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Porch number 1104 is now CLOSED 11 December 2018

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Welcome to a new porch! Be back after I close the old one!

And I'm back!

DM had her surgery Monday and is doing as well as can be expected. She will be moved to a care home tomorrow or Thursday. Then we'll see. Assuming she gets to go back home, we've already agreed that DS can stay with her for a while. We'll have to work out some food agreements or he'll eat her out of house and home!!

In all the fuss about my DM, I don't think I posted about my trip to my fibro doc. She is going to do an electromylogram on my legs later this month. I've been tripping for no reason, and we're trying to get to the bottom of it. I suspect it is the neuropathy...

Julie - WOW! What a time! My DD rolled her car and Susan suffered that! I'm sure glad she seems OK. Cars can be replaced. I also witnessed an accident on my way to work on Monday, but it was minor compared to these.

Spring - That dog! So funny your description of his antics. I can imagine it wasn't as funny to your DD - she was probably embarrassed.

Mikie - Fortunately, CFLs only contain trace amounts of mercury, so in a large open area the risk is minimal. Sorry about your neighbor. That is so sad.

Sun - First your ribs, now your back. If it isn't one thing, it's another, right?

Star - I'm glad you've been able to stop in! Slugs on the cauliflower. Yum. NOT! I've heard that you can put down containers of beer and that will attract the slugs and kill them. Don't know that we ever tried that when we used to garden. We just put up with having to clean the produce thoroughly.

Rock - missing posts. BOO! I feel lucky that it hasn't ever happened to me. Maybe the computers know better than to mess with a professional.

Granni - I'm glad your concert went well and that you all got through the rain ok. 5+"!!!! We got 2.5" in one day from the last rain we got, and I thought that was bad! Our Messiah concert went well. We had close to a sell-out crowd, which is superb for us.

I need to get back to work. Hugz to all!

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Hi, Kids,

I am sooo exhausted but did look at our 2019 budget and OK'd it for our mgmt. co. Don't know that I'll get anything else done today. Neither mind nor body are working very well.

It's 62 degrees out at 1:20 p.m. Was cold this morning. I'm wearing leggings, a tee shirt with a hoodie and thick socks. My feet are freezing. Maybe time to put some clean socks in the microwave and warm my tootsies up.

DD called from CO. She is working as a floating psych nurse on call. It's about one-third of a full time job. She needs fewer hours so she can finish her masters degree. She will finish the studies by the end of the year and will start her clinicals. She's looking forward to that. It was good to catch up with her. DSIL has good days and bad days when he has to use a cane.

Duckie, thanks for starting up a new Porch. Love this pic. I am praying your Mom does well. Yes, there is minimal problem with the CFL's as long as one doesn't stand around with the broken bulb. When they are broken in the home, the advice is to leave for 15 minutes and shut down the fan on the furnace/AC unit and open windows. The area I was working in was a bit closed in and I wasn't going to stay there and sweep up the glass. Lowe's should have employees doing this as they once did. I'm waiting a few days to go back to shop; I have quite a bit of shopping to do. Just hope I don't run into that woman. If I thought she was a sour puss before, I can only imagine what she would be like now. Glad your concert went well. Hope the test can help shine light on what is causing the falls and, hopefully, they can help you with that.

OK, Kids, gonna get off of here. Hope all y'all are having a good day.

Love, Mikie


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Hi Kids

Thank you for opening a new porch, Duckie. Great pic. The colored balls remind me of the
tumbleweeds in Las Vegas. The bushes break loose and roll across the desert scattering
their seeds. Fences gave them problems though. They pile up in the corners forming
towers of brown balls as high as the fence. With regard to size, they are bigger than
basketballs. One of our neighbors used to tie them together and make a Christmas
tree about six feet tall. Looked pretty good too.

Your right about the computers. When they see me they think, Oh, It's this dumbbell.
We'll fix him. And they do. Glad to hear the Messiah went well. I used to have two
versions. The best selling one by the Mormon Tabernacle Choir and a version with
singers from England. The soprano was especially fine. Can't remember her name though.
Hope the EMG proves helpful.

Mikie, sounds like your daughter's plan is working well. A shame there doesn't seem
to be much medical help for your son in law. It was pretty cold by your standards last
night. Here the temps for the week are supposed to range from 66 t9 70.

Hugs, Kids



Good Wednesday Morning, Kids,

Brrrrr! It's 45 degrees out this morning but will get to the mid-70's by this afternoon. That will be our pattern for a while with slightly warmer lows. Hmmm, warmer lows; is that an oxymoron? Also, we are having slightly cooler highs. Woke feeling a bit better than yesterday. The trick is to keep it going all day. There was a 30 percent off coupon on the newspaper for Bealls. I might run down there to see whether I can find a pair of black Capri pants. My old ones are looking a bit limp and faded. Almost everything I have works with black pants. I could use some coffee so may drop in to Costco while I'm out. It's across the street from Bealls.

