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Searching for Fibro/CFS Specialist

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I'm Bill and I am suffering from intermittent bouts of extreme fatigue and cognitive issues. Until last fall, I flew for a major airline. Then I stepped off a cliff and there doesn't seem to be any way to get back to the person I knew as 'me'. Perhaps I am in denial, as although 3 MDs and a neurologist all want to stick the CFS sticker on my forehead and send me home, I'm still looking for other reasons for my multi-symptom illness. Baring that, a doctor that is well versed in FM/CFS who can do something other something more than antidepressants, which I can't tolerate. I live in southeastern MI, but willing to travel to Detroit, Lansing, Jackson, Toledo, Fort Wayne, or?

Would also consider traveling further to a reputable facility. Anyone with recommendations can reach me at Thanks for listening


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Bill - you might try - a website for integrative medicine doctors, the only ones I've found who know anything about CFS, and will do more than give you prescription ADs which I can't tolerate either. There's a search feature at the top of the home page of under "health resources" where you plug in your zip code or city.

Also, I think you should investigate the possibility of lyme. There's a lot of info on this board about it, you can do a search. Most M.D.s don't know how to treat it. If you go to this link:

and scroll down to about the 10th post by someone called Nanie46, you'll see several links with info about lyme

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Dr. Dantini is in Florida, I am considering going to see him in the next month or two, he has been treating CFS/FM for years with anti-virals.