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Shampoo for lupus hair

How else can I help? I have lupus seizures and all; I am a microbiologist ;degree from York U Toront

  • Help with what meds that can help that I can talk to my Doctor about

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  • Stop you scalp from scaring so your hair can grow back

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The following shampoo is obtained only by prescription. It helps with the hair filing out. It stopped mine from filling out as well as changing texture during lupus flare ups (it would became like strands of spider webs and knot like hell) The name is Ketoconazole Shampoo 2 0/0 manufacturer Perrigo. Remember that your menstrual cycle is a big trigger of flare ups. Use a birth control that only allows it to come once every 4 months. In my case it would trigger seizures. Remember that during these flare ups your body will throw out all minerals starting with Potassium (take 600 international units)Magnisium, Copper, Zinc, Iron,then to help your hair even more VitaminD with omega3 fatty acids (cod liver oil works fine) This is an ongoing battle so don't just take it once but rather keep taking it. It's your life! Your hair!
Take it from some one so went untreated for 8 years; and was pronounced clinically dead every other month in the ER. Hope it helped!
Thank you so much for giving such informative ideas.Really it had helped me a lot.When I read this post I thought it can't help but I tried and got th best result.Well it's true it had solved my problem.As I had headache problem while using this ,but then I used to apply braid oil . Now,I am very happy with my hair and all problems got solved.Thank you.
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