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Rather startling cloud formation from Nebraska.

its afternoon and i think most people are having their siesta..i can hear kids playing, hooting and screaming in the alleys.

it feels like a storm but it might peter out.
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Good Thursday Morning, Kids,

Not much going on. Seems a kind of ennui has settled over everyone and everything. I feel guilty because I'm so lucky not to be sick with this horrible virus and I have shelter and food. Also have books, music and TV. But I mourn for all those who are sick or have died and I hurt for their families. There are now new clusters of infections breaking out. I worry about our medical professionals who must be stretched to the breaking point and working without the protections they need. Claudia, Nancy and I prayed yesterday for a gentle passing for our DOF. I don't know when I'll hear from his DDIL because they will have a lot of things to do and others to inform. I am concerned for their safety because the Hospice unit is part of the same nursing facility that my DOF has been living in. The virus seems to be rampant in those facilities. I guess they have been lucky to be with my friend in his last days.

Spring, thank you so much for opening a new Porch. That is an amazing cloud formation. My Mom was from NE and violent storms were no strangers to the plains there. Like most places in the Midwest, her town had sirens to warn of tornadoes. To me, tornadoes are much more dangerous than our hurricanes here. Sometimes, our hurricanes spawn tornadoes and they are really destructive. One tore the roof off the high school a couple of blocks away and it crumpled the metal seating in the athletic field as though it were paper to be crumpled up. Unfortunately, severe weather season is upon us and we will have to contend with that along with the virus. There is a plague of locusts in Africa which leaves some wondering whether we are in the Last Days.

Sorry for the dreary tone of this post. Despite all this, I continue to push through each day and just take it day by day. It's the only thing I can do besides praying. I am doing a lot of that. The worst disasters also provide opportunities. I hope we take hold of those opportunities to make our world a better place. Allowing the poor to live in crowded filthy conditions just makes for breeding places for viruses. It is beneficial for everyone to eliminate those conditions because viruses don't care whom they infect. I enjoy reading your posts where you describe the joyous dogs romping in the streets. I am trying to enjoy SV because he knows nothing of what troubles us humans. He is his usual funny self.

I keep all our Dear Porchies and our families in my prayers. I hope everyone stays safe and well.

Love, Mikie


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The storm petered out after all, scattering a few droplets of water as it went its way..it had become so ominously dark at 9am..i was expecting torrents of rain.

Mikie - i know youre beginning to feel drained with this thing which has been dragging on for so many more weeks than first expected.

i think even those who were trying to remain upbeat are now experiencing fatigue. Emotions are catching, its possible to absorb sadness, worry from ones surroundings and feel it.

i wish you had not had to hear about DOF at these times. im sure its brought on a heavy heart, to add to the overall feeling of pessimism due to the present conditions.

you have to remember if he is not going to recover from his very serious ailment, it is better he moved on. Free from pain.

You both enjoyed many good times, that is what you have to remember. Not his illness, not that he is expected to pass on. we all will pass on eventually. and we all get ill. the good memories he has left behind is what will stay on. And make you smile.

its what i told my neighbour lady who lost her DD to suicide by hanging 4 months back when i met her outside her house yesterday. She told me it was exactly 4 months and welled up.

i told her everytime anyone saw her, she would be smiling. even to the day before last. Thats how the neighbourhood remembers her. She might hv had a bad marriage, 3 years but why concentrate on 3 years of negativity when there were 27 years of happiness? They were a happy family.

She had her reasons for taking her life, but it happened, is over with.

i know my neighbour will be crying on and off, i know thats normal. Probably the healthiest way to get over her grief. But she has herself, her DH n her DS to think about now.

ive been watching dance show re runs, and comedy shows and nature shows. and interesting utubes...and ive been trying to eat healthy and exercise. get the mind off this outbreak.

Last thing one wants is to let oneself go at this time. Mentally or physically.
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Hi, Spring,

I'm sorry for being sad but I think it is a natural response to this horrible plague. I haven't lost my optimism that things will work out in the end; it's just hard right now. After I posted this, SV got unusually playful and was standing up at the coffee table looking for things to throw off on the floor. I got one of his little balls and kept putting it on top. He would hit it like a little kid batting a baseball on a tee. He amazes me with his strength and accuracy. What a little slugger. Then, he rolled the ball to me on the floor and I rolled it back to him. Again, he's very good at it. Right now, he's giving me the look. I've done everything for him except hold him like a baby so guess I had better do that.