Claudia and I both got the Final Jeopardy question last night but we thought it was easy even for a couple of Catholic girls. When I saw the category was Books of The Bible, I said we needed a Baptist. Catholics do not emphasize the Bible and it's a shame. I got an email from a woman claiming we are cousins and wanted me to write back so we can see how we are connected. I will but right now, can't be spending a lot of time and energy on the family tree.

Rock, there are a lot of tumbleweeds out on the eastern and south eastern plains of Colorado. Some of that landscape is so dreary that I can barely stand to drive through it. It is especially dried up and lonely looking down by New Mexico and Texas. When you drive to Nebraska, it is dry and brown until the Ogalala Aquifer. Then, everything turns green as you hit the Nebraska border. This country is so large and has an amazing variety of landscapes. There are sand dunes in southern Colorado.

Yes, DD is a Capricorn and the Little Goat does not stop until she reaches the top of the mountain. She just keeps going and going. DSIL needs to retire from his day job but they need insurance so he's hanging in there too until she has her own practice. Unfortunately, he has a stressful job and, when he gets stressed out, his pain increases. It's hard enough to have this stuff but it's really heartbreaking to see it in a loved one. I think of him every time I use the iPhone he gave me. Also, DD because they both insisted on putting me on their cell phone plan. I am really blessed with all my kids, the in-laws and outlaws. Hope you and your computer get along well.

Julie, I saw that there was an earthquake in Tennessee. I hope it didn't cause problems for your kids.

My love, hugs and prayers to all our Porchies, including our MIA.

Love, Mikie


Hi, Kids,

Back from running errands. I'm freezing. It got cold last night and this condo hasn't warmed up. I got a pair of $48 black Capri pants for just less than $18. Not bad. I got the little gift for Nancy mailed and stopped at Publix. I got Publix gift cards for the mail lady and the one who delivers the newspaper. Tomorrow, I'll mail those and Andy's check. I can just throw those in our mailbox here. It's getting so expensive to mail packages and even the manila padded envelopes. It's better to shop online. I wanted to stop at Costco and pick up some coffee but it was impossible to get from the Bealls center across to Costco. Another day. Both of those centers have big parking lots but very congested bottle neck entrances.

The other lady on our little board here has OK'd the budget so that is done. The woman who just died was our treasurer. Sloooowly but surely, I'm getting things done but just don't feel well. I have a bad headache so will get off of here and take something for it. SV is acting OK but he hasn't used his box. I hope he isn't having more urinary problems.

Hope everydooby is having a good day.

Love, Mikie



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Hi Kids

It's noon here. Gordon is at the barber college getting a haircut. I just watched CSI. Got an
e mail from my Oregon brother. He is going to have more surgery. Something called Turp.
I looked it up. Has something to do with the prostate. You think turpentine might be involved?

Mikie, congrats on finding the capri pants. Always nice to find an unexpected treasure. Do you wear them on the Isle of Capri? Or when you are feeling capricious? Hope both you
and SV feel better.

I never heard of the Ogallala Aquifer before. Looked on a map. It's under parts of seven
states. Bigger than some states.

Duckie, how old is your son? Is he in school? I hope he is a good nurse. I can
remember playing nurse to Mom when I was about 6. I would climb on a chair
and heat up a Campbell's soup for her when she was bedridden with her sinus
headaches. She had a wooden tray; sort of a short legged table for dining in bed.

Hugs to everydobby
Gotta go feed Miss Kitty


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I had to run some errands this morning, so of course stopped to get a Starbucks, Then walked around our little village. Stopped at the gallery where I used to have paintings.

This shop has a residence cat....a big fat friendly all black with yellow eyes. The owner keeps the door of the shop open so he can go in and out, everyone in the town knows Vinnie. The owner was telling me a horror story of last week when a young woman snatched him up and started to run away. The owner came out, and ran after her, yelling she stole my cat. So other shop owners came out and ran after her....cornered her and then grabbed Vinnie. The police were there in 2 min. Questioned this young woman who apparently seemed very "out of it". The owner didn't press charged but the young woman was being held for psyche observance.

Poor Vinnie. Apparently he was VERY quiet and stuck inside the shop for a few days, and also seemed to wince a little when touched, so he must have gotten bruised in this scuffle. But he seemed back to his old self again. While I was there he was trying to climb a nearby small tree to get some birds.

It's been about 2 1/2 weeks since my ribs started hurting. I just have to avoid twisting and overdoing it. That's hard for me since I always have to stay busy.


