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Time for a new porch...I thought we'd enjoy a picnic before the pretty fall weather is gone!

Face blindness...a.k.a. prosopagnosia. I can tell you all about it. Yes, it's a real thing. Until 2006, it was believed to only happen to people with injuries to a very specific part of the brain. Now they realize that it is present in 5% of the population, or 1 in 50 people. It is dominant gene related, so if you have it, there is a 50% chance your child will inherit it from you (my DS got it, my DD didn't). In the most severe cases, people cannot recognize themselves in a mirror or in photographs. Mine is not that severe, but here's how I realized that I had it (long before it was recognized)....

In 1986, when I left for basic training, my DM did not wear glasses and did not own a fuschia pink shirt. The woman who came to my graduation was wearing glasses and a fuschia pink top, so I looked right past her, while she kept waving at me...

Later, when my DS was born and I would pick him up from daycare, (my DD was watched by my aunt, so this was never an issue) I had to look for the baby that was wearing clothes that belonged to me because I couldn't tell him apart from the other babies.

It is worse when seeing someone out of context. I can end up racking my brains to figure out where I know someone from.

Fun stuff...

As to my long arm, it is FINALLY getting set up Friday - which is good, because I have a lovely even dozen quilt tops waiting to be quilted, as I finished another one last night. I'll post a pic of it later, as well as the long arm, once it's put together. The delay was because there was an extra part needed to set up the longer frame that got delayed on the order. I can hardly wait!! Fortunately, I don't have to do the assembly work; a guy from the shop I bought it from will come and do it. He's certified, so I figure it's a good protection on my investment.

Mikie - Cats and their routines...I'm not sure what Sirius' routine is with my DH, because he goes to bed before I do. Probably just lots of petting. With me, he "helps" me go potty then jumps up on the bed and gets petted, subdues the monsters under the covers (my hand - fun game for kitties!) and then gets some more pets. Once I start to put my CPAP mask on, he jumps down and leaves. So sorry about the kidney stones.

Spring - Sun is right. Parrots like native flowers, fruits and berries. Find trees with those and you will encourage them. I would also like that restaurant.

Sun - It's sad that some professionals (regardless of profession) treat others as beneath them. They could get so much more joy by sharing their passion. But there are those who hold the belief that "those who can, do; those who can't, teach."

Granni - In answer to your question...see above! The massages at the retreat will be given by a licensed masseuse. Yes, they are expensive. I'd love to get massages more often except for that. Funny thing, but when I used to work as an EMT, I spent a lot of time in the ER. When things were slow, we'd sometimes give each other massages. One of the nurses was a licensed masseuse, and she taught me a few things. She said I had better natural skill as a masseuse than many people who had been to school to learn.

Gotta get some work done. Hugz to all for now.
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Good morning, fellow porchies and anyone who stops by to read or visit. (BTW, if you stop to chat, that makes you a Porchie, too, right?) I let myself sleep in today...so nice to just get up, feed the dog and have a cup of coffee while I slowly wake up, lol! Although, I do miss those first of the day hugs and their sweet voices and their "Good morning, Grandma!"

Nothing pressing today, except the whole stinkin' yard, lol! Well, I think I have until tomorrow evening when the thunderstorms start. So glad I didn't set up the tent when the kids were here...the forcast was for it to get very chilly at nights and cooler/rainy some of the days (and it was right)...the tent would have been a waste of time and energy and then we'd have a wet mess to deal with now. And if David hadn't come back to get them all, I'd be making the ten hour drive home today...instead, I will spend that much time mowing and doing more laundry. :rolleyes:

Den was tidying up the wood shop last evening and got all sentimental about a little block of wood and piece of sandpaper...he said Josiah sanded on that same little block of wood every time he went out to the shop to find Grandpa. I think Den saved that piece for future visits and "projects" :)

Duckie, I'm so glad you will get your long arm set up this week. How exciting it must be...and to have so many quilts lined up to work on. Fun!

Sun and Rock...those darn mosquitoes! I looked at the website about "alkaline bodies attracting them more"...makes sense to me. I think we are getting bitten during the night...but these could be from the little spiders that are trying to get in and get warm (I've found a few as I've been picking up the house...I don't believe any are poisonous, but their bites do itch, if that's what it's from. We had to bring the kids inside several times in the late afternoons...the mosquitoes love them a lot!

