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Heido Ho neighbors and freinds. Today have have big,fat ooey, gooey cinamons rolls with an assortment of toppings like cream cheese icing, carmel and the usual white icing with a taste of orange, paper towel and wash cloths at there too, you will need them.

Happy Sunday everydobby-Carla


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Thanks for the brekkie Carla.

Just getting ready for the trip to Buffalo (shuffal to Buffalo Rock?)for Danny's procedure tomorrow-they will do six root canals and biopsies and cultures. I was reading up on root canals and it seems it would be unusual if the roots had infected his facial tissue, and it seems more likely the other way around.

So have a great day y'all and I will post when I get back.

Love Annie


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Just dropping in to get one of those delicious cinnamon rolls...how good they are. Hope everyone is having a good weekend.

Jole...How is your DH? Is he beginning to heal? I hope the time at the lake at least lifted your spirits.

Annie...Will be thinking of Danny this week. Can't even begin to imagine having that many root canals at one time. It bothers me that the teeth issue is probably a symptom and not the cause of his issues. I can't stand it when my children are not well....much rather it be me and I'm sure you are the same. That is the way most Moms are though.

MrDad and Georgia...My son used to help (when he had a job) a few of the homeless people that camped out near his job. He never gave them cash but would pay for meals. They were actually hungry and welcomed a meal. He even took them blankets and clothes. I warned him that some were cons but there were some that really appreciated any help. They have just passed a law here where it is going to be illegal for anyone including civic organizations to ask for funds on the roadside. I am so grateful because it scares me when someone approaches me.

Speaking of my son...his eye is still infected but is showing slight signs of improvement. The pain is still intense and he can still not tolerate light but it is not quite as red now. He goes back to the doctor tomorrow morning.

My daughter and her husband went to Charleston, S.C. to attend a wedding this weekend. It was to be held in one of the historical homes located in the down town area. Charleston is a charming place.

Tomorrow she is going to take the day off work and spend some time with me. We are going to a few stores and to get a massage. It always takes me days even weeks to recover from our days together but I love to spend time with her. She is my best friend. I find I rarely speak of her on the board. She seems to always have her life "together" and my son just seems to have a struggle with everything. I do love them both so much but I have to concentrate more on my son. He seems to need me more.

Marta....Glad that we found you. I'm sorry you are having trouble with your energy levels. I worry about you. It has to be hard to not have help. I really don't know what I would do if didn't have so much help with everything.

I hope I don't loose this post. I've been trying to write it for an hour.

Hugs to everyone.


I'm always happy when I find the light on early in the thread! Thank you, Carla for turning it on and for the wonderful cinnamon rolls. I just wrote you a note on your computer question.

Annie, as I've said, you'll all be in my prayers. Such a brave family you are.

Elaine, I'm with you and talking to yourself. As someone once said, there are times when that's the only way to have an intelligent conversation. I didn't say that, not me. I respond no matter how dumb the question I'm asking myself. And like you, I've learned not to push. It means I spend more time alone than I like but, that way, when I do get out I appreciate it even more.

Sweetie, I'm happy to hear that your son's eye is better. I remember I had to wear my eye patch for a couple of weeks, at least, and one to bed so I didn't scratch it in my sleep. Yes, isn't it interesting how kids can be so different. It also helps when they don't live nearby.....;>)

Today is a lazy day here. Last night I took some melatonin since I found some - and wouldn't you think I'd question why there was still almost a full bottle? It's 3 pee em, I'm not awake yet and I only took 1 mg. ZZZZzzzzz. Couldn't nap though.

It's a lovely day, with sun, a nice breeze and low humidity, finally. I'm feeling nostalgic today for some reason. Melatonin??

Hugs to all, near and far,



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It's ok Elaine I talk to myself all the time, even loudly sometimes when something doesn't work right. Glad my nieghbors are too close,lol. I even answer myself too.

I think it goes along with living alone too, I just want to make sure my vocal chords still work from time to time.

Sweetie I am so glad you are going to be able to get out with your daughter, you are so lucky to have such a good freind in your daughter, cherish these times. I hope your son is starting to heal, eye issues can't turn serious.

Marta I tried meletonin sp? about 10 years ago and it didn't do much for me but leave me feeling hung over, I hope you find the right thing to help you sleep, hey maybe you can give to Sophie and she will sleep later, well it was just a thought,lol.

