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prayers for texas

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as you all may know texas has been flooding and we've lost about 12 people all around texas or more.
please pray for us here down in Houston and all over Texas.
Lord protects us.


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Thank you for the prayers and shout out for them in Houston and TX. So many areas got really battered. It is or seems to be over for us. We live north of Houston maybe - 75 miles away, as Houston is pretty big. I'm sure many people are still struggling that have lost their homes , property, and have water in their homes a big mess, with lots of stress. Luckily, we were fine. We just had a pesky leak that we had before the awful rains but it became worse but thank God that finally got fixed. We just had a mess outside and others in our area had trees in or on their roof, some flooding, etc. Hopefully some of that is receding in Houston and other areas that got the worse of it.

God bless you and thanks again for the prayers and the shout out for them to all.

Glad everything is calm now , haven't heard anything about the crazy weather.
Glad you guys are safe and sorry to hear about the damage.
my home almost got flooded we we're about to start putting stuff up cause we didn't know whether the water would come in or not. but everything seems more calm and the weather is now hot. thanks to God


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Hi Verolinia123,
Sorry to hear about your almost catastrophe and glad to hear it didn't get inside your home. That would have to be a very sad thing for anyone.

Do you also live in Texas, the Houston area or do live somewhere else where they also have ben having terrible storms too. I know my DH's cousins son and family live in Joplin, MO and was having a lot of rain. Lots of water was creeping up their lake home but I guess it is better since I haven't heard anymore.

May God bless anyone having these awful weather and water problems, tornadoes, etc.

Hugz to you and all,