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Porch number 1075 is now CLOSED

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Time for a new porch! Back in a moment after I close the previous one!

And I'm back. This porch looked so cool and inviting to me because of the stone...

I found out that the all-clear was given only about an hour after they evacuated us, so it apparently wasn't too terrible.

I woke up this morning with a sore throat and a headache. I'm hoping it isn't strep throat, though it looks like it could be. I'm going to postpone my dentist appointment that was supposed to be this afternoon and see if I can get into my doctor for a rapid strep test instead. Speaking of rapid, I'm rapidly coming to the conclusion that I really feel lousy, so I'm going to cut this short and try to concentrate on work.

Hugz to all

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Good morning dear Porchies,

DUCKIE - Not sure how short this will be as I am waiting for the men to deliver lumber and stuff needed to do the flooring in our study/den area.. Was hoping they would come while DH was here but alas I am still waiting. DH had to go to a meeting and will probably be back for lunch unless these guys do show up this morning. Nothing like hurry yo and wait, as usual. BTW, DUCKIE, as you probably have noticed I do get as they say, HUNG BY THE TONGUE". So sorry that you had to temporary evacuate. I missed most of that post. Glad it was only temporary and you are OK. Thanks for the pretty new porch. Hope you get rid of your sore throat really quick ad that it is not strep throat.

JULIE - Glad you are fine and getting things done, as usual along with your dad's finances. What a pain that can be. Thank goodness my DH worked in finance when we were taking care of his dad. I can do it I guess but finance is not my forte. DH is more at ease with it all. Hope your meeting for your dad goes well. Yes and all this medicare, medicaid stuff can drive you nuts. It is nice if you get a few extra benefits like MIKIE said but I think she pays more for Med. Advantage, I believe.

Thinking of everydobby. I have stuff I need to do and try and start organizing. We are going the beginning of next week for a few days to meet up with another DD and our Son and DIL will also be there as well as close DD and husband in the TX Hill Country for 2 days . We will come home the 3rd day, There will be lots of cheating going on at the winery :)!! LOL DD just said to bring some healthy snacks . hummus and veggies. More stuff to do but not to bad.

DD is here and I need to run. Sorry I can't talk to everyone individually.

Love to awl,
Granni :)


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Went to doctor. Viral; not strep...which is good news and bad news. Good that it isn't strep, bad that I just have to "tough it out." At least my lunch today is a big fruit smoothie I prepped last night.


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Duck: Sorry it's viral......so? Salt water gargles? Somewhere I got a gargle recipe from Suzie Cohen....she's a pharmacist online and I think on TV. She swears by this gargle, can't remember exactly but I remember it does have salt, lemon juice, and some vodka. If you do a search you will find it. When she was REALLY sick with the flu a few years ago she posted a video, probably can find it on youtube, on all that she took, and it really knocked it out. One thing I did do was to buy a highly recommended product called flunada....guaranteed to work. Buy it anywhere.

Granni: Have fun. I'm also going on a short trip next thursday thru sunday to the local mountains. I'm already thinking about "breathing" in the 6000 elevation, but can't stop living just yet.

I talked to my DS last night. He was telling me about his friend who died from ALS. Makes me rethink an "end of life" paper. Apparently he had signed a do not resuscitate......however, he died from not being able to breathe, and the paramedics and his caregiver could do nothing.....his girlfriend was frantic and tried CPR but failed. If he had been given oxygen he could still be here, such as his life was.

And I spent over 30 min. This morning with the Brother Printing.....I guess the problem is a wrong IP#, however I'm really dumb.....but I think I've found a neighbor who might be able to help me......I hope.


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Late Tuesday evening...getting ready to head to bed. Almost forgot to have Den get me doped up, lol, but remembered it before he went to sleep...that menthyl stuff really helps, as long as it gets where I need it (shoulder blade, for one.)

Amy sent me a bunch of pics of their vacation...they all look really rested and refreshed. I'm so glad they got a chance to get away and relax. They are going home Thursday or Friday, then Keira leaves for church camp on Sunday (till the following Thursday.) Summer vacation will be over before we know it...Keira's break is a little shorter than Miley's due to summer school, but Amy said Keira was really happy she went and Keira told me she had some of her closest friends there too. And Keira feels more prepared for 5th grade.

I had my dad's care plan meeting this morning with his two social workers, dietician, and activity director. Basically, he is doing fine and they finally got a report that there are no abnormalities in his esophagas (more on that later.) I then popped in to see Dad, ran a couple errands, took a strawberry milkshake back to him at lunchtime and sat with him while he ate.

