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Porch number 1079 is now CLOSED 08-03-2019


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Here's the perfect porch for all us tired MOPS and BROOMS.

Back in a moment after I close the old porch.

So, about the "active shooter" at WPAFB...it turns out that an uninformed individual panicked, and thinking the drill was a real event called 911. So the drill got a little more serious.

Rock - I forgot to mention that last week I took a chance and bought a little personal watermelon. I don't usually buy them, because they're normally just about tasteless. This was an Amish grown variety called Yellowjacket, and it had yellow flesh instead of red. It was as sweet and flavorful as the watermelons I had as a kid. And full of seeds, too. I remember sitting on the front porch with my brothers and having seed spitting contests to see who could spit one the furthest!

Spring - I don't know if I'll keep my quilt or not. It certainly got rave reviews at guild last night, and I got some advice from some senior quilters as to how to quilt it. If I get offered a sufficient sum of money, I'd part with it (probably a little grudgingly), but that's how one gets one's name known in the quilting world.

Sun - What a pill your pool guy! Is he an independent or does he work for a company? If he works for a company, report him. Sounds like he's an independent, though...

Mikie - My doctor used to write me a prescription for 42 Demerol tablets for my migraines, which would last me at least a year. All of a sudden this year, the insurance company wouldn't let him write it. The longest they'd let him write a prescription for was 7 days... so he wrote one for "around the clock" for 7 days (28 tablets). When I go back in January, he'll write another one... As to the "eedgets" who do things they're not supposed to, we call it "shallow end of the gene pool" rather than "culling the herd," but it's the same concept!

Barry - I hope your dentist appointment goes/went well.

Julie - I feel for you with the clean up project. Now that I'm done with my quilt, I have to clean the bunker. It's gotten just a weeeee bit messy. I'm actually pretty good about tossing cut threads and fabric bits straight into the waste basket, but a few go astray, and all the cats (especially Worf) love to spend time with me, so I have a lot of fur and dust bunnies that need to be swept up.

Back to the label grind for the Duck...

Hugz to Granni, Star, GB and everyone else I've forgotten!

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DUCK: A tad too sparse for me on this porch although some might like it. I've also been sewing except at my kitchen table so I had black thread everywhere, including in Clair's poop.....she eats everything including bugs she finds in the hallway. We used to say that she was on "bug patrol" at night.

Barry: Go back to the last one and read the link I sent for you. I took some salt and drank a glass of water so now my blood pressure is up to 127/68. The problem with BP is you have to get it in that certain range. Too low not good (I had an aunt who would faint) and you get lightheaded and dizzy, too high and it causes different type problems. My mom's was always high, usually above 160/90. So she had to take pills and that presents more problems. Our bodies are like our own chemistry experiment.....a little this a little of that and we make it behave.


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Hello. Is this the party to whom I am speaking? Just got back from the chiro and Trader Joe's. As usual they had lots of exotic new foods for high prices. How do you like the
sound of this one. Beans and Kale pressed into slices like lunch meat. The free taster
item was half a strawberry in a little paper cup. I asked the gal behind the counter if she
made it herself. She laughed. Ya never know. Some folks would scowl.

Gorden dropped me off and went to Chinatown to get something. Well, good grief!
He's back already. He made fruit soup yesterday with strawberries and grapes in it.
Very refreshing. The Norwegians make fruit soup too. They have one they make
from dried fruit called sotsuppe. According to the site, "It's as Norwegian as Director
Ingmar Bergman. One of the things that impressed me during my freshman year was
that the school showed foreign films from Norway, Italy, etc. Free too!

Thanks for opening up, Duckie. I wonder if that bed also functions as a swing. If
you put your avatar on the bed, it will probably disappear. I tried one of those
"personal" watermelons once or twice. Decades ago. Even back then they had no
flavor. Didn't know they came in yellow.

Can you send photos of you magnificent quilt to a quilting mag or organization?
I would think there would be a lot of interest in such a big project with a successful

I'm going to take a nap. Got all worn out at T. Joe's. Left my purchases with Gordon
and went to sit in the car. Now I'm gonna take a nap.