Sun, I keep forgetting to mention how pretty I'm picturing your little black skirt for the wedding. So great for you to have the skills to alter, sew new things, etc., etc.

Rock, if I keep a book long enough, I often pick it up and start reading again...then suddenly things start to sound familiar and I realize I've read it already. Darn! You're spot on about the pedal pushers...I had to roll up one of Josiah's pant legs for that very same reason.

Granni, have a wonderful trip. I think we have made it to Branson in a day...maybe I should come meet you there? Oh wait, I am too far behind here, lol! I think we signed up for a free two or three day stay at a resort (in return we had to sit through a sales pitch about time shares...if I remember correctly.) But we enjoyed some shows and things at Silver Dollar City and saw some sights...was so long ago, I can't really remember what we did. But I know the girls had fun.

Spring, your new restaurant discovery sounds very relaxing and peaceful. I wonder if your roads are similar to the ones in Belize....lots of dirt and dust and potholes that would swallow the whole front tires of a car if the driver isn't careful. But, life here on the farm gets our clothes pretty dirty too...we've always had "farm clothes" and "town clothes", lol! The farm clothes often have lots of stains on them...or paint, or...

Star, I am so happy to hear all the progress you've made in the yard and garden...in spite of nursing your DH and DS back to health...and all the stress that goes along with the actual physically taking care of them. Den tends to try to keep going until he gets too sick...and starts dropping things and making mistakes...then I have to get firm and make him stop and rest.

Mikie, I agree that it's time for you to feel better. I'm so sorry the scans found more stones and I pray that the supps help keep them at bay or get rid of them altogether. I looked at the Foodover50 website last night before I went to bed...sounds very good for us "old folks" and the younger ones too. I just don't know how to buy "safe" fish...without all the mercury, etc. And I've never really learned how to cook it...something I need to work on.

Not sure who I'm forgetting...but it's not on purpose, and I am sorry. Just have my mind now on mowing under the clothesline before I hang out the clothes that are finished in the washer. Den brought his winter stuff home to be washed (heavy sweatshirts, coveralls, overalls, etc. that he had in his truck and office.) I can only do one or two pieces of those things at a time, so will have the washer going all day again...but not complaining...I am very thankful for it. And still working on the heavier blankets and comforters, etc....plus our regular laundry :eek:

And I've finally decided to seek other medical counsel on my left side numbness, tingling, etc....made an appt. with my PCP for Monday. I imagine it will mean xray, MRI, or other tests. But this has gone on too long and I don't want to have permanent damage. If I did need surgery, then winter would probably be a better time for recovery...we'll just have to see.

Speaking of winter, here's a pic of what we need to do a lot more of. Took the kids to help one day...fun times!



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Duck: Mmmmmm....yummy looking food! By the way, I keep forgetting to ask how you lost all that weight? Were you trying or did it just magically disappear?

Julie: That's some wood pile! Yep, put the little ones to work. I ALWAYS loved to help my dad with whatever he was doing around the house. I learned so much from him. He was a carpenter and knew how to fix anything. I married my DH who had 10 thumbs and didn't even know how to read a level. We almost divorced when the two of us were trying to construct a 2' high retainer wall.(*&^%$

My pool guy just went thru a lot of sciatic pain, awful numbness down his leg. His chiro said he had trigger points that were pressing and they couldnt break them down. So then he had a series of 4 shots, a type of what women get in their face for wrinkles....can't think of the word.....(a form of botulism). After each shot the chiro would then work on the trigger points. He's feeling great now.

Mikie: You've got a very nice friend in Claudia. Lucky you. Good friends are hard to come by.

Rock and Spring: I was out this morning in my long clothes.....and right on schedule...8:20....I heard a lone parrot squawking as he flew by, in the opposite direction. They all must have taken off without him or......?

Granni: I could probably remember all the words to those songs. That was the era when words in a song meant something and you could understand.


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Sun - I've been working hard on this since about March...biggest problem for me is portion control. I still have a long way to go to get to where I should be. But, OH, NO...I have to go shopping for new pants! :D:p


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AW.....you poor kid, have to buy new pants that fit!

Years ago the weight just started dropping, not that I was really trying. One day my DD said "mom, your pants are tooo big", so I went shopping. I had worn a 12, tried on 10, too big, then 8, too big and finally I got into a 6. Giant shock. Even at my lowest as a teenager did I ever wear a 6. Big shock too when you find your smaller clothes don't fit. Now how the heck did that happen???? I do find that as we age we do look better carrying more weight. Just not like we see in those funny Walmart pictures of shoppers. Ewwwwwww!


