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Hey guys- here is a plate of cookies for you all-it is an assortmant so everyone gets their favorites-BBL-Carla
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this time :)Elaine. Because you always bring a laugh or smile to our day with your wild imagination. Wouldn't change a thing about chya. K??? Well I can only speak for myself so will wait for others to speak up.

I do wish I had your energy as my has left me, I was going to go to Wally's earlier as I am out of milk, almost TP and other things, but could not do it.

I have spent a lot of time on the phone today plus 2 hours at the Drs, the guy came and took my mower away :-( after we tried all kinds of things.

I did find out I am anemic, good reason to be tired, but can't take iron so not sure where to go from here.

Did you all read my last post about the MOUSE that starred me down on my sink?? I have one of those mirrors on a stand that flips over to maginfy and I had left my makeup bag out on top of the counter too and I pick my make up bag up and there he was, he did go behind the mirror and I gathered my wits and took the wet wash cloth I had and reached down and grabbed him and out the back door he went flying.

Oh it was gross, he had left me presents in my newly opened box of denture cloths. My toothbrush and such are just in a cup, luckily I had extra toothbrushes and threw the old ones away and had to clean my entire sink up, it is a large one but a single bowl. BY then I didn't have time to put on my makeup. What a wake up call.

So this evening I cleaned the bathroom and I keep Smitten's food under the cabinet and he had been there too. So now I have traps in the only place the little buggers can get in. Spray foam is on my shopping list too.
I don't know how he got up there but there he was.

Well I have had all the fun I can today so the porch is all yours, I am going to bed and hope to sleep about 12 hours as I have to work tomorrow.

Enjoy the cookies and consider allowing Elaine a little slack THIS TIME. The porch wouldn't be the same without her-Carla



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Julie I watched it this morning, I had to load it overnight and it was a great thing to see first thing in the morning. That was too funny when she kept popping them out, thanks for sharing-BTW I LOVE the jammies and thought they were capri pants not jammies, you look great and Keira is just adorable.

I feel really crappy today, I felt so bad last night I almost called my boss but had hoped I would feel better this morning. So far not great. Maybe I would feel better if I had a chocolate chip cookie but someone ate them all.

Oh well let's hope I don't have to play Mouse Hunt this morning- Carla


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Well, getting to leave right now (will try and check in on late sunday or monday and then off again.) I can't check in this weekend as they have no puter thee. Just wanted to tell you all that.

Carla - Thaks for the cookies and starting us up again. What a story with your "pet" mouse or him trying to be.

My dear Elaine - You dear little imp. Just wanted to let you know that that we love you anyway even wien tell stories (better than saying lying) and your nose keeps growning. We all know you are not a quiet person and that is why you are so endearing. However, please try and refrain from to many "untruths" in your stories or we WILL have to take some drastic measusre, K? (-: !!

Next week when I am at my daughters I will try and do some checking to make sure you are all behaving (that won't be an easy task I know). You are not the only one that I why I love you all.

Mrdad - has his BKN girls and gotta keep an eye on him too (-: !! The truth is that I will miss you when I can't check in.

I also want to check in to see how dear Annie and Danny are coming along and how TEXASGAL is doing on her pre surgery diet. Good luck Erin !!

Julie - Will try and view your video about Kiera before I leave if not it iwll have to wait. It sounds so cute.

Lots of love to everydobby - inc. Mickey, Joan, Marta,Annie,Lacey, dear Rocky, Texangal, Sweetie, Georgia, Springwaters and everyone else I may have missed.

Getting ready to leave in a few minutes !!

Lots of hugs, blessing to ALL !

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Julie, Kiera is so so adorable. I can see why you don't complain watching her, you just want to squeeze her. Below is the link for all you porchies to go see Julie's adorable baby grandaughter.


I will be back, gotta get something done.



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Here I was over at the BBQ making ribs, brats and hot dogs and I completely missed what Miss Elaine little antics were. I was having such a good time at the grill cooking up some good eats for all my friends.

