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Porch number 1039 is now open


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I was going to edit my previous post when I realized it was time for a new porch. I hope some fresh mountain air is restorative for us all.

I did manage to (mostly) finish a cool quilt yesterday. Picture attached.


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Duck..once again, a beautiful quilt..like I said before, you are one talented lady..beautiful porch..looks very cozy and inviting..

I do check my account balance a couple times a day, and like you, that's how I discovered the unauthorized charges..I don't know how we will ever stop this kind of fraud...$30.00 doesn't sound like much compared to the $150.00 you discovered taken from your account but, no matter the amount, it's OUR money NOT theirs!

Hope you and your DH are feeling better and are on the road to recovery.

Star..good to see you..so glad you stopped by..it's been too long..sounds like a great adventure with the RV..

Rock..I have a 22 pistol and a 12 gauge shot gun..however, I would be in big trouble if ever I had to use either one because the bullets for both are in seperate places from the guns, and I would have to ask the bad guy to hold on for a second so I could find the bullets and load one of the guns!!

The kitties are play fighting, but at times, it does start to get pretty rough and I have to break things up..Don't need any injuries on my watch..

Sun..so sorry you're not feeling well..I know what you mean about hating our bodies..I try to walk as much as possible, but it isn't enough...been cleaning..got the bathroom done, top to bottom..I can't believe how long it takes me..I'm so slow now..very annoying..

Spring..I know nothing about auras, but I'm sure the color of mine would not be pretty because of the depression and anger that I carry around..I try to be positive when around family and friends. but for the most part it's fake and would probably come through with my aura color..

Sorry to hear about your doll clothes being stolen..same thing happened to me except it was my collection of 45 records back in the 50s..so sad that people can't leave other folks things along...

Barry..hope you will be able to take care of you dental problems..DH and I need to see a dentist as well..but so expensive, and we need some major work done just like you..been looking into dental plans..we have one but it pays zip!

Your fur babies sound so adorable and loving..

Take care and hope you feel better soon..

Julie..O MY GOODNESS..your cold weather just keeps coming...sounds like you are making great progress inside, and at this rate, you may have your house completed sooner than you think!

Mikie..Sweet Friend..sending prayers for a complete recover from this blasted red tide..it's been hanging around much tooooo long...

Sorry about your computer..we do have a back up for ours and it has come in handy on a few occasions..but what a pain.

Hope you can come back soon and stay a little longer..we all miss your long and very interesting posts!

Got an email this morning from my cousin..she was admitted to the hospital last night and is being checked out for heart trouble..heart trouble seems to run on her dad's side of the family..her older brother has heart problems as well..I just pray that she doesn't have a blockage...

Several years ago, I decided to start looking for long lost cousins and she was one of them..our mothers were sisters but had stopped speaking to each other when we kids were very young..anyway, I found her older brother first about 5 years ago and he put me in touch with her..then I located two more cousins, who are brothers, one lives in Tenn. and the other in VA. I've made it my mission to keep in touch with all of them and it has been wonderful and so much fun..we are all grown up, married, except for one, and have families of our own.

I apologize for my W&P post..gift of gab, so says my DH!!

If I missed responding to anyone, I apologize..
Wishing everyone a good day..


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Hi Kids

Ahhh! Just breathe that fresh air. Great pic, Duckie. Thanks for opening the new thread.
I think your quilt is the most elaborate I've ever seen. Well, in any case it's the most psycho-
delic. Remember when those posters were new in the 60s? The ones below are some groups or other.

Gordon is off to his origami class. It is no longer in China town. It's at the library branch
closest to us. With a new teacher. Gordon would rather have the old one.

Pulled on an old jacket this morning when I went out to feed the cat. It's nylong or poplin;
maybe both. Anyhoo when I put my hand in the pockets I found a missing pair of gloves.
That's why I have to have 4-5 pairs.

Gonna take a nap.



Once again we were posting simultaneously. Wrote you an addendum here, but
somehow it all vanished. Talk atcha later as one our early porch posters used to say.
I got so frustrated I just let out a yell. Turns out Gordon's brother was in the house,
one room away. He's so quiet you never know if he's in or out. Personally I wish he
were out permanently but as Bertolt Brecht put it, "Circumstances won't have it so."


