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Porch number 1045 is now CLOSED 5 March 2018


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Have ya'll missed me??

The hits have just kept coming. Can't remember where I left off in the saga, but I think it was at the flood stage. Well, we're just about done dealing with that. But it turns out that the thermostat issue was just a symptom of the heat pump getting ready to die, so we are going to have to get that replaced. It is nearly at the expected lifespan of a heat pump anyway. So, as if that wasn't just quite enough, the dishwasher decided to go toes up. The new one is being delivered today....

On top of that, I was fighting some kind of sinus nastiness. It seems to have subsided, fortunately, without a trip to the doctor, although there was one night my head hurt bad enough that I wanted to cut it off!! :confused::confused:

Oh, and I JUST NOW heard from DH. His car needs rear brakes. :eek::eek:

Mikie - Sorry the RT is still buggin ya. Hope the winds change soon.

Barry - Like you, I love bats. I think they're cool. They are sadly misunderstood creatures, and many people have a fear of them simply because we have a fear of them culturally.

Sun - Glad you are getting over your cold, and that you're going to get to enjoy the art museum. When I went on vacation with my DD the last 2 years, museums were our destination of choice. I'm also glad you're getting to paint. With all the crazy stuff at my house, I didn't get to sew for over a week. :eek: I finally got some time in again this weekend.

Rock - Glad the orchids were undamaged, but even more glad that you are!

Would love to stay and shout out to everyone else, but it's crazy busy at work - getting ready for a maintenance weekend and our regular quarterly deployment. Hope everyone is having a great day! Hugs to all!


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Dear Ones,

Not sure how long I will be on here again. Have been busy running around doing errands with DH this morning. Then it was lunch time and I threw a wash in the washer and just threw it all in the drier. Hope it is done since my pjs are in there. I have some different weight ones for the different temps. DH's are all the same.

Just made a appointment for DH to have his surgery done the second week in April. Not sure how long he will be laid up if at all. The doctor didn't seem worried about it with it being extensive or even cancerous. Not that it couldn't be but that due to size and location it could be taken care of quickly.

Have to go sing tonight and practice for the program we will be doing in conjunction with a festival, sort of Go Texan, and some of the history we are singing are about TX and the west and that time period. I forget the name of the program. We will be in one of the small theaters. Others will be elsewhere and outside too . Hope the weather is good for them. We will be singing also some old Stephen Foster songs too. Time is being taken up with this instead of the big program with the Mendelsohn and Handel pieces. That is what I need practicing on :)! YIKES

DH wants to go take a walk. So I need to run. Thanks DUCKIE for the new porch. You surely have enough problems and things going on. Hope it all ends soon.

Love to awl,
Granni :)


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Granni - so glad all will be well with your DH. Will be praying for a good resolution in the court case.

Barry - Unfortunately, it seems like it is going to get worse before it gets better. When they hooked up the new dishwasher, it wouldn't run. Seems it needs more juice than the old one. So now we need an electrician. When do I get to say 'enough is enough!'???


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Hi Kids

Duckie, you can say "enough is enough" anytime you like. Maybe it will help if you say
"Genug ist Genug!" in a guttural voice. One of the few phrases I still remember from my
German classes.

Great pic of the patio. I think those are Roman Doric columns. We had to learn the different
column in Introduction to Art. I got the test question wrong due to the flawed question. I
read in some novel not too long ago, "People remember the questions they missed; not the ones
they got right." Anyhoo, somewhat to my surprise, I loved the subect. It became one of my
minors. Thanks for opening up and for your kind comment on my undignified but insignificant

Glad to hear your sinus problem resolved. I wonder where actor Gary Sinise got his surname.

Barry, it's sunny and blue here too. Fed the cat. For the first time I bought her a package of
kitty treats. She loves them! But they are 'spensive. I didn't have my glasses on so couldn't
read the weight on the package very well, and I can no longer do math in my head, but I
estimate the cost is something like $8 a pound. On the other hand, that's less than half the
price of Mary Sees candy. Addendum: last time Gordon went to the Glendale Mall the
Sees store had moved out. So did the Disney store. And some other shops were just closed and
boarded up.

Granni, glad to hear you and DH are walking. Every now and then Gordon or I will say, "Let's
walk around the block," but we seldom do. Usually he's too busy, or I'm too enervated and
reading in bed. Well, at least we have memories of being more mobile in the past.

Mikie, is Sir Vester still sitting shiva? I've been trying to remember the joke in Harvey Fier-
stein's Torch Song Trilogy. Can't find it on the net. Something like, Goy goes with friend to
visit family that is sitting shiva. Asks, "How come the big mirror over the mantle is covered?"
"It is so we won't see the pain in our faces." "And how come your family is all sitting on orange
crates?" "It is to make sure we have pain in our faces."

