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Porch number 1111 is now CLOSED, 1/21/2019

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Come trudge through the snow and join me in the tree house!

Be back in a moment after I close the old thread!

And, I'm back!

Wicked cold here in the Cincinnati area...although I know there are colder places. The temp was -2 when I left home this morning. Wind chill warnings are in effect, and will stay in effect through tonight. Our choir director has canceled rehearsal tonight as a result.

We got about another 4" of snow, but we also had some really strong winds, so it blew and drifted as much as 8" deep.

When I got to work this morning, the office temperature was a whopping 47. The system was drawing too much outside air and wasn't able to heat it up. We're up to 67 now, since they've fixed it, and with a couple of space heaters going. For a while, we were all working with our coats and gloves on.

This afternoon I have my semi-annual thyroid checkup with my regular doctor. I've already had the blood work done and all my numbers were good. I think he'll also be happy with my weight loss, which is now 36# (and counting!! :D).

Rock - I love Four O Clocks. I have them growing around my front porch. They're reliable, low maintenance, and humming birds like them.

Mikie - Very sad that your neighbor committed suicide.

Spring - The cat in that picture looks like my Worf. It was the first thing I noticed!!

Granni - I'm glad your cold is getting better.

Barry - Too funny that Monty doesn't mind the rain and Lenny hates it. Our dog hated rain but loved snow - but then she was half husky. She would have been very happy these last 2 weekends. DH and I, not so much as we had to shovel it.

Star - How is your toe? How is it going with the new doctor?

Julie - Where are you? Busy as usual? How is your eye doing? Have they figured out what's going on with your neighbor?

Sun - Any word on when the Chemo will start?

Man, I'm just full of questions today! Better get back to work...
Hugz to all, esp. anybody I forgot...
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Good Morning, Friends

Thanks for opening up, Duckie. Interesting pic you found. I have a similar picture on a
T shirt that I bought at a Sons of Norway festival. It's a shed on stilts so it can still be entered even when the snow is really deep. It's so nice to live where one never has to deal with things like: minus 2; sleet; ice; below zero; 7 foot drifts; blizzard; snow chains; roads closed, etc.

Just watched a couple old Jack Benny TV programs. Gary Cooper was the guest on one.
Ronald Coleman and his wife Benita on the other. Ronnie and Benita used to have their
own radio and TV show about a college named Ivy. The Halls of Ivy song was the theme

Mikie, our experiment with a litter box for kitty was not a success. We put a litter box
in the back yard. She used it once. Last time I saw it Gordon was soaking some plants
in it.

Julie, I am joining Duckie in asking about your surgery. Hope you are fully recovered and enjoying better vision.

Oh, it's time to go get some vitals. Well, be back later. Hugs to All


Hi, Kids,

Managed to shower and do my hair. It looks like a hay stack. Went out and the traffic was horrific. Snowbirds have arrived enmasse. Went to Target to look at Apple Watches and they had one on display. It was expensive and had a sickly pink band. AACCKK! Went up the road to Best Buy where they had a display case full of options and two one could play with. I got the larger face which is big on my wrist but I need it to be able to read it. Got a silver case with a white band. I want a red sport band so will have to order it. BB is an authorized Apple repair store so don't need to go south to the Apple Store if the watch needs repair. I got a two year protection plan.

Sooo easy to set up. Each watch has a display that my iPhone scanned and that started the set up procedure. Everything was done on my phone. I don't know how to do the ecg yet but the watch is working. There are a gazillion choices to customize the face display. Some are really beautiful. New techy things are easier now to set up. Thank goodness; it used to be a nightmare. I bookmarked the website on my computer with all the directions for getting the most out of the watch. I'm very happy I did it.

Duckie, thank you for starting us up again with such an intriguing pic. Very appropriate this time of year. Sorry it's so cold and snowy there. Hope y'all stay safe and warm.

Rock, I was thinking that you would dump some sand on the ground and not in a box, more 'natural.' I had left a box of some leaves I had trimmed out on the balcony and Barb's DD moved it so the wind wouldn't blow it away. I brought it in on the lanai and SV tried to get in it and sit on the leaves. Good grief! Cats are crazy weird. I'm gonna go get my vittles; the watch will take my vitals. It's vital that I get some vittles in me.

While I was at Target, I got a few groceries and a sympathy card for my friend's Mom. Hard to find one under these circumstances. I found one that is perfect and it has feathers on it. We have all been feeling sad for her Mom. It's a beautiful day here today. Started out cold but is nice and sunny now.

Hope all y'all are having a great day. Hope all our Porchies will stop by to chat.

Love, Mikie


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Yesterday was Super Full Moon. Wolf Moon. whatever that means. We went out to light lamps. Me and some friends. such a beautiful sunny day. Also ate at this rustic little restaurant perched on a hillock. Two friendly dogs wandering around the premises, the food good, but a touch too hot.

