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Porch number 1040 is now open


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Looks like we're a little overdue for a new porch. I like the bright, colorful pillows here.

Looks like I'll be working again this weekend, but not for long; just an hour or so. I'll be deploying a number of small fixes to issues from the upgrade. We've managed to toss in a few additional features as well, so that will make some people happy.

Mikie - Glad you're able to get some work done outside. I'm sure my DH is itching for the weather to get nice so that he can get started on his garden again.

Julie - we started out at our high temperature in the upper 50's. It's falling all day to the mid-thirties overnight.

I'll be back later to post more... Hugs to all.


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Good morning Dear Ones,

Just wanted to pop in for a bit. Didn't even check the old porch. I have to start calling my old list for our ladies luncheons . So I really can;t stay to long. This is also the big weekend so I need to do so much stuff. I don;t know where to start. DH has to go work aso at the Fish Fries with the Knights of Columbus. Every year he says the same thing ( the last few years that is).

DUCKIE - Thanks for the cute and colorful PORCH. I would love to come sit there. Went yesterday and DH had his CT Scan/urogram of abdomen and pelvis. I was so surprise. DH says it took about 7 minutes. It used to take so much onger. He also had an IV with some sort of stuff that shows up on the screen. We even got a CD of it even though they said they would send results to our urologist.. Guessing we might hear something next week and have to go in. Hope it is nothing serious.

MIKIE - Try not to wear yourself out too, like JULIE. Sorry, I didn't get a chance to read the old porch but will try and do that later.

JULIE - Hope your dad is much better . Can't believe my DH is 80 years old too but so far seems to be doing pretty well. Hope it continues and theis blood in the urine is nothing major. He is so luck to have to to make sure he is getting good care, all things considered.

Hope all my porchies are doing well. Gotta run for now.

Granni :)


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Duck: Hope your tax stuff went good for you and you get a nice refund. My appt. is in march. My DH used to go to the same account for over 30 years. He got so that he would just sign my name on the papers so I didn't do anything. Big change after he died, but I stayed with the same guy, who's almost ready to retire.

Thanks for starting the new porch. I'm not crazy about the busy feel of this one. I was studying it, wondering why I didn't feel relaxed and I think it's because the diamond windows, echoed in the lamps, and the lattice work, and the mirror that echoes everything, and of course busy pillows then the reflection in the glass table. I think if I was decorating I would change some things....just my opinion though.

I may have mentioned that my vacuum gave up the ghost so yesterday had to decide what to buy. I ended up buying a Sebo, made in Germany. OMG....powerful but it almost propels itself. I think my cleaning lady will end up doing more things around here since it took sooooo long to vacuum the carpets. Not sure how I'm going to talk to her about this. I've had a feeling for a looooooonnnnnng time that she's been dragging out the 2 hrs. I employ her for twice a month.

Then today a tree trimmer is coming to talk about the neighbor's tree branches that cause so much trouble for me. He's doing the one neighbor in back.....the ones he's trimming belong to the other neighbor.


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Sun - sorry the porch didn't suit you. Guess we all have our own tastes. :rolleyes:

We did get a good refund; we do every year because we claim no exemptions. I used to do our taxes, but it got so stressful for me that about 4 or 5 years ago, my DH dragged me out of the house and we went to Liberty Tax. We've gone back to the same guy there (I think he owns that one - they're franchised) ever since. Of course, there was one year fairly early in our marriage when we ended up owing like $2K - and I asked my DH how many exemptions he was claiming. He was claiming as many as he could. He learned a hard lesson that year.


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I agree on those exemptions. I have a certain amount of taxes taken out of investments....for fed. And state. My investment guy questioned the percentage and I talked to the accountant...he said leave it alone. I would rather get $ back than having to pay.

Barry: I forgot to mention about your cousin or stepbrother, cant remember which, but poor guy.....such pain he must be in, I guess basically what women go thru. About the cannabis CBD rub/oil, I did find a place that's a medical dispensary and I'm going to check it out when this stick rub is almost used up. Didn't know there are higher amounts of CBD.....so then the THC or whatever also increases?