I was running more errands when the nursing home called and said the speech/swallow guy had ordered a different swallow test for dad and they would let me know when that appt. was. Caught me off guard, so I just drove right back to the nursing home to talk to him. We met in the DON's office and they could tell I was very confused.

Turns out that during the previous swallow test (which the hospital didn't do the one the doctor had ordered, instead did a different one) dad had aspirated...but they said they thought he had coughed up everything. (Nobody mentioned this to me at all, and I was right there in the waiting room.) So, now they recommended doing the test that the doctor ordered in the first place. I also found out that Dad hadn't needed to be fasting, but they had kept him NPO from supper one day until the test at 2:00 pm the next day...not acceptable, especially for a diabetic!

Anyway, after discussing the pros and cons, I requested they wait awhile to do any more testing...if Dad gets worse we will discuss it again. The DON agreed with me completely...Dad is doing okay on the next level of purreed food and there isn't much that can be changed anyway. This is apparently just a progression of the Alzheimer's.

It was sort of a crummy day to start with...I was weepy all the way to town because in two days is Dad's 7th anniversary of being in the nursing home. After my third trip to the nursing home, I called Dad's sister in Illinois (his only remaining sibling...my Aunt Cathy.) Cathy agreed with my decision, but said it was absolutely my decision and not to let anyone else make me feel bad.

We also discussed the fact that my little brother (when he came to our house on the 4th) was trying to "shame" me because I told him I didn't think I could have a big service/funeral for Dad when the time came. My brother said that would be "disrespectful" to Dad and we "owed" it to him to have a service. I told my brother that I was choosing to RESPECT Dad while he was living and I wasn't going to have a funeral just for people (who seldom or never came to see him now) to come and cry in public.

Aunt Cathy got so mad at my brother...she knows that he nor any of his family hardly ever go see Dad. And she agrees that a funeral would be "just for show" for them. And she again told me that it is my decision and she supports me completely. (She and her husband are retired, but in poor health...and live four hours away...so I understand that they can't get here very often, but my brother lives less than 30 minutes from Dad.)

Anyhow, that was my day. I must have looked very sad while out shopping...I had two complete strangers go out of their way to smile and say "Hi". Care giving is not for wimps, I can say that, for sure.

So, Sun and Granni...hope you have a wonderful time on your trips.

Ducky, I'm sorry about your crud and that you have to just "wear it out." Your porch looks so inviting!

Sun, I didn't realize DNR meant they couldn't even give oxygen...I thought it was just if they found someone unconscious they couldn't use any extreme measures to revive them...something to think about.

Barry, I can't remember names of other than the most common plants...that's why I keep the little label stakes that usually come in the pot with the plant. I admire how you have so much knowledge of them.

Hi to everyone else...feel like I have lots of typos here, but just too tired to worry about it. I get to stay home tomorrow and Thursday. Then Friday, Den gets a half day off to go to our county fair...I usually meet him there and we eat at one of the booths for lunch.

Was a little cooler today, and not as humid as it has been. Felt kind of weird to not have chest pains and struggling to breathe...problems I have in the hot weather, even though the pulmonary testing came back okay. I'll take whatever "normal" I can get, lol!

Take care, everyone...hope to hear from others.


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Hi Kids

Couldn't find anything to watch on TV. Cat On A Hot Tin Roof was on. A mild
kawinkydink as the movie was mentioned in a game we're playing on the Homebound
board. The brass bed in the film is the same on used in The Unsinkable Molly Brown.
Very likely in the middle of the night, the furniture and furnishing MGM had in its vast warehouses would talk about the various films they had starred in over the decades.

Julie, Wow, a country fair. I went to a couple when I was a kid. They were so much fun.
In our little town we had a carnival that came for a weekend every summer. And there
was a free show on a stage in the middle of the baseball field with magicians, skaters,
acrobats, performing dogs; kinda like the Ed Sullilvan show. I volunteered one year
when I was about ten or so. The skaters needed a stooge. So the guy picked me up and whirled me all around. All the change flew outta my jeans. Ah, showbiz. Filled with
triumph and heartbreak.

Your Dad is lucky to have you looking after him. Well, your whole family is lucky to have

Barry, I am feeling deranged, distressed and dismayed over the daunting
disorders of the day that leave you disgusted, distracted, and down in
the dumps. Of course it could be worse, but that's not much comfort. Good thing
we can come here, read our books, enjoy the pets, cook something wonderful like
snails or popcorn. à chacun son goût What is Richard up to?