Hi, Kids,t

Home again, home again, no Indian corn. Wally World had it but it was too pathetic to even look at, all dried up with kernels falling off. AACCKK!! On the plus side, I got a really pretty wreath for $20. I gave my old one away because it was just too big and heavy and kept falling off the door. These wreaths last for years. I had the old one about 20 years. Also got some frozen food, including some wild salmon fillets. I want to eat more fish. They had halibut which I love but didn't get any today. I did self-checkout which I looove to do. I miss working at Publix.

Duckie, thanks for the picnic and getting a new Porch up and going. I can almost feel the anticipation and excitement over the long arm machine. I know we are all very happy for you. Serious sounds as though he is taking his duties to heart. SV usually comes into the bathroom and uses his box when I use the toilet. I usually get up once during the night and he stays in bed then. He gets in bed with me early and watches TV. Then, he gets up to do something and always 'splains it to me in a long series of meows. I tell him it's OK and he jumps down. Later during the night, he's back. Kitties and doggies do love their routines. That is fascinating about face blindness. You have had quite a time with it. Has it gotten better?

Julie, fish is one of the easiest things to cook. You can fry it, deep fry it, grill it or cook it in the oven. Shrimp can be boiled and is delicious with Old Bay spice. I will boil some and then put them on my little grill with the salmon. If I can find some scallops at Publix, I'll grill them too. Fish is kinda translucent and you only cook it till it has turned opaque or just a bit short of that. Most people overcook their fish. Tuna and swordfish are the worst for mercury. Salmon is about the healthiest as are sardines. Mercury isn't usually a problem if fish is eaten conservatively. The guy on the program tossed the shrimp in some oil, parsley and chives. I think I'll try that. Gonna ask the vet if I can make some fish broth for SV since he can no longer eat the one off the shelf. Joanna and Chip Gaines have their four kids help them on their projects on Fixer Upper and the kids really seem to enjoy it. That's quite a pile of wood but the kids seem to be all organized to load it. Cute!

Sun, so glad your pool guy got help with those shots. Is it Botox you're thinking of? It sounds as though he may have the same kind of sciatica I have due to the hips and pelvis not lining up right. I have a couple of things, in addition to the stretches, which help get things back in place. Claudia and Nancy are truly dear friends. Yes, I'm lucky. They and Joe are the closest friends I have in the hood but there are some others too. I really lucked out moving here. We have had some stinkers but most of the people here are very caring and thoughtful. I'm also lucky to have found the Porch with all you good friends here. We are like family. My ex knows how to fix anything too and I used to love working on things with him. Glad I paid attention cause now it's all up to me. Good grief! Another thing we have in common--we are handy women. I'm upping the prayers for us to feel better. Of course, I pray for all of us but have a special intention going for us cause we've really felt lousy for so long.

Hmmm. Just looked down and saw a whole series of scrapes and bruises on my arm. Haven't a clue as to how they got there. Some woman was in WW and was literally plowing through the aisles and Heaven help anyone in her way. She was yelling, "Coming through, excuse me!" It's awful to see such rudeness. Oh, I just figured out how I got the scrapes. I put my arm through the wreath to bring it upstairs so I could hold a bag in that hand. Doh!
I got some Brussel sprouts because I cooked the bacon yesterday and I can char the sprouts in the bacon grease. Yum!

OK, Kids, I'm outta here. Hope all y'all are having a good day.

Love, Mikie



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Hi Kids

Thanks for opening up, Duckie. What a kawinkydink! Your pic features Genoa salami,
and I am listening to Verdi's opera Simon Boccanegra which is set Genoa. Reminds me
of an old joke. Knock, Knock. Who's there? Genoa. Genoa Who? Geno any new Knock Knock jokes? Your prosopagnosia sounds much worse than mine. BTW when I was
trying to figure out how to pronounce that long word I discovered that many
confusiatin' words are pronounced for us if we search for: How to pronounce ______.

Julie, how old is Josiah now? That's so cute about his own little piece of wood. I
wonder if schools still teach "Shop" and "Home Eck". I think teaching about cars
would be more helpful than shop. Also how to balance a check book. The treasurer
of the Orchid Club can't balance the account if there are any outstanding checks.