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Dear Ones,

Had a nice lunch today at the ladies club and t was nice to see people all dressed up. Most are not that dressed up just Christmas casual or maybe a little more/ Some go over the top but always do so. I rarely do, go over the tap. DD even won a door prize. Someone had donated a lovely Christmas wine basket with glasses, bottle of wine and some snacks. DD won it. I didn't win anything but that's OK, many didn't they don't have that many prizes. She was very surprised. Today they had the Salvation Army pickup for the angel tree tags for the children and some seniors. I was in charge of that years ago. It is great but the last few years I have been watching my $ and have to do all our Christmas gifts.

DCD and some of the family have been conversing some with he when she called them and she is trying to get out of her situation some and get a better job and get back with the family. Not sure how good her memory is but she is doing much better and wants to get back in some ways with the family. If our DS comes he will pick her up to come to a small family New Years Day lunch. I asked her sons and dad to come for lunch at DD;s that day. If DS is able to come he will pick her up and we are all agreeing to invite her even if it might be somewhat stressful at first. It might take awhile to get anywhere close to where we were with her before all this happened, at least 5 years or so ago. Also DD#$ and her husband and son will be coming to stay with DD#2 after Christmas so it will start to get really hairy at that time and exptra busy.

Please excuse my absence from the PORCH !!!. Seems like I am dealing with so much at once plus the singing. Glad we only sing one more time or I should say 2 xs the same day at two places next Tuesday with lunch in between or afterwards. Then we will be done for the Christmas season. I sing at church on Sunday but that is something else. Don't even have the music or what we are singing yet? Today I have been texting and emailing people all over the place. A dad of a good friend of our eldest DD passed away and DD asked for prayers. I am trying to get her address to send a sympathy card. Also tested DCD and her x husband. I was supposed to have my hair done tomorrow morning but the hairdresser had a dental emergency so I have to go EARLY MONDAY morning. I hate that, at 9 a.m. It is not to far to go but still. Have to get up and get ready to go , eat take my pills and supps.

Sometimes this week I should have results of that biopsy. She thought it might give us some clue on what is going on with my stupid body. She said about 1 week and it is a week today.

Sorry I can't talk to all individually !!

I need to go and do some food fixing for dinner tonight.

Love you awl,
Granni :)


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Good Morning, Kids

I have been struggling with a stupid government form. I guess that's redundant. Anyhoo
I was sent a Report For Jury Duty Summons a few decades ago. That was back in the days
when many people were exempt from serving because of their occupation. Attorneys, undertakers, clergy, cops, etc.

Then the law was changed. I got my second summons a couple years ago. But I was
exempt from that one too because I was over 73 years old. Now I am 78 but no longer
exempt because they've done away with all automatic exemptions. Ach du leiber! Doesen't mean I'll have to serve on jury. It does mean I may have to go to the courthouse and wait for hours to tell the Judge about it. Does he/she really want a
juror who falls asleep in the jury box; who needs multiple bathroom breaks; who can't
remember the evidence 'cause he has Alz? Don't think so.

Maybe a report from my doctor will help, but he is always telling me I really don't
have Alzhiemer's. Apparently based on my ability to say "Hello" and not get
lost in his office.

Granni, we didn't have any Christmas clothes in our family, but my mother had several
pins she wore during the holidays. Miniature trees, holly, sleigh bells, etc. I got
a gift 0f a Christmas sweater when I was in college, but it really wasn't the ugly kind that people joke about. It probably would have been very appropriate for a Martian. The red
of the sweater and the green of the Martian complexion.

Sun, poor Vinny indeed! I was in a Starbucks once. Didn't buy anything as I don't care
for coffee or muffins. I thought the place was very noisy, crowded, and over priced.
Sorry to hear your ribs are still bothering you. I was thinking of sending you a coupon
for classes in pole dancing. Well, maybe I'll just give it to Gordon. He can knit an
appropriate costume.

Going back to bed. Hugs, Rock
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Good Thursday Morning, Kids,

Been extra tired so have been sleeping a lot. I was worried about SV yesterday. He went all day without drinking and using his box. Finally, he used it and the pee clump was big. I'm keeping an eye on him. This diet should fix everything but there could be something else. He seems to be feeling OK and even a bit friskier with these cold mornings we are having. Didn't get the FJ question last night but Claudia did. She's smart and well read. Other DD called yesterday. She had what seems to be the same crud I've been dealing with. Said it took weeks for her cough to go away. Her cough sounds just like mine. I'm resting a lot even though there is a lot that needs doing around here. I was doing OK but the sadness of my neighbor's passing got to me a bit after I walked past her little car out front. I'm wondering when her niece will come.

Other DD texted me a couple of pics of our old cat, Tommy. We had him back in the 70's. He was sooo sweet and cute. There is one with him wearing a little Santa hat. She is digitizing old slides to preserve them. Other DD will take home our photos so they can be digitized too. I'm glad they are doing this. The sunrise is so beautiful this morning. It started out with a bright purplish red glow then went to copper and finally orange. Now, it just looks gray out due to quite a few clouds. Our days should be beautiful all week. It will warm up too.