Thanks for letting me vent my sadness. I feel better now because of you and SV. I'm only anxious about DOF right now as he lies dying. I want his passing to be peaceful and gentle and for his kids to stay safe in that place. He may have passed by now. My Mom passed at 92 and DOF is 93. It's not like it's unexpected but death is still sad for those of us left behind. Strange thing is the three dreams in a row that my other deceased friend was contacting me. She was also a good friend to my DOF. I'm glad I texted DDIL. At the end of her text, she posted a sad emoji face with a tear. I think it's good for those who mourn to reach out to one another. I'm sorry about your neighbor's DD. I think when people take their own lives, they have reached the point where they can see no other way. I feel it's when depression/anxiety diseases turn terminal. Very sad.

I took my recycle stuff and garbage down to the dumpster. Some produce has gone to waste and I always feel guilty when that happens. Woman across the street was taking her empty wine bottles down to recycle. Said she didn't realize how much wine she and her DH were putting away now. I wonder how many people will exit the pandemic with drinking problems. If they closed the liquor stores, there would likely be rioting and looting. :) Denver closed them and it drove the drinkers to the stores still open in the suburbs. My DSIL was complaining about the lines outside his neighborhood liquor store.

I'm also watching some escapism TV. Finished watching Big Little Lies. If I want to catch the next season, I have to subscribe to HBO. I love HBO but have resisted adding another bill. Their content eventually ends up on other streaming services. I'm watching the HULU/FX show Little Fires Everywhere. Both of these shows star, and are produced by, Reese Witherspoon. She is now said to be the most powerful woman in show biz. Both of these series are about pampered upper middle class women and how empty and dissatisfying their lives are. The roots of their angst are not due to their relative wealth but are things all women can relate to. They try to handle their anxiety in destructive ways. Some of the things they do add some comic relief.

I'm laughing about not letting oneself go mentally and physically. I think for me that ship has sailed.

Love, Mikie
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Hi Gang. I just had another epic battle with the computer, but I finally won.

'Posed to be 80 degrees today! Then, hopefully some rain later in the weekend.

Sadness. I've been a melancholic all my life, with major depressive episodes at times. Maybe due to my strange childhood. Dad in military and changing bases every 3-4 years. England, Texas, New Mexico, England, California, England, and so it went. Made no real friends but with animals. My father was a redneck farmer from Texas, my mum a well educated woman who dropped out of school in her teens to work in a munitions factory. They met, married, I was born in England, so I have dual citizenship. First left for America when I was two yrs. old. Then a mad spiral of moving..... Dad was an alcoholic gamblin' man. Mum didn't drink. And so it goes. When my dad died the family came to the funeral in Calif from Texas. Then dropped all contact with my mother and me. She was broken-hearted. They had been friends before..... SADNESS.

Today I see the crabapple and quince are in bloom. Violets everywhere. The rosemary is in bloom also, pretty blue flowers. We use a lot of rosemary in our cooking, needless to say. Also thyme, oregano, bay, etc. that grow here.

The USA has dropped out of the World Health Organisation. :mad:

Love to All,


Hi, Kids,

Just in time to drag me out of my fugue--all new TV to stream. It gets my mind off my sciatica pain and what's going on. The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills is back for another season. I know this was all filmed before the virus but their pampered lives seem even more frivolous right now. The opening episode revolves around fashion week in NYC. One of the housewives is showing her line of fashion. Paris and Nicky Hilton are her nieces. We never hear about Paris Hilton anymore. Her best friend is Faye Resnik who testified in the OJ Simpson trial. It's interesting to see them now. Their shallow lives fascinate me but I wouldn't want them for anything. Maybe it's because I believe we select these lives before we come here in order to grow in spirit. This is my own life just for me. In any case, TV like this is junk food for the mind but, like junk food, it's good every now and then. At this point, anything that gets me out of a funk is good and I think it's better than drinking.

A pop-up ad came on when I checked my emails. It is for a Litter Robot automated kitty litter box. They run $450 to $650. Say what? I thought that was bad but when I was looking at them on Amazon, I found one that costs more than $2,000. Even if I could afford it, I wouldn't do it. How many out of work people could $2,000 buy meals for? Who buys this stuff?

Haven't heard anything about DOF but I may not for quite a while. His kids have to be exhausted; they have been sitting at his bedside for days. There is so much to do when someone passes. I remember what it was like when I lost my Mom. Grace texted me. Her BP is up and her AFib is going nuts. Not a good thing. She had open heart surgery a couple of years ago. We had a nice rain shower a while ago. It isn't even close to what we need but it's how rainy season arrives. More will come.

