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Riding a Carousel in life

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I was finally told I have CFS/Fibro 15 years ago. During the years I have tired to help myself in every way I can think of doing. One of the things I have done is to stay in touch with those also with my health problems. It is interesting to find how those friends I have gather along the way are coping, what they are doing, if they have improved, or just in general any new information. I now have 5 old address books with names, addresses, and sometimes just a phone number/email address. The biggest problem today seems to be finding a doctor with knowledge or keeping a doctor with knowledge to help. After all these years I have concluded living with this health issue is like living on a Carousel. The good news is I am still riding a horse on the Carousel and hangin in their! At least we have each other to ride that Carousel of life together!


I always compare these DD's as like being on a Merry-go-round, only there are no Brass Rings, to pick up.

But someday, that Brass ring may become an answer or even a Cure,
Now that would be a fine Brass Ring.

I grew up, loving the Carousel, still do.

Can anyone tell me the difference between a Merry go Round and a Carousel?
I know, but am courious if others do. ;o)