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Spacee, I have been on the T.F. this winter but had stopped TF Essentials. Why I did that ??? I could kick myself. I had been on the TF/Chisolm Labs...their kinds for EBV and Myco....but still had the flu and bad colds nonstop this past whole winter...knocked me down a few pegs. Now back and fighting...doing better but would agree with me then I do need the TF Essentials to add or???? What TF are you currently taking and how much to date???
I notice that when I try to help out at my husband's buiness ...or around a lot of people..I go home feeling exhuasted and my lungs hurt!!! I end up taking besides the TF...a truck load of natural anti virals and such. I even take Zithro/Doxy when I can tolerate it for the myco.
Its been one of those years ...I think to myself I don't know if I can keep this up!?! I want to get a grip on my body fast. I am wondering about antivirals...???? and how well do people do on those. Oh, rats I just remember doing so well on the T.F.'s...Just got to get back on the right saddle and get a life. Thanks for listening... I'll check later today for your comment and or anyone else who feels like they can offer any info. Thank YOU, Blazer


Well, don't kick yourself too hard. Sometimes you don't know how well something is working until you stop it for a while.

The TF Essentials did that for my sis when she was working (she retired early). She worked in a hospital lab. Very close to fellow employees. They got the flu and she didn't. No flu shot either.
One year she took the flu shot and got the flu anyway (prior to TF).

One of the kids allergist told us that he doesn't get colds cause if he has signs he starts the zinc that is one thing we keep in the house cause my the time you feel the scratchy throat and get to the store and buy the is too late. When hubby or son get a scratchy throat it is funny the tone of voice they use "Do we have any zinc???"

I am still on Chisholms stuff. Will be for at least three more years since I bought 5 years worth!! Back in the FDA scare.

Since the kids have flown the nest, my life is mainly about exercise. Two days swimming, one yoga and two days Pump it Up. I am really worn out after the swimming so I pretty much rest until about 8pm when I feel better. I guess the solution would be to swim after supper. The other classes are after supper and I don't feel ill effects from those.

If I were bedfast or truly housebound, I would consider the antivirals (valcyte) I have tried the others and they do nothing for me. It might be different if I didn't have to drive a good distance to get to an antiviral doc.

Glad you figured it out and hope you have no more run ins with the flu and cold.

Good to hear how your are.