Georgia sorry about the gallbladder thing, I had mine out n 2003, felt so better afterwards. I use to have a lot burbing issues and they went away after it was out. I hope you feel better soon, but remember ALL foods and bevs on the porch are calorie free and doesn't matter about any health issues, it's all good

I had the most bizarre incident earlier. I had been cleaning house as it has been raining and took a break to work on my check book on the computer. I have carried my mom's checkbook with me for years as it had her info in it, in case something happened to me, they would know about her.

Today I took it out and put it in a box I keep on my coffee table for bills and such. About that time a loud crash of glass breaking scared the crap out of me.

I went into the kit and couldn't see right away what it even could have been. Then in the sink there layed my light fixture shattered. It was a fancy bowl type that had a hole in the middle and you use a nut type bolt to screw it onto the threads to hold it in place.

I haven't touched this light in months, I did change the bulbs a few months ago and it went back up fine. So how did it come unscrewed? Isn't that weird? Makes you wonder sometimes doesn't it.

Well am ready to eat, I have a had a balanced day of work and resting, which means I was sitting but still looking at hard drives for my computer, thanks to Elaine and Marta for your advice.

There are still plenty of rolls left so help yourself. See ya-Carla


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Dear Porchies,

I just got home not to long ago and read the last volume really quickly. I don't know if I remember much of what I read though.

My eyes are burning and I think I need to go to bed soon. No time to answer anyone individualy at all. I may have another minute tomorrow but have lots of wash to do and then pack for my trip. I will be bac next sunday afternoon.

Elaine - Yes my dear, I will (we will) all allow you to venture onto the porch and to all the parties (even if you can get a bit rowdy at times) (-: !! Not that none of us do either !!! We would miss you to much plus you always bring so much food (-: !! (((Elaine)))

We love you anyway sweetie and Mickey will watch you while I am gone (tee hee). That should be a good one.

I hope to check in some tomorrow and hopefully will be able to dome of it at my daughters during the week. Not sure of their plans !!!

My love to everydobby and hope all goes well with Danny this week. Hopefully I can check in tomorrow. I leave tuesday bright and early.

Julie - I saw that cutae video of Kiera and her binkies. She is soooo cute and is welcome to join my dance group. She's got the beat and a cute smile too.

Gotta run to bed everyone.



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Just dropped by to check in on everyone and to say good night. My computer has not been operational for most of the day. We are having trouble with our internet provider. It is a satellite company and it can prove to be finicky on occasion. Although today's problem was not due to weather, it is definitely affected by inclement weather.

Georgia...Hope you feel better. Had by gallbladder removed in 2001 when they removed a section of my colon. I think they just did it because it was there. Although I had a few stones, I was not suffering like I have heard other people speak about when they talk about their gallbladder disease. It can really cause much distress if it is diseased.

Carla....Weird about the light fixture breaking as you removed your Mom's items from your pocketbook. Strange things do happen.

Marta....I'm glad to know that you recovered from your cornea tear....hope the same happens here. I am more at ease with it now that I see some improvement. Your lazy day had perfect weather it seems although I don't enjoy feeling nostalgic....to close to depression for me. You are right about the distance your children live from you...my son is in a bonus room over a detached garage and my daughter is in her own home about 12 miles from me. Not far but far enough to make a difference. She is also 11 years older than my son.

It is time to go to bed. Good night everyone. Sleep tight and don't let the bed bugs bite. LOL


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Here we are; the start of another day and another week.
You know what the optimist says when he gets up: Oh boy, another day more.

What does the pessimist say when he gets up? Shoot! Another day less.

We had a busy weekend. Went to the Farmers' market, my Emotions Anonymous meeting, the supermarket, the bank, hmmm. Guess that was all.

Not really so much, but then I generally don't leave the house at all, so it seemed like more.

Carla, the cinnamon rolls are way excellent. See there. I'm up on youthful slang. Of course that particular slang was popular about 10 or 20 years ago...

Speaking of a Twin Cities spoon, I just started a detective story set in Minneapolis. It's by P. J. Tracy who is actually two people: A mother and daughter. One lives in Minneapolis and one in Los Angeles.

Kinda like the Ellery Queen mysteries from my youth that were written by two cousins. Is blood kinship necessary for a successful writing partnership? Perhaps we should save that topic for another day.

Annie, you took away my body perm joke. Tsk, Tsk. Like so many things in the modern world, home permanents were new when I was a kid.

Coming home from school, one had only to get near the house to know that a home perm was underway. The fragrance was powerful and unmistakable.