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Hi guys...stopping in to check on Oreo and switch vehicles. But first I have to empty the truck of several trash bags...I'll drag them to the burn pit. I don't really worry about getting rid of old receipts, etc...the pit is ten feet deep and I'll be burning it periodically. When Keira is here, she loves to use my shredder on old bank statements, etc., but I still have plenty of papers to go through :)

Thanks for the porch, Duckie...anything with any shade of purple works for me. We would love to get our cement poured this year for our patio on the south and west sides of the house, but have so many other things that might need to take priority, moneywise. We plan to add a machine shed on to the east side of the whole building, but that is down the road. But I am insisting we at least go 8 or 10 feet out this summer and put a lower roof on so we have a firewood shelter closer to the house.

This shed would eventually be enclosed as part of the bigger machine shed, but gotta do these things in stages since we keep running out of money. And Den wants me to continue putting back some savings to get myself a newer van some day...we don't want to take out any loans at this stage. Anyway.....

Duckie, hope you don't have to work too many hours on the weekend...and you go to your mom's every weekend, right?

Sun, your new vacuum sounds great! Hopefully, it works so much faster, the cleaning lady will be asking for extra things to do...can you make a list of "in case she has time" things for her to do. Or would you rather she got done and gone sooner than two hours?

I sure hope the tree trimmers can fix that tree so it doesn't cause you so much grief...not fair that it's not even in your yard. Is this something you have talked to your neighbor about?

Granni, take a deep breath and relax...will your DD who lives nearby help you with preparations? Sounds like a great time...

I'd better get back to work...if I sit too long I may get sleepy, lol! Just needed a little break before heading out again. Looking forward to going to Amy's on Wednesday...we girls think we might just get the guys some take out lunch, then go to a nice restaurant by ourselves...does that sound terrible of us? Amy and I hardly ever get to visit...always have one or both girls along. Which is good too, but nice for just the two of us to catch up. I try to do that when I'm in Tennessee, too...but we have to schedule any time when David or his mom can watch the kids for a bit.

Wishing everyone a great weekend!



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Hi guys....got the truck emptied, but haven't left for town yet. Procrastinating in order to get to the nursing home at the right time with Dad's milkshake...I think he will be glad to have one today if he's still feeling better. :)

Hi Barry...if it helps you to feel better, then go ahead and vent. I surely don't know the answer, and I don't care to have a gun or even know how to use one. But I am glad Den has one near his side of the bed...I feel much more safe just knowing that he would be able to protect us from someone who broke in and had a gun of his/her own.

I think as long as there are human beings on this planet, there will be people trying to hurt or kill other people...that, of course, is horrible. But there are also people who use their guns to put food on their table and I see nothing wrong with that. The people on the show about Alaska that we have been watching...have to protect themselves from bears, wolves, etc...a bow and arrow or little pistol isn't going to work.

As I said, I don't have the answers...but if I had children in school, I would feel much better if the school had armed guards. Maybe retired veterans or law enforcement officers...sad to say, but just a fact. Having a sign up that says "No guns allowed" doesn't seem to be working. I do hope someone in charge can find a solution without taking guns away from responsible people. However, because I don't care for guns myself, I have a hard time understanding why someone needs an assault rifle for something like target practice.

Anyway, I don't completely disagree with you...I can just see two sides of the picture.

Hope Richard comes back with a boatload of chocolate for you, and some fresh produce. :D Our produce seems to be more expensive too...wish it didn't cost so much to try to eat healthy, true?

I've really got to get going now...pooped already, lol!


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Hi Gang

Gordon just got back from errands and the library. Good thing too. I'm down to half a book
to read. It's a book about Joan Rivers. A scrapbook put together by her daughter Melissa.
And it's a big, heavy book. Wears you out to hold it. It's about a foot high and almost as wide.
I estimated that it weighed ten pounds. Gordon thought the same. According to the bathroom
scale it only weighs 4 lbs. 2 oz. Hmmm.

Barry, did you see the news today about the tips to the FBI regarding a potential school
shooter? They were ignored. Very disturbing. Nothing to do with politics, but a lot to do
with the incompetence that seems to have infected the country.

We used to have watercress growing in the stream a mile or 2 outside our little town. At
least that what the grownups told us. Never knew anybody to actually try and eat it though.
Hope Richard brings you delicious dark chocolate.