Hugs, Kids


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Love the porch, Duck..thanks!

My allergies have gone through the roof..all I've done the last week or so, is sneeze and blow my nose..should have bought stock in a Kleenex company!!

Finally, the sun has arrived..this past week or so has been so depressing with gray skies and tons of snow. We are beginning to dig our way out of the snow..it's been a pain to say the least..still lots of the "now dirty snow" to clear from around our car so we can get to the car and start digging it out..did I say the car looks like a Hostess Snowball? Hopefully, in the next few days, the sun will melt a large portion of the snow surrounding our car.less digging for us...keeping fingers crossed!

Never did I think that at 71, I'd be shoveling snow..!!

Well, guess I better get into the shower as the flies are now starting to circle..

A BIG "Hello" to everyone..and for all of you who have returned and checked in, "welcome back", and for those who are still MIA, you are missed in a big way..

Take care and will return when I have more energy..



Good Tuesday Morning, Kids,

Hope everydooby is well. Claudia brought her DD and DGS over yesterday afternoon. He is soooo cute and much bigger than his pics portray. He is eight months old and weighs 23 pounds. I help him and he's a solid squiggling mass. SV walked in and Oliver got all excited. I felt bad because the condo is such a mess. The cleaning is slow going because I'm so exhausted and have to keep lying down. Think I'll order some B12.

Duckie, thanks for opening up a new Porch with a lovely pic near the water. People here in the hood have noticed that we all have to keep replacing things about every ten or twelve years. About ten years after the place was built, we replaced things. Now, it's been another ten years and we are once again replacing things. I could get by with my microwave and range for a long time but I think it's better to get the stainless so everything matches. If I ever want to sell this place, all it will need is a cleaning and possible a bit of paint. Good luck with everything. Did you get a DW with a stainless inside?

Granni, that TX history thing sounds really interesting. It was just the anniversary of Mexico's taking the Alamo. I went through it when I was in San Antonio and it made me sad to think of all those men dying with no hope. I did love the Riverwalk. Mom and I had a wonderful meal at that Mexican restaurant that serves Margaritas in bowl sized glasses. We both love Saint Anthony and enjoyed seeing his statue along the walk. The first Mass was said along the river. I was in a big production in CO when I was in HS. It was a celebration of CO's centennial. I was an Indian doing a dance. Good luck with your music. Prayers going up daily for DH.

Barry, count me among the bat fans. We had them flying at night around the hood in CO. Their flight is different from birds. The seem to flit more than fly. We had a couple of huge owls that came out in the evenings and, when we were out walking the dog, sat on the roofs of houses and watched us. They were clumsy flyers and looked like large jars with wings flying down the street. I am sorry you have no NRG. I'm in the same boat and am so sick of it. Hope we both feel better soon.

Rock, that is a funny joke. No, SV seems to have gotten used to having his box gone. It's OK, he's on to playing with other things and sleeping in his soft little bed. I buy Greenies treats now. Publix used to have BOGOs on the other brands. He only gets four of them a day. He has a little mousie that holds the cheap treats. When he tips it over, the treats fall out. He's pretty smart; he can get them all out in no time. It's sunny with blue skies here too. Lovely weather we're having while I'm exhausted and lying on the sofa. Life is passing me by. Whine, whine, whine. Your Miss Kitty is mighty lucky to have you in her life.

Judy, Hostess Snowballs...yummm. Sorry for all the shoveling. Snow is beautiful until you have to shovel it. I think those days are behind me. I'm a couple of years older than you and I've really felt my NRG lagging these last couple of years. I used to be so strong. I guess those days are behind me too. Laughing about the flies.

I've been posting and editing to add in between my computer's hot flashes. It must be a middle age female computer. Gotta get going. Not only am I out of NRG, the diarrhea is back with a vengeance. Don't know what that's about. Hope all y'all are having a great day.

Love, Mikie

Addendum: I called my credit card co. and they found the payment but did credit me with the late fee and interest, which came to about $40. I talked to a really nice person and she took them off. She also reset my grace period so I'm not paying interest on everything I buy. I'm glad I followed up.

I just cooked some rice in the Instant Pot. It came out perfect. I did nothing but dump the rice and water in the pot and hit the 'Rice' button. Everything is done automatically. It is truly amazing. It took 12 minutes for two cups of dry rice. This pot is awesome!

Not much else happening. I'm so tired and weak I can do nothing. I stopped down at Graces to see what the gardeners had done and they are doing a terrific job. The plants in the atria are doing beautifully, including the ground cover I planted. Think I'll get more of that.

I hope there is a Porch when we all get to Heaven. We can gather, laugh and dance a jig if we want to.