Carla: I hate mice. We had one that got caught in our window well and I was trying to make Randy get it out because it was driving our cats absolutely nuts. So, being the manly man he is he goes outside and tries to catch it - HA ---- he catches it and freaks out and the darn thing lands back into the window well. So, I go out their with a large pitcher, caught the little bugger and take him over to a nasty neighbors and let him be free. LOL.

I was wondering if anyone has heard anything about Danny? Last I heard he was coming home and they were going to schedule oral surgery. Just wondering if anything new has happened?

Rock: I went to the nursery and guess what I bought --- a Mr. Lincoln tea rose bush! Since it came so highly recommended from you I just had to buy it PLUS it smells heavely and I love the color. Hopefully, this weekend Mr. Lincoln will be put into the ground. HA!

I found a pretty good environmentally good mosquitos repellant......Listerine.....just the good ole fashioned yellow stuff. None of the newer stuff it has to be the yellow ole fashioned stuff. Works really good and it works really good against Randy as well! LOL.

I had more to say but it is gone forever in lala land.

Come on over and enjoy the gardens at the Com Post if you like --- we would love to have you! We just started our 10th volume ---- can you believe it!

TTYL --- Monica
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....and women

Gee mice scare me stupid don't know why it is the way they scuttle I think, yet squirrels don't and they are really rats with bushy tails.

Will try and see the Utube Julie on this old puter if I can. How is the ear?

I have to stop typing as DH cannot talk on the phone with distraction.

Love Annie


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What a week. I only worked 3 days and I feel like it has been 10 days straight. TGIF!!!!!!!!!!

ELAINE - I bet you are glad you have your computer back. I remember going to the library everyday when our house was up for sale and had to get out everytime someone wanted to come see it. It was the only place we could go that was free, cool and entertaining.

I am sorry I blew your cover but I guess someone had to do it. They like the real Elaine better anyway, LOL. Yes, it would be a nightmare to meet Steven in person. In those tights, I think I would be looking down the whole time I talked to him. LOLLOL, if you know what I mean. Oh, I am bad, shame on me.

Elaine, I vote that you can still come to the parties on the Porch. What would we do w/o you???? You should post your lawn on your profile. I just have to see what it looks like. I do admire you though. I have never cut grass before ever and have no urge too. I guess that is why I do laundry and Russ cuts grass. I don't think I would even know how to start it. LOL

Okay, the iron joke is a little lame. Actually, you had me cracking up over that one. LOLOLOLOL Your welcome regarding the you tube comment.

CARLA - I would so freak out if I saw a mouse in my house. You are so so brave, at least he left you presents, LOL, however, they are probably the kind you wanted to take back.

I remember when we were building our house and our first day we moved in, there were mice in our garage. I wouldn't go in the garage for about a month after that. Russ had to catch them with peanut butter on the traps. Gross is right. I am such a wimp when it comes to rodents, spiders any kind of bugs actually.

I hope you feel better Carla and you get some rest. I take iron everyday too as I am anemic. That is one reason why I have no energy anymore.

JULIE - Again, I have to say Kiera is so adorable. I sure miss having a baby around. Why does it have to be so short being babies. I wish they could stay that way for at least 10 years. LOL (only if they are as good as Kiera is).

GRANNI - I am going to miss you so much. I hope you have a wonderful time with your family and hopefully next week when you are at your daughter's you can check in with us.

P.S. I will keep Elaine in line for you!!!!!

GEORGIA - You got it honey, I said prayers for your friend and her Husband!!!!!! Have fun driving your truck. My DH has a blue Ford Ranger and he loves it, however, Ashley (my 18 year old loves it even more). It will probably be hers once Russ decides he doesn't want it anymore, which won't be anytime soon that is for sure.

MONICA - Hey there, I am so glad you are visiting. By the way, I loved your ribs, those are my favorite. You put that mouse over at the nasty neighbor's house, that is too funny. I am going to have to look up a Mr. Lincoln Tea Rose Bush, I have never heard of that before, I am assuming it has some kind of hanging things since Lincoln had that beard of his.

