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Y'all know the drill. I'm opening a new Porch and will be back after I read the last posts on #846.

Love, Mikie


Only one last post over there.

Sun, I'm sorry your $$$ keeps flying out the door. Our assn. will have to pay to have our cassia tree removed and the rest of the overgrowth taken out. Of course, our reserve $$$'s and our operation acct. $$$'s are funded through our monthly fees. We've been smart and lucky so we are in better financial condition than the other bldgs. in the hood. Hurricane ins. in FL is very costly and difficult to obtain. The deductible for hurricane damage on our bldg. is $35,000. In other words, the first $35,000 in damage is on us. We keep that much in our accts. just in case. BTW, that isn't an annual deductible; it's per storm. We've been lucky so far.

Julie & Sun, I was also married to a PA and I also wished I had know what they are like. Had I known, however, I'd likely not have married him and I wouldn't have my two DD's. My ex's mother was a PA and his dad was just downright mean, aggressive and abusive. Not a good combination for parents. I'd say sis is definitely a big PA; she is always too tired or busy to take care of GPA. Who can hold her responsible if she's too tired? GPA says mean things and then, he blames it on his health. Very PA. PA's are often liars too. They have to be to carry off their head games. I'm not sure all the therapy in the world can help PA's. The best we can do is avoid them when possible. Even when faced with their misdeeds, they will try to lie and wiggle out of responsibility. Too much work and too toxic a situation. If they cannot be avoided, the best defense is to read about PA's to understand what is going on.

Not much to tell this morning. Tweety meowed from about 1:30 until 3:30 this morning, when I finally let them in because she started to yowl. There had to have been an animal outside causing her to carry on like that. When I got to the sliding doors, she was on top of the table on the lanai, facing outward toward the yard and pond. They came in and slept an hour while I rested but I couldn't get back to sleep. Just a bit ago, Tweety got up on the ironing board in my bedroom and toppled it.
:eek: I'm sure the people downstairs probably think I had a fall. After the board fell, both cats explored every inch of the underside of the board. They are high on catnip. Little scamps!

I didn't do much yesterday when I got home from the dentist and Wally World. I got more test strips and alcohol wipes for later. I no longer need to test all the time. I forgot to pick up a couple more hand towels for my master bath. They are blue and brown and look really nice in there. WW has some nice towels. I've found that just putting up a couple of towels gives the baths a fresh look. Cheap remodeling.
;) I went over and put a padlock on our storage bin next to the back of the pool house before someone decided to help themselves to our paint. One of the board members finally got off his lazy duff and put the pool furniture back in place all lined up.

Dear old friend left a message on my phone yesterday evening but I didn't get up. Didn't know whether or not I'd feel up to doing coffee this morning. Barb is complaining about the tall grass growing in our pond. Several of us have researched it and grass should not be allowed to grow in the water. It wouldn't hurt for her to get this friend on her side. She is sending a letter of complaint to mgmt. I will no longer get involved in letting mgmt. know of problems in here because they are so overwhelmed with this new board that they don't even bother anymore. Sad.

I have to take garbage to the dumpster and clean the lanai. I love the cats but, sometimes, I long for the days when I didn't have their messes to clean up. When I'm in remission, it's OK but when I have so little NRG, it's a real pain. If I can manage to do these chores, it'll likely leave me dragging. Whine, whine, whine!!!

I'm anxious to start work on my new valance for over the sliding doors. I'm still deciding whether to add a matching silk twisted edging to the top of it. More trips to the fabric store but it looks nice on the one I have up here now.

Tonight is Halloween. Do all y'all have many trick or treaters? Dressing up pets is a HUGE deal here. TV showed a golden lab with a Donald Trump wig on its head. Too funny!

Love, Mikie
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Hi Kids

I was up most of the night per the usual. Gordon got up while it was still
dark and went out to set the hose on drip for some of his plants.

Thanks for opening up the new thread, Mikie. Did Tweety knock over a
full sized ironing board? Hard to imagine. Twisted silk edging for your valance
sounds nice. Maybe you could wear it first; for your Halloween costume. That's
very sweet of you to get some Halloween treats for the neighbor boys.

Sun, did you find Ellen as Karla? I'd give you the address of the site, but
that system doesn't work anymore. The video was on the computer news
yesterday. Sometime after I posted here, the story moved to the top of
the computer news on page one. And, as Mikie pointed out, you can also see
Kelly Ripa as Kim Kardashian. She looks like she's wearing a bustle. She's
also got up to look like Donald Trump. (Without the bustle although one might
say the Donald has plenty of hustle.)

Julie, that hospital bill is unbelievable! Horrendous! Outrageous! I find it
appalling that illegal immigrants can get free care at hospitals. Federal law
provides that any hospital that receives federal funds must provide free care
to those who can't pay. I hope to be gone before our country collapses completely.

Yes, those passive aggressive people can drive one crazy. That was my mother.
Controlled people (or at least inconvenienced them) by always being late. Uff-da!

Hi to Springwater, Granni, Diane, Barry.

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Hi, Kids,

Just got back from the dumpster and had my lunch. No, lunch didn't come from the dumpster. AACK!!! :confused: I had my favorite Asian salad with cashews and little rice Chinese snack pieces. They add a nice little zing. I sat out earlier with Barb for a cuppa. We had a nice chat. The hood is quiet today. An ambulance took away one of our neighbors. There is a woman in one bldg. who goes to the hosp. on a regular basis. I feel bad for her and her DH. Someone had lifted the big heavy dumpster lid so I was able to just heave my garbage bag inside. Inside the dumpster enclosure is a filthy mess. I used to clean it up but no more.