Mikie - so sorry.. about thefriend. who committed suicide. Terrible thing. Depression is awful. lol atSV nestl8ng down 9nthe leaves.

Aargh. computer is a little cranky. and tons of chores. i will come back later.

God Bless


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Hi Kids

Slept most of the day again. Woke up around 8:30. Had to come check the computer
to see if it was AM or PM. Skimmed the news. More craziness. Gordon finally got his
car fixed. For decades the repair shop had the owner and two mechanics to do the
work. Now the owner has retired, and there is only one mechanic. So when Gordon
left his car at the shop, there was no one to drive him home. He had to take a cab.
I think it's about 6 miles to the shop; cab cost $30. Yikes.

Springwater, you wanna see a cranky computer? Come and meet ours. According
to the computer news a wolf moon is also a lunar eclipse. The moon has red-orange
colors for the same reason the sunrise and sunset do. Scattered sunlight. I was
asleep but Gordon went out and took a look. Said the moon had faint red stripes
on it.

Mikie, hope your new watch does everything you want. I gave up wearing a watch 30-
40 years ago. Ditto for carrying a wallet. Gordon would be horrified at a sand pile for
kitty. But when I wasn't up to feed her today, he put out a bowl of kibble for her.

Going back to bed. To read if not to sleep. Hugs to Duckie, Star, Barry, Julie, Granni,




Good Tuesday Morning, Kids,

Woke at 3:00 with a sinus headache so got up and took something for it and went back to bed. Couldn't sleep so read for about half an hour. Then, I fell asleep til 6:00. Sooo good to sleep that late. Just checked and it's 50 degrees out. The watch face shows the temperature. No longer need to ask Alexa or check the app on my phone. Good grief! How many ways do we need to find out the temperature outside? I did an EKG yesterday and the result read, Sinus Rhythm. Turns out that's good. So, no A-fib. Again, good. My pulse was high all day; it sometimes does that but the doc has never been worried. My BP was perfect. Watch doesn't do BP readings so have to get out the cuff.

After I got home yesterday, Barb and Tracy, another woman in our bldg. who is on our little board with me, were out on the balcony. I sat and chatted with them. That woman who was so rude came by and had AAA start our dead neighbor's car. She was talking to Grace about taking it home with her. Don't know whether or not she did.

Spring, according to the news, Native Americans gave full moons names throughout the year. This one was the Wolf Moon. Because of the eclipse, it was a blood moon from appearing red. It was a super moon because it was closer to the Earth in it's orbit than normal. Hence, the Super Blood Wolf Moon. I don't know whether all this is correct but I heard it on TV so it must be. :rolleyes: I hope you can stop by when your computer behaves itself.

Rock, I was touched that Gordon put out food for Miss Kitty. He might like her if not for her using the garden as her litter box. I had a garden the cats used but I didn't mind. Guess my lifelong love of cats makes me a softie for them. Only time I couldn't abide a cat is when Tweety peed on my bed. Tell Gordon that things could be worse. ;) I gave up wearing a watch too because my phone was always nearby with the time available. It really is falls which decided the issue for me. I need to do some exercises to improve my balance but, like with all my friends my age, I almost fall all the time. I once had the balance and agility of a cat. That ship has sailed! Hope you went back to sleep.

GB, I know you stop by to read posts on the Porch. Hope you and yours are doing well.

Gonna go read the virtual paper. Read that big businesses are buying up newspapers and stripping them of the reporters who do local reporting in order to raise profits. The Gannett Group that publishes our paper is being courted by a big business. We have a good paper with great local news. I'd hate to see it become just another paper with only national news.

Love, hugs and prayers for all our Porchies.

Love, Mikie


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Duckie: Love that tree house! I used to watch the show about building tree houses. Those guys came up with some wonderful inventive ones. I guess that's something most of us wanted when we were kids, right? 47 degrees in the office!!!!! BRRRRRRRR. I try to keep my house at around 60 at night so I can sleep better....ha! When do I get more than 4 hrs. At a stretch but it does feel good to have a warm comforter on.

And about the chemo, apparently the drug company didn't make enough or there's a lot of people out there that need this drug so I'm now on the wait and see list. I talked to the clinic yesterday and was told they would set up another appt. when they got it. They had checked all around at the local hospitals but everyone is out of it. Truthfully I'm ambivalent about the whole thing. God will take me at the perfect time so I just try to go thru the motions of life.

