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Some days is hard

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Husband with dementia not real bad but can be annoying..meaning he does repeat questions over and over mostly in the morning..he does take aricept but I give it to him in the afternoon..he is more relaxed and goes to sleep and don't keep me up..I have a hard time sleeping any way..

George is really not a big is me doing every thing else from grocery's, taking care of bills, keeping the home clean and keep my self healthy, George does not drive..I do believe he can do more but just don't want to and don't want to exercise and gets a little lazy in bathing..he is good if he baths once a week...with my getting after him like a kid.
he is 90 and I am 70 not a young chicken any more..

I would love to have a cleaning lady come in once a week..but just can't afford one..does any one know of an organization that will help caregivers out. house cleaning..FREE...or am I dreaming? JOY