Sun, thanks for the suggestion of Bud's Bees. I have a vague recollection of Gordon
buying one of his products in a knit shop on one of our trips. It came in a can shaped
like those old ones that held chewing tobacco. That was some decades back when we
traveled farther than Pasadena. I hope your trip to the mountains is fun; not too
strenuous. Hope your neighbor can help with the printing problem.

Duckie, Thanks for opening up. Nice pic you found. Reminds me; about 40 years
ago we had four wicker chairs in the kitchen. I wonder if my ex still has them. I
wonder how long wicker lasts. I think it kinda withers away. I hope the fruit
smoothie is beneficial to your sore throat.

Granni, hope you have a nice family reunion in the Texas Hill Country. Is your
study getting a new floor before or after your trip? Send us a pic. Regarding a
pic of our new kitchen, it's only the floor and a shelf that are new. I asked Gordon
to take a pic, but he didn't want to. Lately he has no interest in taking pics of his
orchids and posting them here. He used to enjoy doing that.

Well, time to go.
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Good Wednesday Morning, Kids,

Put a Klonopin under my tongue last night because I had been clenching my teeth and my jaws were sore. I slept really well and SV finally woke me up at 6:30. Monday, I had to take an opiate for pain and yesterday, I was recovering from taking the opiate. I'm hoping today will require nothing else. I'm not feeling all bright eyed and bushy tailed but I'll settle for my normal sluggish self. SV has been loving this really hot weather and he is snoozing out on a chair on the lanai. We are getting a couple of days of respite from the heavy rains. They will return this weekend. There is a big blanket of dry air over SW FL so it's not too humid.

None of us got Final Jeopardy last evening. Claudia texted me to ask if I wanted to go see the new Mama Mia movie. I said yes in a NY minute. She is taking me as her guest. That is so sweet. I'll ask Barb whether she wants to go too. Don't know whether she is an ABBA fan or not. I haven't been to a movie in a theater in years. Can't wait to see Cher. She did an interview on TV and she looks just like she always has. She is releasing her own album of ABBA songs. I think I'll have to get it. I already have ABBA's greatest hits.

Duckie, thanks for starting up a new Porch. I could sit on this one and just enjoy the view. I'm sorry about the virus. Check out Sun's woman online. She is very smart and helpful. I hope you are feeling better. Just gargling with warm salt water helps.

Granni, I pay no premiums for my Medicare Advantage HMO. I could get the PPO for $35 a month. If one is willing to use docs in the network, the Advantage plans offer big savings over supplement plans. Part D for drugs is included. I have small co-pays but pay nothing to see my primary care doc. These plans work best in larger cities or where there are a lot of retirees. This plan saves thousands a year for me as opposed to a supplement. Advantage plans aren't for everyone and each person has to do a comparison. Hope your new floor is beautiful.

Sun, I have a Living Will which states that, if I am terminally ill or in a coma with no hope of recovery, the only care is I want is palliative to keep me comfortable. Mom had a DNR at the hospital but they still administered morphine because she was drowning in her own fluids and struggling to breathe. That is so sad that DS' friend died like that. I will never buy another Brother printer. I had an expensive one years ago. When Microsoft upgraded to a new operating system, Brother wouldn't update the driver for the printer so it was useless. Once when I worked in an office, we had to move our computers for some workers. I picked up the printer and one of the workers ran over and wanted to do it. I told him, "It ain't heavy, it's my Brother."

Barry, is this like your lobelia lexiflora?


Julie, I hope they can get the right test for your Dad and can help him. I don't understand how they could do the wrong test if the doc ordered the right one. It's scare when medical providers are so careless. They should not be paid for doing the wrong test. Glad the kids had such a good time and glad Keira will have fun at camp. DGS spent three weeks in Maine at a camp he loves. I got a postcard from him, a nice surprise. I sent an email on his birthday. They aren't allowed much in the way of electronic messaging there.

Rock, enjoyed reading your alliterative post in the key of D.

OK, Kids, I'm off to read the real newspaper. Hope everydooby has a great day.

Love, Mikie

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Hi guys.
Like the 'it aint heavy.its my brother' line.
I sure hope they got it.So sad when a line like that, at the most opportune time is wasted.

I'm working a little back to front, sorry to say.
Was readinv through this porch, only to realise that I've missed one.
So will hv to go back.

