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Porchlight is open 268 / CLOSED

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Rosin on the bow and here we go!

Allemand left, then form a star.
Front to the center; backs to the bar.

Ladies lead out; Gents all bow.
Head for home; watch out for the cow.

Pies, cakes and lemonade on the long table.
Alonzo Daniels has home-made cider out by the corn crib.

Let's give a big hand to Arlo Utz on the fiddle and Astrid Hoag on the accordion.

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Had a long nap. Finally woke up when the smoke alarm went off. Turned out Gordon was frying a hamburger.

Sorry your post went puff!, Joan. That is so infuriating. At least a dozen times a day I'd like to give this computer a spanking...w/ a sledgehammer.

I hope things work out w/ the new job for hubby, Sweetie. Used to be folks in this country made things and exported them. Now the things we are exporting seem to be money and jobs. Something went cockeyed somewhere along the way.

I hope your son and Mickey get some help w/ their dr. appointments today.

Mickey, I never had a Long Island Tea. They sound too heavy duty for me. A great favorite of my alcoholic boss tho. Eventually had him picking up trash on the Santa Monica beach w/ supervision from the LA Police Dept. Last I heard he had sobered up w/ the help of AA.

Jole, what a great Christmas gift! Your family will have happy memories for many decades to come.

Julie, you sure this trip isn't going to be too long for you? Seems to me most of us are cautioning others not to overdo and then knocking ourselves out w/ some project or other.

I agree w/ you about secrets, Elaine and Carla. You ever see those movies where people are leaving a funeral. "She was so brave. She never told people she had cancer."

Well, what sense does that make? Are you sharing your life w/ friends and family or not? If not, you might as well be a stranger.

Well, I did half an errand yesterday. We'll see what happens today. Have to skip my EA meeting tonight as my chauffeur is going to an orchid meeting at the Arboretum.

Hope you all have a day that is productive, pain free, fun, exciting, better-than-yesterday, or any one of the above.




Thanks, Rock, for you usual good job at getting the Porch started.

I don't have it in me to read all that's been written here but I wanted to tell everyone hello and bring that box of hugs. I think it's one-size-fits-all.

More when I can,


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I really appreciate all of your concerns, wisdom, advice, love, and tears. Thank you, thank you, thank you. I don't know what to say. I am taking everything to heart. I have decided because of all of you, that after my doctor appt today at 4:15, which I am going to talk to her about this too, I will bring this up with my husband.

He is the most unemotional person you could meet on the outside. He will never show his emotions and this is why it is so hard for me to tell him. I have always been the strong, forgiving, loving, emotional one in my family. I am a Gemini and that means 2 personalities.

I really believe I do have 2 separate people in me. My Mom, Dad, and sister all know I have this disease and they are very sympathetic with me and my Mom even has it too. We are more alike unfortunately than I would like to be, but that is a whole other story.

Wow Julie, I feel like a baby now with all that you went through. I don't know how you did that all, but I know I wouldn't have been able too.

Carla you are so right in everything you said. I do alot for my girls, however, I have always worked so they are very independent on themselves with cooking dinner, cleaning, saving their own money to buy things that they want. Everytime Ashley gets money she puts it in her savings and i have to say she has more than we do, so that will be her college spending money.

We are very fortunate, her 1st year of college is free, so no loans. Very cool. She deserves it, she worked very hard. Lindsay on the other hand, I need to watch. I guess since she has always been the baby I probably do baby her more. But, she is probably the most indpendent of all of us.

Anyway, I am taking everything you all said to heart and thank you so much. I am actually looking forward to tonight, I think.

I did take off work today, arent' you proud of me. I just called in and told them that my body is just not functioning today and that i have a doctor appt today.

Well my hands are really hurting, so i will check in later. Love you all

OH ROCK - geez, no more long island teas for me, don't want to end up like your boss

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Thanks Rocky, 4 getting us started. I've been busy with some
med research and my Hematology Appt. this week. Sometimes I
think it's just one darn "run-on sentence"! Ya know what I'm
sayin? "Hurry up and wait".