Rock, wish I could go to the Isle of Capri and just loll around in the sun. Wait a minute, I could just loll in the sun here. Doh! These are better than peddle pushers cause I got no NRG to peddle or push. The exertion would make me pant. I think we have the age exemption here but I have had a permanent exemption due to disability for years. I had to splain it to the guy at the courts. I told him it's painful for me to sit for long periods and I have to lie down often. Do you ever watch Bull on TV? I don't like Michael Weatherly in this role and don't watch it. Supposed to be based on Dr. Phil when he was a jury consultant. My Mom had those Christmas pins. I loved it when she wore them. It touched my heart when I envisioned you as a little boy bringing your Mom soup. You've always been a sweetheart. Hope your bro does well with the surgery.

Sun, wow! What an adventure poor Vinnie had. I'm glad he is OK and hope the event wasn't too traumatic and painful for him. That woman must have a mental problem to try to take him like that. A woman here was in mental distress and was walking out by a busy street. When the cops came, she threw a piece of concrete she had been carrying around at one of them. They wrestled her to the ground with great difficulty and finally subdued her but not until spraying her with pepper spray. Poor woman. Her face was all swollen from the spray. I hope and pray the pain in your ribs gets better. The ice packs helped the pain in mine at the sternum but I'm so exhausted that it's fatigue that is my biggest problem. That and keeping up with things I need to do. Feel better, my friend.

Granni, how nice to see your post when I got here. You are one busy woman. Hope this last singing gig goes well. The Ladies Club lunch sounds like fun. How nice that DD won the wine basket. I usually never win anything. I did win a bike when I was a kid but got hit by a car when I was riding it. I keep your family and DD in my prayers and I pray all goes well when she is with the family. I am glad she is better. I hope the other kids sell the house so they can get settled in. I hope the biopsy does shed light on what is going on with you. I thought by now we would have Star Trek like scanners to tell us everything wrong. Hope you can stop back in to let us know the results.

Duckie, keeping your Mom in my prayers for a speedy recovery.

Gonna go read the virtual newspaper and try to get back to the hoarder room. Hope all y'all have a great day. Also hope our MIA's can stop in to let us know how they are doing. I keep all of us in my prayers daily.

Love, Mikie



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Hi guys.
Just blowin' in.

Sun, so glad you had those little Treasures lovin' you on your Special day.
Some days are 'family days'.
Bummer about the back on top of the ribs, but I'm not too surprised.
You don't give up easily do you? Or, I could say you make a lousy patient.
Be kind to yourself!
Praying your birthday and this year brings you a new Song
And a new found Joy in Him and in the Life He has given you.
Bless you.

Mikie, yes.Even when you see it comin' death still can knock the wind outta your sails,
In a dream like, deep kinda way.
Where your depths hv no words as such, but are full of meaning.
Sorry you are crook too.
It must be nice that your girls are taking care of family history pics.
How old were they when their dad betrayed their mum?
That'd be tough at any age, I would think.
How is Dgs doing at that school now?
I think you said he started out well, but lately not so much?
Congrats on Dds studies drawi ng to a close.feel soory for Sdil though.

Spring, I missed All the proud pics!
From all the reviews, they must be dashing, as the old time movies would hv said.
Good for you getting out and going for a stroll to shake off the crabby mood before hitting the sack.
Are there many muggings and that type of thing?
I hear it's quite silly to even wear a wedding ring when travelling these days.
Cheeky dog.

Granni, glad to hear about Dcd...Baby steps.
Sometimes it is better to keep the peace and win the war, rather than a battle.
Must be frustrating, but best not to poke the bear, I guess.
Hope it all works out.
Did I miss the biopsy results?

Rock, It was nice of Gordon to check on you, after hearing the heard of elephants upstairs.
Na.seriously though, was good that he did.
After all, look at Ducky's poor ol' mum.
A friend of mine had a fall in her back yard and was there for a while.it was only due to some nearby builders who heard her calls, that she was discovered.
My Mum now has 'safety link'. A device she wears, that if pressed, will notify a service, who will then make various contacts to get her checked up on.I live in a dif state to her, so this gives me a great deal of peace of mind.
She is also a clutz, so is a worry.
I too hv little imaginings of little you, standing on a stool heating up soup for mum.
How touching.Im sure she mustve been proud of her little boy and felt blessed too.

Duck, awww.how awful! Does Ds get on well with Dm?
I imagine he will bring along all his gadgets and creature comforts.
But yeah.will it effect his schooling? Is he still at culinary college?
Funny thing about the slugs in the cabbage.one cabbage was absolutely gorgeous and yet the one growing rìght along side had a teeny tiny slug in n almost every leaf that I peeled back! P'r'aps it was just tastier?
I too hv heard about the beer trick, but never really tried it.thanks for the reminder.