Sorry about all the crap you are dealing with re Dad's funeral affairs etc.
We had dramas with dh' g parents.
His G Ma's was quite lovely at a Church.
Little did we realise half the family was out for revenge due to not enough photos of them? Or something like that.
Anyway, G Pa's was held at the parlour and seemed cold and superficial and we werent in any photos (even though we did majority of the work before he went into ft care...
Left a bad taste in the mouth.
Not to mention that dh's Aunty (by marriage) was discussing money , inheritance and his death way too prematurely outside his room...
Too sickening all round...

Ah sorry.
Got lost in yester year for a bit there.

Julie, I love this saying 'do the giving while your living/ to the living'.
You are a warrior .

Anyway, love to all Porchies.
I best get back and play catch up.

Been in a ton of pain...
You guys know the drill...climbing out of another flare.

Take care all
Catch yas later


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Good morning, friends! I remember getting up around 3:00 am to use the bathroom, then didn't open my eyes again till 8:00, lol! I like to wake up a bit earlier, but guess I needed to sleep?

Star, I am glad to hear from you! I think I missed a whole porch or more also...then it's hard to get caught back up. I'm sorry about your flare. Pain is such a personal thing, that nobody can truly understand till they've been there themselves. Did you get your garden sheds to the point of being able to use them?

My mom and dad didn't/don't really have anything to leave anyone...no investments, life insurance (except for small policies to bury them) no extra money in the bank. In their wills, they left their personal belongings to me (except for a few special things to my girls) and I have incorporated what I want, into my own household. I have all their pictures, Bibles, things like that...as I go through that stuff, I have set aside anything I think my brothers would want.

I read about an idea, which I think I may use, for the "stuff" that Den and I leave behind...other than what we specifically want to designate. Leave everyone Monopoly money and let them "buy" whatever meant anything to them...better than an estate sale or having them argue over little things. And we are making a list of things whenever the kids say, "Oh, I'd love to have that someday" or if something matches their particular interest.

Rock, we understand if Gordon would rather not post pictures...glad you are in "newer surroundings", though. Always fun to have a little face lift here and there.

Mikie, how nice of Claudia to take you to the movies. We haven't been to a theatre in ages...so expensive, but fun to do once in awhile. I hope you start to feel better..."maintaining" is good.

The hospital, for some reason, was not happy with the test that the speech therapist and doctor ordered, so they kept us there while they contacted the doctor and had her change the order. Den and I both think it was just a way to require more testing later and get more money. I would have Dad go somewhere else, but hate for him to have to ride any farther than across town. But if there continue to be problems, I may request a different hospital...it would just be farther for me and everyone else to drive, also.

I could get on the mower today, but am going to stick with the plan of getting the rest of the house back in order first. Since I mowed the lane a few days ago, and not many people see anything else due to the tall corn in our front field, I'm not too worried about the straggly grass. Tomorrow will be a two, or maybe even three shower day, lol! Mowing, cleaning out my garden/outdoor tool shed, and spraying weeds again. Then Friday, a day at the fair!

I happened to be at our Dollar Tree at just the right time yesterday. They had a new shipment of school supplies, including 3-ring binders with lots of cool patterns on the outside covers. I had wanted to get each grandchild one to let them keep their paintings, drawings, etc. in...sort of a "Summer at Grandma and Grandpa's" scrapbook. But didn't get to it before they came a couple weeks ago...but I splurged yesterday and got them each a couple...good deal for $1...and each a packet of six folders. My contribution to the expensive "back to school" list.

And, so much stuff on clearance now...kids horseshoe set, badmitten game, pool toys (to save for next year)...my family knows I seldom buy anything unless it's on clearance. But when I do find things on sale, I stock up. I want to get each child a soft, fluffy blanket for Christmas (a little bigger than what they already have, as they are all growing, lol!) Had found ones for Miley and Lorraine earlier (Peppa Pig and Wonder Woman) and came across a couple for the boys yesterday (Jurassic World, with scary looking dinosaurs, which they will love, lol!) in two different colors, to tell them apart.

Just have to find Keira something a little more "tween-ish" and Liora something brightly colored with purple, for sure...rainbows, unicorns, etc. Glad each kid has their own personality and preferences...makes it easy to look for specific things...and if I start early enough, I can find stuff on sale and it doesn't make Grandpa cringe too much, lol!

I try to get fun, but practical things for the kiddos...like new lunchboxes, backpacks, suitcases, bedding...things that fit their personalities and will last a little while. Usually only one toy, and a little spending money so they can take advantage of their own clearance sales, lol!