Rock, I got no quality sleep, due to Tweety's serenade. Lady downstairs likes to hear Tweety meowing up on my lanai. Her cat joins in and "sings" too. They didn't hear the ironing board go over. It is a full-size board and it make a heckova crash. Just glad Tweety didn't get hurt. Thanks for your kind words. The little treats I give the kids aren't expensive. Barb also got something for them. They are such sweet kids and very good. It's really difficult to raise kids in a condo. I gave Barb a few small Twix bars and told her it was for her treat bag. I'll probably end up giving her more if I don't have kids here tonight.

People always talk about the healthcare problem in this country and often assume that the poor don't get healthcare. They do but they get it from the ER, where they don't pay. Healthcare in the ER is much more expensive than in a clinic or doc's office and we pay the bill through higher costs, higher premiums and higher taxes. Free healthcare, or some kind of true national healthcare plan, would not be any more expensive than what we have now. Politicians often complain about the cost of providing healthcare but experience tells us that those with good healthcare are better at preventing more costly care down the road. Our hospital system here runs some low-income clinics where the poor can get services at no cost, or reduced fees. It saves the hospitals a lot of money and gets the poor help before they end up in the ER. I've always said that we all get healthcare but we all get different levels of care and pay differently--but we all pay, except for those who don't (call me Yogi Bera). :D

It takes almost no effort to do me in, especially after a night of poor sleep, so think I'll go take my nappy nap, as Mom used to say. Perhaps I'll cover up with my softy-wafty throw, as I used to say and still do. See y'all after I catch some ZZZZZZZ'z's


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Hi Kids

Here are some pics Gordon took. I think these are all from Jim's garden.
The first one is an encyclia. Similar to a cattleya. Most species have a

The second is a lycaste which also has a fragrance. Akin to cloves or

Number three is Red Dragon, a dendrobium. Reported to be easy
to grow.

Number four is a vanda, very unusual orchid. Looks like it might be a
metal scupture.

Having trouble posting. The computer crashed. When Gordon got it going
again, we found the icons, pics, letters, everything much larger. I can't read
a line of type without moving the screen back and forth. Uff-da!

We are waiting for Gordon's brother to come home from work. He will
probably be able to get things back on track.



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Mikie: thanks for the idea about twix bars. I'm go to my DGD soccer game in a few hours so I ran to the store and bought a package of the individuals ones, split it into two bags, and added $5 in each bag. My DD doesn't let them eat much candy, so halloween is just the fun of collecting it. They go to a "trunk or treat" down at the local church. Everyone brings candy to give away from their car truck as the kids go from car to car.....much safer this way.

Rock. Gorgeous flowers......I think my favorite is the vanda.

Julie: It sounds like you've really got overload of stress unless you have a bug along with everything else. Toooo much on your plate. Well, since you've got an idea of PA you're acquainted with how to overlook things. Funny....not.....I was going over some stories I had written years ago. One was when my mom was still alive, a few years before things got bad, and I state right in there that's she's PA! Now why didn't I see this in my DH? From what I heard from him and others, his mother was VERY controlling. He rarely talked about her at all. I didn't even see a pic. of her until we had been married at least 20 years. She had died when he was in college. My DH was a very closed mouth/secretive person. I often wonder what he took to the grave with him.

By the way, Julie. Next time Gpa stares at you.......ignore him totally......and go do something else. He KNOWS what he's doing and he's not too old to learn that he doesn't get what he wants when he wants it.

I've spent over an hr this morning on the phone with the Apple people. I was going to take some pics. with my Ipad outside, I bought a close fitting rubber holder so I could hang onto it outside and not drop it.....I really screwed things up somehow and it got locked in rotation. One guy worked with me for over 45 min. and he couldn't figure out how to fix it, so he had to put a Sr. guy on the phone and it only took about 10 min. The first guy even had me connect my Ipad to my computer. Wow....now I know what a browser is!!!! I'm incredibly stupid when it comes to these things. Oh yes, NEVER will use that holder again. I will have to look for something else I can use.

I've had tooooo much stress this entire week. Hope to get some fun time to play once I get back from the soccer game.


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:)Oh my, another volume. Now I need to post this so I can get the new posts on the phone. If I can quit going to all these funerals and such . It did turn out nice as far as funerals go. I have been fussing on the computer for awhile doing some other stuff and I need to go fold some clothes and fix dinner.

JULIE - You are wearing me out girl. To much stress going on with you at your house. Yes, I agree with SUN and hope you can actually ignore Gpa when he does stare at you. Hope your nap helps you to feel better. You are going to collapse if don't slow down a little but is that possible for you to do - to slow down some :)!!!

SUN - Hope you get rid of some of your stress too. Yes, bills will do that for you or to you. Interesting to hear about the PA's in both of your families, JULIE too. I am sure we have a few too if I can really think about it.

ROCK - Thanks for the beautiful flowers. They are so pretty. Hope to get back here probably tomorrow after church. I am so lazy about getting stuff done too but it won't get done if I wait for DH to do the cooking or laundry :)!

MIKIE - Hope all is well with you. I read your W and P's so quickly I can't remember what all I read other than Barb is still complaining :)!! Hope you are feeling well with those kitties making so much noise so early this morning or was it yesterday?