Julie, hahahaha! Good on Den for making it a solid steel pole, on which your mail box resides.Hope it hurt their car a bit and taught them a lesson!
Fancy Amish haters getting about.I thought they were peaceful folk.Maybe that's why.Easy targets.
Well, I hv to say destroying mailboxes isnt unheard of here.Esp where we used to live coz it was starting to get pretty rough.African immigrants are getting around in gangs in the city now.I dont know why they dont just get deported.you know how it is.Do the crime, do the time and all that.
Wow.what a mess of a car that is! Yes.with Sun on that one.Def a Heavenly escort.
Good retirement plan I think.
Hope the mri goes well for u.
My Dd had her final game of basketball and after a season of not losing a game, a team member was away for the final and another got called off for 4 fouls. This left only 4 on their team.opposing a team of 7.
They did very well up until the lady with all the fouls got ousted and then the opposition got a new wind and sense of purpose. How could they lose? having a fresh player switching every few minutes or so is a def advantage, compared to exhausted team of 4. Close game and Dd was a little disappointed, esp where adults playing were concerned, but them's the breaks.

Barry, Weather has been crazy here.All over Australia.yeah I was watching the California fires on the news.tragic.
The weather coupled with having to sit through a 2+ hr Scl Presentation last night, doesnt help -Pain wise, that is.
Oh and my doc is leaving.sigh.now to start the crap All over again! Ugh!

You see, for starters the dr has to hold a special permit to be able to prescribe the meds I'm on. A couple are govt approved ones and require a phone call every 28 days.
Do you guys hv to go through all that?
Ah the dramas.
Thanks for the tip on slug eradication. Cant say Ive heard of it, so will hv to google it.
Usually after watering or rain, there are snails galore, but it's the slugs that are the little ninjas.

Ok.I best try and sleep, even though my legs are being a painful, achy nuisance.grrr.

Take care All Porchies.
Catch yas later


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Good morning!

We're having our department Christmas lunch today. Nice big pot-luck affair. The company-wide lunch is next Wednesday.

They've been getting my DM up into a chair the last couple of days. She'll be moved to the care home tomorrow (they don't have a room for her until then). I took DS to see her last night. She was happy to see him. We have this weird family-based esp thing that happens. My DS was talking about the good classical music he listened to on the radio, and I said we needed to set up the station's application on my DM's phone. When we walked into the room, my DM said, "Can you show me how to get WGUC on the phone?" I also set up her banking application so she can pay her bills. Today she's having heart palpitations and some trouble breathing, so they took her for a chest x-ray and gave her a dose of her diuretic (she normally takes one, but hasn't had it since she's been in).

I've been sleeping well the last few nights, unfortunately, I've also been getting to bed an hour later than usual, so it cancels out.

They are sawing things (for reasons unknown to us in the office) on the other side of the wall from us. It's only mildly disconcerting... :eek: Not to mention, distracting.

Mikie - Fortunately I have not fallen, although I've come close a couple of times. It's a good thing I've developed the habit of running my hand along the walls... As a side note, when I was taking DS to my DM's house Sunday evening, he came within a gnat's eyelash of accidentally shoving me face-forward off the porch. I don't know exactly how I managed to regain my balance with a mere (tenuous) 3-fingertip grip on the screen door.

Rock - Did you know that Tumbleweeds are actually non-native invasive plants brought over from Africa? There are programs now to go around and chop down the young plants before they have a chance to mature. There are areas where they have become an absolute nuisance. Of course, I need to shut up before I get on my soap box about non-native invasive plants, many of which people still insist on growing. DS is 20, and has a very sweet nature.

Granni - I'm so glad you DCD seems to by trying to get her life back together. It must be such a hard thing to come back from. I can understand the resentment and distrust her siblings feel. I pray that you all can heal emotionally.

Star - DS and DM do get along well. DS is currently not in school, not working. He and DH have a somewhat toxic relationship, which has him in a bad place psychologically. This could be a good break for him. He did take all his toys...even packed up his big computer!!

Anyway, time for lunch! Hugz to all!
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Julie - so glad Susan was okay. that was some crash.

DMC - good to get the updates on DM. Lucky DS is free to staywith her. Lovely photo of those balls.

Star - nice to read the what all has beenhappening in your part of the world. i think itssafe enough walking around in most parts of city. but not safe to wear jewellery on public buses. they steal phones and all.

Granni - so much going on there. its nice to hear your DCD is coming. there has to be a beginning where she rejoins in thefamily get togethers before you all get backtonormal. i can imagine Christmas must be an expensive time with all thegift buying. but i loveyour Christmases.