I am definetly going to have to try your Listerine trick. I hate mosquito bites. Come back soon we miss you on the porch.

ANNIE - How is Danny doing and you??? I bet you are sure pooped out. I shouldn't be complaining after what you have been through. Take care honey bunny!!!!!

Mr Dad, Rocko, Jole, Texangirl, Lincamp, etc............... my brain has gone and won't come back Love you all and chat later taters.




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Thanks again everydobby, for the wonderful b-day party.

Woke up half an hour ago. The light flashes have stopped, so I'm ready to type. Back in the 10th grade I was the only boy in school who took typing. (73 wpm)

What a change. Back then only a sissy would take typing. Today, well, we all know about our computer culture.

Monica, I didn't know there was a tea rose named Mr. Lincoln. Gordon's is full size. Which reminds me. The other day I was looking up birthday quotes. Found other quotes as well.

Including this one: People are just about as happy as they make up their mind to be. I have seen that attributed to Lincoln for decades.

Now I've found 3 different sites that say this quote is not in Lincoln's writings. And why would he say that anyway; he suffered from depression himself.

Linda, thanks for moving my post. Granni, see you're going to be a Travelin' Man (Ricky Nelson). Another big change. When I was a teenager rock and roll was new, and the people who performed it were young.

Now we have people who are sr. citizens strutting around on stage. My general impression is that their music is seriously inferior, but their amplifiers are far more powerful.

Anyway, Granni, hope your A/C is OK ASAP.

Julie, I saw part of the Keira post. Those Youtube videos freeze up or don't play at all most of the time. Anyway it is a charming video. Keira is a two-fisted pacifier popper.

Joan, I always thought it was handy to have your birth year end in a zero. Made it easier to do calculations. Aaron Copeland, for example, was born in 1900 and died in 1990.

My favorite of his compositions is A Lincoln Portrait which requires two performers: an orchestra and a narrator. Lots of Lincoln quotes. (And so we are reminded how everything is connected.)

Back later



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You all have a wonderful weekend and I will try and remember to go downstairs to my office at home and post and check in.

Take care.

Hi Rock, I hope you got some rest today, it sounds like if you just got up about an hour ago. Good for you. I am sleeping in tomorrow that is for sure.

God Bless and Take Care



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I just began my time on the porch when I spilled a whhile glass of water and lots of ice right in my lap!!! I do things like that and I am know for spilling my water glass. I am sitting on one gtowel and have another towel in my lap!!I didn't want to go change slackes - that would mean taking off my "new Balance" shoes. Yes, I have gone to safe, comefortable and practical shoes.

I just looked at Keira and her binkies. She is so cute!! Wouldn't you just love to have her engery? Such a doll!

Carla! I hate mice! I get them in the fall in 2 drawers in mu kitchen cabinets. Open up the drawwer and there are their stuff. I put all of the untensils, the kind you use to cook with - spoons, spatula, etc. in the dishwasher and put a mousetrap baited with peanutbutter in each drawer and set them on waxed paper sio they don'ty bleed on the drawer). I keep traps in there baited until I have caught 2 - moma and papa! Yes, I emppy them to over the raioling of the deck. When I am sure they are done with, I sterilize the drawerw and put stuff back!! Yek!

monica _ I would love to see your roses! I used to have a rose bed but the Japenese beetles got so bad and ate the petals that I quit.

My almost 3 yr old great-granddaughter stilol has her binkie. She can only have it in bed during nap and bedtime. Sometimes she fools her mommie saying she'll take a nap now! Thagt's only so she can have the binkie.

I'm tired - I had a nap this afternoon but still am tired. My energy ain't what it used to be! Durn!

We were going to take our 50mi. shopping trip tpday but the forcast was for 93 so decided to wait until tomorrow. Haven't been for a while. i need TP, bowl cleaner, etc, exciting things.