Love to everydobby,
Granni :)


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Granni: actually PAs happen because one parent has a huge amount of control over the child. They learn at an early age to "keep their mouth shut" even though they might be fuming inside. So this underhanded aggressiveness comes out.......it's hard for those around them to deal with.

I went to my DGDs soccer game. At this age they don't keep score but going to the games is something I really enjoy and I hope it shows I'm supporting them. My DGS's games have been at 8 am for a few weeks. Next week I might have to go to it though, instead of DGD. His team is playing his best friend's team. That means I have to leave the house by 7:30 am.

I hope to go tomorrow to a local art exhibit. Several really good artists are demonstrating, one in particular I really like.


Good Morning, My Dear Porchies,

Have all y'all fallen back? Another time change to which I'll have to adapt. Tweety started her yowling early last night so I let them in. Both went to sleep and I slept in til about 5:00 when I heard Sir Vester slurping out of my bedside water glass. AACK!!! Cat drool in my glass!
:confused: I got up and he knew I was not happy with him so he is lying low in the front office. Tweety has been making up her own games after I rubbed her belly. She has begged for belly rubs ever since she was just a kitten.

I'm so disgusted with the man downstairs. Before we had the bldg. painted, I got flower boxes for the two front bedrooms, which stick out a bit further into the yard. The boxes were a bit too wide for the sills so I had put in braces for them. He suggested I find more narrow boxes. I did and set the empty boxes on the sills. He came up and asked me to remove the one in his window. He said it keeps the light from coming in. This guy is a real pain. Both he and his wife are really nice but he's like a spoiled little boy. He's the one who put the ugly statue and pot in our atrium stairwell. Then, he filled the whole place up with ugly pots and plants. He put a piece of cardboard on one side of the light fixture outside because it was too bright. OMG! It never ends with him.

Barb thinks I should just tell him no on things but I try to accommodate reasonable requests and keep everyone happy if possible. Besides, she complains and wants to be catered to as much, if not more, than this guy. Being on boards is a thankless job. On top of everything, the guy downstairs is a renter. Now, he wants to paint the sidewalk outside his door. That's where the goodwill ends. It ain't gonna happen. Thanks for letting me vent. Y'all must think I get along with no one but I do have a lot of really nice friends in the hood. I guess there will always be a few pains in the butt.

Julie, I know how pressed you guys are right now with the house but your body is trying to tell you something. I'm glad you are resting because, with what we have, it is possible to get run down to the point of no return. I've been there and it took me years to try to get back. My mindset was always, "If I can just get this done, I'll rest and everything will be OK." I crashed and was bedridden, unable to do anything but get up to use the toilet. I'm sorry to nag but I do think it may be helpful to know what others have gone through. OK. Enough said. I hope you and Den get good help with that area of the house. I know how important it is, both as a physical part of the house and as a little sanctuary for you and Den to have some privacy. It is exciting to hear about your progress. The fun will come when it is finished and ready to decorate. It's so sweet of you to cook such good food for the people helping you guys. My mouth is drooling. Heck, as run down as I am right now, I'd come over and drive a few nails if you were to feed me. Mmmmm!

Rock, those pix are beautiful. I would say my new orchid smells more of spice than citrus but both are discernable. If your screen is enlarged, you might click on the Microsoft/Start icon and go to My Computer. Click on Display and see whether it allows you to set the size of what appears on your screen. Things may be a bit different from what I've described but there should be some way to fix it using the Start menu. When you are at this website, you should be able to click on something in the upper right-hand area at the very top of the screen and set the size in a drop-down menu. Sometimes, this is called, Zoom. It is set in percentage. I run mine at 150 percent. Anything larger than that and I have to keep moving the screen to read the right-hand side. Good luck. You can play around without doing anything permanent.

Sun, that trunk idea is great. When we were kids, we never worried about getting poisoned candy or razor blades. We were safe to go, even after dark. No so today. It's sad but a reality. Instead of the haunted house idea, down here we have haunted swamps. They build scary scenes and have scary characters all along the trails and it is safe. There is less emphasis on candy. I had no kids last night so here I am, almost an entire bag of Twix mini bars to tempt me. I'm OK as long as I don't eat one. Think I'll put them out of sight. I may end up giving them to Barb. I'm so glad you can catch the DGKs' soccer games. Wish I could go to Andy's. I keep saying I'm going to go to more art exhibits but this relapse doesn't even allow me to do what I need to do in here. I should make having fun a priority.

Granni, don't worry about keeping up with my W&P posts. None of them is important. It was early yesterday that Tweety decided to serenade the hood with her meowing. It's the yowling which is annoying. I just got up early and let them in this morning. I was able to go back to sleep so all was fine. I think Sir Vester may be a bit PA himself. He is very stealth and, after he has done something, he acts like he was never even in the area. When I caught him red pawed, drinking out of my water glass, he knew he was busted. That's why he's lying low in the front room. Without her playmate, Tweety had to make up her own games this morning. Now, she's passed out after getting her fill of belly rubs. Hope the funerals end for you.

Our newspapers aren't here yet. In another 15 mins., it will be 7:00, the deadline for their being on time. I do not understand why, every time we switch from DLS or Std. Time, the paper is late. If we were still on DLS, the paper would be almost an hour late. Just another example of how the world is going to hell in a handbasket! OK, I admit that this isn't the worst that could happen but, to some of us, getting our paper on time is a big deal. It's true, I'm officially an old fart, complaining. Whine, whine, whine!!! :(

Hope y'all are having a better start to your day.