Barry, I'm sorry you went through so much growing up. If you were here, I'd make you a nice cup of tea. Unfortunately, it's a gray dreary day. That's so sad when families don't get along. That is what my Mom's family is like. They were close for years but they are always fighting among themselves and someone is always on the outs. Can't remember, are you an only child like me? Being an only has advantages but also disadvantages growing up. I love rosemary. There is mention in the Bible about the rosemary in the garden when the angel told Mary she was with child. I hope you feel better, my friend. I know how bad depression feels.

I fixed a breakfast-lunch with bacon, eggs and toast. Sooo good! Tomorrow, I'll steam my Brussels Sprouts and brown them in the bacon fat. I'd fix them today but I'm still full from lunch. Got a load of darks washed and unloaded and loaded the DW. I'm not getting much done but every little bit helps. Oh, just looked out and it's sprinkling again. SV slept out on the lanai while it rained earlier. Now he's zonked out on the floor. Had to hold him like a baby earlier to give him his ration of love. My allergies are off the charts. Gotta go take something; my head is stuffed up and aching.

As always, I pray for everyone to stay safe and well.

Love, Mikie

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Hang in there dear Porchies !!

Can't really stay long as DSIL will be back soon with groceries and then will start the putting it all away. Then I will have to start the spaghetti sauce. Did some cleaning up on white posts on the little bridge we hav, this morning. This afternoon I did a little painting of the same bridge but not that many. DH did a lot of cleaning out of bushes and shrubs in the front yards, it is so overgrown.

MIKIE - Sorry you are feeling so yck but then there are the simple things in life like the bacon, eggs and toast breakfast that we don't have very often. Usually have them on Sat mornings. I could have it for dinner too but DH is not for eggs at night unless we had nothing else. Growing up eggs were really not my favorite thing and eating breakfast was not really on my agenda but mom made me sit and eat. Never an a.m. person at that time either and not now too. I know what yo mean about feeling bad but keep on keepin on and keepin on praying.!! I'm to pooped to participted but gotta do what yoa gotta do.

BARRY - Sorry about the melancholia. I never had that really but when you don;t feel well all or most of the time sometimes it is not easy. I had great parents, and little money but what did we know. Didn't really miss a whole lot except a fun H.S. experience. Bused out to another school in another town so couldn't partake in anything. Had to catch that bus back home or I was toast. Sorry about your childhood and family experiences and splitting apart. We had a bit of that after everyone moved away to different states, misunderstandings and sickness, etc. Enough of that , very sad anyway.. Hang in there , friend !!

SPRING - So sorry about your neighbor lady who lost her husband do to hanging. How awful that must have been for her. Suicide, unfortunately doesn't end the suffering for the families. Hang in there dear friend. That is what we all have to do at this time and pray a lot, and keep busy with as much as you can. Reading is good or watching what you like on TV, if you have the time. Lately have been to busy and don't have any books that are of much interest with me right now, I'm busy with the essential stuff I need to do. Painting and working on the outside until it decides to rain or be to cold with washing in between and cooking and cleaning like you have to do, minus the painting. Trying also to get it done before the heat sets in and then maybe we can escape the house a bit more.

Hang in there dear porchies. Love to everydobby inc those not mentioned,

DSIL here should be here soon. I need to start that spaghetti sauce, too!



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Mikie - talking of bizarre dreams..I got the most bizarre of bizarre ones this morning.

Unpleasant, scary, a caravan of camels or something and they were disintegrating in some sort of sandy fire....I woke, thought about it, then asked Source to envelope the dream and it’s source in divine white light.

I know it was some kind of energy trying to make me feel fear because I immediately felt something lift from my back.

We believe there is a spiritual aspect to this outbreak too and the more fear, sadness people or animals feel, the more the less evolved entities latch onto to bring one down.

I chant my mantras all the time, we have a prayer which asks Source to end the suffering of all beings, to let them go beyond the desires, wants of this existence and attain freedom, peace the kind which is felt in heaven.

Its vibrations are so powerful. It makes me feel better immediately.

I think the rosary or Lord’s Prayer would do the same. Cuts through the dense ness of lower emotions which lower energies thrive on.

I pray DOF will be at peace, is at peace. Oh, a chore calls, will be right back after.

Barry - yes I've heard having to move from place to place plays havoc with the ability to form lasting connections.

I really feel for anyone who has had to deal with an alcoholic family member. It must be even more difficult to be an alcoholic. I've seen that struggle upfront.

I'm happy you are away from that now and were able to make choices for yourself and surround yourself with those you love and love you back.