No, I am not dry as yet!

Love all of you people. Wish I coulod remember all of your names ---you are all so special. Elaine - just what did you do that was so awful?

Hope Danny is recovering.

Gengtle Hugs,


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Just woke up from another nap. I looked at your profile picture, Julie. Couldn't see any dog, but there seems to be a baby elephant in the back seat. Uff-da!

You took a test for dementia, Georgia? Not to worry. I'm sure you got a very high score. Haha! Was it the raw chalk test?

Thank you for your kind words, Jole. Never heard of chocolate zucchini cake. I think it was the Joy of Cooking that said Rule number one: If it has chocolate in it, it's bound to be delicious.

Just wondering. how many zucchinis per cake? Do you cut them up?

Sweetie, has the cause of your son's eye problem been determined? Hope he's on the mend. Eye and ear and teeth problems are especially bothersome, I think.

Hadn't thought of old fashioned typewriter erasers in decades, Elaine. They were in the shape of a keyhole. I suppose if you found one nowadays, you could sell it on e-bay.

One of my older co-workers told me legal secretaries were the creme de la creme in the old days. They wore suits to work and could cope w/ multiple carbon copies.

Never heard of Stephen Tyler, but I looked him up. Picture shows a sr. citizen in weird clothes yelling into a mike.

Micky, never heard of Sammy Hagar either. Of course I've heard of Hagar the Horrible, the comic strip Viking.
Aside. Anthropologists have only dug up one Viking helmet. It did not have horns.

If you were impressed w/ mouse catchers, how about this?! I once caught a muskrat...w/ a cardboard box. I don't mean the muskrat had a cardboard box. I mean that's what I used to catch him.

No muskrats were harmed in the recalling of this anecdote.

Carla, thank you for your kind words. Never heard of Bret Michaels either.

Note: Hey, folks, if you have not visited Carla's site, now is the time. Just type in "Carla Ball, glass art". Beautiful glass work. I love the cardinal. Used to see them in the backyard.

Well, better quit before this all goes puff.

Hugs and Kisses all round



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I was walking to the Park and ran across a Lady on her cell

speaking to Husband about having found Her car window smashed

and new car looted! Happens all the time in any neighbor-

hood. Message, don't buy anything from street corner, home-

less vendors, where do you think they get their STUFF. Both

myself and Son have given up any illusions about owning a

Car in the City, any City! I don't blame you

at all for being angry! I'd drag my butt home from my

last job throwing kitchen cabinets and furniture around

the finishing shop, only to (day after day), pass a guy

25 years younger sitting on a box, in the warm sun with

a deep tan, and his hand out! There are institutions and

private organizations there to help people really in need,

"soup kitchens" and other sources of food. Any

"funds" solicited are going to drugs and booze!

Keep the "faith Kids"! "Hang'em High"


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We have some MIA's from The Porch. Jodie, Marta, & Linda...where are you?

Julie...Enjoyed an abbreviated version (like Rock) of your precious Keira. I saw just over 1 minute of the video and my computer froze. Hope your ear continues to improve.

Elaine...I vote to allow you to all future parties. In fact, you need to be in charge of the next one. We will have a great time.

Carla...Thanks for getting everything started for us. The cookies were delicious. I, too, was startled by a tiny mouse a couple of weeks ago. It was more startled than I was if that is possible. It was so tiny and was sitting on the tile in my kitchen. I yelled and called for the DH. The little mouse never moved. DH scooped him up and took him outside. I haven't seen any further signs of him or any friends he may have. How are they going to treat your anemia since you cannot have iron? Have they taken too much of your blood?

Rock...Thanks for asking about my son's eye. He has been to the doctor yesterday and today with no improvement. The doctor is normally closed on Saturday but is going to meet him again in the morning. They have been treating him for a bacterial infection but nothing is helping so they fear it is a fungal infection which can be very serious. THey do know he has a tear on his cornea. All of us are scared. He is in lots of pain and can't stand any light. It looks bad. I'm not certain this doctor is qualified to treat him if this is as serious as it could be.

