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Praying For Member Springwater - Katmandu Severe Earthquake

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Thanks for starting this thread, Patti.

I was shocked to hear the earthquake/avalanche news this morning. It was the leading story.

My prayers are going up for Springwater and her family, and for all who were affected in that region.

Hugs and prayers,


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How sorrowful! So many lives lost, and people wounded. And now needing help.

Spring - SO glad to hear that you and family are safe.

Patti - thank you for doing this.

Praying for all. Does anyone know a reliable source to send help?

God Help,


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Judy - thank you for your thoughts, prayers and offer to help..i knew you would be praying for us even if i hadnt seen this..

i think the Red cross or any reliable organization would be okay to send help to..its the govt agencies who arent reliable and are waiting like vultures to pounce on foreign aid.

Take care

God Bless


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Thank you so much Spring Water for letting us know how you are. We keep praying that all will be OK for you, the family and so many in your area. We continue to pray for help for you and others in the area.

Big hugs to you and all,
Granni :)


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Spring - What a relief to hear you're okay after the second earthquake! I just found out about it tonight, and am stunned, trying to take it in. Sending prayers for every single person who is frightened, and in need of food and water and shelter. And for the grieving, and for those who have died. For the whole country!

I see many groups around who are concentrating on sending help in many ways.Like not giving up on the enormity of it all. But cultivating hope that we can all keep helping, because the needs are so great. And so much will need to be done. Many strong prayers and practical help joined together.

I just read your posts on Chat. God, I was so relieved to see you there, smiled at the cartoon you put up. And deeply touched that all the young people are helping in every way they can.

My DH had found a place that supports Doctors to treat people, then trains regular people to help the sick. Also there are many Trauma-Healers that help people to work through the fears and anxieties. They are specially trained.

Keeping you in prayers, dear friend! Will keep watching for all your news.
Love, Judy


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its been and is a trying time, but, we have to keep going. and move on..from april 25.

i love that so many all over the world have empathised and been sending help. It shows all is not lost.
Your DH is a gem. As of course is his lovely other half.

The grounds are dotted with tents donated from people around the world and makeshift ones, people who lost their homes and those who are afraid to sleep inside.

I think more people than we realise are suffering anxiety and depression, its just not a top priority when it should be. People dont know why they feel so afraid and what to do. Little kids. brereaved relatives. Aside from rebuilding lives. Infrastructure. How to start feeling safe again. How to believe again. When the very earth you stand on is not stable.

certainly this earthquake 2015 is a chapter in our lives we nepalese do not ever want to re live again, but how to move what we need to concentrate on. we are not alone. there was a message from a haiti earthquake survivor who told us...we would over come stand tall again, just as his people and country is doing.

we are grateful to so many in all corner of the globe for their thoughts prayers and help.

God bless you all