Sweetie, happy to see that there may be a good prospect of
work for Hubby! As I mentioned in a previous Post, with his
experience and knowledge in his field of work, someone will
offer him a position. Hope your Son is doing better as well
as yourself!

Do hope we get an update on Danny. I'm sure Annie will get
back with a report very soon.

Ya slowin' down Mickey? I think you're getting some good
advise from your friends here. It doesn't "behoove" us to
over due are limitations. I rest when I must, but I'm fort-
unate to basically only have myself as a concern now. We
don't want ANY "blowouts" here.

Well, we're back to are normal July weather here in SF, cool
and foggy 'til apres noon! Only 62 yesterday, but Sun in the City Center where I reside, thankfully! Fires appear to
be mostly under control and so, the smoke and haze! Better!

Been too busy to walk to the Park the past few days. I'm
sure the "Bee-Kee-Knee" girls missed me, having to apply
their own sun screen. Hey, can't be there ALL the time.

Gonna go refill my koffee now and I'll get bac later to
see whaat's been happenin'.




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I have not been here in what seems like forever.....

I have been super busy, and not to mention dragging tail.

I have not read any of the posts, so forgive me for not addressing any one.

I am looking forward to the return of my children on Sunday, I already have a big dinner planned.

My daughter will only be staying until Wed. She is moving back to here for good in Oct.

I just found out that my mother is having some health issues, she has to use oxygen now, just found out 2 of her arteries are clogged 90%, diabetes, kidney damage, and the list goes on and on. She will be 70 in Dec. I have asked if she wants me to see her, she is in Az. She has said not yet, that she will let me know when. I am planning within the next month to go anyway. She wants to see what the cardiologist says before I come out, if she has to have surgery that is when she wants me to be there.

Well, that is all for now, I hope everyone is doing well, and is pain/fog free.



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I swear my life keeps gettin in the way of my cyber life.

I am still in computer Yell, it is functioned but barely. I still can't open or reinstall my main email program and it is the one that has all my contacts, esp for my art club, they were grouped and all I had to do to email 30 people was click on button. Now my cd slot is stuck and can't get the cd out. I am going to buy a new computer.

So everyone tell me what you have or what you suggest, I do not think I am going back to Dell.

Now the good news- I have met a real gentleman, he is my new neighbor. He helped me yesterday getting things that I had stored in my other neigbors shed and stuff I had under my deck into my new building. The only thing is he keeps calling me "maam", he is 54 and just a nice man that had something really bad happen to him, he was set up and a woman stole $17,000 from him. This story has been confirmed by one of his other family members that helps me cut my trees.

So I cooked him a steak dinner and we talked and he is going to help me get the rest of the rocks I need.

My new shed is so cute, I will try to post a pic but not sure if it will work. But I have to get ready for work myself.

Mickey I am glad we didn't upset you or make you feel like we were ganging up on you, but we have ALL been there and know how it can just sneak up on you and kick you in the but.

Please let us know how your appt went and really consider sharing this with your family. BTW-I totally understood you comment about being more like your mother than you wanted to be. I see alot of mine in me too. She was not someone I aspired to be but I have a lot of her stubborness and determination.

I hope the shop is slow and give me time to get caught on the posts, my computer is moving at a snails pace.

Elaine- how dare your mother wake you up at 7 am, I hope your feeling better and there is no real emergency.

Hello to Linda, Rock, Mrd, Jole, Bev, Joan, Diane,and everyone else peeking in. I gotta go and hope to be back soon, I really miss not being able to keep up- Carla


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Boy, it is really really slow going here. I promise not to complain anymore on the porch. LOL

Anyway, my appt went okay, I decided not to go on any medicines at this time for energy, instead she increased my Generic Effexor, arghghghhg. Oh well, hopefully that helps. I did try and talk to my husband last night, however, as I knew, he didn't want to have anything to do with it. I told him he doesn't know how bad I really feel because I don't complain to him, his response was, you will love this, I don't complain about my problems either but I don't go to doctors and waste my money. LOL

Oh well, I tried. What am I doing?? I just said I promise I wouldn't complain anymore. LOL

CARLA - I love your little barn house (that is what it looks like, not a shed). Good for you. It is so cute.