Love, Mikie


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Mikie: I'm actually learning a lot from you about condo life.....and I thank you.....I think I've made my decision to stay in the house. I love my privacy! And with part of the fence down in back, even though I've known my neighbor and her son for over 30 years and I KNOW they're not even looking, I've gotten into not even letting the cats on the patio because of no fence. Sorry you have to contend with that renter down below. I have to chuckle....I guess Barb doesn't realize who she complains. When I get into that.....my DD calls me on it IMMEDIATELY and I have to straighten up. It's just so easy to slip into what one wants when one wants it.

I woke around 5 this morning then realized it was actually 4. I dozed a little but finally gave up. I HATE the time changes.

I walked around the front of my house, looking at the bush trimming that was done friday. I had been in a hurry to get to the bank so didn't check.....good thing he's coming on monday because I have a list of things he needs to fix, like more bush trimming and the grease spots all over the walkway to my front door. I think his chain saw sputtered gas or oil and it's made a mess. I had called him on friday afternoon and he said he has something that will remove them. I did a search and found something on youtube....apparently carberator cleaner will do the job but hey.......he made the mess and he can clean it up. I've sure PAID him enough.

Mikie my cats are old enough and have settled down. The only time they will yeowl at me is when I need to give them more food (I guess they panic when it's only half filled) and their litter boxes. A few weeks ago I paid my DD for the brush bridge she had and her cat didn't use it.....Abby loves it and is brushing constantly. Clair could care less.


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Hi Kids
I forgot all about the time change. But since I don't work or go to school
anymore it doesn't matter anyway. I just looked to see what time it is.
Turns out the wall clock is missing. I guess Gordon adjusted it.

OK, Gordon just walked by. Yes, he did adjust the clock, but he
lost the nail in the process. I believe this illustrates the principle
summed up in the phrase, "It's always something." Anyhoo I found
it. I'm better at finding things. He's better at cooking and
gardening. A team for all seasons. 34 plus years together.

Mikie, you were right about adjusting the size of our computer page.
Gordon had tried to do it by clicking on Zoom, but that didn't work.
After your suggestion he went back and applied multiple clicks which
solved the problem.

You're right about Halloween being different when we were kids. Nobody
worried about razor blades or poison. And you couldn't buy a costume.
You threw something together. Like a sheet for a ghost. Or a paper
bag mask with a color crayon face. I don't think Halloween sized candy
bars were around then either.

Sun, did you get to the art exhibit? I used to take my mother to the LA
County Art Museum and the Norton Simon museum in Pasadena.
You've all seen that one, Kids, if you watch the Rose Parade. It's
located right where the parade turns to go down Colorado Blvd.
Across the street from where Stephanie Edwards broadcasts. She's
been doing it for 34 years. What a kawinkydink!

Granni, we are playing a game on the Homebound Board. Names
or people that are also names of cities or states or geographical
features. For example: River Phoenix, Marjorie Maine, Veronica
Lake. Gordon suggested actor John Austin. I see there are other Texas
cities that also fit. Adrian, for example. Adrian was MGM's
foremost designer in the 30s-40s. Did the costumes for The Wizard
of Oz.

Com'on over and play, Kids. You'll have a good time or your money
refunded. Doncha think I'd be a wonderful cruise director on some
luxury liner?

I don't know how you can say you are lazy, Granni. You are on the
go all the time. I'd be thrilled to have just some of your energy.

Julie, I hope you are feeling better today. How much does a 20'
board weigh? Can one person carry it? Brings to mind Laurel
and Hardy and the other slapstick clowns who couldn't pick
up a board without bumping into somebody. Anybody
around you wouldn't mind bumping into?

Gordon is sitting on the back step watching a hummer at the
feeder. His goldfish plant has new buds. Tiny orange ones.
He's thinking about putting some succulents next to the
geranium patch. The trouble with the geraniums is that they
are flourishing. They keep spreading out and smothering the
nearby plants.

Hugs everydobby


Hi, Kids,

I finished cleaning the lanai and decided to sit down and drop in on the Porch. On most porches, one drops in and then sits down. Lanai gets soooo dirty but looks so nice when it's clean. Well, the cats will put an end to that. I have just a wee bit of NRG today so decided to make the most of it. This week, I can clean inside. I have a dermatologist's appt. on Thurs. It's just a routine skin check. We should get them yearly here in the Sunshine State but I think it's been three years since my last one. I'll strip to my undies but I told them I won't get nekked. DD#2 had a melanoma removed a couple of yrs. ago. It's the most deadly kind but the doc got it all.

Sun, condo living takes some adjustment. I went from a four-bedroom, two-story family home to a one-bedroom condo after my divorce. I moved into a two-bedroom condo in CO. This one is three bedrooms and two baths. It's just about right for me but I wouldn't mind a few more sq. feet. I have my privacy when I want it but I am just steps away from neighbors and bldgs. away from friends. I don't socialize that much but I could if I wanted to. I would not enjoy living where there are tall bldgs. with a lot of condos crowded in. Our hood is all townhouses and two-story eight-unit condo bldgs., with the exception of one three-story bldg. at the end of my street. There is a lot of landscaping with a really big pool and tennis courts. It's not luxury living but it's a nice middle-class community, very well located, and desirable for resale.