Annie...What's the latest on you and Danny? Have you been able to rest? When is he scheduled to go back for treatment? I've been praying for all of you.

Mickey...Glad you short (but long) work week is over. Hope you get some rest this weekend and don't have another party scheduled.

It's time for me to get ready for bed. Good night everyone. Hope each of you have a good weekend.



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Checkin in a little late tonight. It started out a bad day as I felt awful when I got up, but after a shower and such, got my riding mower back and it was only $65 picked up last night and return this morning.

The shop is really different now, lots of new stuff, I need a 2nd job so I can buy some of it.

Then came home cut grass, took the girls for their ride then went and filled my car up with rocks- I got my mojo back,lol.

Tomorrow I will be laid out for the day,hehe. No I hope not as I need to unload it before my tires go flat from all the weight.

Rock I thought of you today as I ate my Frosty at work. I broke my plastic spoon and had to look around for a spoon at work and there was a sterling silver spoon that spelled out MN on the handle and St Paul in the spoon part.

Thank you for visiting me, I like the cardinal too, they aren't that hard to make, but the flowers were a real pain, so small and tedious to cut. Brett Micheals is another old rock star who is a diabetic and had a summer camp for diabetic kids and my daughter went there one summer.

Georgia-wow that truck really is cool, I bet you will have fun fixing it up, but what is the gas mileage on it??? Did you elope or something?

Sweetie I am sorry about your son's eye, maybe time for a second opinion. About my anemia, it happened in one month. I had a upper and lower scoope on 6.9 and all my numbers were normal. Then this week I have my ususal 4 month check up with my GP and they dropped. I had a copy of the june report and am going to send it to my GP. But I take B-6,B-12,folic acid and Vit D so not much else to do. Thanks for asking. I hope you are feeling better yourself and hope your DH finds a job of his dreams soon.

Joan sorry you wet your pants,lol- sorry couldn't resist:)
I had a mouse problem last fall and found how they were getting in and foamed it and this is the first one since then. Just wasn't expecting for him being up on my counter. They can be a real pain and hope yours don't come back.

Monica I am not too freaked out by too many things but just now I had some hard buzzing bug fly into my head, now Twy is trying to chase it. My little hunter. Are you feeling better and getting your basement dry yet?

Mickey- you have NEVER cut grass in your life, I am like Julie I like it on a rider, doesn't take a lot of thought and you can just get lost in your own thoughts for awhile.

Julie how is the ear? I hope you got your house swap done. Again that Keira is too funny, I love them when they are that age and the bye-bye was too cute. My boss's baby is precious too, I played with one day at work while mom was trying to finish something up and she is such a good baby, I told her I would baby sit anytime.

MrD what have you been up to lately, haven't heard from you much.

Elaine uh hold a iron?? You silly girl and I bet you were doing figure 8's on the lawn with the mower weren't you? I like to do the wave,hehe

Well I think I have run out of steam and didn't cheat with a separte vol so now I have forgotten what I read, so hello to everydobby else and kechup later-Carla


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Hy Guys....nice day here.

Had my hair cut yesterday and it feels soooo much better-starting to look like one of those people ya bump into on the street corners!!!(LOL)

I think, not sure yet, that I may have her perm it today-not had a perm since I was 34 and the kids I was teaching all followed me around whistling as I looked like Harpo Marx-this wouod be a body perm and NO rock that does NOT curl my body, the FM does that!!!

Julie I am still concerned re this ear, it sounds a lot like one my brother got from Lake Ontario water years ago when some strange thing (bacteria?) from the water got him. It kept worsening that way, and took big antibiotics to clear.

So I am off for the perm. With all this stuff with Danny I do not have time to be anything but wash and wear. Hair thing should help. MIL treating me.