Yes, for goodness sake! Get that medical problem diagnosed and fixed. You've
got to be in tip top shape to be a grandmother, wife and world class mower.

Sun, sounds like that retainer wall nearly un-retained your DH.

Was somebody talking about botox? Gwenth Paltrow once said that she wouldn't
get any more botox. It made her look like Joan Rivers. I won't quote Joan's
response, but if you're really curious you can find it on the net.

Gotta go
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Mikie, here's another Kawinkydink. UPS just delivered Christopher Kimballs' latest cookbook: Milk Street. Turns out his company is located on Milk Street in Boston.
Read his bio on Wikipedia. Pretty interesting guy. A graduate of Columbia University. Although he is 67 he has a one year old son.



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Rock: Yes.....that retaining wall should have clued me in on a lot of things.:mad:

Here's a strange thing going on with me. I'm reading a very good book I highly recommend: The Nightingale by Kristin Hannah. It's about the Germans taking over France and follows two sisters and how they each cope. So another friend recommended a book based on the same premise, Germans in France during WW2. And then last night I popped in a movie I had just grabbed....actually 6 of them in the "R" section of the library without reading what it was about. (I was in a hurry) You guessed it, WW2 and an escape from a concentration camp, and this woman's life afterwards. I think it was based on her true story. It was called: Remembrance. Had to watch it last night because due today and someone had requested this 2010 movie. Such a good movie.


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Mikie - One does not ever get rid of prosopagnosia, however, those who suffer from it develop coping mechanisms very early in life. This is why it wasn't recognized until 2006. And to me, it's a no-brainer. Ya gotta learn to recognize the hand that feeds you...so you learn voices, mannerisms, hair styles, the way people walk, and all kinds of other things. Then when someone gets a hair cut, you're out of luck!


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Almost good evening and as always I have to type fast and try not to make a lot of mistakes - ha !!

Thanks so much for that lovely picnic DUCKIE, I can imagine how excited you will be to get your log arm quilter. Don't know a thing about quilting but they are so so gorgeous. You will have a blast I am sure. The couples that are going to Branson will be getting together tonight at one of the couples for drinks and then out to eat. We will talk about the trip and what we all need to do and meet,bring etc. It should be interesting also as the restaurant is a new place we have been waiting to go to and it finally opened. So, we will see.

SUN - I know that you , ROCK, MIKIE and others would know the words to most of these songs. We find that some people that we sing to many times even if they don't talk much they try really hard to sing these songs when we start especially the really old ones from our YUT as ROCK would say. Something back in there brain remembers it when they can't remember lots of other stuff.

JULIE - YOu wear me out for sure but you are still a young sprout :)!! he he All that mowing and hanging clothes on the line esp when you had all the kiddos there. Hope you used that drier. I know all about hanging clothes. We did a lot of that in my day. You are smart about getting the tingling checked out. It sounds probably like a nerve issue . Let us know when you have that checked out. Hope it won't be anything to bad, maybe some exercises if it is the right place.

Sorry but I have to get ready to go to our dinner engagement tonight and I still have a few things to do. Sorry also I cannot remember everyone right now to chat separately.

Love you all,
Granni :)


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I drug myself out today for a short walk around the park and back, listening to my Josh Groban CD....what a voice. Here's a youtube clip of him singing: you raise me up

I sang all the time when I was in HS and college, even did some solos. It just kills me that I've totally lost my voice, very croaky all the time, and seeing something like this youtube sure wishes I could still sing.


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Morning, Gang

Thanks for posting the video, Sun. A great song and an excellent singer. I can't watch
videos on Youtube any more. Why I don't know. Yes, it's sad that we have to give up things all the time. Like singing or traveling or playing bridge or on and on.

Granni, I hope you have a great time at Branson. I wish I had gone there years ago
when they had people like Glen Campbell and Roy Rogers. For a while the Roy Rogers museum was there too.

Duckie, here's when I began to suspect I really wasn't too good at identifying faces.
Went back to my college a couple years after graduating. Saw a well presented play.
The best actor was the guy who played the sheriff. He didn't look like a student. He
looked like a middle aged man. Wore a tan uniform. After the first and second act,
the whole cast came out and said something en masse. I wondered who the guy at
stage right was. It was only after the second act that I realized he was also the sheriff.
The theater BTW was very small. Two quonset huts pushed together to make a T.
The actors were only about ten feet away from me.