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Hello Dear Friends...

HOLY CRAPOLA..I've done it now..I just finished off my second package of Oreo cookies in as many weeks, along with numerous glasses of milk for dunking said cookies..and if that isn't bad enough, I also polished off half a bag of Hershey Kisses!! I have never done this before and don't know why I've done it now..it's crazy..and as much as I totally enjoyed every bite of the Oreos, ya would have thought that the realization of having to diet to get rid of the billions of pounds that yours truly just put on, would have made me come to my senses..OH H*** NO!! Going to the grocery store tomorrow is going to be painful because I will have to walk by the cookie and candy isles, but, I'm going to force myself to do it!!

Looks like it's going to be bread and water for me for a few weeks!

Have a good evening everyone..


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Hi Fellow Porchers

Gordon is downstairs having his din-din. A salad he got from Trader Joe's. I think the label
says coleslaw with chicken and peanut sauce. Peanut Sauce?! I had a PB samich I made earlier
today, but it would never dawn on me to put peanut butter on chicken. Gordon is also having
a salted duck egg. His gastronomic choices are far more adventures than mine.

JB, don't worry about those Oreos and Kisses. Chocolate contains lecithin. (Less-ah-thin).
Although I have not researched the subject, I assume that means eating same makes one thin.
Also less. Just as beer does not make one fat; it makes one lean.

You may also want to try reversing the calories. I am reading a wonderful book called "Reverse
your life. It has chapters on Reversing your: social life; career; financial situation; marriage;
fashion sense, etc. I have not yet come to the chapter on reversing calories, but I feel sure it must
be here someplace. Some people even believe that leading a busy life running a home and
raising Treasures will keep one slim. So you see; you're really fine and on the right track.



Good Tuesday Morning, Dear Ones,

I'm hot my hot computer so will try to get done before it really heats up. I can hear a fan trying to run but I don't think it's running like it should. Windows 10 is trying to do an update and, every time I turn on the computer, it's done a bit more. It's up to 89 percent done now. Maybe when it's finished, the Control Panel will believe it's not Windows 7. Good grief.

Duckie, thanks for posting a new Porch with such a lovely view. Looks very inviting. Love the now quilt. The design makes it appear as though it is bulging in the center. I like that.

Judy, I have carb cravings but have been trying not to eat sweets. Sometimes, when I have a virus, I crave them. I think my aura might be pretty ugly right now. I'm depressed at not being able to get well and at the way things are going in our country. I don't even know whether the Red Tide is still hanging around. Last evening, it felt as though a huge weight was on my chest. I'll send loving prayers to you to help you feel better and to clear up your aura. BTW, I don't see colored auras but I do see energy fields surrounding people and inanimate objects which also have energy. Hope your cousin is OK.

Rock, so Gordon's brother moves around on little cat feet like the fog? Oh well, this way you can ignore him. That's almost as good as having him gone. I wonder what Gordon will come home with from his origami class.

OK, things are heating up so had better get going. Hope all y'all have a wonderful day.

Love, Mikie
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I am back on the Surface. I'd edit the first post but am afraid of losing it. All the computers, except my old beloved laptop, are squirrelly and can lose things. DD in TX called last evening. She has found a house near Denver and put the one in TX up for sale. The are able to buy the new one without waiting to sell the old one. Other DD's DH is a real estate agent so he is handling the deal in CO. I hope they get the one in TX sold soon. They like big houses. I did when kids were at home but now, this condo is just right. Wish the kitchen had more storage and counter space but I don't cook much anymore anyway.

I think I'll run to Home Depot to look for plants for the stairwell atria. I'd like to get them planted before we put in the mulch. I'm waiting on one neighbor so I can coordinate picking up the mulch in our SUVs. The guy downstairs says he can't lift due to a bad back. He always makes himself scarce when there is work to be done. I guess Dennis and I will end up doing all the work.

Work inside has come to a halt. There is still stuff in piles waiting to be donated. I just feel that the outside work is more pressing right now. Dennis likes to play golf and he made an offer on a condo in a golf community. They will likely be moving. I'm sure they would like the planting and mulch done so it looks nice when they put their condo up fore sale. Guy downstairs has his up for sale but he is asking too much and has decorated it in a manner which is not attractive to most people.