LINCAMP - I am glad you guys were able to get the pellet stove. Let us know if it saves Lots of money. You are right, next thing you know they will raise the price of pellets because everyone is using that now and they will run low. Let's hope not. LOL

BEVY - That is wonderful that your daughter is moving back for good. I bet you are in heaven. That would be so hard not to be close to your kids where you can see them when you want. I will keep your MIL in my prayers. She is really lucky to have you.

Well gang, I am at work today and trying to get through this pile of stuff. I wished I liked coffee, at least that would get me going. LOL

Love you all and have a great Friday.


GEORGIA - We must have posted same time. I am so sorry about your job, that is horrible. At least I love my work and that does help and makes it less stressful. I can't imagine having to go somewhere where you hate and be there for 8 hours a day. I don't think I could do it. Hang in there Georgia, your time will come where you can enjoy life and get rid of this stress. Take care and you are in my prayers too.
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It is still hot and dry here in central N.C. Heard the eastern part of the state is to get rain from a subtropical depression but that we may get a 1/10th of an inch. We need rain.

MrDad...How are you dealing with the Lyme diagnosis? Did you find a doctor that could help you? You rarely talk about your health. We care.

Elaine...Sorry you are having a bad time. Can't believe a surprise party is an emergency. You wake up like I do. I didn't know it was so hard for anyone else. I need to wake up in my time and start very slowly. I've always been that way although I've certainly not been able to achieve that goal on a consistent basis. Hope your fog starts to lift and the medication helps your back.

Carla...So happy that you have made a new friend....especially someone that is so willing to help you. We all need help. We are still having problems with our computer too. Sometimes I feel like smashing it...it behaves like I've already done that. I've had Sony and HP laptops. Liked them all but also managed to crash all of them. Mine is always when I am trying to download or update something.

Linda...Nice to see you again and very happy that you found the wood stove you were looking for. We do not have an option like that because we do not have a chimney. We have a gas logs fireplace but we don't use it. It is pretty but no longer practical. Anyhoo...maybe you can save lots of money and be very warm. Where do you get wood pellets?

Bevy...Welcome back. Sorry about your Mom's declining health issues. They sound serious. Have fun with your children and have a wonderful dinner with them.

Mickey...So you took the day off...I'm proud of you. I'm glad you were not offended but all of us have been through similar situations to yours and our stories did not turn out so good. We just don't want you to crash. I don't see how you can hide your illness. It shows on my face when I am sick. My son & husband just know. I don't have to say anything. Guess I'm too easy to read. Stay firm with your family...don't let them take advantage of you. Oh, my favorite drink is a Long Island Ice Tea also but it's been awhile since I've had one. They are so tasty.

Marta....See you in the bushes. Glad you made an appearance. Did you see Oprah's show about WebCams? It may be an embarrassing time to buy one after that show aired.

I've typed until I am exhausted. Hugs to everyone....Rock, Joan, Julie, Georgia, Jole, Annie & all others.



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Big group hug to both of you. Please feel free to be yourself on The Porch. It is a support group as well as good friends.

Got to go. Have an appointment.

Soft hugs ((((hugs)))) to you.


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I'm having tuna salad for breakfast. Gordon made it before he went to work. Tuna or chicken salad is $6 a pound at the supermarket deli. But that's much cheaper than the cooked salmon which was $16 a pound.

I guess it's a good thing for the stores that there are lots of millionaires in the LA area. (Not that I know any.)*

"Life is a run-on sentence." An astute observation, Joe. Would make an excellent bumper sticker.

Is hubby a Scandinavian, Mickey? He could be w/ those blue eyes. You know the Norskies generally don't express emotions, except to say "Uff-da" now and then.

Anyway you are not a complainer. Don't let anyone tell you that you are.

Elaine and Sweetie, I know what you mean about waking up. Sometimes there is no problem. Other days I wake up and my joints hurt, my head is fuzzy, can't breathe right, see flashes before my eyes. Takes me about half an hour before I am fully awake and able to understand what's going on.