Mikie, It's almost 3 AM here. Guess you and and your buddy will be up and about
soon. My buddy is still asleep. Here a example from only yesterday showing how thoughtful he is. As I took a Coke outta the fridge he walked by and said, "Can I
shake that up for you.?

Julie, where did that huge pile of lumber come from? Is it the remains of the old
barn? Are any animals living in there? Did a tornado come visit? My Dad used to
bring home fresh fish caught in the Mississippi as it flowed through Iowa. A couple
friends from his home town of New Albin, Iowa. were commercial fisherman. I can't
remember the details of how he cooked them, but I know it only took a few minutes.

Hope everydobby has a happy Thursday in perpetuity.


Good Thursday Morning, Kids,

Got up with some tinnitus and am afraid it is the supps for the kidney stones. I just can't seem to be able to tolerate them. Jeff takes them and gets stones anyway. I was watching Dr. Oz. Seems to me that his show is better than it used to be. Evidently watercress is the new kale. It helps prevent cancer. Guess I'll get some. Might as well. I will make a run to Publix this morning to see whether I can find some nice big scallops for my mixed seafood grill dinner. If not, it'll just be shrimp and salmon.

Rock, the nice thing about Milk Street and America's Test Kitchen is that they use science to help things cook properly and meat to stay tender. They explain it in the ATK cookbook. I miss Joan Rivers so much. Where is she now that we could really use some belly laughs. In CO, all we had to do was find a river, stream or pond to catch rainbow trout. Mom rolled them in flour and pan fried them. I was only a little kid when I learned how to clean them. I just don't understand catch 'n release. Think I've mentioned that I have a decal on the back window of the Highlander, 'Fillet 'n Release.' Here's another example of poor journalism: 'North Fort Myers Man Crashes Car Celebrating Birthday.' Headline in today's paper. I didn't know cars celebrate birthdays.

Duckie, amazing how coping helps with things like that. I worked with a guy years ago. He had a full head of black hair which no one suspected was a toupee. He was Italian and the toupee must have been very good quality so that it looked perfectly normal on him. He decided to get a new one and got one with some gray in it to look more natural. I, and a lot of others, didn't recognize him in the hallway; he worked in a different dept. On the other hand, I've seen lots of guys shave off their mustaches and no one notices. Just lost the entire post. Fortunately, I copy and save all the time. When the cursor instantly highlights and erases, even the automatic draft save here doesn't save it. Yikes!

Sun, Claudia just brought over a little book and, as far as I can tell, it's about the Holocaust. I was horrified but fascinated by it in high school and read a lot of books on it. Right now, I just can't add any sadness to my life so won't read it. Claudia is German and I am part German. Mom wanted to visit a concentration camp when we were in Europe. I told her I would go if she really wanted to go but that I really didn't want to. She was Irish. For me, it was more personal. I'll never understand how huge mobs of people can support a man like Hitler who spewed hatred like that; Germany was a Christian country. BTW, on This Old House, they installed a retaining wall that was built offsite and lowered into place onsite. It was built to fit together like puzzle pieces with cement work to cover where one piece fit into another. Amazing to watch. As promised, I've stepped up the prayers.

Granni, hope you enjoyed your dinner and that you will enjoy your trip. Have fun and be safe.

OK, Kids, gonna go read the virtual newspaper. Love, hugs and prayers to everydooby.

Love, Mikie



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Good morning, guys! Pretty chilly here this morning...only 47 degrees when I got up at 6:30. And it rained during the night...not sure if the grass will dry enough at all day so I can finish mowing. Oh well...plenty to do inside. And I need to go see my dad and get groceries tomorrow.

Rock, the pile of wood is at our Amish neighbors' sawmill. They sell the "scraps" left over when they cut logs into lumber. Den likes to get it this way cause it's already cut to length...many pieces are also already small enough to fit in our wood furnace, but he splits the ones that are too big. We have a big pile at home now that needs to be sorted, split, etc. but didn't do any of that kind of work while the little kids were here (Keira is big enough to run the splitter under supervision...and loves to do it.)

Ideally, we would already have a supply of wood that was cut months ago (or even last year) that is seasoned/dried. But...too many things to keep up with, as usual, lol!

Josiah turned four in August...Isaiah and Liora were six in June...Lorraine was eight in July. Miley will be eight in February and hard to believe our Keira will be eleven this month on the 13th. Den will turn 64 on the 11th...he says he really doesn't want to work till he's 70, so we have to figure out something for insurance for me till I'm old enough for Medicare, etc.