I have to run out to get Valentines for the boys downstairs. I also need to pick up ink for my printer. I see some shopping on my agenda for today. Just hope I have the energy to do it. Okay, fingers and eyes getting tired so will end my post. Hope everydooby has one heckova nice day.

Love, Mikie


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Good morning everyone!

Judy - Been there, done that (binge eating). Typically hate myself afterwards. I've been trying to eat more fruit instead of sweets.

Mikie - The center of the quilt doesn't appear to bulge as much in real life as it does in the picture. It's still a really cool design. Wish I could take credit for it, but I got it from a class I took. I like my color choices better (the designer used brown and tan).

Julie - we have temps in the 50's and even a couple of 60's predicted for the next week. I bet lots of crocuses, snow drops and daffodils start poking their heads up! Then I bet we get at least 1 more cold snap. Fortunately, those plants are tough and can take it.

Rock - That has to be the strangest sounding coleslaw I've ever heard of. I used to be more adventurous in my eating. I've gotten less so as I've gotten older. I'm not sure why that is.

Spring - I think my aura would be a mixed bag. I tend to be a very giving person, but I'm also often depressed/frustrated because of my disabilities and not being able to do the things I used to. Still, I try to be as happy as I can. So maybe I have a rainbow aura!!

Sun - Hope you are feeling better!

Barry - Have you tried looking into dental schools? Sometimes you can get work done at very reduced costs, because the students need to learn (they are closely supervised).

Some coworkers and I are going to lunch with a former co-op student. I'm looking forward to it. He's a great kid. I wish he still worked here.

Hope everybody has a good day. Hugs to all!!


Hi, Kids,

Just got home. What a shopping spree. I stopped at Lowe's and picked up some mulch. I only got six bags because they were stacked in an awkward way which made them difficult to lift and load on the flatbed cart. I wasn't wearing my back brace and loading them in the back of the Highlander about did me in. I'll unload them later or have Dennis do it. I'm out of shape for sure. My strength isn't as good and I don't have much endurance but I got a lot done.

After Lowe's I went to the pet shop to get SV's gourmet healthy treats. Kid working there told me I could buy them cheaper at their online site with free shipping. I gave him some treats when I got home and he's been streaking around at warp speed. I stopped at Target and stocked up on paper towels and toilets paper. best price yet. I found a cute pair of army green shorts and a basket on sale. I am going to put the basket under the coffee table to stow misc. stuff. I also stopped at the dollar store for lots of stuff. I am popped but it was great to get out.

Duckie, there was a quilt on Antiques Road Show which was valued at around $13,000. It was made in 1933. It appeared to be an applique of sepia on Muslin.. It may have been embroidered. I got in on the tail end and only saw it for a minute. The panels depicted various industries. Very interesting and different. There is a woman on PBS who makes very interesting quilted wall hangings. I might be able to do something small like that. Hope you and DH are better.

I've been watching the Olympics on demand so I can watch only the events I want to see. There are some congressional hearings on right now so am glued to them. I'm about to fall asleep. Tomorrow I am going to Home Depot to look for things which will grow in the shade. Thursday we all go for more mulch. Work inside is on hold this week .

Hope all y'all are having a good day.

Love, Mikie


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Hi Kids

Just got up. Went outside and fed the cat. It's a postcard day here. Light blue sky. Some
cumulus clouds at the edges. 61 degrees; going up a bit as the day moves along. Gordon
went to the Cathay bank in Chinatown. I believe he is taking out a mortgage for Boardwalk
and Park Place. "Cathy" is the old name for China. Marco Polo used it.

Mikie, congratulations on getting so much done. Especially when you are feeling poorly.
Here are some things that like shade: Phlox, Hostas, Ferns, Rhododendrons, Dracula,
Zombies, Moss, Dust and Cobwebs.

Oh, Valentines for the little boys. Good thing you reminded me. I can't get out to buy you know who a card. I'd better get busy on a Valentine. Maybe something short and snappy
like: Won't you be mine? You will? Fine.

Duckie, I don't know if I've ever heard of snow drops, the plant before. In my mother's
garden Spring was heralded by tulips and grape hyacinth. ("It's pronounced Boo-kay.)

