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Prayers for friend with brain tumor

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Just thought I would put this out there...I know there are many prayer warriors on here. My husband's best friend's wife has been diagnosed with a very fast-growing was attempted, but there are two tumors...doctors could only remove a small portion of one and couldn't even touch the other because it is so entangled in nerves, etc.

The lady has opted for no treatment, so is just at home..."waiting". The tumors have affected her speech...I can only imagine how frustrating that must be. They have asked for "no visitors", but the husband did call my hubby to go over and help him with some construction work. The prognosis is "4 months to 2 years"...but she seems to be getting worse by the day. They did agree to borrow our (my late FIL's) lift chair and will accept his hospital bed when it becomes necessary. What an awful thing, no matter when it happens, but seems even worse during the holidays.

I'm asking for prayer for no pain, and for them to be able to have peace when the time does come. And for wisdom for my hubby and me, to know how much to help without overstepping any of their wishes. Thanks so much.


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I too pray for your friends. May all be peaceful as possible for the wife of your husband's friend. May her life be as painless as possible, and prayers to her husband.



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What a terrible situation. I saw the info on the Porch but have been so busy. Will say a few prayers for her and the whole family.