Re: Danny: we go into Buffalo tomorrow and overnight there ready for his 6 root canals with the bone scrapes and biopsies on Monday. We could go straight in Monday, but he gets anxious, and we feel being at RMc house will be calming and he can play the piano there and use the game room-maybe even go over to the Unit and visit his friends there.

We go to rheumies on Wednesday for updates on all the tests, then he has his upper and lower GI series with all sorts of biopsies etc. 3/4 August. If none of it makes a difference or gives a dx. then we are trying to get to Johns Hopkins. Keep praying guys!!!

I agree about people not pulling themselves along and you know with the right intervention they can. 90% is drug related too. I heard once that a panhandler can make up to $50 an hour if they are good. I usually say, No money but I'll buy you a coffee/sandwich and then I usually get a mouthful. A new one is sending an older lady (panhandlers are now 60!) to stand near a car and plead with others in the car park she needs to go and buy gas. Her purse was stolen and she just needs $10 to get home. She has a gas can. They pick a car park that is near a gas station.

I watched a woman do this about ten times in less than an hour as they approach people who are about to drive away. They add stuff like "I was visiting my sick grandkid in the hospital(miles away) and I am almost home, just 40 miles to go". So who would not respond? I figured if people gave her $5 on average that would be in four hours maybe $200.

She approached me as I came to my car, (I had been waiting for a friend)

I said to her, give me the can and I'll go get the gas for you on my card. No way she walked away from that one. And you know, she was approaching people who kind of looked like me, not too wealthy, know what I mean? I said, "Nice pickins huh lady?" and she got in her out of gas car and drove off for sure. Plus they have "mud" on the number plate too.

People I do feel sorry for are the mentally ill on the streets though and they are easy to see. Many lived in long term institutions and go kicked out with closures. Most don't last too long as they have no idea how to pan handle etc.

I taught/counselled over 300 people on the Clinton Workfare program and all but three of them managed after our help to change their lives and get a job or get on GED program then a job. So they can do it with the right sort of push. Teach a man to fish idea. However, I got into trouble and lost my job for being too successful, as the program numbers went down and agencies rely on an underclass to keep in business!!!(LOL)

Well Rock till next year, have a wonderful year. Good party the bits I was able to see.

Hope you all have a blessed weekend. Will report back either later or Monday.

Love Annie


Here I am, Sweetie! Good to see you here, too. I hope you get some help for your son's eye today. I scratched my cornea once and it sure did smart! No lasting damage though.

Last evening I was here looking over everyone's shoulder but I didn't have enough energy to talk. I heard Elaine apologizing for something she did but people seemed to think it was OK. Julie - I did go see Keira's binkie tricks! What an adorable child.

I hope Granni's having fun this next week and getting some rest from all her endeavors. Georgia has a new truck - and a new husband! I enjoyed hearing Monica's story about her Mr. Lincoln rose. I love roses but don't have enough sun to grow them. Rock was here at his best, informing us all of intersting things. I could have saved a lot of time going to school had I known I'd meet Rock!

Mickey's pooped but not as pooped as she's going to be if she tries to keep Elaine in line! Carla, good to hear you got your mower back - not glad you now need a second job - and you found my spoon!!!

Joan has finally given up on her real name since we renamed her Lilac, and Joe has gotten Guido out of trouble one more time. Annie had her haircut - I know how good that feels. I once mentioned to my hairstylist that "hair is the most important thing" to which she replied with a grin, "I'm so glad you think so!". Of course I didn't mean most important of anything in the world, just that if you look OK everywhere else but your hair looks lousy, forget it. .....I sense this is a girl-thing....

Soooo, hugs to all, near and far,




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My goodness - the porch does move fast..so many people coming and going...the posts just whizz by!

I tried copyng and posting porch 264 so i could remember who said what and ended up losing my own reply post and everythng else besides ..AND a good piece of my temper. .so gave up..but i did read it and enjoyed the doings of everydobby in porch 264

CARLA - thanks for the assorted cookies..i took a shortbread one with jam inside it, yummy, what a nice welcome!

good to see not too many people suffered a terrific hangover from Rocks party...and managed to make it home and back to the porch in one piece...I was expecting most to be laid flat for at least a couple of days, the goings on at that party! the revelry....the sheer hedonism...tut tut..