Mikie, I'm so sorry the supps are causing problems for you. I'm guessing Jeff can take them okay, but what a shame they don't help keep his stones away.

Yes, I'll need to get more brave about cooking fish...just not sure how fresh or healthy it can be, by the time we get it here in the Midwest. I know farm raised is not good. I love shrimp, but get sort of grossed out when I read about where things come from, etc. But that goes with just about any food we buy sometimes...

Sun, I used to sing a lot, too...but can barely carry a tune these days. Lindsey has a beautiful voice and sings to her kids all the time. I still sing when I rock them, though, and they don't seem to mind, lol!

Granni, sounds like your trip will be very organized. Sometimes I wish Den liked to travel more, but he likes to stick closer to home, especially when the weather gets worse during the winter. He also likes to be in his familiar surroundings and able to do what he wants, when he wants, lol! I don't mind...getting to the kids' once in awhile is actually enough for me, too. If I really wanted to go, our bank and other groups take trips all the time...

Duckie, thanks for explaining about prosopagnosia. I had no idea this condition even existed, although I sometimes have trouble recognizing people...especially if they are not where I usually see them. And I have lots of trouble with the Amish because they all dress pretty much the same and the women keep their hair up and covered. I can recognize our close neighbors and ones we see frequently, but when there is a bigger crowd at weddings, etc...I am pretty lost.

Star, Spring...hope you guys are as well as can be. Hope I'm not forgetting anyone else.

It's nearly 8:00...probably a few hours before the grass is even remotely dry enough to mow...and I know it's too chilly out right now. So, I'd best get to work in the house...some days I'd like a cleaning lady or maid, lol...but would have to clean before they came, true? None of what I need to do is that hard...it just piles up and I get overwhelmed. I'm pretty sure this is why we usually have babies and raise the kiddos while we're young, lol!

Take care, everyone!



Hi, Kids,

Home again, home again and bought some scallops. Wonderful older lady who works in the fresh seafood dept. at Publix went into the back freezer and brought out a box of beautiful big scallops. I got six to do on the grill. They, the shrimp and salmon are defrosting in the fridge. I got extra to eat later cold. I also got some watercress for a salad. Gonna start making my sassy water with fresh ginger again because ginger is good for inflammation and digestion.

Julie, frozen fish is fine, especially if it's wild and flash frozen. Wal*Mart and Target have salmon which I get. As I mentioned, Wal*Mart had frozen wild halibut too. The salmon is in small individual portions. I buy farm shrimp which probably is a risk but I won't eat it if it comes from the Gulf which is a cesspool. If I had a young family, I'd be more choosy but, at my age, I think it's OK. Same for buying organic fruit and veggies. I buy flash frozen veggies too and they are often more healthy than fresh. Veggies lose the most nutritional value within the first 24 hours after picking. You can also get Omega 3 oil in things like nuts and avocados if you don't want to eat fish. It's hard to really eat healthy. I do feel better when I eat better.

Add me to the group who used to sing but can barely croak out a tune now. When I was yodeling, my singing improved. With the Red Tide causing irritated throats, I'm back to croaking. If I were to try to sing outside, our little frogs would likely congregate at my feet.

Yesterday, I got a text with pics of my little great nephew and his parents. They all look so good. I've only seen them once a year at Thanksgiving the last two years. I had sent a sympathy card and note after their Grandma died.

Sciatica is hurting so will bid y'all adieu for now.

Love, Mikie


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Julie: I was also thinking maybe that pile of wood was Den's. Lucky that the Amish have a place where you can buy their cut pieces. Lucky you that you can get untreated lumber to burn. My little grandkids are pretty close in age to your's. My DGS is 15 1/2.....soon to get his learner's permit, then Shelby is 10, Nika turned 4 in June and the youngest, Mia will be 2 in 3 weeks. I miss seeing the two younger ones grow up though. I guess that's why I'm closest to my two oldest since I saw them quite often.

And as long as you buy wild caught frozen fish you will be OK. Don't even consider farm raised. Often I buy packages of frozen cod in smaller pieces and make a fish stew. I don't like to fry anything anymore.