OK, Kids, hope all y'all are well.

Love, Mikie

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Good afternoon!

I feel like I'm in a case of "you won't believe what's happened now..." It seems our circuit breaker box needs an upgrade in order to run the new dishwasher. They say when it rains, it pours. Well, I seem to be in a monsoon. So, we have a guy coming Thursday night to give us a quote on a new furnace system. The electrician has to wait until the 19th, but we pay a monthly fee to have regular service done to our furnace, and it includes plumbing stuff and electrical stuff, so at least we don't have a major outlay of cash for that one...until we see what work needs to be done. And in the mean time, neither the dishwasher nor the garbage disposal will run.

Next week is going to be the choir week from the netherworld. We have rehearsals Monday, Wednesday and Thursday. They're trying to put one more on for Tuesday. It's an hour drive away from my house. Then we have performances Friday night, Saturday night and Sunday afternoon. I'll probably be glad to Sea the end of that Symphony!

It's been super busy at work as usual. We have both a maintenance day Saturday and a deployment on Sunday. May have said that already. Can't remember.

I got a new exercise thing for under my desk. I haven't been particularly good about going to the gym regularly, so I'm going to cancel my membership. No sense paying for it if I'm not using it consistently. So far I like this (not so) little thing. I'm hoping that it will be hard for me to ignore, so I'll use it.

Mikie - yes the new dishwasher has stainless steel inside. So did our last one.

JB - sorry for your allergies and all the snow. Hope you can dig out soon.

No more time for other shout outs, sorry. Things are going pear-shaped (British slang, for Barry) again. Took me since noon to type this. Hugs to all!


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Hi Kids

Been in a Twilight sorta zone today. I woke up close to noon. There was some man I didn't know in the bedroom leaning over and looking at the books in the book case. He picked up a book and walked over, climbed into bed and started reading. I said, "Morning". He nodded and kept reading.

I was trying to figure out what was going on. Well, maybe this was one of the people working
on the house and he was hung over or tired, and Gordon sent him upstairs to rest? That didn't
really seem too likely. After another minute or so I recognized the guy. It was Gordon.

About noon I woke up again and went downstairs. The waste basket from the computer room was in the kitchen. So that means it's Trash Day. And since the basket hadn't been emptied, I took it outside where I discovered we were the only house on the block with the trash bins put out. Yimmpin' Yiminee! Now what was going on? So I went upstairs to look on the computer calendar to see what day it was. Discovered it definitely was not trash day. At this point Gordon came home, and agreed. It was not trash day. Went back to bed.

Duckie, choir practice from the nether world sounds positively devilish. Reminds me of an
operetta by Offenbach. I used to have a record of it. Orpheus in the Underworld. Didn't have any great songs in it, but it had one of the most famous pieces of music in the world. The Can Can dance. That piece that goes: LA, da da da da etc while the chorus girls
kick up their heels. Hope you can get stuff working again at the house. Not a good
season to be without electricity and/or heat.

Mikie, I don't think you should be flying a B-12 bomber until you feel better. Didn't those planes require a co-pilot? Good to hear you are still delighted with your new utensil. I remember Minute Rice from my childhood. In fact, it was new then. Mom often made
Spanish Rice for lunch. It was about as Spanish as a Luau. Minute Rice, Campbell's Tomato soup, and Vienna sausages. The finished product was OK for our unsophisticated palettes.

OK, worn out, gonna lie down and read.
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Good Wednesday Morning, Kids,

It's a dark gray day outside with scud and sprinkling rain. I think it might have sprinkled throughout the night. Good. I'll take any rain we can get. SV is out on the lanai looking over his domain. I have to put water in his dish out there because he's dragged it all over the place. I don't know whether there's a practical reason for this or whether he just enjoys it.

Talked to DD in CO yesterday. It's the time of year there when everything is brown. Jan., Feb., and Mar. are dreary months there with all kinds of respiratory infections sickening the people. DSIl is doing a bit better; the steroids are helping. The docs still can't give him a diagnosis. DD will get her masters degree a year from August so she feels she can see the light at the end of the tunnel. She holds a fulltime job so is doing her studies part time. Then, she'll be able to have her own psych practice in the clinic.

Duckie, just sent up a little prayer for you that things get better fast. That's waaay too much to be going through all at once. That was a hell of a pun and I enjoyed it. Hang in there, Kiddo.