Hugs, Folks, Rock


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Rock: Think I'll pass on the beans and kale lunchmeat. I am going to TJ today to pick up the fresh saurkraut I love. My SIL had some canned on a hotdog up at the mountains and I happen to mention that I loved the fresh, totally unlike the canned stuff. So I'm going to get him a jar also. I told him it's like a probiotic, tastes good and you don't have to swallow a pill.

By the way, I'm finding I get an upset stomach after I swallow too many vitamins at once, so I guess I need to divvy them up over the day. Personally I would rather eat a healthy vegetable that will supply me rather than a pill. And here's a link for all of you to read concerning magnesium that we're all short of. I've been getting those awful charlie horses at night so trying to eat a banana a day plus getting enough magnesium.



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Dibs on the porch bed-swing! Even though I'd probably get seasick, lol! Thanks for starting us up again, Duckie. Sometimes I grab one of those little watermelons, too...if nobody else is going to be around to help us eat it. All the grands, except Miley, love any kind of melon. Picked up a 10# box of Georgia peaches today on my way back from town...thinking I might see Amy at some point and can share with them.

Was late getting to the chiro, but glad they let me keep my appt. anyway. He fixed my low back...not sure what I did, but it just kept getting worse. While I was out, I mailed another Berenstain Bears book to Tennessee...have 14 new ones and will send one or two at a time.

Spring, we have been doing our devotions/Bible reading at home the past few years...Den and I stopped going to church when Gpa lived with us because Gpa couldn't get around early enough and we didn't want to leave him home alone. He knew lots of our church family, so our pastor took care of his funeral service. I keep saying we need to get back in the habit, but Den and I had both gotten so used to just staying home...we'll know when it's time. For awhile there, after Gpa died, I didn't want to leave the farm at all...almost to the point of being unhealthy. But I'm getting better and am usually gone a couple of days a week...at least once, anyway, to go see my dad. All of our kids are Christians and have churches they attend regularly, so we sometimes visit theirs. And David is an ordained minister...Southern Baptist...which we lovingly tease him about, lol! (Because they are often so strict about things like dancing, movies, etc., etc...David is much more laid back, though, and the church they attend now is non-denominational)

Sun, good advice about the salt water. I have some sole made up...a jar of water with "Real" salt added, to the point of no more dissolving...I forget what that's called. Just need to remember to take some in the mornings...I dilute a tsp or tbl in some other water and drink it down quickly. Oh, I see you just popped back on...yes, magnesium is so important. I have to take my supps with a little food...

Mikie, always good to get my freezer cleaned out, too. And the fridge. Glad it sounds like the pool redo will be in good hands.

Rock, your wit is like a breath of fresh air. Glad you felt like getting out and about. I've never had fruit soup...sounds very refreshing, though.

Barry, hope you are doing okay after your busy day.

Granni, Star, anyone else I'm missing...thinking of you guys! I'm gonna crash a bit and let Den join me when he gets home. I shredded a bunch of zucchini (probably got 32 cups) before I left home this morning, but had to get some more freezer bags, so just stuck the bowls in the fridge. And...I'm still working on that garden shed. I'm thinking it must have been the "wrong sign of the moon" to start a project like that...sure has taken me long enough.

Okay, not sure I'm all caught up, but seem to be fading fast here. Hope I feel more energetic after a nap...doesn't help that it's 88 degrees outside, on the way to a high of 93. I think our little reprieve from the heat has ended.

Take care, everyone!



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Spring - forgot to answer your question - my fibro started in 2006 after I had my knees replaced.

WOO HOO!! I just saw 2 humming birds at once! And of course, they were fighting over my 2 feeders, like that wasn't enough for them.


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Popping in just for a minute before I start fixing dinner. I just took a little nap. I have had a scratchy throat and cough and now and low grade fever. Not 100 yet but guessing it might get there . I am glad that I have some left over meds from URI I might have to use. Right now I am just using muscinex during the day and mucinex with cough suppressant at night. That cough can drive me nuts. It doesn't' take much for me to get a URI, unfortunatly but have been pretty luck lately. Used to get the every year. Haven;t done much work or organizing today but did a wash that I put in the drier but sure not all done et. Need to go fluff and hang.

