my little DGD had a drippy nose. I've been doing a LOT of coughing and have some places in my back that I think I've developed trigger points. And if I'm not miserable enough with the cold and my neck and back, last night I was eating and bit down on what felt like gravel....OMG....a crown came off! *&^%$#@. So come monday I need to get to the dentist and get it glued back on.


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Good Saturday morning, friends! Our ice is gradually being whittled away, even though the temps are still cold...23 degrees at 1:30 pm, working its way up to 31 (I'll believe that when I see it, lol!)

I see Sun has just posted as I was typing...oh my goodness! I hope your tooth is a quick fix. Sorry you must have gotten a cold from your little DGD...so much fun to see them, but they do like to "share".

Mikie, you're right about finding any recipe we need online, although I love to browse through actual cookbooks, too. I print out so many recipes and end up with stacks of them...that's why I'm finally trying to get organized and put them in page protectors then in 3 ring binders. How nice of the kids to think of and thank you with the gifts...and just what you could use :)

Rock, yes, what a kind heartthrob of a teacher to not correct the student. The English language must be so confusing to people trying to learn it...it's hard enough for those of us who have grown up with it, lol!

Granni, it's a shame our meds are so expensive. We've had decent insurance so far, but still wish we didn't have to buy any of them. Glad you can get around to get things you need and that they aren't too far away.

I'm so proud of myself...made $17 just walking to the mailbox this morning. We try to buy from our home supply store mostly when they have their 11% rebate offers, but in order to actually save money you have to mail in the special part of the receipt and rebate form. Then they send back coupons to use at the store for whatever the amount of the rebate (I'm sure lots of people forget to do this by the deadlines or don't even bother, which the store probably counts on...but, whatever.) When we were buying materials to build the house, we saved quite a bit with the rebates...I claimed them for myself, lol...bought a new refrigerator and lots of other things that weren't necessarily in the budget yet.

Yesterday's boss house tour went just fine. He is such a nice guy, he and Den have so much in common. But they did go through the whole house, even looking over our heating systems, all the construction methods, etc., etc. The boss is getting ready to build a new house and likes some of the things Den did in ours.

He and his wife have built, lived in, then sold many houses over the years...they have six kids and fifteen grands...he says this is their last house, lol...but they've also said that several times. He used to be head of maintenance at the same hospital where Amy worked...she looked him up on facebook, recognized him and said "Oh, I love that guy...he was one of my favorites! I can see why he and Dad get along so well!"

I stayed up late last night, rearranging my pantry and purging expired items. But when I went to bed, my muscles were hurting so bad I couldn't get to sleep. Got back up, took some Tylenol and tried it again an hour later...so it was nearly 4:00 am when I fell asleep; no wonder I slept till almost 10:00, lol!

Fixed Den a Canadian bacon/mushroom/cheese omelet and toast for breakfast, then he split some more of the maple tree we cut down last weekend. Had to make room to use the skid loader and bring more big chunks inside to dry...we are ready for spring, for sure. He's napping now and I am going upstairs to work...going through pictures to put on the picture wall that he built a couple weeks ago. I just threw a few up to get an idea, but want to get all the family members up there at least a couple times. What's neat is that pictures in frames don't have to be hung on the wall...just arranged and rearranged on the little shelves. I'll post a pic...it is the wall behind the couch (there's a walkway between the couch and wall.) He ran out of trim boards, so will need to finish that sometime (the chair rail.)

Thinking of Star, Duckie, Barry, Spring and Kimerella (ok if we shorten to Kim?) Hope things are okay or as well as can be. Better get to work.



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Hello, Hello, etc.

Gorden went off to do errands and give some of the cat food we were given to a gal who
works at the library. Yup, figured if I started a post he'd show up. Julie, your picture wall
looks like a display in a photographer's studio.

Back soon, I hope.


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Well, Gordoni got his errands done and is downstairs heating up something in the
microwave. We had rain last night and more this morning and more predicted. Kitty
is staying dry in her shelter.

Julie, did the Tylenol help your sore arm? The omelet you fixed sounded da-von.
Gordon made one for me this morning, but it was not quite so lavish. Came with
little pork sausages.