Rock: There used to be a neighborhood cat who would come to my yard to use it as her private potty. I had to gather rocks and boulders along with pieces of tile to lay around where she couldn't use MY dirt. She has since disappeared. Her owners kids came by about 3 weeks ago with a flyer asking if anyone had seen her. I told them months ago they needed to keep her in at night because a coyote could find her. I think that's what happened. We have those coyotes roaming the streets at night, looking for their dinner.

Mikie: So nice that everyone is enjoying Barb's visit. Interesting about the watch. My dad died from a heart attack at 56. I have a heart problem.....rapid heart beat with missed beats. Most of the time it's well over 100 which I've learned to live with. When I go for a walk it hits 120, so I just stop and use an inhaler to help with my lungs. With all the arthritis, FM, stenosis in my neck and back, tinnitus, essential tremors, bladder problems, lung problems, etc. etc. I know this old body is really just wearing out. So when I disappear for awhile I'm reading just not wishing to share my troubles.

Spring: That sounds so inviting......a rustic little restaurant perched on a hillock. Honestly....you have a gift for writing. Why not write a page daily.

Barry: How are things going up in your area? Rain all gone? On thursday I thought I was going to get flooded. Had to rummage in the garage and found some old wood shelves which I drug down from the rafters and put them down by the patio in back to divert the water to around the side of the house. And there's a long narrow walk by the garage area that had 3" of standing water, ready to come into the garage. So I removed things off the floor that could be damaged by water.

Saturday was beautiful, so that meant finding room in the garage to put the wood shelves back handy in case I needed them again. I spent over 4 hours in the garage, moving things, sweeping which included a ton of crickets droppings! UGH. Those insects are VERY hard to get rid of. I've got some trays of diatamaceous earth sitting on the floor....it's supposed to help kill them.

Funny thing....my neighbor posted on the neighborhood site a few weeks ago that they had them in the garage and the house and how could he kill them instead of calling an exterminator. Got all kinds of replies, including a few that said don't kill them.....they bring good luck! HA.....if that was the case I would be overflowing with good luck!

Julie: I made coffee and just found your post! I would be angry too at the road grader.....it's like he KNEW what he was leaving and did it anyone. Very lucky Den was able to get it cleared. I guess living out in the country and with snow you NEED that equipment.

About Amy, has she ever been diagnosed with endometriosis? It causes cramps and pain and also VERY hard to conceive a child. I had cramps off and on since I was a teenager, and it wasn't until I had an ovarian cyst that the doc told me if I wanted a baby I needed to get busy.

Star: Where are you?

Granni: I hope your DD is able to get a job. But with her experience I'm sure she won't have trouble.

Here's a link to something I thought was interesting......renting your house out for movies. It's quite common and very lucrative though at my stage of life I'm not interested......I like routine. The lady who posted this on her blog is an artist who has turned to decorating. She also has a once a week radio show for artists. Lives in South Pasadena which is basically where the Rose Parade takes place. A very chi chi area.

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Good Tuesday morning, friends! Duckie, thanks for the new porch...boy, that treehouse looks like a fun place to hang out. Hope your mom is still getting along okay. Working with hats and gloves on does not sound like much fun...

Mikie, what a sad time for your hood...I hope they get everything straightened out. Glad you like your new watch...I don't even remember the last time I ever wore one.

Rock, Miss Kitty is so lucky to have you and Gordon. Den always used to pretend he didn't care of cats...and he complained when I bought kibble. But the jig was up when I saw him with different ones on his lap outside...cats seem to sense that he's all bluff as he is the one they gravitate to, lol!

Sun, I've kinda lost track about your chemo...does it start this Friday or did it get delayed again. Amy had a repeat CT and cystoscope (sp?) last week. Urologist doesn't see anything serious going on, but she's still in lots of pain at times. I sure hope they can get it figured out.

Granni, hope DD's job pans out. How neat that some of the kiddos are coming back closer to the nest

Star, how are you doing? Last I read, you were in a pretty big flare...brought on by the stressors of the holidays?

Spring, any festivals coming up soon?

Barry, hope you guys haven't floated away with all the rain.

We have just dealing with two back to back snowstorms...at least they occurred on weekends and Den had a chance to get us dug out before he had to go back to work. And they didn't interfere with my surgery or follow up appt. the next day. The first storm, Den ended up putting a blade on the Gator and using it to go down our long lane, then back to the neighbors'. The next time it snowed (this past weekend) he used the skid loader to clear bucketfuls of the deepest stuff out of my way, then I used the Gator to blade.

That was all well and good until the road grader came along the road and blocked the end of the lane shut with a big ridge of snow...Den got it opened back up, but was pretty steamed by the time he got back to the house.