Brown and tan for the quilt?! Was the designer in the military?

All for the nonce


Hi, Rock,

I'm just vegging out after such a busy day, for me. Nothing compared to what Duckie, Gianni and Julie accomplish in a day. It's getting easier to use this tablet but it keeps trying to auto correct. I was laughing about your thinking the skunk was a cat. Glad you didn't try to pet it. Maybe it was Pepe Le Pew. Not sure I spelled that correctly.

Sun posted a nice web site with plants which do well in shade. Home Depot puts them by themselves. Makes it easier to find. I bookmarked it.

Gonna try to watch the Olympics tonight but will likely fall asleep. I keep forgetting to tell you the name of the last book I read. It's 'White Rose Black Forest.'. Not great literature and totally predictable but good enough. I ordered two extra silicon ring seals for the Instant Pot. They can retain odors from spicy food. I also ordered a new kitty toy for SV. It's a circular track with a ball. He has a square one he likes. The new one has a scratching pad on the middle. It was $25 at the pet store and only $8 on Amazon.

Okay, I'm outta here. Have a good evening.

Love, Mike


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Duck:. Love the new quilt, very striking in the colors and design. What size is it and is it destined to be hung or what? Just curious but how many of them do you have now in various stages of completion? Years ago when I used to hit all the estate sales, etc. I stood in line with about 75 other people to get into this two story old house....very worn out inside and out if you get my meaning. So I went from one room to another and found "the quilt room"....omg....all the closets and drawers were full of quilt tops, or quilt squares cut and waiting.......no finished ones though except a filthy one at the front door chair where apparently the cat lay one. It made me wonder why this woman had so many but never finished. Made me wonder what her life was like as she came to an end.

Mikie: So what plants did you buy? I have NO energy whatsoever which is unusual for me. I'm thinking I had a touch of something and this is what's left. One more of your friends who will be moving away. Now that your DD is moving back to colorado, ever thought of packing up and moving too?

Rock: Had to chuckle over your remark about Gordon's visit to Cathay bank.....Boardwalk and Park Place!

Judy: Holy Crapola! Gotta remember that.....need to drop some of the words that come out of my mouth!!!! Been there, done that with a whole bag of chocolate......I'm pretty much weaned from craving chocolate but at one point I had store my darkest chocolate bars at the top shelf in my BR closet. Had to use my little stepladder to get to them in a little box. When I would get the craving I would decide it was just too much trouble. A few months ago I was cleaning that closet and found them.....I had no desire to consume them though. LOL

Spring: As to the golden aura that guy saw, he could have been making it up or not. And no, hadn't been to church or anything like that. Just going to get my hair cut at the local college, nothing special. And as to that man who appeared twice, I have no idea about that. Maybe it was my intuition who created him.

I saw my lung doc this morning about my hoarseness. He said I could have a slight infection/thrush from using the steroid inhaler so now I've got some stuff to swish in my mouth, 4 times a day for about 10 days. Sigh. It's always something.

I'm heading for a nap, feeling really tired.


Good Wednesday Morning, Dear Porchies,

Slept a bit later this morning. I was really tired from the exertion yesterday. I will go out again today to look for plants. I need to unload the mulch I bought yesterday. Neighbors and I will make the mulch run tomorrow. I still feel lousy but hope to increase activity each day. I am exhausted by afternoon.

Sun, I'm sorry you have no energy. I have been like that since I first got sick. This is the first bit of energy I have had in ages. I'm really pacing myself. I don't want to live in CO. I had horrible asthma there. Even if I did, I couldn't afford it. Condo prices are depressed here and everything in CO is inflated. The freeways there are almost as bad as CA. I really love it here but I hate the hurricanes. With global warming, there are supposed to be more of the bad ones. I can visit and see all the kids in one trip. They love to ski and are excited to move back.

Colloidal silver might help get rid of the thrush. It works really well on fungus. My voice has gotten more hoarse over the years. Exam showed no reason. Soon I'll sound like Lucille Ball. I didn't buy any plants yesterday. I just got mulch.

Hope all y'all have a great day.