Rock - ive seen Starbucks at airports. we have yet to have one here. i found it very crowded and yes,so expensive. i am not a fan of coffee so thats there to. i love the sound of christmas pins to wear on lapels and sweaters. lol about the Martian coloured sweater your dear mum knitted for you.

the doc said you dont have Alzheimers.! thats great. could be he is wrong, but could be something else is responsible for the memory lapses.

Mikie - your DD is something else. studying for her Masters andworking at same time. i mean iconsider nursing a taxing job. being around ill people and having to care for them.

nothing much going on here except mundane stuff. same ole same ole. im enjoying the cold. walking briskly to and fro errands because its cool and crisp out. i nipped out just to stretch my legs today. bought bread. the dumpling stalls were doing brisk business with cold hungry customers lining up for piping hot dumplings in pork, chicken, buffaloe and veg. i bought a plate to feed some strays near the supermarket. they must be extra hungry in this cold.
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Hi, Kids,

So far, gotten nothing done cept to water some plants and make a mail run. I ran into a good friend. She is in her late 80's I believe. She was a good friend of my Mom's. She has had a couple of bad falls and has polymyalgia rhumatica so she is in pain and exhausted a lot of the time. She is so cute and trendy looking. I love her. She introduced me to another neighbor who lives in her courtyard. I really need to get out and meet people. I'm so tired, I can barely keep my eyes open, though. Whine, whine, whine!

Star, it's hard to tell how long my ex had been running around. The girls were in high school when he started in with the one he's married to now. He moved out at the time. DGS is doing much better and has a nice group of friends at school. They all eat together at lunch. DD took a big tray of tacos over for them all the other day. Every one of them came over and thanked her graciously. He got suspended for a day for fighting. A group of smaller boys had been bullying him on the way home from the school bus and he had ignored them. One of them shoved him hard at school and he fought back. The good thing is that the boys stopped bullying him. He now has respect. The kids took him skiing on the missed school day. I'm so sorry you have to start over with a new doc. They monitor docs who over prescribe controlled drugs here and we can only get one month's supply at a time. I'm also sorry you are having leg pain. I hope it gets better. I am so impressed at your gardening talents.

Ducky, yikes! That could have been a nasty fall. I'm glad you caught yourself. My stability is worse and I also put my hands on the walls to try to keep from falling over. If I weren't so tired, I'd get on my BOSU ball and work on my balance. I hope this time will be good for your Mom and your DS. It's great for her that he will be there and it will hopefully be a chance for him to have a little getaway. There has to be a silver lining there somewhere. I always look for them, as does my DD, and there is almost always one. Sometimes they are so ridiculously small that it becomes a joke but laughing is good for us. Keeping you all in my prayers.

Spring, wish I could walk down and get a hot dumpling. Sounds delicious! You are so sweet to be kind to the strays. Blessed are they who are kind to strays; they will inherit the zoo in Heaven. I'm hoping when we get there that we can snuggle up with lions, tigers and bears, oh my! DD is a psyche nurse so isn't dealing with sick and injured people in her job. I think helping people with mental problems and addictions takes a special kind of person. She loves what she does. Thank goodness because those people so desperately need help. She has worked in management at the clinic but I think she really wants her own practice within a clinic. She likes working with the homeless. Be sure to remember the hilarious ongoing antics of your rescue dog. You should write a book.

The new gardeners are hard at work trimming all the bushes and their trimmers are loud. Shouldn't complain though because the old ones left this place a mess. My shoulder on the side where the costo is located is really sore and aching (breast bone's connected to the shoulder bone...). I've been sleeping a lot and I'm sure that helps but I just wish I'd get over this crud. This is not a good time of year to be feeling lousy.

Hope everydooby is doing well.

Love, Mikie



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Mikie: Is it your left shoulder? I read that costo can drift over to the left shoulder....wonder why that is? I admire your DD for her determination in getting her degree. And....for working in that field.

Granni: So good to read about your DCD. Sounds like the meds she is on is helping her sort things out.

Duckie: Sorry about the interaction with DH and DS. Frustrating I'm sure. I hope your tests come out good too.

Spring: Good idea to write up about your dogs. And maybe......write a little from his point of view as though he has a voice interacting with the family. I've always thought you are able to write well.

Rock: You might have a form of dementia rather than Alzheimer's. What type of test has your doctor done or has he? There might be something you can take to help your memory and you're just assuming that's what you have. It might be good for you to see a doctor in this field?

Barry: No new plants but I found a really nice large metal branch of maple leaves.....done with soldering and then blow torch taken to the leaves. I'm going to hang it on my back wood fence. It should weather really nice and maybe turn a verdigris color. I LOVE garden sculpture!