OK, class. What was the first home permanent? That's right. Toni. And it's "Which twin has the Toni" was a legendary advertising campaign.

As is almost always the case, there was a predecessor prior to the first. And Gillette bought Toni half a century ago. Toni still around? Haven't smelled it for a long, long time.

I spect you and Danny are in Buffalo now, Annie. I hope the treatment is a big success.

Well, the machine won't let me type anymore, so will come back later. What do you mean? You're typing, aren't you? Yes, but I was typing in my mail box and now I'm typing on the board, so that's the difference.

In a while, crocodile.



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You are so right, Marta. Hair is the most important thing. Many times I went to some important event w/ shabby shoes and a worn collar, but I felt confident cause I knew my designer "do" would impress everydobby.

In those days my motto was:

To be the suavest every seen,
Just smear your hair with Vaseline.

Or, if you went to Ed's Babershop, he would tell you:

To make the ladies swoon and scream,
Just dab your locks with Ed/s Brylcreem.

Thanks for the information, Elaine. Glad to find out Sammy Hagar was part of Van Halen. I used to buy their dress shirts when I was a yuppie. (I was one even tho the term had not been invented.)

Glad to hear your brother told you about Raise the Blade. He also tell you cars have a reverse gear?

Sweetie, don't know what to say hope some good luck comes your way soon. (Hey, that's a song from Show Boat.)

Granni, hope you're not exhaustenized from your travels.

Back later, gators.



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H Porchies,

I really should be gone and doing some ironing and packing (most of the ironing is not mine). Thank goodness I do not have much. Have already done two washes.

Elaine- That is why I laughed after saying that MICKEY was going to be watching you at parties. To tell the truth I don't think there are that many really quiet people on this porch. Would you believe that I used to be quiet but that was to many years ago. I don't even want to think about it. Even quiet Julie is not that quiet either (-: !!

Have to rush to get go do some more stuff but wanted to send one before DH gets home. Then he will be on the computer for quite awhile. I might be able to check in on you all tonight. If not, just remember I love you all and will try to check in sometime during the week at my dd's house.

Hugs again to everydobby !!




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It was a nice relaxing weekend with not much work to do except for the normal cleaning and grocery shopping and running my daughter around. So it was very nice.

I actually got on the computer Saturday night about 11:00 pm waiting up for my daughter to come home and was typing a post for about ½ hour and then all of a sudden I pressed something and poof my whole message disappeared. I was so upset. So I gave up and went upstairs and watched some more tv. So I am going back to my old ways of posting, typing on a blank doc in word and cut and paste. That way I won’t lose it.

I have printed and read all of the posts from Friday PM until today. I am all caught up on all you Porchies.

ANNIE - I am praying and praying for dear Danny. I sure hope he doesn’t have to go through much pain and that he heals fast and furious. Us Moms hate it when our kids are in pain.

ROCK - You crack me up. I thought that was an elephant in Julie’s car too. LOL I used to get perms too, when the big hair was in and you are right, that was the stinkiest stuff. It was the hardest thing to go to straight hair after all that BIG hair in the 80’s.

I can’t believe you have never heard of Sammy Hagar, he was only one of the biggest rock singers of all time. He was actually from Alton, Missouri and that was where he grew up. Alton is about 20 minutes from where I live. Actually though, David Lee Roth was much better in Van Halen than Sammy was. But Sammy was awesome by himself. RIGHT ELAINE

Let me know when you get your book done so I can read it. I just got done with my book my daughter bought me for my birthday. It was so good. It was a true story about a girl growing up in the Mormon religion, the kind where there is polygamous (sp????) marriages and the man in your priesthood man. Well, they married her off at 14, can you believe it. She finally got tired of it. It was really good you should read it.

GEORGIA - that blue truck of your is a classic, I bet you just love riding that around and getting all the looks of envy from everyone. It is probably worth a lot of money. You guys should fix it up sometime when you can because it really is nice. By the way BERTHA is a great name for her. However, I bet it is a gas guzzler.

Oh, and stay away from chinese food. Remember back in February I posted that I kept getting the stomach flu (of course you don’t remember, LOL) anyway I finally figured out that it was the MSG in the chinese food I would eat a day or so before I would get the bouts. Ever since I quit eating it, I never have had that problem again. Yippee. I figured something out on my own for a change. Actually I think it was LINDA who helped me figure that one out.