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Hi guys! We'll have a nice warm Valentine's Day...high expected of 60 degrees! Back down a little for a few days, then 60 on Sunday and 66 on Monday...but too cold at nights yet for Den to be comfortable leaving home. Probably won't go next week...but we still have the first three weeks in March before he has to use up some of his comp and vacation time.

Duckie, the porch is beautiful. As is the quilt...any shades of purple, lavendar, burgandy are my favorites...very peaceful to me.

Judy, oh yep...been there, done that...usually with Lay's sour cream and onion chips...

Sun, sorry about the thrush...I forgot all about Gpa getting that when he first started a new inhaler. I think the directions said to rinse with water after using the inhaler, but I don't think he bothered. (He was still living at his house, but I took him to the doctor for it.) Hope you feel better soon, and that your energy returns quickly and in full force.

Mikie, sorry you're not up to snuff yet. But you are getting lots done anyway. I'm sort of glad we have a few weeks left of winter...I'm not quite ready to transition to outdoor work just yet. How nice that your kids will be able to move to CO as soon as they are ready, without having to sell their other place first. Too bad someone at Lowe's didn't help you load your mulch.

Rock, Den and I also have multiple pairs of gloves lying around...some for firewood, some for gardening, some for doing chores when it's cold outside. Hope the renovations get done in a timely manner...be careful walking around if things get rearranged.

Granni...I think it's neat that you and DH go work out together. Den and I keep saying we need to go for walks, but it would have to be in the "back 40" or down a gravel road, lol!

Spring, sounds like you are all so busy. How nice that your DD could come back home and work with her dad.

Barry, Duckie had a good idea about checking out a dental school. Tooth problems can be such a literal pain. I have to go back and have a couple little things (fillings) done, but can do it all in one trip. I also made Den's appt. to have his next (and final) extractions done...he refuses to get root canels or crowns. Hope you are feeling a bit better with spring just around the corner...quicker for you guys than me, of course. We're still watching segments about living in Alaska...makes us feel a little better, lol!

Star, I understand completely if you're not posting as much...hope you can read, though, and know we are thinking of you.

If I'm forgetting anyone, I surely do apologize...brain fog setting in...

...a bit overwhelmed right now...my dad isn't doing too well. I saw him mid-afternoon yesterday. Had a dental cleaning right before lunch, grabbed a bite to eat, ran to WalMart for odds and ends...I try to time it so I am at the nursing home (strawberry shake in hand) sometime in-between lunch and supper.

As I was walking by the nurses' station, Dad's nurse stopped me and told me that he had been running a fever (over 100.) The NP happened to be there earlier, so the nurse had her take a look at Dad. They didn't swab him for influenza, but started him on Tammaflu...I guess "just in case." (A sign on the front door alerts visitors that they do have at least one confirmed case right now.)

Anyway, Dad seemed excited at first about his milkshake, but could only sit up long enough to take a few sips before having to lie back down. And he didn't even seem to notice or care about his sugar-free candy. A few minutes after I got to his room, the Director of Nurses came in to tell me she was also worried about him...that he has seemed more weak the past couple of days and aids and kitchen staff have reported that he's not been eating very well.

The nurse took his temp again while I was there and it had come down a bit, but he and DON assured me they would be keeping a close watch on him. As I've said before, I just dread if they have to send him to the hospital...so hard on him, and on me. But the doctor ordered labs and a physical therapy assessment to just see how weak he really is (not sure that is necessary...if he has the flu, of course he will be more weak, true?) I don't argue too much with them...they deal with these things a lot more than I do. I did question (to myself) about starting Tammaflu when they didn't even know for sure he has the flu, but I do know it has to be started early in an illness to be effective...and some of the tests aren't accurate right away. Shouldn't we have more of this figured out by now?????

So, I wouldn't feel comfortable leaving next week anyway...maybe it's a good thing the weather is still too cold to leave the house overnight...

Anyway...I still had to get more groceries (you should see the cute lists that the Tennessee Treasures sent to me...not toys, etc...they want things like fresh fruit, granola bars, dates, etc.) When we go down, I try to help with their grocery budget as much as I can. Got home in an exhausted state...had been gone from 10:30 am to almost 6:30 pm...so was in bed by 9:30...expected to get a call from the nursing home, but Dad must have been okay through the night. I'll check on him after 9:00 am, after shift change, meds passing and they have gotten everyone headed to breakfast...if I call too soon, the morning nurse might not have even seen him yet. If I feel too anxious, I call before 6:00 am when night nurses are still there...