About my eye...I'm still getting along much better this time. I have a theory that it either has to do with this one being my dominant eye or that I was more prepared this time around...it did help to have them take the lens out of my glasses on that side until I get my eyes checked (and new lens) in a few weeks. At any rate, I was able to drive out of town yesterday (1 1/2 hours each way) to be at Keira's appt. to get her braces put on her teeth...she had asked me to meet her and Amy there (it's 30 minutes from their house) but I wasn't sure if I'd be able to...just had to play it by ear about our lane and gravel road.

Anyway, I made it...Keira was so cute...so proud of them, lol! We went for coffee afterwards, then went our own ways. I had done a bunch of cooking over the weekend, so was able to take them a few meals...and stopped at a grocery store along the way for some fruit and other goodies. And I even remembered the coat I had found that Keira had wanted (actually, she needed a new winter coat because she had a sudden growth spurt and outgrew her other one, lol!)

Stopped at a couple of stores on my way home, but ended up having to hurry cause Den called to tell me the lane was drifting shut again and he would blade it, but the wind was still blowing. I had a little struggle, but managed to plow my way through....just a typical Midwest winter, lol! I won't have to get out again until Friday for another followup with the eye doc.

Meanwhile, in Tennessee....Lindsey called that they had a "dusting of snow on their back deck" so all the kids were out in full snowpants, etc. to play in it. They insisted I send them pictures and videos of our snow...

So, I'd better get to work...lots of chores piled up cause I slept a lot for several days. Haven't heard how our Amish neighbor is doing...they are the ones who live about a mile up the road...the mom of twelve, they have the bakery out of their house.

Take care, everyone! Oh, Sun...I just got an alert that someone popped in...thanks for updating us on the chemo.



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OK...people.....for all of you who deal with flares. I think for me I've got something figured out.....SUGAR IS BAD. Last night I pigged out on a big bowl of chocolate ice cream. I forgot that sugar seems to bring on pain, and this morning everything is hurting then I remembered the ice cream I consumed. So I've got a big note posted in my kitchen....."sugar causes pain". Maybe some of you can relate to this?


Hi, Kids,

Been doing just a bit here and a bit there. I finally got the sympathy card mailed to Julie's Mom. It's hard to know what to say but I did tell her I love Julie as do all her friends here. Ran into Barb's DD and she was showing me all the stuff she uses her watch for. I found a video on You Tube that shows it all. It's about an hour long so need to watch it when I'm not doing anything else. I told Cynthia, Barb's DD, that I was going to study so I could pass the state board exam for operating the watch. I was putting away some tissues and using my step stool. As I was folding up the stool, I almost fell. Didn't have my phone but was wearing the watch. Cynthia was showing me the sleep app. If you wear the watch to bed, it will tell you how good your sleep is.

I got my ballot filled in and sent it to the mgmt. co. I already did it but they made a big mistake on the last one and they all have to be redone to be legal. I also sent in my annual payment to cover the cost of insuring our carport.
It's been cold in the mornings but warms into the 70's by noon. Still, there is a brisk wind that feels very cold. Inside my condo, I'm cold and have on socks and am wearing my fuzzy robe over my clothes. It felt good to walk down to the mailboxes twice this morning. I need to start walking more but not til the wind is better. My allergies are riled up big time. I also still need to tend to the plants around out bldg.

Sun, please never feel bad about venting here. It helps to vent. Who else knows just how you feel? I do it all the time. Each decade after age 40 brings a bit of slowing down or problems. They may not be that evident or bothersome but at some point, they all seem to come crashing down on us. About 30 years ago, I got CFIDS/ME. About 20 years ago, I got FMS. About 10 years ago, I got Sjogren's. Also, arthritis somewhere along the way. The new watch covers some of my disfigured wrist. I always wore big bangle bracelets over it when I went out. Yes, sugar is bad and the only thing worse is Neutrasweet. I've been snacking on dates to get a bit of sweetness. If I want ice cream, I have to take a Lactaid tablet. If it ain't one thing, it's another! Feel better, Dear One.

Julie, it's a good thing you're a very handy woman, plowing your way out. Good for you! So glad your eye is doing so well. I'm stuck with these glasses until I need to have the cataracts removed. My eyesight started going bad in my 30's. What a pain. For so long, I was able to wear contacts but can't see well with them anymore. Andy just got his braces removed. DD sent a cut pic of him. Said he's so excited to have smooth teeth. I hope the docs can help Amy. Pain like that is no good. Also hope they can help your neighbor. Twelve kids? Yikes! No wonder the poor woman isn't well. Take care and stay warm.

Gotta go. I'm cleaning SV's bathroom. He's curled up in his snuggly little soft kitty bed. He drank a BIG bunch of water this morning. Every time he does that, I send up a prayer of thanks.

Love, hugs and prayers to all y'all,



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Dear Porchies, Just popping in again for a few minutes before I have to go and sing with our small group. We are getting together for the first time since the holidays.