Does anyone know how to get smudges from on the new wooden floor off?? Need to do some checking on google to get some answers. Maybe from tennis shoes, not sure. So far I do not really see it but eagle eyes husband is spying them :)!!! I just tried looking at oe of them. You see it when you are looking in a certain direction.

DUCKIE - Thanks for the new porch volume !!!What a cute swinging bed but not sure I would like it. I probably would have problems getting out of it unless you can stabilize it sometimes when needed. Very cute though. On our recent trip I had a hard time just getting out of the higher beds:)!!. Have fun cleaning up after your quilt project.

SUN - We also love sauerkraut but I never tried to make my own, to much trouble for me these days. To buy the good stuff is not cheap and I know how good it is for you/ us.

JULIE - Wow grating or shredding 32 cups of zucchini is a lot girl. Don't grate your fingers. I still grate but not that much.

Hope everyone has a nice weekend. I will try and get back as soon as I can, Special waves and hugz also to MIKIE, ROCK, BARRY, SW, and anyone else I may have missed with my pea brain as MIKIE says. Gotta run and do some stuff on the computer I haven't been able to do.

Love to everydobby,
Granni :)


Hi, Kids,

Duckie, thanks for opening up a new Porch. I might like that suspended bed out on the screened in porch. We used to joke that my Mom had the greenest thumb we had ever seen. Once we were out in the yard eating watermelon and spitting out the seeds. Where Mom spit hers, a watermelon vine started to grow proving our belief. Thinning of the herd is dark humor because it refers to people's dying because they are too stupid to survive. It just goes further than the gene pool idea. I suspect those who swim in gator infested and toxic algae infested waters are from the shallow end of the gene pool, hence the survival of the fittest or demise of the weakest. I'd have a hard time parting with that beautiful quilt too.

Spring, being dehydrated can cause the BP to plummet. I still like the Smart Water because it helps with depleted electrolytes. We got a new puppy once and she ate some candy bars under the Christmas tree. Her poop had the foil in it for a few days and it shone in the sun out in the yard. We were just happy the chocolate didn't poison her. Your description of Clair's antics reminded me of that puppy. Hope your BP and leg cramps improve.

Rock, you are right; you never know how people who don't know us will respond to our wit. Richard and I once stopped at Publix to get some fried chicken at the Deli. He order different pieces and, when he ordered two breasts, I told the woman behind the counter that he was a breast man. I'm not sure she even got it because she had no reaction. Richard, on the other hand was cracking up. Our trips to the grocery store were always a load of fun.

Julie, glad the chiro fixed your back. I lifted a heavy bag of newspapers for recycling and I felt something give in my side. It was probably too high to be a hernia but it felt for all the world as though something poked out. Hasn't hurt since so guess no harm was done. My kids loved those books. One of my favorite memories is reading with them. Both read before going to kindergarten. We joined a book club for kids and they loved getting new books. Good grief! It's hotter there than it is here. We had a good rain and it's only 80 now.

Granni, I hope you feel better. Don't know how to get scuffs off the floors. If they are real wood, you can rub a nut that matches the color on it. The oils in the nut help get rid of scuffs. That's one of the few household hints I know. Feel well soon.

Wind was offshore today so the RT didn't make me feel quite as sick but there is soooo much of it along our beaches. They are using scoops to pick up the dead fish just like when they do snow removal up north. They are piling the fish up just like with snow too. It's disgusting and tragic.

Evidently the two manatees escorting their dead comrade where trying to buoy it up so it could breathe. That broke my heart. Animals are soooo amazing and much smarter and more loving than we know. We were on the national news again and they showed the hospital where turtles are being treated for the RT poisoning.

Hope all y'all have a lovely evening.

Love, Mikie



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Mikie: When we were at the local mountains we went to a zoo, holding all types of injured/disabled animals. Some missing a leg or an eye or a wing. Lots of various ones: Coyotes, eagles, deer, bears, foxes....oh gosh, I could go on and on. But these animals were rescued and brought to this zoo to live out their lives. And I haven't read much lately about that mangy coyote so perhaps it's moved on. Anyway, it made me feel scared about going for an early morning walk and I can't do it after 8:30 because it's already too hot.