Granni - that painting seems to be occupying a lot of your time as the other chores which is good. Something gets done while confined.

Hope your pasta turned out tasty..it sounded tasty. In a coincidence my friend posted a picture of a pasta dish her DD made. We forgot to get in pasta when we ordered online for deliveries...its a headache..lotsofwaiting..checking..rechecking..


Yesterday we made tortilla after a long time. Our version. Wheat flour..rolled out dough and cooked on a griddle. No oil. All fed up of rice. And ramen as a change.

boiled spinach in veg onion soup and black lentil.

I realise those of us who can still make choices as to what to eat, What to watch on tv or the net , practise hygiene are so lucky.

compared to those cramped in small rooms, no outdoor area, and hv run out of money for essentials. As for the health workers, all one can do is pray they are safe while being overworked.

it hit me when i saw on tv some doctors nurses were making their will. Its a grim reality they face.
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Good Friday Morning, Kids,

My DOF passed away a little after 7:00 last evening. I got a text from his DDIL, Karen. She is so sweet and was so loving and kind to my friend. I sent back a text to let her know they are all in my prayers. She sent back a heart. That somehow brought the sadness to my heart. My DOF was beloved because he was a wonderful person. Everyone here in the hood loved him. He and I had a special friendship and I am so thankful for that blessing. I will go to Publix to get a sympathy card and pick up anything I need.

I have been getting my groceries in plastic bags instead of taking my own reusable bags to be on the safe side. I bring the groceries home, wipe them down and throw the plastic bags on the floor in the dining room. They lie there until any virus is dead. Publix recycles them and I use them for SV's clumps from his litter box. They are strong when doubled and I can load them up before having to make the trip to the dumpster. The litter immediately adheres to the clumps and starts drying them up. There is no odor. We don't have $450 to $2,000 to get a robot box. Even with the robot, the clumps have to be emptied. I don't mind doing it because it gives me a chance to check on his urinary health, always a concern with him.

Granni, I don't usually have bacon and eggs either but I have bacon in the fridge and wanted to get it cooked. I love eggs basted in bacon fat. Having a bit of it to cook my Brussels Sprouts in is the real treat. Publix often has bacon on BOGO so I usually have some in the fridge. I hate jobs like your painting. They take forever. On the other hand, it's always nice to have something all fresh and newly painted. Hope you and DH don't overdo it painting and clearing out the brush. It's getting too hot here to want to do anything outside. I think I'm gonna call the wax job good on the car. I have some pasta and bottled sauce here so I have some choices. Hope you can rest and do something fun. Weatherman says it will be about 90 this afternoon but no rain for us. The onshore winds will blow it inland.

Spring, I also believe in energy, positive and negative and I also pray to get rid of any negativity. I pray for protective and healing light and energy to surround us. I love The Lord's Prayer because it was given to us by Jesus. I also love it because it involves asking for forgiveness and reminds us to forgive others. As you know, forgiveness was a huge lesson in my own life this last year. It has brought me so much peace in my life. MRI's show changes in the brains of people when they pray or meditate. Things like this pandemic can still get me down but not for myself. It's for all the suffering I see. Yes, I am so blessed to have everything. My own life has not significantly changed because I don't go anywhere anymore except Publix and Target. I can still do that but don't like to potentially expose myself to the virus even though both Grace and I suspect we had it earlier in the year. I hope they get the antibody tests up and running. As it is, we don't even have enough testing for the virus itself. Thanks for your kind good wishes for my DOF. He was really sedated so I imagine his passing was peaceful. I pray for peace for all of us.

I also want to wish everyone a safe day, including our MIA's. There is an interesting post about a polio vaccination spot continuing to scab over after 45 years. Go to the home page on the forums to click on it. I'm hoping someone can help. I put a link in my response to Dr. Cheney's article on our immune systems. It's a really good article and helps to splain why we react so strangely to pathogens. Well worth reading again or for the first time.

I need to move more. It's difficult with my sciatica acting up but that's precisely why I need to move. Think I'll just take a stroll around the block and pick up yesterday's mail. I noticed some junk mail in my box that isn't mine. Just gonna toss it. I never got one of my credit card bills last month and suspect it went to someone else. Our mail lady is great but when she has a day off, the other carriers make a mess of our mail.

Stay safe; stay well.