Ugh! Your landscaper sounds like ours. As Rock says, with them, it's always something. These cats are six and really well behaved. It's just that they are still young enough that they want me to get up and play with them. Also, we have wildlife and Tweety feels like it's her duty to announce their presence. She gets very alert when someone comes to the door. I think she believes she's an attack dog. I forgot I picked up the brush bridge when Romba last cleaned the carpet. I'll put it out and Sir Vester will think it's new.
;) BTW, I can't imagine you as a complainer.

Rock, yes, as Roseanna Roseanna Danna used to say on SNL, it's always something. I only changed one clock; I need to do the rest of them, including the one which projects the time on my bedroom ceiling. I wish all were automatic like the cell phone and computer. Changing the one on the stove and microwave are easy. It's the others which are a pain. I have to change batteries in them. Glad you are a good finder. Me, not so much. I depend on St. Anthony to find things. I take up a lot of his time. Wow! 34 years together--Congratulations!
:) Glad you got your computer fixed. I like a lot of the changes now but, sometimes, I long for the safer, more simple times. The party store here sells costumes for little girls which are totally inappropriate. I recall having so much fun on all the holidays. Kids today have so much that it seems they get a bit jaded. I was in Wally World and walked past the bikes. Suddenly, I had a flashback to the excitement of getting a new bike. I was transformed in time. I saw some like the ones we got our girls and I remembered how much they loved their bikes. The world was still simpler then and I'm glad they experienced it. I admire my GS's parents because they could spoil him rotten but he's a really nice little guy. He has traveled a lot and has a lot of things but he isn't jaded and appreciates what he has. Not only would you make a great cruise director but you would do wonderfully well at hosting game shows, variety shows, and late-night shows. Stephen Colbert, watch out!

I will go to the pool tomorrow. I missed two days last week, one to rain and one to the dental hygienist. I need my exercise. I'm trying to get my routine appts. out of the way. I'll wait til I change ins. plans before I make my gyno appt. and get my mammo and Dexascan. The plan I have now has lousy radiology providers. I don't see my urologist til Apr. and will have to get an x-ray of my kidney stones before I see him. I try to do preventive maintenance on both me and my old car in an attempt to ward off any more health conditions or mechanical problems. BTW, y'all, my old size 12 shorts finally started falling off so I'm wearing my size 10 pair. Woo Hoo!!!
:D Doing my happy dance!

Wishing y'all a lovely Sun. evening.

Love, Mikie


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MIKIE, et al - Glad to hear that you have been losing weight. So am I but I don't want to lose much more than already have. Also I never lose it where I want or need to. You can't exercise outside when it is raining. Not much you can do about that. It is dreary and somewhat rainy out today. I went a little bit early to church today to sell or try and sell some tickets to our Music Ministry Fundraiser that will be on Nov. 20th. It is to benefit our new church building fund. I went to learn one of the pieces our director wrote and found I was missing pages. That is not good. It is a tricky little piece but very pretty. It will help when I find the rest of it. I think that is what I saw at church and thought it was someone elses since I already had mine but did not look at the page numbers. What a dummy !! Now I can't practice it and probably won't be going to the practice either on Wed. Glad the performance isn't until the 20th.

Yes, you need to take care of yourself and body maintenance is a good and very important thing. Wish I knew what I could eat or drink to help me gain some more weight. Have to go so my PCP in Dec. and he thinks I am just going to eat like I did before. I have been buying and eating avocados and I bought or ordered some drinks, not to cheap but cheaper on line of drinks (vegan) hi protein drinks. I also drink the usual ones with the whey protein too usually once a day for breakfast. If I could find a cereal that was OK to eat I would eat that too. It can be brown rice cereal I know but not sure what else might be OK and the flour that they use if it is OK. Tonight we will have steak and quinoa and zucchini. Sometimes DH has his low sugar and far ice cream and I can't have it - boo hoo. I am eating some popsicles occasionally that has no sugar or little of it. I did see some almond and coconut milk ice cream but they are such little pkgs and aren't to cheap. However, when I think of it I will get some.

How tall are you MIKIE? Don't get to thin now? I am 5'5'' and close to 120 lbs which really isn't a bad weight but I lost it in the wrong places.

Hi to SUN, ROCK , JULIE, SW, DIANE, and everydobby. I need to go and start fixing dinner now.

Love to awl,
Granni :)


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Granni: I'm 5' 4 1/2 Somewhere I lost l/2" I weigh in at 135.....I've got "meat on the bone" but still have to struggle to keep it on otherwise I look gaunt.

I've been eating cooked steel cut oats, heated up in the morning with some almond butter added to it along with cinnamon and either raw sunflower seeds or chia seeds and I also add whipping cream> OMG.......it's soooo good. You could eat that but just put on almond milk. It's very filling. I cook it like rice, bring it to a boil, then turn it off and forget about it. As it cools it continues to cook. After a couple of hours I put it in the frig to pull some out every morning.

What a waste that art show/exhibit was. I went specifically to see this one artist demonstrate but she cancelled at the last moment and another artist was there......comparable to what I do. Talked to several other people, learned about a weekly friday painting group so I guess it wasn't all wasted, except for the $8 I had to pay to get in.


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HI SUN - Thanks for the idea. I have never been a great hot cereal fan but I may be willing to try almost anything at this point and I love cinnamon even without the sugar. I guess if needed I could add a bit of Stevia. I need to try buying some almond butter. Where is that in the grocery store, by the peanut butter? I have some sun butter which tastes like peanut butter. Haven't eaten a whole bunch of that though but a little on some rice crackers. I think oatmeal may be a little iffy in some camps and will check it out. Boy are we changing out eating habits. They say not to have your SO who you cook for not to make the same things for them, nutrient wise, I think but we are both on a lot of vits and supps., even if he does complain sometime about having to take them. Maybe I could disguise the oatmeal with lots of fruits and such but to many isn't great either due to their sugars.

