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Question about Congressional Inquiry

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Hello, My first post here. Question please. I've always read that getting your Senators/Congressman involved in your disability case is a good idea, especially at the hearing level.
When people say that, do they mean just getting your case congressionally flagged, or do they mean asking Senator for an expedited hearing due to eviction/foreclosure etc?

I'm only asking because I have contacted mine and they flagged my case, though they are now saying that they cannot ask for my hearing to be expeditied unless I can provide some paperwork of eviction or foreclosure.

In your opinion, will my hearing be scheduled sooner due to the Congressional inquiry alone? (I'm not facing eviction YET, though I live day to day, wondering how I'm going to survive financially another week, with 2 small children.)

Has anyone here been approved or case sped up by a Congressional Inquiry? What did it entail? Any advice?

Your help is appreciated.



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Here is my understanding.

Not all our Congressmen are willing to get involving in our SSD cases (I wrote many of mine and all but one--Senator John McCain-- failed to do anything). So I am active in voting and keep all of them in mind when election times roll around and I remember all of them when i vote. Senator McCain was in the midst of getting info from me to check on my case when I was approved for SSD, so I asked him to drop his assistance.

It is my understanding from being for years on boards involving claimants and SSD that when you have a Congressman get involved to check on your case (some call it "Congressional Inquiry," but I simply refer to it as a request from a single Congressman for information about your case), it puts a flag on your file to remind SSA that they have someone else that they may have to provide a call to or info to.

Being on boards, I have NOT seen anyone post of a Congressman expedititing a hearing. Typically the hearing is not expedited unless you have submitted paperwork for an expedited hearing due to dire need and presented SUFFICIENT AND COMPELLING EVIDENCE of good cause of dire need such as eviction, etc. AND the judge must review that evidence you submit. If s/he finds the evidence compelling, the judge may decide to approve expediting your case, and be aware that judges do deny requests for expedited hearings if the evidence if not sufficient and compelling.

Then if you are approved for an expedited hearing, the expedited hearing date may not be as soon as you want it to be--that's part of dealing with SSA. Keep in mind that the judge MUST ALWAYS APPROVE expediting hearings and it isn't automatic when you request it. Also know that the SSA judges are independent of Congress.

If your case was lost in the system (which has happened to people), or has unreasonably been dragged on, a Congressman may help get things jumping on your case to find it and get it back actively into the system.

Here is an blog below for you to read and it may help you better understand. I personally dislike that they refer to the request for info as a "Congressional Inquiry" and usually the public thinks of that as the committees and hearings that Congress holds, and not of one Congressman on their own checking on a claimant's case.

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