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Spammer on the loose

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This is for any one of the moderators - There is someone going by the name of WilliamdgaBlg spamming the forums. He has posted many messages this afternoon on different threads, posting several messages to a thread in some cases. :mad:


Thanks, TigerLilea.

Any time a member notices an inappropriate post, please feel free to click on "Report" below the post to report it to the moderators.

When moderators log on, we can see reported posts and take care of them.

Thanks again!


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Hi Nanie - I usually do hit "Report" but I've never seen someone SPAM as quickly and as much as this clown was doing on Saturday. I would have been there for a while reporting each and every message. :mad:


Hi TigerLilea,

I know what you mean. I happen to be on the forum a few weeks ago when a spammer started posting spam every minute or so. I had trouble keeping up with him. Finally, all the IP addresses he was using were banned and he could no longer post.

We appreciate all messages that are reported since it does alert us right away when we log on that there is something that requires our attention.

Our wonderful forum members are so great to watch out for spammers. Thanks again!


Hi Diane,

On behalf of all the moderators and admin, thanks, we appreciate your appreciation! ;)

If I remember correctly from my experience banning many spammers since the new forum format, when we ban someone, the system checks for all that person's IP addresses and delete's all of their messages.

However, I'm not sure if there is more to it than that, from a technical standpoint, since I have had to individually delete messages from the same spammer.

I think admin is the best one to answer this question correctly, since I am not a computer wizard, by far.

I'll send them a message.


Yes, when we ban a member the system will automatically look for related accounts, such as by IP address. However, depending on how a spammer is creating new accounts, the system may not find related IP addresses and we may not catch all of their accounts.

I would suggest this for members: If you see a spam post, click "Report". If there are additional spam posts from that same username, you don't need to report them. However, if you see another spam post under a different username, do report that. This will allow moderators to more easily identify related spam accounts.

We appreciate your help!


I think we will always have this issue on a public forum.

We are thankful that our members see and report these issues quickly.

We did have these issues before, but perhaps they were not as easy to find.

As a moderator, I find that it is much easier to resolve these problems using the new format.


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They keep coming out of the woodwork it seems daily...we didn't have this issue with the old format. jam
Jamin, I don't think that the format has anything to do with it. Someone (a company??) has found this web-site and they are spamming it now. Even though it is different names being used and probably different IP addresses, it usually is originating from the same source. And it can sometimes be very hard to stop once it is started. :mad:


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Luckily they are very easy to recognize even without opening their posts. In what's new it's not hard to see who are the spammers and who's legit.

Jam spammers come throught google search terms. The MJ topic for sure atracted some spammers. If they think they can sell something according to the topics they search on on googe that lead them here then they will come. And usually it are probably the same person when a lot post around the same time.

Titles are often Hi new here and such or the spambot none finished titles with related terms in it but not complete or logical sentences. They often have a username first letter lastname.