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Relief for FM or CFS?

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Does anyone on the board take one of the medications that are supposed to be for fibromyalgia or cfs? I keep having people mention taking lyrica or savella or one of the others. I haven't heard any positive feedback on any of these but am wondering if I'm missing something. If you've tried any of these and had good or bad results I'd love to hear your experiences. Thanks. GB
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Has no one else responded to this?!? I have been on all of them and I can give you the good, bad and ugly skivvy on all of them.
Savella: pretty much a glorified anti-depressant. Says it helps with nerve pain, but not really. I've been taking this one for ten years. The patent is just about to run out on this and then it will be cheaper because it can be bought as a generic which is when I will stop taking it because my insurance will insist I go generic and I am allergic to all her drugs coming out. If you have any intention of going in this, do it soon to get the real thing. The knock-offs never stack up
Lyrica: I've been on this and off of this twice. It's a pretty good nerve medicine but beware, every time you start taking it you WILL pack on a new, permanent 20 lbs. Stop it and you won't lose the weight but starting gain and Bam another 20 lbs. I would take it again if I could be given the real thing, not the generic. All drugs are not created equal even if they say they are the same drug.
Gabapentin: This one is pretty good as well for nerve pain, but remember, savella and Gaba are similar in purpose, but they are NOT pain killers. You have to take them everyday not "as needed". I only gained 8 lbs with Gaba and turns out I was allergic to the generic of this as well. If you get the choice go name brand Lyrica for nerve pain it will cut down your need for so many pain killers. Just remember they don't work like pain killers.


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Thanks for your reply stacey. I have many allergic reactions to medications so I've avoided taking any of these new drugs. And I know what you mean about generics not being equal to the brand named ones. I was takin Tenormin for high blood pressure for over 20 years. Then, they stopped manufacturing it and I had to switch to generic. My bp has never been as low as it was on the Tenormin. I've been taking the gen. for a couple of years. Yes, it's way cheaper but I'd still rather have the brand name.