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ringing in the ears

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just wondering if anyone has found help for ringing in the ears,I"ve had it for a long time it comes and goes, sure would like to find something to help.
I have severe muscle spasms in my neck & shoulder,s that run up my neck and into my head.I really feel this has something to do with the noise in my hears.any comments would be helpful.

Thanks,6o,s lady


Hi Sixtyslady--
I tried ginko biloba some years ago, actually recommended by my pain specialist. It didn't help me because it made my migraines worse so I had to stop it.

However my grandmother had terrible ringing in the ears and ginko helped her so much she couldn't stop thanking me... she took it w/ doctor's approval. It can have side effects so check it out, see if it might be something that you could try.

I'm not on any meds.just take Advil now & then for pain.I have stopped eating any processed foods, only eat fresh or frozen,we grow our own veggies, have are own free range eggs.and I raise my own herbs and cook with them, My health has improved alot since I went this route over 2 yrs ago.
We"re retired so we can devote all our time to this type of living. also just got a dairy Goat and hope to use the milk.
If I could just find the right thing for my ears ringing it would be so great. Thank you for your suggestios. 60,s lady.
thank you for the suggestion,I may research ginko and see if maybe I could try it. It helps cirulation right. Thanks again.60,slady