Sun, was that author R. D. Delderfield? I used to read lots of his books. I looked him
up on Wikipedia to refresh my memory. I found something a little puzzling. Wiki
said "years active: 1947 -1989. But it also says he died in 1972. Possibly there was a
period when he was active as a ghost writer? Hope you can get your crown reinstalled
with no problema.

Mikie, and speaking of incompetence, just before coming upstairs to the computer I
glanced at an envelope on the coffee table. It has not been opened. And it does
not have our address or names on it. Hmmm, hmmm, hmmm. I have been
thinking about the boy and his report about hunting and possibly needing a taller
dog. I can't figure out why it's funny.

Yes, Lost in Yonkers was Neil. Won a Pulitzer Prize. I saw the movie and hated it.
It was slow and dark and depressing. And most of the characters were not kind to
the poor boys who had to stay with them.

Ah, it's nap time at the hacienda. Dulces suenos, Rock


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Rock: Sorry, I got two authors confused. I have some of Delderfield's books on my nightstand, ready to start. here's the one I TRIED listening to the entire long book on CD. It would have been better if the author didn't keep jumping back and forth from one century to another and soooo many characters that it was hard to keep them straight as to what century.


And yes, you're right....Delderfield had a 17 year GHOST WRITING period. LOL. Guess we can't always count on Wikipedia.


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Morning Kids

Thanks for the info about Edward Rutherfurd, Sun. I have a faint memory of reading "Sarum", his first novel. I think I tried another one, maybe "London", but never finished it. The review by the Washington Post writer is is kinda funny. He tells us Rutherfurd consistently turns out best selling novels, but nevertheless is a terrible writer. Hmmm.

Haven't heard anything for a week or so from my brother who had the prostate surgery.
I have been writing him. For all I know he's on one of his trips through some forest.
When he doesn't let me know it makes me kinda grumpy. Forest Grumpy.

BTW, for fans of Forest Gump, there is a sequel. I think it's even better than the first
book. Read it years ago. Author is Winston Groom. I think Forest was working on a shrimp boat. If it's made into a movie Jo Stafford's big hit Shrimp Boats can be used on the sound track. I met Jo and her conductor husband in Hollywood some decades back. My Uncle's favorite singer. Which name is more unusual. Author or main character?

Well, it's still dark out. Guess I'll see if kitty wants some breakfast. As if there's any
doubt. Hope ya'll have a good day.



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heh heh heh heh heh....im a bit busy so cant stay but i went through the posts and am laughing. heh heh heh heh. i have that kind of SOH. About the h7nting dog. Darn, this computer is changing the letters on its own.

im gonna go find where Mikie said someone crashed her computer.

will b back. itsrainy here too. very very strange weather.

loveyou all

Kimerella ....a big welcome to you. pleasedrop by often ifyou can. itsgreatfun here. The porch family members are a real special lot.

Sun - oh yes,i rememberdear Judy. she had to move to new york from NJ because of mold. i prayfor her almostevery dayor once intwo days at least. wehad more in common thanis common. Her DHwas also lovely.

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Hi Kids

Was asleep most of yesterday and awake most of tonight. Par for the course. You guys remember Jack Paar? Host of the first tonight show. His show was so popular the other networks didn't do well. When they looked at their poor ratings they probably just
shrugged and said, "Oh well, Paar for the course."

Springwater, glad to see you were in cheerful mood. How are your beautiful daughter and
son? How many dogs do you have now and how many are on the roof? Looked on the net
to see if I could find a festival coming up. Apparently there will be several in April.

Mikie, when will you be back? You can stop by here on your way to the airport. I
wonder what would happen if you brought SV here and he met Kitty. Maybe they
would think they are looking into a mirror. Kinda like Lucy and Harpo Marx.

I read a biography of Harpo years ago. He could play the piano as well as the harp,
and was self taught. The Marx brothers grew up in a poor family; their folks were
Jewish immigrants.

Barry, what's the news from the mountains? Still rainy up there? Lenny still
racing around and terrorizing the small fauna?

Duckie, what's the news from the world of quilting? I was gonna check out a cozy
mystery with a quilt on the cover from the Atwater library. When I read the blurb I
realized I had read it a couple years ago.