Okay, gang I am gonna come back and finish this post and address the rest of my friends. I have to get some estoppels finished and get out the door today.

Love you all and take care




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Was over talking to the neighbor yesterday afternoon. The subject of neighborhood animals came up. Told him I hadn't seen any recently.

When we walked out of his house there was a skunk in the front yard. Couple hours later we had a possum at the front door nibbling on the cat kibble. I gave it a carrot, but it ambled off and didn't return.

Thanks for the measurements, Elaine. Of course, it's all relative. Those figures would make a very large coffee table, but would seem pretty insignificant next to a great white shark.

Julie, yes, I saw the bee lady. Aunt Willie. I called her Uncle Wiggly just to be funny. She said she's lost a couple hives. To add to all our other problems, there is a bee crisis going on. Without bees to pollinate our crops, we will be in big trouble.

Granni, are you back from a trip or just going on one? You whiz around like the Andrews Sisters. Am reading a bio on them. Those gals had stamina. The author says they were the most successful musical group in history till the Beatles came along.

Springwater, nice to see you. Did Stephen Tyler have lips like Mick Jagger? Joan Rivers once said Mick could give a hickey to Brazil.

Georgia, does Vicodin work for you? I've taken it a few times. Doesn't seem to do much.

My old boss once had trouble buying life insurance cause the numbers on his gallbladder test were too high. He told me that was all nonsense. Those numbers were normal for him.

Couple years later they had to remove his gall bladder.

If I knew where he is now, I'd ask MrDad to send Guido to explain a few things to him.

Well, that's about it for this edition.

Hugs and Kisses all round




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and got my energy fuel or should I say I would love to take a nap now. I had a salad and a bagel for lunch. Filled me way too up.

Elaine - I can just see you jumping to the song Jump. I love dancing to them they are one of my favorite bands. However, remember I have to keep you in line while Granni is gone. Psssss I won't tell, let's go sneak on the back porch and do our jumping to Jump and she will never know. LOL

MRDAD - Hi there stranger, I haven't spoken to you in ages. I hope you have metal bars on your windows if that looting happens all the time in your neck of the woods. By the way, has the smoke cleared, I hope so.

What I love is after I work my butt off all day, I see a guy/gal on the corner of the exit ramp of the highway with a sign and sitting a really nice cooler, but dressed in rags. Now, who is the world is going to roll their window down and give money to someone like that, especially when every fast food restaurant I see has a sign in their window "Help Wanted". I don't get it.

Well you take care and take care of those beekeenee girlies. Hey maybe if I wear my bikini on the corner of the Highway I might get a lot of money. Hmmmmmm, just a thought.

SWEETIE - Thank goodness didn't have any parties this weekend. Although my sister wanted to know if her and her friend and all their kids could come over to swim. I was so proud of myself, I said NO. I told her I just wanted to relax this weekend and she said "well we won't bother you". Get a hint, would you, so I told her I had to clean the pool, which I really did do, so I at least wasn't lying.

I hope your son's eye gets better and that you have a wonderfuly time with your daugher, which I am sure you will.

JULIE - Ooooh I hope you don't have exzema, I have psoriasis, which is similiar and it is no fun. Keep it oiled and sun is good for it. In the winter I have to do Humira shots to keep it in control because it gets so bad.

I am so glad Sheba is back home, poor baby. I hope she knows where her home is now. I am sure she is getting lots of loving. I am also glad Kiera doesn't have to get shots this time, although she is still not going to like the prick in the finger. I always hated when they got shots at that age. Their little faces just pucker up and they don't understand why they are being hurt. Awwww Give her a kiss for me.

CARLA - Yum yum, cinnamon rolls are my favorite, thanks a lot. One time, I ate a whole roll of the cinnamin rolls that come in the tube that you pop open. I am so so bad when it comes to sweet stuff.

I hope all that work didn't wear you out, Wow, you did get your mojo back. Thanks for getting us started on 266.

MARTA - Hugs to you too from afar, and I am glad Carla found your spoon for you. Well, Elaine hasn't pooped me out too much yet, but I told her I wanted to go jump on the back porch, but please don't tell Granni on me.

SPRINGWATER - No hangover for me from Rock's party, just a little sore from all that dancing and Jumping with Elaine.

Hey, where is LINCAMP, I miss that girlie. She must be a busy bee lately.

Hey Granni, have a wonderful time at your daughter's this week and enjoy rest and relaxation (i hope you get that). Elaine has been really behaving and so have I, just ask the other porchies, they will tell you.