Gordon understands this and doesn't pester me once I tell him it's one of those bad mornings.

The behavior of your mother and sister is appalling, Elaine.
I hope you can find a solution that is not too upsetting for you. Families are like computers. Can be just wonderful except when they are being obnoxious which is all too often.

Linda, I never heard of a pellet stove before. Looked them up. They seem to cost about $2000 to $4000.
I read the pellets are made from sawdust, and the average family needs about 3 tons per year. Current cost, about $600.

They also need electricity. Are better for the environment and people's health; don't give off so many bad gases and particles.

Georgia, sorry things are bad at work. I am so thankful I don't have to work anymore. Soc. Sec. benefits aren't much, but they are enough (so far).

Hope you have a nice family dinner Sunday, Bevy. Nice to see you here on the porch again.

There's another potential bumper sticker, Carla. "My life gets in the way of my cyber life." I agree w/ Mickey. Your shed looks a mini barn.

When I grew up the neighbors had a barn (full-sized). They stored their coal in it. We kids used it as a giant playhouse.

Good to see you, Marta. Come back when you're feeling a little more energized.

*Hey, I just thought of a millionaire I know. He's a member of our Emotions Anonymous group. A very nice older man; generally wears Hawaiian shirts. That's where he made his money.

Time to go. I hope Don Pardo has something nice for all of us.




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Just got back from lunch. Had to go to my daughter's dermotologist office and pick up her medicine for psoriasis and then stopped at Taco Bell. Yum, that was delicious, but not as good as your Tuna Salad Rock I am sure. I love Tuna Salad. However, I have never had it for breakfast before.

Well, my hubby could be Scandanavian, I have no idea really. I think he is German. I can't remember, I will have to ask him. He is not a very supportive husband when it comes to aches and pains. He thinks everything is in the head and that we should all deal with it. Well, I just can't wait until something (of course not too serious) happens to him and I will remember what he said to me. LOL

Elaine - I am so sorry for what is going on in your life at this time. You are definetly not deserving of this. How old is your Sister and her Partner anyway, 10. Wow, that is so immature. They need to grow up and stay out of yours and your Mom's life.

I hope you can get over this, can you maybe get away for a few days out in the wilderness or something??? Seriously, rent a cabin or something. Boy, would I love to do that.

Thanks Sweetie for your kind words and support. That is why I love you all. I can come here and express the real me and you all don't ever critisize me, you just support all of us.

LIN - You are so fortunate to have your wonderful hubby. I know my Hubby knows sometimes how much pain I am in, especially when I can't get out of bed or I sleep until 11 in the morning or I try to open a door or lid of something. He knows, he just chooses to ignore it. Oh well, like I said above, he will find out what it is like when he feels pain.

Well, I really need to get some work done so I will check in a little bit.

You know who
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Rock - thanks for getting us started - that was a nice song :) i always look forward to hearing some new limerick or rhyme from u

Lydia - thank u for the kind words about my kids

Bevy - hope you have a nice time with your children and prayers for your mother to recover soon..i love your profile pic with the aqua water and ducky in it

Carla - that man who helped you with the shed sounds nice...always helpful to have a helping hand around with the heavy jobs

mrdad - hope u can soon go back to your walks in the park 9and resume sun tan lotion applying services)

Mickey - O i am so sorry to hear about how apathetic your husband and familys attitude towards your health is...this is the horrible side of FM - its invisible...have you tried buying books on the subject and cutting out articles in papers about it and leaving it around for husband to find and read...i remember i did that a lot with my own husband.
Meanwhile please take strength from the knowledge that we all at Pro Health empathise and support you and pray for the folks at home to get more enlightened and not so cocooned in their own smug ignorant world.

