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Question on Fibro RFC Form

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I understand everything until I get down to "FIBROMYALGIA & MULITPLE PAIN SYNDROME PAIN SCALE". What is the doctor supposed to do at this point - mark one of the choices 0-10?

Then, underneath that section, it starts "Fibromyalgia Symptoms", is this where the doctor puts a summary of the patient's symptoms?

Lastly, there is a section under "Tests which help confirm Fibromyalgia:". Does the MD note which ones he's done or is this info for the SSA?

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Just so you know, I don't have Fibro and I'm not an SSD attorney or specialist.

I believe the pain scale, fibro tests, and symptoms, etc. were put at the bottom by a kind person trying to be helpful to doctors completing the form--you'll note they don't appear on the other forms. If I were the doctor, I would use the pain scale in "comments" and other areas on the form as much as possible. Also, the doctor can easily refer to the tests mentioned to know what tests SSA is looking for and then submit or attach to the form to make it extra easy.

Note that SSA does update the forms, but SSA does not put them on the internet and the forms are not copyrighted. People are kind enough to input them onto the internet for claimants' use.
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