Love you all, and if I missed any of my porch friends I am sorry. Just know you are all in my thoughts everyday.



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Dear Porchies,

I am getting ready to go and take my shower, wash my hair and all that stuff . Then I need to try and remember all the last minute things I need to do and take before I leave bright and early tomorrow morning. I am packed but that does not mean that I remember everything (-: !!
Elaine and Mickey - Thanks, I will miss you too as well as all my other dear Porchies !! Mickey, I am so proud of you for telling whoever it was that you had to clean your pool this weekend. Good for you. I know I have started to say no too. For me it is not cause Ido not want to but that I feel like - - - - and don't have the energy. My daughter asked me to come up to see them and so I am going. It will be fun but some work to for sure. They mentioned that we might be going some places. So, I hope that it isn't to much walking, etc.

Marta - You have gotten me laughing now. It is OK if you jump on the porch but BE CAREFUL please !!How are those kitties doing?? Hopefully Honey has settle in FINALLY !!

Georgia - So glad Mr M is back at work. Hope it is for GOOD !!!

Rock - In answer to your question. We are back from our K of C weekend and now getting ready to go see my daughter tomorrow. Hope to be abale to check in with all of you at my daughters on her computer if I have the time.

Sweetie - Hope all is well with you. I remember seeing you on the porch too. Just wish I could remember everything.

Carla, Thanks so much for the cinnamon rolls. I took some to bring with me on my trip. They will be sticky but deee licious !!

Well, my dear Porchies I had better depart and start doing what I am supposed to do to get ready for tomorrow.

Well to everyone else I did not mention I love you all too !! Hope to talk to you soon before I get home.

Love to everydobby,


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Just a quick hello to say Danny had 4 roots canals yesterday. Usual mix ups going on, but I am learning how to stand up for his rights more. All seems well. Determined NOT the cause of his facial edema. So back to square one.

Have not read all the posts yet, will, have a lot on this week.

Love and peace to all,



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Well, we had a very uneventful, worrisome night last night after work. My younger daughter Lindsay (15) is really a good kid, but I think she is getting in with the wrong crowd lately (new friends). She is nothing like her sister, who is strong willed, and will do what she wants and not what other people want her to do and she just doesnt' care what other people think of her about her decisions.

Well anyway, we found out that she asked her cousin (who told DH) if he would buy alcohol for a friend of hers. She is only 15. Now, I am scared silly that she is doing all kinds of things, which I am sure she is not.

Anyway, we have to nip this is the butt ASAP. Russ and I are getting our paybacks with her that is for sure. Now why did I have to sneak out of the house all those times when I was young?????

I am tempted to get her a drug test next visit to the doctor. I guess she doesn't have to know I am doing that. The doc can just draw blood and let me know. That is how serious i am about this.

GRANNI - I hope your visit with your daughter isn't going to wear you out. Just let her know that she doesn't have to entertain you the whole visit and that you are just as happy staying at her house and visiting without having to go sight seeing everyday. However, I am sure she is just so excited to have her mom and dad all to herself. Have Fun Granni!!!!!!

JULIE - I am so proud of Kiera for not crying, what a strong little girl. I can just imagine what she looked like when she made all those funny faces. LOL I sure wish my girls were that age again. That is the best age!!!!
I hope the chiro helps with your allergies and you get to feeling better.

Okay gang, If you believe in prayer please say one for my dear daughter to act like she was raised. We don't even drink at home so I am just stunned. Anyway, I can't dwell on it so I am going to get to work here and check back in with you all in a little bit.

Love ya All


HI ANNIE - we posted at the same time. Here I am whining about my delinquent daughter and you have it so much harder. I really hope Danny is in no pain and darn it I wish they would know about the facial edema. We are all praying and thinking of you guys. I do think they will get to the bottom of it. Just like you said stand up for his rights and demand that they get to the bottom of it. Way to go.
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I am in bad way today :-( I had a good day yesterday and did go buy a new light fixture for my kitchen, bought the same one $19 and will just use the globe and save the fixture to use in my new building without the globe, maybe use one of those cheap plates to hide the bulbs.

I also bought a new hard drive and things have not gone well. Part one out of 5 parts failed and had to keep going over and over trying to get it to work, then it finally started saving files and had to let run all night.