Hugs, Kids
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Good Sunday Morning, Dear Porchies,

Just waiting til Publix opens so I can get my newspaper. Slept pretty well last night. My RA is making typing difficult this morning. My fingers are stiff. The floor around SV's new fountain is all wet. I hope it's because I overfilled it and not because it's leaking. Watched Soledad Obrien's Matter of Fact when I got up. It's a good show and I've always liked her. Today's show was all about Puerto Rico and how it's doing since Hurricane Maria. My kids loved vacationing there but said even before the hurricane it was in bad shape. Lots of poor people begging on the streets. It's a shame to see beautiful old Latin countries falling to poverty and political abuse. How great it would be to be able to fly to Havana like it was in the 50's. Of course, it was like that in the 50's because of the mob and Batista.

I checked out the come on for a new iPhone and that's all it was, a come on. So will be using this old phone as long as it will keep going or until I just want a new one. Apple phones are expensive but good enough to keep going a long time. Sales are not what Apple expected because the only ones who obsessively buy new ones are the techies who have to have the latest and greatest. Today is National Anthem Day. Francis Scott Key wrote the Star Spangled Banner during the War of 1812.

Nice cool morning--65 degrees out. It'll get to 82 this afternoon. We have had beautiful weather lately. A cool front is on it's way and it will bring cooler temps. Weather woman just showed a beautiful pic of a sunset behind palm trees. The colors made it look like one of those old vintage post cards. I watched Black Panther yesterday. It really is a good movie. Big battles and fighting which bores me after a while but the special effects were amazing. Stan Lee made a cameo appearance like Alfred Hitchcock used to do in his movies. I asked The Lord to thank Stan Lee for us when he died.

Rock, I think SV would be very happy to meet Miss Kitty. Most of the time, he's a real gentleman and likes other critters. His sister brutalized him so he never tries to be the alpha cat. Should have named him, Beta. Getting a longer legged dog would be like saying, "If the snow were deeper, I'd have to grow my legs another six inches." Guess ya had to be there. Hope you guys don't float away out there in sunny California.

Sun, your cataloging all that lace reminds me of Claudia's having to catalog her Mom's quilts. It took her forever. Wish things were as simple as going through one box at a time. It's not that compartmentalized; it's spread out with one thing leading to another. Since I started, all kinds of things have happened to keep me from it, including feeling horrible. It'll get done; it has to. I hope your cold is better. I have allergies making me miserable. Also am on Acyclovir because I think the Whatever Virus has reactivated. The AV itself makes me sick. I've been determined to focus on the blessings instead of the headaches (metaphorical and actual). Feel better.

Julie, that's a nice wall for the photographs. Mine are all over the condo in frames to go with the decor in each room. I try to make sure I don't favor one DD and family over the other. You could build a cookbook for yourself on your computer but a lot of us have to have the tactile experience and not have everything online. I feel that way with the Sunday newspaper. That's why I'll be off in a few minutes to go get the paper. I wonder whether cookbooks will be gone when the younger generation starts to use recipes. The benefit of online is that you can use videos that show each step in the recipe.

Spring, it was back in 2002 that the thugs crashed my computer. One of them was a computer whiz with a dark heart. That was some bad Karma. When they found out my Mom died within days, several seemed to feel bad about it as expressed on the other website. People have no idea what goes on in others' lives and what their evil deeds may do when combined with life's other heartaches. Far better to do kind deeds to help lift others when life is cruel. Kindness would go a long way toward a more peaceful world. I worry when I see so many angry people being unkind to one another. Thank God for laughter. Glad you got a laugh about the hunting dog. I'm still basking in the laughter and elevated mood from spending time with my DSIL.

OK, Kids, I'm off to get my paper. Also gonna pick up the IBguard with the coupon before it expires. I hope the cops have cleaned up the accident at the corner where the store is located just up the street. News showed a pickup truck on it's roof. Yikes! The main street that borders our hood is busy and the speed limit is 50 mph. People drive much faster when there isn't a lot of traffic. A few years back, a guy just outside our entryway died when his car struck a concrete light pole at high speed.

Hope all y'all have a safe and happy day.

Love, Mikie