Better say "Hi" to everyone else and get to work around here. I see I've rambled, lol! Whenever Den and I are talking, like when he first gets home from work, he says "Do you have any more words left?" Usually I do...plenty, lol!

Take care, everyone!


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Mikie, Julie and everyone: As to the DNR, it's the caregivers or hospitals or doctors that ask for you to sign a paper. My DS and I were talking about this very thing.....that it should be more specific than generic. Also.....if you go into a hospital they will ask if your spouse, etc. has a medical power of attorney, otherwise the spouse will not be able to make decisions or even look at your medical records. (And Julie: I'm assuming you have a POA for your father.) I found this out when my DIL's father had gone into the hospital and was in a medical coma...his wife had no power over anything because he had not signed a release for her and she didn't have a POA.

Mikie: Do both your DDs share POA? In my case my DD has medical POA and my DS has POA for all legal.

My DH got morphine given to him.....4 shots in less than 24 hrs.......I'm POSITIVE that's what did him in. My kids say that cancer killed him....NO......it was way too much poisons in his system that made it shut down.

Julie: Since I live alone and need muscle rub on my back at times, I took a long, sturdy wooden spoon, wrapped a little polyfil around the bowl, then put on a disposable rubber glove over the entire thing and rubberbanded it. Works great. I keep it in a plastic bag next to my MANY assorted muscle rubs. For me, one with capsacsin works best for my neck and back, but have to be careful not to get any of it around my face and eyes.....burns!

And I've also found that humid weather affects my breathing greatly and I do a lot more coughing. Fisherman's Friend cough lozenges work great though!!!! Can't recommend them enough to anyone coughing. It's the strong menthol that helps my lungs. Buy them at CVS.

Star: Sorry you're in the pain cycle. I hope you start to feel better.

Duck: Hope you're feeling better.

Hi to everyone Ive missed. I'm running behind this morning BUT I'm enjoying all the cooler weather and the lower humidity. I've got all the doors open, hoping to suck up nice air today. I hate running the AC.


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Keep climbing, Star, I'm right behind you!!!

Feel a bit like death warmed over myself. I still made it to work, but I have no idea how productive I'll manage to be.

Still no rain, but the chances for this weekend are looking stronger, so I'm getting a little more hopeful. In the mean time, we're watering the garden like crazy.

Mikie - I don't go to movie theaters anymore. Can't stand the commercials they inflict on you while you're captive-ly waiting for the movie to start. I've gotten so that I can't stand commercials of any sort anymore. Plus, they play them so loud! I do confess to being an ABBA fan...

Julie - I love Dollar Tree. I get bins there to organize my projects in. They fit in the cube shelves I have and are way less expensive than the specially made "drawers" for the shelves.

Barry - my mum (British spelling, for you) always referred to hers as Lobelia, so that's the only name I've ever known them by. Guess that's why I thought it was the common name.

Sun - I have medical POA for my DM (as I have a medical background) and my local brother has the legal/financial. My DM didn't want to overburden either of us. I have 2 other brothers who live further away (Illinois and Texas).

Rock - I may enter my states quilt in a country fair when it's done.

Must get back to work.

Hugz to all.



Hi, Kids,

Just woke from a nap. I had taken a bath and lay down and that's all she wrote. It was a deep and restful sleep and I'm glad for it. Think the Klonopin was still in my system. Just grabbed a bite to eat and fed SV his lunch. As usual, he just slurped the gravy off his wet food. He'll come back later and eat the little pieces. Last time the kitty broth was on BOGO, I bought a stash but dole it out sparingly. I really should make my own. Anything with smelly fish would do.

I went to add a channel to my smart TV and it wouldn't let me. Then, I looked and the wi-fi was out. I had to reset it. Seems as though that's happening a lot. Different rooms get different channels when I run the sets on the antennas. Yesterday, I wanted to watch something on PBS and it doesn't come in on the living room set. I curled up on the sofa in the little sitting room and SV got so excited. He found a perch close to my head and went to sleep. Why is it that cats make a home feel so much cozier?