Granni: I keep forgetting to tell you I've discovered goat cheese! My stomach likes it better too! Trader Joe's has a good variety. Do you have one near you? And also sour dough bread is easy on the stomach too. Did you get results from the allergy tests?

Julie: I didn't realize David is an ordained baptist minister. Is he connected to the church near him? Does he preach?

I took myself to my art group today, mainly because I promised to bring in a wire bin and a few of my matted paintings that fit in it. In September some of us will be hanging some of our paintings at a nice restaurant that has a gallery upstairs. I've signed up for it....unless this back and body start screaming at me at the time of the opening show.

I did a little painting but mainly just chatted with my fellow artists. On the way home I stopped at Trader Joe's to pick up some things.....love that store.

My Chinese neighbor came over today to tell me they're going on vacation for a couple of weeks. Asked me to keep an eye on their house and would I please water their tomatoes....of course, but only if they have a hose for it. She wasn't even sure.....they water carrying a container....can't do that I told her because neck and back troubles. My question: Who doesn't have a hose????? And I told her a week ago I was outside and could smell the wonderful cooking smells coming from their house. I said I was almost going to go over with an empty doggy bag and ring the door bell. She told me a few months ago it was her dad that did the cooking, and no...he's not a professional chef.
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Well goodness me. Lots of Posts since I was here last. Had a nice nap. And after
that I had some wonderful cherry tomatoes. They looked beautiful and tasted delicious. From our garden? No. From Trader Joe's. Ten oz for $2.50. Next time I'll buy more.

Sun, I eat lots of green vegetables, but never tried kale. Hard to imagine kale
with beans. I found a site that lists 13 foods with more potassium than a banana.
Trouble with the site is each item is on a separate page, so I only read the first one:
potato. I wonder if it's Mr. or Mrs. Potato Head.

Julie, we have so much in common. Today we were both at the chiro. I was sitting
in a chair in the room adjacent to the one where the Doc was talking to a patient. I
could hear but not understand what he was saying. I was wondering if I put a glass
to the wall, could I really hear better. But I didn't have a glass. So then I thought,
well, what if I borrowed one of Gordon's contact lenses. Maybe that would work. At
least for small words.

Gee, I haven't thought of the Berenstain Bears for decades. Used to read their
books to my son. Thank you for you compliment about my wit. But I'm turning
into a halfwit these days. I can't remember if I've finished reading a book, so I
find myself going back and rereading. And then this afternoon I had a new book
by a favorite author. I've had it home from the library a week, but I didn't read it
because I somehow thought I already had. Of course these are minor problems,
but all in all things don't bode too well.

Here's a saying I've been told.
I'd rather have a nasty cold
Than deal with things that poorly bode.

Granni, yes that bed does look like it might swing. You ever visit Hearst's Castle?
The ancient beds there are really high. There are steps so one can get in and out.
Can't imagine how people celebrating too much would manage.

Mikie, I saw some smart water at Trader Joe's today. Label said it had electrolytes.
I think the brand name was Propel. Or was that the slingshots on the next table?
Speaking of breast men, Gordon is not one. Especially with chicken. He insists
breast meat has no flavor and prefers the wings and legs. Although today while I
was waiting for the chiro, Gordon stuck in his head through the curtains and said,
"The doc wants to know your bra size." He thinks he's funny. Trouble is, so do I.

With regard to household hints, Carl Reiner was once on the Tonight show. Probably
the one with Jack Paar. He was asked about a household hint. Carl said, "The
only thing I know about households hints is that most of them involve lemons."

All for now
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Good Saturday Morning, Kids,

I'll be back later. Despite a good night's sleep, I came out and slept another hour on the sofa so I'm getting a late start. Hope all y'all are enjoying your weekend. BTW, I got the Final Jeopardy answer last evening.