ANNE - I hope Dannys tests and treatment go well...praying for his full recovery...

that story about the old lady with her can was interesting...here in Nepal too some beggars make a pretty good living (by our standards) with what they can make begging. But then of course here you see horrible sights like lepers with limbs rotting and people either blind or with amputated limbs etc...not to mention street kids sniffing glue openly

LYDIA1 (Julie) - glad to hear the ear is healing now..its a relief to get a proper diagnosis..hope it completely heals next few days...your friend Lindseys dog Sheba sounds like a nice one to have, I have always loved BIG dogs..the big gentle ones with doggy melting eyes..i too sometimes am faced with scarily large bills when more than one dog falls sick at one time..summer time especially because of the heat; i tried opening the utube but it kept saying 'this video cannot be viewed'. Sometimes i get this message due to a bug in the computer or something but i will keep trying, keira is cute, i did see her picture!

GRANNILUVSU - I remember you were going to depart on a visit to one of your children...sigh! i hope and pray one day i too will be visiting my kids and their children..i hope u have a really good time with your loved ones

GEORGIA - I looked at your photo of the truck...wow...and how lucky....its going to be an exciting project too starting on the restoring; all the men seem to be envying you....boys and their toys...sweet of b/f to gift that to you..also praying for yuor friend whos surgery is due, also good luck to Mr. M for his job situation

TEXANGAL - Welcome to the Porch; your post about the marriage ad and the replies was hilarious...i was hysterical reading reply no. 1, priceless!

CARLA - I am anaemic too, but i do take Ferrium an iron supplement..my haemoglobin count is always in the 9-10 range. Another factor causing the chronic fatigue i hav been suffering from years from, a cousin drinks a lot of pomegranate juice.. she being from India where it grows plentifully...can you take those or beetroot etc? or you cant take iron in any form?

MONICA - didnt know listerine was a good mosquito repellant,always thought it was only mouthwash...thats a good tip to know coz here where its hot and humid one gets mosquitoes that cause huge welts to rise up around where they bite..ive been too tired to care much about my garden but its looking after itself sort of..the dahlias have come up now..and soon so will the gladioli...

MR DAD - yep my kids are fine..thank you..Im still in a energy crisis funk but coping especially today; thanks for saying my posts are refreshing...altho i feel anythng but

SWEETIE1 - so sorry to hear about your sons eye...my daughter too suffered an eye infection which just looked like a mosquito bite first on her eyelid hence i ignored it but it became SO BAD later on..it was some infection which made the whole forehead area swell up and later on the eye started oozing blood and pus...i was terrified, they did some surgery and the anaesthetic they gave her didnt seem to be working properly so she was aware of the needle going in and out...poor thing, she was in grade 11 then (A1)and missed three weeks of school. Since the antibiotic they first treated her with didnt work I panicked and took her for reiki healing too and it seemed to have an effect...the infection dried up, swelling dissipated and her eye healed...she did go about with a slightly swollen eye for some weeks but it gradually came back to normal size to the doctors relief who was thinking of doing another surgery for it, whew!

I hope your son will soon recover...praying for him

FIBROMICKSTER (MIckey) - thanks for posting the utube ad..of keira..also for saying my posts were refreshing :), also hope you have recovered fully from the poop out..and the rest restored you energy

ROCK - your description of Steven Tyler made me laugh...i think of him as 'young' even tho he has a beautiful daughter who is in her twenties!!! must be his line of work..his style of singing and dressing is NOT for the faint of heart, neither are the expressions he makes into the camera with those pouty lips; trifle alarming for someone not used to it

ELAINE - I dont know exactly what you got up to at Rocks party; ( I must have been snoozing in the hammock out on the porch after tipping out another inebriated reveller) but it seems to have caused QUITE a stir; but then thats our Elaine, never a dull moment when shes around