Star: When I was in last week to see my lung doc. I mentioned about tramadol, but said my PCP has me covered with ordering it. He said that's good because doctors have to "jump thru hoops" when it comes to tramadol. And, funny thing, it's only recently been changed to an opioid.....that's because people were finding they could get high on it. It's a fairly cheap drug but I limit myself to l/4 of a pill when I really need it. I guess you would say I hoard it. I'm sorry you're now having to start all over with a new doc. My DD keeps telling me I should find doctors closer than 13 mi. One way, but it's for this very reason....my two doctors I see know me, and also I'm able to see my cancer doctor without any problems.

And speaking of my cancer doc, I had my 3 month bladder check this morning, praying the whole time that no new spots showed up. She did bring up about me possibly trying another chemo....one a day this is put into the bladder, then I would have to drive home and empty after an hr. This would be a week on and 6 weeks off, BUT the big drawback is the side effect of "bladder urgency"....eeegads. I dealt with that for 3 weeks after the surgery and I was miserable, always planning my trips according to avail bathroom. And sleeping in 2 hr. Shifts. So, I guess I'll take my chances. She did say that a lot of people can't deal with it.

OK, so when I'm in this area of the clinic I try to stop in to the local stores I like. I went into a Tuesday Morning store, and got to talking to another customer, and she mentioned I should go to this little thrift store I didn't know about. So then went on to Goodwill and was talking to another customer there, who said the same thing! She even pulled up the map on her phone, so.....I headed back to that area to find this thrift store. I was browsing around, didn't find much, then found paintings. One showed sold, darn, but I found another one by the same artist. Then this " art dealer" I used to encounter 30 plus years ago, came to get the sold one......So......that convinced me to buy the other one he hadn't seen. Ah ha! I walked out thinking I WAS SUPPOSED TO FIND THIS ONE. So it will go to my DD and SIL for christmas since they're collecting early california looking paintings. A great buy at only $29 framed. It's a scene of the desert with a Palo Verde tree and purple mountains in the background.....really nicely done.

Update: Ive done a lot of thinking and reading on this chemo. Sigh. So I guess I'll call the doctor and get this started in january. And apparently it's once a week for 6 weeks....nausea also expected. When I think of what could happen if I didn't try this....like removal of bladder.
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Duck, sorry to hear about relationship between Dh and Ds.I can totally empathise.

Mikie, sorry your ex was a #$@# and didn't realise what Treasure he had.
Great news about Dgs putting his foot down.Sounds like a similar story to that of our youngest Ds.
It's a shame it has to go that far isnt it?

Sun, Tuesday Morning is an interesting name.
Mixed feelings about today then...How will you feel driving home after treatments ?
Certainly sounds like a Gift from God! I love it when He does that.
And what a bonus seeing that painter dude walking out with the other.

Friend has just been told she most prob has an auto immune disease.
She is gutted..can't get her head around her body fighting itself.

My Dd got her eyebrows tinted today. its a big step really.
She only just got her ears pierced at 15.
Now she's getting asked if she's turning into a Goth. Funny.
Fyi her eyebrows were so blonde before, they were almost invisible.
Not too dark, but still a little strange to get used to.
She isnt happy with it, but it will fade a little...and fortunately as I was there, I made sure the
Beautician didnt go overboard with darkness or size.

Ah well. Not long 'till Christmas and as I was pretty unwell/ pain for a while,
my last minute ebay shopping spree means I might hv a few surprises as far as sizes in clothing choices go.
Not ideal, but that's life.

A big Hello to you All.
Take care.

Sweet dreams folks.

Take care.
Catch yas later


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Star: And what type of autoimmune does your friend have? Interesting. Those of us with FM have wanted FM to be considered autoimmune but it isn't so far. Not so sure, since I've had it since my mid 30s so that means about 40 years and it's gotten worse over the years. I've been tested so many times for lupus but it hasn't shown up. Have you been tested for lupus or rheumatoid arthritis?

My DD has her eyebrows darkened......she's a natural redhead.....I don't like it. Mentioned it once that I didn't, her remarks were I DO. It gives her such a harsh look. But apparently darker eyebrows are popular. I guess you'll have to get used to your DDs. Maybe she should just try eyebrow pencil? And there's a lot of darkening stuff on the market for those who do have eyebrows! You just brush it on like mascara.

I'm going to put in a call to my cancer doctor tomorrow, and talk more with her. Yesterday was kind of a bad scene but now that I've thought about it, I should give it a try.....kinda like taking out health insurance hoping you won't need it. I keep reminding myself....as you do also........that I'm strong and God will help me thru this as he's done with all the other things I've had to go thru. My DH became a basket case when he was going thru chemo.....depression bad.....so that meant MORE drugs in his system for the depression, which I'm positive is what did him in. His body just couldn't take all of it and it shut down. I keep reminding myself.....I CAN DO THIS, GOD WILL SEE ME THRU. And I have to look at it from "what am I to learn from this lesson"?


Good Friday Morning, Kids,

I just lost the whole paragraph and can't redo it. I'll be back later.