Julie, good luck with all your projects. It amazes me what you and Den can do. I could barely
hang a picture. Do you think a roof will keep the rain and snow off your firewood, or do you
plan to enclose the space someday? Sometimes I see firewood for sale at the supermarket. It's
very expensive. Six-seven dollars for a few chunks of wood about the size of a loaf of bread.

Duckie, thanks for opening the porch. Love the cheery pic. The colorful pillow on the far
right reminds me of the Pope's hat. (Note: The previous "Far Right" is not a political term.)
I don't understand your comment that you get a good refund by not claiming exemptions,
but I find taxes pretty confusiatin' anyhoo. I used to use H & R Block, but after some trouble
with them, I just did my own. As Gordon says, "Doesn't matter if you make a mistake. They
just fix it and either send you a bigger refund or a bill."

Sun, good luck with your investments. Since the banks don't seem to pay interest on savings
accounts anymore, I have no investments. With regard to male breast cancer, I read an
article about it a decade or three ago. It said that cancer was always bad, but most men were
terribly embarrassed to tell people it was breast cancer. The author of the article said, "Tell
people whatever you want. Tell 'em you have prostate cancer if that makes you feel better."

Hope your new vacuum is good one. Never heard of a Sebo before. Looked on the net. The
top model is $1300. I wouldn't buy that one. Nothing in this house is worth that much money.

Granni, where is the ladies' luncheon going to be held? At a restaurant or a home? I remember
the Catholic Church in my home town always had a fish fry during Lent. One year Ole
Swenson got mad at the Lutheran Pastor and joined the Catholic Church. He was shocked
when he heard that he wouldn't be allowed to eat meat during Lent. After some thought he
asked, "Vell, if I cut the steak in the shape of a trout, could I eat it then?"

My back quit giving my twinges so I stopped wearing the back brace. Or girdle as Gordon
referred to it. I got two DVDs along with some library books. One DVD can be kept 4 days;
the other one seven. I don't want to get them mixed up. Late fine is a buck a day.

Happy Trails
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No time to really post now and so much to do and I have been dilly dallying enough,in between chores.

Just read JULIE's post and I have to say that I totally agree with her on this shooting situation. No one likes what we have to do but we have to do something for sure. I agree on the vets or retired police officers, etc. to do so perhaps. Unfortunately lots of things have made this society what it is today and it is very complex and not just the fault of the NRA or Rep.s.

This whole situation is very sad for so many and upsetting. So, try not to feel too bad BARRY. It is upsetting to most normal people. I too can see more than one side of the picture. DH has a pistol and he took the class needed to carry I believe. I have shot targets but not sure I could shoot anything living unless someone trying to harm us, then who knows. I hadn't done this until a couple of years ago. Never thought I would hold a gun let alone shoot it but so many things have changed. Enough of that stuff.

PS - I just missed ROCK but came back to edit. Yes, Rock, I did see that, very imcompetent to say the least. Who knows when I will get back again. So much to do and I am on here typing to you all. I am cleaning out my coffeemaker now that I haven't used in some time. My DD insists on real coffee and not the decaff or instant stuff.

Bye again !

Love to everydobby
Granni :)


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About guns.....I dont have one, though my DH had some shot guns and my DS has 3 handguns....up in Portland (for protection). And now he has a license to carry a concealed weapon. Years ago during the L.A riots, it was REALLY scary around here. My son came over with his one gun at the time.....there were gangs gathering just 5 miles away from us. I've thought.....should I get a gun for myself for protection, but decided against it. Having grandchildren visiting the thought of what could happen is scary. So I just turn to God for protection and I sleep easy at night.

I was listening to some of the kids from the HS being interviewed by BBC......they felt that the security people should have been armed. Is that true? They weren't allowed to have a gun? Sad to think of how this world around us has come to this point.

Granni: I WILL NOT DRINK INSTANT COFFEE. I agree with your DD. It's not coffee...ugh. Right now I'm drinking a cup of Clatch coffee. I bought it along with a take out sandwich. Never heard of it but it's very good. I'm even drinking it black because the place didn't have any cream.