I guess this has turned into a W & P...hope everyone is doing okay.
Happy Valentine's Day! I told Den not to worry about flowers, candy, cards, etc...I bought a piece of carpet for the upstairs loft, lol!



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Good morning everyone!

Back to another day of chasing squirrels at work...which seems to be status quo anymore.

Rock - I have no idea about the designer's background. The quilt didn't look bad in browns or I wouldn't have wanted to take the class.

Sun - The quilt is 60"x60" and intended to be a wall hanging. I did an inventory of UFOs (unfinished objects) right after Christmas, and determined that I had 23 quilts, 2 (or 3, depending on how I do it) sewing projects and 2 crochet projects. I'm obviously on my way to my PhD (projects half done) in sewing. From my perspective, I can say that this happens because sometimes you just need to set a project aside and get some distance from it. Other times, it is because you don't have the materials to finish, or (most often) some other new, shiny project (squirrel) distracts you. A few of mine are because I need to have a very large space to 'sandwich' them with backing, batting and quilt top in preparation for quilting. I've told myself that short of paid commissions, I'm not going to take on any more projects until I finish up a bunch of the existing projects. Of course, then I promptly broke that rule and took another Kids Komfort kit. Sigh.

Julie - it is actually going to be warmer for you than for me today! We're only expecting low 50's. I hope your dad gets better soon.

Time to go acquire something for lunch.

p.s. Rock, here's a picture of a snowdrop.


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So much happening dear POrchies !! Have to go fix lunch in a few minutes and get ready for the cleaning lady(s). Already got up early to rush off to church for our ashes. Then home and more getting ready for the cleaners. Sorry I have not been around much lately. Getting ready for a big weekend , the grandsons also coming here from college on Saturday then church. Then off to DD;s for dinner and then back to our house for beddy bye.

I wouldn't be eating much breakfast sunday since we are going to our big brunch but DD wants a big breakfast with a bunch of stuff inc oatmeal, eggs, etc. wheat toast and coffee in a real coffee pot. I have one we don't use. DH uses instant and I mostly drinks tea. Crazy weekend.

JULIE - So sorry about your dad. Praying he gets well soon.

I need to run now to fix lunch and more organizing and putting things back where they belong after the ladies leave.

Love you all,'
Granni :)


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Morning, Kids

Well, it's morning here anyway. And it's cold. 60 degrees. Going up to 66. My hands are so
cold I am experimenting with nitrile gloves. They are made of synthetic rubber and come
in shades of blue and purple.

Duckie, thanks for the pic of the snowdrops. Don't think I've ever seen any. Love the PhD

Barry, 4-5 decades back I went to the USC (University of Southern California) dental school
to see about getting free dental care by dental students. After the exam by the dentist he said, "I'm afraid a student wouldn't be able to help you. You need an experienced dentist for your problems." Hope you and the menagerie are all fine.

Julie, "Be careful walking around" is good advice. The other day I bumped into a heavy package from QVC that Gordon had moved. Fell down. No damage to package or me. He's
on an errand to get something to do with the alterations. Oh, I remember. Some kind of
storage boxes. Glad to hear you are having nice weather. I don't remember any winter day
as warm as 60; or even 5o.

Sun, if I really wanted to stop eating chocolate, I'd just buy the dark kind. You're right. It's
always something. And frequently somethings! Hope your throat gets better.

Mikie, White Rose, Black Forest sounds like something by the Grimm Brothers. How nice
for Sylvester to have a new toy. Our kitty has no toys, but she isn't interested in any. I tired
pulling a long shoe lace for her to pounce on. She just ignored it. But she now loves the
petting she gets. When I put out her food she comes to me for petting first. Only when I
stand up indicating I'm going inside does she run over to her bowl.

Granni, do people use real coffee pots anymore? I remember the big enamelware spotted
blue coffee pots from the 40s and 50s. Used for big groups: church suppers, family
reunions, etc. In the dinning room at college there was a huge urn; bigger than a gas stove.
Had several spigots. I think it dispensed tea as well as coffee. Or maybe just hot water.