Mikie - Lots of sinus heachaches and stuff going on around here. DH is busy blowing his nose to clear his head and nose and I am also even thou mine is now mostly clear. I am also used to pain in my head but mostly in the back from OA and probably pressure points, is my guess. Hope your goes away soon.

DD just found out that she didn't get the job. Unfortunately the gal interviewing her last week seemed to think that she would get it but had one more interview. She shouldn't have mentioned it that she would probably get it when there was still another interview. That one was a pransfer moving into the area and guessing she also ad quite a bit of experience, maybe a bit more and maybe she is more aggressive also that my daughter. She did say tht it was a hard decision to have to make.

SUN - So sorry about all your pain. Yes, I know sugar is bad but sometimes I just have to have some. Also I seem to have pain no matter what but will try and remember when I really cheat and my pain levels.

JULIE - Have been thinking of you with all this crazy weather and all your heavy snow. It sounds like my dear friend who lives in upstate NY. Her husband has Alzheimers and she just had a heart valve surgery. All her kids have been helping her including shoveling snow but go home tomorrow I believe. Her DH is in a facility right now. It will be hard for her when she brings him back home. Luckily she seems to be doing pretty well.. Will have to check o her soon again. She can do texts but no emails where she lives. She did for awhile but not sure if it is weather related or what.. Sorry to hear that they still don't know what is going on with Amy. Hope they find out soon.

BARRY - Hope you haven't floated away with all your rain. LIke here it seems to go in cycles - drought then flood. Right now I guess we are sort of in a drought, We get a little in the next few days but we will see.

Thinking of everydobby !! Love to awl,
Granni :)


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Good afternoon everyone!

If I judge how well I'm doing by how quickly I get recruited by companies I work with, than I must be hitting this one (project) out of the park. I've only been working with this contractor for a week and I've already been recruited. Of course, this was very bad form on her part and could land her in hot water, so I'm hoping she was mostly joking. That said, although it was gratifying, my butt is happy where it is.

DS has gone out in DM's driveway and practiced some snow driving, including braking hard, just to see what would happen (in a semi-controlled environment!). It's good that he can do that - we have snow and freezing rain in the forecast overnight, and more snow Saturday through Tuesday of next week, and he has a couple of appointments to take my DM to.

Sun - I agree with you on the sugar. Fortunately for me, it takes a considerable quantity before I have a problem. That said, I seem to be in a mild flare, but I don't think it's from sugar consumption.

Barry - I actually had to use my sunglasses when driving home yesterday. But it's cloudy again today...

Julie - We got those same two weekend storms. Not so much fun for us because we had to shovel the snow by hand.

Granni - Sorry your DD didn't get the job. Must mean there's something better out there for her. Fingers crossed...

I'm signing up for the spring quilting retreat which is in mid-March. Very excited for it.

DH and I may go punish some pieces of paper and put lots of holes in them this evening, unless I need to go out and help my DM take a shower. We'll see...

Gotta go...hugz to Rock, Spring, Mikie, Star, etc.



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Hi guys.
Toenail is hangin in there and although it's copped a few knocks, causing it to bleed etc, it still refuses to budge!
I sure wish it'd just fall off , painlessly, in my sleep perhaps?
Still in a lot of paìn.
The horrible shooting pains, all over pain and general weakness...you know the drill.
Been a little more concerned with my neck though.
When turning my head on the pillow, I hv to b careful.

Barry, Our First baby cockatiel that has Made it! Yay!!
So what's different?
It's warmer weather and crazy uncle is doing A lot of babysitting!
Really lovely to see.
Also our budgie pair are just amazing! Such good parents, rearing another 4!

School goes back next wk.
And good news, well actually Great news about Ds 1.
He has just been presented with 5 work shirts with his name embroidered on them.
So at least has a school based apprenticeship ahead of him.
I sure would like to know the details though.

Mmmm and I think Dd is getting under paid....

Mikie, I'm sooo sorry to hear about all the latest from your hood.
You are doing remarkably well, considering death tends to stir up a lot of emotion in peo ple.
Sad or negative ones, mostly.
I liked the word- picture of Sv dipping his little neck into the collar.
He sounds so lovable.what a blessing.
I use diet coke every day to stay awake enough to get stuff done.
I plan to give it up when our Treasures leave home.

Rock, the outback is pretty much the bush or more like dry, deserty type places.
Usually in ref to the middle of Australia or Northern Territory, where it's not as populated.
But then we do seem to hv a lot of slang, so 'out at whoop whoop' could also be the outback.

Duck, what an awesome pat on the back! Good on you!
We already knew you were a smart cookie.
Good out let for Ds getting in his driving practice.

Granni, I really thought your Dd had it in the bag, with all those years at one job, up her sleeve.
I agree with Duck, obviously not the right job.It'll come.