Elaine - we hear you...thats a lot to happen in one day, all those mishaps...your sister and her partner sound very, well, unhelpful. I dont know how else to put it. They know about your condition and still act inconsiderate...

it must hav been so awful to have forgotten your name...
i remember an episode at a big hi fi business party i went to with my hubs, he went off to socialise with his associates leaving me to do the same with the wives, which i normally do okay with....i had husbands young cousin sis with me and met two of his associates wives whom i know very well, i introduced my hubs cousin to them and for the life of me couldnt remember their names....my memory cells being fried with long term depressive illness...so after trying hard and failing, I just let it go and tried to talk something. The wives however, got offended, thinking i had done it on purpose to belitttle them? or what? i cant imagine...smiled tightly and walked off. I was left there standing with my cousin wondering what she must hav thought and tearing up inside cursing this disease which causes me so much humiliation...

since this months porch seems to be good for venting i have to say i had a lousy day myself today....

my sort of best friend (we go back to childhood days) came back from a two week trip and enquired about me; I shud have said fine...the stupid nut i am, told her i was going to doctor this afternoon beause feeling lousy and unable to do anything due to depression/chronic fatique and she said "why dont you join a montessori school and teach young kids" you really must shed your LAZINESS!!! What? I was in despair whole morning because of feeling so tired and heavy and sad all at same time. And here i am being called lazy by my nearest friend...THATS how much others understand about this disease..so i flared up and told her that when she got a chronic episode of asthma, was it justifiable for anyone to tell her to work and stop being lazy? She said "but asthma is physical, you are perfectly all right physically".

I wish. Dont i just wish.

And then she told me i was lucky to have my husband who 'tolerated' such nonsense and any other would not have. They would have left me. Wow. As if i didnt know that. (My husband doesnt like her too much -he thinks she is too pushy and loud.)

I told her lets talk about somethng else...and asked her about her trip but i know she was extremely annoyed with me, shes a Leo and has a big ego. Im a Gemini. The conversation changed tracks and went on but she let in not a few barbs which i just sidestepped - no point arguing with ignorance. She is a dear friend. I appreciate she said what she said thinking she was helping me. But ye Gods, DONT. Read up on the disease, get facts right, then advise for Petes sakes. What she did was upset me more. Henceforth, NOT a peep out of me to her about depression/CFS.

I went to the doc armed with printouts of suggestions friend/board members here posted about vitamin D3, Thyroid, Omega Fatty Acids, Zinc, Magnesium, EPA etc (I had a bad reaction to Anti depressants) and his response was a very unhelful "i dont know about these at all" and cant advise you. All he wanted to do was hand out other kinds of anti deps. I was very disheartend.

He did concede thyroid also caused depression and has written out a blood test for me to test for those. I do those tomorrow. To my surprise, he also wrote out a test for diabetes!!! Hello. Im 43 kilos and neither of my parent s were diabetic. But he said its good to do it. So i am.

I hunted all over town for those supplements myself and was told at every pharmacy the government has banned multiiminerals, vitamins and fatty acid kind of supplements citing they were unnecessary. Such is our government of Nepal, even the pharmacist was shaking his head wearily while informing me. He has told me maybe some people were selling illegally, i shud try some hospital.

If i dont get them here, then I'll try India. I do believe i saw some sites selling them.

Since i had had such a disappointing day and it was evening 7:30 pm when i finished, I decided to give myself a treat...popped into a busy cafe in town and had me a meal of chocolate cake, chicken dumplings and tea. Also wandered around in the Night market looking at jingle jangle cheap trinkets they set up in makeshift stalls.

Couldnt find a bus, last bus gone at 7:30 pm so walked for half an hour and then got a taxi and harangued with him about the charge, gas is unavailable and taxi drivers are hard hit, they try to make up by overcharging customers specially at night...I just threw my hands up in resignation and got in and found myself praying to arrive in one piece as he hurtled his way on.

His vehicle was about to fall to pieces, it was creaking in every nut and bolt, his brakes not working well, really jerky and on top of that the towns electricity was having a loadshedding so it was dark...in the end as we sped along, i found myself conversing with him and listening to his tales of woe, a young lad, from a remote village, hired cab, cant make ends meet, has to wait in line for gas for hours for a meagre 10 litres, after paying daily cab rent has hardly enuf to pay for his lodgings, and enough to eat. Thats the story of most of the cabbie drivers lives now...with the gas crunch i know they have it hard. So I ended up paying him Rs 50 more than what we settled on. And i got home in one piece.