Star, the Brother line wasn't lost on anyone. The printer name was big and visible to everyone. The worker and his coworkers cracked up when I said that. They talked about it all morning. Yes, I know the drill. I'm climbing out of an unusual flare myself right now. It isn't just the pain, it's the lousy feeling which goes along with it. I agree with giving to the living, including ourselves. That is why I decided to buy the new matching appliances and not leave it to the kids to do after I'm gone. I enjoy them every time I look at them or use them. My kids just figured that out and are completely redoing the kitchen in the house they just bought. They redid the old one in TX just before selling and buying the one in CO. They sold that house right away for more than I thought they would ever get. There were other houses near theirs for a lot less $$$. I think it was the sleek new kitchen which helped. They got a great deal on this house so decided to rip out the old kitchen and put in a new one. Both love to cook and their lives revolve around it. Can't wait to go see them and their new house and kitchen. Hope you feel better.

Julie, I hope you don't have to go to another hospital for your Dad. My HMO is very careful to make sure no one is just ordering things willy nilly to increase income. They don't deny anything warranted. I'm glad because I don't want anyone gouging my insurance. Medicare pays the insurance a bit less than it costs per person on Medicare in this area on average and they provide much much more than Medicare does due to efficiencies. They pay the docs and hospitals and Medicare is out of the loop. They are only allowed to make so much in profits and have to use any excess profit to provide more benefits. That's why they give us OTC products. They remind me to get the tests I'm due to get. This plan works like HMO's were designed to work, to prevent illness rather than just treat it after the fact. I just have to be sure to use network docs except in case of emergency. Sounds as though you got some great buys on things for the kiddies. I love Dollar Tree.

Sun, I need to look through my will and POAs. I carry my Living Will with me and always have a copy made whenever I have anything done. Doc asked me if I wanted a DNR for Mom once her organs began to fail and it was inevitable that she was going to die. He said they can keep shocking a stopped heart back over and over but, in the end, she wouldn't survive. Mom didn't want that; we had just talked about it two weeks before she died. I know that huge shot of morphine brought on her death sooner but it was peaceful without all that struggling to breathe. I told my girls I hope someone will do the same for me if I ever need it. My skin is sooo dry and I smooth some lotion on a wet wash cloth and grab it with one hand above my shoulder and the other hand down below my back. I run it up and down to keep my skin moisturized. It's also a good shoulder exercise. I envy your soaking up all that nice fresh air. I do thank God for my A/C in this weather down here in the jungle.

Duckie, I aspire to feel like death warmed over; it would be an improvement. At least, the horrible pain is gone in my hips and legs (knocking on wood). I don't go to movies in theaters for the same reasons. I cannot filter out others' talking during the movies, rattling their food wrappers and especially someone texting during the movies. I fear manners in public are gone forever. I fear even more for the brains of those who cannot put down their phones. We will be going to a matinee which I hope is too early for the younger set who probably aren't fans of ABBA to begin with. I just hope we don't get any hard of hearing folks near us. Most our age wear hearing aids if they need them. It's the really old ones who don't wear them and keep asking what is going on. Last time I went to a movie, it was empty until three old ladies sat right in front of us. One kept asking what was going on. The other one would tell her. It was a suspense movie and she was ruining it for us. I don't understand why they chose to sit in front of us with all the empty seats around us. Doh!!! Good thing Mama Mia has such a weak story line that it doesn't matter. When the music blares, it won't matter either. Hope you feel better.

I've certainly been chatty here. I hope for a good day for everydooby.

Love, Mikie



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Hello, Friends

Just woke up from my nap. I never have dreams any more. Mikie, I omitted my paragraph to
you in my previous post. I see Florida is in the news again. Apparently all the mayhem that Dave
Barry and his friend Carl Hiaasen write about is not totally exaggerated. Some guy decided that
a driver ACCKK!


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Hey Duckie. Don’t you just love that porch? The creativity in peoples just blows me away! I can spend hours just going through house decor. Outdoors, Indoors. I love the cane furniture. And the stonework. I wouldn’t mind a little more of that. And that cane rocking chair is something I would want on my wishlist.

My DH is least interested. And his taste and mine differ a lot. I’ve loved brick walls inside but if I suggested we re do our plain wall, he would be horrified. Would view it as utter waste of money. Since DD came, we have been able to redo a lot of interior furniture. We had a little storeroom near the kids bedrooms which we converted into a walk in closet for her. Floor to ceiling closets shelves. And I got all the furniture in our bedroom, procured in dark wood with modern plain lines. Looks much better now when I’ve cleaned, that is.

Please take care of yourself. Viral is not good. Did they find out what was going on when you had to evacuate? How it came to be? How did toxic fumes happen? Your office building has a lab or something.