Sun, I tend to binge on sugar when I'm in a flare.
I just try to keep going...
Maybe the sugar keeps me in a flare for longer?
I hv tried to keep a record of food triggers, but everything just seemed so higgle d piggle dee,
I gave up trying to figure it out.
With so many dif things going on, I really struggle trying to figure it out.
I thought I was onto it only to discover it is also depending on amt of activity & or stress also.
Or the corker- pain caused by Nothing in particular!

Dh says I need to try the latest meat eating diet.ugh! Cant think of much worse.

Julie, I really love how your Gifts of Service shine through.
You are truly a giver and are def operating in your gifts.
I really liked the sound of the lunch box for the Amish girl.
How goes the woman you took to hospital?
Praying for your Treasures too.

Spring, we got hold of a cheap deal.
A couple sold us their bamboo flooring, so we hv decided to pull up our existing carpet and lino
And just put down some rugs when it's cooler.
This made me think of you.
Of course there's going to be a lot of work involved.
I sure hope my body is up to it.One never knows what the future may hold.
I never know how I will wake up.

Unfortunately today isnt a good day and my head is feeling somewhat frazzled,
But I really wanted to stop in and touch base with you guys.

There is so much I need to do and I feel like Dh is breathing down my neck to get it done.
I simply can't.Right now.
And it's been stinkin' hot! Can barely breathe.
You should see my hair!
Big boof head with the humidity.

Take care All Porchies
Catch yas later.


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Greetings, Greetings, Greetings! I think there was some comedian who used to say
all the time, but neither I nor the search engine can remember. Did you Kids see the
news about the new nose tissue you can buy? Costs $80 a box and somebody else has
already sneezed in it. It'snot a good idea if you ask me. The seller says it will immunize
you against the flu. The seller, I read, is in Denmark and very close mouthed about its

It reminds me of Edward Jenner who immunized children, including his own son
with cow pox. Jenner was right. The cow pox prevented subsequent infection with small
pox and Jenner went down in history as the Father of Immunization. Of course most of
us here don't get flu shots because they are incompatible with our present miseries. So
Jenner took chances and was right. We don't know about this new approach.

Duckie, I hope your mild flare doesn't become a wild one. And nice to be appreciated with
a job offer. I think your son is a smart cookie to practice driving in the snow. I found out
the hard way about half a century ago. A light snow started to fall when I was driving on
the highway. But there was no sense of skidding. No hint of imminent danger. At any
rate the car suddenly took off on its own right into the path of an oncoming semi. The
result was minor damage to the truck, more substantial damage to my vehicle and no
injuries. Pretty scary though.

Oh, on the cat front, I went outside last night with supper for kitty. A larger black cat
strolled out of her retreat and jumped the fence. Only the second time I've seen a
gentleman caller in the yard.

Where is the quilting retreat and what happens there? Lots of quilting? Or just
enjoying quilts already made?

Star, glad to hear the budgies are good parents. Some animals, like reptiles and
spiders, provide no care at all. Did the school provide the new work shirts for Dear Son?
Does he know what sort of apprentice program he'll be working in? I used to think
that the school should teach us about cars instead of having us make stupid things
like a lamp and a birdhouse. Well, that's what I made in Shop Class. A couple guys made beautiful furniture.

Sorry to hear about the on going pains. I hope you can find some med or home remedy
to help.

Well, getting tired. Guess I'll go back to bed. Hugs, All, Rock


Good Wednesday Morning, Kids,

Had a good night's sleep. I wore the watch all night and used the sleep app to track my sleep. It doesn't track brain waves, of course, but it does keep track of physical activity. I am not a restless sleeper which surprised me. I got a full seven hours of sleep without moving around. I texted my girls with the results of the EKG and both texted back on a three way. It was great fun. DGS had a snow day and was in the basement playing video games. DD was about to go get him to do something else. I think too much screen time is as bad as Neutrasweet. Rots the brain. DSIL, the one who gave me this iPhone, has pink eye. Poor guy. BTW, there is a new blood test which may show the onset of Alzheimers years before it is obvious. It measures the increase of certain proteins which go on to cause the plaque that is the hallmark of the disease. The test also provides info on how treatments are working or not working for patients.

Granni, I'm sorry DD didn't get the job but as close as she got, I would imagine another will come along. Glad your sinuses are better. Hope DH's improve too. Evidently, the Red Tide is present up the coast. That's how it starts before moving down to us here. Good news is that there is more research going on to try to help find the cure for that and the blue/green algae. Seems to me that there are a lot more things causing us all to have these sinus and allergy problems and catching colds doesn't help either.