Hello everydobby...who came - Marta, Sweetie, lincamp, hope i havent missed anyone and hello everydobby who pops in

God Bless

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It is 4:30 and almost time to pack up for the day, so I just wanted to stop by and wish you all a wonderful, stressfree, relaxing weekend.

On Sunday, my MIL and me are driving my girls to Church Camp. They will have so much fun, I wish I could stay with them. I will miss them lots, however, it is going to be so quiet at my house without them. It will be nice for a week.

Elaine, I don't know what to tell you honey, other than that you are doing everything right. Wow, I think maybe you and your Mom should move to a different state or far, far away from your sister. That sounds like a horrible situation to be in especially with our DD that we have. I will keep on praying for your well being

Springwater, it is nice to see you on the porch and yes I have tried leaving papers here and there and I am sure he has read them and thought it was a bunch of bull. He has never said anything about it. I am fine with it really. I can handle it.

Anyway, I alread forgot what I was going to tell you. oh, I remember, your friend really doesn't seem like a friend to me, how can she talk to you like that. That is not very nice. I would never treat a friend like that. She needs her head screwed on a little tighter maybe, kinda like my husband. LOL

I think I am the only one in the office right now, everyone has gone for the day, kind of nice for me as I was able to get a lot done today in peace and quiet.

Rock, so what did you have for lunch, Pancakes or Waffles???? Also, tell me, what is a good book to read. I am reading te Whispering something or other (can't remember), but I am almost done with it. I read fast. I go to bed about 10 during the week with my book and read for about an hour before I actually go to sleep. That is my down time.

Granni, we miss you and need you here on the porch. Boy are you going to be busy when you get back. Love ya

Mrdad, how is the suntan coming along???? Mine is way too dark. I need to start putting sunscreen on when I go out to the pool. LOL

Lin, Julie, Carla, Bevy, Sweetie, Jole, Lilclover, okay, now my mind is wondering while i am sitting here typing and listening to a beatles song. Now I know why I can't remember everyone's names. LOL

Have a great weekend and I will check in.

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It seems like most everyone's life is a bit off kilter, don't now if I spelled that right but you know what I mean,lol.

Elaine I so feel for you being caught in the middle. I have a couple of suggestions. Write a letter to your sister saying everything you feel, it doesn't matter if you give it to her or not. Do the same for your mother, then one to your dad as if he was here and ask what he would tell you do right now.

Take a few steps back and BREATHE, you were right not to let her get to you yesterday, just keep it up, don't let have control anymore. Can you just sit down and try to calmly talk to your mother again and ask her why she let's your sister get away with what she does. It is probably guilt or fear of losing her now that your dad is gone. She may not even know why, she is just reacting without thinking.

You just need write it like you did here, you will find yoor own answer in it.

Mickey I am sorry you can not share this with your DH and D is not "dear" if you know what I mean,lol-sorry couldn't help it. I don't understand some people and mostly men that can not "get it". That is why I feel I am better off alone, the hurt from not being understood by my loved one would be too much for me.

This is one of the issues I have with my daughter, she has had diabeties since she was 11, so she doesn't have a lot of compassion for others, she is like big deal suck it up.

I think that would make it easier to understand someone's illness. We all handle things differently.

My girls are sitting here waiting to leave, I had pancakes for dinner and wanted to post now as I may not be able to later. We will ride and I am going to get rock.

I just want you all to know I really care about all of you, like Elaine more than my own family. We can all feel safe to come here and be able to express ourselves with out judgement.

I know many are having their hard times, Georgia at work, Springwater trying to find her spring in her step,Joan with the DH and the bad feet like me,Rock who has good days and bad days but only remembers the bad days sometimes,Annie who has Danny and too many Drs that can't figure anything out, Bev and JOle with busy families and such, Granni just running around trying to keep with herself, Sweetie with the losses she had had to endure with work and home, Mrdad without his BKN girl, LInda having to fight with Drs too and no help, Marta has her dueling kitties and me with my antsy girls really wanting me to stop typing right now, lol. You should see Twy she is so funny.

