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Relief for FM or CFS?

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Does anyone on the board take one of the medications that are supposed to be for fibromyalgia or cfs? I keep having people mention taking lyrica or savella or one of the others. I haven't heard any positive feedback on any of these but am wondering if I'm missing something. If you've tried any of thesse and had good or bad results I'd love to hear your experiences. Thanks. GB


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None of my docs have ever suggested any meds for CFS. But I have several medical problems.
Hard to tell what's due to CFS and what's due to Alzheimers, or other problems: diabetes, high
blood pressure, prostate problems, depression, insomnia, or just old age.

One of our members used to encourage the use of Vitamin D3 and Grape seed extract and a
third supplement; can't remember what it was. They were helpful for a few years anyway.

Hope you can find something.


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GB, I took Savella for a couple of years with limited success - specifically, it helped for a while, then stopped (FMS pain). I've heard many people have good success with Savella. My current FMS specialist has recommended Cymbalta, which has also had success in treating FMS pain. My DD, who also has FMS, takes it and it helps with the anxiety issues she has. I have no direct or indirect experience with Lyrica, but it has also been touted as being able to help with FMS pain. They are all three different types of SSRIs, or selective seratonin reuptake inhibitors - a.k.a. antidepressants.


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GB:. I took cymbalta, per my rheumatologist. Had to slowly get on. It had no effect on pain but it helped lifted the depression. Then......trying to get off was a nightmare. Took about 6 weeks to slowly open each capsule up every night and count out the beads to remove. Tried lyrica, only for about 2 weeks, but had a lot of anxiety right away and had to get off. After having FM for over 30 years, I've found the best thing for pain is heat and ice, muscle rubs, and lots of stretching and to keep moving.