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Good Morning, Kids,

Coming to y'all from Slumberland where I got eight hours of sleep. Yea!!! I'm all bright eyed and bushy tailed, just hope it lasts. I have soooo much to do. I rewarded the fur kids with treats, catnip on their brush arc base and play with their feathers-on-a-stick toy. Both are high and passed out. It isn't fair they get their catnip and I can't have MJ. Whine, whine, whine.

It will continue to be summer like all week. AACK!!! Heat and humidity. At least, it's nice for working out in the pool. I weighed in and my weight loss is now 24 pounds. I forgot to take a fasting blood sugar reading. I'm convinced I'm on the right track toward keeping my blood sugar in check. I don't take readings all the time now; it's too expensive to buy that many strips and it isn't necessary. Spot checks are fine.

TV just had a news item that, since 1999, people have been eating healthier overall and they estimated that it has saved a million lives. I'm so happy to see this trend accelerating. It means we will see lower prices on healthy food. Whole Foods built a small store in a poor hood and they sell their things at competitive prices. Some poor areas have no access to fresh produce. WF keeps prices down with a less expensive store with none of the frills. Geez, I wish they would make all their stores like that.

Only problem with DST is that I can't stay awake in the evenings to watch my favorite shows. I guess it's the price I pay for getting at least four hours of sleep before midnight. Early to bed and early to rise... I got an e-mail from Amazon that the third season of "Last Tango In Halifax" is available to view. Yeah, if I pay for it. I'll wait until it's included with my Prime membership. I downloaded my free book for Nov. from them. Some of these books are OK and some, not so much.

Granni, readings from 100 to 140, two hrs. following a meal, are OK. I know that my body recovers because I've checked it three or fours afterward. As I said above, I'm convinced that I am normal now, or close to normal. I just wish my weight loss would translate to lower blood pressure. I'd love to get off my BP meds. Hope choral practice went fine. Come back and stay when you have time.

Spring, sooooo good to see you posting but I'm so sad that things have gone from bad to worse for you. I think those who are irresponsible should not expect you to give them wood that you may need to cook your own food. Do you have enough sunlight to use one of those little solar ovens? I don't know whether they are available where you live. UNESCO distributes them in third-world countries so they can cook. They would also be perfect for areas which have experienced disasters or conflict. I wonder whether there might be directions online for building one's own. I know they use reflective material, like aluminum foil, to capture the sun's heat. Are you allowed only one cylinder of gas? If not, perhaps those wanting your wood would exchange that for standing in line to get your cylinder refilled. I admire you for learning Tibetan. I've struggled to learn other languages and it isn't easy. I hope and pray things improve for you.

Well, Kids, I gotta go. I keep all y'all in my prayers.

Love, Mikie



Spring, I found three directions for making solar ovens on this one site. They are very, very simple to make; two methods only require cardboard boxes and a few other simple items. One is for cooking and one is for steaming veggies. One could make one of each and fix an entire meal. I have seen them work in videos, even on days without full sun. This might be the answer for you and others where you live. Good luck. It looks like a fun project.


Love, Mikie


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Mikie - thank you so much for your website..that was so thoughtful of you. i will look at it after evening meal is prepared. How wonderful if i could actually construct this and teach others.

About gas cylinders, i m good for a while..the person who wanted our wood is the solebread earner right now and he works as driver in a bank, so he couldnt really wait for the gas which requires someone to be there for a lot of hours.

lets see. somethings gotta give. i dont think the public is going to let this go on for much longer.

God Bless


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Hi Kids

Mikie, glad you're feeling perkier today. How resourceful of you to find directions
about a solar oven. Springwater, sorry things are so stressful. If you want to
check out Youtube, it has pages of videos about making a solar oven.

I wonder if the oven needs some kind of protection from birds and other critters.
Maybe like our "chicken coop" where Gordon has some orchids that don't like too
much sun. It has a wooden frame supporting wire walls. Of course you
wouldn't want the shade cloth we have on top.

Remember in Dr Zhivago Omar Sharif was out scrounging for fire wood?
He was breaking off pieces from an old fence. BTW, Sharif was not only
a movie star. He was also an expert bridge player who often appeared in the
Bulletin of the American Contract Bridge League.

No, I never heard of the band Maroon, Springwater. Went to Youtube.
The first of their songs was titled Stay Brutal. As Dave Barry said, music to
slaughter cattle by. You really listen to that stuff? Doesn't seem like it
would promote serenity. An epileptic fit, maybe. The video in question
shows a waterfall with the water falling up. Uff-da!

Oops! Gordon is just leaving for Costco. Gonna pick up my pills
and some other stuff. Gotta give him some moola.



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Spring: Life in your city sounds very hard but you seem to go with the flow. Good for you. Hmmmm....I agree about your help who overspends for luxury items instead of planning with necessities. I like watch Adam Levine on The Voice, but I've heard a few of his songs and really don't care for them. I do love the show though! There are some very talented singers who are hoping to get their career started.