Love, Mikie
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Good afternoon to everydobby,

Did a bit of painting on the bridge posts this morning and it is supposed to start raining sometimes late this afternoon or evening and tomorrow . Hope it rains, then I get a break from painting. Got about 1/2 of the bridge posts done I think. Think I will just do inside stuff tomorrow and sunday. Guessing that we won;t be doing much this weekend except possibly going over toe DD;s or visa versa for chatting and drinks. They have closed the schools in TX for the rest of the school year. Guessing that does not bother the kids much, unless they are graduating this year or missing their friends, but those poor parents especially if they have many and also worked outside of the home during all this.

I cannot believe some of these young mothers. A DIL of my good friend that died about a year or so ago has 9 children, can you believe that? However, luckily they can afford it and she is very intelligent and has done a lot of homeschooling in the past and is doing so now to all but the college kids. They don't need any help I believe she mentioned. One daughter is already married.. They are in elementary and Jr HIgh and H.S. I surely couldn't have helped my kids with their math as I could barely do the basic algebra and geometry with a tutor. He also has a fun and crazy sense of humor. You never know what is is going to say and some of the kiddos are like that too, of course. Luckily some of this is being structured with the school districts but some households or most have only one and multiple children and some may lose out on the proper education but am guessing a lot of this may be ongoing for some time. .

My aches and pains have aches and pains from the positions I have had to get into to do some of the painting and kneeling on some of the hard boards.

MIKIE - Sorry to hear about your dear friend passing. That is always a sad thing. I know what you mean about our sciatica. I have so many problems causing pain I do not know what is causing what any more. The only thing good about this staying home it gives one time to do things around the house that normally might not get done or at least as quickly. I still have loads I need to do like my closet but that is another kettle of fish- ugh !! Usually when I paint it is about an hour and sometimes a little longer, maybe about 1 1/2 -2 at the very most and most of the time not that long. Depends if I am on a roll, how I am feeling, the weather, if it is sunny and not cool and yucky. I prefer to go out fairly early maybe 10 a.m. or so till almost lunch time. We have had some days where it has been cold in the morning and had to wait till after lunch and throws me all off. I only go out once a day, if I am going.

Special hi's and hugz to SPRING, SUN, JULIE, ROCK, BARRY, STAR and everydobby else I may have missed!

Granni :)


Hi, Kids,

I think the quarantine has gotten to my ex. He called last evening just after I found out about my DOF. He then called DD in a panic because he thought I sounded down. He's nuts! He's been driving DD crazy. She has stopped answering his calls and he left a message that he was going to send the cops to their house for a wellness check. He's a control freak and can't control what is happening with this virus. I'm sure a lot of people are having anxiety with this but he needs to get a grip.

Roomba has cleaned the carpets and I swept the tile. I cleaned up the kitchen. Went around the block for a walk earlier. I just can't seem to get motivated. There is plenty around here I could be doing.

Granni, yes, my closet project is about half done and it is indeed a different kettle of fish, a kettle of rotten fish heads. So nice you can socialize with the kids even if you have to leave some space between you. Wish I could see my kids but am glad there are many miles between me and my crazy ex. Just sorry he drives the kids nuts. I'm sorry the painting has increased your pain. I didn't do much yesterday but last night, I had to take some ibuprophen from horrible pain in my hands, wrists and up my arms. That paint project is one of those things we just have to keep pushing through to get done. I have to stop and rest when I'm doing something like that. I can't even imagine having nine kids. The two I had about did me in. I'm glad that these people are repopulating the world with smart kids. Hope your pain goes away.

I just made a cup of tea so am going to go sip it. Hope all y'all have a great wind up to the week.

Love, Mikie


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hello to all,

health update on my corona test....NEGATIVE. it took two attempt with various agencies for the answer. YEAH....though this only means i was negative at the time i took the test.

garden news. the first 3 tomato plants have spread out and looking healthy. there have been flowers that have bloomed but no sign of any fruit. now i see more plants emerging in other area. if all grow and the fruits set we will have way too much especially if only rock eats them. it's a shame but i don't particularly like their taste(sun dried ones are good). in this age it would be difficult to share any because of the virus (don't want to drive around town).

orchid clubs around the southland have suspended their monthly meetings. crazy jim is trying to organize our annual auction for sometime in october. don't think many will attend even if we were able to get donations from the vendors. i told him to skip it and wait til next year. don't even know if the aboretum will be opened in october.

haven't gone out for supplies in a week but still have plenty for meals. would like to get some fresh vegetables and dried noodles(rice and wheat) as a change from rice. news stated the new object people are hoarding is hair dye. guess we'll all be grey and shaggy looking. no photos, please.

rock is antsy with no new reading material from the library to read. i told him i'll start collecting empty cereal boxes so he can read the list of ingredients. looking forward to receiving the e-reader(may 15th) that was purchased and downloading books for him. wouldn't it be just TOO funny that he can't find any to buy? about the only activity i'm doing is LAUNDRY. too cold and wet to work on orchids.

enough. everyone stay save.