Duckie, that's good news that you are being recruited all the time. It's good insurance and makes one feel more secure. That's is great that DS can practice driving with snow and ice. I learned to drive in a cemetery where there was almost no traffic. Problem was that there was a rectangular drive in one direction only. I got great at making left turns but got no practice making right turns. Doh! My friend, Julie, the one who just died, took Tweety in during Hurricane Irma and when Jeff came to take her home afterward, she didn't want to go with him. She adores Jeff because he saved her life and Sylvester's too. Julie must have spoiled her. Hope OT is OK and your DM too.

Star, I think your toe nail may have to stay until a new one grows in and pushes it out. Removing it too early may prevent a new one from growing in. I'm sorry it's so painful. Also sorry for the rest of your pain. Great score on the flooring. Just don't overdo it installing it. I love the vinyl tile boards my neighbor installed. They interlock and look like wood planks. If I were to put it in here, I'd have to remove the tiles and that's a major headache. Guess I'm stuck with the tile. Great news for your DS. Great news on the feather kids too. I am convinced that Diet Coke is one of the worst things for us. Unfortunately, when we feel awful, we tend to increase sugar intake. Some smoke. These things do offer some quick help in dealing with the constant pain and fatigue but can cause long-term problems. I think meditation to reduce stress is better but it can be impossible to be able to meditate with a busy family. Hope you feel better.

Rock, think I'll pass on buying the used snotty tissues. Look at that. Just saved $80. What a good frugal master of the budget am I. So Miss Kitty had a gentleman caller. Little tart!

OK, Kids, off to read the real newspaper. This may be the last Wednesday paper I'll get. I truly am on a frugal binge. Speaking of binges, I'll binge watch Frankie and Grace on Netflix and get rid of it. Price keeps going up and most of their offerings suck. I'll not get rid of Amazon Prime because, in addition to programming, I get free delivery of Amazon goods and free or cheap Kindle books. Also have HULU so am not needy when it comes to TV. Been having lousy reception on the antenna and often wonder whether Comcast meddles with the signals. They are bleeding customers for cable TV like crazy. That only increases the cost to the customers who stay. They are now offering streaming TV to compete with HULU and Sling.

I have to meet the insurance adjuster downstairs this morning. Hope it doesn't take long. Also hope he is generous in replacing the ruined cabinets. I love the kids who own the condo. The woman is Ilona's ex-DIL and her husband. Hope all y'all have a wonderful day.

Love, Mikie



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Duckie: You probably gave OT much more attention than your DM, trying to compensate that she wasn't at the house. Cats are funny creatures. Clair was my DHs cat and would try to scratch me when I tried to pet her. OK....fine with me, her sister Abby chose me. Then when DH wasn't here anymore after a few weeks she realized it was just me, so she softened. But she still likes men.....she's all over my DSs when they here and she actually came out of hiding once when my handyman showed up in the house. The hussy.

Star: Do you have a bandaid over your toe? Ouchie. When I was a teenager my brother slammed the door while my finger was there and the nail almost almost came off....it was hanging there. I fainted. When revived my mom took me to the doctor the next day and he just snipped it off. Took about 3 mos. for the nail to finally grow back. I agree with Mikie....diet cokes are BAD, as is sugar which I finally came to realize. I was having a "craving" last night but my sign I've put up made me think of other things.

Mikie: I had to train myself NOT to roll over in my sleep because of positional vertigo, so I put a hard book at my back. Because of that I don't move in my sleep.....still sleep awful though and wake up incredibly stiff everywhere. I recently read it's a sign of osteoarthritis, morning stiffness.

Rock: Better to have visiting cats in your yard than coyotes. And here's a link to what Mikie was talking about.
https://www.medicalnewstoday.com/articles/324244.php?utm_source=newsletter&utm_medium=email&utm_country=US&utm_hcp=no&utm_campaign=MNT Weekly Full (non-HCP US) - OLD STYLE 2019-01-23&utm_term=MNT Weekly News (non-HCP US)

I was watching "Finding your roots" on PBS last night. So interesting. Anyway Ann Curry was the chosen searcher.....interesting to find out that her mother was Japanese. I've really never watched Ann Curry but she came across as such a sweet, gentle person. Also Lisa Ling was on....of course her relatives are Chinese. Turns out that her father or grandfather....don't remember which.....had a brothel in China, had 3 wives and 19 children. Her ancestry went back to the 1500s. It's my understanding that Chinese value their ancestry greatly and keep records of everyone born to the family. I think it was YoYo Ma's ancestry went back to the 1200s.

Rock: Does Gordon have an ancestry record?

A cousin of my Dad's was Mormon so did quite a lot of research on the family. Some of my ancestors traced back to the 1600s, most to the 1700s living in and around Virginia. On my mom's side all we know is when my grandmother came to America and on what ship, and what town she was from. When it comes to my grandfather, he always told the family it was nobody's business! We all figured he jumped ship before it got to NY. If I ever got traced I would love to know about grandfather's family.