Mikie: I'll have to do a search for solar ovens. You never know when someone might need it. That was very good of you to put a link for Spring. Great news on your sugar reading. I've never, ever been below 94 and I was excited about that. Yes, I've read that exercise is even more important than the food consumed.....keep it up.

Rock: funny about what Dave Barry wrote! You always have a knack for posting interesting items. Did you get much rain last night? It came as a surprise to me but then if I watched the news I might get an inkling of things going on. I checked my rain barrels...one was totally empty and then I saw that the plastic tubing had flipped out and drained everything out. Bummer.

Granni: here's a link re whether oatmeal if glutten free> Most interesting!


I have 4 very large trash containers out in front, waiting for the trash truck to come. I went out this morning because I was afraid the rain would have filled them. Two of the containers were flipped over plus two of the smaller trash containers.....one was my neighbors. I would bet $ that some nasty teenager pushed them over. So I had to get busy, trying to upright them. These had to have weighed over 125 lbs. because there was quite a lot of tree trunks in it. Had to take a lot out of them, and still couldn't upright them because they are on wheels. Luckily a teenage boy was walking to school (busy texting I think) and I surprised him .......actually asking for some help! Horrors!!! What I needed him to do was stand on one side and brace it so I could push it upright. So after all that first thing in the morning, my arm and shoulder are killing me. I'm going to get out my trust little tens unit....thanks Mikie for that info. "It's always something"!
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Been so busy and no time to write and tomorrow will be almost as bad. No rest for the wicked as they say. Thanks SUN I will check what you sent later.

SPRING WATER - So sorry to hear things have gotten so critical and worrisome for you and many in your area. Hope things get better soon for you and everyone. Hope I can get on some tomorrow to chat.

Thinking of every one of you.

Hugz to ROCK, MIKIE, SUN, SW, JULIE and everyone I have missed.



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Rock - i made a mistake..Adam Levine is not from Maroon but the band Maroon 5.

Their songs are soft rock i think..ballads, soft romantic songs.

Omar sharif died this year didnt he? on top of acting, he was a champion bridge player ? and so handsome. some people. or rather some souls, now.

Sun- teenagers on the rampage..those were really scary. Because theyre so full of hormones and angst and misdirected energy in some cases. Im happy you got one to actually help you.
I havent watched the Voice for some seasons now. Maybe because ive been watching our own music and dance reality shows..The Stage and Dance +.

a sample



Granni - hope your day goes well. Nice to see you busy and rushing here and there.

God Bless



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Hi Kids

Great pic, Julie. Is that what Lorraine wore for her Halloween costume?
Maybe you can manage a nap today. Make that your goal.

Springwater, how many Maroons are there? The one you just posted is
not much of an improvement. The band seems to be playing some
song totally unrelated to what the "singer" is doing. I put singer in
quotes 'cause it's more sprechstimme than singing. The kind of thing
actors like Rex Harrison and Richard Burton did. Semi-singing;
semi talking.

Sun, not sure how much rain we got. When I went out to feed the cat a
very light rain was just starting. I put her food in the back porch and
left the door open. She refused to come in and eat although she's done
it several times before. Couple hours later it wasn't raining, and she was
still waiting so she got her din din. Don't know what happened later so
far as rain. Probably not much.

Lucky you had a helpful teenager handy to assist with the trash bins.
I hope your tens unit helped with the muscle aches.

Yesterday I felt like I was taken advantage of. Gordon went to Costco.
He brought home my Betamethasone cream that the doc prescribed. It's
a very effective skin cream. Anyhoo the last time he picked up some he
reported that Obamacare would no longer pay for it. So it cost me $18.
This time he reported the price was now $26. That's for 1.7 ounces. Not
buying that stuff anymore.

Then I played some DVDs I bought at the library sale the other day. The
package had 3 DVDs and promised 13 different episodes of the Simpsons.
(I like to watch educational TV.) But actually there were only 3 episodes.
Swindled again.

Mikie, great to hear that you're testing well. I gave up testing my blood
because after a year of doing it faithfully, I couldn't get enough blood to
test. Hasn't seemed to make any difference in my condition though.

I have discovered a new author. He appears to be a relative. He has the
same surname as my grandmother. And he lives in a village in Iowa not
far from where I grew up surrounded by lots of relatives with the same
name. Like my brother he was a deputy sheriff for many years. After he
retired he took up writing. Is now a best selling author of cop stories in a
rural setting.

But one can never be sure. I wrote to an author with a family name a
couple years ago. He wrote back and said his ancestors came from
France and changed their name when they got to America.

As the old saying goes, you can change your sox and you can change
your mind, but don't be too quick about changing your name.


Hmmm. Looks like it's time for a new you know what.


Hmmmm, how can I be so lucky? I just always happen along when it's time to open a new Porch. So....




Mikie - thank you so much for your website..that was so thoughtful of you. i will look at it after evening meal is prepared. How wonderful if i could actually construct this and teach others.

About gas cylinders, i m good for a while..the person who wanted our wood is the solebread earner right now and he works as driver in a bank, so he couldnt really wait for the gas which requires someone to be there for a lot of hours.

lets see. somethings gotta give. i dont think the public is going to let this go on for much longer.

God Bless
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