Rock, those old war planes were huge by today's stds. There was a pilot, a co-pilot and a navigator. Plenty of room to move around. I can't even imagine flying one of them. It's hard to imagine flying a commercial jet. The planes I flew were like kiddie cars in comparison. I love rice. I remember when Minute Rice was big. It was OK but I like the old fashioned kind. I usually like it gluey but it was not at all gluey in the Instant Pot. DD said she made lasagna in her IP on the rice setting and it came out perfectly. She said the sear program worked perfectly for the onions and celery when she made soup. One of the complaints of the Cooking Institute was the sear program didn't brown well. I'm gonna use it next time I make a pot roast. If I'm in a deep sleep, I wake up like you in a kinda Twilight Zone state of mind. I kinda like reality myself. Everyday for me is trash day cause I have to walk it down to the dumpster. Nothing to remember.

OK, Kids, I'm outta here before the laptop gets too hot. I think I'll go out shopping for a cheap laptop. I know it's silly to have so many but it's just not worth the stress until I can get the FPOC fixed. hope all y'all have a great day.

Love, Mikie
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Hi guys.
Yesterday we drove something like 5 hrs to the last available powered site at the caravan park near the hospital I had to go to.
Dh and youngest came, while other 2 Treasures stayed home for school and work.
We' ve never left them at home like that before, but at 14 and 16 I guess they need a taste of independence.
Anyway, I wasnt going to be permitted to get the surgery if I didnt hv an adult pick me up and supervise me for at least first 24hrs.Also, We were told we had to stay local.
Hence the caravan park.
I am glad for our little pop top.You wind it up and pull out both sides, which are a double and large single sized beds.

Today was a loooong day.
Was sposed to be there by 11:30, but Dh thought it best if we got there early.over an hour early!
It didnt make sense for us all to suffer, so I cut them loose.
Scheduled for afternoon surgeries turns out that even though they want you there by 11:30, they dont start cutting till 1:30. I was second on the list, but it was almost 3pm by the time I got sorted.
Left the hospital around 7pm!
After a day of fasting, those cheese sandwiches were probably the best Id ever eaten!

Ok.so legs look totally mummified and am out of action for about ten days.
Well, if I were working, thatd be the required amt of time Id hv to take off.
Cant drive for 7 days.bummer.
Keep off my feet for first 24hrs and then in ten to twenty minutes bursts.
Hopefully the removal of the varicose veins will mean the end of all the awful leg pain.
Of course, we all know fibro could be the culprit.
Eigther way, doc said they had to go.
Tomorrow is the looong trip back.
Ill be sitting in the back legs up.
Not looking forward to it.

I just wanted you all to know that I am thinking of you guys and praying for yas too.
And yes.when it rains it pours.Im sorry about all the terrible trials.

I did like the little bat with the mowhawk.punk hair do.
I used to think them cute, until I heard some carry rabies, in the Nth of Queensland, here in Australia.
The govt tries to deny such things , but a boy died from it.
Another listeria victim died today from rockmelon and another child (third in as many days?) Mauled by a dog.
So sad.

Anyway, time to venture out to the ablution block. This is a challenge.

Love to all- Julie,Sun, Barry, Rock, Spring, Mikie, duck, Judy, Granni and all else.

Take care
Catch yas later


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Good morning, friends! I've been trying to peek in and skim the posts...so much going on with people I care about on here.

Star...My goodness! I hope you get along okay after your surgery. I've known a couple of women who had the same thing and are doing great now. Glad you could get everything worked out, but that's a lot of traveling. I'm sure the kiddos at home are doing fine.

Mikie, I say "go for it" and get yourself another laptop. Not worth all the frustration you've been going through. We ended up getting one of the smaller ones (HP something) just so we could both be on the computer at the same time. Glad you've been able to get some things done, even with feeling so bad...I hope you start feeling really good, very soon.

Judy, are you shoveled out yet? What a mess...we once had 16 inches of snow in April. It fell so fast and caught everyone by surprise...the National Guard was called in to help.

Duckie...oh my! I think you've had enough things go wrong. I hope everything gets sorted out okay. And is this your very busy week for singing?

Granni, hang in there. There's still time for them to settle out of court. I remember the stress of just waiting and waiting. Hope hubby is doing well now. Not that long ago, an aide noticed blood in my dad's urine...no testing done, but it seems to have cleared up on its own.

Sun, what fun to hang out with grandkids...I'll bet your DGD is really looking forward to her time with Grandma.

Rock, I wake up sometimes when I hear Den getting ready for work. It's a bit disorienting (is that a word, lol?) Glad you and Gordon can keep an eye on each other.

Barry, thinking of you and Richard and your furbabies. Hope happier days are just around the corner for you. I kind of like bats for how they eat a lot of bugs, etc. Would prefer they keep their distance, though, and let me admire them from afar, lol!

Spring, any more festivals soon? Must keep things very lively :)

Kevin...if you ever check in, I've been thinking of you and our dear Diane.

Pretty sure I am forgetting someone, but please know it's not on purpose...hope things get back on track for us all.