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Hey gang, I stopped in to see how everyone is, and read GORDON’S post about reading material. Just wanted to pass on to you something that might be of interest. Using my LA county library card, I registered to read books online on my ipad. Had to register with Libby.......that apparently is how you read a book using your ipad or kindle. And of course you do know you can download books onto your computer? I don’t use my big microsoft one so don’t know what to tell you but you could do a search thru the county library system. This would be a way for Rock to read. I’ve read two books this way, downloading them from the library system, but apparently it’s nationwide. People have rated books, and I see they’re all over this country. Apparently Libby is used by all library systems. A great way to get free books to read.

Mikie: So sorry to read this about DOF. He sure went quickly but he’s now out of everything and at peace.

spring: From what I’ve read your DH your two kids and you have created all types of entertainment and are enjoying your togetherness.

Barry: It’s supposed to rain starting tomorrow, so I guess you get it first. And I can’t believe the painted lady butterflies out now.

Got my $1200 deposit into my bank, and have split it up between my two sons who are both struggling And sent them both checks today. It was a surprise so I wanted to share, since I don’t need the $ at this time. Been having mail delivery problems so I’ve had to drive to the post office, wearing mask and gloves to go inside to drop off mail. And on the way I passed a little store that is now selling fresh produce....so I donned gloves and mask and went in and bought BANANAS......ripe ones too. And a 2 lbs. bag of fresh baby spinach And two large red peppers...yea. Only the guy working in there so I’ll probably go back when I need produce. He said they get produce daily.

An artist friend contacted me last week. He’s the professional artist who I had commissioned one of his paintings last year. He said he still remembered one of my paintings and said he wanted to buy it, so he came on wed. With the money, wearing a mask, to get it. He and his wife had a house built up in Colorado and will be moving there in May so he wanted to get it to his framer. I feel very honored. What was the strangest thing is I had a dream about him early morning last week then I got up and found his email from him. I told him so. We laughed about that. Said either I was sending or receiving.

I’ve been keeping busy working on some abstract paintings. The art teacher of the class I used to attend still assigns paintings for us to work on. This week it’s collage so I’ve dug out some old magazines to cut up.

Saturday I gathered up energy to put together a heavy plastic greenhouse one of my sons gave me for christmas...whew, what a job. But my two large tomato plants are residing in it along with seedlings of cucumbers and squash. It’s so cool, it measures 7’ long, 6’ high and 32” deep and has large zippers on both sides to open it up so it doesn’t get too hot in there. And come evening I zip it up so critters don’t find my produce.


Good Saturday Morning, Kids,

As with everyone, not much going on around here. I texted Ilona, my old downstairs neighbor, to tell her about DOF and she told me that another friend who used to stay with them had passed away. She was a nice lady. Her DH died a couple of years ago. So many friends and neighbors gone. Of course, when you live in a community of mostly retired folks, it's a reality of life. So glad I enjoyed every minute of the time I had with DOF. I have a couple of really nice pics I took of him and will text them to his DDIL later today. I'm sure the family would like them.

As predicted, the virus has moved into the heartland which, because of its rural nature in many areas, may not be geared up with enough ICU beds. I'm praying for Julie and her family and all people who live in those states. Several meat packing plants have been affected which may in turn affect the supply of all meat. I hope people don't start hoarding that. News said that there will be no shortage if people don't hoard. That was true of TP too. We'll see. We may all be vegetarians by the time this is over.

DD called yesterday and I talked to DGS. His summer camp is closed so, for the first time in years, he won't be going this summer. Of course, he's bummed out about it but is taking this whole thing in stride. He got some new special sneakers but has nowhere to wear them. I know how important shoes are to fashion conscious kids these days. I told him about my Skechers that came apart after I got home from my walk a week ago. For short walks, my Skechers flip flops are as comfortable as anything else. It snowed in CO and the ski slopes are closed down so not much to do. DD worked out in the basement. The just got through finishing it and I imagine they are glad they did it. DSIL was doing the finishing touches when he was off between flights.

Schools are doing their best to keep the kids on track and everyone will go on to the next grade or graduate. Nothing can be done in this Year of The Corona Virus except to do the best everyone can. DGS really misses going to school with his friends. Found out why my ex may be having such anxiety. He isn't getting any sleep. His now wife has a horrible cough and it's keeping him up. He told DD that she is making sounds like a pig at night. As awful as that is for him to say, I couldn't help but laugh and it keeps cropping up in my mind and I laugh again. I feel guilty laughing about it but I can use the comic relief.