I have yet to figure out how to access the files and my email is not working and neither am I. I have been awake tossing and turning from 7 am and have been in pain with the hips and the arms going numb so roll over for 30 minutes and the same thing, roll over again.

My legs are just aching, I did load some rock but it wasn't that hard but need to do some bridge work before I unload it. Just paint some boards so they won't rot down the road.

But I think I will be a computer geek today :-( Hopefully when my meds kick in I will be able to understand what I am doing.

Marta I wish I could say that installing it was easy peezie but don't know if it was my computer or me, so don't install yours on a bad day. I will figure it out...eventually and then help you.

I am sorry for not addressing awl today other than to say to Georgia that I am glad your freind will be ok.

And Julie- Is Den installing a new digital antenna??? Why don't you get a satalitte? I got it on a special they were running a few years ago and had free equip and install, but now pay $57 a month and don't watch half of the shows and have no movie channels. I am considering downsizing my channel selections and go with basic as long as I get TCL,NGC and A&E.

Linda glad to hear you are ok.

Ok hands are going to sleep and my brain needs to wake up so will ketch the rest of you later-Carla


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It sure is quiet on the Porch this afternoon. Good for you Georgia for stopping your pain meds, however, when I am in my flare like right now, the only thing that helps is hydrocodone or my pool and since I can't get in my pool I have to take that to get through work. So you can send them my way. LOL

It is so hard to sit right now and my elbows and knees are killing me. I forgot to bring my patches (non-narcotic) to work with me.

This psoriatic arthritis is really hitting me hard these days. Oh well, enough about my silly aches and pains. We are supposed to get away from all that on the porch.

Please Elaine, please please please I won't tell Granni, just one jump with me.

CARLA I am hoping you get to feeling better as well. Gosh, if did all that hauling rock I would be a total disaster right now. You are a strong strong lady.

Well come on porchies, I know why you are all not visiting, you are afraid you are going to get caught in the door. Well nobody better shut me out. hahahahahah

Love ya all. Mickey


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seem to be feeling not so great...Linda, Carla, Julie,and Marta. I belong in your group. What good company but I do wish we were not clumped together because of feeling so poorly.

Enjoyed my day with my daughter yesterday but it was just too much fun for me, I guess. Any time I leave my recliner seems to be too much. The massage was nice at the time but I believe it just stirred up some trigger points. Today was to be a day of total rest but it has not turned out that way. Sorry for complaining so but it has been one of "those days" and I was not prepared for all the commotion that the day has brought. Have I ever told you that I hate these DD's? I assume we all feel this way sometime. Oh, to be normal again. I do need to remember that I have made progress though. There were times when I was unable to go anywhere for weeks on end. I need to always remember to be thankful for what I do have. I wish I could go with Rock to an Emotions Anonymous meeting.

Carla...Definitely relate to computer problems. It is what we have been dealing with for days. Our printer died and when we installed the new printer, it really messed up our computers. I can receive email but can't send and it is locking up. My husband's computer crashed when he was installing updates. It is a good reason to make you feel so bad. I wish you the best in getting yours fixed. I hope we both can salvage them.

Linda...Have you considered a laptop? I use it while I am in the recliner which saves the pain in my hips and shoulders. I love it....that is I love it when it is working which has not been lately per above. I hope you find the answers that you are searching for. You are always missed when you are not able to be on the board.

Rock....Enjoyed your posts as always. I always learn something new or I am reminded of something that I have forgotten from the past from your post. You and MrDad are some of the "coolest" guys I know.

Mickey...So proud of you for not hosting another party and for standing up to your sister. Enough is enough. You need to take care of you for a change.

Elaine....I need to borrow your lawn mower for our yard. We have a nice lawnmower but it sounds as if your lawnmower would be perfect for our large lawn. My DH could really knock it out with one that size. I, like Mickey, have not mowed a yard in many years....would have no idea how to operate it. The last time I mowed I used a push mower and mowed my parents yard when I was a teenager. The lawn was small and I got to use their car when I mowed.

For all that I missed I apologize but I am out of steam. I do have hugs to everyone though.



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I just love your profile name, you are a sweetie, it fits you too a T.

I am so glad you had fun yesterday with your daughter. Sometimes it is so worth the pain just to be with our loved ones.

My girls don't even know I have this DD and I really don't want to tell them yet. I want them to think I enjoy everything we do together while they are still young so they will still do stuff with me. LOL I guess that makes sense.

Anyway thanks for visiting me on the Porch, it was getting a little lonely around here.

Love ya