I'm so sorry to be MIA the past few days...just trying to get things done around the house and find all the papers I need for our taxes. It hasn't warmed up enough yet (during the nights) that Den feels comfortable leaving the house with only the boiler, so we haven't gone to Lindsey's...might just go at Easter when Amy and the girls have time off to go also. Speaking of heating the house...I guess we will spend this weekend getting in more firewood. And I will pick up several more bags of pellets for the wood stove when I go to town again....so ready for winter to be done :(

On the plus side...when I get up in the mornings, it feels like I am visiting someone else's home. Nothing piled on the kitchen island or countertops, no boxes sitting around waiting to be sorted, no huge drifts of dog hair to wade through (okay...that one wasn't quite so bad, but Oreo does shed a lot and it tends to accumulate at times.) Den has even noticed that the house looks "bigger" and has a better feel to it. All I know is that spring will be here before we know it (regardless of how it might seem) and I will soon need to be working outside.

Anyway, that's my story/excuse...and today I have to go to our closest town to get my hair done. I rescheduled two weeks ago (when we went to Amy's) then my hairdresser cancelled last week (she and her family were having the flu) so now it's looking pretty bad, lol! I really didn't want to go to Tennessee looking like this :eek:

I'd better get off the computer and keep at the tax stuff. I am a big procrastinator when it comes to that...but it's usually not a big deal once I just buckle down and do it.

Take care, everyone...hope you have a "good enough" day.



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Been speed reading.

Dmc - I loved the stone floor design all circular n all of the porch. And the wooden frame roof. And the cozy wicker sofas. Not sure about the pillars which look like they got uprooted from ancient Greece and transplanted in suburbia USA.

I didn’t mean to but I started laughing when I started reading and you described what all is going wrong and the list grew and grew. I hope things susbside and calm and order is restored to Casa McDuck.

Julie - it is still that cold where you are. Today it was so hot in the afternoon. I had gone out on an errand around 10 - ish. Enjoyed the balmy weather until it got hotter and hotter. I wanted to walk so restrained the urge to flag down a taxi. But I indulged myself in some sweets at an Indian sweet meat store.

I am jealous you were able to put things away. My house is like what you described yours was before the big clean. I had an unexpected visitor yesterday and went into emergency visitor arrival mode. Scooped up clothes from chairs, huddled food packets, groceries into a corner of the big table we dump them, threw the done but yet to be folded laundry from the hall into the bedroom and turned the key to make sure guest wouldn’t by accident open the room and see a mini disaster zone in there.

In the end I took her to the kitchen, made some space on the table, where I was making pancakes for her and potato curry and tea and we sat there and ate and talked. A dear nun friend. She seemed to enjoy it hugely, the informality. Rushed up a dessert of cream and chopped grapes, apples.

Our dogs aren’t shedding at present. Thank heavens. But one of them insists on bringing twigs and egg cartons and stuff he finds outside when he slips out when one of the family leaves in a vehicle.

Mikie - sorry to hear your not up to snuff. Your computer has hot flashes, mine seems to go into a coma abruptly. I hv found a way around it though. I can’t get rid of the feeling that it’s a hacker. Your instant sounds like a find, must say. I hope your dear DSIL will heal soon.

Star - I didn’t know you were having leg problems, varicose veins. Good luck with your surgery. I had terrible varicose veins when I was expecting my DD and after. But somewhere down the line they seem to have diminished. So as I hardly notice.

When I left the house for 3 days last, a trip to India. A big monkey came into our bedroom swinging on the tv wires from a tree and trying to get in thru the window. Son was watching tv, he tried to shoo it flapping a shirt at it, but it fought back, then the dogs came in and yapped and went wild and it decided it was outnumbered and took off. In all these years we have never had a monkey visit. And it happened when I wasn’t there. Son filmed it. I was bemused. Where did it come from? We don’t have forested areas, why did it choose our house, our bedroom is very high up, three storeys up. Why did it fight back.

Judy B - so much snow! I cut some roots which were digging into the cement part of our wall today. Very stubborn persistent roots. The tree is very big, tall and old. The roots can bring down walls. Make the cemented ground uneven. That chore alone winded me.

I hope you get warmer weather real soon.

Rock - twilight zone. I can hear the eerie music in my ears. This morning I was awoken early by my brother. DH had left for an early round of golf. dB had come to fetch a purple Tibetan dress my niece needed for a function. I sleepwalked to the other room, gave him it and fell back into bed. I enjoys me sleep.

Barry - we had a bat visit last year. Hung from our old big mulberry tree. Caused much consternation amongst the crows who come to feed there. They cawed and jigged up and down in groups and glared at it from a safe distance but it just hung there looking at them upside down, with unwinking beady eyes and did not so much as acknowledge them. Three days later it was gone.

