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I also suffered terribly from Restless Legs and jerking my legs especially at night until I took Elavil. I take 25m, get a good nights sleep which is very important with FM, as the muscles need to rest.

I went off Elavil for a few months and could not cope with the Insomnia and RLS. I know I puit on weight but I only put up 14lbs in six years which isnt too bad. I read up all the side effects of other medication and will stay with it.



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Hi Mary! I felt the same thing a while back. I also have the restless leggs mostly at night...during the day I relieve it with constant wiggling (which others interpret as bad nerves)

I was on and off again because of access to medical. Now I am better but since the Divorce is final I find I am waking up again or having trouble getting relaxed at night. I doze off in my friends recliner but once I wake and go down to bed it takes a little bit with an electronic game to to relax me.

At least now when I do wake up I can turn back over and go back to sleep which I couldn't do before the medication. Sleep is definately emportant.

Like you I have trouble with side effects with other meds. I take low doses of both Paxil and Elavil each night. I also have (but ovoid taking if I can) Ultracet and Ambein.



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I too, have RLS, and I've found that Doxepin helps me sleep as well as being an antidepressant, and klonopin for the jerking with the legs at night. I have not gained any weight while on this combo and I've been taking it fo about 2 yrs. I don't post much, more of a lurker, but hope this helps.


Ellen SW FL.