Love, Mikie


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Good Saturday morning! I don't feel quite awake yet, lol...maybe a second cup of coffee will help. Then I need to get back outside and finish that garden shed. We were going to get a load of firewood today, but I just can't do it...my back is still giving me fits. Hope it "settles in" soon...I thought the chiro treatment fixed it, but it may take more than one trip. Good thing my flower pots, etc. aren't very heavy. Den is already working on the steps leading from the loft area (where the chair swings, library, craft area is) to the "kids club" that he will build above the play area. The kids will have their own little "hideaway", right in the middle of the action, lol! Den wanted to build a slide from up in the kids club to down in the living room...I told him "No" (grandpas tend to get carried away, sometimes, lol!)

Granni, I just put the zucchini in my food processor...ended up with 19 bags (two cups in each)...added to the 15 bags I did the other day. I think I have enough for the year. One can only make so many loaves of zucchini bread, lol!

I doubt this was on the national news, but there was a active shooter near one of our local elementary schools yesterday afternoon. Apparently, three guys tried to rob a house near the school...the homeowner had a gun and shot and injured one of the would be robbers. Law enforcement was quickly on the scene...in the ensuing chase, the robbers shot at officers (who shot back and killed one of them.)

The remaining bad guy then fled to a bean field, which adjoined a cornfield. So, residents in the area were warned to stay inside locks houses, the school was put on lock down (kids were eventually sent by bus to another school to be picked up by parents) while law enforcement from many agencies combed the fields and surrounding areas. Our temps were in the mid-90's by then, so dehydration was a problem and the infra-red airplane couldn't tell if there was a person hiding anywhere or not, because everything showed up hot.

They finally caught this guy, using dogs who picked up a blood trail, then footprints (they weren't sure where the blood came from cause this last guy hadn't been shot.) I'm sure the investigation will show whether the robbers and homeowner were connected in some way, whether the guns were obtained legally, etc. Hate that it was necessary, but I'm glad the homeowner had a gun and didn't become a victim himself. We have friends from church who work at the school...they lead the summer youth program...don't know how many kids were involved. I'll bet it was pretty scary there for awhile.

Anyway, I can't stay on here long...hurts to even sit at the computer...think I'll give in and take some ibuprofen. This happens once in awhile, but this time I can't even think of what I might have done...nothing that heavy in the garden shed, and my back was starting to hurt before I even started that project...since it's low back, I'm thinking it is related to the car wreck we had years ago (when the drunk driver ran a stop sign and I hit his truck.) Every once in awhile, something stirs it up...

Take care, everyone...have a good weekend!



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Hi Kids

Gordon is just leaving for Chinatown and our library. He's taking a big zucchini to the pharmacy and picking up some books I put on hold. One of them is the book by Todd
Fisher about his sister and mother: Carrie and Debby Reynolds. (Princess Leia and The Unsinkable Molly Brown.)

Julie, if you'd like some zucchini we could send you some. Am reading a Garrison Keillor book. He says the ladies in Lake Wobegon always have too many zucchini and tomatoes. Can't give 'em away. He had some rules of etiquette regarding porches. I was going to
pass them on, but now I can't find them. Where do you get your firewood? From the

Mikie, glad you got a good night's rest. Congrats on getting the Jeopardy question
right. I watched a few minutes of the show a night or two ago. Very difficult.
Turns out it was a match of champions. I don't know why that show and Wheel
of Fortune are so popular. I believe they've both been on the air since the Wright
Brothers flew at Kitty Hawk.

I had a vegetarian breakfast this morning. Canned corn, steamed potatoes, and
tomatoes. I did not eat any of Gordon's latest peppers. They are from T. J. and are
called Carolina Reapers. Reportedly hotter than the last ones that claimed to be
the hottest.

Apparently the advertising is aimed at the most self-destructive people. Suppose
other products did that. Our beer will get you drunker faster. Our car will go 90
per in a traffic jam. Our cigarettes will give you...etc.

Barry, Star, JB, Drop us a line when you can.


Hi, Kids,

Back again. I showered and cut my hair and styled it. Then, I went to Publix to be sure to get the bags of frozen shrimp on BOGO. I'm gonna make the seafood Alfredo sauce and pasta for the kids. I also got some microwave mac 'n cheese. It's processed but I don't eat that kind of stuff very often. Andy will like it. I'll be sure to have plenty of fruit and veggies.
felt like crap on a stick when I got home and still feel lousy. Cleaning around here will definitely be the bare minimum.