I hope the sun comes soon to your neck of the woods and cheers you up some.
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Hi, Kids,

Just got back from Publix and Best Buy where I got an Acer Chromebook for $200. It's not fancy but, if it works, it'll be just fine until I can get the FPOC fixed. I have to set it up. Guys at BB were really nice and friendly, not like they used to be when it seemed they thought being a geek made them royalty. The weather has improved but it looks as though it could sprinkle again.

Star, I hope your recovery goes smoothly. Be sure to follow the docs' direction so you don't have a setback. I'm sure the older Treasures did just fine. In fact, it might do them good to be responsible and on their own for a bit.

Julie, thanks for your good wishes. I hope to feel well enough to get this place in good condition like yours. If I had to fetch fire wood, I'd freeze to death. I know spring is on the way.

Spring, I have to call my endeavor the 'big dig' because I'm digging out from under the mess. I'm laughing about your dog's bringing things in when he goes out. When I was a kid, my dog once brought home a deer's head. I'm sure some hunter was wondering what happened to it.

I need to set up the new computer and, hopefully, will be typing on it the next time I come to the Porch. Love, hugs and prayers to everydooby.

Love, Mikie

Addendum: Holy cow is this new laptop fast. Soooo easy to set up too. I'm still getting used to the feel of the keyboard but so far, so good. Wish I had bought this one in the first place. I'll find the paperwork for the FPOC and eventually get it fixed but this is the best money I've spent in ages (knocking on wood that this one keeps working). I like using Chrome too. Woo Hoo, a whole new world.
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Good afternoon everyone!

I seem to be fighting off yet some other kind of crud, and may actually be going into a flare. I'm sick (haha) of being almost sick time and time again. I guess I really haven't room to complain after what some of you have gone through (and continue to go through), but I almost wish I could just get sick and get it over with instead of this half-crummy feeling all the time.

Rock - I know what it is to be disoriented when waking up. I once scared the bejeebers out of myself by hanging a shirt on a hook meant for robes when I was staying in a hotel. I woke up and got scared because I thought someone was standing over me!!

Spring - If I couldn't laugh at all this, I would probably cry, so I don't mind you giggling at my expense. As to your computer, it sounds as if there is something going on with your BIOS, and that's why it shuts down (had it happen to one of my computers). Unfortunately, can't really help you much; every manufacturer has a different method of updating the BIOS.

Julie - I'm glad you're getting your house chaos under control. I'm trying to get mine under control as well, but with the room swap still slowly going on, it isn't happening very quickly. My busy singing week is next week.

Mikie - Chromebook is a wonderful option. They are very simple, and since the operating system is so light weight, they are fast. I'd love to have one, but can't really justify it.

Star - I hope you're back on your feet soon, and really hope that this surgery helps you.

JB - I hear the northeast is bracing for more snow. I hope that doesn't mean you...sorry if I missed what part of the country you call home. We have lots of daffodils in bloom. My boss cut some of his and brought them in for all of us to enjoy. Very cheery.

Sun - hope your cough is finally getting better!

Well, it's almost time for me to go home from work. I have a quilting class tonight. Looking forward to it. Hugs to all!


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Star:. I didn't know you had varicose vein troubles. Best of luck with the healing. I'm sure it will make a big different in your pain level. My SIL's mom has them....BIG time. She says they hurt a lot but she must have a high pain threshold because it doesn't seem to hold her back. She has checked into having them removed like you though. Her's are like small ropes. And did your mom have them? I understand you can inherit the propensity for the. Good ol' genes.

Mikie: That's great you got this new computer. I'm unfamiliar with it but it sounds like it's really a super thing to have. I love my Ipad! Honestly I never thought I would and here I am always on it. I hope I never have to replace it. We bought the attached keyboard which was hard at first to get used to the small keys but it didn't take long.

Duck: YOU HAVEN'T CRIED UNCLE YET! You have to do that to make all these stop from breaking. Seriously, I'm sorry for all you've had to replace and now you're getting this crud. It's over 2 weeks for me, the cough is better though thanks to a great cough drop Fisherman's Friend, and I NEVER ran a fever although I was very sick. Talked to a friend yesterday who has it worse than me. Her doc is treating her for bronchitis approaching pneumonia. She swore to me a few months ago that the flu shot would keep her from getting sick. Big surprise.

Rock: Ah.....a stumbling around visit to the awake/sleep world. I used to fall asleep in front of the TV, and as I was waking up, I would start yelling there's a huge spider. My DH would run around looking for it to kill...kept saying, where where I don't see it. Then........it would dawn on me that I was looking thru my eyelashes. Told him not to bother, it probably will show up later. (I wasn't going to admit it was a halfway dream)

Spring: Nothing like a surprise visitor to put one in triple time mode. So glad you had a good visit with your friend.

