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relearning are you too? Beta Glucan

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Last summer which was my best ever in a ton of years...
I took Immune Tf 2 and #9 for mycoplasma. But I also took beta glucan which they told me to take it with my Chisolm TF' eats up the junk when the TF's up blood. Ok, so I ran out of the beta since I just called and chatted about my tf's and they are thinking I should have been on beta blucan the whole time. Ordered three bottles and going at it. Staring the TF again...feeling sooooooooo tired I can hardly stand it!
I have even written an e mail to Dr. Carol Ann Ryser M.D. to ask for her input...the office called and left a msg...I am three hours from her office. I feel confused and want to just feel fantastice again. Right now I just took some adaptogens from Trivita...and shoot...put on a pot of coffee...took the olive leaf... I need to do jobs at home too...I want my energy back!!!
Have any of you out there been through this and came out and if so...please give me some ideas. Many thanks to you...Happy Friday. Blazer


I had several good years (better than one summer..feel bad for you) and then downhill. I have plateaued though.

I was only awake about 2 hours at a time during the day. I was so sleepy I couldn't even explain to the doc what was going on. Some of my son's ADD ritalin was on the counter and I wanted so badly to ride with him and his dad to the airport that I took 5 mg. Wow, felt like my old self!

I will say though that I requested some tests along the way from the doc...adrenals (low but normal), serotonin (below normal) and high positive ANA and positive for sjogren's syndrome and possibly mild lupus.

So, I happened to read that a Johns Hopkins doc noticed that every lupus patient who was admitted with kidney problems was taking echineacea and she had them stop. Yes, I was taking the "ech" and loved it but I stopped and my ana and autoimmune stuff cleared up.

I take SAMe for the serotonin since I can't take AD's. My brother, a doc, suggested it.

Got my own rx for Ritalin (printed out CFS ritalin used as experimental drug) and took it to my doc. I feel really great on 5mg but a person can have "hostility" with it and that seem to be my case. So I have tweaked down to 1/2 of the 5mg and 1/2 of a 50mg tramadol and it is acceptable. I can save the 5mg for travel.

Have you had anything else tested?

Dr. Ryser sounds like a great possibility. I have read her and like what she has to say. She seems to have so much experience.

Hope you find a good answer!!



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Yes, I have just recently read that about echinacea/ Lupus. I know that mycoplasma infections are hits lupus, sjogrens, ms, raynauds, ar, the list is endless when it comes to mycoplasmas. I notice also that I feel better taking something for "energy" ...not the caffine type but... probably similar effects as the Ritalin...go man go feeling. I have to be very careful as well not to be "hostile"...gee, I call that, "grouchy"...or a know it all. Suddenly my brain is on go and think so fast it amazes me. I have recently ordered from a great company called The Herb Finder...with the transfer factors I also added the herbs, for energy and "anti"...herbs to battle infection...w/no echinacea. Wow, I have felt way better it pulled me out of a CFS slump. I also added a product I ordered years ago...called M and L from that company. M and L...cleans out all the lymph glands...which seem to stay on stuck or swollen for least as of lately with this slump. So, the three products, anti, and m/l....and an hour later felt so wonderful...well, at least for me! All my lymph glands went down, infection feeling was leaving...I did take more than listed...I am dealing with something tough. ...then I had energy too...normal tho and not buzzed. Just sharing that biz and don't know how much info to give out...will stop here. As far as Dr. Ryser...I read some letters/like reviews..Many said she was extremely expensive...a couple sites said as much as 2 grand a week!!! Have any of you gone through this? Many said that after that...they were not better. What's up with that? If ProHealth uses her info and interviews...lets hear about the good patients who did better and have a life ...back to work and the whole bit.
She may be just wonderful but I want to hear from pts. who see her...that will be the true test. I will look up the Ritilan infor form Mayo Clinic. I have heard of this before ...
Any other people out there doing this also? I am also thinking of getting some new testing you have had to see exactly where markers are for infections...cuz I can feel it!!!
Doing so much better though.
Thanks Blazer


2 grand for Dr. Ryser. Is anyone worth that? I don't know. Nice going with The Herb Finder.
My lymph glands are bothering me more than they have in I will take a look at the M and L.

What do you think about the lose dose naltrexdone (LDN). I am definitely checking this stuff out.
I have to get my Natural Killer Cells checked first. Years ago they were high out of range. If they still are, then I can't try the LDN cause it up regulates the immune sytems and high NK cells means I am already upregulated.

I am waiting a few months cause I have been bugging my doc a lot for about 6 months and I want to give him a break (from me!).

Glad you are better. I am sleeping through the night again! THAT is better.