Yesterday flew by just getting washing done, and then I got out my recipe book and made white chicken korma. You mix cashews, almonds, and poppy seeds along with like a dozen other spices and cook it in clarified butter. Except for almonds, and mace I had everything. I know it was good because DD was keeping some aside in her tiffin box for her lunch today.

I also made raw mango vegetable curry. Looked it up on the net. It’s more picklish than curry. But yum.

Rock - that’s unfortunate Gordon doesn’t click and post pictures. But I’m like that myself. All the trees, shrubs, flowers I posted on my social media sites, some sort of evil eye seems to have descended on them, I no longer have my flowering cherry tree, my big magnolia, my humongous azalea and others. All wilted away or rotted. Not that I miss them now. I replaced them with others. All grown up and flourishing. Bay trees, jacarandas, something that has flowers look like a parrots beak. Startling red. Oh many trees. Some people like having neighbours around them. I prefer trees. They’re not nosy, and they don’t judge. And they’re always glad to see you. I stopped going to my social media sites anyway. The Porch is enough.

I didn’t know about Dave Barry. Apparently he is an author. I googled. When I was younger, I used to think California was the best state in USA. Barring the EQs. But now we hear of wildfires and mudslides. And water shortage.Is nowhere safe?

Barry - you should see some of the floaters I get at random times. Long strings of silvery type, transparent balls, tiny black dots, or plain grey smokey stuff. I use my float busters on them. (white light).I’m sure they weren’t meant to be in the great scheme of things. Nasty buggers.

I’ve become a little better now at tolerating crowds. I don’t ache and pain in every joint. Or get out or I’ll burst kind of feeling. I do feel very agitated when I pass some entrances of office buildings or malls etc. people with their anxieties, anger, sadness going in and coming out and unintentionally leaving imprints.

Sun - I love your innovative ness. I love the idea of rubbing ointment on a cloth wrapped longhandled spoon and massaging away. We have plastic back scrubber sponges. I’m guessing they could do as well. They’re kind of hard except for the sponge. It just gave me an idea. I’m always buying massage oils, essential oils, eucalyptus, lavender are my favorites, I think I could just rub some on my back the way you said. Probably loosen them up a bit. And let the healthy blood flow properly.

Either foreign tourists are buying them in loads or locals are getting more into nature cures, we have a boom of nature products. Oils, gels. Every kind of soap. I even saw yak butter soap. I was like, what? Who needs that here. Maybe someone with excessively dry skin? It’s so hot and humid, I’ve not even bothered to put on moisturizer. Another gooey layer to add on to already sticky skin? I’m thinking maybe in this weather, my face doesn’t need it? I’m always sweaty!


Website for soaps made of strange sounding herbs. I think the mushrooming spas are buying them up too. I mean ever multiplying spas being opened with outlandish treatments. Not spa where they grow mushrooms on you. Hahahahaha. I’m laughing like a crazy old woman here. The little dog came to see what was going on, put its head around the door, smiled at me and jumped up to nestle beside me, happy mommy seemed to be having fun.
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Hi Kids

As you may have gathered from my last fragment of a post, computer problems intervened. Now I forgot the gist of the story about the argument over a disability parking space. Can't remember if it turned into a fight or a murder. What may be trivia to one person may be life or death to another.

Mikie, I think I posted before about the Will Shortz crossword puzzle books in the Daedalus catalogue. There was another one I was going to mention, but can't find that one. Barry, there is a mystery book featuring Eliza Doolittle and Henry Higgins. Must be a cozy. The
title is Move Your Blooming Corpse. Author: D. E. Ireland.

Oh, I found the other one, Mikie. It's The Shanghai Union of Industrial Mystics, Feng Shui Detctective number 3. Author Nury Vittachi. Your fraternal pun was most excellent. I am passing it on to my brothers, but not my sister. She has little in the sense of humor dept.

Spring, never heard of a flower like you described. However, I found this: "Lotus berthelotii or parrot’s beak is known for its ornamental lobster-claw like flowers, which also look like parrot’s beak."



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Good Thursday Morning, Kids,

Barry, I'm with you; I don't think they should be allowed to pitch drugs to the public. Old days, they pushed the drugs to the docs. They, they figured they could pull the drugs into the market by getting patients to demand them from their docs. Clever marketing ploy by Big Pharma. Hope you manage to stay cool.

Rock, glad you liked the bit of sibling silliness. I currently have a crossword puzzle book that I'm doing. It's difficult in a whole different way than the NYT puzzles. Is your computer behaving better for you?

