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Hi Kids

Some names we were working on: Sue and Mame.

"Every star above, knows the one I love.
Sweet Sue; just you."

"Auntie Mame" was a novel in the 50s. It became a play and a movie starring Rosalind
Russell. And later it was adapted into a musical starring Angela Lansbury. I saw the
musical in 1968 in Las Vegas. The star this time was Celeste Holm. One of the songs
is titled "Mame".

It's similar to the song "Hello, Dolly" which is a tribute to the main character. Music for
both shows by the same composer.

With regard to the name Rosie, I previously posted a video of someone singing, "Rosie,
You are my Posie." Maybe I posted it on the porch.

Must be 10-20 years since I've seen a musical on stage. OK, just remembered. It was
The Unsinkable Molly Brown starring Debbie Reynolds and Harve Presnell. The program had a photo of the cast during rehearsal. They were celebrating Debbie's 56 birthday. So that means it was 1988; 26 years ago.

Nowadays I couldn't sit through a musical. Two reasons; my bad back and the bad
songs. Ha Ha!



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Rock, I remember that song "Rosie, you are my posie" . The last time I heard it was on a tv show called "Mad About You". They had Mel Brooks on and he sang it. He also sang "Everybodys Doing It", a song my grandmother sang to me. It is about the Turkey Trot, a dance of the 1920's.

I love those old songs. You are so fortunate to have seen all those great stage productions. I can only imagine.


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You're right! I was lucky to see so many great musicals, dramas, comedies, concerts,
recitals, operas, etc. Know what? I'd love to go back and see 'em all again.

Now, as for the names we have left, I heard a gypsy song once. I believe
the opening lines were:

Dolores. You've got to stop seeing Boris.
I don't want you to rush. Ah, but
I've got such a crush on you.

And then there's that old favorite.
Oh, Maybelline, I want to make up with you.

As for Delilah, there is a French opera named "Samson and Delilah".
I'm sure there's an aria where Samson sings, Delilah, I adore you.
(Delilah, Je vous adore.)

How about Sandy, Katy, and Jane?



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John Travolta? Grease?

Sahandy can't you see that I'm love with you.... uhoh humhum lalalala laaa
why hy hy hy oh... can't you see oh Sandy,

Oh Sandy baby.... nananaaaah when highschool had begun.... lalala etc
I'm not sure what I sung
probably not right, but whoooo cares I'm hahahaving fun

Oh can't you see oh Sandy

Kate bush

It's me it's me, I'm Kathy I'm coming home now, ohohoho hoho nananananaaaah
Out on the whining windy morning .... lalalaaa lala lalaaaa


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Sandy, Katy and Jane, Oh My!

Soul, That's the one I was thinking of, I saw a rerun of the movie Grease recently. I like that movie. The '50s and all.

Katy, I thought of "Ka, Ka, Ka, Katy beautiful Katy, you're the only ga, ga, ga, girl that I adore."

"Delilah", I remember a Tom Jones song about Delilah.

"Maybelline" was another Little Richard song in the '50's. "Maybelline, why can't you be true."

I don't know any songs about Jane. (I've heard of plain Jane and Jane Doe though.)


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Soul, I love your singing, you sing right on key. Hi to Freida! Rock, Yes Boris is definitely the gypsy song I had in mind. :)


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Here's a good one: Madeleine (Bet Rock will get this one).

Did we get Daisy? I know a song called "Bicycle built for two" that's 'Daisy, Daisy, give me your answer do, I'm half crazy all for the love of you. It won't be a stylish marriage, I can't afford a carriage, but you'll look sweet upon the seat, of a bicycle built for two.'

For Sue/Suzie there is "Wake up little Suzie", "A boy named Sue". Who sang these ??


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Sorry Leah but I'm singing right on key according to gb and she has an absolute hearing :p So the neighbours will only come running to hear who is singing so beautifully and why you aren't sharing that with them, uhuhhhh... O:) (edit: OOOPS my halo dropped, how did that happen??? :p )

Haha Suzie reminded me of a song that doesn't even have Suzie in it so here's another name:

Peggy Sue
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" Wake up , little Suzy, wake up
Oh, what are you going to tell your Mama?
What are you going to tell your Pop?
What are you going to tell your friends when they say, Ooh, La, La?

