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Radio show sign off?

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Was there a radio or tv show that the host would sign off with "we'll talk again"? Am I just remembering it wrong? I can't find it online.


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Doesn't ring any bells with me, GB. Vera Lynn used to sing "We'll Meet Again" during
WWII. Amazingly she was still singing half a century later, and her voice was still great.
She is 100 years old this year.

"We'll meet again, Don't know where, Don't know when.
But I know we'll meet again some sunny day."

Hope you're better after seeing the Nurse Practioner. I fell down a couple days ago, but didn't do any damage. Still reading the Porch posts?



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I read the Porch almost every day. How did you fall? I hope you're okay now. You know old people like us are always falling and breaking a hip. :)

I saw the NP again Wednesday. She said I'm a bit better. The wheezing is better from the asthma but I'm still having issues with the shortness of breath. I can't stand on my feet more that about 10 minutes at a time, but it was less than that last week.

They are coming back in 2 weeks to do a physical. I need an EKG and chest x-ray and my lab work. It's been awhile. I have had some major swelling, edema, in my feet, legs, stomach, under my eyes and in one vein in my neck. They gave me a diuretic and it's a little better now. I am mostly concerned that I may have a heart or artery problem. That's what the ekg is for.

We don't get any better with time, do we. I am still thinking about Diane. I miss her on the board. I know we all do. Did Kevin ever say what caused her death?

About the sign off, 'we'll talk again'. I thought it might have been Paul Harvey but can't find any reference to it. Wish we could start a new game or pick out one of the old ones and play. It's always relaxing to get our minds off being sick, even for a little while. Well, we'll talk again!! lol GB


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Hi Kiddo

Sorry you have so many problems all at once. Kinda like having the car's differential, clutch,
and radiator all give out at the same time. Makes it hard to get anywhere.

I fell down because I was helping Gordon cover the orchids with plastic sheets to keep off the
rain. We were working at night. Couldn't see much. Bumped into one of the plastic milk
crates that supports the orchid pots. It was pretty much a non event. Turned out there was no
damage to me or the orchids.

I never listened to Paul Harvey. He didn't seem to be on the radio or TV in my area. I
checked him out on Youtube. He usually ends his Broadcast by saying, "Paul Harvey...
Good day! His voice goes up on "day" as though he were asking a question.

Looked for a newscaster who signs off, "We'll Talk Again". It might be Ron Maraosco who
apparently works at a Florida radio station: WJHO. There seem to be other Ron Marascos: one
a Professor at Loyola Marymount, and one who wrote a children's book titled "The Dog Who
Was There."


Looked around some more. The last two Marascos are the same.


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Kevin didn't say anything about cause of death. I thought maybe he'd come back now and
again to chat and talk about Diane. I hope you are feeling some better.

Did you find out any more about 'We'll talk again?'

Just went out and spent some time petting kitty. Gave her some kitty treats that she really
likes. Picked two tomatoes.



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I was hoping we would hear back from Kevin too. No, I can't find out who said it but I'm almost positive it was Paul Harvey. Oh well, guess it doesn't matter. lol

I used to have a precious kitty cat. He was a Russian Blue and lived to be almost 18. He died about 5 years ago. I miss him so much, sweetest kitty we ever had.

Now, for some odd reason, I have developed an allergy to cats and dogs. Go figure. It seems to be asthma related. If not, I'd get another RB kitten.

Glad you're enjoying your pet. Was she a stray? I'd love to have some fresh tomatoes. Even the ones we buy from fresh market are dry and tastless. I remember when we were in FL visiting my dad in 1989 we bought the best tomatoes at a little stand near his house. He loved tomatoes.

I have a question for you about I.Q. testing. Does memory play a part in ones I.Q. score over time? I've never understood how it's tested. If memory fades, and it does for all of us, would ones I.Q. score change? Random thoughts to ponder. GB


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Yup, Kitty was a stray. And extremely wary. She used to show up in the backyard now and then. I would put out kibble for her. She would not get closer than about 15 feet. After
about 2 years she'd sit down and wait. I could get within 3-4 feet. Any closer and she'd
run off.

Than last summer, after 5 years, she started twining around my ankles and walking between
my legs. I tentatively gave her a pat. All of a sudden she wanted to be petted. So now I sit
down with her for ten minute once or twice a day. Pet her, talk to her, remove some of the tangles in her fur. If I bring out food first, she doesn't eat. She wants the attention first.

She could also sleep in the back porch or on the covered front porch, but she won't do that.
Not even when I put out boxes for her, rugs, towels, etc. Guess she's just a gypsy at heart.
Or maybe traumatized in the past.

Sorry, but I can't remember much about IQ tests even though as a psych major I read a lot about them at one time. One of my professor wrote a book about Alfred Binet, one of the creators of the Stanford Binet IQ test. Her book came out ten years after I graduated. I was very proud of her. Her name was Theta Wolf. Isn't that a great name?!

Anyhoo I searched for What kind of questions are in an IQ test? Got lotsa hits. I'm pretty
sure we would both get average scores now with our brain fog, Alz, etc.

AACCKK! Machine is acting up. It seems to me memory problems would be probably
lower the score considerably. But we can tell from your posts you are "top drawer" as
the ingenue kept saying at the end of "Auntie Mame".


Au Revoir
Benet was French. My old Prof said she interviewed him in a mixture of English and High School French.
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I have no idea whether I've ever had an IQ test or not but I may have in college. I just remember the ACT, 12 hours long. It's an interesting subject. Yes, your teacher had a great name, Theta Wolf. I love to study names. One of my daughters does too. We used to spend hours discussing them.

She informed me last week that my granddaughter, the mother of the boy named Carter that's 2 years old, is expecting again. This is going to be their last one. I'm not wild about the names she choose though. Julian for a boy, Jane for a girl. This generation seems to love old, old names!

I'm feeling better some days and then, not so much. You know how it is with CFS. Still have asthma, coughing, swelling, and fatigue. It's not as bad as last month. No fever though. GB