Today i was FORCED to entertain and WON over my CFS...i was wondering how on earth i was going to get thru the day last night when my husbands aunt called and said their family was coming over to do a traditonal celebratory thing for my son who passed his grade 10 finals. And i had to but naturally ask her to come stay for lunch. I only knew late at night so made up my mind to wake early but would this body LISTEN? NO! It wouldnt get up..although I begged and pleaded, the limbs wouldnt move, so I got up at 8am and rushed around sending out for veggies and meat...and tryng to clean everywhere at once and failing miserably..luckily i had help and between her and myself and my kids we managed to get organised...somewhat...i made some dishes and sent daughter out to a restaurant to get an extra veggie and meat dish and snacks...and the help cleaned the bathrooms and hall way, the dogs are shedding like mad and its a nightmare sweeping up all the hair from the carpet. And then i employed my usual 'scoop and stuff tactic'. Took big plastic bags and scooped every offending article i saw outside - dvds, envelopes, creams, mosquito repellants, books etc and stuffed them into the plastic bags and stuffed those into corners of rooms into which they were not likely to come. I can see i will have a job finding things later on. But at least there was a semblance of neatness. I was priding myself on having completed everythng, and discovered later on i had forgotten to give my hair a brush up...in the digi photos later, everyone was immaculate, and i was there looking slightly sweaty and red and with hair like a golliwog. Other wise things went fine.

Hello to Marta, Jole, Lilaclover and anyone i may have missed

God Bless

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Hello Springwater-glad to see you here. I am also glad you made it threw your visitors, I find it amazing what we can do when we HAVE to.

You probably wouldn't done all that work had you not had a reason too like company coming. How do we explain that?

I find I have much more energy for things that I enjoy doing, rather than things I have to like housework, laundry, ect. But I have moved a mountain of rock the last month or more and it has been hard, dirty, hot and time consuming but I have enjoyed the results so far.

I feel we must test our limits fromt time to time to see what we really are capable of. We spend so much time thinking of all the things we can't do instead of doing the things we can. If you tell yourself you can't, then you can't, but open your mind to the possibilties of what you can do and would be amazed. The mind is a powerful tool and we need to control it instead of it controlling us. Just my 2 cents today :)

Georgia- I do hope your freind is alright, what happened to her? Glad you are enjoying Bertha, that is funny you named her that. My ex had a 71 Chevy truck V-8 and he named her Big Bertha. One of my neighbors has a big ol Chevy truck for sale the sign says "Ole Blue for sale $500" and a happy face drawn on it,lol. It cost me $65 to fill up my Jeep today! at $3.99, it was on low,low but geez.

Mrdad I watched a show on tv today called "My First House" and it was in SF, they paid $900,000 for a 1100 sf 2 bdrm-ouch- how do people do this??? I hope you are in a rent controlled apt.

Rock the same goes for you in LA, I can't imagine what housing is there either. I hope you and Gordon are having a good weekend.

I see Marta and Annie came by and I wish you both the best, Marta with your kitties and Annie hope all goes well with Danny the next few days.

Well I think I shall run a bath as I am one smelly creature after unloading my car this morning, then loaded it again this evening. I really wanted to unload it tonight but held myself back and took the girls for our evening run, then watched the sunset.

Hello to Elaine, Joan. Julie,Monica, Mickey,Tex, Bev,Jole and Lacey Mae where are you?? Rosie are you peeking in too? Linda did you fall over the Falls? And any one else who has slipped my brain right now. Hope everyone is having a good weekend-Carla


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The sun is a-rising
To welcome the day.

Come to the Fair.

We used to sing that in the high school chorus. If you go to Youtube you can find it along w/ Bless This House. Same lady wrote the lyrics for both: Helen Taylor.

Hope everydobby has an excellent, well, pretty good weekend. (I suppose we must be a little realistic now and then.)

(Not too pretty a singer, but a heck uva listener.)