Hi, Kids,

Went to old Porch and saw no post at the end asking for folks not to post there. Something told me to go back to the Chit Chat Forum and, sho 'nuff, there was a new Porch. I bragged too soon about feeling better. I was feeling great and got into the shower. I did my hair and was going to do my makeup so I could go out. Suddenly, I doubled over with stomach pain and ran to the bathroom. The diarrhea was back full force. I was suddenly soooo exhausted that I had to lie down. I took some Pepto Bismol and lay down for a while. Then, the sore throat returned. I don't know whether this crap (pun intended) will ever go away. Good grief! I've rested all day and hope to go out tomorrow. I'm waiting for SV's new toy to arrive. He's out on the lanai enjoying this hot summer like day. I looked out earlier and he was nibbling on the sweet basil and parsley. He doesn't tear any of the leaves off. He just chews on them a bit. I figure it's good for him.

I've expressed my feelings about gun laws before. These massacres just keep happening. This guy sounds as though he has mental issues. Unfortunately, it doesn't appear as though the tips to the FBI were followed up on. In FL, you have to wait three days to get a hand guy unless you have a permit to carry. Anyone 18 or older can buy a long gun, an assault rifle, with only the instant background check which only looks for arrests. It's ridiculous. We need to get the big money out of politics so no organization or person can buy politicians. That's the only political thing I'm gonna say about this. I own guns but will not join the NRA. I hate them.

Granni, I know you are looking forward to the big weekend. I hope it all goes well and everyone enjoys the happy family gathering.

Sun, I have always loved German cars and appliances. That good old German engineering. Hope you like the vacuum.

Julie, I hope you and Den enjoy the trip to Amy's. Take pics. I haven't seen a pic of Keira in ages.

Barry, I envy your eating soup with Andouille sausage. I hope you get your chocolate. Now, I'm wanting some.

Rock, I saw that Melissa had the book on her mother. I still miss Joan Rivers. Hope you enjoy the DVDs.

I didn't say much to each person but things are heating up so I had better go.

Love, Mikie

Duckie, thanks for starting the new Porch. What a happy place. I'd sit there and feel the good vibes. Love the colors.


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Rock: No way I would pay that price for a vacuum cleaner. This dealer actually dropped the price for the automatic X4 because I was trading in an old broken, can't be fixed. I asked WHY? Because Sebo doesn't advertise he said and they like to see other companies getting traded in......didn't make sense to me but whatever.

Mikie: Bummer.....sorry you're feeling sick again. Have you been diagnosed with either IBS or diverticulosis? I deal with both on a daily basis. I think you've got separate issues going on here....one with stomach and the other with the sore throat. Maybe you need to get an appt. with your gastro?


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Time and porches are flying by. I now only have a little over a month left before my study materials for my next exam expire. I have to get busy on that.

I also have been so busy with work...ok, and quilts...that I haven't been getting enough practice time in on my music. Need to correct that one, too.

Rock - the way the "exemptions" work, is they "exempt" you from tax withholding. You can claim 1 for yourself, 1 for your spouse, and 1 for each kid. Then I think you can claim 1 additional on top of all that. But the more exemptions you claim, the less tax they take out of your pay. Good for you in the short term, potentially bad at tax time. I'd rather have lots of tax taken out and get that nice fat "bonus" each spring. Other people like to try to break even.

Mikie - so sorry you are feeling bad again. Here's a pun that might cheer you up. My DH came up with it. The husband of one of his coworkers is in charge of the fish fry at their church. DH asked if that made him the Codfather of Sole. I think she's going to get him a custom apron now....

Barry - I may have to try andouille in my lentil soup next time I make it. Sounds delish.

Granni - I hope this weekend is a success. I'll be headed out to my DM's tomorrow, then I have the deployment Sunday morning. Around that I hope to motivate myself to study, sing and clean.

Julie - It got cold again!! :confused::confused::confused:

I've been told my dinner is ready. Hugs to all!