We will all get threw these days because we aren't alone and have each other. Elaine I have a great new sofa/bed with a few to die for if you need a road trip,lol- Take care awl and you are all in my prayers-

Please forgive me for those I have missed, but the girls have me under the gun here and I was wingin it-Love Carla


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Could not agree more with Carla....excellent post. It does seem as if a full moon is stuck over our head....so many "things" happening. I guess that is called life though. Each one of us just need some peace and tranquility in our life.

Elaine...Loved Carla's idea about writing the letters. You will find the answer. I think you already have. Your sister's behavior makes me thankful that I am an only child. I don't understand your Mom though. Maybe she is not as strong as you and just doesn't want to upset your sister...maybe from fear. I do know that you need each other and that once you have a chance to digest the situation and clear your head, you can work on the relationship with your Mom. Your Dad gave you lots of tools to work with and when you feel better you will know what to do. In the interim, just breathe....long slow, deep breaths.

Spring....If this person is your friend, I would not want to hear about your enemy. Friends do not treat friends the way she has treated you. What horrible things to say to you. You are not lazy. You are sick. Please so not let her hateful words bother you. She is the ignorant one. Depression and CFS are real and crippling. I do wish you could find Vitamin D. It has helped me and many others so much.

Georgia...So sorry you are miserable at your job. That must be a terrible feeling. Experience is so valuable...you should be appreciated.

Sorry I can not address everyone but want you to know, I too, will spend extra time on prayers tonight for each of us.

Good night all. Hope each of you have a good night's sleep.



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I hope everyone is doing better than earlier today. Hopefully, the full moon has shrunk to a half of moon, if you know what I mean.

When I got home from work, Lindsay and I went to have dinner at one of our favorite italian restaurants, they I dropped her off at her friends. I came home after that and went in the pool, my painfree world. LOL After that I walked Jack for a little bit and now I am saying hi to you all.

I have to go pick Lindsay up in a little bit and then get to bed. She has a 9 am game tomorrow morning. Yuck. They have had so many rainouts, that they are trying to get them made up on the weekends. Unfortunatley, she is going to miss 3 games because of camp next week.

CARLA - DH to me stands for Dumb Husband, not Dear Husband, hahahaha. I love how you described everyone, that was very good. I hope your doggies finally got you to get off the computer, they are so funny and almost human. I know when Jack gets impatient he will start pawing me.

Georgia - Just think it is Friday, you have 2 days away from that place. The best thing to do is go to work, get your work done, don't socialize with the snobs and go home deal with those people. Where is the compassion and respect that you deserve. I just think they are jeolous because you have been there for so long.

Sweetie - Thanks for you extra special prayers tonight, sounds like we all need them for sure.

Well, my doggie is getting impatient now, he wants his treat. After I walk him and he settles down (stop panting so much) I give him a treat. So I will be back later.

Good Night Porchies, sweet dreams, don't let the bed bugs bite. I will keep the porch light on in case anyone decides to get up in the middle of the night and post.

Mickey[This Message was Edited on 07/18/2008]


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Hello dobby

Thanks for your responses....I do feel nurtured and protected on these boards especially after having a rough day outside

your kind words give me back my sense of self, the bits which get chipped away because of some obtuse comments from someone who doesnt understand...

Actually, I dont want to mislead you about my friend...even though she may have come out in a very bad light the way she spoke to me.

There are generally no blacks and whites to people or events and my friend is no exception.

She has a good side. She is everything i am not, and i am everything she is not. Which paradoxically is probably why we are friends for most of our lives starting from school when she was 3 years my senior.

She's beautiful bright sassy smart and confident in a brash way. Also incredibly lucky. She's been a wonderful big sis to her brood of six siblings all younger than her when her mom died giving birth the the youngest...she was a 9th grader then and just took over the running of the family. Her dad also passed away very soon after her marriage, and she has been the cornerstone of her family. Looking after their education, settling them in various jobs. She and i have something in common in that we both are responsible for our siblings....three of her siblings work in her office which she and her hubs opened and is hugely successful. She got another one of her sisters a job outside and that sister is very successful now too.