Mikie: I know nothing about scallops, except I like their shells. I got very sick from them when first PG so I guess I'm shy about eating the again. I looked them up. Apparently you want to buy Canadian or from the NE, never from China. Thanks for the prayers. I think I had a stomach bug earlier this week that really hit me hard, but feeling better this morning.

Rock: Did you get rain last night? I talked to my pool guy just now who lives in Covina and he said they had nothing. We got a GREAT soaking late last night! YEA.

There's a small possum that has been coming for the last couple of night around 8 PM. I've caught sight of him running past my sliding door and Clair freaks out. And of course I'm thinking....darn critter has caught whiff of my tomato plant. But there's no ripe ones and I KNOW it's going to find it.
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Hi Kids

Been busy reading my 7 day books. Gordon went shopping at some Asian market.

Sun, Possums are omnivores; just like people and bears. Although people sometimes
say they carry rabies, I read their body temp. is too low for same. I used to have up to
4 of them at our door looking for food. They were thrilled to dine on cat kibble. So were
the stray cats, and the raccoons. The raccoons would come right up to me, but the
possums never got closer than several feet. At that time we weren't growing any

No, we haven't had any rain since I don't know when. Feels like since
the Carter Administration. At least the temps are predicted for the 70s this week
instead of the 80s. I don't recall ever eating and kind of fish soup. Not sure about scallops.

Mikie, too bad I can't hear you yodel. I used to listen to the famous yodelers on
Youtube. Also had several records of same. Now I only have one CD. It has
20 great yodelers including Wilf Carter from Canada, Elton Britt, Slim Whitman,
Hank Snow, and Patsy Montana. In the mid 30's Patsy became the first woman
in country music to have a million selling record with I Want to Be Cowboy's
Sweetheart. Yodel-lay-ee-hoo!

Julie, as I'm always saying, my memory eloped or something, but I do think I
remember when Keira was new on the scene. Had never heard that name. Liked
it immediately. Is a wood splitter a machine? I read a pioneer book decades ago.
I think they pounded a railroad spike into a big piece of wood. More than one if
necessary. Could probably find videos of same on Youatube if it would work 4 me.

Duckie, too bad we didn't know Joan Rivers. She pretty much looked the same
for several decades. I don't know why people made nasty cracks about her appearance.
I thought she looked just fine. I have another by her books on hold.

Granni, you shoulda been here yesterday. I was trying to think of the song some
lyrics came from. Turned out to be I'll Be Seeing You.

Hugs, Rock
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Another day just flew by. Not much time to post as it is nearly the end of the day, and my quilt guild meeting is tonight.

In case I don't get to post tomorrow....it's the big day. The new machine is getting set up tomorrow evening. Then I get to start quilting away! That, of course, means that if the Duck doesn't show up all weekend, you at least know why.

Anyway, I'm thinking of you all! Hugz!



Hi, Kids,

Watching the survivors from the tsunami. It's heartbreaking. They are drinking from the river they are using as a toilet. There will be so much illness ahead. Our Red Tide is making the national news too. Evidently, it is showing up over on our East Coast near Miami. Oh, Lordy, I want some good news.

Went to grill my fish but it was still frozen. I boiled the shrimp in Old Bay spice and put them in the fridge. I'll grill it all tomorrow. I fixed Brussel sprouts with bacon for lunch so wasn't that hungry anyway.

Sun, glad you are feeling better from the stomach bug. I have a beautiful wreath with scallop shells on it. I've loved shells all my life. Actually, all the treasures from the ocean. I've watched shows on PBS where there is sustained farming of seafood done right in the ocean waters and not in tanks. It may be the answer for dwindling seafood and higher demands for it. I hope so. It would be great to know we can get clean and safe farmed fish. I'm laughing thinking about Clair's freaking out from the possum. They have poor vision so it may not realize the havoc it is causing. Once one came up the stairs when Barb and I were sitting out there. It could hear us and wanted a closer look. Unfortunately, people feed them and they become tame. Continue to feel better.

Duckie, I'm so excited for you. I hope you will find time to let us know how the machine is working out. What a wonderful thing.

Rock, the yodeling can't compare with the greats. It's just a simple song. I had planned to expand my repertoire but the Red Tide put a stop to that. We got a nice rain shower this afternoon but it's starting to rain less and less. Temps should be cooler pretty soon. Hope you get through all those books. Yikes! You're a real speed reader. I'm a slow poke.

Gonna go get ready to play Final Jeopardy. Have a lovely evening.

Love, Mikie