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G'day all.
Just a quick stop in.
Dh and youngest ds is camped just out of town at the place where all the wildlife come in to eat and pose for tourists.
Even though ds behaves a little moody like a teenager, itll be offiial on Sunday, hence the special one on one trip with Dh.
I stayed up to a rediculous time in the morning (3am) putting up streamers & what not, in preparation for the special day and feel hungover as a result.well, probably not that bad, but it aint good!
Will hv to volunteer our 2 other Treasures for balloon duty, as thatd cause blood vessels in the head to start doing the Macarena...

Julie, take away for the boys sounds fine to me.
Dont 'they' (whoever they are), say females say x amount of words and much more than males? The boys will probably be happy to be spared. Justifies going out for some quality time.
Na.all jokes aside, shes your Treasure.
Enjoy that time.

Feasted on more spuds and corn in the bbq/ fire pit for tea at their camp last night and then drove home.
Prayed all the way home coz it was at that awful crazy time, just coming on dark and the roos, among other things,
Seem to like playing chicken.
Managed to avoid hitting any creature- and it was Busy! Roos, wallabies,rabbits and a fox.
All of which we managed to avoid hitting,(though it is a possibility that we may hv brushed the tail of a small kangaroo as he bounded across our path)Aswell as missing any creatures, we managed to miss the turn off too.
Good grief!
Unfortunately my driving adventures (misadventures?) Are so common place now, I just hv to make sure I hv plenty of fuel before I hit the road!
Went totally bush this time and wound up on a highway,( which is what set the alarm bells off) and Dd promptly pulled up an app on her phone that told us the way home.
30 minutes later...

Mikie, Im sooo sorry your body is under attack again.
Its plain awful. I always shove thoses electrolyte icypoles at Treasures if this happens.

Eldest just got home and now its rush rush rush!

Thinking of you all!

Take care
Catch yas later


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Greetings to won and awl.

Duckie, what Sunflower said. "Codfather of Soul" is brilliant! Your DH is real wordsmith. But
you already know that. Thanks for the tax tutorial.

Sunflower, I didn't think you paid that much. They had lots of models for substantially less.
For $1300 you should get an operator to run it. BTW, coffee was a big issue during the Civil
War. The South ran out and had to substitute with chicory root, etc. Those poor Southern
soldiers frequently ran out of food, ammunition, shoes, uniforms. This is what happens when
rhetoric takes the place of analysis.

Mikie, I think it is grossly unfair that both you and your machine are both illish simultaneous.
I recommend you file a complaint with the government. Maybe in Japan or one of the
Scandinavian countries.

Well, I'm enjoying another vegetable medley of boiled potatoes and corn; ran outta broccoli.
Gordon is doing household bookkeeping. He had a busy evening at the orchid meeting last
night. If I remember correctly (which is kinda doubtful) he won a first place, sold a plant and
won one in the raffle.

Hi Starr, see we were simultaneous again. Around these parts we seldom run into any
roos (unless we're reading the Pooh books). But we do have cars crashing into deer who
are trying to cross the road. I read they inadvertently kill about 52 people a year. My
Mn brother ran into one last winter. No injury to him, but substantial damage to
the front of the car. The deer was severely injured. My brother shot it with his
service revolver to end its suffering. Cows are also dangerous. Kill 20 or so people
a year.

As you see above, I'm also having spuds and corn. We used to grow both in our garden
when I was a kid. And lots of other veggies and flowers as well.

G'day All
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Star: so you're youngest is now a teenager? Eeeegads, good luck, 3 of them now in the house. Your drive home sounds like one of those video games for real. Boy, I understand about trying to blow up balloons. I gave that up years ago.

Rock: Your comment about coffee brought to mind when my inlaws came for a visit years ago. I WAS NOT a coffee fan, bought a can of coffee with chicory......who knew? Next morning my DH took my FIL shopping where they came back with a can of Yuban or whatever. I can just imagine the conversation between my FIL (from Minnesota) and my DH. I think coffee is a standard drink there, before water or anything else.

Mikie: I was talking to my DS this afternoon. He had taken his young female cat to get neutered yesterday and all his problems concerning it. No food after 9 PM the night before....vet orders......so he took away her food. Next morning he's eating and she's meowing for FOOD, and he's ignoring her. Then he goes upstairs and finds she had PEED on his bed!!!!!! (Mikie: I was thinking about all the troubles Tweetie gave you.) Deliberately getting back to him. So he's trying to clean it up while she sneaks into the closet and found the bag of food. Sorry, I was more than chuckling at this point. He had to take her in to the vet before 7:30 a.m. said she might have eaten a little. They did surgery anyway.......surprise....she was already with kittens, probably due in a few weeks! And he thought she was just eating too much. This is a guy who has never particularly cared for cats!