Julie, that is really scary. I'm glad the homeowner had a gun to protect himself. I'm also glad they got the remaining criminal. I pray I never have to use my gun for protection but I'm glad I have it. We have a lot of crime here and several senior citizens have shot criminals who broke in. Just standing is hard on a bad back so it could have been anything which triggered the pain. I hope you are feeling better. I have to wear my copper back brace when I do just about anything around here.

Rock, had I known I could take a zucchini to the pharmacy, I would have tried to give the woman working there one in hopes she could reduce my co-pay. I saw Todd Fisher on TV talking about the book and his mom and sister. I hope you enjoy reading it. Should be interesting. Wheel of Fortune is on before Jeopardy. I don't care for it. I don't understand why people buy vowels right away on the first spin. I get a kick out of it when they buy two or three and then go bankrupt or lose a turn which means they bought the vowels for the next guy. I think Jeopardy is better for trying to keep the gray matter working. I try to get the answers on all the questions but we three only try for the final question together. We are happy for anyone of us who gets it.

OK, gonna move on to answer a PM. Hope all y'all are enjoying the weekend.

Love, Mikie



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Good afternoon all!

Hey, it's the middle of the weekend and look who's posting?!?!

I had to share my semi-exciting, semi-frightening news... I bought a computerized, super-size long arm quilting machine. I don't actually get it until after the quilt expo here in town next month, though. This thing cost as much as a small sedan (that's the frightening bit). But, I can make lots of money offering long-arm quilting services -.02-.05 cents/sq in. of quilt. Doing the math for you, that's $130-$325 for a twin sized quilt, depending on the density of the quilting. That's the exciting bit.

Honestly, though, this is the next step in my "quilting journey." And, unfortunately, to take that step involves some expenditure. But, since I intend this to be my retirement gig, I figure I'd better invest now while I'm still making money to pay for it. And, it was a good deal. The owner of the one quilting shop I go to said she was going to sell this essentially new machine (used only for the 3 days at the expo) at a significant discount if the person who bought it took it home from the expo. So, I will!

Julie - sometimes even sleeping in an unusual position can cause low back pain. Try some gentle stretches, use ice and ibuprofen.

Barry - I'm the only one in my house who eats watermelon, so I can't get a whole one or it ends up going to waste. And you pay so much more for the pre-sliced stuff it's ridiculous. I was so pleasantly surprised at the flavor of that little one. I've decided the woodpecker must have been a Hairy.

Sun - We have TJ's here, but I've never been to one because there isn't one close to my house. But then, I have Jungle Jim's....

Mikie - I actually have hair dye in right now...speaking of which, it's time to go wash it out.

Hugz to all

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Barry: You asked about the goat cheese......I've been buying a soft log at Sprouts that has garlic and herbs in it....from Crook Creek. I really like it. I spread it on a corn tortilla and top with sliced lunch meat, 40 sec. in the microwave and that's my lunch along with some fruit. Yesterday I found a soft log at TJ....says chèvre goat cheese. I've heard of the name chevre so don't know if this is just goat's milk or also cows. I also bought a hard goat milk cheddar from TJ and used some last night in pasta. Very good. I'm finding I can easily eat goat's cheese without stomach upset. And of course, anything on a menu with goat cheese seems to demand more $. So perhaps I'm eating gourmet? The parson's nose......what is that?

Duckie: To make $ you have to invest $. And perhaps down the road you will have your own quilt shop and give classes and sell fabrics?

Julie. I live with low back and neck pain continually, some days just harder than others. Have you ever had an MRI of your neck and back or at least xrays? I have stenosis in both....very common as we age. Some people have no pain but others do. The best thing is stretches and like Duck said, ice and heat. I automatically start my stretches on the floor as soon as I get up. And having FM makes muscles tighten up quickly.

Mikie: Here's something for you to read about farm raised shrimp, which I'm assuming is what you're purchasing. TJ and even Stater Bros. Here both sell wild caught shrimp. It costs more but really worth it in the long run.