Barry: Sorry.....I just don't like bats.

Judy: Are you guys also expecting more rain/snow this weekend like we are? Does your DH still shovel snow or is it all up to you?

A light was going on in my SUV that it needed maintenance so I had to get to JiffyLube this morning. So...$325 later and I started it up to drive away and the light still goes on. Do you think it takes a few days for all the new clean oil etc to make this light go off?


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Sun, your maintenance folks should have reset that light for you. Take it back and have them do it!


Good Thursday Morning, Kids,

It's soooo good to sit here using my new laptop, no worrying about its getting hot. Eventually, I'll have to dig out the paperwork on the FPOC but there is no hurry. Right now, I just need a respite from problems, a chance to catch my breath and stop the stress. I know a lot of all y'all have worse problems right now and you are all in my prayers. I think my problem is that a lot of smaller problems have been hitting me for the last two years and I'm just worn out. I think in our lives, we can often trace the start of a bad stretch to one event. For me, it was the start of the symptoms from the kidney stones. It stretched on for so long. Then, there was the never ending cold/crud, I am physically and mentally exhausted. Think I've mentioned that I feel as though I'm sleepwalking through my life. Whine, whine, whine!

Duckie, I'm so sorry you are feeling sick again. The crud going around does leave one sick but not as sick as the flu, thank goodness. Still, it seems never to go away and does make one feel sick. This is the last thing you need with all your other problems and your demanding job. This is the essence of our conditions; we are never truly well. I've always said we are heroes and heroines for what we go through and continue to get up each day and do our best, year after year. I hope things get better.

Sun, Several times after I've had oil changes, the light came on because they didn't get the air filter cover on just right. I hope that's what happened to you and that it's not something else. I wish I had bought an iPad instead of the FPOC. I used DGS's and loved it. Had I had my iPhone at the time, I would have. For everyday routine stuff, I think this little Chromebook will be fine. It's soooo fast, something which always drove me nuts with Windows, which is sloooow Hope you get the light in your SUV fixed. Sorry, it's just another thing you have to contend with. This seems to be a particularly irritating time for so many of us.

Granni, I am keeping DH in my prayers. Please keep us updated.

My friend, Nancy is have the cataract removed from one eye today. The other one didn't do well so I'm keeping her in my prayers too. She's been through a lot this year. I'm so glad I have my Porchies here and Nancy and Claudia in the three-way text for support. Hope all y'all have a great day.

Love, Mikie
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Hi Folks

Mikie, I think you summed up the trials and travails of being chronically ill very precisely.
I am still struggling with my gloves. I think I have four pair. Well, I know I have at least 4
pair would be more precise. Anyhoo I couldn't find any of them tonight. Ratbane!

For those of us who are computerly challenged, what is a chrome book? Is it like a lap top?
Is it made of chrome? Glad you have something that works.

I had a mysterious owie on the tip of a finger today. I put some ointment on it, but that didn't do any good. A slug of rubbing alcohol in some warm water did though. Just soaked my finger in it for about 20 min.

Sun, you must have eyelashes like Jessica Rabbit. Reminds me of my first job in Calif.
Shortly after I started we got another new employee. My supervisor said, "You met the new
kid yet?" "Yup." "You see those eyelashes? They're the kind women buy at the drugstore." And they were too. Have never seen the like again. The young man said his girlfriend
approved of them.

W/ re: 2 varicose veins, we had a few cases of same in our office. People who had jobs where they had to stand or walk a lot would sometimes file a claim. Since Workers' comp in CA
does not require that the job be the only cause of the disability, benefits would be paid.
When my younger brother was a teen he had surgery for varicose veins. Came out to Calif. to visit with his hospital bracelet still on his wrist. He seemed to think hospitalization and
surgery were some kind of adventure. Now he's in his early 60s. Never had any subsequent trouble far as I know.

Duckie, haven't encountered be bejeebers for yonks. Seems it usually shows up in a
book set in Ireland. How was the quilting class? Do you also have quilting bees? Quilts
were very common when I was a kid. You saw them in every home. If not on a bed, then
on the sofa or the front porch swing. Probably not so much anymore; right?

Spring, I never saw nor heard of any bats in our town when I was a kid. But a friend of
mine who lived in a somewhat larger town in Iowa had two bat encounters one summer.
One in her house and one in a friend's house. In both cases she dispatched the bat with
a tennis racket. The punchline was, "2 for 2. An excellent batting average." I took her
to the Jr Prom. Told her to leave her tennis racket at home.