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Hi Sun

Yup. Folks in Minnesota drink lots of coffee. At least they did when I was there. When folks drop by or come over to play cards or to see your garden, it's customary to serve a little something. Usually some sort of bar and a cuppa coffee.

My mother was addicted to coffee. Used to drink it all day long. Every now and then she'd
read in the paper that coffee was not good for one, so she'd quit...for up to three days. And
now and then she'd read that coffee was really good for people. Drove her crazy. "Why
don't they make up their minds." I used to think, "Doesn't matter. We both know you're
going to drink it anyway."

How did your son come to take in this ornery cat? At least with my feral cat, any revenge
she might want to inflict would be outside or in the back porch.



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Rock: She and her brother were feral kittens, who started hanging around his yard months ago. Both skittery. I told him to put out some food for them, and maybe they would stay around and catch all the rats and mice. So after a few months she got much more friendly and she would come inside to eat, then to meander around the house, going upstairs and into the basement. Her brother was still scared and would even sleep outside in the snow, come up to the door to eat but not come in. My son has a shed and he found the way into it and a pile of tarps, so he's happy out there.

About 6 weeks ago he said some male cats were hanging around and I told him then he MUST get her fixed, which he ignored. So a few weeks ago he got a free carrier on Craig's list and had been training her to eat inside the carrier....hoping this would be easier for when he was going to take her for her surgery. Next thing is to try to trap the brother once he gets a trap and take him to get neutered then released to his back yard. All this for someone who didn't really care for cats.

As to the coffee.....I'm addicted. If I go more than 24 hrs. I get a splitting headache. There are nights when I've got a lot of pain so I take some ibuprofen and make some coffee to jump start it gulping it down. Coffee doesn't keep me awake unless I take my time to drink it down around 3 a.m. Then I'm wide awake for hours.


Good Saturday Morning, Kids,

Thanks to all y'all for your kind posts about my Never Ending Virus (or whatever it is). I did have an appt. with the gastero but had to cancel it when the cold part of the virus made me so sick. The upset stomach is part of the virus because the sore throat and cold symptoms show up at the same time. Most of my friends who have had it have both cold and stomach symptoms. AACCKK! I think I'm over it and it comes back again. Right now, I have horrible allergies and that may have me run down to where the virus has come back. In any case, I'll make another appt. with the gastero. Thanks again for all your concern and support.

SV's new toy arrived last evening via UPS. He went wild when I put it on the floor for him. He was trying to scratch on the center pad while keeping the ball rolling in the track. I've never seen a cat try to multi task before. He leapt, he ran away and turned around to attack it again and then he rolled on his side to attack the ball from a different angle. He got worn out and had to go rest. There was a repeat performance this morning. I'm so glad he likes it.

Duckie, that double pun is amazing. Kudos to your DH. It did brighten my day and made me thankful for those whose wit is so well honed.

Sun, your DS's experience is almost identical to Jeff's when Tweety and Sylvester showed up as kittens. Tweety was the strong one and Sylvester was more timid. Bless his heart for taking care of them.

Star, how amazing it must be to be surrounded by all those exotic critters. Here in FL, panthers are killed on the highways. Try not to overdo it.

Rock, I come here to whine instead of filing an official complaint with the govt. over my constant illness and my lousy crashed computer. Don't know which dept. in the govt. I would complain to. Doesn't seem as though any of them is adept at managing the business of the people.

Spring, hope all is well with you. Stop in when you can.

Hope all y'all have a wonderful weekend.

Love, Mikie

Addendum: Just came in from planting some things in the stairwell atria. It's hot out there and the breeze has died down. The Yankees love this hot and sunny weather but I'd like to a bit cooler. I still have mulch to get but thye plants are in so the mulch can go in anytime. I took some Pepto Bismol before I left and my stomach is good to go. Not much else to tell.

Love, Mikie