Her bluntness probably comes from the fact that she was given responsibility at a young age after mom died..so she is used to being big boss.

If she hadnt been there during my early years of work, when i was a terribly shy unconfident teenager, my social life would have been zero. She included me in everything, and since she had a rather active social life, consequently i seemed to too!took me out with her boyfriend to events, with her sisters to movies, we had countless cookouts and sleepovers at her house when she was not married, and frequent all night video screenings (1981), no one owned a tv set, we pitched in and hired one. And she cooked and fed all of us six/ seven girls including her two sisters.

I think her choice of words upset me. But she's never been too good at English. And what she said about my husband is prob true. Not many husbands can take a chronically depressed wife. She gets the short end of the stick in our friendship because of my depression...if she invites me five times to her home for a party....she gets invited once to mine...she always remembers to bring back somethng for me if she goes away on a long trip,

anyways our conversation ended yesterday with her inviting me over to her office anytime i wanted so its not like we ended on a sour note. Im feeling rather guilty that i made her seem like a bad person which she is not..just a very opiniated one.


I hope everydobby is starting to feel better now, it did seem as if the Full Moon was having adverse effects, at least none of us here on the porch turned into werewolves and started howling....I truly believe the moon affects us...I always but always end up feeling lousy on those days even if theres no particular trigger

Elaine - wow just reading about your sister tires me out...i can just imagine how exzhausting it must be to actually live with her

You hang in there....and hope everything works out to everyones satisfaction

God Bless


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Elaine I had forgotten your mother worked for your sister, that explains a whole lot right there. Is there anyway your mom would consider a job change?

It seems your mom is scared of your sister because she has the control of her paycheck so she will never confront her until she has another job. That is a real catch 22.

All you can control is you and how you deal with them. I woudl just ignore sis, stay in your room or leave if you know she is coming. It is obvious she will never change.

At least you have your brothers to talk to that understand but I don't understand why he wouldn't say anything to sis for putting you two down. What does he have to lose by standing up for you and mom? Just take it one day at a time for now then there is always a thing called a RESTRAINING ORDER. Hang in there.

Springwater- you know people change over the years. I gave up a 35 year freindship last year because of her negative comments and not understanding my illness. She got The Secret on DVD and I watched it with her and what she got from it is you attract by what you see. She actually said that we shouldn't look at overweight people or you be overweight, same thing if you have sick freinds then you be sick too. I went with her for her first colonoscopy and upper too.

She has had heartburn for many years and ate tums by the bottle, they told her is was serious gastrist and she needed to take the meds. She refused to a take a pill saying they don't know what they are talking about. There are many other reasons too but I could no longer be her freind, it was too much work.

Your freind sounds like she has done well for herself and her family but really doesn't understand you at all. Sometimes some people keep freinds that have not been as successful as them because it makes them feel good like they are better.

I am at the point in my life thatt if I can't be me and say how I feel then I don't need that person in my life. A true freind will accept you as you are and try to understand. You are sweet o defend her as I am sure she has many good quailities but she hurt you and either didn't know or care. It is not what someone has done for you, it is how they treat you today that matters.

I hope you find your energy and peace, you are such a kind and thoughtful person, just don't let it be your downfall by accepting behavior that is not acceptable.

Mickey I will say the same thing to you too and hope your family comes around and sees that you are suffering. Take care of you first or you won't be there for them.

Sweetie it is so good to see you posting more, I have enjoyed seeing you more. Any word on the new job.

Well all of a sudden I have gotten sleepy, I have been outside doing this and that and came in to cool off a while, I think I will take a nap.

Hope everyone gets over this hump and feel better soon, I do believe the moon does affect a lot of us. Hello to everybobby else-Carla


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I am beat, I cannot stay, but just wanted to say HI to y'all and wish everbody peace, love and joy today.

Love Annie