Its getting late and I need to do some other stuff for tomorrow. As it gets cooler I may try good old oatmeal. My mom used to try and get me to eat all kinds of hot cereal to disguise it. It didn't work for me so early in the morning rushing off to school. Didn't sit to well in my stomach and I would sit there till it got cold and then who could eat the stuff??

Sorry you didn't get to see the artist you went to see at the art show. I know you must have been disappointed.

Gotta run for now and hope o get back tomorrow or Tuesday when I don't have anywhere to go for change other than go to vote - if we don't forget :)!!

Love to you and all,
Granni :)


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Granni: try to get steel cut oats.......there's a world of difference from the regular Quaker oats cooking one and don't ever buy the instant. If you have a Trader Joe's around you, I know they sell steel cut oats and also almond butter, but you could still use peanut butter....just don't buy something like jif. Buy a natural butter. Steel cut oats are sold a lot of times in bins (like at a store I shop at) or in cans. It might even be called Irish Oats. This needs to be cooked for awhile, that's why I say to bring it and the water to a boil, cover it and take off the stove and just let it sit until it cooks on it's own. I absolutely HATED cooked oatmeal or maltomeal.....ugh. My mom tried putting brown sugar or raisins in it....still hated it. But the steel cut oats are totally different.

I just had a protein shake with the last of the kefir. Need to buy more tomorrow. I tried emptying the supplement capsules into the shake so I wouldn't have to swallow so many pills.


Good Morning, Kids,

Boy was I tired after cleaning the lanai yesterday. I had a nice Epsom Salt soak in the evening and fell asleep before 8:00. The more sleep I get before midnight, the better off I am. It helps mitigate waking up off and on from then til morning. Cats seem to be in a new mode where they go out but want in early. I let them in and they sleep with me til I get up. I can live with that. I'll be off to the pool after I shower and do my hair. I need to head to Costco to replenish my berries, fresh and dried. I'm in such a rut of eating the same things but I don't mind. Eating fruit and veggies is very satisfying. I didn't get to the store over the weekend.

It's still almost like summer here with temps up close to 90 and high humidity. There is a cold front expected next week so that may make things a bit cooler here. My plan is to work inside and get this condo clean once and for all. I need to take down my louvered closet doors and repaint them. That means taking them outside if I want to spray them. I may just paint them with a brush inside. It's kind of a soothing thing to paint. I have walls which need painting too. Before any of that, I need to trim a couple of plants that the landscapers won't be trimming nor removing. I want to get our bldg. back to being as beautiful as it was before our foliage took over.

Watched a movie the other day. I think it was called, "Sick, Fat and Almost Dead 2." It was about a guy who decided to 'reboot' by drinking only fruits and veggies he juiced at home. He did it for several months and lost a lot of weight and got well. He drives across the country, with his juicer in his trunk, spreading the word. He now has made a business of it. Only problem is that it's very difficult to sustain on only juice and a few meals of fruits and veggies. Both he and one of his followers went off the juice diet and ballooned back up in weight. I don't believe in juicing unless that's the only way one can have ones fruits and veggies. It wastes all the good fiber in the plants. It takes a LOT of fruit and veggies just to make one glass of juice. Fruit juice can spike blood sugar and insulin. The people downstairs juice and spend $1,200 a month on food for just the two of them.

With the new Nutri-Bullet blenders, it is possible to grind one's fruits and veggies into a smoothie without all the waste and retain the skins and other fiber. Fiber is essential to good gut health and regular elimination. I do think it's good that people are waking up to the connection between obesity and illness due to poor diet. Even some docs are getting on the bandwagon. Communities and schools are making garden plots and kids are getting education on nutrition. I like the movement we have started here on the Porch. We share what we learn. BTW, my fasting blood sugar was 101 this morning--not perfect but not bad.

Granni, have you read "The Yeast Connection?" I think there is a good diet there for systemic yeast/fungal infections. I don't buy the green drinks or powders now that I have the Nutri-Bullet. I can make all kinds of healthy drinks in it. PH sells a good green drink powder. I make a drink with their ImmunePlex undenatured whey powder. It should only be mixed with water or milk. I mix mine with Lactaid milk. Mixing it with anything else could diminish the property of increasing glutathione. I am 5'4" and am not losing any height. I have a muscular build so can carry more weight without it's being fat. Muscles are heavier than fat. That's why those with a higher percent of body fat can float more easily in a pool. I continue to build my muscles by my pool workouts. BTW, you can exercise indoors if you use a DVD or Wii game system. If I only weighed 120#'s, I'd be a skeleton. As it is, I'm wearing my size 10 shorts; the 12's are falling off of me. I continue to wear my 'fat clothes' because I'm not through losing. I still have 17 #'s to go. Don't know that I can afford a whole new wardrobe either. In my baggy clothes, it's hard to see how much weight I've lost. Hope you find your music. As in life and sports, you really need to know the score.