Gordon, always so good to see you here. I love sun dried tomatoes too. Tacos made with them are delicious. Same with guacamole. So happy that you tested negative on the virus. Good news indeed. Can we assume Rock is negative too? I hope so. Also hope Henry is negative. That's too bad about the orchid show but I think it's safe to assume that things like that will be cancelled for the remainder of the year. Until there is a vaccine, I think there will continue to be infections but at a slower rate if we continue to practice distancing and wear masks. I hope the Kindle arrives way ahead of schedule. There are so many books to download and, if you can get them from the library, it would be great. I can download from our library but I get so many free or dirt cheap with my Prime subscription that it will be a long time before I run out. Hope to see you and Rock again soon.

Sun, so good to see you here. Thanks for you kind condolences for my DOF. It is a comfort that he had such a nice long life and was so beloved by friends and family. He had lung cancer and I'm guessing the tumor was there a long time. It was quick between the diagnosis and his death. For the last six months or so, he seemed to have lost his interest in things but I figured it was just natural aging. Glad you are able to keep up with your art. That has to be a wonderful way to cope with everything that is going on. Very nice of you to give your DS's the money from the check. It would be wonderful if you could grow your own veggies this summer. I used to love having a garden. There are community gardens at the big park across the street but it's been shut down. People were congregating too close in groups. Yes, e-books can be downloaded to just about any device. I got my Kindle years ago just as tablets were getting popular. This Kindle Fire is also a tablet which I didn't realize when I got it. Doh!

Big thunderstorms north of us today. Don't think we will get them until next week. Even then, it will be in spits and spurts. Typical arrival of the rainy season. Can't wait for a big storm with lots of rain, thunder and lightning. It's been windy and that messes up the signal to the TV antenna. I can stream live but try not to because my internet isn't unlimited. It's generous but not unlimited.

Gonna go read the bad news. Gonna find things today to give me joy in spite of the bad news. Will continue with my prayers to keep everyone safe. BTW, there is a big concert on most TV channels tonight to help us keep our spirits lifted. It's to honor those on the front lines fighting this virus. Should be a good concert.

Love, Mikie


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I’ve been peeking in from time to time to see if anyone posted and very pleased to see Granni, Gordon and Sunflowers newsy posts in addition to Mikie latest one.

Mikie - your DH seems to be a case. Threatening to send the police to check on DDs. Well, we all react differently to conditions. I did think the lockdown would be particularly challenging for control freak people.

Surprisingly my friend or two friends who like to be in charge mostly are taking it better than I thought they would.

My one friend shares pictures of her flowers and any tasty meal she or her DD cook on a regular basis.

And the other is busy attending online lessons and meditations on Pranic Healing.

Mikie - I prayed for DOF, for his soul to rest in peace. Although I’m pretty sure he went to that beautiful place up there anyway.

It’s difficult for the young ones to be confined. It’s more challenging because as yet the end is not anywhere in sight. I’m guessing it is easier for the bookworms and knitters and creative writers than outdoorsy persons.

I saw on tv a dad make up a game with his two little kids and scramble all over the room. Two tween Indian sisters had choreographed a dance and were performing on camera..

Granni - I admire the lady you spoke of, so many children and she is handling their education and all, I can’t imagine, two is all I could manage.

Gordon - how nice to hear all the goings on. I am guessing you will have a big surplus of veggies this season.

Are you going to try some new recipes during lockdown?

Sun - that was nice of you to help out your dear sons. Times like these, hard on everyone. Glad you got in fresh produce. I had me a banana sandwich this morning for breakfast.


Well, my day has gone by cooking and just running around straightening things. Piles of leaves await being swept up. But it’s blowing hard. Feels like a storm brewing. It got cool suddenly. A mug of hot tea would be lovely right about now.

Mikie - you said we might be all vegetarians, I was pondering this afternoon, where would our veggies come from if most people were confined and only handfuls out there working the fields.

I’m guessing the govt should prioritize testing and protection of farmers and food producers so people at least have something to eat in the months to come. or year - well, however long this thing is going to last.

And of course, the health workers because it’s up to them to help people recover.

It’s not like any country can just import their needs any more, because, well, every country is in the same boat, and will be scrambling to meet basic necessities.

Hmm, guess that means things like fashion and fine dining, and entertainment take a backseat for a while.

