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I have my hearing for my SSDI on the 5th of Aug. I am a nervous wreck. The anxiety and depression has been horrible. I have been going at this with them for 2 years. I have a good lawyer and she is far more positive than I am. I still don't feel that Social Security recognizes Fibro.
Any advice is appreciated! I live in Ohio, and they seem to think that the money I paid into social security is coming out of their own pocket..Ohio doesn't seem to keen on approving anyone let alone Fibro patients..


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I'm really glad you have a good lawyer. So, if you've done everything you can to prepare, then I think the best thing to do is relax. I know, easier said than done, but worrying won't solve anything and can make things worse.

Meditation is really really good for calming the mind and centering yourself. I can't recommend it enough. A good book is The Relaxation Response by Dr. Herbert Benson, it's an interesting easy read and has suggestions for a simple meditation technique. Before I discovered meditation, my brain would go nonstop, constantly trying to figure things out and solve problems, so I was constantly anxious, and I didn't know it was okay and even helpful to just let go sometimes. It takes a couple of weeks of daily practice to start to feel the benefits, but it's really worth it. It can help you think better too, so if there is something else that might be helpful for your case, you'd be much more likely to think of it if your mind was calm and centered.

I don't know if you pray, but here's a saying I heard that hit home: If you pray, why worry? and if you worry, why pray?

Good luck and take care -