Yesterday I got a notice from the water heater manufacturer that my heater could cause a flash fire. I called and was given the name of the plumbing company that would inspect. I called them....supposed to be here sometime in the week. I don't know what can be done since the problem is if it sits on wood....which both of mine do. I went to the company online about this.....get this....they recommend I turn off my water heaters!!!!!!!! WHAT?
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Hi guys! I'll be back to visit later this evening...just wanted to show you what we woke up to this morning. Den made it to work...at 5:15 am, he was the first one to make tracks (we got more snow and wind last night.) I watched him go down the lane and as far on the road as I could see...he called later and told me if he had known how bad the drifts were, he wouldn't even have tried it, lol! But once you get started, you just about have to keep going.

Thank goodness I had called yesterday to let the county engineer know that part of our lane belonged to the county, but it hadn't been bladed at all...we were trying to keep it cleaned out ourselves, but it was getting to be too much. The road grader was here within the hour (didn't come clear down to the house, turned around at the curve of the lane where the county part quits...but we're okay with that.) And this morning, he did the same thing (part of the lane as he was up on the road, anyway.)

I hope I can get out to my eye appt. on Friday, but will just reschedule if I can't. Take care, everyone...I'm off to shovel my way out of the house, lol! The tallest part of this drift is actually a foot or so away from the door, so I can at least get the shovel started from inside. Just happened to hear Peace Sign scratching on the door so I could let her in...



Hi, Kids,

Another busy day. I took a bath and Grace wanted me to come down to see the curtains I gave her. They will be perfect in their bedroom. She just texted to tell me Dennis was putting them up. While there, a neighbor called from MA to ask about voting for those running for our big board. I told her the two I didn't vote for. It was her techy DH who sold me on the watch. I'll be going down to let the insurance adjuster in to their unit this afternoon. I came home and cleaned the guest bath so have to finish cleaning SV's. So glad he lets me use it. It warmed up to 77 but the wind makes it feel colder. The wind is blowing the trees around constantly and that is disrupting the signal on the antenna right now.

Sun, thanks for providing the link. I had thought the protein was what was causing the plaque. It's not but is from damaged brain cells. I need to tell Claudia that the familial type is rare and that symptoms with that usually show up in earlier decades than with other types of dementia. She is in her 60's and has no symptoms. She worries about it because of her Mom. I don't stay in one position all night but evidently don't toss 'n turn either. Good news. Back when I got really sick, a sleep study showed seizure activity in my brain. That is why I took Klonopin. I think the peptide injections helped enough so that I no longer need it. Now that I've ditched the Diet Coke and the Red Tide is gone, I wake feeling better. My water heater sits in a galvanized pan with a drain at the back. Wouldn't such a pan work for your problem?

Julie, what a mess that storm left you guys. That is so sweet that Peace Sign lets you know she wants in. I'd think the other kitties would follow her lead. The farm looks pretty with all the snow. Nancy's kids gave her a service to plow her drive when the snow is deep. I still worry about her going out to shovel even light snow. She needs a cane or walker because of her back. She's on tough woman. Be warm and safe.

Gonna get going. Hope all y'all are having a great day.

Love, Mikie

Below is a pic of a naturally occuring ice ring in a river. It's time release to show the rotation. Evidently, a little spot of ice starts to spin and stays in the same place as the river flows by which causes it to spin as it grows. Very cool and strange.


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Mikie: I'm not sure about familial alzheimers, but in my mom's family first her brother got it in his early 60s, then my aunt marie.....she was in her late 60s, then my aunt Pauline also in her late 60s or early 70s, then my remaining aunt helen.....she's 95 and is in a retirement home with all the symptoms starting about 8 years ago. Both my cousins are concerned that they might. My mom, the oldest of all of them, died at almost 99 with her brain still very sharp, so go figure.

About the WH, I talked to the plumber's wife who is scheduling his visit. She said the pan is only to catch water not to avoid any flash fire. I don't know what can be done at my house since the indoor WH is in the middle of the house actually sitting on the wood flooring that was installed at the time the house was built in mid 60s. The WH in the garage would be less of a hassle since it's on a 3' raised platform with a wood base. I'm thinking with that, tile old be put onto the wood out there. Such a problem!!!!! I'm even thinking about another safe WH for the house. If so then maybe the WH company of the old one will go halves.

How old is your WH? When I called the lady had a list of serial #s that were a problem. They were various makes and models. I had given her my name and she checked.....asked if I had registered my WH.....yes....because she didn't have my name. I said there must be since I got a notification.

Julie: Good thing you called the powers that be and now your lane will be cleaned of snow.