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Protein shakes

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im looking for some advice on protein shakes the pro's and con's of taking them.
i work out 4 times a week mostly cardio and do some weights but nothing too spectacular i was wondering if i'd benefit from drinking protein shakes i want to become more toned
how do you take them before/after/instead of food?
all info would be very helpful.


Take your protein supplement after your workout.

When you workout, you damage your muscle tissue. Over the next 36-48 hours your body uses the protein you consume to repair the damage. This process is what makes your muscles bigger and stronger.

Right after your workout, your metabolism is sped up, and your muscles are screaming for protein. A protein supplement containing whey protein is very quickly absorbed during this time, so it quickly gives your muscles a boost when they need it most.

Just remember that a supplement is, by definition, something added to that which is already, take your protein supplement, but make sure you are getting plenty of protein in your regular diet.


Protein shakes are shakes infused with protein, often in soy, egg or whey form. These shakes are often fruit smoothie-style -- even chocolate flavours are there. In theory, increasing your protein intake increases your chances of losing weight when you're working out.
Should you be consuming protein shakes? If you're a pro athlete, sure, but otherwise it's not really necessary. Adding protein to a smoothie adds calories -- lots of them. If you already have a balanced diet, that extra protein isn't necessary. As for weight-loss, it's a result of decreasing the number of calories you consume, but if you add a bunch of extra calories in the form of a protein shake, that kind of defeats the purpose, doesn't it?
Protein shakes can add as much as 200 grams or 300 grams of protein (800 to 1,200 calories) a day. If you don’t need it, the body stores all those extra calories as fat. Also, if these shakes are taking you to the high end of the protein spectrum, you may be increasing health risks—high-protein diets may cause bone loss and kidney damage.
So ya... think before you try protein shake.. If you work out regularly, then its good for you.. You wont feel hungry and can reduce your intake of calories. But if you dont work out then its a bad thing..
I dont think you can make it.. You must order it online or buy from pharmcies.. Hope it helps.. :)


I often drink 5-6 "meal" shakes per day when bulking, in addition to a single sit-and-chew meal.

Oats, Whey, Peanut Butter, Eggs, Coconut Oil, maybe some Raspberries. It works.