Spring, I've also noticed all the 'natural' products on the market. I have to be careful with scented things. One could end up smelling like a salad!

I went to the pool with my pals. We had a good time. Our mornings this time of year are beautiful. The pool water was warm and inviting. The sky was blue and sunny with tall billowing clouds to the west. Temps are in the 70's.

Love, Mikie
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Copied this out of Word for the day-
Where can you go to escape the noise and hubbub of city life? How about a small island in the Caribbean called Grand Cayman? Vacationers to this resort say it is the closest thing to paradise on earth. The residents there pay no taxes. The water around them is calm and warm, and there are orchids growing everywhere. Sounds good, doesn’t it? But there’s a catch. Medical studies revealed that the two major ailments suffered by the citizens of Grand Cayman are hypertension and anxiety neurosis. Life on a tropical beach is not always what it appears to be.

Thought this was interesting.
Head is thumping, so will come back later.

Take care
Catch yas later


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Oh, Rock - I found the tree. It’s not what you posted. It’s called coral tree. Here, there’s a blog by a foreigner for trees in kathmandu. It has a picture among other trees I see around a lot. I have the pink Sirus too.


Hey, Star - you and I are cruising along the Porch highway in opposite directions. We just passed each other by while I came back to edit.

That sounds like a complicated mess, keeping persons out of photos as tit for tat. Like junior school. Large families are the best, when they’re all loving, caring people. Hell, when everyone has their own agenda and is fighting to be top dog.

That island where there is anxiety neurosis and hypertension. I’m sure the locals are reacting to some sort of environmental stimuli. Thanks for the info. I would like to look the place up.

I hope you come out of your flare real soon.

Mikie - that’s neat about your DD getting a good deal on their house. I love What’s for Sale. It’s the Canada one. Lovely houses. They show 3 at one time. I’m glad you got in the appliances you wanted. It does the soul good to live among things you love. Things you choose because they make you happy. Appliances are not like shoes you can say, I’ll get the one I like next time.

I got a bad dream last night. Strange. I read a nice storybook before sleeping. But I think it’s just one of those things. Nothing to worry about.

Granni - that sounds like some downtime. Walking among miles of flowers. I’m happy you are going.

Sun - good to know you are going too. I googled your last holiday place. So beautiful.

Barry - you seem to have a lot of herbs. What a place for your fur babies.! I haven’t watched much news lately. We have an Asian Channel. They give nice reports about stuff going on like a family restaurant doing well or a Taiwanese director making a film in China and getting five times the budget he uses for his film back in Taiwan. That sort of thing. Things I wouldn’t see elsewhere. Kung Fu Hustle made by a Hongkong director was so funny. And different. One of my all time favorites.

Julie - how happy I am they didn’t find anything wrong with your DF. I remember what I went through when my own DF was ill. How I wish everyone was allowed to live healthy and then pass away gently when the time came. That too, a dear gentle soul like your father. I empathize with Lyndsey if she too is sensitive. So much stimuli. And her a young mother of four lively kids!

Good to know Amy is having an enjoyable time.

Ok, I ve been in and out like three times trying to complete my post. Something or other interrupting.

Well, at least I did some shopping downtown for something I needed. And I got some more washing done. I like hand washing some stuff. It feels even better when it dries same day. The sun was hot enough. It rained later. Something to salvage a day I would describe as being productive in bits and pieces.

God bless
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Good morning, friends! Woke up in a bit of a dwam...(I need more neat words to use, Barry ;)) but hoping a cup of coffee will help. Thinking it's because Den got called out just before bedtime and had to work a couple of hours. Problems with the electric at the fairgrounds. I stayed up, waiting for him to come back home, then we were both wound up for awhile and couldn't get to sleep.

Anyway...glad I don't have any appointments to get to today. As it is, my plans have changed since it is to rain, so I decided already yesterday to just continue working inside and get a fresh start outdoors the first of next week.

Amy and crew are going home today, then she has to get Keira ready for church camp. Amy will give me Keira's address so I can write to her ahead of time and she can have mail at camp. I might even get Grandpa to send a card or something...won't Keira be surprised then?

Oh, here comes the rain...a nice gentle shower...just what the parched fields need. And, right on cue, Oreo...she wants to be close to Grandma if it decides to storm.

Hope everyone is okay, or can get that way sometime soon. My pain level is up there right now, but I'm hoping once I move around a bit, it will get better. Thinking of you all, even the ornery ones...you know who you are, lol!