I went to a bridal shower today. Really nice one for my SIL's neice getting married in october. She is 26 and her fiancé is 30 and has been working as an EMT then in ER. Liked it so much that he decided he's going to medical school to become a doctor, hopefully a heart surgeon down the road. He spent the last 6 mos. in an excellerated medical program back east and just took some type of exam. Apparently this determines what medical school will accept him. He's a tad older than other students but this is what he wants. She works as a psychology counselor and I'm sure she knows she's going to be supporting him for a very long time.
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Peeking in. Lots of chores to catch up with. Because I went out yesterday. Got in a long swim and lunch outside and some shopping. The lentil they serve at this restaurant is so good. Black lentils. I don’t how they make it because lentils are a staple at our home too. As every Nepalese. My everyday shoes were falling apart due to trudging in the rain. So I will be back later.

Duckie - I don’t think I could trust those rods to hold up the swing bed. But I’ve not seen anything like it. Wonder what it would feel like to nap in it. Like being in a boat? lol. I. Glad your frightening news wasn’t that frightening. I mean I was wondering if someone got sick. But how exciting for you. Part two of your quilting journey.

Julie - that is scary. A shooting nearby. Glad innocent people didn’t get hurt.

Mikie - I think that’s a nice way of keeping the brain cells alert. Jeopardy.

Sun - I always think studying to be a doctor is hard work. And also needs a good stomach. But what a rewarding job. To make someone get better. I admire Rocks and Julie’s chiros. They seem to forge a personal relationship of trust.

Barry - first time I’m hearing of yellow meated watermelon. I don’t mind watermelons but favour guavas, plums and mangoes over them.
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Good Sunday Morning, Kids,

Late getting here today. No special reason but I decided to read the real paper first.

Older DD called yesterday. She had just finished turning in two big projects to finish the term. She has two weeks off and then starts again. She is excited because the courses have focused on theory and now, they will deal with real things. She will graduate in Dec. of 2019. It's not that far off. Then, she will have her own practice in a psychiatric clinic. She works with a doc now that she likes and says is a good doc. DSIL will likely have to take disability so she will need to work to have health insurance. I'm glad she loves what she does. If she gets a job with a federally accredited facility, they will pay off the loans.

I don't know when I'll visit the kids in CO. I'm just not up to traveling right now and don't want to commit to flights at Thanksgiving when I see no signs of improvement. It may be next summer because CO is tricky in the wintertime with the snow and ice storms. Hell on Earth to me is being stuck in an airport due to weather delays, or really, any kind of delays. Oh to be filthy rich with a private plane.

Barry, I hope the ABX work fast and that you have no pain from the abcess. Get your rest so your body can get rid of the infection. Perhaps a little weed for medicinal purposes.

Sun, the shrimp I get at Publix is farmed in Indonesia, probably two reasons not to eat them. I'll read the article and I appreciate your posting it. At this age, I'm not that fussy about eating organic. I buy frozen wild caught salmon. Fortunately, I don't eat too much shrimp. That's great that the young man is going to be a doc. Bless him and his wife.

Duckie, it's wonderful that you got the machine which will allow you to make quilting your retirement business. It's good common sense to invest in things which will provide income. DD has student loans from getting her masters degree in nursing but it will allow her to have her own practice and make a lot more money. She said she will be able to pay if off fast then. I need to color my hair but I have my Joan Rivers hair powder to extend the time between colorings. I cut it myself yesterday and that was all I had energy for. Where will the new machine go? From your former description, it is about the size of a compact car.

Spring, swim, lunch and shopping--sounds like a perfect day to me. You could write a book, Swim, Eat, Shop. Where do you swim? Our pool will be closed all of Sept. and likely into Oct. for refinishing. I don't usually swim anymore but do like to walk/run in the shallow end. You need some galoshes for that rain. They are in style right now with all colors and designs.

I'm catching the Sunday news shows and will start cleaning up as soon as they are over. I need to talk to younger DD to get the details of her plans. I think they are flying into Tampa so will have to rent a car and drive down which will add a couple of hours to the trip. There are a lot more flights out of Tampa than our little airport here. In the meantime, I need to get this place presentable.