Hope you have a great weekend with your grandsons.

Gordon came home and now just left for Home Depot. The floor covering he picked out is
no longer available. He was calling it linoleum, but now he's saying tile. Anyhoo he's going
to the store to see what he can find. This illustrates Sun's point.

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Hello Dear Friends...

Happy Valentine Day to you all...

Needless to say, there will be no eating Oreos or Chocolates for me today!!

Thank you all for your kind support of my binge eating..good news..I haven't had a cookie or a piece of chocolate for a few days now..cravings are still lurking around, tho!!

Watching the news regarding the shooting at a high school in Florida..it's so sad..don't understand the mindset of people who go on these shooting sprees..they are estimating 20 to 50 people injured..can't even begin to know the panic the parents of the students, and families of staff, are going through.sending prayers to all those involved.

Julie..sending prayers for your dad's speedy recovery.

Granni...busy as usual..how was the party..it was this last weekend, correct?

Mikie..let someone else move those bags of mulch..did you by chance ask someone to help you at HD/Lowes to help you so that you didn't have to lift those heavy bags..

Duck..can hardly wait to see your next beautiful quilt..have a good day..

A big "hello" to Rock, Sun, Spring, Barry, and Star, and to any I may have missed..

Have a good day..


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Just hangin' around at home...I've been up since before 6:30, but not a real whirlwind of energy today. I did text my brother's DIL about Dad...texted my brother last night, but he didn't reply. Called my brother in Texas, but he was getting ready to go out to lunch with his wife, so we didn't talk long...she is the one who was diagnosed with double stage 4 lung cancer over four years ago, but it still hanging on. And called my dad's only living sibling, my Aunt Cathy in Illinois....not that I'm thinking Dad is going to die soon or anything...just like to keep in touch and not have family read things on facebook first.

Come to think of it, that was one of the complaints my little brother's wife had when she read me the riot act...that I put stuff on facebook instead of calling my brother. But it doesn't seem to matter what I do. I imagine he is mad at me for telling him I did not want to see her anymore...why would I? She went back almost 30 years, telling me what an awful person I am and have always been...my brother and I were always very close, until she took over his life. :(

Duckie and Rock...I apparently looked at the wrong day when I got all excited about the weather. I went back to the weather site and it said only 50 for today...but they since changed it to 51, because it has gotten up to 51, lol!

Judy, hang in there...I go through phases where I crave one thing or the other. Not necessarily sweets all the time...but many times it's just carbs, plain and simple. I think Granni's big weekend is coming up this weekend...I got ahead of myself until I read her post again.

Barry, I'm sorry it feels cold where you are, and you guys aren't getting enough rain. Yes, that makes it worriesome come summer. Den has a few crowns from previous years, but he's to the point where he just wants the problem teeth gone. It does make it harder for him to chew (he's had two taken out on one side) but I just try to adjust my cooking, etc.

How sad for your step brother...I hope he does recover. I wouldn't even know how to get anything made with CBD...sure would try it, though, if it was handy.

Oh, the driving...only because we live in the boonies and I don't want to get out more than once or twice a week, lol! Then I "pay for it" the day after I've been gone.

Granni, I hope your weekend goes well and you don't get too worn out...lots of company, extra cooking, less rest...I'm sure your kids will help, though.

I'm waiting for Amy to text me that it's a good time to call Miley and wish her Happy Birthday...she is 7 years old today! It was so hard for me to speak up about some of the things they were going through, but I'm glad I did. It cleared the air and it seems like the girls are getting along better...probably because Amy and Clinton are more on the same page.

Guess I'd better get back on my upstairs project...I am getting better at being "ruthless" about what to keep and what to toss or give away. Still a long ways to go, though. I have to pick up the carpet for the loft on Friday...will check on my dad again in person.

I did get one thing done that I had started years ago...I remember working on it when Gpa was still alive and living with us....I wrote down a bunch of reasons I love my husband, printed them off and promptly misplaced them. Found them again the other day, so this morning I cut them into separate strips, folded them and put them in an empty jar. Must be close to (or over) 300...so he can read one every day for almost a year. Well, that's my romantic gesture for this Valentine's Day :)