It will be back to basics. Until they find the
drug or vaccine.
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Hi, Spring,

Yes, my ex is quite a case. DD and I keep telling other DD, the psyche nurse, that he needs her help. Of course, we are joking but I think he does need help. So glad I'm more than 2,000 miles away from him. He always couches his maddening behavior as his being concerned for all of us but it's really his anxiety and guilt over what he has done in the past. I agree that this must be hard on control freaks. Heck, it's hard enough on the rest of us.

So many people are coming up with creative things to help get through staying at home. Kids today love singing and dancing and there are so many who are posting their performances to the internet. What your friends are doing sounds like good ways to keep the anxiety at bay. Even when I get the NRG to clean or go for a walk it helps me.

Thank you so much for your kind prayers for my DOF. I comfort myself with the thought that he is happy and free of his body that had been letting him down. It's also comforting to think he is with his beautiful and beloved wife. She died a long time ago. I've heard that all of Heaven rejoices when someone goes home. When my Mom died, our family said there must be one big Irish party going on in Heaven. She was always my cousins' favorite aunt.

Have your kids been doing any more fun things to get through this? I can still picture the dog collar cone and it makes me smile. I don't know what Amy is doing to keep Mac and Zach occupied. She said they loved the Easter things I gave them. Mac is two and Zach is five or six. Two rambunctious boys. They are very smart and articulate boys and a joy to be around. Still, it must be hard to keep them occupied especially now that the park is closed. I don't envy her.

OK, my friend, as always, stay safe and keep your family safe and well. You are in my prayers.

Love, Mikie

Just got back from a walk around the block and stopped to get my mail. Got my car ins. renewal and the rate seems to have settled. After all this madness, I plan to ask if I can get a lower rate since I don't drive much anymore. They have a device one can hook up in the car and, if the driver is safe, the rate can be adjusted down. Might as well check it out.

My May issue of Southern Living was in the mail. I love that magazine so will be leafing through it. I love mornings, especially when it's hot during the day. My back was hurting from walking. Guess I should wear my back brace when I walk. Oh good grief. Some man was arrested for running naked. Ewwww!
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GB, the top floor of your house is gone? That is terrible! Do you have another place to stay? Gordon got home a little
bit ago. I asked, "Are we gonna go now? He said, "Go where? I said the Doctor's office. He said, We don't have an appointment today.

I live in a world of confusion and bafflement.

Hope you guys are less bewildered than I.



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gb66 - OMG. I cannot believe that your top floor is gone.. I am so very sorry, gb66. Of course you may not see this at all !! I hope all goes well with the fix up and all and you can back to some kind of living normally again asap/ Have been thinking about you but half the time I do not get onto the computer when I want to, to busy or DH has it ! Stay safe dear one !! Let us know how you are doing when you can. Prayers for you and your family !
What a scary thing to happen to gb or anyone. I cannot imagine such an awful thing. Wow look at that cloud formation etc on the attachment SW posted. WOW !! Not sure if it is the same type of tornado or what?

Crazy mixed up weather. It cannot decide whether it should rain or not. Looked like it this morning and they said we might get some later on and it looks brighter out, go figure !!I do not think so today but it is supposed to for sure tomorrow. We'll see ! Haven't done much today except due to washes.

SUN - So glad to hear from you. Sounds like you are doing pretty well. Glad you got some fresh produce . Very sweet of you to share your stimulus money with your son's. I am sure they really appreciate it now. i have two daughters who were put on furlough. One is still waiting to hear and the other ( DCD) is doing some 1/2 days until they can open full time and will be needing her. She got er stimulus thank God and we, and her brother have been helping her somewhat with food, etc. I need to send her some more $ for food, etc. The money went for rent water and some other stuff she needs.

MIKIE - Enjoy your Southern Living magazine. Haven't seen that one in some time and I love looking at the pictures and something get good stories and article. You are right about trying to keep two or little boys especially occupied inside. Girls are usually quieter and tend to want to read, or do quieter things, but not always. At least mine were but when they got older they loved the outdoors and sports. Our son was in all kinds of sports and only two girls when they got older played softball. Miss those days. I can't imagine have to be in the house all the time with my kids when they were little and or older too. The Gov lifted some of the heavier restrictions but we can leave some and we should wear masks, etc. They are trying to make it easier for those trying to get their businesses up and running again even on a smaller basis. NO curfew, not that we were ever out anyway during that time. Time for beddy bye.

Hugs and LOVE also to , SPRING WATER, ROCK, BARRY, JULIE, and all our many MIA's,
Granni :)