Hope all y'all are having an outstanding weekend.

Love, Mikie


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Good morning dear Porchies,

I did not go to church today with DH. Trying to get over this crazy URI I have. It started with the that scratchy and losing my voice sort of. That wasn't as bad as I usually get it. However, I did get a slight low grade fever with it but it is not most of the day. Have two things to go to this coming week in the evening so hope it is gone by then. I found some leftover antibiotics used for URI so I just started to take them. Not coughing to much but sometimes when I start I can't stop, DH gets all upset when I cough. I know that I do sound awful . I always had this problem even as a kid with terrible coughs. They thought I might have pertussis (whooping cough) years ago when a child. I continue to take the Mucinex which is always very helpful. Enough whining for now :)!!

Yesterday was especially sad since that was the day that my brother's crematory remains were buried. I got, along with many others on FB, a few pictures of the family at the ceremony and pictures of the area and soldiers s probably getting ready to do their salute or after, don't know. NO one has called or texted me after all my emails. I thought the other day my SIL might possibly be finally calling me when I saw her area code but we were in the car. Then when we got home another call but I missed it. I texted her but no answer. It might have been someone else, an add as usual. We had hoped to go and then after my episode at the doc and very hi b/p and other things I decided not to go with my daughter. Yesterday I sent a text to our niece thanking her for sharing those pics and that I was now trying to get over a URI and still have not heard back from her or anyone else. I sent them cards and also donated $ along with DD#1 to the National Stroke Aoss., I think that was the name. Oh well, it is sad and very frustrating. I know he was very much adored by all and they are grieving hard. Sorry for more venting and whining !!

JULIE - How scary to have shooters in the area. Hope they got that last guy and find out the full story. We have had some of that once in awhile especially if there is a break from the prison or some robbers coming from down south of us. Not to long ago there was an attempted robbery at a nearby jewelry store, The owner reluctantly shot and killed one of the men and the others took off but were found later on.. So scary that one might have to kill someone to keep them from shooting and killing customers that were in there too. They were shooting I believe but no one else was hurt. Hope your back starts to feel better real soon esp with all you have to do.

I have been doing some investigating on hearing aides, the best for the money. Do any of you use one or know someone that does ? My audiologist is very knowledgeable and says she could probably get me a good pairs for about $2600 or something like that. That is a break but still rather high . Lately I have also seen lots of adds for hearing aides and devices. Still confusing.

BARRY and SUN - Yes, goat cheese is delicious especially the hard goat cheese. It is not cheap, the hard cheese and not all stores carry it. Will get some tomorrow if I remember at my Health Food store when they have their monthly sale. Kroger and HEB also have some but all seem to be pretty close in price. It is yummy though. Wish there was some place one could get it cheaper but I doubt it. There is no close Whole Foods or that other place I can't think of. BARRY, glad you had a short and sweet visit at the dentist. Hope the infection goes away after the antibiotics and the next procedure goes well for you. I need to go also have a cap put on my broken tooth area. So much stuff gets caught in between my tooth. It drives me nuts. Keep putting it off as well as my hearing aides. Too much $$ - YIKES.

ROCK - Yes, we have been to Hearst Castle. That is something. Yes, I know the beds are so high. One better not fall off the bed or one could really get hurt.. Trying to get up there at night is something else.. Ours wasn't that high but a little high for me. Our dear DIL lucky didn't get the high bed as she is only 5 ft tall. She would have needed a ladder. Hope you and G are doing well !

MIKIE - Hope all is well with you dear girl. Hope that extra sleep helped you. Good for you on the final Jeopardy :)!! Haven't watched that shoe in some time. DH is not much for game shows.

SPRING - How nice you can get out and about to shop and all. It is a nice change from the usual chores, etc. Do you have your own pool to swim every day? If I had one I would use it but not sure how much actual swimming I would do:)!! Never had the lessons all my kids had.

DUCKIE - Can't believe you bought that machine that is going to help you quilt on a massive scale. What is the name of the machine? Are you now broke:) ???!! Good luck with it and I hope it is just what you always wanted.

Gotta run for ow.

Granni :)