Sung by the Everly Brothers

Added to GB's finding this song. It's a fun, lovely one.


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Hi Kids

Soul, you're write with Eversharp! The song "Sandy" is from "Grease". I should know. That
movie and "Star Wars" came out about the same time. My son was 8 and he loved both
pictures. We went to see one or the other for a year.

"Peggy Sue" was a big hit for the Everly Brothers back in the 50s.

GB, There is a song titled "Jane, Jane, Jane". You can hear the Kingston Trio sing it on
Youtube. It's like a short story by O. Henry. Has a surprise ending. "Paddling Madelin
Home" is a fun tune. I used to have a recording of it by Tennessee Ernie Ford. His
real name, BTW, was slightly different. He changed it. He was originally Kentucky
Ernie Ford.

Windblade, you're right on with "Wake Up, Little Susie" and "A Boy Named Sue". I loved
Johnny Cash, but never liked that particular song. Johnny didn't write it.

Here are some lyrics from an old song.

The days grow short when you reach September.
And the autumn weather turns the leaves to flame,
And I haven't got time for the waiting game.

How come they don't write no good songs no more?! Consarn it all anyhoo!



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Rock, I was going to put September Song on here the other day but it's so sad. The lyrics make me cry. "The days grow short", and all that. Days dwindle down to a precious few, September, November. sniff, sniff.

I've never heard that one about Jane. I'll look for it.

Paddling Madeleine is right, not sure how it's spelled. He's talking about paddling in a row boat, right?
Which one of O'Henry's stories is that? About Jane. I'd love to see that video of Rosie if you know how I can find it. Also, The other day I saw a video you'd posted of the song "Beautiful Dreamer". I listened to it and it was beautiful. I can't find it now.
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Windblade, You got both the Sue songs. I liked the Everly Brothers' sound. It was so mellow. Another name I had in mind is Amy. Anyone know that song? I just remembered that the Everly Brothers did another girls title song, "Cathy's Clown".

Also, anyone remember Gigi and Mimi, (Ooh La La).


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Yup, GB, I remember Gigi and Mimi. Gigi was the name of a song in the movie musical
"Gigi". A great cast. including Maurice Chevalier. The film won more than a handful of Oscars.

And, kawinkadynkaly, the song Mimi was associated with Chevalier. Remember the Lucy
episode when Lucy, Ricky, Ethel and Fred all imitated Chevalier singing Mimi?

You can find several Rosie videos on Youtube. Various version of the title are used including:
Rosie, My Blushing Rosie and Rosie, You Are My Posie.

Here are some names from old songs; some from the 19th century.

Josephine, Lorena, Sally, Juanita.



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Rock, I saw the episode of Lucy several times. It's cute. I do remember Gigi. I like that movie. Wasn't there another with Maurice C. that had a song about Fifi?

As for Josephine, "Come Josephine in my flying machine....." Yes, another of mama's songs.

Don't remember Sally except for "Long Tall Sally" of the '50's.

Lorena doesn't ring a bell, but do remember a Corine, Corina.

And one of the Andy Griffiin shows had Barney singing "Nita, Juanita". He had a girlfriend that he talked to on the phone but we never saw her, did we? Yep, I watched a lot of tv.


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Ohhhh, the 'September Song'. Me too, GB. That song would leave me in floods of tears. My husband used to sing it.

I can't listen to it anymore either. It is so powerfully beautiful, but heartbreaking.


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Windblade, Another one that does that to me is "Sunrise, Sunset".

"Is this the little girl I carried, is the the little boy at play. I don't remember growing older, when did they."

Do you know the next line?


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GB - is that from Fiddler on The Roof? I loved that movie greatly. It was superb!

I just remember some lines when Tevye is singing to his wife, asking " Do you love me?"

And Annatevka, Annatevka"

It's such a good feeling when songs and movies that were forgotten come back.

I remember the girls dancing across the field. Was that in "Sunrise, Sunset"?