Sun, I also could not afford to drop below about 135 without looking gaunt. I wonder whether the weight loss will continue after I reach my goal. If it does, I'll have to find things to eat which will even it out. I think we all have an ideal weight and our bodies will often stay at that weight once we reach it. I still have a bit of flab around the middle I'd like to get rid of. This has been a fairly rapid weight loss but not unhealthy. I know that it takes a bit of time for the body to tighten up after weight loss. I'm sorry your artist was a no show. How disappointing. I keep thinking I'll try the oats but I like the bran buds with all their fiber. It only takes 1/3 cup for half the daily req. of fiber. With all the raw fruit and veggies I consume, I'm getting a ton of it. BTW, Barb is in her 80's and has lost too much weight. She is like a stick and cannot gain it back even though she eats all kinds of fattening food. I don't think that's healthy.

Gotta go. Hope you all had a good weekend and enjoy the week ahead.

Love, Mikie


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Hi Kids

Woke up at 5 am. Went to see Lucy and the gang. They weren't on. Very strange.
The world is full of mysteries. Here's another one. We have no hot water. The
plumber who sold us the water heater 5 years ago is supposed to come by this

Sun, that borders on deception! All that money to see a star who doesn't show up!
Sorry you were disappointed. BTW about a dozen years ago I investigated oats.
Tried eating a bowl every day, but got tired of them pretty quickly. They didn't
seem to improve my condition anyway.

One of the things I read is that despite the name, the steel cut oats aren't cut. The
oats are all processed with rollers, then lightly roasted. This improves the flavor and
gives them a longer shelf life.

However I just looked at two sites that said the steel cut oats are not rolled; they
are cut. Hard to tell what's going on sometimes.

Mikie and Julie and other pun lovers. Here's something I found in a novel last
night. I think it falls into the categories of inadvertent puns. A first time mother
is feeling out of sorts. Overwhelmed with the responsibilities of carrying for
the baby. Her mother and especially her hubby are very annoying.

"It had all made Grace feel unreasonably aggravated. He seemed so happy, he
was doing everything right and he hadn't even been the one who particularly
wanted children. It was Grace who had pushed for the baby."

Glad to hear you whipped that lanai into shape, Mikie. Good luck with your
chores. I'm sure Sir Vester and Tweetie will be eager to help you with the

Oh, I've been meaning to tell you. Some weeks ago we drove by the park.
There was some sort of stirring in a tree. Turned out to be a cattle egret. First
time I've ever seen one in a tree. Hadn't seen one at the lake for some months.
We went by a few days later, and it was standing in the water. Haven't seen
it since.

Granni, did you find all your music? I hear there's a new app available for
cell phones. It's a bouncing ball that teaches you new songs.

I think we are going to the library today. Other than that, I don't know.

Hugs, Kids


Hi, Kids,

I'm back from the pool and Wally World. Two of my pals, both named, Nancy, showed up. I'm so glad. I've lost more weight since I last saw them and it made them want to come more often. Only problem is that one of the Nancys travels and the other cares for her three cats, plus a cat and a dog of her own. So, when one Nancy's gone, the other is working so hard with the animals that she can't get to the pool. Maybe if we change the time a bit... What a great time we had, laughing and getting caught up. On the 11th, we are all going out for dinner to say goodbye to one of us who is moving to Arizona to be near her family. BTW, we call one of the Nancys, Nancy Too, a takeoff of her last name. It could also be, Nancy Two. I call one, Nancy and the other, Nance.

I had wanted to pick up two more of the pretty hand towels in a blue and brown geometric woven print for my master bath at WW. Just the new hand towels has really perked up the bathroom. It's one I share with the cats; I hope they appreciate the new touch. I decided to just shop at WW and forget about Costco. I was able to find my Asian salad and some things to try to fix some of the low-carb goodies I got in that UHC insurance magazine. WW had almond flour but it's $11 for about 3 cups. The author of our book, Suzy Cohen, buys hers online but she buys 25 lbs. at a time. I got some stevia and dark molasses to make my Mom's healthy oatmeal cookie recipe. I don't want to eat too much of this kind of stuff before I get to my targeted weight. It may be low carb but it's still carbs.
I'm looking for some candied ginger for another low-carb recipe. It doesn't take much for a really strong ginger taste. WW didn't have it.

Rock, good pun, Lamaze style. A five-year-old water heater shouldn't be giving you problems. Let's hope it's something easy to fix. Mine is about ten years old and still going strong. Some condo assns. require owners to get new ones every ten years because, if one leaks or ruptures, it can do so much damage to adjacent units. I got a good Whirlpool and it should last awhile. We have no requirements here and one woman in our bldg. has the original, which makes it about 22 yrs. old. Yikes!!! She's pressing her luck. If hers ruptures, it will flood the unit downstairs. Even if it leaks, it may still flood because the builder screwed up the drains that are supposed to protect against flooding. If I could afford it, I'd get one of those gadgets which delivers hot water on demand without a traditional hot water heater. I'm not counting on Tweety and Sir Vester to help with the paint. About all I can ask is that they stay out of the wet paint. Tweety will because she is sensitive to smells but Sir Vester might try to drink it. The egrets down here love to stand on the mangrove trees along the water. They stand on the backs of the cattle in the fields. The cattle seem oblivious to them. There is a small bird which cleans the gators' teeth. The gators open their mouths and these little birds fly in and start pecking away. Brave little souls. If I were one of those birds, I wouldn't be a finch; I'd be a flinch! Enjoy the library.

I triggered my sciatica last week loading kitty litter (38 # box) into my shopping cart. It kicked up while I was out shopping, even with my TENS unit turned on. I'm going to do some laundry but am not up to much else. Hope all y'all have a pain-free day filled with NRG.

