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Spokane or Sandpoint Dr for Pain that will prescribe pain meds.

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I was reading some old posts hoping that someone would recommend a good pain specialist in Spokane or Sandpoint Id. They must not be afraid to prescribe pain meds. I have had the same doctor in Seattle for 20 years and he just retired and now seeing a Dr in the same clinic. He will carry on with the medications I've been on all that time (oxy an breakthrough pain med). It is a long drive to Seattle and I am looking for a good Dr closer. Has anyone gone to Dr Lynda Williamson? She is a DO and Pain specialist. The government has scared most Dr's and the extra time they have to put in on each pain patient is horrible. I don't blame them for not wanting to deal with us but what are we to do? Please help me...I wouldn't be surprised if no one can help....it is horrible. I am 68 and in pain night and day, the meds help a lot and I can not imagine not being able to get them. Thanks in advance for your help.

I have done some research on pain meds (Oxycontin) if I understand correctly the narcotics like oxy. does not harm your liver, bladder, kidneys. The other medications Dr's want us to take for FM do harm organs. Anyone else studied this at all?


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with you on the medications of choice being harmful to organs and who knows what else. Most haven't been on the market for long enough to know how they will affect an individual throughout a lifespan. How can any Dr. in good conscience Rx them? Narcotics, Rx'd judiciously, seem to me to be the best option for pain management. It's unfortunate there have been so many Pharmacy robberies and street sales of them that the DEA has attacked physicians as if they are to blame for the problem.
I quit drinking completely because of the aceteminophen in the oxycodone I take. I'd like my liver to continue functioning for the rest of my life.