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Soul, Hi,

I was wondering if you could do me a favor in posting a video for me, if it's not too much trouble.

I can't seem to manage to learn yet - also my laptop has a glitch where I can't copy Urls.

There is a wonderful video on youtube that I want to share with Leah on the Spirituality/Worship Board.

It would be at youtube under: 'Father Thomas Keating and Rabbi Zalman Schacter-Shalomi.

The title of the video is called:
'The Kiss of God: A dialog of Devoutness".

It could be put in it's own new post. Or in the post titled, 'Leah Freida'.

It is part ONE out of more parts.

Thank you so much - if it's possible!


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Ah ok, if you can look it up Leah then I guess that is already solved.

Next time when you need help with something like that wind no need to make a seperate thread. Just make the post as you want it to be where you want it to be and tell people what video to look for and I'm sure someone who looked up the video and watched it will be able to put in the video in a comment then. They only have to copy and paste then instead of having to make an entire thread. And it will be clear that you initiated the thread then and what message you wanted to give instead of someone else trying to give your message.

I'll usually be able to look up a video for others if I'm sure the content is ok, like nature or flowers or general CFS/ME information that I have looked at myself first that I only have to copy and paste but making threads I have to be more energetic for and listening to detailed and deep information is yet another story, that takes a lot of energy.

I'm also a bit weary of posting content of which I have not seen myself and am not sure if it is ok or not, since an entire thread got wiped out earlier after me posting to it, and that was also just because of repeating a link someone already posted back in 2008 that I thought was ok. So informational videos with content that require to be able to listen with attention that are religious or political etc etc I'm a bit weary of, since I would first have to listen to the entire video to be sure it would be ok to post here and that takes a lot of energy I only have at better days. A simple nature video or song should be no problem though and I'm happy to help with those.


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Hi Leah and Soul,

I think I should have thought through all the details. I see all the complexity now - putting it under your name, Soul. That makes perfect sense.

I'm so sorry you had that problem with the other thread being wiped out. Can be confusing and upsetting.

In the next month or so I'll be getting another laptop, so without the glitch on this one, I'll be able to follow your instructions on posting pics and videos. It will be fun to learn.


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No problem Wind, it's fine to just speak out our mind even if we didn't think it all true, by doing that it clarifies things too.