Love, Mikie


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Morning, Friends

It's a quiet time in the neighborhood. It better be. It's 3;30 Am here. Mikie, sorry
you lost your post. Do you think it's possible that computers are actually living creatures
that have come here from another galaxy, and are attempting to overthrow our society?

Congratulations on winning that bike. A shame that car came along. Reminds me of
the story of the farmer's son who found a horse. And that was good. But then he fell off
it and broke his leg. And that was bad. But the broken leg kept him from being conscripted
into the Emperor's army. And that was good. Etc.

Sorry to hear your breastbone is causing problems. You must be very stern with it and
tell it to behave. I read the breastbone is hard on the outside, but soft inside. Rather
like a turtle or a skull. Somewhat similar to a jelly donut.

Sun, I read in a detective novel that the feature a criminal should change first when
trying to avoid capture is the eyebrows. Makes a big change in the appearance. Maybe
your DD read the same book?

Where did you find the garden sculpture. A gallery? Thrift shop? Nobody in our
village had a gazebo or a garden elf. But one lady had a shiny silver ball about the
size of a bowling ball. It sat on a pillar about 4 feet high. Don't know what it was
made of, but it never rusted or changed color.

Never heard of a Tuesday Morning store. I remember Tuesday Weld. Looked
on Wikipedia to see if she was still around. Found out she was in a movie in the
1990s titled Feeling Minnesota. Couldn't have been too bad a film. Siskel and
Ebert gave it two thumbs up.

Hi Star, glad to see you have the energy to do a long post. Does you daughter now
want a dozen pairs of new earrings? First piercing at 15 huh. I got only one ear
pierced when I was 50. Got a small tattoo too. Good luck with your Christmas shopping.

Spring, always enjoy your posts. I suspect you might have been inhaling too much
curry though. The sweater in question was not Martian colored and my Mom never knit
although she sometimes did embroidery. But otherwise you were right on. I always
love your colorful posts although I don't really know what color they are.

Gotta go, hugs, Rock


Hi, Kids,

Just got back from the vet. SV stopped drinking and using his box. They gave him fluids in an IV and did an exam. Also gave him an ABX in case he has a UTI. Crystals can cause an infection. They love him there because he's such a good sport and talks to them. He's probably saying, "Get me the hell outta here." If he gets worse over the weekend, I'll have to take him to the emergency animal hospital. Hope that doesn't happen. He is bankrupting me as it is. This is stressful and just what I don't need right now when I'm not feeling that great.

Sun, congratulations on scoring that painting. Also for the metal leaf sculpture. Sounds really nice. We have a Tuesday Morning just down the street in the same strip mall as Bealls. Thanks for your sweet words about DD. I think her having had anorexia has made her more empathetic to people with mental problems and addiction which is also a mental/physical condition. I know how hard it must be to be on the chemo but I think it is a wise decision. In the long run, I think you will be glad you did it. You know we all will be keeping you in our prayers.

Star, I thought of your DS when DD told me about Andy's fight at school. Thing is that he is bigger and stronger than most of the other boys. He considers it his responsibility not to use his size and strength to bully others. He's kind to the other kids. He mentors an autistic kid. The boy he finally flattened has bullied all the kids, including Andy. He tried to avoid fighting but at some point, he had to stand up to the bully. He got high fives from the other kids afterward. One teacher even high fived him when he returned to school. Don't think a teacher should do that but it shows how much the teachers hate that kid too. Poor kid. Bullies are to be pitied. Hope the school steps in and gets the parents involved. Unfortunately, the parents of bullies are often bullies themselves. I was bullied on the way to school by an older boy who was huge. Years later, after we were grown, he stopped in to see me and apologized. He turned out to be the nicest guy. I like a nice darkened shaped brow but so many on TV have them darkened and scraggly looking with a heavy hand. Yikes! Not attractive. We plucked to avoid that look.

Rock, experiments in quantum physics have shown that people can have effects on machines simply by the attention they pay to them. Maybe I'm not paying enough attention to my computers except when I swear at them. I'm treating Alexa with kids gloves and even say please when I issue a request. I speak respectfully to Roomba too just in case those studies are true. Geez, if we have this much trouble with our computers and phones, what are we gonna do with artificial intelligence? Those robots will be playing havoc with us for their own amusement. I've always anthropomorphized inanimate objects but I've heard they don't like it. Yes, I've told that joke before. It's worth repeating. Like your sternum pun. Make no bones about it, you are the pun master. Your puns fracture me. You tickle my funny bone.

SV is resting up from his ordeal, appearing to be none the worse for wear. I hope what they did will help him. I was so stressed this morning and was praying that he would be OK. He's giving himself a bath to get the vet smells off of him. We could use some prayers that he gets better.

Hope all y'all are having a great day.

Love, Mikie