Julie, yes, disorienting is a word and your use of same was impeccable. ("Impeccable"
means flawless or unblemished. Therefore people are not allowed to peck at it.)
Even though I live with an Oriental person, I can still get disoriented.

Time to go
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Hi, Rock,

Was going to check out and saw that you were just here. I'm sorry you can't find your gloves. I know they come in handy. I give them a thumb's up. Chrome is Google's operating system/browser. I could have used it on my old computer but never did. I used Firefox instead. Window's Edge is a pitiful browser. In any case, the laptop I got is called a Chromebook. It looks just like any ordinary laptop. Glad you got your owie fixed. I woke with a sore spot on my gum below my front bottom teeth. I have no idea what happened. Putting some Vitamin E oil on owies helps get rid of the pain. No one seems to know why. Did your date for the Junior Prom bat her eyelashes at you? As I get older, my hair has gotten so fine textured. Same with my eyelashes. It's difficult to get enough mascara on them so I don't look live the living dead (but I do feel like the almost living dead). I hope you can get Oriented.

Love, Mikie


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Good morning, friends! Chilly 20 degrees, but we'll get up to 35...woohoo! :rolleyes: I did get to town yesterday and got my hair "fixed" (colored and trimmed.) My hairdresser has had a rough go of it the past few weeks...she and her hubby have five kids (the youngest are 20 month old twins.) Several of them have had influenza A...hairdresser was still coughing yesterday, but it seems that cough lasts long after one is no longer contagious. Anyway...I feel much better.

Went to bed early last night (around 10:00) so was awake before 5:00 this morning. Got up before Den left at 6:00, so may need a power nap this afternoon. Fixed myself a hearty breakfast of bacon, eggs and toast...I can get by with eating "heavier" in the mornings, but get that "lie down or fall down" feeling if I eat too much later in the day.

The ground has been too muddy to drive on the yard, but I think I can get by with it this morning...need to empty the truck (into the burn pit) of all the boxes and bags of papers, etc. from the decluttering of the upstairs. I took one load a few weeks ago, but filled the truck back up again. How does a person hang on to so much stuff? I even filled the back of the van and took a load to Goodwill.

Mikie, I'm so glad you got a new laptop. Den bought me a little Chromebook when I was working at the church daycare so I could work on the breakfast and lunch menus and print them out. One morning, as I left for work, I put it in the carry bag too soon (before it had completely shut down) and it got too hot. It acted weird after that, sort of like it had had a stroke. When I quit work to take care of my parents, Den took it to the shop and just kept it there so he could listen to Pandora. But I loved it when I used it a lot.

Sun, dog gone it...I agree with Duckie. Make the shop reset your light for you. Of course, I am married to a mechanic and our check engine lights come on once in awhile. He will hook the car, etc. up to his computer, but doesn't always figure out what's wrong...so the light just stays on, lol! As they say about the cobbler's family having no shoes :p

Duckie, I'm sorry you aren't feeling well. I've had those same thoughts before...just "get sick and get it over with." I understand about the room change going slowly...my patience (with myself, not just with Den) has worn pretty thin some years when it seems we don't get much done. Seems I always have to put something somewhere "for now" until another space becomes available (getting the floor, walls, etc. finished.)

And it never fails that just when I get a big mess made from digging things out...there is a major interruption that causes more delay (like when my dad goes to the hospital and I need to be there too or I have to run to Tennessee for an emergency with Lindsey or her family...those things take priority, of course, but it's just hard to juggle it all, especially with brain fog, fatigue and all the other crap these illnesses cause. And it feels like it takes me many, many times longer to do something than it would a "normal" person.

Rock, glad your home remedy took care of your finger.

Spring, I had to chuckle at your doggies bringing "presents" into the house. We've had dogs and cats try to bring live mice inside, and just recently I caught Oreo with some frozen horse manure (that she had buried like a bone and decided it needed to come into the house.)

I think it's great that you were able to still provide a nice meal and visit with your friend at a moment's notice. I still have lots of "pockets" in my house that need attention (the kids' play area, for example) but just had to get to a point and pause long enough to get our papers for taxes together...we mail them to our accountant who figures everything and mails the forms back for us to sign. Last year was a little more involved due to settling Gpa's estate in the middle of the year, but from here on out, it should be pretty easy. We used to do our own, but with businesses (hardware store and Den's electrical repair) it got too complicated. And the accountant has everything on his computer (since 2008 or so) plus we have the hard copies.

Anyway, I'd better say a quick "hi" to everyone else...and get that pickup emptied before the ground thaws again. Need to take the baffles out of the pellet stove, too...should do it once a week to get the extra soot off, but am a couple days behind...kind of a messy job. Hope everyone has a good a day as possible.