Love, Mikie

PPS: I just took my blood sugar three hrs. after lunch. It was 89. Woo Hoo!!! This is my lowest reading so far. I am beginning to believe that exercise is as important as diet. My lowest readings have followed a workout. As much as I would like to see our temps lower, it is absolutely beautiful here. As I look out on the pond behind my condo, it looks like Technicolor. There are beautiful trees on the other side of the pond and they are brilliant green against a clear blue sky. Sometimes, beauty like that can bring tears to my eyes. I'm watching "The Civil War" on PBS. These are some of the last episodes which I missed earlier. No matter how many times I see films about the Civil War, I'm always so saddened by the loss of life. Even with the hardened feelings of the South, it seems it took a war to solidify us as a nation. I can understand those hard feelings when I see the destruction of Sherman's march but it likely shortened the war. The South fought as hard as it could for what it believed in. There were no winners for them but for us it made a unified country a reality. It breaks my heart at the cost.
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SUN - I have to get the gluten Free Oatmeal. I forgot to ask when I was there today but read that in one of the books. The gals did tell me all has to be gluten free. Trader Joes is not to close to me unfortunately.

MIKIE - Those BS #'s sound great. DH's has been but hasn't taken them daily. The last one after eating was 118 or something like that. That was also with 2 glasses of red wine and dinner with quinoa for dinner and veggies and I forget the meat.

This has to be short. I need to go fix dinner and eat early before I go to choral practice tonight. JUust popped in and didn't have the chance to read all the posts but did see a little bit.

Gotta get the chicken out of the oven before it burns. More tomorrow.

Love to all,
Granni :)


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Hello All

The porch has been busy, so many posts. Nice to see what all everyone s been upto. My parttime helper lady had an errand to do; hasnt been coming. so ive been busy. trying not to get snowed under chores.

the weather has definitely turned colder. need to put on sweater colder. i used to enjoy that odd nip in the air but this time, not feeling as good about it. Feeling the cold in my bones a little more than i usually do. but will take that over baking in 100 degrees any day.

I went down and met a relative who has come from Tibet. he is a monk. I wasnt feeling like it but once there i was okay. Im not very fluent in our native language Tibetan so thats also a factor in not feeling too enthusiastic. I can make myself understood but i must be making so many grammatical errors and that makes one so self conscious.

The blockade situation is no where near a solution. The queue for cooking gas was like 300 yards long. well, im not up to too much in yard measurement but the line extended from the pokey little shop all along the street, climbed a nearby bylane and extended down into it who knows for upto how long. row after row of cylinders.

i had a visit from our former driver who drops by now and then who asked if i could spare some wood from our garden because he is out of cooking fuel. i got a little irritated because he does have an extra cylinder and didnt bother to go get it refilled as soon as the rumour started about the blockade. I went as soon as i heard, stood out there in the baking sun in line and got mine refilled. now if that finishes wood is what we too will be having to use. of course electric stoves are there but the electric bills were already kind of steep. and the elec itself erratic. Our own live in helps family spends on clothes etc but hadnt bothered to buy a spare gas cylinder and will have to use our garden wood. Irresponsible i call it. the wife keeps wearing new clothes and buys her two lil kids more clothes than what is actually required.

We had gone to visit an acquaintance the other day on the other side of town and son was driving. the line for cars queing for gas extended from the gas station down to the other block. Son remarked he had seen one particular SUV two days ago. Only that it was now a tad nearer to the gas station. Imagine waiting 50 plus hours to get 10 litres which is what the limit is for private vehicles.

My friend was saying she cant remember going thru such hardship since she came here. The damage done by the earthquake is still lying around and here we are in a different kind of hardship.

Diane -happy belated birthday. i hope you, Kevin and the fur babies squadron are doing well.

Rock - those flowers were one prettier than the next. I love the maroonish colour. Did you know there is a band by the name of Maroon? They churn out pretty good songs. the lead singer is a judge on The Voice. Adam levine.

Sun - hahaha wasnt that joke Rock made about the termites all being on the neighbours side of the fence and that only they should pay, funny? I get your frustration at all the unexpected expenses cropping up due to the house.

Julie - PA sounds very difficult to live with. So much more easier to live with uncomplicated persons. But i find our lives getting more and more complicated. as time goes by. here, im always trying to juggle words and trying not to let somebody or the others feelings get hurt. that bill for 110,000 made me fall backwards mentally. how fortunate they who came into this life with a healthy life script. ive met one or two people who hv never needed to see a doctor even at the age of 80. must hv been staff on medicines sans frontiers in their previous lives.

Granni - sounds like you are very busy. i hope the choral programme goes well. ive never heard of almond butter.

i was pressing post after every few paras so that the computer monster wouldnt eat up my post and found Mikie has posted.

Mikie - hello.I admire you for your strength in plugging along inspite of the health hiccups that keep cropping up. You always sound strong and in control. And I know it cant be easy. The other day I hurt my back lifting a bucket of water. I did NOT need that. its happened before so i was very careful not to lift anything after that and walk very slowly. today it is much better. something strange happened the other day, which i know you will understand. I was feeling a bit sick and a lot of anxiety the kind of which i hadnt suffered for a while, and lay down for a rest. then i got a call and it was a friend. this friend asked me if i was okay because she suddenly felt anxious and tingly and my image appeared in her head. i have not met her for weeks and hadnt even been thinking of her at all. no power on earth can convince me telepathy does not exist.

stranger still,i walked around, had a cuppa tea and then got better. no medicine. relief.

well, must needs go do chores. i love you all.

god bless

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